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2018-2019 Annual Report of Donor Giving


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Principal Blane Collison at the 2019 Crimson & Gold Gala with Mike Smith , Mike Raiff, and wife Kelly Collison.

As the 2019-2020 school year gets underway, we are grateful for the tremendous success of the many additions to our campus and programs we’ve created to enhance our students experience while at Fenwick.

Last year we began using our new center for our Counseling Department, known as The Nest, which was provided by the Yeager Foundation, as a Day of Giving challenge undertaken last year. This space provides increased capacity for small group counseling and education sessions for students, as well as a “college corner” equipped with computing equipment and materials for students to explore college opportunities and complete their college applications. As a result of our Counseling program and the utilization of The Nest one on one counseling sessions have increased by approximately 30%! Giving the academic and personal support our students receive in preparing them for the challenges of adolescence and beyond.


Additionally, our school community has provided support for the beautification of our campus, including new tennis courts provided by the Dupps Family Foundation, our new Atrium Medical Center Plaza at the entrance to our stadiums made possible by a gift from Premier Health and designated proceeds from our Gala held last March helped to provide upgrades and improvements to our classrooms. We are offering a wider array of College Credit Plus classes that allow our students to earn college credit while still in high school, providing a tremendous return on investment for parents choosing Fenwick for their sons and daughters education. This October we embarked on the Building on Excellence initiative to receive input, feedback and ideas on how best to build on the strong foundations of a Fenwick education, while exploring and planning for new and vibrant ways to enhance and improve the educational experience of our students and families. The five-year plan will be the building block for continuing to build on programs that will strengthen our sustainability for decades to come.


We are extremely grateful for all of the support provided to our school from our alumni, parents, and our business partners whose generosity and effort allow us to put the programs and initiatives in place, and move us toward our school motto . . . “to reach the heights, aim high!” May God continue to bless our Fenwick Family!

SERVICE Have something special to share with the Fenwick community? Please contact us with your news and photos through the website at or email directly to Call the Development Of ce at 513-727-1500.

Dear Falcons,

BishopFenwickHighSchool 1-Fenwick BishopFenwick1 bishopfenwickhighschool

COMPASSION Go Falcons! Yours in Service,

Blane M. Collison Principal





You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward… - Steve Jobs



Class reunions and weekends like 1-FENWICK present the opportunity for Fenwick alumni, parents of alumni, and faculty/staff, past and present to reconnect. Both joyful and sad experiences can trigger our attention to the past, motivating us to reach out and connect with old friends. Our past is fixed, it can never be altered or removed but it does provide us a map to where we find ourselves today. Reconnecting with our friends from high school gives us perspective of our personal values and our sense of belonging. We asked a sampling of alumni to share their story of reconnection to Fenwick. These classmates, separated by time and location, came to the common conclusion that good or bad, they are all appreciative of their experience at Fenwick, cherish friendships from high school, and believe in the future it holds for our youth.

GEORGE NENNI ‘83 I graduated in 1983 from Fenwick on Manchester Road. My Fenwick experience˜was wonderful, and shaped who I became as a college student, young adult, husband and father. I regret that I was not always a very strong student, but that didn’t keep me from learning a great deal, and scoring high enough on the ACT to get into a top university. I was a part of Fenwick in the 1980s, and Fenwick became a part of me. I kept in touch with a few teachers and administrators, and was beyond thrilled that our college rock band was hired to play for Fenwick’s 1986 homecoming in the gym. Best of all, I was hired by one of my favorite and most-respected people in the world, Father Richard Averbeck. I felt bad taking the money! Fast forward to adulthood, married my best friend Stephanie Nenni and settled in Middletown. We knew we wanted to raise our children in the Holy Family, John XXIII, Fenwick community, and it has paid enormous dividends. Our kids were raised in a community of spirituality, support and achievement. We had no doubt that we would send our four (4) children to the new Fenwick on 122. It was special for me that our children caught the tail-end of teaching careers, for teachers that were fresh out of college in the 1980s teaching me! Patricia Harty, Pat Kreke, and Cheryl Brandenburg completed life’s circle for me, and I love that Fenwick helped bookend my, and my children’s lives. Fenwick taught me that I could do anything I set my mind to, and that if I had doubts or challenges, that God and my community would be there to support me. Thank you, Fenwick, I am your advocate! ROSE SLEZAK HUBER ‘65 Our FHS class of ‘65 has held numerous reunions over the years — always with excellent turnouts. In addition to 5-year and 10-year anniversary gatherings, we had Class of ‘65 turns 65 and Class of ‘65 turns 70 parties. So, our group has stayed connected — at least with each other if not necessarily to FHS.

events have also allowed me to see former students and teachers from my stint on the FHS faculty (1969 - 1975). So, kudos to all of you who make it possible for us to reconnect to our alma mater. While the buildings have changed over the decades, the bonds and friendships we established more than a half-century ago have remained constant. Thanks for providing opportunities for us to reconnect, reminisce and relive (at least in our memories) our energetic youth. EMILY DUPPS HENDRIX ‘92 I reconnected to Fenwick when my sons Eric ’20 and Evan ’22 decided to attend Fenwick. Through their decision, I became reconnected and involved with various clubs and committees. Jeff and I are proud alumni, class of ‘92 who support Fenwick. We are encouraged by the continuous improvements and changes being made to the school and facilities.˜ Whether it is 1992 or 2019, Fenwick remains steadfast in its commitment to providing students with a wonderful coed catholic education. Fenwick provides a safe and friendly environment and encourages students to “Reach the Heights, Aim high!” MIKE ROHRKEMPER ‘64 When I attended Fenwick, it was a smaller school (attendance). I knew virtually everyone in my class and many students in classes immediately preceding and following my class. Most of us played multiple sports and participated in virtually any outside activity available. The culture was one of community involvement, even things like helping with Homecoming floats. As a result of this environment, I developed close personal relationships with numerous peers that still exist today. There are six of us from Fenwick who rendezvous a couple times a year and regardless of time or distance, our friendships are seamless. Principal, Fr. Lawrence Krusling was a mentor to me, and many other students. He believed in me and much of what I learned from Fr. Krusling helped develop the character and integrity that I have today. Very meaningful to me was my induction into the Fenwick Hall of Achievement in 2013. That event reconnected me to the school, and inspired me to participate in 1-FENWICK Weekend and my class reunions. Recently, I connected with a neighbor, John Jorden ’83, twenty years my junior, but an alumnus with whom we share an alma mater. Hopefully, we will both be at 1-FENWICK Weekend in 2020! MELISSA ZAPPIA LONGFIELD ‘99 I graduated from the Manchester campus 20 years ago as a secondgeneration alumnus; Janet Beiser Zappia ’67 is my mother. After graduating with my master’s degree in education from Wright State University, I found myself living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana working at a Catholic High School, and thinking how wonderful it would be if I made my way back to Fenwick. Fast forward 10 years, I was back in the area and had the opportunity to apply for a job at Fenwick! I just started my third year as a member of the faculty, working with a handful of my former teachers, absolutely loving being back amid the Fenwick Family.

The 1-FENWICK weekend has brought more of us to campus (especially for the Friday tailgate). Ditto for the Golden Falcon celebrations. These Reconnecting continued...



RECONNECTING CONTINUED PAT LUERS ‘86 At my graduation commencement, I made the statement, “This is the last time you will ever see me at Fenwick.” Funny, how life and time have a way of changing you. God blessed me in many ways, including my wife Kelly, who helped me recognize the importance and value of Fenwick in my life. For me, high school was simply a necessary requirement to reach the next step. One of six boys, my home life was a 24/7 social exercise. I arrived at the doors of Fenwick in the fall of 1982 labeled an outsider by virtue of my Lebanon zip code. At the time, Fenwick was a Middletown school enrolling relatively few students who resided elsewhere. Personal avoidance allowed me to own the badge “outsider”, a label I kept throughout my time at Fenwick. Twenty years after graduation, married, father of three, my sea legs under me and armed with curiosity, Kelly and I attended my 20th high school reunion. Upon arrival, a classmate approached us asking, “Which of you attended Fenwick? ” Testament to my experience, it triggered my desire to positively impact youth, beginning with my own children. My pronounced belief is that Fenwick provides a far better education because of its holistic approach, disciplined academics and culture of involvement than even the best public high schools. Programs like Kairos, and others committed to inclusion and understanding, are game changers in the increasingly chaotic teenage social environment. Fenwick’s regional draw of students challenges them to initiate and form new friendships. We can and must be different in a world that needs a difference. We must continue our commitment of a welcoming environment that encourages students to come in from the perimeter and engage with one another through faith, clubs, athletics and even their locker neighbor.

“My pronounced belief is that Fenwick provides a far better cumulative education because of its holistic approach, disciplined academics and culture of involvement than even the best public high schools.”

RAY KELLY ‘59 Except for the 10 years my work required us to live in Detroit and Kansas City, I have been connected to Fenwick. My siblings, three of our children, and two grandchildren attended Fenwick. Good friends have included Coach Harkrader, Principal Rossi and Fr. Robert Monnin. Fred Nori ’61 is my brother-in-law, and I was best man in Cathie ’58 and Larry ’59 Mulligan’s wedding. My connection spans decades! Having just celebrated our 60th class reunion, appreciation of my Fenwick experience and the significant part it played in my life has been rekindled. Many things are different now than years ago. For example, the building, Old South didn’t begin to compare with today’s facility. But we were very proud of our school. Most importantly, I spent 4 years surrounded by wonderful people, both fellow students and faculty.

- Pat Luers Ray and his “grill team” at a Homecoming Alumni Tailgate

I love Fenwick, I love that my children are a second generation of Luers at Fenwick and I love being a part of this community.

CHUCK CRAMER ‘81 Throughout my life I have been connected to Fenwick via my classmates, still my best friends. The Class of 1981 has remained steadfast in organizing reunions every five years. More recently my connection to Fenwick expanded while my children attended Fenwick; a ten-year run! During that period, we were highly involved through our children’s athletic and academic activities and pursued input to improve the Fenwick experience and outcomes for students and athletes. I am proud of my alma mater, and am invested in Fenwick’s future to flourish and grow so that decades from now my children will eagerly consider Fenwick for the next generation of Cramers.


“As I visit today’s Fenwick and witness the interaction among students and faculty, I get the feeling today’s students, soon to be fellow alumni, will also have wonderful memories. It is obvious they too are surrounded by wonderful people.” - Ray Kelly

Chuck and 1981 classmates at the Homecoming Alumni Tailgate

The Class of 1965 enjoying 1-FENWICK Reunion night!


Gala Returns with Style Last March, the Crimson & Gold Gala returned as a signi cant fundraising opportunity for our community. Hosted at the Manor House in Mason, Ohio, the Gala enjoyed a party of almost 400 attendees who dined, danced and donated to support over 500+ enrolled students. Many faces from prior Galas returned for this night of glamour, anxious to experience this re-invented event! Parent Co-Chairs, Karen Foltyn and Tammy Miller, visionaries of the night, thought of everything to make it a memorable evening of creative experiences to engage all their guests. Father and son Fenwick family members, Gene and Derik Steiner ’05, kept the bidding lively during the live auction, while silent auction


items were available via online bidding for both present and remote attendees! The paddle raise put the evening over the top hitting our goal of $52,000 in Guardian Angel Fund tuition assistance for the 2019-2020 school year. Total net revenue for the Gala was over $125,000!

Save the Date!

Saturday, March 14, 2020 9

A BISHOP FENWICK EDUCATION A Fenwick Education is Transformational through the opportunities to grow, mature and explore faith & character. PARENT PERSPECTIVE

It Started with Baseball


In a WordGrateful


Blessed to be a Catholic educator for over 25 years now, working with young people reminds me every day about all the goodness, talent, passion, faith, intellect and promise the young people of our world hold in the palms of their hands.

In 2014 I accepted a baseball coaching position at Fenwick, a decision that would forever alter my family’s lives. Parents of three active children, son Carter was on the eld as the bat boy, then as football water boy, and daughters Ellie and T h e E a r l s f a m i l y a t t h e i r f i r s t Fe nw i c k g ra d u a t i o n i n M ay Evie became unof cial Falcon cheerleaders. Our 2019. Chris, Carter ‘21, Evie, Ellie ’19 , and Amie Earls. family felt an immediate strong connection and sense of belonging to the Fenwick community. We never considered catholic education for any of our children, but with persistent requests from Carter, our middle child, we enrolled him as a freshman. The Horn family celebrating together at the 2019 Otterbein

H o m e c o m i n g a n d Lo g a n’ s s e l e c t i o n t o H o m e c o m i n g C o u r t More poignantly, my own Aiden ’21, Jean, Logan ’16 and Rik Horn. children have been blessed to engage in this community at a level I couldn’t have imagined thus drawing from them a renewed sense of purpose, con dence, and faith. I dragged my oldest to Fenwick his freshman year kicking and screaming. He wanted to remain in our local public district with his friends. My husband and I saw things differently. Two days of summer soccer practice and he was convinced. Fenwick was different and he could be different here. He could speak up, try new things, spread his wings as a leader and be accepted. Over time, he joined new clubs, became a team captain, developed incredible friendships, led a retreat, traveled internationally and learned how to handle failure—all experiences that helped him to develop into the resilient, passionate young man he is today.

Watching his brother blossom and thrive, my younger son was ready for Fenwick well before his time came. I get to witness the magic of the Fenwick experience once again through the eyes of my junior—the highs and lows, the excitements and disappointment. All those milestones will prepare him well for a life outside these walls. And, for this, my husband and I will be eternally grateful for our time as Fenwick Falcons.

While Carter was enjoying the merits of his new environment, older sister Ellie had begun her junior year at Monroe High School. What was good for one child, soon became the desire of the others. With hope and faith, Ellie transferred in the winter of her junior year to Fenwick. She took seriously the sage advice given her by faculty member, John Aregood who said, “Be a part of everything possible, and embrace everything Fenwick has to offer.” These simple words of encouragement were Ellie’s inspiration of transformation. In just a year and half, she became a cheerleader, ambassador, National Honor Society member and constant xture in campus ministry. In that rst year Carter and Ellie were enrolled, students, teachers and staff wrapped them up with love and taught them how to shine. Seeing this in our children, transformed us as parents. It was an experience that broadened our faith and opened our hearts to change. Fenwick allowed our family to grow closer to God and this past Easter vigil, we proudly converted to Catholicism. It might have started with baseball, but that single decision has transformed our family and given us con dence to accept God’s purposeful plan. - Chris and Amie Earls, parents of Ellie ’19, Carter ’21, & future Falcon Evie ‘25

- Jean Horn, Bishop Fenwick Counselor




Ireland, England, Wales 2019

TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE Transformational Experiences



“I’m going to live here someday. I’m coming back.” The light reflecting off the harbor of Sydney, Australia, was breathtaking, but my conversation with Riley Wildfeuer ‘18 was transformational. Students who never imagined traveling outside of Ohio were now on the other side of the planet for a 15-day tour of Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii. In 2013, my first trip abroad with a group of Fenwick students and teachers, I learned all I needed to know about traveling the world. Traveling is a gift and it is a gift to be able to teach students about the world they are in; it’s even more impactful and beneficial to show and explore the world alongside them. Standing in the Alhambra where Columbus was first commissioned to explore the new world is amazing, but holding hands with your fellow travelers in a 16th century Catholic church in Seville to say the Padre Nuestro makes Spanish and

History class come to life! Visiting these iconic places has not only helped students see the world, but it has helped prepare them for it. Watching an 18-year-old struggle to exchange money is hard to do, but giving them enough distance to explore and learn through

to them. Morgan Smith ‘16 now travels on her own, a stark contrast from the girl who timidly boarded the plane by herself faced with a 16-hour flight and two connections before joining her group in London. Her growth was unquestionable.

More recent trips to Ireland, England, and Wales showed how respectful, kind, and compassionate our students really are. A bus driver, Seamus, who had been in the business for 42 years, said that our group of 82 Fenwick travelers was the best group of people he had ever encountered in his life. He commented on their manners, thankfulness, and timeliness. He remarked that Fenwick students took the time to engage with both Barcelona 2013 their tour guides and locals; always exhibiting dignity failure and experience is what truly and respect to those encountered. prepares them for the future. Many Our students are good citizens and students from past trips have gone on to served as ambassadors for our country, study and live abroad in order to better our school, and their families. Taking explore a world that was once foreign a lap around the Ring of Kerry and

“There are lessons not able to be taught from a book, memories only born from a moment shared, and a deep appreciation for our world simply by seeing it firsthand.” stopping for the panoramic views showed how 82 people who wouldn’t normally have reason to have their lives intertwine truly embraced what it meant to explore the world together. Shortly into the trip, students from all ages and interests were dancing and singing to Irish music like old friends.

Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii 2017

It’s hard to ignore the fun, memorable, and highlightable moments of any trip. Watching the Eiffel Tower light up from the Seine

and having dinner steps away from Notre Dame Cathedral created unforgettable memories. Standing on the same sands of Omaha Beach that your great uncle once stormed and passing through the American cemetery honoring our fallen soldiers fi lls you with reverence. Seeing the world with young men and women helps you see them for who they are, too. After exploring the Great Barrier Reef in 2017 and learning how to Haka, Fenwick students explored Pearl Harbor and the surf off the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. A famous rock on Waimea Beach stands nearly 30 feet from the water’s surface. Carolyn Froelich ‘18 stood at the top, petrified by fear for nearly 45 minutes. With 22 other classmates and countless other locals and tourists cheering her on, she finally overcame her fear and took the plunge. Seeing the joy in her eyes as she eclipsed the surface is why trips like these are so valuable. Our students share a unique and special time within the walls of Bishop Fenwick High School, but overseas travel accentuates their growth through fully engaging in personal, emotional and academic experiences. Not only does international exploration prepare youth for the world in which they live, it allows them to immerse themselves within it and be forever changed. There are lessons not able to be taught from a book, memories only born from a moment shared, and a deep appreciation for our world simply by seeing it firsthand. Author: Rob Herber - Faculty/Coach Rob grew up in Antwerp, Ohio and began teaching at Fenwick 13 years ago, fresh from college. He earned a BA in Education, Master’s degree in Administration and is currently finishing his Master of English. He has been on the volleyball coaching staff for his entire career at Fenwick as well as track coach for six years. Rob and wife Kendra have two daughters, Gabriella (6) and Elizabeth (2). During the rare opportunities of free time, he enjoys traveling, hunting, and the outdoors.

Austria 2015 13



Return to SORG



Performance of Beauty & the Beast by Fenwick Thespians at the renovated Sorg Opera house in March 2019. Just as Fenwick has a storied history from the day Fr. Julian Krusling opened our doors in September 1952, so too, does Middletown’s Sorg Opera House. The Sorg story began when Paul J. Sorg, Middletown’s first multi-millionaire, gifted the Sorg Opera House to the City of Middletown in 1891. It was a landmark building and deemed the most elegant theater in Southwest Ohio. It showcased both silent fi lm and live performances until 1929 when it was converted to a movie theater, complete with a sound system. Over the years, it endured a fire, changed ownership and eventually closed its doors in the 1970s. In September 1981, Andrea McArdle, star of Broadway’s Annie, christened the renaissance of the Sorg at a commemoration to mark the 90th anniversary of

the magnificent structure. A few short months later, Fenwick’s Drama Club made its first appearance at the Sorg with the production of Play On. The club’s debut was a 3-part celebration: the 90th anniversary of the Sorg, the 60th birthday of Sister Charles Regina McCarthy, Fenwick’s first drama moderator, and the 30th anniversary of Fenwick’s founding. Fenwick’s Thespians performed Play On with considerable structural stage limitations. The following year, the Fenwick theater troupe returned to the Sorg with the production of Time Out for Ginger. Through efforts of Sorg owners and Friends of the Sorg, the theater was upgraded in 1983 with a full stage,

a refinished floor, rigging for back drops and dressing room facilities. Fenwick once again graced the Sorg stage with back-toback plays in 1984 with Go West, Young Man and in 1985 with Arsenic and Old Lace. The Sorg remained a live performance venue until 2010 when a water main leak forced it to close. In 2012, the Sorg Opera Revitalization Group was formed to purchase the building and bring it back to operation. By late 2017, the Middletown community could once again promote their downtown Fenwick Thespians after a 34-year absence landmark and experience the performing from its stage. Performers and audience arts. Community leaders recognize the alike were awed by the Sorg’s luster, grandintrinsic value of the arts as does Fenwick’s ness, and historical Musical Director, Larry Mulligan reverence. Mulligan III ’10, who explained, “The Arts stated, “While a few are important to the holistic students will continue development of students at to pursue arts-related Bishop Fenwick. A variety of careers in college, we options exist with nearly onealso have students third of students involved in (even seniors) where Performing Arts courses in this this is their first year alone. Students gain a musical production. broad understanding of the role We believe it is imarts play in society and their daily portant that they walk lives and learn in depth the variety away with a deeper of professional understanding and opportunities appreciation of what in the music and 1982 - Time Out for Ginger When approached, it takes to perform entertainment in this scenario. These students are future industry.” without reservation, doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, small As Larry and faculty business owners, etc. and we hope that they the Sorg answered member Jennifer Carpencarry this appreciation with them through“yes”, welcoming ter (Drama Co-Director) out their lives.” lamented the scale and the return of The reconnection of Bishop Fenwick’s stage needs to perform performing arts programs to the Sorg the 2019 spring musical Fenwick Thespians Opera House is a fitting tribute to the Beauty and The Beast, they after a 34-year shared history and perseverance of these concurred that the Sorg two institutions. met all their criteria. absence from its When approached, the stage. Sorg answered “yes”, without reservation, welcoming the return of



Class of MAKE


2019 MARK their

SI GNED TO PL AY A CO L L EGI AT E S P ORT g irls s occe r //g irls volleyb a ll //b as e bal l // f o o t bal l m e ns volleyb a ll // m e ns b a s ke tb al l // r u gby wom e ns g olf

B EN HEL L M EN e s ta b lis he d a ne w 8 0 0 -m e t e r s c h o o l r e c o r d of 2 :0 2 :3 0 b re a k ing the p revious re cord s e t i n 2 0 0 6 by Chris Aus ting ‘ 0 8 . CJ NAPI ER re ce ive d honors f or All Tim e G C L Le ade r f o r Ca re e r Re b ound s : 6 2 6 // Ca re e r Fre e - T h r o w s : 3 3 8


The 67th graduation commencement took place on May 24, 2019 at St. Susanna Catholic Church following the Baccalaureate Mass and Senior Banquet held earlier in the week. One hundred forty outstanding Falcons received their diplomas and transitioned to a new classification: Alumni. This class, like so many before them, uniquely defined themselves through their cumulative achievements in service, academics, and sports.


Annabelle Thomas

Carly Trangenstein



RECORD 93% participation by seniors s up port ing the Senior Gift Campa ign


2 1 4

PERFECT ACT SCORES OF 36 Aa ron Mullen and Sean McCarthy NATIONAL MERIT F INALIST Sean McCarthy NATIONAL MERIT COMMENDED STATUS Lauren Falk, Aaron Mullen, Anneb elle Thomas, Carly Tragens tein


RECIEV ED Honors Dip lomas



2 18.6%




STUDENTS C HO SE to study outs id e of O hio

Elena Daly Kelsey Daly Timothy Erhart Kevin Gaston Jillian Gavigan Isabelle Hamilton Nicholas Hawkins Alyssa Jagodzinski

TOP 3 SELECTED UNIVERSITI ES 30 University of Cincinnati 20 Miami of Ohio/MUM 11 OSU TOP DEGREES OF STUDY 19% Bus iness /finance 14% Healthcare/mental hea lth 12% Math & Sciences 9% Engineering 8.5% Technology 6% Education 2.8% Law/law enforcement 28.7% As s orted Other

L EGACY GRADUATES child or g ra nd child of a n a lum ni


Tara Luers Jozi Mangus Sean McCarthy Henry Nenni Craig Schuermann Abigail Selby Joshua Steinmetz

Over $17 million of offered scholarships

Joe Daly ‘81 Joe Daly ‘81 Angela Opbroeck Erhart ‘86 Mauren Long Gaston ‘83 Carrie Stevens Gavigan ‘91 Jeff Hamilton ‘75 Mindy Oberschlake Hawkins ‘84 Monica DiCristoforo Jagodzinski ‘81 Tim Luers ‘88 David Mangus ‘78 Annemarie Long McCarthy ‘81 George Nenni ‘83 Rob Schuermann ‘85 Kim Jeffrey Selby ‘90 Joan Daudt Jeffery ‘65 Teresa Rossi Steinmetz ‘82 Butch Rossi ‘53 Mary Ann Swarcz Rossi ‘53




Day of Encounter March 13, 2020

A rst for Fenwick, the entire campus will disperse to numerous communities and locations, united with the purpose to make a difference in someone’s life. On March 13, 2020, ALL students, faculty, and staff will provide direct service to people in need at locations throughout greater Cincinnati and Dayton. We will be visiting elderly in nursing homes, serving meals in soup kitchens, playing with children who have disabilities and many other tasks to ful ll a need and bring joy to those people they encounter. This incredible day of servicewas created in response to a student survey conducted by Campus Ministry to improve the overall service experiences of our students.

“At the end of life, we will not be judged by how many diplomas


we have received, how much


money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by “I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was naked, and you clothed

One of the four Fenwick talons, Service, is our challenge to put others rst, to think of someone else’s needs before our own, and to give of ourselves for the bene t of others. This founding principle is the mission of Campus Ministry to instill in our students a lifelong commitment of service. Fenwick’s students will have many varied opportunities throughout high school to participate in

service initiatives designed to develop compassion and a charitable spirit for those in need. Under the direction of Julie Yost, Bishop Fenwick’s Community Service Director, two unique activities are planned that will broaden the net of Fenwick service and hopefully bring longlasting bene ts to both our students and those served.

me. I was homeless, and you took me in.”

—Mother Teresa

Sleep In Heavenly Peace Build Day – April 4, 2020 Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) is an amazing non-pro t organization that produces and delivers beds to children who do not have a bed to sleep on at night. The local SHP chapter in Butler County promotes their mission: “No kid will sleep on the floor in our town”. SHP has partnered with Fenwick’s Key Club to provide 80 volunteers, of all ages, for a Build Day to construct 50 bunk beds bene ting children in Butler and Hamilton counties. During the build, SHP will assign age appropriate tasks to volunteers and provide all necessary tools, equipment and hands-on instruction to build safe and sturdy wooden bunk beds for children in need.

Can you help? A generous donor has already donated 50 pillows, but mattresses, linens, and comforters are still needed! If you would like to donate any of these items, please contact Julie Yost at For more information about Sleep in Heavenly Peace, go to their Facebook page, Sleep in Heavenly Peace – OH, Butler, or call their national number, 844-432- 2337.



BISHOP FENWICK Why Fenwick? When talking to prospective parents about, “Why Fenwick?”, I am never at a loss to share my own experience as a Fenwick parent, and those of many others! No single word can describe, no single experience can define, the unique place that IS Bishop Fenwick. Four years at Fenwick offers each student the opportunity to engage in a culture that will nurture and develop curiosity to learn, discipline to grow, and independence to confidently explore their personal interest in faith, arts, and athletics. Fenwick dedicates resources that prepare students for their next step. We are the ONLY school in the entire Archdiocese of Cincinnati that administers the Birkman™ Assessment, a data driven, reliable, interest inventory that can guide students toward colleges and careers best suited for long-term success. Our Counselors provide unparalleled guidance throughout a student’s high school career. They are the pulse of the emotional, social and academic health of the student body. The Class of 2023 can expect to interface with a Counselor about 20 times throughout the year for one-to-one, small group, Flock Block and assembly meetings during their freshmen year alone. To say we have a culture of engagement means that our students are involved with others, as members of clubs, community service efforts, the performing arts and athletics. When students arrive as freshman, they are compelled to participate in extracurriculars… and do! Over 92% of our student body will participate in extracurriculars. As a member of the Fenwick family, we need you to serve as an ambassador for Fenwick. SPREAD THE WORD about Fenwick to your relatives, neighbors, friends, co-workers and encourage them to visit Fenwick for our Open House, personal tour, or shadow date. The best way to experience Fenwick, is in person!


BIRKMAN® ASSESSMENT Setting a Course for Lifetime Success Life would be great if we all had an individual playbook giving us instruction to make the right decisions. Unfortunately, such a playbook does not exist. How can a teenager effectively make adult decisions choosing a career path and subsequent post-secondary school, apprenticeship program, This in-depth or gap-year selections? As adults, report can many of us would struggle, and, direct students as parents, we are lacking effective tools to best guide our chiltoward degrees dren.

and/or careers for long-term personal and professional success.

The Birkman® Assessment, now incorporated into Fenwick’s Counselors Advisory Program, is administered to every student at Fenwick during their junior year to provide data analysis that includes behavioral identifiers and needs, a personal interest inventory and how those align with 22 job family classifications. This in-depth report can direct students toward degrees and/or careers for long-term personal and professional success. For over 65 years, The Birkman® Method® has been used to help individuals and organizations explore careers, develop leaders, improve teamwork, select talent and increase sales and productivity. Empowering people with knowledge about themselves, their strengths, behaviors, motivations and interests can improve critical decision making. Although the Birkman® is not an exact “playbook”, it does provide an assessment that is reliable, valid and will remain stable over time. That means, the results of a Birkman Assessment given at age 17 will remain consistent when taken at any age over time, even decades later.

Case Study of Two Students:

Falcon For A Day for 8th Graders Friday, January 10, 2020

Shadow Day Schedule visit though Admissions Of ce


Director of Admissions Betty Turvy 513.428.0525

Emily Olson ‘20 A personal health issue prompted Emily on her quest to become a nurse. She was inspired by the care she received from healthcare providers, recognizing the value of great nurses who help in the treatment and

recovery of patients. On her ACT, Emily demonstrated an exceptionally high aptitude in both English and Reading with only average Math and Science scores. She placed little value on those indicators because she had set her path for a nursing career. The results of Emily’s Birkman® Assessment caused her to reconsider nursing. Her evaluation pinpointed her personal strengths and passions were in contrast with those aligned to nursing. The Birkman® spotlighted her longtime talent of writing and helped her recognize what now seems obvious. She had always been a writer, keeping ongoing works on her Google drive, written expressions of her thoughts, experiences, observations…her life in words. Emily has embraced this idea of creative writing and is working hard to identify liberal arts colleges and universities in urban areas that have mature communications and multimedia co-op and internship programs that can prepare her for a career in journalism. Creative writing is her passion and, in time, will be part of her career.

Leighton Porter ‘20 Intrigued by travel and a career in marketing and sales, Leighton’s post high school path was to seek a business degree at a college far from home. In her words, attending a school in Ohio was so ordinary, as was the consideration of the University of Cincinnati, her sister’s and parents’ alma mater. Today, Leighton shares that the Birkman® Assessment allowed her to think about her life goals with honesty and an open mind. It revealed for Leighton her need for family nearby and a passion for music. Fresh with a new perspective, she is investigating a career in education or audiology and knows that whatever her choice in school, it will be close to family and must have numerous musical opportunities. Her Birkman® demonstrated a 90%-rated interest in music which translates to readily available concerts, musicals, and musically related clubs and events. And the idea of UC? It is now at the top of her list given the available degree programs, proximity to family and nearby musical venues.







Introvert Birkman Report | ANDREW BLANK (G5HWMK) | ©2019, Birkman International, Inc. All rights reserved.

EXPLANATION OF YOUR INTERESTS The kinds of activities you prefer are described by the Asterisk. Your Asterisk is in the ORANGE quadrant. You probably enjoy controlled activities. Interests in the ORANGE quadrant include: • scheduling • doing detailed work • keeping close contact • working with numbers • working with systems Your Asterisk shows that you like to: • draw up rules or procedures • schedule things • deal with systems • do detailed work • measure performance or results

EXPLANATION OF YOUR NEEDS The support you need to develop your Usual Behavior is described by the Circle. Your Circle is in the GREEN quadrant, but it also lies fairly close to the Red quadrant. To be most effective, you respond best to people who are assertive and direct. Those with needs in the GREEN quadrant want others to: • encourage competition • be assertive • allow flexibility • introduce novelty and variety Your Circle shows you are most comfortable when people around you: • let you know who’s in charge but keep unnecessary rules to a minimum • give you varied tasks accompanied by personalized incentives Your Circle shows that you also respond well to people who: • are objective and rational in their approach • are direct but friendly when they talk to you • give you clear-cut decisions to make


EXPLANATION OF YOUR USUAL BEHAVIOR The productive way you set about your tasks is described by the Diamond. Your Diamond is in the GREEN quadrant. When you are working effectively, you tend to be assertive and enthusiastic. Usual Behaviors in the GREEN quadrantinclude being: • competitive • assertive • flexible • enthusiastic about new things Your Diamond shows that you are usually: • assertive • competitive • flexible • spontaneous • adventurous



PAYNE Lori’s path to teaching was by her design, one well matched to her character and capacity, but her path to Fenwick was never intended to be more than a short- term assignment. Prior to Fenwick, Lori taught for seven years at a children’s home with an on-campus school. Teaching math was the easy part of her day but coping with the behavioral and emotional issues of her students took a toll. These were students for whom she wanted to provide more than a math lesson, but over the years, that personal investment caused tremendous fatigue. She made the difficult decision to step away from teaching to recharge and evaluate her professional goals. For supplemental income, she enlisted as a substitute teacher, which brought her to our doors in the fall of 2015. It took only one day at Fenwick for her future to become clear.

Her awareness of students’ needs goes beyond the classroom. Last year, a normally lively student in her classroom suffered a serious orthopedic injury altering his ability to play varsity sports. She recognized his physical recovery but suspected lagging emotional suffering. Lori connected with his parents and counselor to offer additional support with the student’s healing. This example of compassion demonstrates her holistic teaching approach.

Four years later, Lori is known and loved by students, faculty, and parents for her compassionate teaching. As she often shares, “Math can be intimidating, I don’t want students to be afraid of math.” She has the unique ability to see her students individually, wherever they are rather than as a cumulative classroom. She offers herself to students for support before school, after school and as a Flock Block tutor, and they arrive, often in groups, for an additional lesson or extra help. Students recognize her desire to help them learn.

Lori was recently recognized as a 2018-2019 Outstanding Educator by Cincy Magazine. She and husband Gene, are proud parents to Elijah, who will graduate from The United States Military Academy at West Point in 2020 as Second Lieutenant US Army. She has a bachelor’s degree from Morehead State University in Math Physical Science with emphasis in Secondary Ed and a Master of Secondary Ed Administration from Xavier University. Lori is in her 26th year of teaching and loving what she does every day.

Lori remarks of the Fenwick community, “The culture here, defined by students and faculty, is genuine kindness and care for one another.” She loves the sharing of daily devotion and prayer with both students and faculty celebrating joy and burden together. She has found her place, and the students of Fenwick are the fortunate recipients of her passion and talents.


2019 DAY OF GIVING We Did It AGAIN! On October 29, 2019 we held our second Day of Giving, once again challenged to match a $100,000 gift and you showed your support with over $184,000 in gifts! The Fenwick Family has spoken loudly – you value this school, you value our students, and you value the future of Fenwick. Thank you for your continued investment.



OCTOBER 11, 2018 No one could have predicted such a response to the challenge of Chester Yeager who gifted Bishop Fenwick $100,000 and ask Principal Collison if our community could match it. Collison responded with a resounding “yes”, but thoughtfully wondered. The date was set, October 11, to raise $100,000 and match Chester’s gift and raise a combined total of $200,000 for the new Nest and expanded Counselor Program. What YOU did was simply amazing as indicated by the numbers and compared to any other school’s Day of Giving in the entire Archdiocese of Cincinnati. The challenge of $100,000 was surpassed by $100,000! Total raised by YOU was over $200,000! October 11th was only one day, but it represented generations and geography of loyal, passionate and dedicated Fenwick family. Thank You for your support and gifts which are transforming the lives of current and future students.


12:04 am LAST GIFT

11:57 pm

600+ # OF GIFTS








48% of gifts designated to Falcon Excellence which allows Fenwick to fund priority needs programs and facility improvements.

Alumni, Parents, & Friends Gifts $200,366.84

TOTAL RAISED $300,366.84 Including the Yeager Foundation Gift




Mike Raiff Dear Falcon Friends, What an amazing time in Falcon country! As you have read in Principal/CEO Blane Collison’s letter, we have been incredibly busy re-investing in our campus, building infrastructure and adding programs and support for our students. It is because of you and your incredible generosity that we can make this happen! Five years ago, Fenwick made a substantive change in the way the development effort would contribute to the long-term health and sustainability of Fenwick. We were determined to move away from predominately tactical practices and, instead, invite you in as a partner to help transform and shape our students and our environment. In previous publications, we shared our plan to re-engage and reconnect with alumni and to continually build relationships with all families in our Falcon community. In this publication, we are proud to show the many successes over the past five years. Last May, we hosted our fifth annual Senior Toast, an engagement that celebrates our seniors’ four years as students and allows Principal Collison to thank senior parents for trusting us with their children. In addition, the seniors use this event to present Fenwick


with their gift to the school – a pay-it-forward moment. Since 2015, graduating seniors, through their Senior Campaign efforts, have generated over $72,000 for the school to assist in the recruitment and education of future Falcons. We recently completed our fourth 1-FENWICK Weekend! Once again, alumni from our 67 years came back to campus and spent In the last five years, time reconnecting my colleagues and I with classmates have witnessed the and friends. 1-FENWICK, which reconnection of our also includes today’s Falcon community, Falcon families, is overflowing with catching on to the love and support for current students today and tomorrow’s of today! This year, Rachel Berling and students. Eric Hendrix, Class of 2020 and leaders of Student Council, put together a “Color Run” to support a local charity for mental health awareness. We just celebrated another Homecoming Alumni Tailgate celebrating all things Fenwick including

recognizing the 45th anniversary of Fenwick’s and Ohio’s first back-to-back State Champions in football and Fenwick’s first State Championship Baseball Team! In the last five years, my colleagues and I have witnessed the reconnection of our Falcon community, overflowing with love and support for today and tomorrow’s students. Now is the time to return and see the fruits of your generosity. Tour the campus to see improvements like the stadium locker rooms, front vestibule, and overall campus-wide beautification. Bring your tennis racket to experience the sparkling new tennis courts donated by the Dupps family. Come see the new stadium entrance and bronze falcon, a gift from Premier Health. Schedule a visit with me to tour The Nest, home of our counselors, which is putting Fenwick in the forefront of true holistic education and transformation of our youth. Thank you again for your continued efforts to keep Fenwick an amazing community. God Bless and Go Falcons,

Michael E. Raiff Director of Development


Developments focus on building relationships

Building Relationship

through people centric engagements has been

Impact Report

increasing the total revenue bene ting the school.

2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019

twofold by increasing the total number of givers and This effort to engage and connect our Falcons of today with Falcons of the past has created a stronger community to move Fenwick forward into the future.

$1,031,098 $721,404 $801,625 $724,760 $1,409,549

5-Year Achievements

New Tennis Courts Stadium entrance & permanent ticket booth/concession stand Campus Wide Landscaping The Nest Dedicated Counselors Building Renovated Intervention Room

Fiscal Year July 1-June 30

$1,600,000 $1,400,000 $1,200,000

SOURCES OF GIFTS e itl2014-2019

T art


h C3.75%




$600,000 $400,000 $200,000 $0




2017-2018 2017-2018


Crimson & Gold Campaign Comparison 2010-2014 $411,197 469


Operational Improvements


2015-2019 $938,287 603


w llo ye

In the past five years, because of YOUR generous gifts, we have increased financial support for students, improved our campus infrastructure and enhanced programs and human capital resources.

DEFINING OUR REVENUE STREAMS Hall of Achievement & Champions of Fenwick Award Flight Path Development Committee Legacy and Planned Giving Campaign Young Alumni Tailgate Crimson & Gold Gala Major Donors NCAA Selection Sunday

Scholarships 14 NEW SCHOLARSHIPS since 2014 - 6 are endowed The Fr. Civille Scholarship has exceeded $100,000 (the highest funding level of any scholarship) *Fr. Lawrence Krusling Scholarship *Jeannette Madaffari-Uhl Memorial Scholarship *Scott Bruggeman Falcon Warrior Scholarship *The Civille Scholarship *Vic and Ann Slezak Memorial Scholarship *Bob and Joan Tindall Memorial Scholarship Premier Health Scholarship Page Family Scholarship



y gre

128% increase 28% increase

Engagements & Campaigns 1-FENWICK Weekend Senior Toast Senior Gift Campaign Core Legacy Meetings Homecoming Alumni Tailgate Bridging the Gap Meetings 1 Day of Giving

Funding for Competitive Compensation Program for Educators Funding for Expansion of Tuition Assistance Plan Expanded Counseling Programming Significant Football Program Re-Investment Endowment for Talon Thursday Financial Relief to the Operational Budget

ge an or




2014-2015 ..................$1,031,098 2015-2016 ..................$ 721,404 2016-2017 ..................$ 801,625 2017-2018...................$ 724,760 2018-2019 ..................$1,409,549




New Stadium Locker Rooms Classroom Blinds Front Vestibule Renovation Outdoor Themed Benches Weight Room Renovation New Ergonomic desks/chairs

Crimson Crimson & & Gold Gold Campaign Campaign Results Results

Fiscal years 2015-2019


Capital Projects

Facility Improvements

Crimson & Gold Campaigns

Average Annual Revenue Raised: Average Annual Donors:

Capital, Facility & Operational Improvements

Mike and Stephanie Smith Scholarship Donna Stomps Scholarship Joe Lyons Scholarship Hardship Scholarship Dr. Donald Sprowls Scholarship Fenwick Falcons State Champion Football and Baseball Teams Memorial Scholarship * indicates endowed

Contributions/ Fundraising Gifts from campaigns, solicitations, planned giving, sponsorships and fundraising. Revenue typically used for new programming and capital improvements, debt reduction, offset of operational costs and building endowment. Developments efforts are measured here.

3rd Party Allocations

Investment Income

Public funds received from local and state government that can only be used for speci c student programming and support. These dollars underwrite student speci c programs. State legislative budget policy and inuence through the public-school district impacts the annual revenue Fenwick receives.

Interest earned through our investments of endowed and cash reserve accounts.

Student Services


Provides revenue earned through student participation in co-curricular programs including athletics and retreats. These dollars are used to offset the costs of running these programs.

Mandatory payment from parents and guardians to offset operational costs of educating our students.


HONOR ROLL OF GIVING LEADERSHIP SOCIETY $10,000+ 1 Faith, 1 Hope, 1 Love James ‘69 & Jody Akers William & Debby Akers Michael Akey Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty Dupps Company Charitable Foundation The Dupps Company Frank ‘87 & Michelle Lysaght Dupps ‘87 John & Patricia Dupps Frank & Robin Weiss Dupps ‘61 Cary & Sarah Akers Fitzhugh ‘72 Jeff ‘92 & Emily Dupps Hendrix ‘92 Home City Ice Karen Carnes Foundation James ‘74 & Mary Jean Kleingers Middletown Community Foundation James & Tammy Miller Keith & Kerry Nixon Lornia Nixon Steve & Jenny Page Page Family Foundation Premier Health-Atrium Medical Center Michael & Mary Raiff Patti Hollingsworth Rouster ‘67 Michael & Stephanie Smith Jim & Anne Mulligan Sund ‘71 Tim Tindall ‘85 & Erica Harper Yeager Family Charitable Fund Chester & Stephanie Yeager

CRIMSON & GOLD SOCIETY $5,000+ Borcherding Buick GMC Buick Drive For Your Students Commerce Bank Tim & Joni Conway Girdwood Orthodontics N-Stock Box, Inc. Ohio Eagle Distributing, LLC Jeff & Gina Pennington Raiff Family Foundation St. Augustine Church

BISHOP FENWICK SOCIETY $2,500+ Al, Olive, Fred, & John Homan Family Fund Apple Inc. Robert & Jeannine Baker Benevity Community Impact Fund Brian Boland & Monica Boland Complete Mechanical Services Jeffrey Dobrozsi ‘88 Michael & Beth Ferris Thomas & Mara Fessler G & J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers., INC Larry & Patrice Harty William & Linda Kilker Kroger


Patrick ‘86 & Kelly Luers Brandon & Annetta Major Miller Industrial Service Team Inc. Lawrence ‘59 & Catherine Herr Mulligan ‘58 St. Margaret of York Parish Larry & Brenda Stier Joe & Monica Stomps

KRUSLING SOCIETY $1,000+ Rodney & Colleen Adams American Savings Bank Anne M. & Victor J. Cassano Sr., Student Financial Assistance Aramark Brad & Nicole Housh Baldwin ‘95 Jim & Kelly Berling Thomas & Robin Blank Joe Bockelman & Barbara Driehaus David & Karen Borgemenke Janet Boyd Ted ‘72 & Jane Braun Brightstar Care Chad & Jennifer Stueve Brogan ‘95 Dave ‘66 & Ginger Lolli Bruggeman ‘67 Ronald & Jennifer Burke Catholic Financial Life Foundation Inc. Blane and Kelly Collison Stephen and Elizabeth Conner Matthew Corcoran Janet Cornell Chuck ‘81 & Kim Cramer Andrea Crane ‘04 John & Stefanie Creech Jon ‘88 & Tricia Croake-Uleman Bob & Monica Lyons Cummins ‘82 Peter & Amy Daigle Joseph ‘81 & Debbie Daly Donna Davis Robert & Donna Dorenbusch Michael & Annette Durham Fahey Family Fund Mark Fahey ‘06 Paul Fahey ‘08 Reverend Tim Fahey ‘06 Thomas & Helen Fahey WIlliam Fahey ‘10 Daniel ‘55 & Carol Enright Fedders ‘55 James ‘81 & Joni Fedders Tom & Charlotte Fister Mike Gausling ‘76 Tom & Marsha Gillen Timothy Gough ‘56 Michael Haverkamp Ed and Debbie Hubach Mark ‘75 & Karen Jackson Timothy ‘67 & Dawn Jackson Eric Kaup ‘88 William & Amy King Russ & Tina Fulmer Knaley ‘91 Knights of Columbus Council #1610 David & Judie Kuhlman Mark ‘79 & Maureen Lyons Lehman ‘79 Christopher & Rebecca Lewis

Bishop Fenwick High School | 2018-2019 Donor Report

Lichtenberg Landscaping, Inc. Therese Lyons ‘83 Marilyn Major Ed and Gina Marek Mike & Michelle Mathile John & Paulette Lakarosky McLaughlin ‘64 Vince & Amy Metzger George ‘83 & Stephanie Nenni Jack ‘70 & Kathy Nenni Rob & Maria Nicolls Daniel Nix Bill & Mandy Schmidt Rolfe & Beth Anne Schorr Michael ‘59 & Kimberly Scorti Thomas & Karen Secrest Brian & Elizabeth Smith Claire Spellmire ‘66 St. Rita School for the Deaf Stockton Mortgage Corporation Timothy & Betty Stueve Bob & Sharon Galeese Touchton ‘64 Tom ‘62 & Cher Uhl Andrew & Michelle Vollmar Albert ‘60 & Carol VonderHaar Robert Walter sr

1952 SOCIETY $500+ Aubrey Rose Foundation James and Sheila Abbott Donald Accurso ‘60 Ray & Ann Marie Heggi Barger ‘56 Richard & Donna Becker William & Carol Beebe Donald & Angela Bell Jim and Deidre Berry Clarence & Judy Bittner Steve & Debbie Burns Tim & Lynn Jorden Colley ‘86 Comprehensive Dermatology Doug & Beth Compton Roger & Debbie Cottongim Bill Cramer ‘67 Jack Downey Easterling Studios Inc. Jay & Catherine Evans Fairfield Community oundation Florence Fiessinger David & Renee Fischer William & Karen Foltyn Michael Frye Steven Gabriel Douglas & Kim Gaker James & Carrie Stevens Gavigan ‘91 Keith & Christina Gustely Thomas ‘73 & Patti Rouster Hackett ‘73 Jeffrey and Lisa Hayek David & Deborah White Hayes ‘68 Karen Helton Michael ‘61 & Nancy Herr Eugene Herrmann Andrea Hicks Jeff & Valerie Hill Keith Hollingworth

Atrium Medical Center Stadium Entrance Walt & Rose Slezak Huber ‘65 Jeffrey Jackson ‘71 Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Andrew ‘67 & Linda Kelly Ray ‘59 & Sandie Montgomery Kelly ‘60 Barbara Kraft ‘74 Karen Skinner Lafkas ‘61 Life Legacy Services Eugene ‘75 & Elizabeth Lolli Frank and Jeanne Long Lanier Luers William Lutmer ‘69 David & Barbara Malik Bill McBrayer ‘19 William McBrayer & Suzanne McBrayer Christopher ‘99 & Christy Mosko John ‘00 & Mandy Mulligan Larry ‘86 & Kristen Mulligan Andrew Murphy Richard & Carla Nicely Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union Timothy & Beth O’Leary Stephen Page Steve ‘77 & Samantha Palmer Jean Domanick Pero ‘66 Bill & Vicki Rohlfs Doris Rolark William & Rebecca Schretter David ‘80 & Pam Habig Soden ‘80 Lloyd & Holly Sova David Sprague St. John XXIII Catholic School Ralph & Teresa Rossi Steinmetz ‘82 James & Stephanie Suriano Thomas ‘75 & Karen Sweeney William ‘71 & Deborah Sweeney Mark & Elizabeth Tebbe David & Joan Thole

Touch of Grattitude LLC Verizon Foundation Kimberly Vest Keith & Cathy Vidourek John ‘88 & Paige Beck Willenbrink ‘88 Edward & Michelle Woods Mark & Ann Zlotnik

FALCON CLUB $250+ Anderson Funeral Home Daniel Beck & Kim Jacobs-Beck William & Jennifer Becker Joseph ‘78 & Carol Huntsbarger Bidwell ‘78 Bob Sumerel Tire & Service Donald ‘86 & Sharon Braun Jed & Janice Brubaker Timothy ‘79 & Joanne Marstall Bruggeman ‘79 Dale & Shelly Brunner Buffalo Wild Wings Scott and Carolyn Bush Barbara Werner Calabrese ‘62 Joseph ‘04 & Allison Hellmann Cesta ‘04 Andre ‘77 & Kimberly Chartrand Dan & Margie Christie John Christie Reverend John Civille Class of 1968 Abraham & Natalie Combs Lynette Cooper ‘84 Bill ‘61 & Fran Courtney Fred ‘92 & Elizabeth Robertson Cranford ‘97 Kaitlyn Creech ‘19 Frank & Patricia Wootan Detzel ‘60 Toby & Jill Dials Eugene and Christina DiGirolamo Allen Dukes Andrew & Aimee Ehlen

Paul ‘62 & Shirley Enright Steve & Wendi Evans Eric & Cheryl Falk Cheryl Fassler ‘75 Jack Fessler ‘19 Jim & April Foley James & Becky Forse Eric & Renae Fossum Stacey Bechtel Fuller ‘91 Glove Specialties Inc. Brian ‘78 & Barbara Kleingers Grant ‘76 Denny & Lisa Gray Rob and Tina Green Gregg & Kelli Grimes Kathleen Hackett ‘65 Terrence ‘68 & Kathy Hackett Mary Ann Domanick Hackney ‘63 Wayne & Donna Hafer Alan & Gerry Heckler Tom & Lynn Hemmelgarn Robert & Sonya Herber Christopher & Teresa Hersey Mary Schlotter Hickey ‘60 Rob ‘86 & Smita Himes Scott & Erin Hirko John ‘61 & Donna Hoh Frederick ‘59 & Karen Hollon Derek & Kelly Houck Christopher & Janice Hurley Interstate Batteries of Greater Dayton Joseph & Katherine Kelly Ivcevich ‘62 John & Monica DiCristoforo Jagodzinski ‘81 Fred Jeffers Linda Jester Dawn Juriga Gregory ‘78 & Deborah Jutte Jared Kauffman ‘17 Larry Kopp & Amy Kaup ‘90 Dave & Betty Krebs Todd & Jennifer Kuipers Michael Kumpy Tom & Margaret Rossi Lanahan ‘84 Steve & Liz Lawson Donald & Cathy Leesman Daniel & Laura Lejeune Anthony & Tonya Levo Steve & Stephanie Lichtenberg Michael ‘76 & Annette Rossi Lolli ‘78 Tim & Bernadette Maxwell Daniel & Michele Maziar Christopher & Annemarie Long McCarthy ‘81 Matthew & Julie Meintel Angie Mohrhaus Christopher & Patricia Moore Dan & Lisa Mullen Ryan ‘97 & Kristen Mulligan David ‘70 & Sue Mulligan Joe Mulligan ‘93 Joe Murray Nancy Nix & Robert Leshnak Nenni & Company, CPA’s Paul ‘66 & Cecilia Nenni Christopher ‘02 & Lauren Noonan Patrick & Jackie Noonan Chris & Cindy Pacetti Ricky Pearce ‘11

In reports of this nature, mistakes can occur. If your name was omitted or improperly listed, please accept our apologies and contact the development office at 513-727-1500 so that we can correct our records.


Three Generations of the Dupps Family

ProSource Technologies, Inc. Joseph ‘89 & Jennifer Koch Puthoff ‘89 Jim & Kristen Riesenberg Anne Rossi ‘81 James & Mary Schirmer Michael and Ashley Schmitz Robert & Dolores Schuermann Richard & Michelle Schultze Frances Sedge David and Amy Sejas John ‘63 & Vicki Perkins Sennet ‘65 Paul & Regina Sensel SFM Insurance Mark & Martha Nuck Shaker ‘79 Christopher ‘83 & Georgia Sherman Rita Slusser Smallwood ‘63 Michael Snyder Mike ‘84 & Pam Sora Stanton Electric Jeffrey and Maureen Steinacker Ralph & Teresa Rossi Steinmetz ‘82 Tom & Margaret Stevenson Richard Stewart Sarah Ventimiglia Stigall ‘95 Jay & Kelly Sullivan Victoria Andreotta Summers ‘73 Gregory & Debra Tetzloff Thomas & Charlotte Thiery Jason & Katie Goldschmidt Umberg Village Park Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dental Daniel & Karen Wehrle Timothy & Andrea Wyatt Richard ‘61 & Jane Yost

BRAVE & BOLD $100+ Lorenzo & Tammy Adam Jack & Marilyn Markert Alderton ‘53 Ken ‘64 & Lois Koeppel Allen ‘65 John & Kristine Aregood Tom & Julie Barger Arends ‘87 Artistic Dance Center Scott & Joan Arwine Mark & Jennifer Cranford Atkinson ‘89 George ‘66 & Marilyn Averdick David & Lisa Averion


Rebecca Bailey ‘04 John ‘73 & Pat Farquis Balaz ‘75 Steve Barbour & Jody Habig ‘87 Steven & Jill Beatty Robert ‘61 & Jennie Beck Jeremy and Hope Beddard Denis & Chris Schumacher Behm ‘73 Ken ‘59 & Nancy Beiser Robert & Sandra Belanich George & Anne Benington Lauren Boland ‘19 Brian & Joanne Boon Jo Ann Donisi Bowman ‘57 Richard & Carolyn Murphy Bradfield ‘5 Darrell & Mary Sue Brandenburg Anthony & Elizabeth Braun Andrew ‘86 & Susan Braun Russell & Lynne Braun Keith Brinkmann ‘11 Harper Brock ‘19 Jeffrey & Michelle Burson Mark Buzek & Theresa Dziewatkoski Michael & Kimberly Cahal Christopher & Stephanie Calpin Donna Carlson Scott & Amy Chelman Joseph ‘56 & Mary Anne Christmann Dwayne & Jill Clary Class of 1963 Victor& Sharon Clesceri Terrence ‘64 & Beverly Cole Steve & Angela Cole Michael & Lori Coleman Patrick Coleman Patrick Colley ‘14 Charlotte Murphy Collins ‘60 Jonathan & Lori Combs Patricia Combs Luke ‘10 & Sarah Blank Compton ‘10 Steve & Nancy Dobrozsi Compton ‘91 Patrick and Suzanne Connors Eric & Lisa Corti Kazuo Cottrell ‘80 John Creech ‘17 Sherrill Creech Richard & Anita Dahm Mark ‘57 & Linda Daley

Bishop Fenwick High School | 2018-2019 Donor Report

Eric Daley Stephen Davis John & Deborah Davis Jenni De Noma Fred ‘87 & Amy DeBiasi Jerome & Tonia Deidesheimer Jeffrey Dobrozsi ‘88 Shannon Donoher ‘09 John ‘56 & Louise Cassidy Dorenbusch ‘56 Richard & Rachel Eagan Mark ‘69 & Rose Ann Chase Eckart ‘69 Courtney & Laura Eiken Tony Elieff William & Theresa Elliott Ray & Karen Engle Timothy Enright ‘64 Robert & Angela Opbroeck Erhart ‘86 Richard ‘63 & Carmen Julia Ernst Mary Ann Tracy Evans ‘69 Mike & Rhonda Finley Ann Fishbaugh Anne Fout ‘91 Randall & Lori Frankart James ‘57 & Marjorie Frey Michael ‘62 & Patricia Fulmer Gregory & Maureen Long Gaston ‘83 Maryruth Gold Gerstner ‘66 Scott & Jody Googins Todd & Sarah Goubeaux David ‘61 & Sharon Graham Thomas & Elizabeth Groskopf Ann Gross John & Kristy Gruber Cathy Hacker Daniel ‘04 & Anne Hackett Mark & Martha Haenni Nancy Harmount Hall ‘54 Penny Haney Rudy & Annette Tolley Hansen ‘54 Jon and Laura Hawke Matthew & Stephanie Hayes David & Brigid Heberling John & Lisa Heckler Timothy & Cheri Hellmann Timothy & Cari Hellmann Steve & Amy Helmecamp Robert & Marcia Helsinger The Hickman Family Robert ‘63 & Marilyn Himes Richard & Julie Hobbs Steve Hollo Rik and Jean Horn Mike & Theresa McCain Housh ‘67 Patrick ‘10 & Mary Turvy Hudepohl ‘10 Rose Hume ‘71 Jeffery & Diane Huntsbarger Aaron & Julie Casserly Iverson ‘90 Matthew Jackson Patrick Jackson Craig and Bridget Janeck Reverend J. Dennis Jaspers Daniel & Maria Jeffers Greg ‘71 & Leslie Vogelsang Johnson ‘70 Greg ‘08 & Erin Mott Johnson ‘09 John Jorden ‘83 Daniel ‘69 & Veronica Harmon Jurkowitz ‘68

Deborah Kaleta Dan & Sally Jackson Karl ‘60 Marilyn Kaylor Samuel Keller Donald & Mary Anne Kelley Leon Kirchner Michael Kleingers ‘03 Ronald & Carol Koch John & Rebecca Koehl Steven & Margo Komarek Kathleen Komnenovich ‘64 Scott Kososki & Nicole Stanford Dona Fiessinger Krall ‘71 Kuntz Foundation Robert & Helen Fiessinger Lampke ‘59 David Lang Matthew & Rebecca Lankheit Darrell Lauderback Robert ‘09 & Kassidy Wyatt Lauer ‘09 Bob ‘83 & Annette Cooper Lauer ‘84 Steve Hurd & Julianne Long Lee ‘68 Andrew Lieb ‘18 Mitchel & Catherine Lippert Anthony & Maria DiCristoforo Lococo ‘87 Josh & Nicole Eckes Logsdon ‘99 Patrick ‘82 & Kara Lolli Steven ‘88 & Rose Longworth Allison Lorei Mad River Artworks Stacie Major-Doench Reverend James Manning James & Kathleen Manning Nick ‘82 & Kathy Bees Marchetti ‘82 John & Kristina McAneny Shawn McCabe John & Katherine McCoy Wayne McDermitt Hugh McPhail Eric & Caroline Meister James & Emily Monnin Mike ‘67 & Carol Monnin Joseph Moorman ‘03 Diego & Ines Morita Patrick & Amy Mossman David & Jodi Mott Christopher & Jeanne Muia

James ‘63 & Sandi Mulligan Theresa Faeta ‘59 Michael ‘88 & Katherine Mulligan Lawrence Mulligan III ‘10 Monica Nenni ‘04 Paul ‘66 & Cecelia Nenni Jo Anne Nenni Robert ‘66 & Rose Nicely Mary & George Nikias Alexander Nikias ‘10 Fred ‘61 & Sara Kelly Nori ‘63 Norton Outdoor Advertising Marilyn Fiessinger O’Brien ‘55 Tim & Sharon Orr Bebe Orth Tom ‘55 & Jackie Osust Michael & Amy Parks Robert Patrick Saylor Patrick ‘19 Daniel & Barb Patterson David & Karen Pearce Todd & Theresa Penney Joshua Plandowski ‘11 Anthony & Rose Mulligan Poleway ‘55 Daniel & Melanie Powers Sankey & Jean Price Marsha Purtee Douglas & Jeanne Puthoff Jack Quin ‘19 Michael & Julie Rado Norma Reardon Kenneth & Christina Vogelsang Rechtin ‘70 Charles & Laura Reckers Paul & Carolyn Richards Keith & Jacqueline Roethlisberger Patrie Rolling Michael & Kathleen Dobrozsi Romans ‘67 Marjorie Root Mary Ann Swarcz Rossi ‘53 John ‘80 & Shari Rossi Nunzio ‘55 & Laurel Rossi John & Kimberly Sarley Thomas & Kay Sauer Zach & Sarah Schadek William & Pat Schaefer Nancy Schaffer & Mike Busam

Mark & Melinda Schamer Andrew & Paige Schehr Nicholas ‘75 & Pamela Schramm David & Carole Schul Mark Sennet ‘67 Kevin & Tracie Shibley Greg Shooner & Mary Spellmire-Shooner ‘74 Thomas and Cindy Skinner Matthew ‘00 & Corey Smith Darrell & Sarah Barrett Smith ‘01 Sabrina Snyder Eugene Sora ‘57 Paul ‘76 & Sharon South Randall & Martha Stegbauer Joshua Steinmetz ‘19 Larry & Peggy Stevens Elizabeth Strong Jonathon & Adrianne Verquer Sturgis ‘84 Darrel & Julie Swartz Jeff & Kristy Swisher Ted & Bonita Taggart Luke ‘03 & Valerie Munafo Talkers ‘04 Joe & Jennifer Templin Christopher & Katrina Terry Andrew & Marianne Thomas Cathi Orth Thomas ‘69 Jeff & Susan Trangenstein Peggy Delaney Trimble ‘64 Larry & Joanne Turvy Steven & Jennifer Utterdyke Jennifer Vanderhorst Jack & Karen Lolli Vehr ‘68 Jason & Dee Dee Verhoff Victoria Theatre Association Randall ‘81 & Diane Von Bargen Tim & Mary Jo Nesbitt Weis ‘82 Ronald & Vicki Weisbrod Patrick & Krysta Weizman Marty & Theresa Wilkins Bob & Sherry Williams Jerry & Janice Dobrozsi Wise ‘64 Raymond ‘60 & Darlene Olson Witte ‘60 Michael & Nancy Woodward Timothy & Kathleen Wourms Dennis & Sandi Capozzi Wulfeck ‘75

Dupps Foundation funded Tennis Stadium

In reports of this nature, mistakes can occur. If your name was omitted or improperly listed, please accept our apologies and contact the development office at 513-727-1500 so that we can correct our records.


Seiko Yoshitake ‘09 David & Julie Yost Amy Zahora Jordan Zahora ‘19 Mark ‘68 & Elise Zielinski Cathy Zulock ‘66

FENWICK FRIENDS <$100 Elia Adam ‘19 Bob & Teresa Donisi Adams ‘60 Matthew & Julia Aman Eric Aman ‘19 Amy Anders Isabella Arends ‘18 Emma Arends ‘21 Erasmus Arko-Amoateng Christopher & Mary Pat Austing Primo Averion ‘19 Jacob Baker ‘19 Patricia Beatty Matthew Beckman ‘19 Leo Bell ‘19 Joel & Madonna Belvo Adam & Jill Berning Glenn & Gretchen Hummel Berny ‘61 Dylan Berry ‘19 Richard & Emily Sauers Bevis ‘99 Elizabeth Blank ‘14 Michael Boon ‘19 Joseph Bothe ‘77 Lauren Bowe ‘19 Jeff and Cheryl Brandenburg Glenn ‘67 & Carolyn Brehm Jessica Brown ‘19 Michael ‘77 & Beth Bruggeman John Bruggeman Brooklyn Brunner ‘19 Jared Burke ‘21 Debbie Burkhardt Leo Burkhardt ‘19 Michael Burns ‘19 David Burrows

Cody Burtrum ‘06 Janet & Terry Cain Craig & Cathy Capell Sherry Casto Tina Chabliss Gaeleen Neary Chamness ‘56 William Chelman ‘19 Ka Long Choi ‘19 Scott & Kelly Cilurzo James ‘68 & Jenny McDermott Cimprich ‘68 John ‘67 & Vickie Cimprich Suzanne Nenni Clark Robert Clesceri ‘19 Adam Colley ‘16 Joe Colley ‘18 MaKayla Comstock ‘19 Thomas & Emily Cooper Jack Corcoran ‘19 Gabriella Corti ‘19 Maureen Crossman Ryan & Debbie Curry Travis Dahm ‘19 Terri Daley Stephan ‘68 & Virginia Diorio Daley ‘68 Elena Daly ‘19 Kelsey Daly ‘19 Tina Daniel Michael & Stacey Daumeyer Caroline Daumeyer ‘19 Tim and Shelly Dawson Katie Dawson ‘19 Linda Beier Day ‘58 Mary Ann O’Flynn DeHart ‘68 Scott & Tracey Denning Jacob Dials ‘19 Giovanni DiGirolamo ‘19 Joseph ‘67 & Barb Hackett Dineen ‘67 Ryan ‘03 & Rachael Dobrozsi Alexis Dolph ‘19 Thomas Donnelly Sherry Downs Kim Duckwall

Robert & Judith Weikert Dunn ‘66 Jessica Durham ‘10 Michael & Rhonda Durstock Ellie Earls ‘19 Donald & Susan Ebding Rick & Susan Eckstein Alexis Eckstein ‘19 Roger ‘91 & Michelle Simpson Eggleton ‘91 Parker Elliott ‘19 Timothy Erhart ‘19 Lauren Falk ‘19 Blake Faulkner ‘19 Lauren Fedders ‘09 Daniel Fening ‘71 Thomas Fening ‘65 David Finley ‘19 Zachary Fisher ‘19 Nathan Fister ‘19 Carl ‘07 & Katherine Kleimeyer Forney ‘07 Ethan Fuller ‘19 Kevin Gaston ‘19 Makenzie Gauche ‘19 Jillian Gavigan ‘19 Cassandra Gibbs Danny Gilmore ‘14 Chris Gilmore ‘14 Amy Gilmore ‘14 Dusty & Tracy Goldie Miranda Goubeaux Dennis & Sherri Gramann Matt & Lori Grandstaff Kila Gray ‘19 Nathaniel Green ‘19 Anthony Gustely ‘17 Benjamin Gustely ‘19 Andrew ‘97 & Lori Guyler Paul ‘77 & Marj Berberich Haker ‘81 Paula Hale Isabelle Hamilton ‘19 Laura & Jon Hawke Joseph & Stephanie Helfrich Benton Hellmann ‘19 Doug & Debe Hemmelgarn

Rendering of new ticket booth and concessions for spring 2020

Robert & Kendra Herber Deborah Hill Joshua Hill ‘19 William Scott Hine Paul Hinrichs ‘09 Colleen Hirko ‘11 Mike Hoendorf Don and Mary Hoerlein Mark & Christa Hoffbauer Jennifer Adams Hogan James ‘63 & Alice Hogan Mary Mullarkey Horan ‘72 Holly Horlander Frances Hornikel Kurt Howell ‘19 Thomas & Kathleen Hudepohl Tim & Pam Hume ‘76 Ethan Jackson Alyssa Jagodzinski ‘19 Craig & Bridget Janeck Janie Jeffers ‘19 Joseph Jeffers Jay Jena ‘79 Paul Jena ‘82 Amber DiCristoforo Jena ‘78 Phil & Denise Keegan Nancy & Robert Kerr John King ‘19 Jay Kirchner Sister Annie Klapheke ‘04 Michael & Joann Bors Klapheke ‘66 Mark ‘85 & Pam Kleingers Matthew ‘05 & Amanda Kleingers Molly Klimo ‘19 Fred & Amy Knudsen Luke Komarek ‘19 Becky Konz Michael and Gina Kurtz Morgan Kurtz ‘14 Alex Kurtz ‘18 Mark ‘68 & Kathleen Lakarosky David Lamb Glenn & Gina Lasley Chloe Lasley ‘19 Thomas ‘10 & Ashlynn Lauer

Creating a

philanthropic culture of giving requires an



understanding, and

behavior by all stakeholders and members a

of an organization committed

to voluntary action for the

common good. Gift giving is a by-product of a philanthropic culture.

Kristin Leesman ‘12 David Leesman ‘13 Luke Lejeune ‘19 Peter & Carolyn Long Lenz ‘93 Samuel Lewis ‘19 John & Gloria Lillard David Lindskog Daniel & Virginia Skinner Linnenberg ‘70 Bob Litzinger Paul ‘79 & Lisa DiCristoforo Lolli ‘79 Zach Lorei ‘18 Martin Luers ‘85 & Elaine Luers Tara Luers ‘19 Kurt & Kristen Maier Aubrey Major ‘19 Grant Major ‘16 Noah Malinowski ‘19 Mark and Dawn Mangus Theresa Mangus ‘80 Kathi Mangus ‘72 Patrick Manning ‘19 Marie Marchetti ‘08 James ‘63 & Sandy Martin Frank & Kathy Mazzone Kraig & Julie Cancasci McConaghy ‘86

Natalie McDonald Betty McGuire Susan McKinney Richard & Dorothy McLaughlin Anna Meister ‘19 Miami Valley Health and Wellness Amedee Michel ‘19 Cody Miles ‘19 Claudia Miller ‘19 Joseph & Beth Miller Timothy Mohrhaus Thomas Mohrhaus Richard and Pat Montgomery Emily Moore ‘19 John & Christine Morris Jared Morris ‘19 James Luther and Barbara Morris Evan Mossman ‘19 Claire Muia ‘19 Aaron Mullen ‘19 Austin Mullen ‘14 Matt Mulligan ‘90 Joseph P. Mulligan ‘55 Claire Mysonhimer ‘19 Michael & Nancy Mysonhimer Christopher Napier ‘19 Frank ‘74 & Sue Nemcic Henry Nenni ‘19 Patrick Neu ‘74 Huy Nguyen ‘19 Bradley Nicely ‘19 Jessica Nicolls ‘19 Emma Nicolls ‘17 Denaire Nori ‘91 Christine Orr ‘19 Samantha & Steve Palmer ‘77 Betty Palmer Michael & Jennifer Payne Sarah Pearce ‘09 Tonny & Pamela Perrotti Brianna Poland ‘19 Patrick Poplis Reverend Edward Pratt ‘81 Frank ‘58 & Judy Pressler David & Sara Reardon

Jennifer Reckers ‘19 Andrea Rossi Reich ‘93 Lauren Rich ‘19 Catherine Richards ‘18 Kate Riekert ‘19 Rob & Pam Ripard Brenden Risser ‘19 Andrew & Alicia Schmitt Rizzo ‘96 Edward & Leigh Rogers Vicki & Bill Rohlfs Jeffrey & Jennifer Rose Katheen Rosenberg Michelle Opbroek Ross ‘88 James Rossi ‘82 Sherry Rui ‘19 Robert & Laurie Schaefer Thomas & Rebekah Schraer James Schafer John & Amy Scheels John & Katherine Kelley Schmid ‘94 Lawrence ‘56 & Margaret Reed Schneider ‘59 Nancy Bothe Schneider ‘74 Allie Schoenhoft ‘14 Thomas Schraer Tyler Schraer ‘19 Mary Lou Schramm ‘71 Robert ‘85 & Kelli Schuermann Craig Schuermann ‘19 Corinne Schuermann ‘17 Sam Secrest ‘19 Kim Selby ‘90 Terry & Jennifer Sershion John & Brigitte Seifert Shearer ‘81 Bert & Shirley Shields Robin & Diana Shope Wayne & Pat Simpson Mason Slack ‘19 John Smith Keegan Smith ‘19 Ryan Smith ‘19 Paul & Mary Sommers Anthony Sora ‘10 Joseph Sora ‘16 Nick Sora ‘10

Julie South Megan Stevenson ‘17 Nicholas Stratton ‘19 Sarah Suriano ‘19 Darrel & Julie Swartz Audrey Swisher ‘19 Chris & Amy Tanaka Andrew Tebbe ‘12 Hannah Tebbe ‘19 Samantha Terry ‘19 Adam Tetzloff ‘19 Michael & Suzanne Theiss Fred & Ann Thomas Annabelle Thomas ‘19 Larry & Traci Tippman Carly Trangenstein ‘19 Mary Twohig ‘03 Meghan Utterdyke ‘19 Ben Vest ‘19 Ken ‘79 & Jenny Ritter Vieth ‘80 Patrick Vitori ‘67 Thomas Vogelsang ‘19 Nicholas Von Dohre ‘16 Timothy ‘97 & Courtney VonderHaar Robert Voyten ‘19 John & Carmen Donisi Wagner ‘64 Joe Wagner Marilyn Courtney Watson ‘58 Mike & Sue Webster Danny Webster ‘19 John Wehrle ‘19 Danielle Wehrle ‘16 Wesley Wehrle ‘15 Mike & Toni Weiss Hannah Wilkins ‘19 Matthew Williams ‘19 Daniel & Kimberly Willig Craig & Stephanie Rossi Withrow ‘88 Jeffery & Kelly Wolf Elizabeth Wourms ‘18 Ruoxi Wu ‘19 Garrett Wyatt ‘11 Spencer Wyatt ‘16 Dominic Wyatt ‘17 Brian & Susan Young Joe & Janet Beiser Zappia ‘67 Peize Zhang ‘19 Michael & Linda Zierolf Mackenzie Zierolf ‘19 Michael Zlotnik ‘18

BY ALUMNI CLASS CLASS OF 1953 Marilyn Markert Alderton Mary Ann Swarcz Rossi

CLASS OF 1954 Nancy Harmount Hall Annette Tolley Hansen

CLASS OF 1955 34

Bishop Fenwick High School | 2018-2019 Donor Report

In reports of this nature, mistakes can occur. If your name was omitted or improperly listed, please accept our apologies and contact the development office at 513-727-1500, so that we can correct our records.




Donald Accurso Teresa Donisi Adams Charlotte Murphy Collins Patricia Wootan Detzel Mary Schlotter Hickey Sally Jackson Karl Sandie Montgomery Kelly Albert VonderHaar Darlene Olson Witte Raymond Witte

Kenneth Allen Terrence Cole Timothy Enright Kathleen Komnenovich Paulette Lakarosky McLaughlin Ted Ritter Sharon Galeese Touchton Peggy Delaney Trimble Carmen Donisi Wagner Janice Dobrozsi Wise


CLASS OF 1965 Lois Koeppel Allen Thomas Fening Kathleen Hackett Rose Slezak Huber Vicki Perkins Sennet

Jo Ann Donisi Bowman Mark Daley Jim Frey Eugene Sora

Rob Beck Gretchen Hummel Berny Bill Courtney Robin Weiss Dupps David Graham Michael Herr John Hoh Karen Skinner Lafkas Fred Nori Richard Yost

Jenny McDermott Cimprich James Cimprich Terrence Hackett Deborah White Hayes Veronica Harmon Jurkowitz Mark Lakarosky Julianne Long Lee Karen Lolli Vehr Mark Zielinski






George Averdick David Bruggeman Judith Weikert Dunn Maryruth Gold Gerstner Paul Nenni Robert Nicely Jean Domanick Pero Claire Spellmire Cathy Zulock

Jim Akers Rose Ann Chase Eckart Mark Eckart Mary Ann Tracy Evans Jane Gold Dan Jurkowitz William Lutmer Cathi Orth Thomas

James Kleingers Barbara Kraft Frank Nemcic Patrick Neu Mary Spellmire-Shooner


Leslie Vogelsang Johnson David Mulligan Jack Nenni Christina Vogelsang Rechtin Virginia Skinner-Linnenberg

Pat Farquis Balaz Cheryl Fassler Jeff Hamilton Mark Jackson Eugene Lolli Nicholas Schramm Thomas Sweeney Sandi Capozzi Wulfeck



Daniel Fening Rose Hume

Mike Gausling Barbara Kleingers Grant

Carolyn Murphy Bradfiel Carol Enright Fedders Daniel Fedders Joseph P. Mulligan Marilyn Fiessinger Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien Tom Osust Rose Mulligan Poleway Nunzio Rossi

CLASS OF 1956 Ann Marie Heggi Barger Gaeleen Neary Chamness Joseph Christmann Louise Cassidy Dorenbusch John Dorenbusch Tim Gough Lawrence Schneider


Linda Beier Day Catherine Herr Mulligan Frank Pressler Marilyn Courtney Watson

CLASS OF 1959 Kenneth Beiser C. Frederick Hollon Ray Kelly Helen Fiessinger Lampke Theresa Faeta Mulligan Lawrence Mulligan Margaret Reed Schneider Michael Scorti

Barbara Werner Calabrese Paul Enright Michael Fulmer Katherine Kelly Ivcevich Tom Uhl

CLASS OF 1963 Richard Ernst Mary Ann Domanick Hackney Robert Himes James Mulligan Sara Kelly Nori John Sennet Rita Slusser Smallwood

Glenn Brehm Ginger Lolli Bruggeman John Cimprich Bill Cramer Barbara Hackett Dineen Joseph Dineen Theresa McCain Housh Timothy Jackson

Andrew Kelly Mike Monnin Kathleen Dobrozsi Romans Patti Hollingsworth Rouster Mark Sennet Patrick Vitori Janet Beiser Zappia

Jeffrey Jackson Greg Johnson Dona Fiessinger Krall Mary Lou Schramm Anne Mulligan Sund William Sweeney


Edward Braun Sarah Akers Fitzhugh Mary Mullarkey Horan



CLASS OF 1973 Anonymous Chris Schumacher Behm Patti Rouster Hackett Thomas Hackett Victoria Andreotta Summers


Pam Hume Michael Lolli Paul South

CLASS OF 1977 Michael Bruggeman Andre Chartrand Paul Haker Steve Palmer

CLASS OF 1978 Carol Huntsbarger Bidwell Joseph Bidwell Brian Grant Gregory Jutte Annette Rossi Lolli


Marj Berberich Haker Monica DiCristoforo Jagodzinski Annemarie Long McCarthy Saundra Lantis Pearce Reverend Edward Pratt Anne Rossi Brigitte Seifert Shearer Randall Von Bargen

CLASS OF 1982 Monica Lyons Cummins Patrick Lolli Kathy Bees Marchetti Nick Marchetti James Rossi Teresa Rossi Steinmetz Mary Jo Nesbitt Weis

Joanne Marstall Bruggeman Timothy Bruggeman Robert Gold Maureen Lyons Lehman Mark Lehman Lisa DiCristoforo Lolli Paul Lolli Martha Nuck Shaker Ken Vieth



Lynette Cooper Margaret Rossi Lanahan Annette Cooper Lauer Mike Sora Adrianne Verquer Sturgis

Kazuo Cottrell John Rossi Pam Habig Soden David Soden Jenny Ritter Vieth

CLASS OF 1981 Chuck Cramer Joseph Daly James Fedders

Maureen Long Gaston John Jorden Bob Lauer Therese Lyons George Nenni Christopher Sherman


CLASS OF 1985 Mark Kleingers Martin Luers Rob Schuermann Tim Tindall Michael Weiss

CLASS OF 1986 Andrew Braun Donald Braun Jim Bruggeman Lynn Jorden Colley Angela Opbroeck Erhart Rob Himes Patrick Luers Julie Cancasci McConaghy Lawrence Mulligan II

CLASS OF 1987 Julie Barger Arends Jody Habig Barbour Fred DeBiasi Michelle Lysaght Dupps Frank Dupps Maria DiCristoforo Lococo

CLASS OF 1988 Jon Croake-Uleman Jeffrey Dobrozsi Matthew Dupps Eric Kaup Steven Longworth Michael Mulligan Michelle Opbroek Ross Paige Beck Willenbrink John Willenbrink Stephanie Rossi Withrow

CLASS OF 1989 Jennifer Cranford Atkinson Jennifer Koch Puthoff Joseph Puthoff

CLASS OF 1990 Julie Casserly Iverson Amy Kaup

2019 Senior Toast


Bishop Fenwick High School | 2018-2019 Donor Report

In reports of this nature, mistakes can occur. If your name was omitted or improperly listed, please accept our apologies and contact the development office at 513-727-1500 so that we can correct our records.


Matt Mulligan Kim Selby

CLASS OF 1991 Nancy Dobrozsi Compton Michelle Simpson Eggleton Roger Eggleton Anne Fout Stacey Bechtel Fuller Carrie Stevens Gavigan Tina Fulmer Knaley Denaire Nori

CLASS OF 1992 Fred Cranford Emily Dupps Hendrix Jeff Hendrix

CLASSS OF 1993 Carolyn Long Lenz Joe Mulligan Andrea Rossi Reich

CLASS OF 1994 Katherine Kelley Schmid

CLASS OF 1995 Nicole Housh Baldwin Jennifer Stueve Brogan Sarah Ventimiglia Stigall

CLASS OF 1996 Alicia Schmitt Rizzo

CLASS OF 1997 Elizabeth Robertson Cranford Andrew Guyler Ryan Mulligan Timothy VonderHaar

CLASS OF 1999 Emily Sauers Bevis Nicole Eckes Logsdon Christopher Mosko

CLASS OF 2000 John Mulligan

CLASS OF 2001 Sarah Barrett Smith

CLASS OF 2002 Christopher Noonan

CLASS OF 2003 Ryan Dobrozsi Michael Kleingers Joseph Moorman Luke Talkers Mary Twohig

CLASS OF 2004 Rebecca Bailey Allison Hellmann Cesta Joseph Cesta Andrea Crane Daniel Hackett Sister Annie Klapheke Monica Nenni


Valerie Munafo Talkers

CLASS OF 2005 Matthew Kleingers

CLASS OF 2006 Cody Burtrum Reverend Tim Fahey Mark Fahey

CLASS OF 2007 Katherine Kleimeyer Forney Carl Forney

CLASS OF 2008 Timothy Bruggeman Paul Fahey Greg Johnson Marie Marchetti

CLASS OF 2009 Shannon Donoher Lauren Fedders Paul Hinrichs Erin Mott Johnson Kassidy Wyatt Lauer Robert Lauer Sarah Pearce Seiko Yoshitake

CLASS OF 2010 Sarah Blank Compton Luke Compton Jessica Durham William Fahey Mary Turvy Hudepohl Patrick Hudepohl Thomas Lauer Lawrence Mulligan III Alexander Nikias Anthony Sora

CLASS OF 2011 Keith Brinkmann Colleen Hirko Ricky Pearce Joshua Plandowski Garrett Wyatt

CLASS OF 2012 Kristin Leesman Nick Sora Andrew Tebbe

CLASS OF 2013 Leo Haenni David Leesman Taylor Smith

CLASS OF 2014 Elizabeth Blank Patrick Colley Amy Gilmore Chris Gilmore Danny Gilmore Morgan Kurtz Austin Mullen Allie Schoenhoft

Bishop Fenwick High School | 2018-2019 Donor Report

Amedee Michel Cody Miles Claudia Miller Matthew Miller Emily Moore Matias Morita Jared Morris Evan Mossman Claire Muia Aaron Mullen Claire Mysonhimer Christopher Napier Henry Nenni Huy Nguyen Bradley Nicely Jessica Nicolls Christine Orr Alexandra Page Saylor Patrick Joseph Perrotti Brianna Poland Jack Quin Jennifer Reckers Lauren Rich Kate Riekert Brenden Risser

CLASS OF 2015 Wesley Wehrle

CLASS OF 2016 Adam Colley Riley Eiken Grant Major Joseph Sora Nicholas Von Dohre Danielle Wehrle Spencer Wyatt

CLASS OF 2017 John Creech Anthony Gustely Jared Kauffman Emma Nicolls Corinne Schuermann Holly Smith Megan Stevenson Dominic Wyatt

CLASS OF 2018 Isabella Arends Joe Colley Alex Kurtz Andrew Lieb Zach Lorei Catherine Richards Elizabeth Wourms Michael Zlotnik

CLASS OF 2019 Alexander Abbott Andrew Adam Elia Adam Eric Aman Primo Averion Jacob Baker Matthew Beckman Leo Bell Dylan Berry Lauren Boland Michael Boon Lauren Bowe Harper Brock Jordan Brown Brooklyn Brunner Leo Burkhardt Michael Burns William Chelman Charles Choi Robert Clesceri MaKayla Comstock Maggie Connors Jack Corcoran Gabriella Corti Kaitlyn Creech Travis Dahm Matthew Daigle Elena Daly Kelsey Daly Caroline Daumeyer Katie Dawson Jacob Dials Giovanni DiGirolamo

Alexis Dolph Justin Duckwall Ellie Earls Alexis Eckstein William Eiken Parker Elliott Timothy Erhart Lorien Evans Lauren Falk Blake Faulkner Jack Fessler David Finley Zachary Fisher Nathan Fister Ethan Fuller Kevin Gaston Makenzie Gauche Jillian Gavigan Kila Gray Nathaniel Green Benjamin Gustely Isabelle Hamilton Benton Hellmann Joshua Hill Nicholas Hobbs Kurt Howell Alyssa Jagodzinski Janie Jeffers John King Molly Klimo Luke Komarek Chloe Lasley Luke Lejeune Samuel Lewis Tara Luers Aubrey Major Noah Malinowski Patrick Manning Bill McBrayer Anna Meister

Sherry Rui Tyler Schraer Craig Schuermann Sam Secrest Abigail Selby Mason Slack Keegan Smith Ryan Smith Joshua Steinmetz Nicholas Stratton Sarah Suriano Audrey Swisher Hannah Tebbe Samantha Terry Adam Tetzloff Annabelle Thomas Carly Trangenstein Meghan Utterdyke Ben Vest Thomas Vogelsang Robert Voyten Danny Webster John Wehrle Claire Weiss Hannah Wilkins Matthew Williams Cici Wu John Young Jordan Zahora Peize Zhang Mackenzie Zierolf


Robert Clesceri ‘19 Victor & Sharon Clesceri

Amy Napier Christopher Napier ‘19

Mary Ellen Cole Terrence ‘64 & Beverly Cole


Leo Burkhardt ‘19 Holly Horlander

Christopher Calpin Timothy O’Leary John Smith

CLASS OF 2021 Jared Burke

Anh Dang Frances Sedge Andrew Adam ‘19 Lorenzo & Tammy Adam Elia Adam ‘19 Lorenzo & Tammy Adam John Aregood Ellie Earls ‘19 Jacob Baker Lauren Rich ‘19 Rich & Lisa Beckman Matthew Beckman ‘19 Michael Boon ‘19 Brian & Joanne Boon Brian & Joanne Boon Michael Boon ‘19 Lynda Bowe Lauren Bowe ‘19 Jordan Brown ‘19 Dennis & Sherri Gramann Dale & Shelly Brunner Brooklyn Brunner ‘19

William Chelman ‘19 Scott & Amy Chelman Reverend John Civille Frances Sedge Class of 2019 Eric & Lisa Corti James & Kathleen Manning Matthew & Julia Aman Richard & Anita Dahm Tim & Shelly Dawson

Robert & Debbie Comstock MaKayla Comstock ‘19 Jack Corcoran ‘19 Matthew Corcoran Travis Dahm ‘19 Richard & Anita Dahm Richard & Anita Dahm Travis Dahm ‘19 Matthew Daigle ‘19 Peter & Amy Daigle Joseph Daly Kelsey Daly ‘19 Anh Dang Frances Sedge Jacob Dials ‘19 Toby & Jill Dials Kendal Dials ‘19 Toby & Jill Dials Toby & Jill Dials Jacob Dials ‘19 Justin Duckwall ‘19 Kim Duckwall Charlie Ebding Donald & Susan Edbing Riley Eiken ‘16 Courtney & Laura Eiken William Eiken ‘19 Courtney & Laura Eiken Lorien Evans ‘19 Brianna Poland ‘19 Jay & Catherine Evans Peggy Fairbanks Richard & Rachel Eagan Lauren Falk ‘19 Eric & Cheryl Falk Eric & Cheryl Falk Lauren Falk ‘19 Blake Faulkner ‘19 Jeff & Angela Faulkner Nathan Fister ‘19 Tom & Charlotte Fister James & Carrie Gavigan Jillian Gavigan ‘19 Kila Gray ‘19 David ‘66 & Ginger Lolli Bruggeman ‘67 Benjamin Gustely ‘19 Keith & Christina Gustely Hafer Family Wayne & Donna Hafer

In reports of this nature, mistakes can occur. If your name was omitted or improperly listed, please accept our apologies and contact the development office at 513-727-1500 so that we can correct our records.


Robert Hanes Joshua Hill ‘19 Nicholas Stratton ‘19 Ayden Helton ‘21 Karen Helton Joshua Hill ‘19 Jeff & Valerie Hill Alyssa Jagodzinski ‘19 John & Monica DiCristofor Jagodzinski ‘81 John & Monica DiCristofor Jagodzinski ‘81 Alyssa Jagodzinski ‘19 Kyle Jepson Danny Webster ‘19 Joshua Hill ‘19 Nicholas Stratton ‘19 Erin Mott Johnson ‘09 David & Jodi Mott Scott & Christina Klimo Molly Klimo ‘19 Bill & Amy King John King ‘19 John King ‘19 Bill & Amy King Ronald Koch John & Patricia Dupps Steven & Margo Komarek Luke Komarek ‘19 Luke Komarek ‘19 Steven & Margo Komarek Jack Kososki Scott Kososki & Nicole Stanford Patrick Kreke John Jorden ‘83 Glenn & Gina Lasley Chloe Lasley ‘19 Christopher & Rebecca Lewis Samuel Lewis ‘19 Hunter Lippert ‘21 Mitchel & Catherine Lippert Logan Lippert ‘20 Mitchel & Catherine Lippert Frank & Jeanne Long Gregory & Maureen Long Gaston ‘83 Kevin Gaston ‘19 Tim & Elaine Luers Tara Luers ‘19 Brandon & Annetta Major Aubrey Major ‘19 Bill McBrayer ‘19 William & Suzanne McBrayer William & Suzanne McBrayer Bill McBrayer ‘19


Anna Meister ‘19 Eric & Caroline Meister Jack Metzger ‘21 Vince & Amy Metzger Keith & Cathy Vidourek Luke Metzger ‘22 Vince & Amy Metzger Keith & Cathy Vidourek Bobby & Shelley Miles Cody Miles ‘19 Robert & Jewelie Miller Claudia Miller ‘19 Matthew Miller ‘19 Joseph & Beth Miller George & Heather Moore Emily Moore ‘19 Matias Morita Diego & Ines Morita John & Christine Morris Jared Morris ‘19 Jared Morris ‘19 John & Christine Morris Patrick & Amy Mossman Evan Mossman ‘19 Evan Mossman ‘19 Patrick & Amy Mossman Emily Mott David & Jodi Mott James Mott David & Jodi Mott Catherine Mulligan Lawrence Mulligan III ‘10 Middletown Community Foundation Kristen Mulligan

Nicholas Stratton ‘19 Joseph Perrotti ‘19 Tony & Pamela Perrotti Louise Personette Karen Skinner Lafkas ‘61 Stephanie Rich Lauren Rich ‘19 Anna Ripard ‘11 Rob & Pam Ripard Marissa Ripard ‘14 Rob & Pam Ripard Noah Rogers ‘13 William & Pat Schaefer Patti Hollingsworth Rouster ‘67 Deborah Hill Jennifer Hogan John & Katherine McCoy Keith Hollingsworth Thomas ‘73 & Patti Rouster Hackett ‘73 Sam Secrest ‘19 Thomas & Karen Secrest Rolfe & Beth Anne Schorr Abigail Selby ‘19 Kim Selby ‘90 Mary Sue Slack Mason Slack ‘19 Stella Jones Smith Keegan Smith ‘19 The Spellmire Family Greg & Mary Spellmire-Shooner ‘74 Joshua Steinmetz Ralph & Teresa Rossi Steinmetz ‘82

Eric & Amy Napier Christopher Napier ‘19

Sarah Suriano 19 Marsha Purtee Michael Rado Julie Rado James & Stephanie Suriano

George & Stephanie Nenni Henry Nenni ‘19

Mark & Elizabeth Tebbe Hannah Tebbe ‘19

Bradley Nicely ‘19 Richard & Carla Nicely

Gregory & Debra Tetzloff Adam Tetzloff ‘19

Patrick & Jackie Noonan Christopher ‘02 & Lauren Noonan

Andrew & Marianne Thomas Annabelle Thomas ‘19

Tim & Sharon Orr Christine Orr ‘19

Marianne Thomas Annabelle Thomas ‘19

Christine Orr ‘19 Tim & Sharon Orr

Jeff & Susan Trangenstein Carly Trangenstein ‘19

Michael & Nancy Mysonhimer Claire Mysonhimer ‘19

Alexandra Page ‘19 Steve & Jenny Page

Steven & Jennifer Utterdyke Meghan Utterdyke ‘19

Steve & Jenny Page Alexandra Page ‘19

Meghan Utterdyke ‘19 Steven & Jennifer Utterdyke

Jae Park Joshua Hill ‘19

Ben Vest ‘19 Kimberly Vest

Bishop Fenwick High School | 2018-2019 Donor Report

Phuong Vuong Frances Sedge

Marie Brehm Glenn ‘67 & Carolyn Brehm

Richard Gold Maryruth Gerstner Gold ‘66

Marcheta Lantis Rick & Saundra Pearce ‘81

Raymond Palmer Betty Palmer

Mark Webster Ryan Smith ‘19 John Wehrle ‘19 Daniel & Karen Wehrle

Scott Bruggeman’88 David ‘66 & Ginger Lolli Bruggeman’67 John Bruggeman Kila Gray ‘19 Mike & Theresa McCain Housh ‘67 Eugene ‘75 & Elizabeth Lolli

Rita Steele Gough ‘57 Tim Gough ‘56

Hal & Marlene Leonard Robert ‘09 & Kassidy Wyatt Lauer ‘09 Tim & Andrea Wyatt Dominic Wyatt ‘17 Garrett Wyatt ‘11 Spencer Wyatt ‘16

Ted Parrella Amy Anders

Claire Weiss ‘19 Mike & Toni Weiss Hannah Wilkins ‘19 Martin & Theresa Wilkins Matthew Williams ‘19 Bob & Sherry Williams John Young ‘19 Brian & Susan Young Amy Zahora Jordan Zahora ‘19

Thomas Bruggeman ‘74 Michael ‘77 & Beth Bruggeman Frank ‘74 & Sue Nemcic Grandpa & Grandma Calpin Christopher & Stephanie Calpin Calvin Cole Terrence ‘64 & Beverly Cole

Mary Jane Grant Jeff and Cheryl Brandenburg Joyce Hackett Kathleen Hackett ‘65 Terrence ‘68 & Kathy Hackett Larry Hackett Terrence ‘68 & Kathy Hackett

Frank & Patricia Lolli Eugene ‘75 & Elizabeth Lolli

John Haney ‘61 Penny Haney

Bridgid Lyons ‘80 Bob & Monica Lyons Cummins ‘82 Mark ‘79 & Maureen Lyons Lehman ‘79 Therese Lyons ‘83

Terrence P. Harmount Nancy Harmount Hall ‘54

Jordan Zahora ‘19 Amy Zahora

Stephen Cornell Janet Cornell Anna Meister ‘19


Cecilia Cramer Bill Cramer ‘67 Chuck ‘81 & Kim Cramer

Rosemary Kennard Horlander Leo Burkhardt ‘19 Holly Horlander

Andrea Accurso Donald Accurso ‘60

Dennis Creech Kaitlyn Creech ‘19

Paul L. Horn Jerry & Janice Dobrozsi Wise ‘64

Mary Akers James ‘69 & Jody Akers William & Debby Akers Michael Akey Bishop Fenwick High School Cary & Sarah Akers Fitzhugh ‘72 Michael & Kathleen Dobrozsi Romans ‘67 Tim & Betty Stueve

Charles Day ‘57 Linda Beier Day ‘58 Mark ‘57 & Linda Daley

Joseph Hornback Barbara Werner Calabrese ‘62

Marilyn Akers Akey ‘68 Cary & Sarah Akers Fitzhugh ‘72 Lawrence ‘59 & Catherine Herr Mulligan ‘58 Tim & Betty Stueve Stephen Alderton ‘74 Jack & Marilyn Markert Alderton ‘53 Michaela Aregood John & Kristine Aregood The Wyatt Family George & Mary Alice Averdick George ‘66 & Marilyn Averdick Kevin Barrett Darrell & Sarah Barrett Smith ‘01 Belva Beck Daniel & Kim Jacobs-Beck Gary Beiser ‘62 Kenneth ‘59 & Nancy Beiser Larry Beiser ‘58 Kenneth ‘59 & Nancy Beiser Scott Bradfiel Richard & Carolyn Murphy Bradfield ‘5 Dale Braun Donald ‘86 & Sharon Braun

Barbara Dolph Alexis Dolph ‘19 Charles Donahue Kathleen Komnenovich ‘64 Phyllis Orth Downey ‘54 John Downey David Dumford ‘79 Lawrence ‘59 & Catherine Herr Mulligan Judy Elieff Tony Elieff Charles Enright Tim Enright ‘64 Katherine Enright Timothy Enright ‘64 Bob & Helen Ernst Richard ‘63 & Carmen Julia Ernst

Frank A. Lolli ‘70 Eugene ‘75 & Elizabeth Lolli

Steve & Julia Heggi Ray & Ann Marie Heggi Barger ‘56

Timothy Hume Rose Hume ‘71 Ralph & Betty Jackson Mark ‘75 & Karen Jackson Alice Jeffers Fred Jeffers Maureen Johnson Mary Ann Tracy Evans ‘69 Betty McGuire Warren Johnson Patrick & Jackie Noonan Thomas Kaylor ‘63 Marilyn Kaylor Jane Kessinger William Chelman ‘19 Barry Kilker William & Linda Kilker

Mike Faeta Theresa Faeta Mulligan ‘59

Nancy Kincaid Lawrence ‘59 & Catherine Herr Mulligan ‘58

Alfred Fedders Wayne & Pat Simpson

George Klein Don & A.J. Bell

James Fiessinger Florence Fiessinger Marilyn O’Brien Fiessinger ‘55

Barbara Kovach-Gaston Robin & Diana Shope

Sherry Fishbaugh Mary Ann Tracy Evans ‘69

Fr. Lawrence Krusling Robert ‘63 & Marilyn Himes

Clarence Fishbaugh Ann Fishbaugh

Fr. Julian Krusling Rudy & Annette Tolley Hansen ‘54

Jay & Julia Kraus Terrence ‘68 & Kathy Hackett

Jacob Marek Bishop Fenwick High School Class of 2019 Matthew Beckman ‘19 Ronald & Jennifer Burke Ka Long Choi ‘19 Jack Corcoran ‘19 Elena Daly ‘19 Blake Faulkner ‘19 Makenzie Gauche ‘19 Janie Jeffers ‘19 Deborah Kaleta The Lewis Family Samuel Lewis ‘19 Patrick Manning ‘19 Ed & Gina Marek Claudia Miller ‘19 Saylor Patrick ‘19 Jennifer Reckers ‘19 Kate Riekert ‘19 Tyler Schraer ‘19 Sarah Suriano ‘19 Samantha Terry ‘19 John Wehrle ‘19 Reverend Charles Mentrup Donald & Cathy Leesman Christopher ‘99 & Christy Mosko Lynda McLaughlin Milakovich-Costa Richard & Dorothy McLaughlin Fr. Robert Monnin Rita Slusser Smallwood ‘63 Gary Mossman Evan Mossman ‘19 Charles & Bertha Murphy Charlotte Murphy Collins ‘60 Stan & Roberta Noonan Patrick & Jackie Noonan Joseph Orth ‘72 Bebe Orth Tommy Osust Tom ‘55 & Jackie Osust

Edward Reardon Norma Reardon Mary J. Rentschler Glenn & Gretchen Hummel Berny ‘61 Gene Roberts David ‘66 & Ginger Lolli Bruggeman ‘67 John Rossi ‘53 Mary Ann Swarcz Rossi ‘53 Joshua Steinmetz ‘19 Harold J. Rouster Thomas ‘73 & Patti Rouster Hackett Deborah Hill Jennifer Hogan Keith Hollingsworth Mike & Theresa McCain Housh ‘67 Patti Hollingsworth Rouster ‘67 Papa & Mama Sawaya Christopher & Stephanie Calpin Richard Schramm Robert & Judith Weikert Dunn ‘66 Paul ‘77 & Marj Berberich Haker ‘81 John & Gloria Lillard James & Barbara Morris Nick ‘75 & Pamela Schramm John Smith Jama Sebald David ‘66 & Ginger Lolli Bruggeman ‘67 Jennifer Smith Ryan Smith ‘19 David South ‘75 Frank ‘74 & Sue Nemcic Julie South Paul ‘76 & Sharon South Roger South Paul ‘76 & Sharon South Mildred Speed, OSF Steven & Nancy Dobrozsi Compton ‘91 Larry & Patrice Harty Alice Sprague Mary Smith David Sprague SJ Stanford Scott Kososki & Nicole Stanford James Sweeney Thomas & Karen Sweeney ‘75 William & Deborah Sweeney ‘71 William Sweeney Thomas ‘75 & Karen Sweeney William ‘71 & Deborah Sweeney Jean Sweeney William ‘71 & Deborah Sweeney

In reports of this nature, mistakes can occur. If your name was omitted or improperly listed, please accept our apologies and contact the development office at 513-727-1500 so that we can correct our records.


Thomas Swope David ‘66 & Ginger Lolli Bruggeman ‘67 Kelly Herrmann Tedesco Eugene Herrmann Noah Theiss Saylor Patrick Bert & Shirley Shields Michael & Suzanne Theiss Roger Turvy Christopher & Mary Pat Austing Jeff & Cheryl Brandenburg David ‘66 & Ginger Lolli Bruggeman ‘67 Debbie Burkhardt Sherry Casto Tim & Joni Conway Eric & Cheryl Falk Scott & Erin Hirko Thomas & Kathleen Hudepohl Susan McKinney Lawrence ‘59 & Catherine Herr Mulligan ‘58 Michael & Mary Raiff Tim & Betty Stueve The Tanaka Family Larry & Joanne Turvy Ronald & Vicki Weisbrod Tim & Andrea Wyatt Jim Trimble Peggy Delaney Trimble ‘64 Irene Waddle Bill and Mandy Schmidt Mark Wall John ‘63 & Vicki Perkins Sennet ‘65 Judith Markert Walters ‘58 Robert Walters Estel White David & Deborah White Hayes ‘68 Ernie Wiles Jacob Dials ‘19 James Willenbrink David ‘66 & Ginger Lolli Bruggeman ‘67 Xianghua Xie Cici Wu ‘19 Robert Youtsler Robert and Marcia Helsinger

NAMED SCHOLARSHIPS Al, Olive, Fred & John Homan Scholarship Al, Olive, Fred, & John Homan Family Fund Anne M. and Victor J. Cassano, Sr. Scholarship Anne M. & Victor J. Cassano, Sr, Student Financial Assistance Fund Barry Kilker Fund William & Linda Kilker Betty Spellmire Memorial Scholarship Claire Spellmire ‘66 Bob and Joan Tindall Memorial Scholarship Tim Tindall ‘85 & Erica Harper


Bridgid Lyons Memorial Scholarship Bob and Monica Lyons Cummins ‘82 Mark ‘79 and Maureen Lyons Lehman ‘79 Therese Lyons ‘83 CEF Scholarship 1 Faith, 1 Hope, 1 Love Fr. Civille Scholarship James ‘69 & Jody Akers William & Debby Akers Michael Akey Ken ‘64 & Lois Koeppel Allen ‘65 Cary & Sarah Akers Fitzhugh ‘72 Brian’78 & Barbara Kleingers Grant ‘76 Matthew ‘05 & Amanda Kleingers Patrick & Jackie Noonan Michael & Mary Raiff Jim & Kristen Riesenberg Middletown Community Foundation Patrick & Jackie Noonan Michael ‘59 & Kimberly Scorti

Jack & Karen Lolli Vehr ‘68 Harkrader/Rossi Family Scholarship Kazuo Cottrell ‘80 Tom & Margaret Rossi Lanahan ‘84 Andrea Rossi Reich ‘93 Mary Ann Swarcz Rossi ‘53 Teresa Rossi ‘82 & Ralph Steinmetz Harold “Skip” Rouster Memorial Scholarshp Dave ‘66 & Ginger Lolli Bruggeman ‘67 Thomas ‘73 & Patti Rouster Hackett ‘73 Deborah Hill Jennifer Adams Hogan Keith Hollingsworth Mike & Theresa McCain Housh ‘67 Mike ‘67 & Carol Monnin Patti Hollingsworth Rouster ‘67 Jeanette Madaffari-Uhl Memorial Scholarship Tom ‘62 & Cher Uhl

Dobrozsi Family Scholarship Apple Inc. Benevity Community Impact Fund Jeffrey Dobrozsi ‘88

John & Catherine Domanick Art Scholarship Jody Habig ‘87 & Steve Barbour Mary Ann Domanick Hackney ‘63 Jean Domanick Pero ‘66 David ‘80 & Pam Habig Soden ‘80

Donna Stomps Memorial Scholarship Joe & Monica Stomps

Joseph & Mary Mulligan Scholarship James ‘63 & Sandi Mulligan

Dr. James Fiessinger Scholarship Florence Fiessinger Robert & Helen Fiessinger Lampke ‘59 Marilyn Fiessinger O’Brien ‘55

Mike & Stephanie Smith Scholarship Fund Michael & Stephanie Smith

Father Lawrence R. Krusling Memorial Scholarship Class of 1963 Barbara Werner Calabrese ‘62 Michael ‘62 & Patricia Fulmer Tom ‘62 & Cher Uhl Fenwick Falcons State Champion Football and Baseball Teams Memorial Scholarship Timothy ‘79 & Joanne Marstall Bruggeman ‘79 James ‘74 & Mary Jean Kleingers Fred ‘61 & Sara Kelly Nori ‘63 Denaire Nori ‘91 Julie South

Thomas & Francis Mulligan Scholarship Jim & Anne Mulligan Sund ‘71 Vincenzo and Josephine Mazzarella Scholarship Middletown Community Foundation

SPONSORSHIPS DIAMOND Akers Packaging Service Dupps Company Home City Ice Premier Health- Atrium Medical Center The Kleingers Group

Crimson & Gold Gala Bill & Debby Akers Commerce Bank N-Stock Box, Inc. / Jeff & Gina Pennington Belcan/ Beth Ferris Complete Mechanical Services Jeff & Emily Hendrix M.I.S.T, Inc./ Jim & Tammy Miller Wells Fargo Advisors American Savings Bank Aramark Chip & Mara Fessler

Explosion Fitness Solutions Alliance Printing & Mailing Services Jennifer Ridge, M.D., Comprehensive Dermatology Gen & Derik Steiner Acutioneers Irongage Realtors/ Pat Coleman & Stephen Da Life-Legacy Services Perfection Group Prosource Technologies Smith-Fieke-Minton Insurance Tomson Steel Village Park Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dental Larry Whited / Artistic Dance Center

Athletic Girdwood Orthodontics BrightStar Care Easterling Studios Explosion Fitness Center Life-Legacy Services ProSource Sprowls Orthodontics Stockton Mortgage Company

Ray & Kitty Kelly Memorial Scholarship Joseph & Katherine Kelly Ivcevich ‘62 Andrew ‘67 & Linda Kelly Ray ‘59 & Sandie Montgomery Kelly ‘60

Fenwick High School Scholarship Middletown Community Foundation

Scott Bruggeman ‘88 Falcon Warrior Scholarship Darrell & Mary Sue Brandenburg Dave ‘66 & Ginger Lolli Bruggeman ‘67 John Bruggeman Jon ‘88 & Tricia Croake-Uleman Ryan & Debbie Curry Kila Gray ‘19 Paula Hale Mike & Theresa McCain Housh ‘67 Michael ‘76 & Annette Rossi Lolli ‘78 Steven ‘88 & Rose Longworth Michael & Mary Raiff Ted ‘64 & Tina Ritter Ken ‘79 & Jenny Ritter Vieth ‘80

Bishop Fenwick High School | 2018-2019 Donor Report

Teddy Parrella #33 Forever Falcon Scholarship Rebecca Bailey ‘04 Jennifer Vanderhorst

Prime Time Party & Event Rental Girdwood Orthodontics G&J Pepsi Jeffrey Jena ‘70 Comedian Ohio Eagle Distributing The Fessler Family Stockton Mortgage Company Tricia Croake-Uhlman M.D. AAA Bob Sumerel Tires & Service Anderson Breitenbach Funeral Homes Buffalo Wild Wings MIST, Inc. 1 Norton Outdoor Advertising

Ralph & Betty Jackson Scholarship Ethan Jackson Jeffrey Jackson ‘71 Mark ‘75 & Karen Jackson Matthew Jackson Patrick Jackson Timothy ‘67 & Dawn Jackson

Salvatore & Kathryn Accurso Scholarship Donald Accurso ‘60 Albert VonderHaar ‘60 & Carol VonderHaar

Frank A. & Patricia Lolli Scholarship Dave ‘66 & Ginger Lolli Bruggeman ‘67 Nick and Shelbie Bruggeman Timothy Bruggeman ‘08 Jim ‘86 & Becky Bruggeman Eugene ‘75 & Elizabeth Lolli Michael ‘76 & Annette Rossi Lolli ‘78 Patrick ‘82 & Kara Lolli Paul ‘79 & Lisa DiCristoforo Lolli ‘79

Sweeney Family Scholarship William ‘71 & Deborah Sweeney Thomas ‘75 & Karen Sweeney


Neil & Sally Enright Scholarship Paul Enright ‘62 & Shirley Enright Daniel ‘55 & Carol Enright Fedders ‘55

Fenwick Hardship Scholarship Fund John and Patricia Dupps Larry & Brenda Stier

Fenwick Scholarship Investment Page Family Foundation Steve & Jenny Page

John ‘88 & Paige Beck Willenbrink ‘88 Cathy Zulock ‘66

In reports of this nature, mistakes can occur. If your name was omitted or improperly listed, please accept our apologies and contact the development office at 513-727-1500 so that we can correct our records.




YOUNG ALUMNI UPDATE Morgan Kurtz ’14 is the new Director of Alumni Engagement & Special Events at Purcell Marian Catholic High School working with their Director of Advancement and Alumni Association Leadership Committee. A 2018 graduate of the University of Dayton, Morgan has been an active volunteer for multiple non-profi s including the Development and Admissions offi es at Fenwick. Brother Alex Kurtz ’18 is a sophomore at Ohio Northern University. Bishop Fenwick alum, Gabe DeBiasi ’15, returned to be a Shark Tank judge for Mrs. Brandenburg’s Fundamental Business Class where Gabe, as a sophomore, was the fi st group to compete in the Shark Tank program. Gabe was so excited to hear that the tradition continues seven years later that he wanted to serve as a judge! Gabe graduated from Miami University Farmer School of Business in 2018 (yes, in three years!) with a B.S. Economics and now works for Kroger Corporate as a Strategic Sourcing Analyst. Younger brother Sam ’17 attends Miami. Collin Ginnan ’17, hosted Fenwick’s Director of Development, Mike Raiff at the OSU vs. UC football game this fall. Collin, a junior at OSU, was calling the game for the Big Ten Network and Ohio State radio. Last year he had the remarkable experience of broadcasting the 2019 Rose Bowl in just his fi st year covering football. Broadcast has been a passion since Collin was giving play-byplay at Fenwick for the Fenwick Sports Network. He plans to attend law school after college and hopes to continue live broadcasting at some level.


Jordan Zahora ’19 described her one-week mission trip in Appalachia this past summer with a single word: “Wow”. She was there helping run a kids summer camp and shared, “From water balloon fig ts, to arts & crafts, to hose showers, to bracelet making, to site seeing, the week could not have been a better experience to gain a new perspective on life and be able live in the moment; be where my feet are! I am at peace with myself and others as a result of this experience, and I want to do more mission trip work in the future! Absolutely a week to remember.” family including Anna ’20 and Lauren ’19, stopped to visit a mere 30 minutes after Jenna’s return from a 3-week survival training mission! As a freshman, Jenna was a walk-on member of the Academy Women’s Basketball Team, sings for the Catholic Choir, serves as extraordinary minster, prays a group rosary every night at 9:00 p.m. all while juggling the rigors of a pre-med curriculum!

Abby Steinacker ’09 married Brandon Mivelaz on September 21, 2019 at Bellarmine Chapel on the campus of Xavier University followed by a reception at The View in Mt. Adams Cincinnati. Abby and Brandon met during freshmen orientation at XU, a moment that changed their lives forever but one that took a long incubation period; they didn’t date until junior year. Fenwick family and friends in the wedding party included; Maid of Honor, Carly Steinacker ’18, and attendants Charlotte Delaney Smith ’09, Jackie Wallace ’09, Gracie Moore Williams ’09, Carrie Cramer Ashbrock ‘09, and Lyndsay Garriga Bruggeman ’09. Groomsmen included Matt Brubaker ’09 and Patrick Callagan ’09. The newlyweds live in Oakley, Ohio where Abby is a Labor & Delivery nurse at Mercy West Hospital, and Brandon is an underwriter at Cincinnati Insurance Company.

Justina Sleesman ’09, Bethany Coyle Mistone ’09, Grace Moore Williams ’09, Jackie Wallace ’09, Abby Steinacker Mivelaz ’09, and Nicole Koetter ’23. Groomsmen included Nathan Bruggeman ’09, Patrick Calligan ’09, Matt Brubaker ’09, Dan Hurlburt ’09, Addison Wellens ’09, Richie Volz ’09, Jake Koetter ’22 and an incredibly proud Father of the Bride, Chuck Cramer ’81. Father Ed Pratt ’81, officia ed the ceremony. Carrie and Brian currently live in Toledo. Carrie is a Business Analyst for Paramount Health Care and Brian is a third-year Resident Emergency Physician at Mercy St. Vincent Hospital.

Kristen McClanahan ’08 married Jobey Parkes on July 2, 2018 at Glen Helen Reserve, in Yellow Springs, OH. Kristen’s father Adam McClanahan officia ed the ceremony. Mickey McClanahan ‘16, sister to Kristen was one of the bridesmaids. Kristen and Jobey live in Middletown where she is a Instructional Coach and he works as an electrician at GE.

Leesmans, Helfferichs, Parks and Fletchers. Reception followed at Casa Real/ Ruby Hill Winery in Pleasanton, CA with 328 guests enjoying dinner and dancing. Bryce and Christine met in their fi st year of medical school in Phoenix, Arizona, both graduating in May. Christine is pursuing a career in Pediatrics and Bryce in Emergency Medicine.

Sarah Blank ’10 and Luke Compton ’10 were married by Fr. James Manning at St. Mary of the Assumption Church on September 1, 2018 with a host of Fenwick alumni to share their day including matron of honor Julie Miller Kirnec ’10, maids of Honor Meghan ’13 and Elizabeth Blank ’14, and bridesmaids Taylor Macy ’10 and Jenna Riesenberg Keegan ’10. Sam Keegan ’10 was an usher. Robin Blank, part of the Fenwick Development Team, is Sarah’s very proud mother.

Falcon Force Band members Lorien Evans ’19 and Bridgette Kleingers ’20 recently toured Europe as members of the Ohio Music Ambassadors. The ladies performed in fi e different countries over a two-week period!

Jenna Adams ’18, had some surprise visitors last summer at US Air Force Academy, in Colorado Springs, CO when the Falk

Joe Colley ‘18 recently had lunch with senior, Sarah Kaleta ‘20 who attended the USNA Candidate Visit Weekend and was placed in the same company as Joe Colley! How’s that for a small world.

Carrie Cramer ’09 married Dr. Brian Ashbrock ’09 on July 20th, 2019 at St. John Church/ Holy Family Parish in Middletown with a reception at Manor House in Mason. Many Fenwick families and alumni were in attendance for the nuptials including: Bridesmaids Lindsay Garriga Bruggeman ’09, Abby Cramer ’11, Emily Cramer ’15,

Bryce Forrest Chapman ’11 married Christine Mary Joseph on June 2, 2019 at St. Mary of the Immaculate in Los Gatos, California. Lauren Chapman ’16 was a bridesmaid and Corey Chapman ’13, best man. Fenwick families in attendance included the

Jenna Riesenberg ’10 and Sam Keegan ’10 were married in a candlelight ceremony on December 31, 2018 in Fenwick’s Chapel – the fi st nuptials to ever take place in the Chapel! Fenwick alumni in the wedding included: Maid of Honor Britney Riesenberg ’07, and bridesmaid Sarah Blank Compton ’10, Best Man Alex Keegan ’09 and Groomsmen Luke Compton ‘10, Tyler Murphy ‘10, Robby Gwinner ‘10 and


Christian Jagodzinski ’10. Father of the Groom, Phil Keegan, is Fenwick’s first and only Varsity Lacrosse Coach. Jenna is the Regional Director of Sales for Aimbridge Hospitality and Sam is a fulltime Fireman/ EMS for Loveland Fire Department. They reside in Fairfield and are parents to Huxley Keegan, a future Falcon, class of 2035!

On July 6, 2019, Kristin Leesman ’12 married Thomas McGuire of Ames, Iowa at St. Henry Catholic Church. Kristin and Thomas met while attending Elon University in Elon, NC. Wedding party alumni included Morgan Napier ’12, Anna Parks ’12, Ashley Fletcher ’12, and Rachel Helfferich ’12 and groomsmen, David Leesman ’13 and Kevin ’08 Leesman, brothers of the bride. Kristin and Thomas are both faculty at Boone High School, in Boone, Iowa where she is the Freshmen Special Education teacher and Cheer Coach for football, basketball and wrestling and Thomas teaches Social Studies and Psychology and is the Head Varsity Football Coach.


Greg ’09 and Erin Mott Johnson ‘09 are thrilled to announce the arrival of Lindsay Grace on July 6, 2019. “She came into the world in a rush and is the sweetest, most precious thing we have ever been blessed to see or hold and we cannot believe God chose to make her ours.”

Class of 1969 honored at the 1-FENWICK Weekend Golden Falcon Brunch for their 50th anniversary. (Seated) Rita Kiesewetter Sabo, Eileen Hughes Harasti, Rose Ann Chase Eckart, former faculty members Linda Jester and Cathie Herr Mulilgan ’58, Fran Sours Hamilton (2nd row) Roslyn Fay Gintner, Mary Ann Tracy, Jane Strohman Donohue, Mike Berns, Dawn Keays Forry, Becky Fink Rivera (Back row) Rob Schiebert, Dan Jurkowitz, Kathy Kiesewetter Herron, Jim Akers, Mark Eckart, David Ernst, Mike Venatta, Tom Lolli, Wayne Temmen

Jim ’74 and Mary Jean Kleingers Family A conversation with Jim regarding his personal commitment to philanthropy

IN MEMORIUM – Our Fallen Falcons Jerome Frey ‘53 James Kramer ‘55 Vincent Kipus ‘55 Virginia Plessinger Andres ‘55 Larry Nicols ‘56 Nancy Mulligan Kincaid ‘57 John Willis ‘58 Robert Moorman ‘59 Pricilla Simone ‘59 Shirley Schwab ‘60 George Homan ‘61 Gary Beiser ‘62 Joe Stugmyer ‘63 Frederick Krause ‘64 Paul Horn ‘64 Steve Toth ’65

Thomas Swope ‘66 Jama Sebald ‘67 Michael Kidd ‘67 Marilyn Akers Akey ‘68 Timothy Wilch ‘69 Joseph Orth ‘72 Cindy Abney Tiedeman ‘72 Marilyn Smith Christianson ‘74 Margaret Detcher Dobrozsi ‘75 James Hogg ‘76 John Timmers ‘76 David Dumford ‘79 Stephen Schumacher ‘79 Maura Reilly ‘83 Brandon Sershion ‘14 Friend of Fenwick - Mary Akers

Have news to share? Parents, do we still have your address instead of your Fenwick alumni’s address? Please send updates to: or call the Development Office 513-727-1500.


Faces of Philanthropy You serve in different capacities for various non-profit organizations; volunteer, board member, consultant, donor. What is your motivation for giving your time, talent and treasure? I’ve been really blessed with a wonderful family, great friends and a thriving business. Mary Jean and I love our community and appreciate the opportunities and amenities that we enjoy here in the Middletown area. We have benefited from others’ past generosity and feel compelled to help sustain those community institutions and charitable organizations that have done so much for us; pay it forward, as it were. Also, I enjoy meeting and working with like-minded people for the benefit of all, it’s fun and personally rewarding! The Kleingers family represents two generations of alumni. What is your vision and hope for the third generation of Kleingers? I had a wonderful experience at Fenwick, both socially and educationally, and credit the outstanding teachers and staff that helped me and others along the way. I was excited that my children were able to enjoy the Fenwick experience. Of our nine grandchildren (so far), four of them attend St. John XXIII and we are hopeful that when our local grandchildren are of age, they will choose Fenwick. We will definitely encourage them to do so! As a member of the Bishop Fenwick Legacy Society you have included Fenwick in your planned giving.

How did you and Mary Jean reach this decision? After considerable thought and prayers – and consulting with our financial advisor – Mary Jean and I determined that we could make a special gift. When we began estate planning in earnest, we updated our wills to include bequests to several local institutions to which we and our children are strongly attached and that we feel deserve our support. Fenwick is one of those institutions. What mechanism did you choose for your planned gift? We chose to designate a percentage of our estate to Fenwick. We feel really good about our decision to give back in what we hope will be a very meaningful way. Is there a personal goal to making a planned gift, i.e. emotional, tactical or responsibility fulfi llment? Mary Jean and I have a very strong belief in the tremendous value of Catholic education, especially Bishop Fenwick and St. John XXIII. The education is first class and the values embraced by the Fenwick community – Faith, Compassion, Integrity and Service – enable students to grow and develop in mind, body and spirit. Fenwick is a community treasure that was founded and sustained by an amazing group of people who also believed in the value of Catholic education. Mary Jean and I love Fenwick and we want to do what we can to help ensure that future generations can enjoy and benefit from this great school!


Bishop Fenwick HIGH SCHOOL Est. 1952

4855 State Route 122 Franklin, OH 45005

This fall, the seniors were allowedto paint their parking space. This is just one amazing and inspirational messages. A new tradition has begun!


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1-FENWICK Connection 2019  

1-FENWICK Connection 2019