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Ethnosphere 2.0 Sample Instrument Content Listing by Category Plucked Instruments Albanian Oud Banjo Buzouki Electric Buzouki Flageolet Buzouki Steel Strings Buzouki Cymbalom 1 Cymbalom 2 Mandolin Bronze Strings Mandolin soft played Mandolin Tremolo Mandolin Oud Persian Santur Sitar 2 Sitar Saz Saz Flageolet 1 Saz Flageolet 2 Saz Flageolet 3 Saz Flageolet 4 Saz Flageolet 5 Saz Flageolet 6 Saz Loops

Guitar 12String Acoustic Guitar Acoustic Guitar Flageolet 1 Acoustic Guitar Flageolet 2 Acoustic Guitar Steel 2 Acoustic Guitar Steel Strings Fado Guitar 1 Fado Guitar 2 Flamenco Guitar Spanish Guitar Spanish Guitar 2 Spanish Guitar Rasgueado Chords Set Pedalsteel

String Psaltry bowed Psaltry picked Romanian Violin Shamisen Dulcimer plucked played Dulcimer Repeat Attack Dulcimer soft played Santur Zither Celtic Harp Ethnic Harp Harp

Chromatic Percussion Asian Pluk Belimbo Calimbe Marimba Vibraphone Xylophone Surinam Anklung S

Bells & Tuned Percussion Bell Bali Bell Bali 2 Bell big Bell decent Bell high Clocktower Metal Bowl Thai Bell Friction Instrument 1 Himalayan 1 Glockenspiel Steeldrum Steeldrum 2

Wind Instruments Alphorn L Alphorn L2 Bagpipe Chanter Bagpipe Bansoori 1 Bansoori 2 Greek Sheperd Flute Moroccan Sheperd Flute Ney Flute 1 Ney Flute 2 Nor Flute Okarina Panflute 1 Panflute noisy played Panflute Phrase Set Panflute Tremolo noisy played Quena Recorder Alto Renaissance Recorder Alto Recorder Bass noisy played Recorder Sopranino Recorder Soprano Dyna Recorder Soprano flutter tongue Recorder Soprano Trill Recorder Soprano Recorder Tenor Dyna Recorder Tenor Shakuhachi 2 Shakuhachi Shanai Didgeridoo BTB1 Didgeridoo BTB2 Didgeridoo BTB3 Didgeridoo BTB4 Didgeridoo BTB5 Didgeridoo BTB6 Didgeridoo BTB7 Didgeridoo Eucalyptus 1 Didgeridoo Eucalyptus 8 Didgeridoo Eucalyptus 9 Didgeridoo Eucalyptus 10 Didgeridoo Eucalyptus 11 Didgeridoo Eucalyptus 13 Didgeridoo Eucalyptus 14 Didgeridoo Eucalyptus 15 Didgeridoo Eucalyptus 16 Didgeridoo Eucalyptus 17 Didgeridoo Eucalyptus 18

Harmonica Type Austrian Accordion Bandoneon Bavarian Accordion Musette Accordion 1 Bluesharp

Mouth Instruments Mouthharp 1 Mouthharp 2

Orchestrals Asian World Oriental Orchestra Oriental Orchestra Oriental Orchestra Oriental Orchestra

1 2 3 4

Percussions Bar Chimes Set Cymbals Set Darbuka Set Percussion Loop Peru 1 Percussion Loop Peru 2 Percussion Set 1 Percussion Set 2 Percussion Set 3 Percussion Set 4 Windspiel Set Windspiel Set 2 Windspiel Set 3 Windspiel Set 4 Windspiel Set 5 Turkish Basket Set Turkish Bongo Set Turkish Chimes Set Turkish Egg Set Turkish Handdrum Set Turkish Spoon Set Gong Bombay

Vocals Peru Vocals 1

Produced by Klaus P. Rausch for Back In Time Records. Unauthorized copying prohibited, all rights reserved 2012. Contact: All instrument model and manufacturer names are trademarks and/or property of their respective owner and only mentioned to illustrate the concerned bitr sound products that are powered by multisamples and one-shots programmed and taken from those concerned instruments. Sample library w/Presets for NI Kontakt. Names and trademarks are property of their owner. Content changes may occur without notice. Current version 1.0, released April 8, 2012.

Ethnosphere 2 0 complete sample instruments content  
Ethnosphere 2 0 complete sample instruments content