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The formerly partitioned and soulless space has been completely redesigned. The plan is now structured around a fluid and open spatial distribution where only the central conference room and a few offices can be closed off using pivoting partitions. New visual openings have been created and add a sense of depth and continuity throughout the area. A wall of tinted glass giving the effect of a one-way mirror makes the conference room look bigger while maintaining its visual privacy. The combined effects of transparency and reflection give added dynamics to the entrance and reception area.

The former showroom now houses the main workshop, with huge windows that bathe the workspace in natural light. Superimposed concealing layers of varying opacity allow the designers to control the brightness during the day. The colours used, in particular the white, optimize the flow of light and create an air of elegance and modernity. The furniture was also designed by bisson | associés. Through an interplay of simple volumes with calculated lines and the chosen textures, a few contrasting raw elements have been retained and bear witness to the rejuvenated building’s industrial character. With this unique project, the bisson | associés team has succeeded in showcasing its characteristic designs while at the same time meeting its new needs and respecting its budget.

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Following the growth of bisson | associés over the past few years, the firm recently purchased a building located on the boundary of the industrial district at the entrance to the City of Quebec. The property, which was the first BMW car showroom in Quebec City before it went on to house the Peugeot automobile company, has been cleverly converted into a luminous and modern workplace conducive to the architectural design carried out by the team of architects.

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