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Trinity—enabling mobile marketing

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Trinity—enabling mobile marketing Increase campaign effectiveness and responses Drive redemption rates Drive footfall Increase customer loyalty Increase average spend Influence consumer behaviour Gain maximum ROI Develop CRM data

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Trinity Mobile—enabling truly joined-up marketing through the mobile phone. Ever since the mobile phone has become ubiquitous, marketers have wanted to use it to communicate with consumers. They’ve demanded a means to enable consumers to redeem offers, monitor usage, increase redemption rates and measure results comprehensively.

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Our marketing services and solutions enable marketing campaigns using promotions, coupons, ticketing as well as loyalty and membership schemes via the mobile phone.

Press Campaign design and set-up

DM Targeting

web Awareness

Reporting and analysis

TV Message broadcast


Redemption and data collection

Trinity Mobile Ltd delivers a comprehensive range of mobile phone solutions, including messaging, ticketing, couponing, membership and loyalty schemes. Fonescan is a trademark of Trinity Mobile. © Trinity Mobile

Trinity has developed a solution that enables this. We can now offer a range of unique services that help marketers take advantage of this unique technology. Marketers can interact instantly and cost-effectively, on a totally personalised level.

A simple messaging campaign: Trinity closes the marketing loop

We use a unique barcoded text message that can be scanned directly from the mobile phone with 100% accuracy —instant, no-hassle, on-site redemption. The campaigns are all designed, managed and measured using Trinity’s internet-based Campaign Desktop.

Press DM

web Awareness

recruiting subscribers —and building relationships. Trinity has developed a simple final link between traditional advertising methods and the new innovative world of digital media. We enable brands to communicate directly with the consumer whenever and wherever they want to—on a totally personalised and tailored basis. Recruitment is based on an initial call-toaction inviting consumers to text into a shortcode to register their interest in a brand or promotion. Consumers are requested to opt-in to a campaign using a simple easy-to-use, one-step registration process. This initiates an ongoing relationship with them predominantly using their mobile phone, but can also be through the web, e-mail, direct mail and other traditional methods.



A trusted personal relationship is built with targeted consumers on an individual basis. They can even start immediate interactions with the brand. Further personal information can be gathered over time through a text, web or voice-based processes. This is the start of an ongoing individual relationship with each consumer. Consumers can manage their own opt-in/ subscribed campaigns using a dedicated online consumer web portal ( Marketers can also manage the entire campaign and subscribers through the Campaign Desktop.

genuine return on investment —campaigns that generate revenue and cut costs. Imagine a marketing campaign that not only fulfills its promotional goals, but also cuts costs, pays for itself, or even returns a profit. Cheaper campaigns, reversebilling and premium rate services now make profitable advertising a reality. Without exception, a campaign using the Trinity solution set, is cheaper than a traditional campaign whilst also returning higher redemption rates. New revenue streams have also emerged with consumers often willing to pay to participate in, or be associated with a particular brand or campaign. Return-on-Investment is the critical measurement of the success of any marketing campaign. Using the Trinity suite of services, ROI can be calculated exactly —giving the most in-depth and accurate picture possible.

Due to the nature of mobile and digital campaigns, we can measure every single aspect of a marketing campaign in realtime. The statistics, pricing, response rates and billing are all available, allowing you to see exactly where each pound has been spent and returned.

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