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A New Hotel Concept Š Bisset Adams


Cloud Nine is a new concept in Hotel Design. It achieves a five star quality environment for which guests can personalise their profiles and expectations in advance using the latest technologies. The physical space acts as a heavenly experience through thoughtful design and beautiful finishes. Welcome to the Cloud... Š Bisset Adams




Designers – Bisset Adams Bisset Adams is an architectural and interior design practice based in Clerkenwell, known for creative thinking, design and delivery of award-winning, innovative buildings. With a track record in hospitality environments and retail spaces, Bisset Adams’ approach to hotel design is a meticulous exploration of the customer experience, informed by an understanding of the power of brand.

© Bisset Adams

Contractors– 8build As a Hotelier you are expected to

To find out more about us visit

maintain high standards of quality and or email us at

give exceptional service to your guests,, we would be

so why accept anything less from

happy to discuss your requirements

your contractors. We have a wealth

or send you further information.

of knowledge within the hospitality

Alternatively, come and visit us

sector and know how important it is

at the Sleep Hotel.

to get it right for you and your patrons. We can manage your project whether it’s fit out, refurbishment or new build, our expert team have successfully delivered hospitality projects including hotel chains, boutiques, restaurants, gyms, bars and cafes. Whatever your requirements you can rest assured that maintaining your services to ensure they are fully operational for you and your guests is our highest priority. We are also experienced at working in different environments from historic grade listed buildings to new builds and each time we will always work within a respected timeframe, minimising disruptions to maintain your revenue and ensuring value for money.

Suppliers – Porcelanosa The Porcelanosa Group is one of the world’s leading Spanish companies and enjoys an excellent reputation for its high quality products. Inspirational designs coupled with advance technology, proven quality control and efficient distribution confirm our place in the UK marketplace. Established nearly 40 years ago, Porcelanosa remains a family owned company supplying products to over 80 countries worldwide and supplies over 450 Porcelanosa showrooms. Our product range includes : • Ceramic, porcelain and natural tiles • Bathroom furniture • Sanitary ware • Brassware • Accessories • Kitchens • Facade Systems • Raised Access Flooring • Krion – our solid surface

All design, development, manufacturing, packaging and storage are based at one site at our factories at Villareal near Valencia. We strive for the highest quality; sourcing the best raw ingredients, employing the most skilled craftsmen, and developing new environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Our production and storage facilities are unparalleled, with our central logistics building holding over 7 million square metres of tiles, distributing worldwide on a daily basis. Particularly worthy of mention is the Royal warrant granted to Porcelanosa Group by HRH The Prince of Wales. This distinction, held by only a limited number of suppliers to Prince Charles, is awarded in recognition of the quality of their products and services. Porcelanosa is an accredited RIBA CPD provider and shares RIBA’s vision of promoting excellence in the profession by providing training, CPD, technical services, publications and offering endorsed factory tours to architects and clients.

Suppliers – Atrium – Lighting Atrium, established over 35 years ago, is

Each project has its specific parameters

the UK’s longest standing independent

and constraints and we aim to meet

architectural lighting supplier. Based

or exceed client objectives and

in our state-of-the-art Centre Point

expectations while taking these into

showroom, we are the sole UK distributor

account. Most of our work is obtained

for Flos, LTS, Modular and Ilti Luce – all

through specifiers who have used us

chosen for their design integrity, quality

before; and we pride ourselves in the

of manufacture and reliability of supply.

level of customer retention we enjoy

Our current headcount of 44 covers

and the relationships we have forged

the sales, sales support, technical,

with renowned architectural, interior

administration, accounts and distribution

design and lighting design practices

functions of the organisation.

Since adding Flos to the portfolio in

We specialise in the supply of high

early 2011, Atrium has been involved

quality design-led technical and

in a variety of exciting hotel projects,

decorative luminaires to the commercial

including the Knightsbridge Palace

project market, covering the high-end

Hotel with Bvlgari and the W Hotel in

residential, retail, office fitout, leisure and

Leicester Square, Hotel Vertu, London,

hospitality sectors.

the Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh and

We operate at various levels of involvement – from straightforward supplier of luminaires and associated hardware, through to working alongside or under instruction from clients and their consultants, to giving expert advice to electrical contractors at installation stage.

the Sheraton Oman.

Suppliers – SyncLife – Technology SyncLife is a leading supplier of highly

Whether you are seeking to provide

creative and innovative technology

luxurious suites for your guests, high

solutions. We provide exceptional

quality conference facilities, audio visual

hospitality systems that deliver a wow!

solutions for your restaurant, bar or dining

factor, value for your business and a guest experience that is: • Branded with your corporate identity to create a solution unique to your hotel • Reliable and fully supported, enabling you to focus on delivering excellent customer service • Simple to use, making it suitable for clients of different ages and nationalities • Energy efficient so as to reduce running costs • Integrated with PMS to deliver benefits for both guest and front of house • Able to support operational business processes such as housekeeping

room, SyncLife can provide a complete solution that will enhance your brand and keep your guests coming back again and again. Our hospitality solutions include: • Integrated In-Suite Solutions for Audio Visual, Lighting and HVAC • Samsung Hotel TV • PMS Integration • Advanced Lighting Control Systems • M  obile Device Integration (Apple, Android) • Boardroom and Meeting Room Systems • Digital Signage and Interactive Displays • Audio Visual for Bars and Restaurants • E  nergy Monitoring and Management Solutions to help reduce energy costs • S ecurity systems for access control, CCTV and alarm systems

Suppliers – Inform – Furniture Inform specialise in Scandinavian

on elegant sofas and easy chairs.

furniture and lighting and we work

Also known for their fabulous bench

extensively in the hospitality sector. We

seating for foyers, receptions and public

have supplied small chains such as Soho

spaces. Key pieces –True Love chairs

House Group and many highly individual

and Plasma benches.

independent hotels. We also work with larger groups including Accor, Radisson and Hilton Worldwide. Whether a client’s

SWEDESE - highly successful Swedish furniture company known internationally for their classic mid-century modern

requirement is for straight forward supply or

designs from the ‘50s and ‘60s as well

for more detailed consultancy, we have

as their wonderful modern collection.

the expertise to assist and advise.

Key pieces - Boxplay modular sofa and

Our products

LIGHTYEARS - Pendant lighting from

distinctive companies:-

Denmark. This young company have

unique designs for soft seating, tables, modular sofas, bar and restaurant

already produced a modern classic design with the Caravaggio range by Cecilie Manz. In addition, look out for the gleaming Calabash pendant -

furniture. Manufactured in Sweden,

a glint of gold or silver that adds light

this collection will satisfy discerning

and luxury to any hotel interior.

customers wishing to select furniture that is both functional, enduring and extraordinary. Key pieces - Innovation C, Wilmer and Oppo seating.

True Love chairs

their iconic Tree coat stand.

We are agents for five unique and

BLÅ STATION – Producers of exciting,

Wilmer chair

ZERO - a comprehensive architectural lighting collection from Sweden which covers all requirements, both inside and out. Their decorative lighting section

GLOBE ZERO 4 - Danish company

includes some of the most innovative

specialising in high quality upholstery

and individual lamps available.

Caravaggio pendant lights

Suppliers – Dealerward Dealerward was established in 1986

standards. The design, administration

by Julia Willey and Andrew Platt who

and installation side of the business is

met at the London College of Furniture

managed in Central London, at the

(now London Metropolitan University)

heart of the furniture design industry.

as undergraduates. They created Dealerward to supply the niche market of designing and supplying dealer desks for the London capital and share markets. Over the years, Dealerward has built up an enviable reputation and diverse client list across industry sectors including Bank of China, Coca Cola, IBM, Arup, Microsoft, Facebook, Double Negative and the British Olympic Association. The company has also completed projects in Europe and the rest of the world. Earlier this year, in recognition of its environmentally friendly approach, Dealerward became FSC certified.

Dealerward is devoted to delivering high quality products that are cost-effective in a time-efficient manner. Our team members are available at any time throughout the project for consultation, from the initial enquiry to post-completion. Always determined to retain the benefits that a small company offers, with its personalised and diligent approach, Dealerward has maintained a steady and well-managed growth pattern since its inception, and is now one of the most reliable and trusted suppliers of high end joinery and specialist furniture makers in the UK market.

Since 1994, the company has worked in

For more information on Dealerward, visit:

collaboration with a southern Germany-

based manufacturer, also FSC certified, using materials and finishes that meet or exceed German health and safety

Suppliers – Optima - Partitions Optima Contracting is an award winning

industry, employing 60 people including

innovative division, that specializes as a

considerable engineering and design

supply and fix subcontractor in the office

resource in order to develop, manufacture

partitioning market in London and the

and distribute a wide range of partition

South East, primarily, but not exclusively,

systems of the highest quality, for the UK

selling Optima branded products. The

and International markets. The production

emphasis of this business is on design,

facility is equipped with state of the art

quality, performance and site safety.

manufacturing equipment, including an in

We have extensive knowledge and

house powder coating plant allowing the

experience and can guarantee quality

entire logistic process to be controlled from

and performance of our glazing and

receipt of order through to site delivery.

drywall systems.

Detailed quality assurance procedures

We regularly design and install bespoke projects where special features are

are rigorously followed during the production process

required as well as installing the standard

We are registered to ISO 14001 & ISO 9001

ranges of Optima partitioning and drywall,

and have achieved many top industry

including our patented NebulaTM dry

quality awards. We are committed to the

joint. We allocate design and project

client once the installation is complete

managers to work in conjunction with the

and have a Special Works division

project team to procure and co-ordinate,

dedicated to churn work management.

to ensure the programme is achieve The company’s 5-acre manufacturing facility in Radstock, near Bath is one of the most experienced manufacturing based organizations in the interiors

Suppliers – Soltech – Blinds and Curtains Soltech Systems Limited is recognised

of the highest quality and control

by its clients for providing the complete

over delivery.

package from design to installation. Working with the industry’s leading architects and construction companies, we have successfully completed projects throughout the UK, from London to Glasgow, and some much further afield - in Stockholm, Paris and Delhi.

We have always sought to offer the widest portfolio to our customers and so we include other manufacturers’ products in our range. But – quite deliberately – we are not limited to any particular supplier: thus we have the freedom to select the most

Our 20 years’ experience, our technical

appropriate solution in every case.

understanding and our extensive range

Since its inception, Soltech has

of products enable us to offer solutions

continued to build upon its excellent

to the many challenges presented

reputation of providing a committed

by both modern and traditional

service to its clients by recognising the

architecture. Whether the answer is to

unique requirements of each project

provide an automated Solar Shading

and meeting those demands – on

System or a bespoke Barrisol Stretch

budget, and on time.

Ceiling feature, each challenge is overcome by our team of experts; it is they who ensure that our clients’ needs and cost expectations are met. In-house manufacturing at Soltech, using latest technology and the best components, guarantees products

To view our full product portfolio, visit:

Suppliers – De Sede – Furniture What makes de Sede furniture so

Each model we create is conceived

different? What is the source of its

to be a symbol for its time, while also

inimitable effect, of its exclusiveness?

possessing a level of quality which

It is the subtle marriage of traditional

imbues it with an agelessness that

Swiss craftsmanship, uncompromising

secures it a firm place in the annals

devotion to detail and the

of design history. This is what gives

contemporary elegance of its lines.

every item of de Sede furniture its

Since 1965, this has been the philosophy

unique and lasting value.

behind every piece of de Sede furniture,

De Sede also creates bespoke solutions.

thanks to whose character every room it

Individual solutions are often required

graces becomes something truly unique.

in the contract sector. Architects and

It was this that resulted in a small yet highly skilled saddler’s workshop giving birth to the exclusive de Sede furniture brand, which is today renowned throughout the world.

interior designers planning large-scale projects frequently wish to include the furnishing, as well. Our Contract Manager together with experienced staff from all sections of the company – distribution, development and

But despite this growth and the acclaim

production – plan and realise custom-

the company enjoys far beyond

made items and interior conversions.

the borders of Switzerland, we have

These can be for exclusive private

always remained true to ourselves:

homes, yachts, hotels, restaurants or bars,

as a specialist furniture maker who

for the public areas of buildings or for

focuses on small series production and

sales and consulting rooms.

individualised solutions. And as an expert in the art of exquisite leatherwork.

Suppliers – Scanomat – Coffee Solutions Scanomat UK are the exclusive UK

sculptural design is breathtaking. This

after each cup. The Top Brewer provides

provider of the world leading range

not just a coffee machine. The beautiful,

chilled drinking water, cold milk, hot

of premium commercial beverage

patented stainless steel tap is designed

water for tea – and steam for blanching


to be built in any tabletop. The simplicity

of vegetables for instance.

Established over 51 years ago & operating in over 50 countries worldwide Scanomat are at the forefront of innovation and coffee machine development. From the recent launch of of our revolutionary TopBrewer to the flexible and versatile nature of our high performance Venezia range of fresh bean to cup systems which require no boiler inspections, we continue to innovate and provide flexible bespoke solutions for customer ranging from international chains, grocery multiples and restaurant operators. The TopBrewer is an innovative world novelty that has created an entirely new category within coffee brewers. It turns the common conception of coffee brewing and dispensing completely upside down and its simple

of the Top Brewer fits in elegantly in the surroundings and allows you to focus on a more direct contact with the customers and additional sale at the counter. The TopBrewer brews a perfect cup of coffee – each time.With a simple touch of your iPhone or iPad the TopBrewer brews your favourite coffee drink using the freshly ground coffee beans. Control multiple machines with one single iPad and with the favorite's page, you have access to all the machines in one view for blazing fast selection of the desired drinks. We have patented the smallest milk foamer in the world. The foamer is installed at the very tip of the coffee tap. Fresh milk is heated "on demand" and foamed to correct texture. The Scanomatic milk clean system of the Top Brewer cleans all hoses with water

Suppliers – Loophouse – Bespoke Rugs Loophouse is a contemporary design

newly developed Mosques in Qatar and

studio based in London, specialising in

the reception areas for T. Rowe Price

custom handmade 100% wool rugs

offices worldwide.

and carpets.

Loophouse was founded in 1992 by

At loophouse we understand first

Lorraine Statham. With her experienced

impressions are important whether you

in-house team, Statham has made

are designing a corporate reception,

loophouse a leading name in the

hotel suite, retail space or private

contemporary rug industry. Signature

residence. We work closely with interior

design, custom offerings, and service

designers, architects and clients to

experience allow loophouse to fulfil

produce bespoke rugs and luxury

a client's brief beyond expectations.

carpets. The immediate and positive impact of good design inspires our work. Our service encompasses every stage of production from conception to installation. Our superior materials and production facilities combined with our design expertise of over 20 years delivers custom solutions for a wide variety of interiors. Our most recent projects include handmade rugs for Chase Banks across the whole of North America, TigerLily Hotel in Edinburgh, over 4, 000 SQ FT

Suppliers – Philips - Lighting Philips luminous textile with kvadrat

textiles to choose from including velvet-

Content freedom

soft cells

like fabrics and delicate weaves. And

That’s the beauty of luminous textile.

Imagine creating a dynamic space with

finally, you have total control of the

Use our standard content portfolio to

the power to engage and attract, surprise

dynamic content.

add decorative effects, produce natural

and delight, uplift and inspire. One that’s

ambiences or reinforce a brand identity.

so flexible you can change it to reflect

Softened Sound

Or customise the content to create

every mood and moment or enhance

The soft texture of the panels also

your own personal look and feel. There

a corporate identity. That’s the beauty

soothes the auditory senses. Unlike hard

are endless ways to play with colour,

of luminous textile. The new way to express

materials like glass, concrete and steel

movement and light.

emotions, add drama and bring spaces

that can create acoustic problems,

alive. Luminous textile is the perfect

luminous textile helps to dampen

Kvadrat Soft Cells

answer for modern offices, hallways

noise and soften echoes. So it can

The panels are finished with beautiful

and stairways that can feel cold and

play a decorative, as well as practical

Kvadrat textiles and use the Kvadrat

impersonal. It also creates a welcoming

role everywhere from office reception

Soft Cells acoustic panels with patented

atmosphere everywhere from bars and

areas and restaurants to hotels and

hotel lobbies to airport lounges.

airport lounges.

Creative inspiration

Design flexibility

Luminous textile is a revolutionary new

Luminous textile panels come in

way to enhance interiors with light,

standard and customised sizes and can

texture and dynamic content.

be arranged in numerous ways to bring

It integrates multi-coloured LEDs within

each space alive. Create one huge

textile panels to give you the ultimate

mood wall as a dramatic backdrop to

creative freedom. Firstly you can choose

a room. Follow the rise of a staircase with

the size and number of panels as well

staggered panels. Or scatter individual

as how you arrange them. Then there’s

panels across a wall and spread the

an array of beautiful white or coloured

content across them. Anything is possible.

technology to keep the fabric under constant tension within the aluminium frame.

Suppliers – Kvadrat We are Kvadrat

such as The Gherkin, London; Museum

Kvadrat has been leading the field

Of Modern Art, New York; Walt Disney

in textile innovation since 1968 when

Concert Hall, Los Angeles; Reichstag,

our company was first founded.

Berlin; Guggenheim, Bilbao; DR

We produce contemporary high-quality

Koncerthuset, Copenhagen and

textiles and textile-related products for

the Opera House, Oslo.

architects and designers to specify in public spaces and for domestic interiors.

We have an extensive track-record in working with architects and

We are a progressive design company,

designers supplying solutions to the

constantly exploring the boundaries

Hospitality industry: since 2007, we have

of textile design and the creative

collaborated on over 1,000 Hospitality

application of our products in a diverse

projects, including Haymarket Hotel,

range of areas. Our long heritage of

London; Hilton Hotel, Liverpool; the

design excellence is a constant source

Gibson Hotel, Dublin; and Temple

of inspiration to us. Technologically

Restaurant, Beijing. This gives us a

superior and high-quality, we make our

unique level on insight into the sector.

textiles to last. Our versatile collection reflects our commitment to colour, simplicity and innovation. We collaborate with some of the world’s most prestigious companies, and our client portfolio is ever expanding and further reaching. Kvadrat textiles have been used in some of the world’s most iconic architectural developments

Suppliers – Access 360 – Graphics Access360 is a specialist management

With no minimum order value and

company with many years of experience

previous projects exceeding £250k,

working with Interior Designers and

Access360 is the perfect set up to

Architects. We proactively work with

handle your project whether, large or

you to manufacture solutions across the

small. Our dedicated and experienced

board encompassing all aspects of visual

team have a working ethos that when

media covering all sectors of industry.

working with you we become part of

From bespoke and digital signage to 3D solutions, wallpapers to vinyl manifestations, we comprehensively

your team both home and abroad having operated across the globe from Europe to Japan.

and professionally cover all areas of

If you require a specialist team that can

this rapidly changing and innovative

help you achieve your branding and


refurbishment objectives... no matter

With a firm foundation stemming from production in the industry, Access360 was formed to provide a gateway to a wide range of qualified professional suppliers working to one common goal of providing exceptional service and quality. The very nature of our business gives us the unique ability to be able to offer a wide range of solutions that suit the project rather than our own profit margin.

how impossible they seem...we are here for you!

Suppliers – Glasnovations – MagicGlas MagicGlas™ for sophisticated, elegant

GlasNovations is a pioneer in the

and high tech hotel rooms

electro-optical glazing solutions in

The modern hotel room design involves high level of elegance and sophistication whilst maintaining the functional purpose of private spaces. The built environment is required to be modern, minimalist, should be user controllable, provide a sense of space and maintain adequate light. MagicGlas™ privacy glass panels provide all these benefits and some more. The MagicGlas™ panels are ultra clear and conform to all the regulatory safety standards. MagicGlas™ panels can turn from clear to opaque at the flick of a switch. They can also be controlled using modern automation systems. Irrespective of whether the panels are in the clear state or the opaque state, the level of the light in the room remains virtually at the same high levels.

United Kingdom. The MagicGlas™ brand of privacy control glazing solutions and the MagicGlas™-SRT brand of solar control glazing solutions makes us the only company of its type in the world. For more information on GlasNovations and its solutions please visit

Contact Bisset Adams Ltd Paulo Ribeiro 22 St James’s Walk London EC1R 0AP T: 020 7250 0440 E:

8build Keshal Patel 64 Leman Street London E1 8EU T: 020 77104488 E:

Cloud Nine Brochure  

Cloud Nine Brochure

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