What is Khula - How Can Perform The Khula Procedure in Pakistan

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What is Khula? If a husband and wife have a dispute, the wife can ask for khula in Pakistan (also called talaq). The Khula Pakistani Law & Khula Pakistan Family Law is Clear and also In Favors of Wife & Females. Now Follow the Khula Procedure in Pakistan & Procedure of Khula in Pakistan with the Help of female Lawyers. This means she wants to get divorced immediately. It's usually not easy for women to get khula in Pakistan but when needed, it may save your marriage.

Islamic Law For Khula: Khula is the dissolution of marriage according to Islamic law. This process can be initiated by either male or female but mostly it's initiated by women in Pakistan. In Pakistan, Khula was introduced under Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961 and also amended in 2002.

Khula is a Divorced? Khula is a divorce in which the wife asks for it. In Islam, there are two types of Khula: The first one is called the Khula'e Sahihah, when the husband and wife agree on getting a divorce without any dispute or legal matter. The second type of Khula'e is known as the Khula'e Mubaraka, this type of divorce occurs when there is some sort of dispute between the husband and wife.

Khula & Divorce in Islam: Khula is the Divorce in Islam. One of the most important rights given to a wife by Islamic law is the right to seek divorce or separation from her husband. Khula grants this right to women and allows them to initiate divorce proceedings if there are no cases of domestic violence, fraud, desertion or imprisonment involved. Khula is a divorce in Islam. Khula is an Arabic term and literally it means 'to make a hole'. In Islamic law, khula has two forms: khul´a mut´ah (the woman can take back her property) and khul´a mu'ajjal (the wife gets nothing).

Islamic Procedure of Khula: Khula is a simple and short Islamic procedure that allows a woman to dissolve her marriage under specific circumstances. Khula is the Arabic word meaning to part or divorce and is used in Islamic law as well as some other legal systems derived from it. A Khula ‘a is a woman who initiates a divorce and releases her husband from his marital obligations towards her. Khula is a dissolution of marriage in which a wife can get divorce from her husband without the consent of her husband. It is also known as "Irrevocable Divorce".