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How to update Bitdefender security software

Introduction Bitdefender keeps on upgrading its software by adding some new features. These new update enhances the experience of user. Each Bitdefender security automatically downloads the updates for its users. When you do browsing or surfing on your computer, Bitdefender security software constantly check for virus and when it find any then it immediately warns you. It constantly checks online for security updates to stop new threats every 3 hours.

Continue.. We have provided you few step by step instructions to manually update your Bitdefender security programs. These steps are arranged by our highly talented technicians, who have enough knowledge about technical things. Not only this, we have further provided you Bitdefender antivirus support number NZ - +64-48879114 to assist you on call.

Using the system tray icon  Step1- At the first steps, right click on the Bitdefender system tray

icon from the lower right-hand corner of your computer screen.

 Step2- Now selects “Check for program update”. While doing it so

your software window will appear and automatically check for available updates.


Step3- Thereafter, click on the “Close” button once you will the download has completed or if there is no new available update

Using the main console of your Bitdefender Security

 Step1- At the first step, open the main console of your

Bitdefender security software by double clicking on the Bitdefender icon from your computer and double clicking on the Bitdefender system tray icon.

 Step2-Now, you have to click on the “Identity” button

and then select “About the Software”. In this way your about your software window will show and automatically check for the available update.


 Step3- At the last step, click “Close” once you will

notice that the download has completed or if there is no new update available.

 End Steps.

Contact us For Quick help dial Bitdefender Antivirus Support NZ Contact Number– +64-48879114 Original Source Thankyou

How to update bitdefender security software