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Bisley News


- The Spire - All Saints Church

April + May 2020



BISLEY W.I. Meetings at Bisley WI Village Hall

APRIL and MAY meetings are

CANCELLED Further information in the next edition.

Bisley Friendship Club

Wednesday 15th April

CANCELLED Wednesday 20th May

OPEN HOUSE Coffee & biscuits 11am – noon

Thursday 2nd April


Thursday 7th May


If you’d like to host a meeting please contact Claire Mobbs 770568  Open house is a good way to meet your neighbours & catch up with village activities

Flicks In The Sticks Bisley WI Village Hall

April & May showings are



We hope to be back in June Watch this space!

Susie Bromley 770232


Further information in the next edition.


Bisley News

Editor: Colin Hassall

editor@bisleynews.co.uk 01452 770335

This magazine is also available at



June + July 2020 edition 9am Fri 15th May

Cover picture: Magnificent Magnolia, Church Hill, Bisley by Lisa Proctor

Printed by MDL Kelex - 01453 791 400 - www.mdlkelex.co.uk 2

Editor’s Notes A Candle of Hope I had a week compiling the Bisley News, full of activities and forthcoming village events, when my focus radically changed to the depressing one of cancelling all our village activities and posting messages of self-preservation to all. It was after this was almost done that the heart-warming message below came in from Judy Howard. Please light a candle if you’re able (but don’t set fire to the curtains!). That way we may all feel a little more comforted knowing that we’re all in this together. Bisley Community Group The Coronavirus has spurred our village into what we’re good at – looking after each other. Thanks to Fiona Scotchmer for organising all the paperwork, to the Parish Council for pulling out their resources and for future offers of coordination for everyone’s needs. A big thank you to Tom & Lucie at the George Stores who really are much more than our local shop; they’re our action-hub too!

Monthly What’s On Dan Collins as keeper of our village website www.bisleyvillage.com has come up with a simple and effective idea of keeping us all abreast of what is happening in the village. It’s currently full of cancellations, just like this magazine, but Dan will update you once a month if you subscribe to his news letter by sending your email address to bisleyvillage@yahoo.com Things you CAN do The garden calls, and there is Allotment space for keen gardeners – see P.10. So, get out there in the fine spells and have some fresh air & exercise. Sue Bradley suggests that if you’re splitting perennials or taking cuttings, save some for the Church Fete to sell in August. The Flower Show Schedule 2020 will soon be available on-line so keep checking www.bisleyflowershow.co.uk and be ready for Show Day – Saturday 29th August.

Parish Council News Postponement of Elections Because of the Coronavirus situation the local elections on 7th May have been postponed until next year so the composition of the Parish Council will remain the same for the time being. Annual Parish Meeting The Bisley with Lypiatt Parish Council Annual Parish Meeting was planned for Wednesday 1st April - 7.00pm - Bisley Village Hall. It is likely to be cancelled (awaiting official confirmation as this is a statutory requirement) Reports of what the Wards have done in the past year and plans for the coming year will be available on the Bisley-with-Lypiatt Parish Council website in April.


BisleyEastcombeOakridge2030 The Neighbourhood Development Plan committee has used the ideas contributed by everyone who attended the public meetings last September to create a survey that will be going to every household when circumstances permit. Traffic-Calming The Community Speedwatch Group was out again checking speeds in February and providing numbers to the police to follow up with drivers breaking the law. We plan to buy our own equipment, using some of the money donated by the film company last year. This will give us more flexibility than using police equipment. If you would like to get involved, please contact parish councilor Martin Brown, and please drive safely through our villages! Coronavirus Please see the Bisley Coronavirus Community Group on the opposite page and do all you can to join the effort to work together.

Open Gardens June 7th 2020 Bisley residents will once again be opening their gardens to the public on Sunday 7th June 2pm – 6pm. Prices are £5 per person to visit all the gardens or you can pay £1 to visit an individual garden. Children under the age of 14 are free. Car Parking will be signposted on the day. There will be teas and plants for sale at the Village.Hall. If anyone would like to donate a cake or their time to help with the provision of teas, please contact Fiona Scotchmer 01452 770575 – All help greatly received.

Bisley Coronavirus Community Group – here to help!

If you are self-isolating, due to COVID-19 we are here to help you. For example :

Picking up shopping Posting mail A friendly phone call Urgent supplies Prescription drop off

Please contact any of the Parish Councillors in Bisley Ward to arrange a volunteer to help you: Martin Brown 01452 770878 - martinandrewbrown59@gmail.com Lesley Greene 01452 770018 - lesleygreene2@googlemail.com Dave Partridge - 01452 770986 - dpart59@googlemail.com Hazel Saunders - 01452 770606 - hazelsaunders65@icloud.com If you would like to volunteer your help, please get in touch with Lucie at The George Stores 01452 771 203 or any of the parish councillors.

“In it together : Bisley Community”

Following a meeting it has been agreed that a small number of people in the village will form a group to help anyone who is affected by or thinks they have been infected with Coronavirus. Included in your copy of the Bisley News is a card giving you details of key people you can telephone if you need help, whether that is shopping, collecting medication, the provision of food or just a chat. Limiting social interaction is a vital element of staying safe. It has been agreed that Frithwood Surgery will deliver all medication to the village shop if requested and it will be distributed to you by our team of volunteers. The key components of the virus are a persistent dry cough, aches and pains and a fever. If you are displaying any of these symptoms, then drink plenty of clear liquid as it is very important to stay hydrated and take paracetamol. Also gargle with salt water or mouthwash as the bacteria starts in the throat. If you experience breathing difficulties, then please phone 111 for advice. If you have been away and flown home it is advised that you self-isolate for 7 days and if you experience any of the above symptoms self-isolate for 14 days and if you have other people in the house the same applies for them. Self-isolation does not mean that you have to stay indoors it just means that you have to keep a distance from other people so you can go outside for a walk or chat to your neighbour over the fence but stay 6 feet away from them and do not have any physical contact with them. Also keep you house ventilated by opening windows. Luci and Tom in the shop will be keeping a list of people who might wish to volunteer in some way, so if this is you please let them know next time you are in the shop. Please remember that you are not alone and as a village we will all work together to get through this.

Bisley Village monthly ‘what’s on’ Dear Bisleyite Since I took over the running of the village website www.bisleyvillage.com one or two people have asked if it would be possible to send out a monthly email with details of what's going on in the village etc. In future, I'm going to try to send them out in the final week of the month (looking forward to the following month), but this - the first - is obviously slightly late. It's also rather sparse - there's a lot more going on than this - but it's a start. If you know people in the village who i) would like to sign up to receive future emails or ii) would like me to mention events then please forward this email to them and ask them to email me at this address to be added to future mailings. Bisley Village bisleyvillage@yahoo.com If any of the details herein are incorrect, please let me know and I will send out corrections. I will be happy to send out any other irregular emails as requested (irregular in timing, not content!). Finally, if you have anything you would like to add to the website please contact me at the bisleyvillage email address. Thanks and best wishes, Dan Collins

Children’s Society A huge THANK YOU to the Bluecoat School for their Christingle collection, and to the faithful village box holders for a magnificent £339.51 which has been banked for the work of the Children’s Society. Adding up and bagging heaps of 2p and 5p pieces all counts! And the 20p, 50p, and £1 and £2 pieces are the icing on the cake. Our next fund-raising tea party will be in the garden - hope the sun is shining - on Saturday 18th July at Paulmead, from 3pm - 5pm. this is open to anyone in the village. Do come.

Bisley Blue Coat School Bisley Eco Club

Dear parents, carers and the community of Bisley, We are going to make a plastic bottle greenhouse and we would much appreciate if you would bring as many 2 litre plastic bottles in to Bisley Blue Coat School as possible. Please may you bring in the required 2 litre bottles only. Thank you for your support. Regards, Eco Club (Thomas, Alex, Jim, Harry, Harry, Reave, Oliver, Isla, Matilda and Ellie)

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) CANCELLATIONS Bisley Flower Show Committee regret to announce the CANCELLATION of the CALL MY WINE BLUFF event on 3rd April Tickets already purchased will be refunded at the George Stores



The V E Day event committee has taken the decision to cancel the V E Day Family Picnic event in Bisley on 8th May, due to the current health concerns regarding the coronavirus covid-19 and in-line with national guidance, advice and information given by health experts. We would like to thank all who offered to help.

Bis'Up Festival 2020 Saturday 23rd May – Postponed (See P.41) The Hooley Giffords Circus 2020 show. Following new guidance issued by the Government and out of concern for the health and wellbeing of the Giffords Circus Company, their families and you our audience we have today paused rehearsals. The Hooley was due to open on the 9th April in the Cotswolds but opening will now be delayed whilst we continue to monitor and assess the situation. Please rest assured if you have bought tickets for any of the first few grounds your tickets will be valid for future shows.

Bisley Panto 2020 – The Pied Piper With a pantomime as good as The Pied Piper it is difficult to know where the praise should start; the colourful and witty scenery (by local artists Jilly Cobbe and Ollie Miles) that suggested that Hamelin existed in a parallel universe that looked a lot like Bisley was a treat in itself, as were the imaginative rat pictures, designed by Bluecoat pupils, that decorated the walls.

Black-clad youngsters welcomed us with huge smiles and lots of confidence and what a fantastic group the younger cast members were, initially as a platoon of rats, then transformed into the stolen children (now teenagers) trying to escape from the mountain. William Roberts and Jago Painter were outstanding as minidames telling corny jokes, as were Daisy Roberts as the mini-Mayor announcing she could solve pothole problems (huge cheer); Imogen Morris excelled as the platoon’s increasingly frustrated Captain; Chloe Mills was superb as the energetic lead dancer; Mia Gal blossomed as an inept rat and a competent ‘straight man’ selflessly feeding lines for others to take the laugh; and Evie-May Fudge demonstrated perfect diction and a keen sense of comic timing. Ruby Wilkes-Pace convincingly edited a newspaper article to remove false news and Scarlett Cooper was delightful as puppy that wants to grow up to be a magic dog, a Labracadabrador. They showed not just acting ability but also performed two complicated routines that justifiably brought the house down. The ‘senior players’ were in top form too: the partnership of Colin Hassall (resplendent in red braces and matching shoes and with a good helping of Bad Fairy nastiness) and Chris Roberts (an easilyswayed Pied Piper with a magic flute that lit up when in use) were in good voice. The termagant of a Queen, beautifully observed by Lindsay Driver-Dickerson, and her Elvis look-alike husband, an under-stated Luke Martin who was always on the look-out for a way to make a quick buck, were comedy gold.

The good folk of Hamelin (Susan Balfour, Rosie Crockford, Susan Murray, Nigel Rogers, Charlie Trinder, Stephen Trinder and Verity Trinder) had the audience groaning much of the time with their dreadful jokes, then clapping along with a riotous version of ‘Feeling Hot Hot Hot’, but they also gave us a touching rendition of ‘A Winter’s Tale’, complete with photos of their missing children. It was one of two tender moments in the evening, the other being when Princess Aurora (prettily played by Debs Edmonds) didn’t follow the beguiling music but stayed with her injured friend, Tom, handsomelyplayed by Diana Chapman, especially when the former street urchin achieved millionaire status. The final plaudits deservedly go to the eminently-watchable comedy trio of Tracy Brown as a homeless dog that no-one understands, and the inspired teamwork of Luca Chapman and Keith Dickenson as they brought the Good Fairies to life with jollity and not-so-subtle humour whether debating wing-size or pizza-related mathematics. The transformation of the stray into a gorgeous, hip-thrusting temptress was unexpected and rounded off a first-class story by writer-director Susan Vesey. The performance was enhanced by creative costumes (Christine Bulcock), imaginative props (Julie Willband), towering wigs (Margaret Cooke), atmospheric lighting (Melissa Sapsed), great tunes (Allan Sapsed on Sound), lots of raffle prizes and quality wine from the bar. Well done to everyone who took part, whether on or off-stage and, from overheard comments, many felt that The Pied Piper is Bisley’s best pantomime yet. MW

CHESTERGATE ALLOTMENTS Being out in the open air, on your own allotment plot, and growing your own organic food full of those important micro-nutrients, is one sure way of keeping positive and staying well in these strange times. The National Allotment Society theme this year is Growing Food for Health and Wellbeing, showing the many benefits of growing, cooking and eating your own fruit and vegetables, see more at https://www.nsalg.org.uk And it is also the NAS’s 90th birthday this year. If anyone has an old photograph or memories of the allotments from way back please could you let me know and, with permission, I will send it to the NAS who are doing an 90th Anniversary Edition of the magazine in the summer.

Ruby Chard

Easy Early Spring Green

Rent an Allotment

It’s not too late to rent a plot from the Parish Council and “grow your own”. Allotment plots are £15 per plot p.a. (whatever size). Contact Allotment Warden, Lesley Greene 01452 770 018 or email – lesleygreene2@googlemail.com



Bisley Community Compost Scheme BCCS remains open during the coronavirus alert – please follow our guidelines. Fifteen years on we continue to transform members’ green materials into “black gold” to be re-used locally – a virtuous circle. Unsieved compost makes great mulch – important to bring life back into the soil -& is available to anyone free – bring your own bags and dig it out. BCCS provides composting advice and group/schools workshops on composting. Two directors also work with the Master Composters scheme https://www.gardenorganic.org.uk/gloucestershire-master-composters Workshops are increasingly in demand now as more research demonstrates the importance of how compost builds humus in our soils combatting climate change and producing crops that are full of micro-nutrients - life. Annual memberships renewals are coming up. Note: our website is in transition but the latest news and when we will have our sieved and bagged compost ready will be up soon: https://www.bisleycommunitycompostscheme.org.uk/news.html

Bisley Community Orchard Springtime blossoms are appearing in the community fruit trees and along the edible hedgerow, attracting bees, other insects and birds…and, hopefully there will be many orchids again as the field is slowly allowed to become more like a wild meadow…. Thank you to all who help prune, weed, mulch the trees, and look out for the orchids. If you enjoy and benefit from this space, please join a session - to keep the community orchard and its wildlife beautiful. The work is gentle and contemplative. Contact Lesley for dates of sessions Phone 01452770018 or email lesleygreene2@googlemail.com

Sheepscombe Cricket Club Sheepscombe cricket club are running two 8-week cricket programmes this summer: All Stars and Dynamos cricket, aimed at 5-8 and 8-11 year-old children respectively. This is for boys and girls for 8 Sundays starting on May 17th 2020 and is a nationwide program launched by the England Cricket board. Sign up is available now - through the clubspark website - and is already filling up. Please do sign up as soon as possible in order to not miss out. The easiest way to get to the right place is by searching online for 'clubspark cricket sheepscombe 2020' and following the top result. For youth cricket above the age of 11, Sheepscombe runs coaching every Sunday from May 3rd 2020 until August 30th 2020. Junior club membership for these 18 sessions is £100 for the 90-minute sessions (£20 discount for a second child from the same family). If you have a child/children who would like to take part, please come along on May 3rd or email Elisabeth Skinner e.m.skinner@btinternet.com for more details. Please note that children that are 11 and below can also join these sessions when All Stars and Dynamos is not running. Iain Collins and William Leschallas, Chairmen, Sheepscombe Cricket Club

Bisley Village Tennis Tournament Sunday June 14th at 2.30pm I will be pleased to receive entries to another Village tennis tournament. This event will be an American style doubles occasion (mixed doubles if possible). It will take place on four different courts in the village, with the semi-finals and one final on the Phillip’s court at Jaynes Court. I am hoping for 16 pairs of players. Your playing ability is not that important. If you cannot find a partner I will try to provide one. There will be an entry fee of £4 per pair payable to me on the day to cover the cost of balls and drinks. There is now an engraved cup to be won. Please send an email giving your details including your phone number to: philip.g.howard78@gmail.com Tel No: 01452 770776

Bisley 5K, 10K & Spire Sprint 2020 The Annual Bisley Running Event organised by Simon Barnes, Running Coach & Events Director of Iamoutdoors Running (ARC Registered Club), has been put back until the Autumn. The three runs of 5 kms, 10kms and the youngsters Spire Sprint will now take place on


Please remember that you can only book online in advance; no entries will be taken on the day. See the iamoutdoors.co.uk web address below. https://iamoutdoors.co.uk/events/cotswold-towns-village-running/bisley-10k/

ONGAS on DIY SOS Local man, Dylan Jones, who runs ONGAS, a Domestic & Commercial Gas Services company, offered his services to the DIY SOS team when they undertook a house transformation in Charlton Kings. The Chapman family, whose members have various health issues, including myotonic dystrophy and fibromyalgia, had their home adapted to make their living easier. Dylan, who joined Nick Knowles and his team to lend a hand, gave us a flavour of what it's been like. "We did it !" he said. "It’s been amazing, and one of the hardest builds they have done, because of the weather. The storms were the worst in ten years and affected all the ground works, driveway and the garden”. The work on the house will be revealed only when the show is broadcast on BBC One. Here’s Dylan with the DIY SOS team.

The Spire – All Saints’ Church Greta Thunberg has been telling us that “the world is burning” due to Climate change and we agree and then go and book our skiing trip to Italy and our summer holidays for a fly-cruise, maybe buy an ecowashing up liquid or go on a little demo., but in general carry on as normal. Coronavirus, which for the majority of the population results in only mild illness, creates whole scale cancellation of flights (good from a green perspective),the final collapse of one airline (at the time of writing, not so good for those working for them) and the disappearance of toilet paper, paracetamol and hand sanitiser from our shops. (really) Which one of the two are we taking seriously? Between now and when this gets published the virus sweeping our country and world will likely have become much worse. It may be affecting you or your extended family directly. We have to take it seriously. We have to take care of our health. But our reaction to the virus, especially some of the panic buying, seems to be saying something rather unpleasant about our national character. That we are more concerned about protecting our selves by, for example buying ridiculous amounts of hand sanitisers (honestly soap and hot water is just as good) and pasta and canned goods, then caring for those who cannot get out to the shops as easily. The vulnerable. And reacting more to the immediate crisis then the threat to the climate for future generations. When this virus crisis is over – and it will end, and we look back at our reactions to it, will we be happy with them? Or will we wish that we had done more for our elderly or immune suppressed neighbour, not bought quite so much store cupboard goods, thought of others and their needs rather than just our own. Shared the worlds goods rather than kept them to ourselves. And will we then look to react to the environmental crisis with the same, but less panicked, commitment? Jesus came to give life in abundance, life in all its fullness. He did this by self-giving, by putting others before himself, by sacrifice. He also said – love your neighbour as you love yourself. Maybe the short lived crisis of virus standing alongside the greater threat of climate change should make us stop and think -who is my neighbour, and how can I love them as I love myself. What changes do I need to make about how I live my life, that others might simply live. Continued overleaf…

May God bless you and as Easter arrives may you be filled with the love of God and his Son – the risen Jesus Christ.

Rev’d Sue Murray All Saints’ Pastoral Visiting Team Anyone in and around the village who would appreciate a friendly visitor, for whatever reason, is eligible. If you are interested for yourself or perhaps a family member or neighbour, just get in touch with John Cowen (770170) or Kim Trinder (770675) CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19) In a constantly changing situation and wishing to keep healthy, the current advice is to suspend the use of the common cup(chalice) and offer communion in one kind only. Not to make physical contact in sharing the peace or when offering blessings. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

SERVICES AT ALL SAINTS’ CHURCH, BISLEY Following the advice of the Archbishops of Canterbury, York and of course our own Bishop Rachel, all public acts of worship have been suspended. The church will remain open for private prayer and materials to use will be available in due course, both in church and online at www.Bisleybenefice.org.uk and our Facebook page Bisley Benefice and friends


Bellringing News – Ian Bucknell Ringing has continued through the winter months with an upturn in attendance at our weekly Thursday evening practices. What is even more pleasing is that we have consistently rung all 8 bells for Sunday morning services too. Our standard of ringing is steadily improving and we have welcomed some visitors to our practices. At the time of writing we plan to continue ringing as normal as does every other ringer across the country. However, the Coronavirus is increasingly a topic of conversation within Ringing circles especially as many ringers are in the "most at risk" demographic. So far the advice we have been given is to wash our hands properly after we have finished ringing but this is already standard practice bearing in mind the state of the average bell rope (sweat, burst blisters, blood from opened old wounds, dust and other wonderful things gather on decades old bell ropes). There is talk that maybe schools and gyms and other public places may have to be closed and people may have to sit 1 meter apart in pubs and restaurants. Even Weddings and Funerals may have to be postponed. Should it be decided that, across a geographic area, gathering together in confined spaces such as Ringing Chambers for extended periods of physical exertion should be discontinued, then this will be the first time since World War 2 that Church Towers would have fallen silent by Public Decree. During WW2 the ringing of Church Bells was discontinued as the result of The Control of Noise (Defence) Order, 1940. This Order basically said that Church Bells should only be rung as an indication that enemy forces had landed or attempted to land from the air. Church Bells of Britain then fell silent until 11/11/1942 when Winston Churchill made a speech in the House of Commons calling for Church Bells to be rung in thanksgiving for victory at the Battle of El Alamein. Afterwards the bells fell silent again except for Christmas Day 1942 before a new Order was made allowing bell ringing for Sunday Services only, beginning on Easter Sunday 1943. We hope to tell you more about bell ringing in WW2 as part of the Bisley VE Day Celebrations. In the meantime, let's hope that the Coronavirus does not cause undue disruption and that none of our community fall victim to it.

In this time of national and international crisis may God bless you and may you be assured of his love.

Photograph Š Rev’d Sue Murray

Bisley Fete – Keep Calm and Carry On! We’re living in uncertain times, but here at Bisley Fete HQ we’ve adopted a ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ approach to the 2020 summer extravaganza on Saturday August 29th . This year we have an extra-special request and that’s for help to grow lots of lovely August-flowering plants for our fete plant stall. With so much doom and gloom around, we think people will welcome the chance to spruce up their summer gardens with some lovely blooms. If you’re busy splitting some of your perennials or taking cuttings, or you spot some self-seeded flowers such as hellebores in your garden, do pop any bits that you don’t want into a pot of compost and save it for the fete. If possible, take a photograph of the plant when it’s in flower so that plant stall customers can see what they can look forward to. In addition, we have lots of seeds for people to sow over the coming weeks. If you’re passing All Saints’ Church, do have a look at the free packets laid out on the table and take any you fancy bringing on. We’ll only need about five or so pots of plants from each seed packet, so plant any extras in your own garden or share with friends and neighbours. If you’re short of pots, give Sue Bradley a ring. The Grand Raffle: the raffle is a big fundraiser for Bisley Flower Show and Fete and we’d be delighted to hear from anybody able to offer ‘a prize that money can’t buy’ to add to our list of lovely things for people to win. Finally, do get in touch if you can spare an hour (or even two) to help during the fete. Bisley’s fete has been taking place for so many years that nobody knows when it actually started! It’s a lovely day that brings people from all over the UK into our beautiful village, and it’s an important source of funding for the upkeep of All Saints’ Church, a building that most of us visit at some time in the year even if we’re not regular worshippers. For all fete queries please call Sue Bradley on 01452 770337 or email susanbradley398@btinternet.com .

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Minchinhampton Church – Phase 2

We have just started work on Phase 2 at Holy Trinity Church, Minchinhampton. The work involves replacing the existing 1980s wooden doors at the main entrance to the church, with a pair of electricallyoperated, sliding glass doors, replacing a flat roof in the entrance foyer with a new roof which incorporates a dodecagonal (12 sided) roof lantern which aims to bring lots of light into the entrance lobby. Several other minor amendments are also included within the space to enhance the experience of worshipers and visitors. The photo above shows a similar dodecagonal roof light on a different project, but you can get the idea? The illustration here shows the intended approach elevation once the alterations have been completed. Although we usually have at least one church job running at any given time, projects are not always so grand and the bulk of our workload involves the alteration, conservation and repair of traditional domestic vernacular buildings; many are listed, but not exclusively so. We are always looking ahead for future projects so if you feel we can be of help please contact us.



MOT - Service - Repairs

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Murco Petrol Station and Shop on the Cheltenham road 1/2m outside Bisley.

Local produce, organic meats, ethical gifts Autogas and Calor gas, fire and stove fuels CALL US on 01452 770272 or call in to reception

Bingo thanks! Our Bingo fundraiser held on 8th February was a huge success. We raised almost £1000 in total, which is incredible, and all thanks to the wonderful support we received from Bisley friends and families. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making it a fantastic evening, and to those who supported us so generously. During the past couple of months, the children have explored yoga and smelling herbs for mindfulness. They have enjoyed exploring numbers using number caterpillars. We also used water paints to create marks on ice. We celebrated World Book Day by asking the children to bring in their favourite books from home. Also, the children have explored making sound, so as a follow on we are going to make our own instruments (rice shakers). Sadly we said goodbye to our Playgroup Leader of the past 5 years, Vicky Davis, in March. We are so grateful for the love, care and devotion she has give to many Bisley children. We wish her all the very best for her new role. I have written about the fact that our Preschool is facing closure because of the low numbers of children attending. Despite wonderful fundraising efforts that have given us greater financial stability for the immediate future, it remains the case that Preschool may have to close. We are seeking advice from the Governors of Bisley Blue Coat and Oakridge Parochial Schools, the Local Authority, and prospective families and staff to try and find a solution which will allow us to remain open next year.

Panto 2021 (Yes, that’s next year’s panto!) Being the ‘hand on the tiller’ of the panto is great fun and, having done it nine times, I can thoroughly recommend it. Bisley Amateur Theatrical Society (BATS) plan to break exciting new ground with Panto 2021 with a Double Bill Evening: one 35-minute panto by the Under 16s to build on the fantastic entertainment they gave us this year, and one hour-long panto for the more senior players. This means BATS are looking for two directors. Anyone out there who would like to find out more? The commitment is for Monday evening rehearsals from end of November and a few briefing meetings: everything else (costumes, props, chaperones, scenery, admin) will be covered by the creative team so the director’s job will be to facilitate translating the script from the page to the stage. Please contact bisleypiedpiper@gmail if you would like further information or to meet up and have a natter about it.

Bis'Up Festival 2020 A one day, not for profit, music festival organised by local people: Bisley’s 2nd Music Festival takes place on

Saturday, 23rd May 2020

FESTIVAL POSTPONED It is with deep regret that the festival team has taken the decision to postpone this year’s Bis’Up Festival 2020, in response to the worst public health crisis in a generation. The safety of our Festival-goers, artists, staff, volunteers, partners and the wider community is our priority, in relation to COVID-19. After months of intense planning we never could have imagined this event not taking place. A situation out-with our control has occurred, this worldwide pandemic is something that our generation has never seen before and hopefully we never see again. This pandemic is something affecting the welfare and health of all our loved ones and everyone we know, we need to be responsible and act accordingly during this difficult time. All tickets that have been purchased for Bis’Up 2020 are automatically transferred to the new 2021 date. We ask for support and patience as we navigate our way through these unprecedented times. If you have any queries of questions in regards to this please email us at bisup@outlook.com We send our love and support to all of you.

District Council News I believed this to be my last submission ahead of this year’s district elections. Instead, it appears the district elections have been postponed and I have had to recall my submission and adjust accordingly. Inadequate drainage I have been working with our Chief Executive to see if there is any additional support we can offer to a particular area in the ward that is susceptible to flooding. To date, road sweeping debris (which is only preventing the situation from worsening) is one of the few areas of support the district has jurisdiction to manage. Between the parish, county and district, we have been pushing the highways manager to ensure enough budget is allocated (come April) to allow a long-term solution to be implemented. Road debris The topic of road debris (plastic bumpers, mirrors, glass etc) has been brought up several times. For background, the County Council have told us that it is a district responsibility to clean up after the scene of an accident. I share the common opinion that the collection agency and insurers should manage the clean-up and pay for it. I have had a conversation with the community services manager and left him the task of investigating the present end-end process to effectively manage the collections. These objects become hidden in long grass and end up being broken down come hedge cutting season by the verge cutting gangs. Burning rubbish You may recall that I attended a presentation from our public spaces team on how they are managing / controlling people burning contaminates (plastic, tyres and waste etc.). Further to that, below is local story you may have seen in the SN&J. A resident in our ward, whom I know to be in the building trade, was reported for burning waste. The council conducted a site visit and told him not burn waste and that a follow-up inspection would be conducted the day after. On the councils return, the fire was re-ignited and continuing to burn the waste. The resident fought the fine and took the matter to court. Stroud District Council won; the resident was fined £7,000 for the breach. Ash Trees At a recent meeting we were told that SDC, as a landowner of several woodland areas, is undertaking a series of inspections of their trees to ensure they remain safe for the public. I used this as an opportunity to continue the discussion we had at a parish council meeting. I enquired whether they were supporting the Forestry Commission in providing any ash tree DNA, which I’m told they will be. The DNA sought is from trees who have naturally become resistant to ash die back. We were also ensured that some of the fallen timber was left to provide habitats.

Road safety, trespassing and illegal activities. Two officers from the local constabulary came over to my house on Saturday to discuss a number of concerns we have in the ward. You may have seen that a proactive approach from the local police force(s), resulted in 2 bikes being confiscated last month. The officer also talked me through their approach to the environment (allowing for their heavy reliance on cars); tools / machinery at their disposal in the pursuit of criminals; and present plans for to manage rural crime. We have come up with some proactive ways to police our ward utilising local knowledge and new gadgets. Signage for deliveries The lack of adequate house signage has become a growing problem as we have more reliance on deliveries. I was out in the community meeting with some residents who are not only failing to receive normal deliveries, but important health related packages as well. An ex parish councillor and I successfully managed to install some additional signage over in Eastcombe several years ago, my hope is that I can receive some support from our county councillor to do this again. VE celebrations At the time of writing, I have just got off the phone with the Strategic Director of Resources discussing potential funding that would be available for VE day celebrations after being told the Parish are not be able to offer any support. Whilst there are district authorities doing this, SDC are not currently looking to sponsor any VE day events across the district and I was surprised to hear I was the only district councillor to ask the question. Perseverance may win in the end; the officer is going to come back to me to advise whether funds can be sourced from a projected underspend in another budget. Walking of our furry companions A short while ago a resident brought to my attention that they saw two white terriers chasing sheep around and that I should ask people keep an eye out- especially as we are in Lambing season. Having spoken to the dog warden and police, any sign of this activity can be reported as a criminal offence. If anyone sees this activity, please report it. There does not have to be evisceration for harm to be caused. Defibrillator Theft I was alerted to the disgusting news that there is a rise in the theft of defibrillators. Mrs Sue Williams, my mother, has been helping ensure that the defibrillators are fully operational by testing them regularly. Whilst we both are keeping an eye on them, I would kindly ask everyone to check that the equipment is still in place as you go about your business. As always, please feel free to get in touch with me on the below: Timothy.er.williams@outlook.com Mob: 07920754700 Send / deliver a letter to Ebley Mill SDC offices Write me a letter – Stancombe Ash Farm, Bisley. GL6 7NQ.

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BIsley News April + May 2020  

The community magazine for Bisley, Gloucestershire and its surrounding hamlets

BIsley News April + May 2020  

The community magazine for Bisley, Gloucestershire and its surrounding hamlets