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Scene 1 (Alex working on woodwork, wearing a scarf, build-up of music) (Saw whirring, Alex singing lady gaga, cutting wood, all of a sudden, his scarf gets caught in the machinery) Alex: shit! Shit! Shit! (POV shot, music tempo increases as he gets pulled further in) (Blood spurts on camera as title appears and music stops promptly and we hear the sounds of blood drips) Scene 2 (Chatter in winstanley TV room about death of Alex) From this point on it is filmed in handicam (like blair witch) bita points camera at herself Bita: Is this on? Matilda: have you heard? Sophia: about Alex? Yeah they’ve not stopped talking about it. Matilda: It’s awful, it was just…. so unexpected. Sophia: So what actually happened, I’m hearing all kinds of rumours from everyone. Bita: MURDER!!!! (Laughing) (Sophia and Matilda both jump) Matilda: For god’s sake Bita can you switch that camera off! Sophia: Yeah and show some compassion. Someone died yesterday. Bita: Ok, ok sorry. (Continues to film) Matilda: He got pulled into the table saw in woodwork. That’s how he died. Freak accident. Sophia: God that’s awful! Especially after what happened to Steph last week. They’re dropping like flies. Bita: Wait….How did Steph die? She…drowned, right? Sophia: Yeah, it was all over the news. Bita: So….Alex got… effect I mean? Sophia: well in effect, yeah. Bita: And before that…Steph drowned?

Matilda: Oh for god’s sake Bita yes. Steph drowned and Alex got his head chopped off. Ok? And turn the damn camera off! Bita puts camera down and the rest of the scene is filmed normally Bita…I’ve read it. Sophia: yes, in the newspaper. Bita: No…I mean before it happened. Both: what do you mean? Bita: I can’t remember…It was in a book. Matilda: Have some sympathy. These people’s lives were not fiction Bita, they were real. Deal with it. Bita: No…no it wasn’t a story book. It was…look a couple of months ago we had to read to kill a mockingbird for English, remember? Well I went to the library to pick it up and in the front of this book there was a list, a poem or something. I didn’t think much of it at the time, just read it and... Sophia: What are you saying? Bita: Well I thought it was a bit weird, so I took a picture of it on my phone. It started off with a girl drowning, and something about a boy getting cut…there was something about a fire and…I don’t know all kinds of weird shit. Sophia: Come on, you don’t believe that Bita! Stop being so paranoid about everything. Bita: Don’t believe me? (Shows picture on phone) Sophia: oh my god Matilda: Looks like we need to go to the library. (Scene 3) Sophia: Where is this book? Believe it or not I have better things to do with my Friday night! Bita: hold your horses! I’d hidden it behind a book about _____. You know? Something that nobody would ever read! Here it is…. (Reads out poem) Sophia: Matilda….come here... Matilda: What? Sophia: according to this poem….you’re next.

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