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Aging study on the structure

Qiliang Wang

238 ACS

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of Fe0-nanoparticles



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• 논문 게재 1

stabilized using inert gases:

Heechul Choi


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• symposium


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• symposium 후기

• 해외 학회 발표 1 • 해외학회 발표 2 • 국내·외 학술대회 참가내용

• 논문 게재 2 • NRL 프로젝트를 마감하며


• symposium • 해외 학회 발표 1


Aug. 16-20

• 논문 게재 2

Characterization and reactivity

• NRL 프로젝트를 마감하며

Aqueous ethanol modified

Qiliang Wang,

238th ACS

nanoscale zero-valent iron in

Shane A.


bromate reduction: Synthesis,

Snyder and


characterization, and reactivity

Heechul Choi

Stability study of pristine


and surface modified muilt-

Qiliang Wang,

walled carbon nanotube in the



Aug. 16-20

Qiliang Wang (Ph.D. student, Environmental Remediation Lab, GIST)

Nov. 05-06

National Meeting in Washington DC, because ACS meeting is one of the top 8000 papers accepted. Additionally, I believe it was my great opportunity to visit United States and gave research presentations in front of international

박호식, 최희철


Nov. 05-06

산화공정의 접목을 통해 처리된 자연유기

experts and professors. In the break period I also can take some time to explore this nation’s capital. In case of this opportunity I really want to appreciate my advisor Prof. Dr. Heechul Choi for his supporting and helping.

화합물의 특성분석

Removal of natural organic

It’s my honor and fortune to attend 238th American Chemical Society (ACS) technical meetings in the world, and every meeting there are more than

aqueous phase 산화철 나노입자가 부착된 무기막과 고급

• 해외학회 발표 2 • 국내·외 학술대회 참가내용

238th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition, Washington, DC, USA, 16-20, August, 2009 AMERICAN

In this ACS meeting, I gave two oral presentations: 1) Aqueous ethanol modified 김요한, 최희철


Nov. 05-06

nanoscale zerovalent iron in bromate reduction: synthesis, characterization,

matter (NOM) using iron oxide

and reactivity; and 2) Aging study on the structure of Fe0-nanoparticles

nanoparticle impragnated

stabilized using inert gases: characterization and reactivity. Later these two

mesoporous carbon

researches were published in ES&T and JPCC, respectively. I believe these two presentations were quite interesting for the audience, because for every

수중 전해질, 유기물질의 영향에 따른

강효경, 최희철


Nov. 05-06

presentation there were 3-4 questions. In addition, I found what I did in Korea was also frontier for Americans. Moreover, I also learned lots of knowledge

나노산화철의 형상과 안정성

by attending different oral presentation and poster presentation sessions. Study on the trasport of FeO-

Qiliang Wang,

nanoparticles in porous media

이정협, 최희철


Nov. 05-06

During discussion with many presenters I found there were many research fields I did not know, and much research technology I need to learn. Five days meeting is short, however, the influence from this meeting on me is long,

영산강 지역에서의 모델링을 통한

Nov. 05-06

임훈철, 최희철


김요한, 최희철

대한상하수도공학회, Nov. 18-19

하상여과적용 및 수평집수관의 효율성 평가 메조공극 카본 및 고급산화공정을


이용한 자연유기물질 제거 다공성매체(마이크로모델)내에서 산화아연의 이동 및 거동성 연구

이정협, 왕치량

대한상하수도공학회, Nov. 18-19 환경물환경학회

which encouraged me to exploit in my research area.

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