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Rockford Peaches standard: rockfordDLXstd Rockford Peaches Plus: rockfordDLXplus

Item ID

True Blood kit small: truebloodset-S True Blood kit medium: truebloodset-M True Blood kit large: truebloodset-L True Blood Kit x-large: truebloodset-X-Large



Description: The officially licensed deluxe AAGPBL (All America Girls Professional Baseball League) costume dress is back from the early 90’s!! The costume dress is featured in standard (S/M) and plus (L/XL) to match all sizes. This costume includes: dress, a belt and baseball cap.


Sizes: – S/M -Waist up to 28", Length 32" (from top to bottom) – L/XL -Waist up to 35", Length 33.5" (from top to bottom)

Description: True Bloods very own «Merlottes Bar and Grill» officially licensed costume. The costume features juniors «Merlottes Bar and Grill» t-shirt and an apron. The outfit is worn by Sookie Stackhouse, the beautiful telepath. Sizes: – Juniors - S-XL


Item ID

Hulkamania kit small: hulkkit-S Hulkamania kit medium: hulkkit-M Hulkamania kit large: hulkkit-L Hulkamania kit x-large: hulkkit-XL Hulkamania kit XX-Large: hulkkit-XXL Hulkamania kit XXX-Large: hulkkit-XXXL

Item ID

Hollywood Hogan kit small: hollywoodkit-S Hollywood Hogan kit medium: hollywodkit-M Hollywood Hogan kit Large: hollywoodkit-L Hollywood Hogan kit X-Large: hollywoodkit-XL Hollywood Hogan kit XX-Large: hollywoodkit-XXL Hollywood Hogan kit XXX-Large: hollywoodkit-XXXL



Description: «Watcha gonna do? When the 24 inch pythons and Hulkamania destroy you». The official licensed Hulkamania full costume kit is still popular as ever. The costume includes «Hulkamania» Gold sleeveless shirt, red «Hulkamania» bandana, yellow sunglasses, blonde mustache, red feather boa, gold wristbands, red tights and wig.


Sizes: – Small-XXXL




It’s still Hulk Hogan, just Hollywood style. The full costume kit comes included with «NWO» black sleeveless shirt, black Hollywood bandana, white sunglasses, blonde mustache, white feather boa, black wristbands, black tights and wig. Sizes: – Small - XXXL


Item ID

Ultimate Warrior kit small: ultimatewarr-S Ultimate Warrior kit medium: ultimatewarr-M Ultimate Warrior kit large:

Item ID Mankini:


ultimatewarr-L Ultimate Warrior kit X-Large: ultimatewarr-XL Ultimate Warrior kit XX-Large: ultimatewarr-XXL

EXTREME WARRIOR KIT Description: There is only one kind of warrior that sprints to the wrestling rink and shakes the ropes electrifyingly fast to pump up the crowd, that’s an EXTREME Warrior. The costume kit includes wig, armbands w/strings, wristbands and lime green image of briefs.


Sizes: – Small-XXL

BORAT MANKINI Description: Not much needs to be said about this ensemble. The ever so famous officially licensed lime green «Mankini» is sure to catch everyone’s eye. Sizes: – one size fits all


Item ID

Super Hero Body Suits:


superherosuit [color][size] (size standard or plus)

Description: The suit is perfect for sporting events, parties, fashion shows, you name it. The one piece «Full Body Spandex Suit» is made out high quality nylon and spandex to ensure quality and durability. Visibility is limited when wearing this costume. Available in X-small, Small/medium and Large/XL. Colors: Green, Royal Blue, Red, Orange, White, Yellow/Gold, Nude, Black, Maroon.


Sizes: – Now available in Kids Sizes: 85 - 115 lbs -- 4'11" - 5'3" Standard: – Small/Medium Size: 120 - 165 lbs -- 5'4" - 5'10" Plus: – Large/X-Large Size: 170 - 240 -- 5'8" - 6'2"


Full Spandex Body Suits: bodysuit (size standard or plus)

Colors: Green, Royal Blue, Red, Orange, White, Yellow/Gold, Nude, Black, Maroon.

Description: The Super Hero Spandex suit is great for the creative mind. The one piece suit is made from high quality nylon and spandex. The suit features a seamless zipper in the back. Colors: Black, Nude, Red, Grey, White, Blue, Green


AC Slater

90’s Stud

Bachelor Party Beard Green Wig

Detective Wig

Joe Cal Wrestling Maniac



Zack Morris Wig: 90s stud

AC Slater Wig: curly mullet Detective Wig: detective Extreme Warrior Wig: extreme warrior

Description: Wigs, wigs and more wigs. Featuring wigs inspired by many movies and shows loved by so many. These wigs are featured from the early 70’s to modern day.

Item ID

Green Wig: green Bachelor Party beard wig: bachelor

Extreme Warrior

Most Interesting wig and beard

Wrestling Maniac wig: WrestlingManiac Joe Cal wig: JoeCal Most Interesting wig and beard: MostInteresting


Item ID

Gumball Tank Dress: tankdressGUMBALL-L Gumball Tank Dress: tankdressGUMBALL-XL


CAPES Description: Put it over your back, tie it down and get ready to fly. These capes are great accessories to a super-hero costume. This cape fits children and adults, just needs to be tied accordingly of course. Colors: – Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Yellow, black and white


Description: This women’s gumball tank dress was inspired by the popular pop star Katy Perry on her teen awards performance. This costume tank dress is made from 94% Cotton and 6% Spandex, and featured in 5 different sizes. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL


Item ID

D&D Women’s Tuxedo Blue STD: ddtuxblue-std D&D Women’s Tuxedo Blue plus: ddtuxblue-plus D&D Women’s Tuxedo Orange STD: ddtuxorange-std D&D Women’s Tuxedo Orange plus: ddtuxorange-plus

D&D WOMEN’S TUXEDO Description:

RICE KRISPIES TANK DRESSES Description: Snap, Crackle and Pop your way into these delicious dresses. Simple and comfortable group costume.


Sizes: – XS, S, M, L, XL

Now Cinderella can get ready for the ball in her Blue and Orange Tuxedo. For so many years men have enjoyed laughs wearing colored tuxedos. These Blue and Orange women’s tuxedo costumes will sure be a hit for two women or can be added to a men’s as a couple’s costume. Sizes: Standard and Plus


Item ID

Saved by the Bell Kelly Sweater: sbb015-[size] (S, M, L) Saved by the Bell Slater wig and jersey: sbbSLATER-[size] (S, M, L, XL, XXL) Saved by the Bell 90’s stud phone wig: sbbZACK

Item ID

Fear and Loathing set:

Kelly Kapowski Off the shoulder Bayside sweater 90s Stud Phone and Wig

FandLset-[size] (S, M, L, XL)

AC Slater Bayside Jersey and wig

SAVED BY THE BELL Description: Arguably the best show from the late 80’s early 90’s era. These six students and their four years gave many lots of memories. We are taking a trip down memory lane with these costume pieces. Featuring Kelly’s off the shoulder Bayside sweater, Zack Morris phone and wig, as well AC Slater Bayside Jersey and wig.


Sizes: – Bayside Tigers sweatshirt: Juniors S, M, L, XL – AC Slater Football Jersey: S, M, L, XL, XXL

FEAR AND LOATHING SET Description: Get ready to cruise the USA and find the American dream in your red convertible. This full set includes a Hawaiian shirt, hat, glasses, and fake cigarette. Sizes: Hawaiian shirt: S, M, L, XL



Item ID

Sloth Costume: slothSET


SLOTH COSTUME Description:

Description: Bruce Lee’s epic movie «Game of Death» is one of his best. The yellow jumpsuit is inspired by this movie and the most notorious fighter the world may ever know. Made from 100% stretchable polyester to practice your karate!


Item ID

Bruce Lee Costume: bruceleecostume-[size] (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL)

«Hey you guys», the Sloth costume from the hit movie The Goonies is here and it’s real. The three piece ensemble includes Sloth Mask, Super Man t-shirt, and red suspenders. Sloth love Chunk, Sloth love Baby Ruth, Sloth love you Sizes: T-Shirt – S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL


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