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Students Residences _ Paul Lafleur Pavillon Active in the fields of education, creation and the presentation of the arts, the Domaine Forget Music and Dance Academy, located in St-Irénée on a vast swath of historical property, needed to reassess its accommodation services. It was with the goal of surpassing the requirements of a discerning clientele that the Pavillon Paul Lafleur, a new student residence project, was built. During the planning and design stages for this 30-room building, special attention was paid to the site-specific environmental sensitivity, namely the sweeping views to be afforded, but also the surrounding woods, the interior/exterior transition areas which accentuate the building’s relationship with its surroundings as well as the different options for appropriating its spaces offered to users.

Following a historical assessment of the site and its typological references, the chosen integration approach is grounded upon lessons from the past that then led to an undeniably modern decisionmaking process. The resulting architecture integrates unassertively into both its natural and built environment. The volume of “floating” wood on the site, suspended between sea and sky, is firmly rooted in the terrain while the wooden siding, shutters and protective soffits are reminiscent of the language of the heritage buildings to be found nearby. The modern reinterpretation of the siding in featheredge boards of varying widths evokes a bridge between forest and music.

Each space, both inside and outside, was designed so that it meets all functional requirements while at the same time constituting an optimal transition towards significant spatial and ergonomic qualities. The multifunctional facet and layout flexibility are conducive to a wide range of activities and give rise to an ideal number of convivial meeting places and panoramas affording contemplative views over the entire site. As such, through its attractive architectural identity, the project lives up to the reputation of the Music and Dance Academy, consolidating by the same token its credibility among its national and international clientele.

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