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Pick your shoes. Pick your car. Pick your date.

This November, pick your President.

Get out and Vote.

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BAGA FALL ART SHOW, SAVOR T HE FLAVOR, kat madigan, uma hleen ry football, octoberfest, night, dakota derby stage, haunte d fort, judy c bowling fun d ollins, ay, downtown conference, b bobcat hocke sc play, y, bis-man sy mphony, flyin chili feed, z in driveoo boo, bowhu nting worksh of the cities op, state

OCT 2 BAGA Fall Art Show - 2nd-26th - Tues-Fri, 10a-5p - Saturday 1-3p FREE

OCT 4 Sanford Presents: Savor the Flavor: The Sixth Course - 5-10p. Proceeds to Children’s Rehabilitation Department. Riverwood RV, Mandan - 701.323.8450 1st Thursdays Downtown Bismarck. Shops open late for exclusive deals!

OCT 5 5th-7th - Hermanson KIST Horse Sale. Buy a few horses. Party at The Dove. Mandan. 701.663.9573 5th & 6th - Octoberfest -

OCT 6 Kathleen Madigan: Gone Madigan - 8p @ The Belle $25 UMARY Football vs. Bemidji State 2:30p at The Bowl Mandan Fire Dept “Through the Smoke” Road Race 10K & 5K walk/run 701.400.4313 (Mike) Cannonball Youth Pheasant Hunt


OCT 6 Derby Night: Meet & Greet BisMan Bombshellz 7pm @ Westside Bar & Grill with Hot 97.5

OCT 7 Conversations at BSC: Clay Jenkinson & Dr. Larry Skogen Lewis & Clark: Reassessing the Partnership 3p - Sidney Lee Auditorim

OCT 11-14 Dakota Stage Season 34 opens with Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde 7:30 Curtain Haunted Fort Opens - Mandan $12 11-14th Last Hurrah Party. ND Heritage Center-Main Gallery. Remember these 30 years. 12th Judy Collins In Concert: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Both Sides Nowâ&#x20AC;? 8p @ the Belle - Rachel Sage opens $45 13th 3rd Annual Bowling Fun Day Bonanza Fundraiser Midway Lanes @ 1p - $100 - 4 person teams


OCT 15 ND Women’s Business Summit - Key Note Ali Brown from ABCs “Secret Millionaire” 15th/16th Bismarck Civic Center. $89

OCT 16 2nd Annual ND Downtown Conference 16th @ Radisson and 17th @ Dakota Stage. Visit for registration.

OCT 17 BSC Fall Play - ”Dancing at Lughnasa” 17th-20th Sidney Lee Auditorium 7:30p Curtain

OCT 20 Bismarck Bobcat Hockey vs Austin @ 7:15p Bismarck-Mandan Syphony Presents SIMPLY GENIUS 7:30p @ the Belle featuring Rachel Nozny in Mozart’s Flute Concerto. 701.258.8345 for tix. 2nd Annual Fly-in Drive-In Chili Feed 11-2p @ Mandan Airport


OCT 24 Bowhunting Workshop - 24th-28th Becoming an Outdoors Woman Series @ Lake Metigoshi $135

OCT 26 - 27 Governor’s Conference: Partners on the Prairie: Inventing Solutions for Agriculture. Bismarck Civic Center. 701.328.2792

OCT 27 UMARY Football vs Northern State 2:30 pm at The Bowl Zoo Boo - Trick or Treat - 30 local businessess with your fav zoo animals $3 Kids BSC Men’s BBall Presentation Scrimmage 4pm

OCT 30 State of the Cities Address. Know your stuff. Mayor John Warford & Mayor Arlyn Van Beek. 7:30-9a @ Radisson Hotel $35 Call 223-5660 for tickets

BisMan Bombshellz vs. Forx Sugar Beaters Home Bout • OCTtember 15th @ 6:00 • Bismarck Civic Center visit for more info.

TUESDAY Kobe’s – Tokyo Night $2.50 Sake Bombs Space Aliens - Mudslides $3.59

MONDAY Sports Page – 2-4-1s 8-11p Paradiso - $1 OFF Corona

Paradiso - Margaritas - $3.50 Sports Page - $3.50 Jag Bombs Westside - Domestic Pitcher $6.50 Applebees - Morgan $2

Reza’s Pitch - $2.98 Bud Light

O’Brians - UV Vodka $2.50 / Teas $3.25 Cuervo $3

Westside - UV Vodka $2.50

Bucks - 2-4-1 All Drinks+Bomb Shots 8-11p

Applebees - Corona $3 / Margs $2

Peacock Alley - 2-4-1 Martinis 5-10p

O’Brians - Crown $3 / Black Velvet $2.50 Sidelines - $1 OFF Everything (no pitchers) 10p-Mid Freddy’s - $2 Beers 8-10p Peacock Alley - $1 OFF BAMs


Bucks – Ladies Night $1 Margs/Teas/Taps/Bacardi/Wells 4-8p Space Aliens Margaritas $3.59 Paradiso Teas $3.95 Fiesta Villa – Daiquiris $4 Westside - Whiskey $2.50 Applebees - Cosmo & Applebeetini $3 Freddy’s - 2fers - 4-7:30p

Blarney Stone - Pub Club Extra $1 OFF The Walrus - Tapper Tuesday $1 OFF all taps Freddy’s - $2 Vodka Drinks

WEDNESDAY O’Brians - Bacardi/Windsor $2.50 Tanquerey $3 Sidelines - 2-4-1 9:30-11:30p

Blarney Stone - Popsicle Drinks $2.75 Bucks - 4-8pm $2 taps/bottles/wells & Ladies Night - $1 Margs/Teas/Taps/Bacardi/Wells 4-8p Peacock Alley - 1/2 Price Bottle of Wine w/food purchase Sports Page - $2.50 Tall PBR

thursday Grizzly’s Margaritas $3.50 Space Alien’s Teas $3.59 Paradiso Teas $3.95 Sports Page – 2-4-1s 8-11pm

friday Space Alien’s Tall Tap Beers $3.59 Sports Page – Chuck Norris $3 Westside - Tall Tap & Mixed Drinks 2-4-1 10pm - Midnight

Westside - Teas $2

Broken Oar - Men’s Day $2 Domestics & Wells Noon - 6 pm

Applebees - Teas $2

Applebees - Mucho Drinks $5

O’Brians - Morgan/Jack $3

O’Brians - First Drink 2-4-1

Angus Bar & Grill - 2-4-1 Teas

Sidelines - 2-4-1s 9-11:30 pm

Fiesta Villa – Teas $4

Bucks - Pay the Day Taps 7-9pm

Reza’s Pitch - $2.98 Shock Top

Reza’s Pitch - $2.98 Shock Top

saturday Blarney Stone - FREE Bloody Mary w/Breakfast 10a-2p


Reza’s Pitch - $2.98 Shock Top

Peacock Alley - Bloody Mary Breakfast 10-1pm

Westside - $2.50 Mixed Drinks 10p-Midnight

Space Alien’s Bloodys/Cams/Ceasars $3.59

Applebees - Build Your Own Bloody $3

The Drink - Bloodys / Clams $4

O’Brians - 16 oz Domestic $1.75

Bucks - 2-4-1 Jag Bombs, Morgan / Bottles / Taps / Teas 8-11p Peacock Alley - Free bottle of wine with purchase of 2 entres. Up to $16 Freddy’s - Clam Diggers $3 til 6p

Applebees - Build Your Own Bloody $3 O’Brians - Rail Drinks $2 After 5 pm Freddy’s - Clams $3 all day Reza’s Pitch - $8.95 Pitcher Bud Lt / Coors lt / Shock Top




2-7 9-14 16-20 23-28 30-31


Harley and the V Twins Wayne Renn Chad Ray Crochet 2nd Amendment Firehouse


Shawn Oban Shawn Oban


Dirty Word Dirty Word


Over the Edge Stone Cloud Sunday

BURNT CREEK 5-6 12 13 26 27


Redneck Circus Rhym or Reason Rhym or Reason 32 Below All Aces


BUCKS 10 24 31

Johnny Holm Shawn Oban Over the Edge

ANGUS BAR & GRILL 5 6 12 13 19 20 26 27

Mathias Mathias Clean Slate Midnight Noise Orchestra Levee Big River Kit Kat RT3

WALRUS 2 9 16 23 30

Mathias Black Cat Rumble Midnight Noise Orchestra Anonymous Phenomenon Dan Kelsch


Scott Holte Band




Thursdays 7-11p - Open Mic Nite

Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe


Big & Rich

SILVER DOLLAR BAR 5 6 12 13 26 27 31

Blue Ribbon Band Blue Ribbon Band RIFT RIFT Road Trip Road Trip Charlie Horse

BISTRO 4 11 18 25

McMahon Bros Shawn Oban Shawn Oban McMahon Bros

ELKS (Members & Guests) 15 20 26

Sportin Wood Backstage Pass Easy Street & Marvin Zander

BRUNO'S 5:30-7:30p Mondays - Tyler Ktytor Tuesdays - Nolyn Falcon Wednesdays - Mike Swenson Thursdays - Brian Gray

IN A BAND? We want you IN HERE

send us your gigs at i want in @

Hipsters, besides taking credit for every band you’ve ever heard of, have cornered the market on Pabst Blue Ribbon. Don’t believe me? Try typing in the words “why do hipsters” on Google. It will finish your sentence with “drink PBR”. Now, there’s nothing overtly wrong with hipsters, although I’ve discovered they don’t care for that term. But it’s grown to the point that it’s now impossible to enjoy a PBR tallboy without someone wondering if you’ve misplaced your skinny jeans & frames with no lenses. Nevertheless, there are plenty of bottom shelf beers remaining. One brew is a sure-fire way to draw second glances and allow you to appear unique. I present to you, the new hipster beer. Red Dog. It’s every bit as cheap as PBR, but at 5% alcohol by volume, the Dog easily tops PBR’s paltry 4.6%. The Dog also has six fewer calories per can. Boom. That just happened. Not many places in BismarckMandan serve Red Dog over the counter. Granted, the Dog is not as smooth as say, Busch Light, but it’s absolutely as affordable. Best of all, you don’t have to tell people you were drinking Red Dog before it was cool. 



elbow room Monday - Friday 4:30-6

Monday - Friday 3-6 & 9-CL

Friday - Saturday 7-9

Sat 9-CL Sun Noon-CL

.75 OFF All Liquors

$3.59 Tall Taps & Wells 1/2 Price Select Apps


fieSta villa

Monday - Friday 4-6

Sunday - Thursday 3-6

.50 OFF All Drinks

$6 House Margs $4 Tea/Sangria/Wine $3 Wells

broken oar Monday - Friday 4-6 .50¢ OFF everything


Sunday 6-CL

Paradiso Every Day 4-6:30 & 9-CL $4.50 Margs $1 OFF Tap Beers & Teas

Burnt Creek Monday - Friday 4-6 $1 OFF Booze & Beer

Lonesome Dove Every Day 5-7 $2.75 Dom Beer & Bar Pours

Westside Bar & Grill Monday - Friday 4-6 $1.75 Dom Btls & Wells $2.75 Dom Tall Tap

The Corral Monday - Friday 11-6 $2 Doms/Wells .50 OFF Everything else



Monday - Saturday 5-6:30

Monday - Friday 3-6 & 9-CL

$2 Wells & Doms

$6.45 Dom Pitchers


$3.75 Big DADDYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s $2.75 Pints

Angus Bar & Grill Monday - Saturday 4-6pm

$1.50 OFF Tall Taps $3.75 Wells

o'brians Monday - Thursday 4-6 $2.25 Dom Btls/Taps $2.50 Wells $1 OFF Pitchers


PEACOCK ALLEY Monday - Saturday 5-6 & 9-CL $3 Select Wine, Pints & Liquor $5 Select BAMS, Flights & Martinis $3 / $5 Foodies & Wells

Monday - Friday 5-6pm $1 OFF Btl Beer

Monday - Saturday 5-6:30 $1.75 Doms/Wells


toasted frog Monday-Friday 4-6 $1 OFF Rails/Taps/Wine

BLARNEY STONE Monday - Friday 3pm - 6pm M-F+Sat 9-CL & All Day Sunday $1.00 Off Pints $2.25 Bar Pours $2.00 Off Appetizers





BISMARCK MANDAN YP NETWORK Fall Kick Wednesday October 24th 5:15-7:15P



Social followed by meeting Location: Ramkota Hotel Speaker: Sister Thomas Welder on ”Servant Leadership”

Bring Friends - Refer Friends - Make Connections

Need an internship? Lucky duck. We need an intern. Beneficial areas of study:

Business Admin, Marketing, Graphic Design, Communications

Sweet but-not-required studies:

Suiting Up (Bro Code Philosophy prereq), History of Pencil Skirts 1958 to Present, Bieber Fever & other Quarantine-Worthy Infections

Resume Cover Letter I WANT IN @ BISMANSPOT.COM

It’s important to log off FB now and then. Consider these real-life entertainment options. You might even make real-life friends. Happy face.


The Secret of Being Happy 1x

6:30-8p $29


Simply Wine Vinter’s Cellar 1x

6:30-8:30p $29


Digital Photo Editing 1x


Introduction to SCUBA 1x 6:30-10p $39 at Scuba One with Randy Kraft


Kindle Fire 101: 1x


6-9p $59

6-9pm $35

Ballet for Adults 4x

Wed(s) 7:30-8:30 $45


The Art of Color Placement 3x


Art of the Masque 3x


Medidation 4x


Wed(s) 6:30-8p $49

Tues/Thur 7-9p $59

Thursdays 8-9p $39

Take Control of Your Money Part II 3x Tuesdays 6:30-8:30p $29

Suppose you can log back in now. Check in at Toasted Frog with your new friends. You’re welcome.


It's Bobcat Hockey!



FRI OCT 19 & SAT OCT 20 Puck drops at 7:15pm VFW Arena

ck m r a co m bis ats. bc o b 29

Here at The Spot, if we HAVE to stay in, we appreciate perfectly timed comedic relief.

Girls Night Perfect Pair: Walrus Take Out + Bottle of Moscato.

Perhaps Guys “Lost All My Money at Craps” Night In: Bruno’s Za + Sam Adams Octoberfest. Either way, our fav shows are back and we are ready for the October lineup.

Local Listings All Shows in Central Time KFYR NBC 5 30 Rock

The Office

Parks and Rec

Thursdays @ 7p

Thursdays @ 8p

Thursdays @ 8:30p

KXMB CBS 12 Big Bang Theory

How I Met Your Mother

2 Broke Girls

Thursdays @ 7p

Mondays @ 7p

Mondays @ 8:00p

KBMY ABC 17 Modern Family

Happy Endings


Wed(s) @ 8p

Tuesday @ 8p

Wed(s) @ 7:30p



Bobâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Burgers

The League

Family Guy Thursdays @ 9:30p American Dad! Sundays @ 6pm



Oct. 11-14 & 17-21

Wed - Sat 7:30pm Sun at 2pm

Tix $18 / $15 Students & Seniors

(( Mature Content ))

Ask about “Date Night” and our special dining package option with Peacock Alley Box office Mon.-Fri., 12-1pm & 5-6pm beginning Oct. 1

bucks for bras 2nd annual

OCT. 24 FREE FOOD $10 5P-9P

BORROWED BUCKS ROADHOUSE All proceeds go to American Cancer Society


Reserved tables with Business Name $50 (seating 4)

PINKTOBER October 6 October 11 

October 19-21

October 20       

October 24

Saddle Up Against Cancer                            Trail ride in Wilton, ND Project Pink Cake Decorating event w/Central Market Hunting Dakota with Roosevelt       

3rd Annual This One’s for the Girls Our Place Tavern Bucks for Bras Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse

For details on any event please contact the

Bismarck Cancer Center or visit

The Spot October Issue  

October issue of the Bismarck Mandan entertainment publimag, The Spot

The Spot October Issue  

October issue of the Bismarck Mandan entertainment publimag, The Spot