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Conscious and Subconscious Mind and the Power of Faith and Imagination You must know what belief is and how it works to understand the conscious and subconscious mind and what is does to your belief system. The Bible says it simply; "Say to this mountain to move, if you don't doubt in your heart, believe it will happen, and you will have whatever you ask for." (Mark 11:2) The mind has two functions objective and subjective. The conscious mind is objective and makes judgment calls, or your thinking and reasoning. The subconscious is subjective and carries out what the conscious mind tells it and controls our involuntary organs. The subconscious mind is very powerful with vast capabilities to do very miraculous things. Give your subconscious mind the right orders from your conscious mind and it will carry them out for you. So control the ways you think, the attitudes, and what you think about because the subconscious is designed to fulfill these as the commands you want. Think on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report. The subconscious mind accepts what is impressed on it or what you consciously believe. It's like soil. It accepts the seed you put in it, and bears the fruit of that seed. Whatever you plant will grow. The more you plant, the more what you plant grows. The conscious mind is the watchman at the gate to protect the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind reacts to the impressions given to it by the conscious mind. When a suggestion is accepted by the conscious mind and given to the subconscious mind, it then is taken as a command to be fulfilled by the subconscious mind. Don't say "I can't," or "it won't" but believe and say the exceptional for you and it will direct you to experience it or achieve it. The subconscious mind is one with infinite intelligence and boundless wisdom. What you impress to the subconscious mind, it will move heaven and earth to bring it to pass. The subconscious mind is always working for you. It runs your body automatically. Take control of your conscious mind, and you will express, reproduce your thinking. Put yourself in a restful sleepy state. Affirm to it what you want to come to pass, and it will. What you believe in prayer will be done.

Imagine the end desired, feel its reality, life force will respond to your conscious request. Believe you have already received, and you will receive. The law of consciousness says that whatever you are conscious of, positive or negative, that is the thing that has the power to be produced in your life. It is done unto you as you believe. Apply the power of prayer therapy in your life. Choose a certain mental picture. Unite mentally and emotionally with that picture. As you remain faithful to that mental attitude, that prayer will be answered. Blessed are those who thirst after righteousness. Create a blueprint for your life like a builder would for a house. Impress that blueprint on your mind of your life design. Dwell upon it and claim it as yours and your subconscious mind will bring it to pass. Use prayer. Asking, seeking, knocking continually will cause your creative mind to respond to your

mental picture. The creative power of the mind is the power of naming something and causing that thing to take on power. Along with this principle, apply contemplation. Visualize and see your desire in your mind’s eye. Before everything you do, visualize a series of events unfolding as you desire. The subconscious mind is most receptive in the sleepy state so use this time to consciously instruct it to what you desire. Use affirming thoughts to state what you most highly hope for in your life. Now that I understand the subconscious and conscious mind; am now conscious of the power that God has placed inside of me. I also know that he wants us to be blessed and successful.

Shaunta Lewis

Conscious & Subconscious Mind & the Power of Faith & Imagination - Min Shaunta Lewis  
Conscious & Subconscious Mind & the Power of Faith & Imagination - Min Shaunta Lewis  

Min. Shaunta Lewis Exalted Word Ministries Charlotte NC