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Our biggest wins this year

KATH POOLEY - Managing Director EMEA “It’s communications Jim, but not as we know it…” Greetings and welcome to Bite’s second Ann ual – this time, a slightly more inter-galactic update from around the Bite Euro-verse, bold ly going where no-one has gone before. We hope you enjoy our update – we’ve tried to future-gaze, not navel-gaze – and have focussed on how we’re adapting our business to cater to the needs of our clients today and tomorrow. It’s certainly been another unforge ttable year, characterised by a more Europea n and diversif ied team than ever before. You’ll hear more about Bite’s push for European domination – wel l, the UK, France, Ger many and Nordics at least (but we’re communicators so allow us some poetic licence) and also the brilliant new talent we’ve brought on board, from entrepreneurially-minded PRs through to specialists from amazing brands such as Orange and BBC Wor ldwide. It’s no secret that our industry is changing – and fast. It’s sometimes not even entirely clear which indu stry we’re in any more, but it is clear that the CMO, and the comms function as a whole, hold s the most powerful role at board level today and this influence will only grow.

Kath - most likely to be leading an award-winning agency in 2012

We’ve already evolved to deliver truly unif ied campaigns of communications and mar keting activities. This will only be enhanced by our launch into Ger many with the acquisition of Trademark PR and Consult ing. My thanks as ever to the European crew of Bite – they are exceptional and I hope you experien ce this every day as a client. We’re in exciting times and if Spock were in charge of Bite (and there’s only a pas sing resemblance between him and Clive), he’d say “It’s communications Jim, but not as we know it…”



MARTIN VEITCH - Top 12 of 2012 The 12 days of Christmas may have gone but the New Year is always a good time for punditry. So what’s going to happen in 2012? I asked leading journalists covering the technology beat and Bite’s in-house experts for their thoughts: 12 of them of course.







Business Green editor James Murray says: “Ministers have promised every home and office in the UK will have a smart meter in place by 2018 and 2012 has to be the year when the roll out starts to kick up a gear.” editor Bryan Glick: “2012 will be the year discussion on the cloud turns from the technological to the commercial as IT leaders realise that traditional vendors cannot deliver the promises they gave on pay-as-you-go pricing and risk ownership. This will reshape the relationship between IT suppliers and their customers, and provide opportunities for smaller, innovative firms.”

Having finally shed its nerdy roots, 2012 promises to be the year we all get down and dirty with MMO (massive multiplayer online) games, according to Bite’s Nick Thorpe. Powerful phones like the iPhone4s and the Nokia Lumia 800 are allowing more and more of us to trade virtual items, wage galactic wars and accrue vast piles of electronic wealth all from our seat on the train.

Ever since Stuxnet it’s been clear that security threats are broader and scarier than ever. “Cyber terrorism is what people in security circles seem to be saying will actually happen in 2012,” says Phil Muncaster of V3.

“Machine-to-machine automation is taking over the world,” says City AM columnist Nick Booth. “Even PR and journalism will soon be automated.”

“NFC will take off in a big way for mobile phones, and not just in contactless payment, but for personalising advertising and exchanging information,” opines mobile expert Rob Kerr.


Martin Veitch - most likely to be strategising for clients







“They have been talked about forever but the development of sensors in mobile phones, the growth of social networks, presence detection and the geo-mapping of the world mean that the time is right for location services in shopping offers, meeting friends and sharing experiences,” says Bite’s Titus Thomson.

Bite’s crystal ball gazer Katie Simpson says: “Highly tipped for the last decade, 2012 looks to be the year that Augmented Reality finally starts making headlines. Likely to be seen in everything from social gaming and e-learning to daily shopping and entertainment, AR allows users to physically interact with the virtual world, bringing almost unlimited possibilities to both brands and consumers.”

Veteran journalist Martin Courtney has a spin on the cloud picture: “As the recession bites, growing numbers of SMEs will look to trim software licensing and IT support costs by migrating services and applications to public and hybrid cloud infrastructure and software as a service platforms.”

Bite’s resident developer guru Greg Salmon foresees a rise in peer-topeer application distribution as an alternative to app stores.

Fixed seating, phones and PCs will go away as companies embrace flexible working, says Bite’s Paul Mackender.

Steve Evans of Computer Business Review believes the ability to analyse huge data sets will be of growing interest in 2012. “I think Big Data will be big, coupled with the management, storage, security, accessibility (including via mobile) and analysis of it,” he says.


UPDATE FROM THE UK - Rachel Gilley, Deputy Managing Director, Bite UK been tough and We loved 2011! It could have it would be, but the news agenda suggested ery individual in we love a chal lenge and ev the result that the agency stepped up, with hired, in our minds, d an ds an br t ea gr n wo we forward-thinking some of the best and most talent in the industry.

Jeff Romeo - most likely to be on the red carpet 4

The real success of 2011 has to be the integrated campaigns we’ve delivered for our clients. Sony and Nokia are notable references where we’ve agreed a business goal with the client and achieved that goal through campaigns that combine everything from app development to social media community activation and, increasingly, video creation. And as we rolled out our services portfolio,

Kelly Hall - most likely to be running transatlantic campaigns

Rachel Gilley - most likely to be collecting an industry award

we bolstered our ever-expanding band of specialists to meet growing demand, with two former journalists, a videographer and a mobile app developer – and that’s just in the last six weeks of 2011. Demand for our consumer credentials continues to grow and along with some brilliant project wins for the likes of EA Games and Sony Digital Cinema, we recently hired Jeff Romeo as Consumer Practice Director. Jeff’s experience will see the team building on its gaming, entertainment and film experience into next year. Kelly Hall, Director of the Business Practice, saw her team secure work with brands including NETGEAR, Lithium, Zuora and Outsourcery. These brands are led by entrepreneurial and exciting leadership teams. It is companies like these, offering new innovative solutions in their marketplaces, that really excite our teams at Bite, and which in turn attract great talent to the agency. We saw the year out with a veritable European bonanza shindig, where our new friends in Germany joined the UK team and representatives from Sweden and France. A vision of what a truly European agency looks like --- and it’s brilliant! Thank you all for a superb year.

Rachel Deputy Managing Director

If we continue to hire the ve ry best talent, both our clien ts and the agency will succee d. 5

UPDATE FROM FRANCE - Annie Hurley, GM Soundbite 2011 was a great year for Soundbite. Three new specialists joined the team, bringing with them a wealth of B2B and B2C experience in technology PR and supporting MD Annie Hurley in a quest to expand the client roster! And throughout the year several leading technology companies chose Soundbite to support them in media campaigns across France, including Polycom, Sybase, Harman Consumer and Sony Professional. France Sound bite

As new clients like Polycom come on board and the Soundbite team continues to grow, the time has come to find new, bigger offices. The search is on for a place in central Paris that encapsulates the Bite spirit and which will see the company into 2012 and beyond. Watch this space!


Annie Hurley - most likely to be looking for bigger offices

We often focus on increasing a com pany’s share of a conversation releva nt to its specif ic market or activ ity. For Polycom France for example, Soundb ite concentrated on elevating the dis cussion above and beyond pure pro ducts and services, based on a point of view dedicated to “The human facto r”. By basing the debate around the impa ct that technology, and specif ically faceto-face contact through videocon ferencing, has on people’s profes sional and private lives, Soundbite has ra ised Polycom France’s profile in sev eral key business and national titles.

While France doesn’t always benefit from the most modern of images in Europe and the US, there is in reality a strong community of digital entrepreneurs and a very “e-friendly” population with among the highest proportion of Facebook and Twitter users in Europe. The emergence of companies like BlueKiwi, Spotter and Lithium shifted what was a purely brand-oriented debate to a focus on the power of social media to boost customer revenues and drive business growth. Despite the fairly morose nature of recent headlines, the French budget cuts will create many media opportunities for our clients, keen to demonstrate the value of technology in driving innovation at lower costs during economic downturn.


UPDATE FROM SWEDEN - Christian Lundgren, GM Bite Sweden as well as expanded ts, rui rec w ne th wi w gre ess sin bu Bite’s Nordic local Nordic markets. communications programmes in all

Bite Nordics had a successful 2011, winning exciting clients of very different sizes for very different briefs. Löplabbet, ”the running clinic”, is the original Swedish shoe store chain for running pros and enthusiasts. Bite also won a Nordic assignment for the global digital service design company Fjord. Among the quirkier campaigns invented, Bite carried out a digital branding activity for the classic wine brand Faustino, where bloggers were sent bottles with personalised labels – promoting a Facebook app that allows Faustino fans to print labels with their own portraits. Bite also helped the Stockholm based production agency House of Radon in launching PressPausePlay, a globally acclaimed documentary about the digital revolution and the creative industry.


most likely to n re g d n u L n Christia try conference s u d in n a t a k spea In 2011, Bite confirmed its strengths to Nordic clients by planning and carrying out some very successful campaigns targeted to their core audiences. Throughout the year, leading networking vendor D-Link’s stunning Boxee Box has been featured widely and regularly awarded best media player prizes, making it a major sales success in Sweden. Antivirus challenger Kaspersky Lab, with main local spokesperson David Jacoby, remains the strongest local voice in the industry. Software company Nuance saw its voice recognition application for iPhone Dragon Dictation reach top position in downloads no more than 14 hours after it was launched. We’ve also helped Logica to build their profile around their programmes for skills and sustainability.


UPDATE FROM GERMANY - Stefan Ehgartner, MD Bite Germany A long-running close relationship finally became a marriage after Bite completed the acquisition of Germany’s Trademark PR and Trademark Consulting in October. The purchase added 25 brilliant people, a broad range of commercial and consumer clients based in Europe’s strongest economy, and strength in both communications and marketing services. The Trademark deal followed two years of working together on European clients including HP and Harman Consumer International and the new, expanded Bite gains access to big-name clients including Creative, Amazon Web Services and Treasury Wine Estates. Unifying the teams will make for a stronger and more integrated European PR team that will work hand in hand to support clients new and old and take briefs across traditional and social media channels.

Stefan Ehg rt ner - most lik be signing neaw business contely to racts

It will also make possible the launch of Bite Consulting Europe, bringing together specialists including former journalists, marketers, designers and digital experts in London and Munich in one team to cater for the pan-European needs of marketing directors. The Consulting proposition is the fastest growing area in both countries and coming together will make it easier to serve marketing, sales and channel communications from point-of-sale programmes to online/offline campaigns, customer relationship management and events. The acquisition came towards the end of a busy year for Trademark that included work for companies 10including HTC, Acer, Samsung and Electronic Arts.

most likely t s a R n e rg e Ju work to make it all

Insights & Trends - Carsten Bickhoff, MD, Bite Consulting Service s The European economies ar e facing tough times. W hile business remains stab le in many mar kets, more and more clients are looking to prepare for the climate getting worse . W hile this outlook doesn’t seem too promising, Bite Consulting sees certain opportunities as clien ts put more emphasis on integrated campaigns th at balance traditional PR activ ities with sales supp ort, social media, media buying or other discipl ines in the mar keting mix. Exactly what Bite Cons ulting has always stood for, in other words. W ith social media and clien ts becoming accustomed to the rules an d requirements of social campaigns, it is gettin g easier to secure extra budgets for social initi atives. W hile ag reeing on budgets gets more diff icu lt in the current economy, many clients are now more open to set aside funds for creative ide as and projects in social networ ks, forums and cloud serv ices.

most Carsten Bickhoff s likely to be fabulou


TOM BERRY - Bite Consulting Effective communications is all about three things: understanding audiences, engaging in the right conversations and ensuring you have the right content to carry the conversation over a sustained period. The trident approach that is Bite’s Point of View has continued to mature over the past year, with many of our clients on and off the traditional media relations roster turning to Bite to help them deliver insight, written content, design services, messaging and digital assets. A journalistic approach is one way that Bite has developed its content offering – whether through Bite Consulting Services (our specialist arm dedicated to supporting our clients’ marketing and sales functions) or through the wider account teams, where exciting, engaging copy is the foundation of effective campaigns.

As businesses look to communicate their brand values and propositions to customers in a fragmented media environment, an integrated approach – uniting PR, marketing and sales disciplines with consistent stories and content – is the only sensible approach. After all, customers and consumers don’t want to be talked at by brands – especially if the messages they are getting from the brand are confused or inconsistent. And so Bite is helping its clients find a consistent and relevant voice that helps them join conversations, shape opinion and build advocacy. 12

Bezza - mos t likely to know everyth ing

Joining Tom Berry, Martin Veitch and Sara Driscoll, we welcome journalists Ben Tudor and Nick Thorpe to the Bite fold, along with a growing pool of talented writers who are developing with the teams. Of course, words are not everything; stimulating visual content will continue to grow in importance. And it has been a tremendous year for Bite’s design and creative services under the leadership of Matt Wright. Matt and Firuze French are now developing amazing content for clients and for Bite itself – ranging from infographics to PowerPoints and from brand identities to animations. The rate at which content continues to grow as a part of the Bite offering is a testament to three things: the changing market; the skills and vision of Biters and management alike; and also the tremendous work going on within account teams to consult with clients about the importance of an integrated approach based on a Point of View. Bite – the words and pictures teams salute you.


DAN SANDS - Head of Digital Strategy Digital Services include: Smart clients are increasingly aware of the need to link communications and online properties, particularly through search. The current financial climate has shifted priorities from brand building to direct engagement and calls to action. The challenge of who “owns” online within organisations remains unresolved, and with the space being split between comms and digital disciplines, many companies continue to miss a trick by not aligning their business and communications. Another major shift has been the decline in traditional media. This, coupled with the opportunity provided by online platforms and the rise in social recommendation, has provided


brands with the opportunity to interact with customers in new ways, becoming trusted publishers, aggregators and creators of content. At Bite our focus this year has been on helping clients to use insight and analytics to maximise the impact of their online communications, targeting specific audiences based on their interests and communities. Our best work in this area results in linking social interaction with audiences through high-quality content into clients’ CRM platforms; delivering an improved experience for brand customers; and allowing our clients to reach key audiences. We have

also been helping clients to apply existing technologies in exciting ways, building adaptive websites that offer a great experience regardless of devices and building shareable social assets.

ü Content creation incl uding copywriting, video production and design ü Website, blog, mob ile, Flash and HTML5 build, hosting and man agement ü Social presence (Fac ebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and video) build and man agement ü Social marketing cam paigns ü Organic and paid SEO and SEM ü Content seeding and distribution ü Email marketing ü Community manage ment ü Customer journey trac king and optimisation ü Digital insight ü Campaign planning , creative, strategy and execution ü Proactive and reactive online monitoring, reporting and interact ion ü CRM based tracking and integration ü Digital and social med ia train


Dan - most likely to make an app about his one-year-old daughter.

MATT WRIGHT - Head of Creative Services Our creative work has really rocketed this year and we are building up a diverse and energetic portfolio. Working with both PR and marketing teams, we have developed our own method for fusing stand-out visual design with crisp and enticing copy to create sparkling work that really helps set a campaign alight. If I could choose one word to sum up our year, I’d probably choose “infographics”. It seems that the entire media industry is in the grip of a heady infographic love affair that shows no sign of letting up. This has been good news for the creative team as it plays right into one of our core strengths, i.e. taking detailed and often complicated information, boiling it down to the base elements and rebuilding it to create something that is understandable, interesting and a pleasure to look at.

Bite’s Crea tive Servic es include þ Infogr : aphics þ Illustr ations þ Broch ures þ News lett þ Publis ers hin þ Prese g ntations þ Script wr þ Storyb iting oar þ Comm ding ercials þ Brand ide þ Brand ntity design me þ HTML ssaging mailers þ Direct mail

We’ve also been creating email and print mailers, laying out brochures and newsletters, redesigning brand identities, illustrating, storyboarding, designing apps, writing commercials… The list goes on. 2011 has been a brilliant year; I’m really proud of the work we have done and I can’t wait to do more in 2012. Matt - most likely to cr eate an infographic on cats


WILL HILL - Crisis Comms Specialist I joined Bite in early 2011 to head up the new Corporate and Crisis communications team. I joined from Fleishman-Hillard where I spent 10 years working on international corporate and brand- building campaigns for brands including Philips, McCain Foods and the Egyptian Government. At Bite we’re establishing a new structure for corporate clients, working seamlessly with our content, digital and media teams to deliver integrated programmes that get us a seat at the Boardroom table and are as much about what you don’t hear about as what you do. It’s been an interesting year. Never before has the ‘corporation’ been more in the spotlight and the practices of the people within it, from the Board downwards, been so closely interrogated and reported on. And never have the commentators been so wide and varied, from traditional media and news outlets to the man or woman on the street. Both expect a dialogue with enterprises and want answers to their questions. We have seen clients increasingly demand social media modules to be included in crisis scenario training. Crisis manuals and playbooks are progressively developed to be hosted online, enabling easy access and quicker, real-time updates. But it’s monitoring where online and social media has had the biggest impact for our clients. Social media has accelerated the speed at which information, regardless of its accuracy, can be disseminated. Online monitoring is the most effective way to spot potential crisis as well as to track and influence discussions in the aftermath of a situation but you still need an expert team to manage and execute it. 16

W ill - most likely to be a fireman

ations Bite Corporate and Crisis Communic Services include: ng þ Corporate and executive profili þ Communication audits þ Issues tracking and management þ Crisis preparedness þ Crisis situation management þ Stakeholder monitoring þ Perception audits þ Stakeholder engagement þ Stakeholder training þ CSR communications

EMMA COLEMAN - Stakeholder Relations al the death knell for more tradition nd sou n’t did it but l, ita dig of r lly for 2011 was the yea agement stil l has its place, especia eng ace o-f e-t Fac . red fea e onc s channels as wa dscape has r explanation. While the event lan cte ara -ch 140 a n tha re mo d nee topics that s; it just year are stil l pul ling in the crowd the of nts eve end att stmu the d, contracte into. means that they are harder to get ely raised the bar and gone are the init def st mo e hav TED as h suc Global events are together the week before. Audiences ion tat sen pre a l pul can nts clie days when that if nts have become even more aware clie our d an r eve n tha g din an more dem day. ir presentation has to shine on the the r ake spe a as r ste mu s pas to they are g a brand to iences is a key opportunity to brin aud he nic h wit n atio nic mu com t Direc like-minded te sales leads and to engage with era gen , ives cut exe key file pro to , life to their business. individuals on topics that are key What does that mean?

the event • Incorporating digital into the day, on g etin cycle – not just twe nt of me age eng full a but ensuring nt eve t pos and pre audiences text on • Design, design, design – e it hop we st lea at (or will slides as ry, mo will) become a distant me ing tell ry sto speakers realise that ugh is much more effective thro eo vid and visual prompts

reason • Mind mapping - there is a to not d ten ters why good presen to up m the s free it need notes; ce ien aud ir the h wit engage

Emma - most lik give the best adviely to ce

nts will • Event amplification – clie d to realise that events can be use onir the deliver vital content for speeches going programmes, turning nion opi s, line by, into short videos dia me y -da the articles and onof senior interviews. Making the most 2012 executive time will be key in

er and how you present them has nev t sen pre you ds wor the t tha is s to What all of this mean of our clients take their story-tel ling re mo see to ect exp we 2 201 In been so important. wil l be impressed with the results. the next level and I am sure you

Bite Stakeholder Relations Services include: ü ü ü ü ü

Speaker acquisition Speaker promotion Speaker training Presentation creation Event calendar creation & management ü Event chairing ü Executive tours 17

KATE FLANNERY - Media & Entertainment Specialist Through our work with the team at Box TV, a joint venture between Channel 4 and Bauer Media and the UK’s most watched music portfolio, we have had a front-row seat to this rapidly changing industry --- and what a show it has been so far. We adjusted our strategy for Box TV and its flagship channel, 4Music, to ensure that digital tools are embedded with TV productions so programme makers can engage and interact with viewers. No longer does a pick of the day in Radio Times, Heat and The Guardian Guide qualify as good coverage and why should it? We ensure we are tapped into talent’s social media assets, encouraging tweeting and Facebook updates from the start. These are amplified throughout the lead up, during and after broadcast. You can’t just depend on talent. To engage with viewers, you need to interact with them on an ongoing basis. Programmes should be made using the suggestions of viewers and feedback should be sought at every opportunity. Real-time, dynamic updates should be communicated throughout the campaign. And please, offer a hashtag onscreen at the start of the programme to help your views become a part of the conversation --- #noteveryoneisdoingthis! Keep it short, keep it simple and keep it engaging! 18

Kate - most likely judge a talent showto

2011 saw a marked rise in dual screening (the use of a tablet or mobile device in parallel with viewing a TV programme) among the 16-34 audience. This trend, coupled with the popularity and dominance of digital music services such as Spotify and Deezer, means that music television has a lot to live up to if it wants to continue to play a significant role in music discovery and consumption.

KATIE SIMPSON - Film & Gaming Specialist In a successful 2011, the Bite Consumer team grew and developed its growing credentials. We were in charge of several communications campaigns for our client Playfish and its sister company EA, which included launching Monopoly Millionaires, the online gaming version of Hasbro’s popular board game, and the introduction of EA’s FIFA football franchise to social gaming through the launch of FIFA Superstars. In addition, we were tasked with launching one of the top-grossing Facebook games of the year - The Sims Social - which saw the hugely popular Sims franchise brand arrive on the social gaming platform. The last two years in particular have represented a sea change for the online gaming industry, with the integration of gaming with social networks, as well as the growing popularity of downloadable apps on mobile. More consumers are now playing social games online, while a growing number of brands ranging from SMEs and local businesses to blue-chips are investing heavily in this space. The figures speak for themselves --- the sector is currently worth over £1 billion and is expected to show further growth in 2012.

to be Katie - most likelery bo ard topping the lead








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