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The Best Gas Water Heater For Your Pocket Book And The EnvironmentBest Gas Water Heater _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Haris - If you are looking for an eco-friendly gas water heater that has the lowest operating costs, a traditional tank model will not be the best gas water heater for your needs. Traditional storage tank units lose heat through their tank walls and need to repeatedly reheat the stored water in their tanks. This is a waste of energy which harmfully impacts the environment and your bank balance. In the newest high efficiency tank models, standby heat losses have been reduced through the use of thicker tank insulation and heat traps. Efficiency has been further improved by eliminating the need for a continuously burning pilot light. These models are on average about 5% to 10% more efficient than the standard units and they produce less harmful emissions.

What Is Best Gas Water Heater

Tankless (on demand) water heaters avoid standby heat losses by not storing water, and by only heating water when it is needed. Their efficiency is further enhanced by the use of very sophisticated electronically controlled combustion systems. These units are 20% more efficient than the best high efficiency tank models, and they are more eco friendly. Whole house tankless models with an efficiency

of 83% or higher qualify for a 30% Energy Star tankless water heater tax credit. The best tankless gas units are manufactured by Bosch, Takagi, Noritz, Rinnai, Rheem and Paloma. Gas models have not been able to achieve the high efficiency of electric units because not all of the energy of combustion is utilized. Some of this energy is lost in the exhaust gases that are vented through the flue. However, recently a new condensing water heating technology has appeared on the market which eliminates this energy wastage. Some manufacturers have applied this technology to their tank units, and this has resulted in models like AO Smith's Vertex series, and the Polaris and Phoenix condensing models. These units can achieve efficiencies of over 90%, and if you replace your conventional tank unit with one of these models you can save up to 40% on your water heating bills.

Condensing water heaters are manufactured by Navien, Noritz, Takagi and Bosch, and they range in price from $1,300 to $2,300 depending on their capacities. All of these water heaters qualify for Energy Star tax credits, but unlike the other Energy Star qualified models, the 30% tax credit for these units is not capped at $1,500.

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Best gas water heater  

The main advantage of this type of heaters is that they produce hot water within a few seconds, while other types heat water only when there...

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