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October + November 2018

FREE to every house in Bisley, Gloucestershire Please recycle our village magazine by returning it to: The George Stores, Holbrook Garage or Stancombe Beech Farm Shop so that someone else may read it. Thank you.

BISLEY W.I. Admission £3.00 Meetings start at 7.30pm at the Bisley WI Village Hall Thursday 11th October Being a Magistrate Celia Hargreave

Thursday 8th November AGM & Fun evening

Visitors Welcome

OPEN HOUSE Coffee & biscuits 11am – noon

Thursday 4th October Stella Mulligan Derryard’s Farm, Calfway

Thursday 1st November Ann Eaton 16, Bearsfield If you’d like to host a meeting please contact Claire Mobbs 770568 Open house is a good way to meet your neighbours & catch up

Bisley Friendship Club

Flicks In The Sticks

Wednesday 17th October

Bisley WI Village Hall

Margaret Perkins "Get stuffed for Christmas"!

Wednesday 21st November Entertainment T.B.A.

Guests & newcomers very welcome The

Bisley News

7.30 for 8pm

Tuesday 9th October “Finding your feet ”

the feel-good film of the year with Imelda Staunton and a stellar cast

Tuesday 13th November “The Happy Prince ” Rupert Everett as the troubled Oscar Wilde

2pm, Saturday 20th October an extra for children

“The Greatest Showman”. 4

Everyone Welcome

Editor: Colin Hassall


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Dec.18 + Jan.19 edition 9am Thursday 15th Nov. 01452 770335

Cover - Rev Sue Murray with Flower Queen Imogen Morris and attendants Erin Gal, Tilly Thomas and Isabella Polkinghorne

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Editor’s Notes Fete & Flower Show The sun shone upon Bisley once again as the backdrop to another successful weekend. Well done to all those folk who put many hours of work into bringing it all to fruition, both in front and behind the scenes. As a fundraising success for our precious church it did very well, so THANK YOU Bisley once again. Village Hall land Following the meeting where Bisley residents were able to voice their concerns and objections about the sale of the strip of land, the Trustees have met to re-consider. By a unanimous decision they have decided not to sell and to explore the options for renovation the land. BEAR INN – phone number 265 In the last edition a ‘typo’ crept into

the Bear Inn advert! The phone number should be 770265. SAUTURDAY CHILDREN’S FILM There will be an extra showing of Flicks-in-the-Sticks in the Village Hall at 2pm on 20th October of “The Greatest Showman”. Bluecoat School - FIREWORKS This fabulous fundraiser evening takes place on the Sports Field, organised by the PTA. From 5.30pm Saturday 3rd November. Enjoy! BIG BREAKFAST is back We must be heading towards winter! Come and warm-up with a good old healthy fry-up from 9.30am Saturday 10th November in the Village Hall. 100-year Remembrance of WWI A Remembrance Service will take place in All saints Church on Sunday 11th November at 10.45am.

Parish Council News & Views REVIEW OF our VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT (VDS): Many of you know we have been having discussions with various village groups over the summer including the Bisley WI, residents of Calfway Lane, Bisley based staff at the Green Shop to name but a few, plus Martin took a survey to the Fete and 23 residents participated. Feedback (perhaps not unexpectedly) is strongly of the view that speeding traffic through the village is a major concern, that the community could benefit from a few (a small number) of new houses that are themselves quite small to suit young families. The landscape and environment, and above all the Bisley community is very important to most of us – we wish to maintain our rural and community heritage. When we have trawled through everything we will publish detailed results in the next Bisley News. And if you feel you’d like to bring together a few local residents in your street or community group let us know, and we will gladly help a discussion. BUT why are we doing this? For Bisley to have some realistic input into the Planning process our 2010 VDS (we have been told) is not only out of date but does not reflect recent changes in policy at both a national and local level. In effect it is no longer ‘fit for purpose’. Hence getting your views to inform both policy makers as well as the process. All responses, views and thoughts, will be taken forward into a formal process that we anticipate will happen late autumn in line with the District Council’s own review of the Local Plan. The Pavilion: Progress has been made refurbishing the Pavilion. A new boiler and system have at last been installed, and the showers upgraded. Refurbishment will continue throughout the winter. Your Parish Councillors for Bisley Ward: Martin Brown Parlour Farm House, Stroud Road, Bisley GL6 7BH 01452 770878 Finance, Assist Planning Lesley Greene Catswood Cottage, Stancombe,GL6 7NG Planning, Allotments, 01452 770018 Tree Warden Dave Partridge Springfields, Cheltenham Road, Bisley GL6 7BJ Snow Warden 01452 770986, 07736 153642, Police Liaison Hazel Saunders 56 Windy Ridge, Bisley GL6 7DA Ward Chairman, 01452 770 606 Play areas, Highways and Footpaths, Sports Pavilion

For information on the Parish Council and dates of meetings etc see

Bisley WI Village Hall Trustees Wednesday 22nd August saw around 90 people gathered in the WI Village Hall to hear Jeffrey Taylor, Chairman of Trustees, out line the circumstances which led to the proposal to sell a small strip of Hall land. A full and frank discussion with those present took place which included a variety of concerns and objections to the sale of the land. A record was made of those concerns and objections to be taken back to a further meeting of the Trustees. It was also agreed that to make the governance of the Village Hall more transparent future minutes of the Trustees’ meetings should be made available to the village. The Secretary agreed to explore the possibility of utilizing the Bisley Village Website once the current reconstruction of it is complete. During the meeting it became evident that there were offers from the village to cover the cost of reparations to the strip of land; offers which would need further investigation. Following the meeting the Trustees met once again and have now made the following announcement to the Bisley News;

“A meeting of the Bisley WI Village Hall Trustees took place on Wednesday 12th September to discuss the proposed sale of land at the Hall. After taking into consideration all of the villagers’ concerns and objections, by unanimous decision this sale will not be proceeding. The Committee have decided to bring the strip of land back into use and once the remedial works have been completed will then consider how best to use the land – ie. Planting etc. Should you have any ideas or wishes please do not hesitate to let us know – you can e-mail your ideas to the Secretary, Fiona Scotchmer at” The WI Village Hall Trustees Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 21st November 2018 at 7.30pm and we would welcome as many of you as possible to come and hear what we have achieved over the past year and our ideas for the future.

Litter Pick

Volunteers needed please to help keep our village tidy. The next litter pick will take place on Saturday 27th October. Meet at 9.30am at the WIVH where Hi-Viz jackets, pickers and bags will be provided. Further information from Brian & Anne Ruther on 770510

Bisley Bluecoat School It is with great pleasure that I write this section about Bisley Blue Coat School. My name is David Williams and I am the Interim Headteacher for the school. I look forward to working in the school and the wider community over the coming year. In the short time that I have been here I have been amazed at the creative and dynamic atmosphere across the school. The sense of community and togetherness across all the staff and children is very powerful. Let me introduce some of the staff that work here: My name is Mr Wright and I teach class 1; Reception, Year 1 and 2. I work with Mrs Gibbs who is our amazing classroom assistant. We have a small and cosy class of 18 children who are very lively and imaginative. Our first topic is The Dragon Machine, with a focus on The Great Fire of London as our History topic. Children will encounter dragons, fire, melting and heating. They will look at the diary entries of Samuel Pepys and learn about the Plague! Reception children will be encouraged to join in but can explore their own interests as well and are welcome to bring in items related to their own interests for our science and STEM based learning. This year, we will be asking children to work with their parents to make a Memory Box to share some of their favourite things. We are going to Forest School every week from the beginning of October where we learn about the great outdoors and cook on a fire. We are also looking at the behaviour of fairy tale characters in our P4C sessions. I teach class 2 and my name is Mr Hall. The class is made up of our wonderful Year 3 and Year 4 children. Our amazing class team is made up of myself and Mrs Batten, with Mrs Butcher providing PPA cover on Tuesdays. Our first topic is all about the Romans, which the children have named, 'Snuff Out The Lights Whilst The Empire Fights' - a very exciting and memorable name! We will be looking in to all aspects of Roman life: their battles and the invasion of Britain; their leisure activities, such as bathing and gladiator contests; how and where they lived and many more concepts. The children will use their knowledge of Roman numerals to solve problems, will write newspaper reports about the invasion of Britain and diary entries about surviving the eruption at Pompeii. We are all looking forward to discovering new things and sharing our knowledge with one-another this term. Class 3 is the class that I teach, I am Miss Edwards, it is made up of the children in years five and six. There are several other adults that also work in the classroom: Mrs Batten, who teaches PE, Mrs Butcher, who teaches RE, and Mrs Greenway, Mrs Morley and Mrs Whalley who all support the children fantastically with their learning. This term, we will be studying The Romans in our topic lessons. The topic has been named by the children and they conjured up the title: SNUFF OUT THE LIGHTS, WHILST THE EMPIRE STRIKES. We are looking forward to finding out what the Romans did for us when they invaded Britain so many years ago. We

are also looking forward to meeting the author Kieran Larwood at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, whose novel 'The Legend of Podkin One Ear' we are reading at the moment. I hope you enjoyed reading about our school. I look forward to seeing some of you over the year at any of our community events. David Williams Interim Headteacher, Bisley Blue Coat Primary School

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _

Bisley Blue Coat School PTA

Firework Spectacular! Saturday 3 November 2018 Bisley Pavilion and Sports Field

Gates open at 5.30pm Fire Entertainment Act 6pm!! Fireworks 7.00pm Tickets: £5 per adult, £3 per child, £15 family (incl. 2 Adults and up to 3 kids) on the gate or available in advance at George stores

Delicious Food and Drink

Music and Fun!

Bisley Fete The sun shone and the crowds came to enjoy all the fun of Bisley Fete. Our flower queen Imogen Morris, and attendants Erin Gal, Tilly Thomas and Isabella Polkinghorne performed their duties beautifully, while new vicar the Rev Sue Murray did a great job as our official ‘opener’. The Avening Silver Band played majestically all afternoon, and the BBQ and bar together with the Teas and Cakes did a roaring trade (as did Winstone’s Ice Cream Van!). Once again our splendid Raffle was a great success, with wonderful prizes. Thank you to everybody who helped to make the fete a success, from the ‘setting up’ and ‘breaking down’ teams to the many people who helped to run stalls and serve teas, not to mention those who donated items to sell. We’re still sorting out the final fete accounts, but the indications are that we’ve made a healthy amount towards the upkeep of All Saints’ Church, a building almost everybody in the village has reason to visit during the year, even if they’re not regular worshippers. The fete is organised by a small but enthusiastic team, which is always keen to hear ideas as to how we can keep the event vibrant and, along with the flower show, a real red-letter day for our village. To share ideas, or to join the committee, call Sue Bradley on 01452 770337.

Bisley Flower Show 2018 The sun shone on Saturday, 25 August for the Bisley Flower Show and Fete. It rained on Friday and the Sunday after the festivities was wet and windy – weren’t we lucky? Many entry forms arrived at The George Stores – thank you Tom and Lucie. Despite our fears that the hot summer would have left most gardens with few flowers and veg the marquee filled up with over 500 entries. One of our vegetable judges said it was the best quality produce he had seen the whole summer. The radish category sponsored and well-advertised by Jane Neighbour proved that we can all grow radishes! It was also a good year for mis-shaped vegetables. The baking, jam and chutneys were of a very high standard. The jams were particularly hard to judge as so many were of such excellent quality and flavour. New recipes for the men’s chocolate cake and fruit cake proved popular. The second year of an open craft category had 8 splendid entries. The children’s exhibits were wonderful with some marvellous and imaginative vegetable animals! It takes a huge amount of effort to set up the marquee, arrange the tables and placements for each entry before 8.30am on the Saturday. For that and all the other tasks involved a big thank you to all the committee who worked so hard over the Bank Holiday. Thank you too to everyone who participated and to the generous table sponsors. This money goes towards the marquee and we really are most grateful for your support. See you next year – on Bank Holiday Saturday, 24 August 2019. Caroline Stephen, Chair, Bisley Flower Show Committee

Quiz Night success for Bisley (at last!) Since the Inter-Village Quiz was begun, some years ago, as a fundraiser in the Marquee after the Fete and Flower Show, there has been nothing short of disappointment in Bisley. The winning team from alien territory (France Lynch) has held the trophy for the past three successive years. This year, of the 20 teams taking part, the quiz ended in a battle so close that a tie-break final was called by our ‘Quizmaster Extraordinaire’ Aubrey Watson. Led by Team Captain John Stephen a Bisley Team was finally successful. Well done to ‘Seven Up’ (their lucky table was number 7). Pictured are the happy winning team - Dan and Sam Collins, Dan’s sister Rebecca, John Stephen, his daughter Charlie and her friend Flora Ogilvy.

It took a while for the Heaviest Marrow - again! Pete Townsend last entered, and won, the heaviest marrow in the Bisley Show about 40 years ago. This year, having grown a beauty reminiscent of the song “You’ve never seen one as big as that before”, he once again took the winning prize. Competition was fierce as the marrow entries were impressive – evidence of a splendid summer. Well done Pete!

Horse Racing – for ever a winner! One of the longest used attractions at the Bisley Fete is the ever-popular ‘Horse-Racing’ where contestants have to whirr the handle at full speed to pull a horse along the course. The game is owned by Phillip Howard pictured here with his wife Judy. They recall that Philip’s dad, Colonel Eric Howard, made the horse racing game for the Slad Show in about 1955. He was church warden of Slad and Uplands for 25years. He made all kinds of jolly, old-fashioned fete side shows. The horses had names of the period like Dandy Dick. Someone gave it a make-over a few years ago and gave the horses new names with a local Bisley interest. * The wooden horses are all looking like they’re ready for well-earned retirement, so if you’re handy with a fret saw and fancy making a set of new ones, give Phillip a call on 770776

Sheepscombe & Bisley Cricket: Update So the cricket season is over for another year. The Sheepscombe & Bisley team in the end were pleased to finish third out of ten teams in Division Five of the Gloucestershire County Cricket League. The team won eleven out of 18 matches with one match abandoned for rain and six defeats; the captain Sam Horder thought they could have won even more. Birdlip & Brimpsfield won promotion after winning sixteen out of eighteen matches. The general verdict is that S&B benefited from more regular players this year. Will Gegg (of Bisley’s cricketing family) played 17 out of the 18 games; he scored 243 in total with an average of 23 and a highest score of 51. Chris Williams was the top-scoring batsman with an average of 59 from 16 games – very impressive. Will sometimes kept wicket, but he also bowled a total of 24 overs, took four wickets with a best of 3 for 35. Jamie Bill’s 6 for 16 remains the best bowling performance by a long chalk. The Gegg family turned out in force for the final cricket of the season. The club captains had intended to run a contest with several teams of eight so the Geggs decided to field a family team. Unfortunately, other teams didn’t turn up in sufficient numbers so two sides of eleven players were formed with Geggs evenly distributed between them. The Gegg boys play some superb cricket and it was a pleasure to see them performing at the Laurie Lee Field. Elisabeth Skinner 01452 812747

How Old is That House?

STROUD DISTRICT COMMITTEE of CPRE Gloucestershire invites you to a talk by Mike Hemmings followed by a cream tea on

Saturday 13th October 2018 at 2.30 Sheepscombe Village Hall (GL6 7RQ) Mike Hemmings specialises in the vernacular houses of 1550 to 1950. He will consider how to date local houses from external and internal features. Everyone is welcome. You do not have to be a member of CPRE to attend. Tickets are £5 available from Margaret Fedrick on 01453 823224 or by e-mail:

Did you leave something behind at the Flower Show? There were quite a few items left behind at the Flower Show - vases, plates etc. If you are missing anything, please contact April Phillips on 01452 813334

Bits ‘n’ Pieces WHOOPS! The Parish Council has been monitoring the speed of traffic through Bisley for the past two months. On Sunday 16th September a motorist crashed into the speed sign on the Cheltenham Road. The motorist drove off. Two witnesses called the police who took 30 minutes to answer. Your Parish Councillor Dave Partridge is on the case! The speed sign (that showed 2 out of 3 motorists ignored the speed limit in the Stroud Road) has been temporarily removed. Children’s Society: Audrey French says, “I am pleased to say that Judy Howard and family will be taking over the Collection Boxes for the Society. Thank you all for your past contributions. Anyone wishing to have a Box; please contact Judy on 770776.” We’d like to give a big ‘Thank you to Audrey’ for all her past efforts in fundraising for this excellent cause. St. Mary and the Angels Catholic chapel in Bisley have been conspicuous by their absence in the Bisley News. Malcolm Savidge has taken the initiative to put that right. Open to everyone is a Lectio Divina at 4.30pm on Tuesdays. We are currently exploring the Gospel of Mark, and in particular the Gospel for the forthcoming Sundays in our joint lectionaries. Christmas Craft Fayre – to be held in the Bisley Village Hall on Saturday November 24th, from 10am - 1pm. .

Bisley Community Composting Scheme We would like to thank all of you (over 100) who responded to our short survey. Here are the main results.  Two thirds of you said that you composted green waste at home.  Only 13% of you use the SDC green bin system.  Most of you drive to the site. We would like to thank those of you who walk to the site and would encourage more of you to do so if you live close by.  Over the year, you use the scheme once a month on average. We hope to use these results to get a better understanding of what effect community composting has on the emission of greenhouse gases. You can find a fuller report on the survey on our website: BCCS Committee

CHESTERGATE ALLOTMENTS The Allotments annual “get together”, held during National Allotments Week, welcomed new families and their children and grandchildren to the allotments- as usual a friendly warm-hearted gathering. Huge thanks to Pete and Fliss (Plot 15) for hosting the event and providing a great feast on their BBQ. See the website for the notes of the meeting: Bisley’s generous Allotment Gardeners are again giving their excess vegetables and fruit to the Stroud Food Bank. There has been a record increase in the use of UK food banks over the last 12 months; deep shame that in such a wealthy society many families still go without food, never mind good fresh food. Whilst we have abundance a rota of people take the donated fresh vegetables to the Food Bank every week. Leave your donations on the Allotment Hut Table by 11am every Friday. If you would like to grow your own fresh fruit and vegetables (and get fit outside!!) why not rent an allotment, £15p.a., Contact Lesley, Parish Council Allotment Warden, on 770018 /

COMMUNITY ORCHARD There are more apples on the trees this year, but not enough for a pressing yet. We plan information plaques for the named varieties soon. The Edible Hedgerow, donated by the Woodland Trust, is fantastic, pretty with rosehips. We may need to lay this hedge soon. If anyone has any expertise could they let us know please? Our autumn apple celebration, with weeding, mulching…and munching too, on apple cakes and juice, is APPLE DAY SUNDAY 21 OCTOBER from 2.30-4pm. If people have apples or pears they want juicing see and Please join our volunteers to help keep up this beautiful space; our funds for maintenance are from Lyn Hemming’s family donation. Contact Lesley 770018/

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Look out for our Countdown to Christmas offers in store! - 01452 770629 -

Remembrance Sunday This year will mark the 100th anniversary of the ending of the First World War. The names of those who died from the village are inscribed on the Bisley War Memorial and are listed on the back page of this edition. Some of the family names are still here in the village. The Bisley & District Branch of the Royal British Legion are most grateful to Mr Nick Thornicroft for taking the considerable time and effort to have posted the personal histories of each of our fallen from his book to the World War 1 web-site: This site lists all the WW1 fallen, plus the names and addresses of their next-ofkin. It also shows where they lie or were last seen or fell, as many have no graves and are 'Known unto God'. The list of names is humbling as are the posts from their descendants and extended family as well as the general public. Anyone can leave a post, as Nick has done in every case on our behalf. In addition, he has included those with a link to the village whose names are not included on the War Memorial. These are:

Alfred Bingle Edwin Blackwell William Blackwell Frederick Boulton Lionel Fisher Leonard Franklin

Arthur Hook Charles Howell Henry Humphries Arthur Lane Victor Lane Chester Perry

Walter Roberts Sidney Stevens Frank Wear Nabour Wilcox John Woodward William Woodward

We are also grateful to the All Saints Bisley bell ringers who have marked the 100th anniversary of each death with a poignant peel from 2014 onwards to date. Also, commemorative poppies to mark the 100th anniversary of the armistice will be produced by hand from the village and placed on the railings of the war memorial. It is intended that there will be an empty pew in the church on Remembrance Sunday to mark our respect to the missing. Andrew Phillips, Bisley & District Branch, Royal British Legion

"At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them"

The Spire – All Saints’ Church Autumn and the seasons change. Harvest celebrations, and if yours is like our household, a glut of apples. End of October, and we recall our loved ones who have gone to be with the Lord, with thanksgiving for lives well lived. Remembrance Day, and this year we recall the anniversary of end of the first World War 100 years ago. The days shorten and the weather changes, the cycle of the year continues. Another year older. But are we another year wiser? Our children and young people go to school or to further studies and soak up information and education like sponges. As adults maybe we are not so keen, dare I suggest we get stuck in our ways? Can I encourage you this Autumn to take up opportunities for learning? Particularly studying the Bible, to deepen faith and understanding. Across the Bisley Benefice there are a number of different groups that meet on different days, to read, study and apply the words of Jesus to everyday life. Organisations such as The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) offer online studies, and printed booklets to order which can be used to suit our lifestyles. (children and young people booklets available) There are a multitude of resources to help us understand the Bible better and deepen our relationship with Jesus, and I and the whole staff team are always ready to walk alongside you in your learning. As the days draw in, pull up your chair in front of the fire, turn off the TV, music centre and other electronic devices, and get stuck in to your Bibles. Maybe choose a section you have never tackled before. Re-read the All Saints’ Pastoral Visiting story of Jonah and why he was Team swallowed by a whale – or was it just Anyone in and around the village a big fish? Follow Paul on his who would appreciate a friendly adventures in the Acts of the Apostles. visitor, for whatever reason, is And read Jesus’ words and see what eligible. If you are interested for he did in the Gospels for yourself. And yourself or perhaps a family God will bless you in ways you never member or neighbour, just get in expected. touch with John Cowen (770170) or Kim Trinder (770675)

Revd Sue Murray

Bellringing News It has been a quiet few months for ringing, what with the Summer holidays, illness and exams. However, we have 4 new volunteers learning to ring: Martin, Corinne, William and Daisy and they are all making good progress. We are having some extra bell-handling practices so if you hear single bells or sometimes two bells ringing discordantly then that is what is happening. The objective is for all four of our novices to be able to take part in the events on 11th November marking the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 when we intend to ring the bells half-muffled both before and after the morning service. A Quarter Peal attempt on Monday 3rd September marked the death of Lieutenant Harvey Gerald Binns Drummond, MC. 1st Battalion, Scots Guards who was killed in action at Lagnicourt 3rd September 1918. On Friday 14 September we rang another Quarter Peal, but for a much happier reason. Pat Bashford asked us to ring to celebrate her 50th Wedding Anniversary. Finally, congratulations to some of our younger ringers for their exam results: to Fen Tongue who is now going to Sussex University; to Amelie Hunnebeck-Wells for being awarded a First Class Honours Degree by Birmingham University; to Matthew Bishop who did extremely well with his GCSE's at Thomas Keble School and who is now going to the Marling Sixth Form; and finally to Lindsay Heaven who was awarded a distinction in her latest professional Law exams. Ian Bucknell

Church Services and Events Friday 5th October 7th October

Evening Harvest Supper

WI Village Hall


All Saints’ Church, Bisley

Tuesday 9th October Saturday 20th October 21st October


4th November


Sunday Praise All-age worship Bible Sunday with Baptism Memorial Service

11th November

10.45 am

Remembrance Service, marking the end of WWI

34.30pm 11am

Harvest Festival, collecting store cupboard food for Stroud Food Bank Youth Work meeting Messy Church

Christ Church, Chalford Bussage Primary School All Saints’ Church, Bisley All Saints’ Church, Bisley All Saints’ Church, Bisley

Church News Aimed particularly at families with primary age children, but open to married, singles and any combination of the same, Messy church meets at Bussage Primary school 3 -4.30pm on the third Saturday of the month (20th Oct and 17th Nov). Do come and take part in the crafts, the songs and the games – with tea and cake.

Youth work in the Benefice At 7.30pm on 9th October we welcome Barry Voyce from the Door in Stroud to speak to the Benefice about the work they are undertaking under the umbrella title of “Illuminate” within secondary schools. This is part of the Benefice desire to work with children and teenagers and is in context of a large conversation on working with these age groups. Please come to find out what we as churches can do to support our young people and minister to them. We meet at Christ Church Chalford.

All Saints’ Big Breakfast 2018 Our Church Big Breakfast will be held in December in the Village Hall. There will be the usual topquality English Breakfast for just £5 (Adults) or £3 (under-16s) plus our very popular Cake Stall, Raffle & Christmas Gifts Stall. Look out for an announcement about a date!

Deck the Halls! Christmas wreath and decorations workshop Saturday December 1st, 10am2pm £25, incl light lunch & mulled wine, and you take home the decorations you make Add your name to the list at the back of the church, or ring Audrey on 770237 or Margaret on 759710

Fete 2018 A huge thank you to everyone who helped, supported, and came to the event. All Saints’ major fundraising event of the year made approx. £4,700 including proceeds from the Quiz.

New Reader This month we welcome Peter Murray to the staff team. Many of you will already know him as the Vicar’s husband, but he is in fact a Reader within the Church of England. Trained and licenced in the Diocese of York in 2005, he brings experience in lay ministry from York and Chichester. When a Reader moves Parish, the process is to wait 6 months to ensure that Reader and Vicar are happy for the Reader to minister in the new context. Marriage to the Vicar does not mean the rules are relaxed! So please welcome Peter, who was re-licensed on 29 September.

Memorial Service A memorial service recalling by name those whom we have loved but have gone to be with the Lord will take place on Sunday 4th November at 6pm. If you have someone you wish to be named in the service, please write the name(s) down and give to the Vicar or a Church Warden to pass on.

Bisley Local History Group Bisley Local History Group was formed in May last year and started as a few interested people meeting in the George Stores Tea Room. However, it soon became apparent that it was attracting considerable interest and consequently a meeting in the village hall was organised. This was very successful and, as a result, the group is now formally organised with a written constitution and a committee elected by the membership, which is now seventy people. The aims of the group are: 1. to hold regular meetings, and activities with a local history theme. 2. to encourage and aid members’ research and to record, preserve and generally make this available through a newsletter, website or publication. 3. to run or take part in local history projects and promote further activities and to be vigilant for the history of Bisley, its buildings, sites, artefacts and records and to organise support and/or rescue work for their preservation. Since the group started, several well attended talks and visits have taken place covering wide and diverse subjects relating to our local area. Meetings take place in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of opportunity for individual expression. New members or visitors are welcome. Recent activities included a visit to Nashend where, following canapes and a glass of wine, Penny Smith gave a brilliant talk on the past and the characters of the hamlet. “Anglo-Saxon sculptures with reference to local pieces” was the title of the latest talk given by visiting speaker Richard Bryant. More information, including a programme of future meetings, is available on the website For details contact Ian Edmunds 01452 770450 or, for membership, Richard Burton 01452 770250.

Saturday November 17th – The Dubious Brothers Bisley Village Hall presents a band of 6 people, all of whom have been professional or semi-professional musicians for more years than they care (or are even able to) remember. They play a wide range of music, ranging from their own compositions to an eclectic selection of covers from Bob Dylan to the Beatles, from Richard Thompson to Dire Straits, via the Blues and some Rock and Roll. An exciting band to watch, their enjoyment in making music transmits itself to their audiences, who have been known to break out into spontaneous bouts of dancing! Roger Smith, who writes music, sings and plays Bass for the Band said at the last gig “these are the best musicians that I have played with this evening.” They have made several CD’s and one of the band even appeared on the “Old Grey Whistle Test” back in the day. Tickets, available from George Stores from October (771203), are £8 each and doors will open at 7.15pm.

Cotswold Club, Minchinhampton Many of you will know this building on Minchinhampton High Street, for many years a men’s drinking\social club but now also open to the fairer of the species. We have recently been commissioned to renovate the façade of this Grade II listed building. The work comprises: removal of the modern (non-breathable) masonry paint to the Stucco/render at ground-floor level, repair of the defective render and associated mouldings, including the interesting string/cornice moulding and lion head details which adorn the Tuscan-style lower section. Work will also include fitting new lead over the projecting string moulding detail, redecorating the lower Stucco using a breathable silicate mineral paint called Keim. As part of the work, we also need to remove numerous wrought-iron fixings which support the cornice and replace them with stainless-steel pins. These photos show the early stages of the work. More details to follow next edition.



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Are you the family of Cuthbert & Levison Randall? The Bisley News has been contacted with the following message. “We have in our possession a war medal which we would like to return to the family. We have tracked the soldier down to the Bisley War Memorial. The name is Cuthbert Randall who was killed Salonika December 3rd, 1917 aged 27. We would like to make contact with the family to return the medal. Can you help?” Thanks, Gifford & David Morris. Contact was made with Ian Edmunds of the Bisley Local History Group who confirmed that Private Cuthbert Richard Ridler Randall, Glosters, is listed on the Bisley Memorial along with his brother Corporal Levison T R Randall, Grenadier Guards. He added that their names also appear on a triptych from Bisley Blue coat School in memorial of those ex pupils lost in WW1. Unfortunately, we were unable to trace existing relatives of his and, judging by the age of the brothers, it is unlikely that their parents would have had later offspring. There could have been older siblings, but it is unlikely that they would be still alive. Nick Thornicroft, author of “Rural Sacrifice: The War dead of Bisley, Eastcombe and Oakridge 1914 – 1919” kindly shared this excerpt from his book – Baptised in Bisley Parish Church on 21st December, 1891, Cuthbert was the youngest son of Athelstan – variously a plumber, glazier and decorator down the years – and Maria, and he was the brother of Levison (‘Levvy’) who died of wounds on 5th October 1915. Home was Bisley’s High Street, near the Wesleyan Chapel, and Cuthbert worked for his father before joining the army in Stroud. Some of his brother’s letters, which were published in the Stroud News, also give an insight into Cuthbert’s own progress during the war. ‘4/10/14. I am pleased that you let Cuthbert enlist’, wrote Levison to his parents, ‘I understand he is taking on for the War only; you can rest on that, and the training will do him good.’ (9/Glosters had billets in the Cheltenham area between November 1914 and April 1915). Pte. Randall went to France with his battalion during September 1915, followed by the move to Salonika two months later. The 27 year old’s body now lies buried at the Karasouli Military Cemetery, and his name van also be found on Bisley’s War Memorial. His mother never recovered from the loss of two sons and died in 1920 shortly after all of the War Dead from the village were formally honoured. If you would like to contact Gifford & David Morris please get in touch with the Editor.

News from our District Councillor It was good to see so many familiar faces at the Bisley Flower Show and Fete at the end of August. New SDC Chief Executive David Hagg is stepping down after many years and Kathy O’Leary has been appointed as the new Chief Executive. Green Waste Scheme At the recent Environmental Committee, we discussed the green waste service and what the future may look like. The council have made it clear that it is running at a loss and would require a further 3,000-4,000 ‘sign-ups’ to make it viable. Slightly conflicting when you consider we were told that a lot of villages were at capacity. Historically, other district councils provided this service for free so the uptake was far higher. When they started to introduce fees, the number of people dependant on the service was already high and made the transition easier. One of the officers was close to recommending we stop the scheme halfway through the year because he could see the service would only increase the councils overspend. To be clear, the initiative continues but the council is looking at options. if it continues to underperform then other options will be explored. These include benchmarking ourselves against neighbouring councils and understanding best practice to run the operation more efficiently to prevent scrapping the project entirely. The council can provide a level of support for those wishing to have compost bins- please contact either myself or the council directly to discuss this further. As an alternative, Bisley is in the unique position to have such an impressive community composting scheme that the whole of the Stroud District has been encouraged to use. The Horsley Tip You may have seen the Stroud News article about Horsley Tip closing for one day per week and reducing operating hours. District councillors and officers were not told about this prior to the press release and as a result, a recommendation has been made that before any changes are implemented, a motion goes to committee members to have the final say. If you are like me, these facilities open long after I am in the office and close long before I leave and so the weekend is the only opportunity to use the service. Clearly a day needs to be chosen that creates the least impact – a Monday perhaps? Replacement bins The news that there is replacement charge of £10 for bins that are damaged or unusable has been quite contentious. This doesn’t cover anywhere near the actual cost of the reciprocal but does help towards the waste contract overspend. There are exceptions which includes UBICO operatives damaging bins or throwing them into the back of the lorries. There are also certain batches that have defects which the council are aware of and will be changed without challenge. The primary offenders are those requesting additional bins to use as boot liners and water butts.

Housing in the ward A few months ago, I mentioned in my report to the Parish council and in the district new that Bisley may be included in the local plan as a potential site for further development. There is a need for villages to support the Stroud Districts target for a further 12,500 homes over 20 years (2020-2040). To add context, the district is required to find 20% of these on sites of below 1/HA. The rest would be placed on a larger site that could facilitate a larger percentage of the overall housing target. The preferred plan has proposed several locations for both the larger developments and the smaller 1/Ha plots. These include: Minchinhampton, Slimbridge, Stonehouse, Kingswood, Dursley, Kings Stanley, Leonard Stanley, Berkeley, Painswick, Sharpness, Stroud, Cam, Nailsworth and Thrupp. Some wards are looking forward to small developments because the residents believe it will make their community more sustainable. Historically, comparing the 1920’s census with most recent one, we have seen some rural wards reduce to 1/3 of the size due to less demand for labour on farms. I think I can gauge the general thoughts of the ward from previous discussions, but I would be interested to know whether you think Bisley would require additional housing. Contractors As part of this process, the council are looking at how to ensure smaller contractors are used to prevent the big 5 development companies from floating the entire project and then drip feeding the properties back to the public when prices are high. Smaller contracts would have to sell the houses to fund their next project allow the entire project to move faster and meet the need quicker. Whilst we were discussing the above proposed plans for additional houses, I mentioned the fact that smaller trade businesses never get a look in on council contracts due to the criteria for them to have such a high turnover to be able to float projects. With Gloucestershire holding one of the highest rates for business start-ups and determined to keep things boutique and local, it makes no sense that we don’t practice what we preach. I will request the committee reviews this. Planning staff The council are struggling to recruit several planners and enforcement officers. This will impact members of the wards looking to submit planning applications because the officers struggle with such a high caseload. The reason for the recruitment issues are twofold. There are a limited number of planners qualifying and SDC cannot compete with salaries offered in a private sector firm. The council is working to create a programme to support new members and structure their career development. I shall look forward to seeing some of you on the 26th September at the Historical society’s visit to Gloucester Prison.

Cllr Timothy Williams

or ring Stroud District Council and leave a message for me. 01453 766321

BISLEY'S FALLEN FROM WORLD WAR 1 Private Charles Blackwell- Glosters Private Elias James Clark- Canadian Expeditionary Force Private Albert Clissold- Glosters Major Thomas Philip Dorington- 1st Dragoons Lieutenant Harvey Gerald B Drummond- Scots Guards Trooper William Dunn- 4th Hussars Private Arthur Fern- Glosters Private Sidney Hale- Glosters Private William Hunt- Royal West Kents Private John Jordan- Royal Marines Captain Robert V Kestell-Cornish MC & Bar- Dorsets Private Joseph Mansell- Glosters Private Cuthbert R Randall- Glosters Corporal Levison TR Randall- Grenadier Guards Major Richard Raymond-Barker MC RAF Private Duncan Ridler Dutton- Border Regiment Private Edward Woodward- Glosters

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Bisley News October + November 2018  

The Community Magazine for Bisley, Gloucestershire, and its surrounding hamlets.

Bisley News October + November 2018  

The Community Magazine for Bisley, Gloucestershire, and its surrounding hamlets.