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kateboarding has come a long way since it’s inception. From the pools to the skateparks, from the skateparks to the streets, and back again; skateboarding is always mutating, an all terrain urban beast. It seems strange to think of the days when we would even use the term 'street skating' – it's hard to imagine a time when anyone did anything else. What else are skateboards made for than exploring and interpreting the hard concrete surfaces that swallow our cities? Even now that vert is coming back in such a massive way, it is still attacked in the same way as the streets. The tricks, developed after years of broken bones and blood, are being taken back to the ramps again, just taking away the pads. These days, vert is where the shit gets real. It isn't for everyone.


Street skating in comparison has its roots in accessibility. It began with kids like Tommy Guerrero, taking what was available at the time and making it their own, an extension of their own expression. Future Primitive,

the epic Bones Brigade video, which is enjoying a rebirth thanks to the recent Bones Brigade documentary, is a defining moment. Watching Tommy Guerrero bomb the San Francisco hills, popping curbs and that jaw dropping ollie over the flowerbed, is the moment when kids around the world, stuck in shit boring suburbs and dead-end small towns with nothing to do, finally realised what skateboarding could be, what they could make it. Looking at his video part in this context, Tommy Guerrero is a seminal influence on an entire generation. But of course, skateboarding started somewhere for him as well. Tommy Guerrero came up in skateboarding at time when the culture was literally hanging in the balance. 'Thrasher, Independent Trucks, Powell and Stacy Peralta and people like that knew that for skating to happen again, it had to be taken to the streets,' he explains. 'That was around the time when all the skate parks closed and we went back to the streets. I grew up skating the streets. We had some skate parks in the South Bay and we would skate them. We would go take a bus down there but when they all closed, it all went back to the streets.

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Bitchslap 18  

Art, Skateboarding, Fashion, Music. Issue 18 features Tommy Guerrero, Wolfbat, Frame Of Reference, Just Legalise it, Scrmn, A-Z of penises.

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