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Fusion ROM-Expansion 3.0 Sample instruments and Program Presets library for Alesis Fusion Workstation Complete content description

Overview The Fusion’s original internal sample ROM content is versatile but way too limited. To open a larger timbre range and to have access to more and really new sounds the Fusion needs more content. Perfect solution: The new Fusion ROM-Expansion V3.0 with 14 Program Presets soundbanks with a total of over 900 ready-to-use sounds. Easy performance thanks to smart Controller Assignments. For a complete sound content listing please scroll down. It comes with a multi-category sample library with 4 sample banks that covers a wide range of instruments: Pianos, Electric Pianos, Chromatic Percussions, Organs, Guitars, Bass, Choirs, Strings, Orchestrals, Brass, Reed, Ethnic Instruments, Woodwinds as well as legendary analog and digital Synths. A nice selection of interesting Special Sound Effects is included. The sample library content of the ROM-Expansion V3.0 delivers 230 multisampled instruments and some one-shots, the total library size is 500 MB. All sample instruments are especially designed for the use with the Fusion and works fine already with the standard 64 MB Fusion RAM and the purpose using them in a Mix Preset.

Fusion ROM Expansion v30 complete content  
Fusion ROM Expansion v30 complete content