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A Guide to Flexi Boarding in the Prep School 2018

Flexi Boarding


by the Houseparents, according to availability, with priority going to those who request the most number of nights per week or those who lexi boarding is an option for all pupils have a particular need to board. The maximum in the Prep School. Beds are available number of Flexi nights is 3 — more than this is for two or three nights a week in Grimwade Weekly Boarding. House from the age of 7.

Room Allocations and Facilities Flexi boarders are accommodated in one of five dormatories, mixed with other weekly and full boarders and are provided with a designated bed in a same sex dorm for the nights on which they board. In addition, flexi boarders are also given a book locker downstairs to store personal possessions.

Linens There is provision for flexi boarders to store their bed linen in the dorm in which they sleep, but all linens brought to school must be clearly named. All linens, including sheets, duvet cover, pillowcase and towels, must be taken home each half term.

Laundry Flexi boarders are required to take their laundry home. There is no expectation that the House Laundry will wash clothing belonging to flexi boarders unless there are special circumstances.

Booking Parents and pupils must choose which nights of the week they would like to board before the start of the school year. Beds are allocated,

Charges Charges are made retrospectively at the end of each term for the nights taken up. Parents should give the Houseparents 24 hours written (or email) notice if a pupil will not be staying on their designated night. Extra occasional nights may be booked if beds are available, at the published rate.

Flexibility It should be understood that flexi boarding is flexible on both sides. We may not be able to offer the same provision each year. Allocation of beds is according to availability, which in turn is controlled by demand for full/weekly boarding and subject to variation.

Medical Arrangements If a pupil is ill during the night 

Parents will be informed immediately if necessary, or in the morning, if more appropriate.

The Medical Centre will be alerted. The pupil may be transferred to the Medical Centre.

If there is an absolute emergency, the school nurse or Houseparent will call for an ambulance and the pupil will be accompanied to hospital. Parents will be contacted immediately.


Bed Times

No medicines are to be kept by Prep School Bed times are as follows; flexi boarders. If a pupil is taking medication, parents should give this to Matron, and pupils instructed to visit her at the appropriate times.


Lights out

Shell/Form One

7.45 pm

8.30 pm

Form Two

8.00 pm

8.50 pm

Lower Third 8.20 pm

9.00 pm

Upper Third 8.30 pm

9.15 pm

Devices Lower and Upper Third pupils may use their electronic school devices during prep. NO mobiles phones are permitted but there are All prescription medicines will be kept in a means of contacting home should they be needed. locked container/cupboard. Should any further clarification be required, parents are asked to contact the appropriate Breakfast Houseparents or Matron. Breakfast follows morning roll call at 7.45 am. Upper Third pupils may attend 80 Club swimming from 7.00 am. General Arrangements It is essential that, once booked, pupils stick to their chosen nights for boarding. Dorms will PAT Testing of have been allocated, and registers constructed Electrical items for each night of the week. Any electrical items brought into the House Supper should be PAT tested. Flexi boarders attend Supper (5.30-6.00 pm) in the Dining Hall following House Roll Call at 5.15 pm.

Prep Prep times vary according to the age of the pupils lasting from between 30 minutes and an hour. Prep is supervised by two members of staff and pupils have access to the ICT facilities if required.

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Flexi Boarding in the Prep School 2018  

Guide to Prep School Boarding 2018

Flexi Boarding in the Prep School 2018  

Guide to Prep School Boarding 2018