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ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM Principal/CEO Blane Collison

November 21, 2017 Thanksgiving Grandparent Mass & Dessert

Assistant Principal Jason Umberg Director of Development Michael Raiff

December 10, 2017

January 6-7, 2018 Athletic Hall of Fame Induction & Banquet


Director of Admissions Betty Turvy Athletic Director Michael Coleman Director of Communications & Marketing Natalie Hansman Director of Finance & Facilities Brenda Stier


Director of Campus Ministry Erin Mott Johnson ‘09 Board of Limited Jurisdiction Andy Vollmar, Board Chair Beth Anne Schorr, Vice Chair Jennifer Stueve Brogan ’95, Secretary Debby Akers Bill Becker Reverend John Civille Cheryl Falk Scott Hirko Tom Schraer Tom Skinner Mike Smith CONTRIBUTORS Annetta Major Roslyn Fay Ginter ‘69 Mark Zielinski ‘68 Easterling Studios RAM Photography

Christmas Concert

January 12, 2018

Young Alumni Tailgate

Jan. 28- Feb. 3, 2018

Catholic Schools Week

January 30, 2018

Fr. John Civille Tribute Celebration

March 2, 2018

Fish Fry

March 18, 2018

Fashion Show

March 23-25, 2018

Spring Musical Production

May 3, 2018

Class of 2018 Senior Toast

May 6, 2018

Instrumental & Vocal Spring Concert

May 22, 2018

Baccalaureate & Senior Banquet

May 24, 2018

67th Graduation Commencement

June 22-24, 2018 August 3-5, 2018

67th Annual Fenwick Festival 1-FENWICK Weekend

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1-FENWICK Connection, is the magazine of Bishop Fenwick High School for alumni, family, and friends. All rights reserved. Care is taken to provide accurate information. We apologize if an error has occurred. Please contact Natalie Hansman, Director of Communications, with any corrections or concerns.



including fast growing areas Mason, West Chester, and multiple other Warren County communities. They brought attention to Fenwick by blasting newspapers with press releases about student activities and sports, had coaches host CYO games at Fenwick with red-carpet post-game activities, and most importantly, they applied for public school transportation from outlying areas. Following is the story, as told by Bill Klosterman, of the historic effort to effectively increase enrollment and determine Fenwick’s future, long before the thought of our current campus location even existed:

History Revealed


administration to allow the School Board to extend their current “advisory capacity” to actively manage the plan. The next era of Fenwick was born –what Bill Klosterman refers to as the Fenwick Renaissance.

Soon thereafter, four Fenwick parents – Bill Klosterman, Middletown City Engineer; Jim Greenwell and Gary Klovman, Armco Executives; and Dr. Omer Hurlburt II, local family physician – gathered together to discuss forging a course of action to save the school.

Armed with information, a plan, and now authority, the four could begin implementation. They started by adding absent programs like Latin, calculus, and soccer, and they resourced improved arts programs, speech and religion. They looked at the school’s business practices and helped implement budgeting improvements that prioritized spending so that fixing the boiler was done before new curtains were purchased. They evaluated faculty compensation and helped Fr. Averbeck correct salary imbalances and establish a more competitive compensation plan

t was 1979 and the future of Bishop Fenwick, then located on Manchester Road in Middletown, was in peril. Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk scheduled a meeting to deliver important news to parents, faculty and administrators. Based on his gloomy calculations of continued declining enrollment and rising expenses, fortified by a professional assessment conducted by the University of Dayton, the Archbishop predicted a closure within two to three years. His visit was to give families a “heads-up”.

The four developed a plan to conduct personal phone calls and interviews to current parents, past parents, and parents of John XXIII students to gather complaints and issues. Through this exhaustive information gathering, they compiled a list of issues to resolve. Secondly, they had to implement budget controls for better expense management, and, finally, address ways to Fr. Averbeck - 1979 expand enrollment. They pledged to Fr. Averbeck, the school principal, to work diligently around the clock to substantially increase enrollment and improve school attributes. Fr. Averbeck endorsed the four parents and moved quickly to assist their election to the School Board and then convince


They went into the business community, targeting business owners who benefited from Fenwick’s doors remaining open, and asked for funding for needed expenses, not the least of which was the first ever Falcon mascot costume! compared to nearby public and parochial schools. They went into the business community, targeting business owners who benefited from Fenwick’s doors remaining open, and asked for funding for needed expenses, not the least of which was the first ever Falcon mascot costume! The to-do was long, but the time frame to change was short: two years. Finally, expanding the enrollment beyond the mere 23 square miles from which they were recruiting students had to be addressed. The school’s actual district was 600 square miles,

It was a pivotal morning, and what could be a turning point of hope for the future of Fenwick. Principal Richard Averbeck and School Board Member, Bill Klosterman, sat together in high suspense on a public-school bus preparing to exit Mason High School’s parking lot for a crucial 19mile journey to Fenwick. They were accompanied by the State School Transportation Director and his stopwatch-operating aide, along with Mason School District Superintendent, and the Mason High School Principal. If the bus could make the trip to Fenwick’s Manchester Road location in less than 30 minutes, students from the rapidly growing Mason area would receive free, guaranteed busing to and from Fenwick, which would then open up the opportunity to attract many more students from Warren County. The Mason bus jaunt would require a 38 MPH average travelling speed and include stops at railroad crossings, traffic lights and stop signs. In Middletown city limits alone, there were nine traffic signals on the final four-mile leg of the trip. A halt at any one of them would use precious time The task of driving a full school not available to spare. bus for 19 miles under such The task of driving a full conditions within 30 minutes of school bus for 19 miles time, while obeying speed limits, under such conditions within 30 minutes of seemed daunting, except to Bill time, while obeying speed Klosterman, who had an “outlimits, was daunting. With high expectation, of-the-box” plan. But, would it Bill Klosterman had an work? “out-of-the-box” plan, but would it work? Klosterman, as City Engineer, oversaw Middletown’s traffic control system. For his plan, he had instructed Field Technician, Bob Zuehlke, a 1957 Fenwick graduate, to station off-duty, Catholic police officers at each of the nine traffic signals along the proposed bus route within Middletown’s boundaries. Using hand-operated control devices, each “signal-guarding” policeman – under Bob’s command –inconspicuously switched the traffic signal light to turn green as the Mason bus distantly approached. The officer would then maintain the green signal until the bus cleared, after which he would radio ahead an alert about the advancing bus to the next “signal guard” on the route. The operation succeeded without a glitch, knocking almost four minutes off previous trial runs along Middletown streets Grand, Breiel, and University. Astonishingly, the bus journey’s official time was announced by the State School

Transportation Director to be 29:52, eight seconds under the 30-minute travel maximum as stipulated by law! As the bus departed to Mason, Fr. Averbeck and Bill walked into Fenwick for a moment of pondering. Klosterman had not yet informed Fr. Averbeck about the signal control manipulation. Averbeck, speechless as he sat down at his desk, stammered in awe, “That was a miracle, Bill! We sailed through every one of the nine lights! We finished just under the limit! Wow! There is a God!” Klosterman allowed the Principal a moment to enjoy his ecstatic mood before bursting his bubble with the report of what had really transpired. With Mason being the prime enrollment expansion target in the school’s vast outlying districts, the “under 30” accomplishment was huge. By the end of the Renaissance in 1983, the school was on solvent footing and enrollment was up 17%! The school survived peril to live for another day—and then another decade, and now generations since that pivotal 1979 bus ride. These outstanding efforts were the result of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things in an extraordinary situation. As our motto says, “To Reach the Heights, Aim High”.

Bill Klosterman with 3 of his children: Linda, ‘84, Susan ‘77, and Jim ‘80 Notes about the Author: Bill Klosterman is the father of four Fenwick graduates, Steve ‘77, Susan ‘79, Jim ‘80, and Linda Klosterman Meyer ‘84. Last December, on the night of his son Jim’s Hall of Achievement Induction, Bill shared the story of the “Miracle Bus Ride” with Mike Raiff. The story was then written and prepared for this publication until a recent phone call to verify some facts. In that conversation, Bill revealed that the bus trip was only a part of what he referenced the Fenwick Renaissance, 1979-1983, and advised that to only share the bus trip, would short-change the achievement of so many dedicated, passionate and loyal supporters of Fenwick who kept Fenwick’s doors open. At the age of 83, while visiting his sister in the hospital, Bill sat down with pen and paper and wrote out the whole story. He then drove to Fenwick to personally deliver his hand-written pages and enlighten us more than is captured in this article. His story has been edited only slightly for brevity. Thank you Bill Klosterman for your lyrical story-telling, insuring the history of Bishop Fenwick prevails and for your personal contributions and sacrifices on behalf of Fenwick.


From Principal Collison

1-Fenwick Connection Fall 2017



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Dear Fenwick Family,

Principal Blane Collison with his wife, Kelly.

As I enter into my new role as Principal of Bishop Fenwick High School I am grateful to all of the students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni who have been so welcoming to me and my family. The Fenwick Family spirit is evident and I have been struck by the deep passion and pride members of this community have for our school!

Fenwick has a rich history and a tradition of success, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to continue serving our Church in my role as a Catholic educator within this community. With every new venture there is an opportunity to establish a vision and create new goals in order to achieve greater success than previously existed. It’s true in every walk of life, and within every institution. Visioning the future is an exciting endeavor, but it also requires tremendous commitment on behalf of all constituents to make it happen. Our primary goal for Bishop Fenwick High School is to be the best co-educational, Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. We have the opportunity to enliven student’s lives with opportunities for spiritual growth that inspires them to become the best version of themselves, to achieve all that God calls them to be. We are committed to engaging students in their learning, and providing them opportunities to apply the knowledge they gain, in meaningful academic endeavors within the classroom. Student’s lives become enriched when they have opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities which allow them to expand their talents. These opportunities to pursue their passion, helps to form their character, by learning integrity, hard work and perseverance. This is the vision for every Fenwick student! None of us knows what exactly lies ahead. I contend that the best way to predict the future is to create it!

Est. 1952

Have something special to share with the Fenwick community? Please contact us with your news and photos through the website at or email directly to Call the Development Office at 513-727-1500.


Follow us:

Working together will allow us to achieve the success we desire for every current and future student, while strengthening our Church and Bishop Fenwick High School.

BishopFenwickHighSchool 1-Fenwick BishopFenwick1

It’s not “what the vision is,” it’s “what the vision does”! Our vision to be the best co-educational, Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati sets a future where students continue to grow in their faith, expand their knowledge in preparing for the future, and provides them the necessary personal skills to be their best; not just for themselves but for the world. Yours in Service,

bishopfenwickhighschool Blane M. Collison Principal



1-FENWICK Connection, is the magazine of Bishop Fenwick High School for alumni, family, and friends. All rights reserved. Care is taken to provide accurate information. We apologize if an error has occurred. Please contact Natalie Hansman, Director of Communications, with any corrections or concerns.

MENTALITY This fall, Athletic Director, Michael Coleman, articulated his new athletic theme, Fenwick Mentality, at the first ever Fall Sports Cookout & Parent Meeting. The Athletic Department, in collaboration with Development, hosted the meeting that began in a packed gymnasium filled with athletes, parents and coaches. Fenwick Mentality is really nothing new. It has always existed; it was born before the school opened their doors in 1952, influencing and molding our students for decades. It began with the founding families and Fr. Julian Krusling whose Fenwick Mentality of vision, hard work, loyalty and sacrifice made this institution. That spirit continues today, albeit more contemporary. It is not just an attitude or executed actions. Fenwick Mentality speaks to the whole person, whether student, athlete, parent, coach, faculty, or alumni. Fenwick Mentality is embodied in our individual and collective character. During the sports meeting, Mr. Coleman challenged Fenwick athletes “to operate with excellence to achieve their full potential

ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM Principal/CEO Blane Collison

in all areas of their life.” Principal Blane Collision and Director of Development Mike Raiff also gave remarks. All coaches introduced their team and shared their goals for the fall season. Our athletes proudly donned their new Fenwick Mentality shirt, showing solidarity to the effort! The meeting concluded outside for a cookout and a Parent Club sponsored used uniform sale. It was an amazing day to celebrate Fenwick Athletics!

Assistant Principal Jason Umberg - Director of Development Michael Raiff - Director of Admissions Betty Turvy Athletic Director Michael Coleman Director of Communications & Marketing Natalie Hansman Director of Finance & Facilities Brenda Stier Director of Campus Ministry Erin Mott Johnson ‘09

Upcoming Engagements November 5, 2017 Open House November 17-18, 2017 Fall Theater Production, The Butler Did It Again November 21, 2017 Thanksgiving Grandparent Mass & Dessert December 10, 2017 Christmas Concert January 6-7, 2018 Athletic Hall of Fame Induction & Banquet (TENTATIVE) January 12, 2018 Young Alumni Tailgate January 28- February 3, 2018 Catholic Schools Week January 30, 2018 Fr. John Civille Tribute Celebration

March 2, 2018 March 18, 2018 March 23-25, 2018 May 3, 2018 May 6, 2018 May 22, 2018 May 24, 2018

June 22-24, 2018 August 3-5, 2018

Board of Limited Jurisdiction Andy Vollmar, Board Chair Beth Anne Schorr, Vice Chair Jennifer Stueve Brogan ’95, Secretary Fry DebbyFish Akers Bill Becker Fashion Show Reverend John Civille Spring Musical Production CherylClass Falkof 2018 Senior Toast Scott Hirko Instrumental & Vocal Spring Concert Tom Schraer Baccalaureate & Senior Banquet Tom Skinner Mike Smith 67th Graduation Commencement

67th Annual Fenwick Festival Contributors 1-FENWICK Weekend Annetta Major Easterling Studious RAM Photography

FENWICK MENTALITY GOALS + Holistic growth and development of mind, body and spirit + Development of moral character, self-discipline, perseverance and the foundation for a lifetime of learning + Appreciating each individual’s uniqueness and gifts + Responsibility to self, community, and stewardship of the environment + Demonstrating daily our Talons: Faith, Integrity, Compassion, Service + Academic excellence + Education based athletics

“Operate with excellence to achieve their full potential in all areas of their life.” Athletic Director, Michael Coleman



An Olympiad in the Making? Adam Chaney ‘20 made waves at the OHSAA Division II state final in Canton finishing 3rd in the 50 Free and 4th in the 100 Free as just a freshman. This summer, Adam qualified for the 2017 Speedo Junior National Championships in New York. He was the only 15-year old to make finals in the 50 Free and ended up placing 5th, and earning his first Olympic Trial Cut! His outstanding time was 23.29 LCM. He has also been identified by the USA Swimming Organization as a top 24 swimmer in the country. In late October, he attended a once-in-a-lifetime camp experience at the USA Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs to meet the national team staff. Over a third of the swimmers in attendance will go on to represent the United States at international meets including the Olympic Games. His accomplishments are not earned without a significant investment of his time. Adam has been swimming for the Mason Manta Rays since he was 8-years old and practices an average of 20 hours/6 days a week! Good luck Adam--we expect to see you in Tokyo for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games!

Fenwick Perform at FC Cincinnati Venue Dan Lueking ‘99, in his third year as boys head soccer coach, champions players to become faithful young men of character, both on and off the field. He has created a wellrounded, Christ-centered program that evaluates not only each player’s development in soccer during the season, but in leadership, academics and service, as well, throughout the year. He also believes in creating opportunities to bond players to one another. This summer, six players were selected to participate in a Penalty Shot Shootout during halftime of the FC Cincinnati soccer game Saturday, June 17. In front of over 21,000 fans, Fenwick players shot against Anderson High School. Rising senior goalkeeper, Will Eiken stopped 3 of 5 shots on goal! Photo Group shot: Left to Right: Coach Dan Lueking ‘99, Yao Amoateng, John King, Pete Schuh, Benton Hellmann, Will Eiken, and Alex Kurtz.

Blaise Chaney ‘17 GCL-North Athlete of the Year Girls Volleyball

Anthony Gustely ‘17 GCL-North Athlete of the Year Boys Volleyball

2016-2017 GCL-North Awards Alex Kowal ‘17 GCL-North Athlete of the Year Wrestling



Athlete of the Year-Girls Volleyball Coach of the Year-Girls Volleyball Athlete of the Year- Boys Golf Coach of the Year- Boys Golf Athlete of the Year-Wrestling Coach of the Year-Boys Tennis Athlete of the Year- Boys Volleyball

Blaise Chaney Tyler Conley Miles Jena Joe Wagner Alex Kowal Roberta Matix Anthony Gustely

Class of 2017 Athletes Committed to Collegiate Teams Jayna Thompson Jared Kauffman Miles Jena Erica Hafer Phillip Clesceri Marisa Crisci Alex Kowal Zachary Wallace Jamey Colts Sam Simendinger Blaise Chaney Cortney Bezold

Volleyball Baseball Golf Soccer Soccer Swimming Wrestling Soccer Football Football Volleyball Gymnastics

Louisiana Monroe Eastern Michigan Ball State Walsh University Manchester University John Carroll Ohio Northern Elmhurst Heidelberg University Heidelberg University Hanover College Eastern Michigan University


LACROSSE Lacrosse Reaches OHSAA Status This past spring the first Bishop Fenwick Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) Division II Lacrosse Team, took the field with head coaches Phil Keegan (boys) and Scott Ricke (girls) on the sidelines.…a mere 15 years in the making. Both Phil and Scott started coaching lacrosse at the pleading of their school-aged children. Although a humble beginning in 2002, the first “Falcon” team, comprised mostly of scrappy John XXIII grade school boys and a passionate parent coach, it developed into a lacrosse program envied and emulated by many surrounding schools. By 2005, many of the team was entering high school, so Phil made a request to Fenwick’s athletic director to approve a high school team. They were granted Club status as the Falcons, NOT the Fenwick Falcons. The team flourished with players and talent and most importantly, parent support. A rostered son, meant a rostered parent volunteer! Parental support was the backbone of the team for all fundraising, field management, game management, uniforms, etc. In 2006, restless female siblings, tired of watching their brothers from the sideline, convinced Scott Ricke to form the first girl’s lacrosse club team. Girls play a less physical version of lacrosse requiring a face mask versus helmet, but the need for speed, agility and coordination were consistent fundamentals to the game. The growth surge of lacrosse in Ohio helped open the door for recognition and for the 2009 season, the Falcons became the official Fenwick Falcon Lacrosse team continuing their play in the designated Ohio High School Lacrosse


Association. Phil reflects, “This was a huge step for the program, giving credibility and the opportunity for men and women to earn a varsity letter.” The program has continued to garner wins, produce collegiate players and earn respect from the elite Cincinnati teams: Indian Hill, Mariemont and Summit. Players including: Alex Keegan ‘09; Marymount University, Lee Grimes ‘13; University of Tampa, Taylor Swartz ‘14; Sienna Heights University, Matthew Willenbrink ‘16; Wilmington College, and Ben Hinton ‘16; Colorado State Pueblo, signed to play collegiately. The 2016 season, both boys and girl’s squads, produced historical seasons in terms of wins, tournament advancement, and recognized players; a great lead-up to the first OHSAA Lacrosse season. When ask about the highs and lows of the Fenwick lacrosse program, Coach Phil struggled to identify a low, but easily rattled off many highs, “The entire 2016 season was a high: they beat Mariemont for the first time in soccer history, the team advanced to a state semi-final, a record number of players (girls and boys) were publicly recognized for their talents and on a personal level, I celebrated my 100th win as coach for the Fenwick Falcons!” What does Coach Keegan yearn for the future? His dream is a “turf field, an offensive coordinator, and the continued special partnership with parents that support the program.” Why does Coach Keegan continue to coach? He answered, “When I am dead, no one will say, ‘Wow, that guy could really sell chemicals,’ but if I can help kids learn skills, team work, and enjoy the game of lacrosse, then maybe my contributions are worthy.” This became apparent from the

countless notes of appreciation he received from players, parents, and alumni for his 100th coaching win. And for Coach Ricke, he loved, “Helping young ladies grow as individuals, understanding the value of team work, and gaining confidence along the way. I especially loved coaching my daughters Nichole ‘10 and Bailey ‘17, compete and excel at a sport they love!”

Program Records


Record Girls


Career Goals Goals in a Season Career Assists Goals in a Game

Alex Keegan ‘09 Drake Snarski ‘16 Spencer Wyatt ‘16 Sam Keegan ‘10

110 62 85 9

117 77 28 12

Nichole Ricke ‘10 Nichole Ricke ‘10 Lanie Johnson ‘16 Nichole Ricke ‘10

2017 Lacrosse All-Region Awards, DII, Region 8 BOYS: *Jake Denning, 1st Team, Position Player of the Year Zack Heflin, 1st Team Luke Swartz, 2nd Team *Jake is the first player EVER at Fenwick to earn Position Player of the Year. GIRLS: Bailey Ricke, 2nd Team

Bailey Ricke ‘17 13


LEADERS Bishop Fenwick Students Selected for Prestigious Summer Academy Programs This summer, numerous rising seniors were accepted to attend multiple leadership programs across the United States. Programs at West Point and U.S. Naval Academies, Economics for Leaders, Saint George Trek and the Buckeye Boys State Leadership Program all followed an acceptance selection process based on demonstrated achievements in academics, service, and leadership, with some also requiring proven physical fitness. Many programs had an overwhelming application rate to acceptance rate. For example, West Point Summer Seminar acceptance rate is 1:6, and the National Catholic Committee of Scouting chooses only 70 Catholic Boy Scouts and Venture Crew members nationally to participate in the Saint George Trek. A common thread for all students selected for participation in these programs is their demonstrated leadership, and Fenwick students have a unique advantage over many candidates. Current senior John Gillen ‘18, when asked if he believes his experience at Fenwick has been instrumental in developing leadership skills, says “At Fenwick, even if not in a titled leadership role, you have many opportunities to be a leader. For example, in football, we have three captains, but many other players will be leaders during practice, drills, games, lifting, etc. Captains cannot do everything and be everywhere, so other players, not even seniors, step up to lead and help others.” A hallmark of the Fenwick experience is the ability to participate in many clubs and activities that allow a student


personal growth in leadership. Each of the selected summer attendees participate in multiple clubs outside of their athletic teams including the Ambassador Program, Peer Mentorship, Key Club, Right to Life, Academic Team, French Club, Mock Trial and many others.

“At Fenwick, even if not in a titled leadership role, you have many opportunities be a leader.” John GIllen ‘18

Sam Lewis ‘19 was the only student recommended within the entire Cincinnati Archdiocese to attend the Saint George Trek. Outside of Fenwick, he is very involved with his parish and Boy Scouts, earning an Eagle Scout badge as a high school freshman and the Ad Altare Dei emblem. This summer, he and others backpacked 95 miles over eleven days through the Rocky Mountains, Sangre de Cristo Range. They were required to carry all their equipment and supplies throughout the trek, stopping only once to replenish water and food. Catherine Richards ‘18, a standout volleyball player, said of her experience through the Economics for Leaders program, “I am so thankful for this life-changing experience which has impacted my academic and career pursuits”. Candidates for the scholarship to attend Economics for Leaders were required to answer the following: Describe how you see yourself as a leader among those with whom you interact. The ability to recognize and articulate one’s experiences in leadership throughout high school, no matter how small they may seem, provides further opportunity to grow into and exemplify a true leader in all aspects of life. We are proud to have these Fenwick students recognized for their achievements.

Summer Academy Attendees

Julia LeFevers and Joe Joe Colley traveling to the Naval Academy.

John Gillen, Joe Colley Julia LeFevers, Joe Colley Sam Lewis Catherine Richards Joe Colley Joe Colley, John Gillen

West Point Academy - West Point, NY U.S. Naval Academy - Annapolis, MD Saint George Trek - Cimarron, New Mexico Economics for Leaders Rice University, Houston, TX Economics for Leaders William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA Buckeye Boys State Leadership Program, Columbus, OH




Bishop Fenwick ART on a National Stage! Ryan Sulesky ‘17, was awarded the Congressional winner from Cincinnati’s 1st District Representative Steve Chabot in the annual Congressional Art Competition. At the local level, students submit entries to their representative’s office, and panels of district artists select the winning entries. The public then votes to determine national winners. Winners are recognized both in their district and at an annual awards ceremony in Washington, DC. In June, Ryan and his mother travelled to D.C. for the ceremony and first-place award. Ryan Sulesky ‘17 with his Congressional Winning acrylic painting Phlegmatic Ryan’s acrylic painting, Phlegmatic, will be hung for a year at the U.S. Capitol. During this time, Ryan will be completing his first year of studies at the Savannah College of Art & Design in Georgia pursuing a degree in visual effects.



and members excel beyond Bishop Fenwick. Last January, Andrew Adam ‘19 marched in the Rose Bowl Parade on New Year’s Day in Pasadena, California. As just a freshman, Andrew auditioned against thousands of other musicians for the Bands of America Honor Band and was selected for his talent playing Alto Sax. This was an incredible achievement given his youth. He is the first Bishop Fenwick student to ever be selected to the National Honor Band, an esteemed roster of musicians. Prior to Adam’s Rose Bowl appearance, he and all other members of the National Honor Band performed at Disneyland; good practice for the 5.5-mile Rose Bowl parade route! This November, Andrew, along with Nick Hobbs ‘19 and Lorien Evans ‘19 will be travelling to NYC to perform with the Great American Marching Band in the 91st Macy’s Thanksgiving Day


Parade. Stepping-off from Central Park, the Band will be cheered by 3 million spectators lining the parade route. Arriving at Macy’s Herald Square, the Band will perform for celebrity hosts, a grandstand audience, and more than 50 million TV viewers watching the broadcast live on NBC. Only a total of 225 band members were selected for this opportunity and out of the 10 Ohioans selected, Fenwick is represented by three! The rigorous selection process began a year ago for our trio who prepared a musical selection that they submitted via YouTube as their audition. Additionally, weight was given to our musician’s extracurricular participation in multiple honors bands, college bands and camps, such as Southwest Ohio Catholic Honor Band, EKU Stephen Collins Foster Summer Camp, UD Flyer Holiday Pep Band and collegiate honor bands at Ball State University, OSU, and NOU.

2016-2017 GCL-North Awards

2017 Musical - Fiddler on the Roof


Class of 2017


29 23


chose faith based colleges




committed to a collegiate

athletic program


took 1 or more AP/CCP classes



raised by the Class of 2017 Senior campaign for tuition assistance




Valedictorian Brittaney Fu is majoring in Biology at The Ohio State University. While Brittaney is unsure of her final career plans, she is passionate about science and will focus her academic studies there. Brittaney graduated with a 4.40 GPA and was the recipient of the Gold ProMerito Award for Academic Excellence (all A’s in each class, all quarters). She is also a part of the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, and a volunteer at Atrium Medical Center. Brittaney’s proud parents are Mike and Geraldine Fu of Franklin.

Gifted to the 2017 Senior Campaign


$12.7 MILLION offered in


Brittaney Fu Valedictorian


15 61% 9 4 years of


he Class of 2017 has made an incredible mark in the 65-year history of Bishop Fenwick. They leave behind a legacy of commitment, friendship and achievement rivaled by many other classes. Collectively, they established new threshold goals for giving and accolades for their commitment to community. The shining results of their efforts cannot overshadow the root of their success: compassion. Embodying this talon, they were genuine in both heart and mind. We thank the 133 seniors who will carry forward their legacy outside of Bishop Fenwick. Good luck, go far, and remember you are always a proud Crimson & Gold Falcon.

are catholic universities





Iris Puthoff


Salutatorian Iris Puthoff chose Miami University Oxford to continue her education in the field of Dietetics. She earned a 4.39 GPA, swam competitively for the Falcon Swim Team, was awarded the Notre Dame Book Award which recognizes excellence in leadership, service and academics, and is a member of Holy Family Parish. Joe ‘89 and Jennifer Koch Puthoff ‘89 of Middletown, are her proud Fenwick alumni parents.



SERVANTS In June 2014, a special gift was secured from Home City Ice specifically underwriting the service programs of our Fenwick students for the next 10 years! This tremendous gift was inspired by Fr. Bedel and crafted by Director of Development, Mike Raiff. One service program, Talon Thursday, had been started by Chaplain Fr. Jason Bedel earlier that school year utilizing students to pack lunches that were delivered to St. Vincent De Paul Shelter. Over the years, Talon Thursday has become the cornerstone effort that joins students, faculty, staff and others to fulfill an overwhelming need for a community meal program. On scheduled Thursdays throughout the school year, 10-20 volunteers will gather in the cafeteria to assemble brown bagged meals consisting of 2 ham sandwiches, a bag of chips, an apple and a bottle of water. Often, teams are formed on each side of the tables making a race to the finish to pack 200 lunches. The volunteers change week to week, but they are always present. There are no post-event expectations for left-over food or to earn a special privilege, simply, the satisfaction of participating in a benevolent act.

To date, over 12,000 sandwiches have been made and distributed to the children and families displaced to St. Vincent De Paul Shelter. 20

FAMILY PHILANTHROPY This past July, Mike Raiff, Director of Development received an email from Chris, father of Sam ’19 and Eve ‘21 who offered himself as a volunteer for the three day 1-FENWICK Weekend. Chris and his family “walk the talk” of philanthropy every day. Chris, an employee of Verizon, capitalizes on Verizon’s volunteer program that gifts charitable organizations for their employee’s volunteer time. Annually, Chris volunteers 50 hours for Holy Name Parish and 50 hours for Fenwick earning a combined $1500 for those institutions. Fenwick is a double beneficiary; we receive 50 hours of Chris’s dedicated volunteer time and $750 from Verizon! He and his family volunteer at many places and for many causes. Chris said his eyes were opened to philanthropy years ago when he was first involved with his high school youth group. “It was an opportunity to think beyond myself for just a little while.” The Lewis family volunteers regularly for Holy Name

Parish youth group, summer lunch program, mission program, canned food drive, Knights of Columbus and numerous ad hoc needs. Chris, wife Rebecca and children David, Ben, Sam and Eve, are fully present in the purpose and value that their volunteering brings to the lives of many people. There is no glory in the exercise, rather just plain hard work, and humble appreciation. Chris’ help during 1-FENIWCK Weekend ran the gamut from hauling trash, setting up the 5k start and finish lines, parking assistance, golf-hole caddy, teardown and cleanup. He tells his children to do the work no one else wants to do. Much of the family’s motivation comes from knowing that their contributions help others. As Chris says, “The satisfaction felt from volunteering is payment in full”. When the next phone call or email request to volunteer is presented to you, consider the lens of the Lewis family, see it as an opportunity to participate in something larger than yourself.

“My wife and I believe in volunteering, and we raised our family to offer help whenever we see a need. We enjoy giving our time to service-minded organizations like Holy Name of Jesus Church, Bishop Fenwick, Boy Scouts, Civil Air Patrol, American Heritage Girls, and Financial Peace University. To our family, being a good volunteer isn’t about the visibility, it’s about being humble enough to do the littlest or dirtiest job with integrity, and to the best of our ability. We try to keep in mind that God is good, all the time, and He finds none of us too “little” or “dirty” to give us His best. The glory belongs to Him in all we do.”

Chris Lewis - parent volunteer



FUTURE FALCONS The Case for Coeducation


reat choices abound in our area when it comes to choosing a high school. One decision could hinge on the choice between a single sex school or a coeducational environment. Recent studies have indicated for a student’s holistic growth and development of mind, body, and spirit it makes sense to place the student in a natural environment of coeducation. To separate the two sexes is not the norm in the family, higher education, social or business world. According to the Women’s College Coalition, in the last 50 years, the number of women’s colleges have declined from 230 to just over 40. Dr. Lise Eliot, a neuroscientist and author, cites, “The decline reflects the fact that women are doing quite well in higher education, and no longer feel the need for a protected space to develop their intellectual potential.” Dr. Eliot goes on to state, “I would argue that rather than segregating girls and boys, schools should be doing the opposite: deliberately creating more opportunities for both sexes to interact in purposeful collaboration.” (1)


Institutionalizing gender-segregated classrooms limits children’s opportunities to develop a broader range of behaviors and attitudes. Positive and cooperative interaction with members of other groups is an effective method for improving intergroup relationships (2). Boys and girls can learn from each other, leading to enriched cognitive and social skills. Neuroscientists have found few sex differences in children’s brains beyond the larger volume of boys’ brains and the earlier completion of girl’ brain growth, neither of which is known to relate to learning (3). Some might say a coed environment leads to distractions in the classroom. As students accept this type of learning as the norm, the distractions are diminished and real learning begins. All you must do is look around you. It is a co-gender society. Males and females must co-exist and learn from each other with respect and collaboration. Following recent studies and the successes, coupled with experienced observation, Fenwick promotes students’ growth in a coeducational environment. Susan McGee Bailey, Retired Executive Director of the Wellesley College Center for Research on Women, in support of coeducation stated, “When evaluating single-sex education, we must not ignore a crucial purpose of education – developing effective citizens. We need to consider the tradeoffs we may be making in sex-segregating students, closing off opportunities for learning from and with each other.” –

Director of Admissions Betty Turvy 513.428.0525

Footnotes: (1) Dr. Lise Eliot, Why Coeducation Matters, The Independent School Magazine Blog 5/11/2015(3), The Pseudoscience of Single-Sex Schooling, Vol 333 9/23//2011

[STUDENTS] “Spirited; in faith and pride.” “Even as just a shadow, I felt welcomed to the school. People were smiling and they seemed excited I was visiting.”



[FACULTY/STAFF] “We have a high expectation to have a positive impact on the lives of students.” “Accountability. We are all stakeholders.”

[PARENTS] “It was the right fit for my children’s future. My husband and I knew better than our children, what kind of school and environment would help them flourish.”


Experience for yourself what so many already know. Plan your visit today! • Call to schedule a Shadow Day or Tour • Attend 8th Grade Falcon for a Day - 1/12/2018 • Attend a sporting or performing arts events

“I learned two things: how to think and to try new things.” “I wasn’t just academically prepared for college, I was prepared emotionally so I could navigate more responsibilities on my own.”

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Two Faculty Recognized for Their Impact Outstanding Educators K-12, introduced by Cincy Magazine, is a way for local Tristate schools, both private and public, to recognize leading educators. Annually, up to 20 teachers and their schools will be acknowledged. The magazine is proud to support and honor the Tristate’s top educators for their achievement and dedication to teaching. Last spring, Outstanding Educators selected two faculty from Fenwick ; Michael Warnock, art/photography instructor and Patrick Poplis, intervention specialist. Michael, new to Fenwick in 2016, has elevated both the art department and his students for national recognition.

Sr. Donna Bryant

For almost 10 years, Sr. Donna enlightened the spiritual minds of Fenwick freshman while they gave her constant teaching inspiration. Her lively presentations were always balanced with deep reflections. A few years ago, when sister suffered a fracture that required residence at the Mother House, she was visited often by students and upon her return to school she created an uproar of adulation! In May, sister officially retired and relocated to the Mother House where she will share her joy and laughter.

Patrice Harty, took her final bow, completing 46 years of service to Bishop Fenwick. While at Fenwick she taught Spanish for 41 years before transitioning to a part-time position working in Campus Ministry. She taught almost 4,000 students, but more importantly, she impacted that many young lives well beyond academics.

Patrick Poplis

Michael Warnock

- Patrice Harty

A Grand Farewell E rin Johnson, Campus Ministry Director, lost two longtime staff members; Sr. Donna Bryant and Patrice Harty.

Patrick Poplis, also recognized, brings techniques and tools to positively impact students’ academic success. He facilitates learning in the classroom and in athletics as lacrosse, football and bowling coach. This spring, Patrick was also awarded the Cristo Family Award in recognition of his ability to strengthen the self-esteem of students who are struggling academically and emotionally.


“Every day that I came here it mattered to me that the kids would know that I loved and cared for them. That they were important to me. Every, single, day. Even after 46 years.”

In 1971, Patrice arrived at the Manchester Road location, a 23 year-old new college graduate, prepared to make Middletown a one and done teaching assignment. Over that year,

Patrice Harty, 1971

however, Patrice would grow her love and loyalty for this place called Bishop Fenwick. As she expanded her family; husband, children, grandchildren, she also grew into a very involved and highly valued position within the Fenwick family. Her personal life and faith life had become interconnected with Fenwick through students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni. In May, a special reception was held to honor Patrice and allow the community to visit with her. At the celebration, a memory book was presented to Patrice filled with letters of appreciation and well wishes. In a newspaper interview by the Journal -News, the reporter asked, “What will be your legacy?” After a long pause, she remarked, “That every day that I came here it mattered to me that the kids would know that I loved and cared for them. That they were important to me. Every, single, day. Even after 46 years.” Thank you, Sr. Donna and Patrice, for touching our lives, for enriching our experience at Fenwick, and for giving us a faithful light. We are still adjusting to your absence. Know that you are missed. Lord make me your bread today and break me up and pass me around.



RELATIONSHIPS Dear Fenwick Family, In 2014, we set out to create an office whose priority was building relationships with all the constituents of this proud Fenwick community. It was an extremely tall order for the Development Office, where the previous focus had been fundraising versus philanthropy and outreach. Three years into this commitment, we can easily and confidently confirm that this strategy is working. Our efforts during this time frame account for over $2.2 million of impact directly to the Fenwick community, confirming that building relationships is key to building Fenwick’s future. Charitable giving by our stakeholders to the Crimson and Gold Campaign has provided needed resources to invest in key initiatives, positioning Fenwick for a strong future: • A new compensation plan has created a culture of attracting and retaining talented teachers to prepare for critical academic programs to effectively ready our students for college. The goal was to reach 80% of public school wages.

• Alumni investment for meaningful engagements give our alumni reasons to reconnect with classmates, teammates and today’s students, through 1-FENWICK Weekend, Golden Falcon Brunch, Homecoming Alumni Tent, Hall of Achievement, Athletic Hall of Fame and Named Scholarship Mass & Brunch. • Townhall meetings for transparent dialogue regarding school finances were hosted offsite in neighboring communities. The Catholic school business model sets tuition price lower than the actual cost to educate. Understanding this GAP, how tuition is determined, and that ALL current families are beneficiaries of tuition assistance is, to many, a revelation. The GAP may never be eliminated, but the efforts of the Development Office to educate families will determine Fenwick’s financial footing to help fill it.

For Fenwick to realize its true potential, everyone connected with the school – parents, students, alumni, families, faculty and staff – must buy in. The Development Office is committed to fulfilling the following to our stakeholders: 1. Provide transparent information of our financial needs. 2. Uphold responsible stewardship and reporting of your gifts. 3. Sponsor purposeful engagements connecting you to people who enrich your life. Thank you for your support of Fenwick through your charitable gifts of time, talent, and treasure. God Bless and Go Falcons,

Michael E. Raiff Director of Development



= 870 GIFTS 202 were 1st TIME DONORS

363 gifts were over $100 94 gifts were over $1000


Campaign Gift total


• Significant growth in scholarship and tuition assistance has been distributed to make Catholic education more affordable. Total tuition assistance from named scholarships and The Guardian Angel Fund has increased 37% since fiscal 2014-2015. • Designated gifts have benefitted all our students, including sponsored mission trips, new lighting and a sound system for performing arts, new weight room equipment, and new radio/broad casting equipment for Fenwick Sports Network. Our largest individual gift of $100,000 allowed us to purchase much needed football equipment bringing greater safety to our players.


Photos from Class of 2017 Senior Toast, hosted by The Development Team.


HONOR ROLL OF GIVING LEADERSHIP SOCIETY $10,000+ Akers Packaging Service Inc. William & Debby Akers James ‘69 & Jody Akers Dupps Company Charitable Foundation The Dupps Company Frank ‘87 & Michelle Lysaght Dupps ‘87 John & Patricia Dupps Frank & Robin Weiss Dupps ‘61 Holy Family Parish Home City Ice Company Karen Carnes Foundation James ‘74 & Mary Jean Kleingers The Kleingers Group Magnode Corporation Mathile Family Foundation The Page Family Foundation Steve & Jenny Page Premier Health - Atrium Medical Center Patti Hollingsworth Rouster ‘67 Elizabeth Ryan Michael & Stephanie Smith

CRIMSON & GOLD SOCIETY $5,000+ Borcherding Buick GMC Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty Comprehensive Dermatology Desert Valley Physicians LLC Girdwood Orthodontics Java Johnny’s Coffee Café Ray ‘59 & Sandie Montgomery Kelly ‘60 Ohio Eagle Distributing, LLC Reverend Adam Puntel John & Jennifer Ridge St. Augustine Church Southwest Ohio Health Partners Larry & Brenda Stier Jon ‘88 & Tricia Croake-Uleman

BISHOP FENWICK SOCIETY $2,500+ Al, Olive, Fred, & John Homan Family Fund Tim & Joni Conway G & J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers., INC Robert & Marianne Ginnan Larry & Patrice Harty Eugene & Irene Herrmann William & Linda Kilker Kroger Middletown Community Foundation Lawrence ‘59 & Catherine Herr Mulligan ‘58 Stephen Page Jeffrey & Gina Pennington Jerold & Carolyn Pennington Prosource Raiff Family Foundation Rod and Regina Crane


KRUSLING SOCIETY $1,000+ The Anna Wittman ‘17 Family Anne M. & Victor J. Cassano, Sr., Student Financial Assistance Atrium Medical Center Foundation Aubrey Rose Foundation Robert & Jeannine Baker Thomas & Robin Blank Joe Bockelman & Barbara Driehaus Chad & Jennifer Stueve Brogan ‘95 Dave ‘66 & Ginger Lolli Bruggeman ‘67 Catholic Financial Life Foundation, Inc. Chuck ‘81 & Kim Cramer Bill Cramer ‘67 Andrea Crane ‘04 John & Stefanie Creech Michael ‘70 & Lisa Dickerson Melinda Dickerson ‘66 Easterling Studios Inc. Falcons Basketball Club Eric & Cheryl Falk Michael & Beth Ferris Tom & Charlotte Fister Mike Gausling ‘76 James Goldschmidt Timothy Gough ‘56 Gregg & Kelli Grimes George ‘61 & Suzy Homan Hot Head Burritos Eric Kaup ‘88 Knights of Columbus Council 1610 Joseph Lyons Brandon & Annetta Major Michael & Michelle Mathile Middletown Convention & Visitors Bureau Lawrence ‘86 & Kristen Mulligan Matt Mulligan ‘90 Rob & Maria Nicolls Daniel Nix Reverend James O’Connor Pride Seals Inc. Michael & Mary Raiff Rapid Fired Pizza John & Jill Riazzi Jim Ryan Brian, Elizabeth & Owen Smith ‘17 Sprowls Orthodontic Center, INC. Thomas ‘75 & Karen Sweeney Tom ‘62 & Cher Uhl Andrew & Michelle Vollmar

1952 SOCIETY $500+ American Savings Bank Scott & Joan Arwine William & Carol Beebe Donald & Angela Bell Benevity Community Impact Fund Clarence & Judy Bittner David & Karen Borgemenke Brixey & Meyer Cathy Harkrader Bruggeman ‘75 Commerce Bank Complete Mechanical Services

Bishop Fenwick High School | July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017 Donor Report

Thomas ‘63 & Peggy Dobrozsi Thomas & Mara Fessler Florence Fiessinger Dan & Susan Halbig Fishbaugh ‘73 Michael Frye Tom & Marsha Gillen John Habig-Domanick ‘82 Thomas ‘73 & Patti Rouster Hackett ‘73 David & Deborah White Hayes ‘68 Rose Slezak Huber ‘65 & Walt Huber Christopher & Janice Hurley Mark ‘75 & Karen Jackson Linda Jester John XXIII Elementary School Joseph ‘84 & Wendy Koch John & Kara Kokenge Tom & Margaret Rossi Lanahan ‘84 Donald & Cathy Leesman Robert Litzinger Eugene ‘75 & Elizabeth Lolli Metal Resource Solutions, Inc. Milton’s Donut Shop LLC George ‘83 & Stephanie Nenni Jack ‘70 & Kathy Nenni Patrick & Jackie Noonan Ohio State Eagles Charity Fund Robert & Susan Parr Rick & Saundra Lantis Pearce ‘81 Jean Domanick Pero ‘66 Saint Michael School and Parent Association Frank & Joan Schiavone Michael ‘59 & Kimberly Scorti Thomas & Karen Secrest Eric Selby David ‘80 & Pam Habig Soden ‘80 Claire Spellmire ‘66 St. Michael Parish the Archangel St. Nicholas Academy Parent Teacher Organization Ralph & Teresa Rossi Steinmetz ‘82 Timothy & Betty Stueve James & Stephanie Suriano Victory Wholesale Grocers John ‘88 & Paige Beck Willenbrink ‘88 Richard & Carol Wilson Mark ‘68 & Elise Zielinski Barbara Zimmerman

FALCON CLUB $250+ Andrea N. Hicks Attorney At Law Richard & Donna Becker Jim & Kelly Berling Brian & Trina Bolam Donald ‘86 & Sharon Braun John ‘70 & Julia Brill Jed & Janice Brubaker Timothy ‘79 & Joanne Marstall Bruggeman ‘79 Andre ‘77 & Kimberly Chartrand Class of 1955 Bill ‘61 & Fran Courtney Jon ‘88 & Tricia Croake-Uleman Jack Downey Albert Dudley

Edward D. Jones & Co. Cheryl Fassler ‘75 David & Renee Fischer Vincent ‘85 & Leslie Grone Hall ‘86 Alan & Gerry Heckler Jeff ‘92 & Emily Dupps Hendrix ‘92 Michael ‘61 & Nancy Herr Mary Schlotter Hickey ‘60 James ‘63 & Alice Hogan Brett Horvath Walt & Rose Slezak Huber ‘65 Aaron & Julie Casserly Iverson ‘90 Fred Jeffers Denise Junius Gregory ‘78 & Deborah Jutte William & Amy King Thomas ‘07 & Lauren Kleingers Dave & Betty Krebs Karen Skinner Lafkas ‘61 Frank & Kathy Mazzone Mental Health Recovery Services of Warren & Clinton Counties Sue & Steve Meyer Christopher & Patricia Moore John ‘00 & Mandy Mulligan Nathan J Elter Attorney At Law Paul ‘66 & Cecelia Nenni Nancy Nix & Robert Leshnak Noonan, Brockman & Pollock DDS,Inc Michael & Amy Parks Deacon Jay & Kathleen Rettig Cathy Richlovsky Bill & Vicki Rohlfs Ryan S. Swisher, DDS & Associates Thomas ‘67 & Patricia McConnell Sauers ‘67 Beth Anne Schorr Robert Sears ‘56 John ‘63 & Vicki Perkins Sennet ‘65 Gregory & Jeanne Siewny Thomas ‘86 & Jennifer Somerville Victoria Andreotta Summers ‘73 Summit Family Physicians Thomas ‘66 & Debbie Swope Tim Tindall ‘85 & Erica Harper Randall ‘81 & Diane Von Bargen Robert Walters Richard ‘61 & Jane Yost

BRAVE & BOLD $100+ Keith Akers ‘04 William Akers, III ‘10 Jack & Marilyn Markert Alderton ‘53 Ken ‘64 & Lois Koeppel Allen ‘65 Tom & Julie Barger Arends ‘87 George ‘66 & Marilyn Averdick Ray & Ann Marie Heggi Barger ‘56 Zachary Bayer ‘17 Patricia Beatty Robert ‘61 & Jennie Beck George & Anne Benington Tim & Amity Bertsch Joseph ‘78 & Carol Huntsbarger Bidwell ‘78 Marc & Pauline Bilofsky Most Reverend Joseph Binzer

Caleb Bolton ‘11 David & Amy Borchers Jo Ann Donisi Bowman ‘57 Claudia Bradley Roger & Kelli Brandenburg Darrell & Mary Sue Brandenburg Russell & Lynne Braun Ted ‘72 & Jane Braun Andrew ‘86 & Susan Braun Keith Brinkmann ‘11 Joe & Mary Brinkmeyer Don & Michelle Brooks Steven Bruggeman Donald Buring Michael & Kimberly Cahal Barbara Werner Calabrese ‘62 Melanie Chavez Joshua Childs ‘17 Dan & Margie Christie Joseph ‘56 & Mary Anne Christmann Kelly Clark ‘17 Greg Clark & Cathy Bishop-Clark Victor& Sharon Clesceri David & Julie Clymer Terrence ‘64 & Beverly Cole Steven & Nancy Dobrozsi Compton ‘91 Lynette Cooper ‘84 Earl & Julia Muennich Cowell ‘59 Mary-Margaret Daigle ‘17 Gigi Daly Joseph ‘81 & Debbie Daly Dan Davis Charles Donahue & Kathleen Komnenovich ‘64 Donald & Sonia Donoher Sean & Michelle Dowers John ‘84 & Kim Downey Kerri Drodofsky Brian Dudley ‘86 Mark ‘69 & Rose Ann Chase Eckart ‘69 Tim & Shelia Eckert Ray & Karen Engle Timothy Enright ‘64 Mary Ann Tracy Evans ‘69 Jake Fedders ‘14 David Fening ‘73 Doug & Kay Domanick Few ‘57 Mike & Rhonda Finley Ann Fishbaugh Randall & Lori Frankart Michael ‘62 & Patricia Fulmer Dennis & Barbara Rukavina Garber ‘60 Don & Elaine Garver Carrie Stevens Gavigan ‘91 David ‘61 & Sharon Graham Doug Hale Robert Hamilton ‘68 John ‘61 & Penny Haney Justin & Amy Hansley David ‘01 & Elizabeth Kleingers Harrison ‘01 Joseph ‘57 & Charlene Hatton Joseph & Stephanie Helfrich Timothy & Cari Hellmann Tom & Lynn Hemmelgarn Robert ‘63 & Marilyn Himes

Richard & Julie Hobbs Don ‘73 & Anne Coyle Horn ‘77 Kerri Kline Hough ‘95 Joseph & Katherine Kelly Ivcevich ‘62 Reverend J. Dennis Jaspers Edward & Audrey Kancler Mike & Donna Kauffmanm Marilyn Kaylor John & Alexandra Akers Ketner ‘96 Michael & Joann Bors Klapheke ‘66 Ronald & Carol Koch William & Deborah Kodros John & Rebecca Koehl James & Sheila Brady Komer John ‘03 & Caitlin Krebs Patrick & Juanita Kreke Dave & Lisa Krug Kuntz Foundation Matthew & Rebecca Lankheit Kenneth Leistler Paul ‘79 & Lisa DiCristoforo Lolli ‘79 Scott Longmuir & Linda Longmuir Patrick ‘86 & Kelly Luers Nick ‘82 & Kathy Bees Marchetti ‘82 Kim McCluskey John & Katherine McCoy Betty McGuire Hugh McPhail James Montgomery ‘65 Christopher ‘99 & Christy Mosko Dan & Lisa Mullen Martha Mulligan ‘92 & Johan Tabora David ‘70 & Sue Mulligan Gary ‘75 & Kellie Muthert Larry ‘56 & Phyllis Nichols Fred ‘61 & Sara Kelly Nori ‘63 Thomas ‘58 & Julie Nunlist Marilyn Fiessinger O’Brien ‘55 Tom ‘55 & Jackie Osust William & Susan Paxton David & Karen Pearce Todd & Theresa Penney Anthony & Rose Mulligan Poleway ‘55 Daniel & Melanie Powers Rebecca Yarber Ramsey ‘58 Doris Rolark Nunzio ‘55 & Laurel Rossi Mary Ann Swarcz Rossi ‘53 Greta Fiessinger Saelens ‘61 Pat Schaefer & William Schaefer Lauren Schramm ‘17 Frances Sedge Mark & Martha Nuck Shaker ‘79 Rita Slusser Smallwood ‘63 Darrell & Sarah Barrett Smith ‘01 Mary Louise Smith Paul ‘76 & Sharon South Larry & Peggy Stevens Jonathon & Adrianne Verquer Sturgis ‘84 Allan & Jacklyn Thompson Roger & Betty Turvy UBS Matching Gift Program Miles & Martha Angel Vance ‘58 Jennifer Vanderhorst Grace Vogelsang

In reports of this nature, mistakes can occur. If your name was omitted or improperly listed, please accept our apologies and contact the development office at 513-727-1500, so that we can correct our records.


Jim & Barbara Angel VonderHaar ‘62 Gina Wagner ‘79 Reverend James Walsh Ronald & Vicki Weisbrod Marty & Theresa Wilkins Philip & Kelly Witry Michael & Nancy Woodward Sherry Wortman Timothy & Kathleen Wourms

FENWICK FRIENDS <$100 Sam Abbott ‘17 Steve & Linda Alexander William Andrew Julia Arwine ‘17 Sam & Judy Ashworth Mark & Jennifer Cranford Atkinson ‘89 Carolyn Perry Bartlett ‘68 Richard & Katherine Frebis Beatty ‘74 Ken ‘59 & Nancy Beiser Joshua Berning ‘17 Adam & Jill Berning Glenn & Gretchen Hummel Berny ‘61 Cameron Bezold ‘17 Cortney Bezold ‘17 Tim & Ellen Birchwell Donnie & Lindsay Blaylock Paul Blodgett ‘17 Allison Bolam ‘17 Douglas & Janet Boyd Lukas Bradshaw ‘17 Kenneth ‘61 & Jeanne Hamilton Bramble ‘61 Griffin Braun ‘17 Thomas ‘74 & Linda Brill Kathryn Brooks ‘17 Michael ‘77 & Beth Bruggeman Paul Bruggeman Jennifer Burran Cody Burtrum ‘06 Brandon Cahal ‘17 Sue Capuano Andrea Chaillet ‘17 Blaise Chaney ‘17 James ‘68 & Jenny McDermott Cimprich ‘68 John ‘67 & Vickie Cimprich Dwayne & Jill Clary Phillip Clesceri ‘17 Linda Clifton Jamey Colts ‘17 Luke Compton ‘10 John Creech ‘17 Gary & Ann Culbertson Jessica Culbertson ‘17 Bob & Monica Lyons Cummins ‘82 Peter & Amy Daigle Michael & Stacey Daumeyer Scott & Carol Davis Rachel Davis ‘17 Linda Beier Day ‘58


Samuel DeBiasi ‘17 Winifred Delano Scott & Tracey Denning Jacob Denning ‘17 Larry & Martha Elieff Dennis ‘62 James ‘63 & Joyce Dineen Joseph ‘67 & Barb Hackett Dineen ‘67 Madison Dinkelaker ‘17 Edward ‘67 & Nora Grant Dobrozsi ‘72 William & Patty Douglas Elizabeth Duckett ‘17 Kim Duckwall Don & Rosanne Dusa Tony Elieff William & Theresa Elliott Helen Epperson Robert & Angela Opbroeck Erhart ‘86 Jacob Fess ‘17 Jessica Finley ‘17 Kylie Folck ‘17 David ‘65 & Karen Fout James ‘57 & Marjorie Frey Thomas & Mary Fritsch Lisa Froehlich Grace Frohlich ‘17 Brittaney Fu ‘17 Scott & Stacey Lysaght Fuhrman ‘85 Sydney Fullerton ‘17 Alexander Gamber, Jr. ‘17 Amarius Gates ‘17 Graceann Gavigan ‘17 Gregory & Diana Gehrs Pat ‘83 & Maggie Bees Gilbert ‘85 Rob & Melissa Glover Erika Glover ‘17 Bob & Betty Graft Anthony Gustely ‘17 Pat Hackett Terrence ‘68 & Kathy Hackett Kathleen Hackett ‘65 Daniel ‘04 & Anne Hackett Erica Hafer ‘17 Payton Hansley ‘17 Natalie Hansman Thomas & Debbie Hazelbaker Alec Hemmelgarn ‘17 Jeff ‘92 & Emily Dupps- Hendrix ‘92 Joe Hennies & Elisa Jones Shannon Hirko ‘17 Scott & Erin Hirko Adam & Kerry Hoffman Abigail Holman ‘17 Frances Hornikel Michael Hough ‘17 Frances Huntzinger Chad Husting Erin Husting ‘17 Greg & Christine Iaconis Miles Jena ‘17 Jeff ‘70 & Carrie Jena Greg & Amy Johns William & Judith Johns

Emma Jones ‘17 Dan & Roselle Jackson Karl ‘60 Jared Kauffman ‘17 Phil & Denise Keegan Donald & Mary Anne Kelley John & Katherine Kelley Schmid ‘94 Robert & Nancy Kerr Kevin & Angela VonderHaar Kiser ‘93 Annie Klapheke ‘04 Mark ‘85 & Pam Kleingers John Komer ‘17 Alexander Kowal ‘17 Robert Krebs ‘65 Jane Krebs ‘00 Joseph Krug ‘17 Michael Krug ‘17 Gregory & Elyse Kuenle James ‘68 & Pandora Kuhlein Kula Foundation Elizabeth Lally ‘17 Daniel & Susan Lally Richard Lantis Holly Lasley ‘17 Robert ‘09 & Kassidy Wyatt Lauer ‘09 Ann Lay ‘77 Mark & Mary Lindon Samantha Lindon ‘17 G. Mitchel & Catherine Lippert Michael ‘76 & Annette Rossi Lolli ‘78 Will Maier ‘17 Kurt & Kristen Maier Marilyn Major Zoe Malinowski ‘17 Mary McDaniel John McLaughlin ‘76 Richard & Dorothy McLaughlin Meijer Linda Klosterman Meyer ‘84 Steven & Heather Michael Margaret Moffa James & Emily Monnin Katherine Monnin ‘17 Richard & Patricia Montgomery Joseph P. Mulligan ‘55 Patrick Mullin ‘17 Bill & Joyce Rouster Murray ‘79 Jo Anne Nenni William Nenni ‘17 Emma Nicolls ‘17 Alan Nix ‘17 Denaire Nori ‘91 Donald & Kathy Oliver Gwyneth Oliver ‘17 Daniel & Geraldine O’Neil Betty Palmer John & Theresa Paxton Adam Paxton ‘17 Rosemary Porter ‘17 Todd & Elizabeth Pucko Nicholas Puglielli ‘17 Joseph ‘89 & Jennifer Koch Puthoff ‘89 Iris Puthoff ‘17

Bishop Fenwick High School | July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017 Donor Report

Samantha Puthoff ‘17 Douglas & Jeanne Puthoff Payton Quintillian ‘17 David & Sara Reardon Samuel Reardon ‘17 Bailey Ricke ‘17 Charlie Ricketts & Lin MacShara Scott & Leah Owens-Roe James & Georgia Rogers Morgan Rogers ‘17 Joseph Rohlfs ‘17 Michelle Opbroek Ross ‘88 Daniel & Frances Sack Gary & Donna Sappenfield Braden Sargent ‘17 John & Kimberly Sarley Megan Sarley ‘17 William & Pat Schaefer Joshua Schmitt ‘17 Jacob Schnegg ‘17 Scott & Yvette Schnegg Lawrence ‘56 & Margaret Reed Schneider ‘59 Samantha Schraer ‘17 Mary Lou Schramm ‘71 Robert ‘85 & Kelli Schuermann Corinne Schuermann ‘17 David & Carole Schul The Schumacher’s William ‘73 & Jeanne Schwab Adam Selby ‘17 Samuel Simendinger ‘17 Kaylie Slack ‘17 James Smith ‘17 Holly Smith ‘17 Taylor Smith ‘13 Joe & Amy Miletic Snively ‘94 Benjamin Stegbauer ‘15 Tom & Margaret Stevenson Joseph ‘63 & Regina Chase Stugmyer ‘74 Kathryn Stugmyer ‘17 Jeff & Kristy Swisher Mitchell Swisher ‘17 Mark & Elizabeth Tebbe Conner Templin ‘17 Jeff ‘76 & Jeni Thien Jayna Thompson ‘17 Michael & Suzann Tragesser Rich Trainer Taylor Trent ‘17 Peggy Delaney Trimble ‘64 Abigail Von Dohre ‘17 Scott ‘95 & Jennifer Walker Zach Wallace ‘17 Mitchell Walsh ‘17 Sydney Watterson ‘17 Mike & Sue Webster Joanne Webster ‘17 Christopher & Joan Welsh Stephen Wilson ‘70 Jeffrey ‘90 & Vicki Witte Nancy & Michael Woodward Dominic Wyatt ‘17 Garrett Wyatt ‘11 Spencer Wyatt ‘16

Timothy & Andrea Wyatt Lawrence & Teresa Yowler Hannah Yowler ‘17

Greta Fiessinger Saelens Richard Yost


Barbara Werner Calabrese Martha Elieff Dennis Michael Fulmer Katherine Kelly Ivcevich Tom Uhl Barbara Angel Vonder Haar

CLASS OF 1953 Marilyn Markert Alderton Mary Ann Swarcz Rossi



Joseph P. Mulligan Marilyn Fiessinger O’Brien Tom Osust Rose Mulligan Poleway Nunzio Rossi

James Dineen Thomas Dobrozsi Robert Himes James Hogan John Sennet Rita Slusser Smallwood Joseph Stugmyer




Ann Marie Heggi Barger Joseph Christmann Timothy Gough Larry Nichols Lawrence Schneider Robert Sears

CLASS OF 1957 Jo Ann Donisi Bowman Kay Domanick Few James Frey Joseph Hatton

CLASS OF 1958 Linda Beier Day Catherine Herr Mulligan Thomas Nunlist Rebecca Yarber Ramsey Martha Angel Vance

CLASS OF 1959 Ken Beiser Julia Muennich Cowell Ray Kelly Lawrence Mulligan Margaret Reed Schneider Michael Scorti

CLASS OF 1960 Barbara Rukavina Garber Mary Schlotter Hickey Roselle Jackson Karl Sandie Montgomery Kelly

CLASS OF 1961 Robert Beck Gretchen Hummel Berny Jeanne Hamilton Bramble Kenneth Bramble Bill Courtney Robin Weiss Dupps David Graham John Haney Michael Herr George Homan Karen Skinner Lafkas Fred Nori

Ken Allen Terrence Cole Timothy Enright Peggy Delaney Trimble

CLASS OF 1965 Lois Koeppel Allen David Fout Kathleen Hackett Rose Slezak Huber Robert Krebs James Montgomery Vicki Perkins Sennet

CLASS OF 1966 George Averdick David Bruggeman Melinda Dickerson Joann Bors Klapheke Paul Nenni Jean Domanick Pero Claire Spellmire Thomas Swope

CLASS OF 1967 Ginger Lolli Bruggeman John Cimprich Bill Cramer Barb Hackett Dineen Joseph Dineen Edward Dobrozsi Patti Hollingsworth Rouster Patricia McConnell Sauers Thomas Sauers

CLASS OF 1969 James Akers Mark Eckart Mary Ann Tracy Evans

CLASS OF 1970 John Brill Michael Dickerson Jeff Jena David Mulligan Jack Nenni Stephen Wilson

CLASS OF 1971 Mary Lou Schramm

CLASS OF 1972 Ted Braun Nora Grant Dobrozsi

CLASS OF 1973 David Fening Susan Halbig Fishbaugh Patti Rouster Hackett Thomas Hackett Don Horn William Schwab Victoria Andreotta Summers

CLASS OF 1974 Katherine Frebis Beatty Thomas Brill James Kleingers Regina Chase Stugmyer

Joyce Rouster Murray Martha Nuck Shaker Gina Wagner

CLASS OF 1980 David Soden Pam Habig Soden

CLASS OF 1981 Chuck Cramer Joseph Daly Saundra Lantis Pearce Randall Von Bargen

CLASS OF 1982 Monica Lyons Cummins John Habig-Domanick Kathy Bees Marchetti Nick Marchetti Teresa Rossi Steinmetz

CLASS OF 1983 Pat Gilbert George Nenni

CLASS OF 1984 Lynette Cooper John Downey Joseph Koch Margaret Rossi Lanahan Linda Klosterman Meyer Adrianne Verquer Sturgis


Stacey Lysaght Fuhrman Maggie Bees Gilbert CLASS OF 1975 Cathy Harkrader Bruggeman Vincent Hall Mark Kleingers Cheryl Fassler Robert Schuermann Mark Jackson Tim Tindall Eugene Lolli Gary Muthert CLASS OF 1986 Thomas Sweeney Andrew Braun Donald Braun CLASS OF 1976 Brian Dudley Mike Gausling Angela Opbroeck Erhart Michael Lolli Leslie Grone Hall John McLaughlin Patrick Luers Paul South Lawrence Mulligan Jeff Thien Thomas Somerville

CLASS OF 1977 Michael Bruggeman Andre Chartrand Anne Coyle Horn Ann Lay



Carolyn Perry Bartlett Jenny McDermott Cimprich James Cimprich Rose Ann Chase Eckart Terrence Hackett Robert Hamilton Deborah White Hayes James Kuhlein Mark Zielinski

Carol Huntsbarger Bidwell Joseph Bidwell Gregory Jutte Annette Rossi Lolli



CLASS OF 1990 Julie Casserly Iverson Matt Mulligan Jeffrey Witte

CLASS OF 1991 Nancy Dobrozsi Compton Carrie Stevens Gavigan Denaire Nori

CLASS OF 1992 Emily Dupps Hendrix Jeff Hendrix Martha Mulligan

CLASSS OF 1993 Angela VonderHaar Kiser

CLASS OF 1994 Katherine Kelley Schmid Amy Miletic Snively

CLASS OF 1995 Jennifer Stueve Brogan Kerri Kline Hough Scott Walker

CLASS OF 1996 Alexandra Akers Ketner

CLASS OF 1999 Christopher Mosko

CLASS OF 2000 Jane Krebs John Mulligan

CLASS OF 2001 David Harrison Elizabeth Kleingers Harrison Sarah Barrett Smith

CLASS OF 2003 John Krebs

CLASS OF 2004 Keith Akers Andrea Crane Daniel Hackett Annie Klapheke

CLASS OF 2006 Cody Burtrum

Julie Barger Arends Frank Dupps Michelle Lysaght Dupps




Jon Croake-Uleman Jeffery Dobrozsi Eric Kaup Michelle Opbroek Ross John Willenbrink Paige Beck Willenbrink


Joanne Marstall Bruggeman CLASS OF 1989 Timothy Bruggeman Jennifer Cranford Atkinson Lisa DiCristoforo Lolli Jennifer Koch Puthoff Paul Lolli Joseph Puthoff

Thomas Kleingers Kassidy Wyatt Lauer Robert Lauer William Akers, III Luke Compton

CLASS OF 2011 Caleb Bolton Keith Brinkmann Garrett Wyatt

In reports of this nature, mistakes can occur. If your name was omitted or improperly listed, please accept our apologies and contact the development office at 513-727-1500, so that we can correct our records.


CLASS OF 2013 Taylor Smith

CLASS OF 2014 Jake Fedders Jacob Meyer

CLASS OF 2015 Benjamin Stegbauer

CLASS OF 2016 Spencer Wyatt

CLASS OF 2017 Sam Abbott Julia Arwine Zachary Bayer Joshua Berning Cameron Bezold Cortney Bezold William Birchwell Paul Blodgett Allison Bolam Luke Bradshaw Griffin Braun Kathryn Brooks Brandon Cahal Andrea Chaillet Blaise Chaney Joshua Childs Kelly Clark Phillip Clesceri Jamey Colts John Creech Marisa Crisci Jessica Culbertson Jonathan Cummins Mary-Margaret Daigle Rachel Davis Samuel DeBiasi Jacob Denning Madison Dinkelaker Aidan Dowers Elizabeth Duckett Alex Duckwall Jacob Fess Jessica Finley Kylie Folck Connor Froehlich Grace Frohlich Brittaney Fu Sydney Fullerton Alexander Gamber, Jr. Amarius Gates Graceann Gavigan Joshua Gehrs Courtney Gilbert Collin Ginnan Erika Glover Anthony Gustely Erica Hafer Payton Hansley Alec Hemmelgarn Shannon Hirko Robert Hobbs Ethan Hoffman Abigail Holman


Michael Hough CJ Hurley Erin Husting Miles Jena Emma Jones Jared Kauffman Daniel Kleingers Jack Komer Alexander Kowal Joseph Krug Michael Krug Elizabeth Lally Holly Lasley Samantha Lindon Grant Litzinger Will Maier Zoe Malinowski Amanda Michael Katherine Monnin Brandon Montgomery Patrick Mullin William Nenni Emma Nicolls Alan Nix Gwyneth Oliver Lauren Owens Matthew Page Adam Paxton Rosemary Porter Christopher Pucko Nicholas Puglielli Iris Puthoff Samantha Puthoff Payton Quintillian Samuel Reardon Bailey Ricke Morgan Rogers Joseph Rohlfs Claudia Ross Braden Sargent Megan Sarley Joshua Schmitt Jacob Schnegg Samantha Schraer Lauren Schramm Corinne Schuermann Ellie Sealock Adam Selby Samuel Simendinger Kaylie Slack Holly Smith Owen Smith Megan Stevenson Kathryn Stugmyer Mitchell Swisher Conner Templin Jayna Thompson Taylor Trent Abigail Von Dohre Jessica Walker Zach Wallace Mitchell Walsh Sydney Watterson Joanne Webster Hailey Welsh Alexis Wilkins

Anna Wittman Dominic Wyatt Hannah Yowler

IN HONOR OF... William Birchwell ‘17 Ellen & Tim Birchwell Allison Bolam ‘17 Brian & Catherine Bolam Griffen Braun ‘17 Russell & Lynne Braun Kathryn Brooks ‘17 Don & Michelle Brooks David ‘66 & Ginger Lolli Bruggeman ‘67 Sam & Judy Ashworth Ron & Betty Barnett Diana Barrett ‘66 Rob ‘61 & Jennie Beck Tom & Robin Blank Donnie & Lindsay Blaylock Darrell & Mary Sue Brandenburg Cathy Bruggeman ‘75 Joe Bruggeman Paul Bruggeman Steven Bruggeman Janet Chase ‘55 Linda Clifton Bill ‘61 & Fran Courtney Jon ‘88 & Tricia Croake-Uleman Rob & Heidi Davis Joseph ‘67 & Barb ‘67 Dineen Jeff Dobrozsi ‘88 Mark ‘69 & Rose Ann Eckart ‘69 Don & Elaine Garver Christine Grimes ‘66 Doug Hale Robert Hamilton ‘68 Terry & Catherine Howell Eric ‘87 & Jennifer Purkey Imsande ‘89 Don & Kathy Keighley Michael & Joann Bors Klapheke ‘66 Jim & Maria Langendorf Alexandra Lolli ‘11 Daniel ‘05 & Megan Lolli Eugene ‘75 & Elizabeth Lolli Michael ‘76 & Annette Rossi Lolli ‘78 Patrick ‘82 & Kara Lolli Paul ‘79 & Lisa DiCristoforo Lolli ‘79 Thomas ‘69 & Elaine Lolli Mary Ann Long Steven ‘88 &

Bishop Fenwick High School | July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017 Donor Report

Rose Longworth Pat Malloy Roy May ‘67 Mary Mayton Frank ‘74 & Sue Nemcic John ‘79 & Sheri O’Flynn Marilyn O’Flynn Michael & Mary Raiff Charlie Rickets & Lin MacShara Ronald Ring Ted ‘64 & Tina Ritter Michael ‘67 & Kathleen Romans Louis Rossi Patti Hollingsworth Rouster ‘67 Richard Rush Daniel & Frances Sack William ‘73 & Jeanne Schwab Stan Shepherd Earl & Judith Sunderland Darrell & Sandra Templeton Rich Trainer Ruth Vehr Richard Weaver John ‘88 & Paige ‘88 Willenbrink Theresa Woodward Tim & Andrea Wyatt Ginger Bruggeman ‘67 William & Amy King Brandon Cahal ‘17 Mike & Kim Cahal Catholic Teachers Grace Vogelsang Chris & Janice Hurley CJ Hurley ‘17 CJ Hurley ‘17 Chris & Janice Hurley Greg Clark & Cathy Bishop Clark Kelly Clark ‘17 Kelly Clark ‘17 Greg Clark & Cathy Bishop Clark Class of 2017 Jon ‘88 & Tricia Croake-Uleman Rob & Melissa Glover Jim & Emily Monnin Alan Nix ‘17 Dan Nix Joanne Webster ‘17 Phillip Clesceri ‘17 Victor & Sharon Clesceri Adam Coffee Mitchell Swisher ‘17

Mary Ellen Cole Terrence ‘64 & Beverly Cole Jessica Culbertson ‘17 Gary & Ann Culbertson Maggie Daigle ‘17 Peter & Amy Daigle Peter & Amy Daigle Maggie Daigle ‘17 Anh Dang Richard & Patricia Montgomery Frances Sedge Rachel Davis ‘17 Scott & Carol Davis Jacob Denning ‘17 Scott & Tracey Denning Danny Devito Abigail Von Dohre ‘17 Mark, Terri & Grace Dinkelaker Madison Dinkelaker ‘17 Bridget Douglas ‘16 William & Patty Douglas Alex Duckwall ‘17 Kim Duckwall Tim Edwards Maggie Daigle ‘17 Fenwick Football Team Maggie Daigle ‘17 Jacob Fess ‘17 Beth Ferris Jessica Finley ‘17 Mike & Rhonda Finley Connor Froehlich ‘17 Lisa Froehlich Nick & Malissa Frohlich Grace Frohlich ‘17 Amarius Gates ‘17 Doris Rolark Graceann Gavigan ‘17 Carrie Gavigan Courtney Gilbert ‘17 Pat & Maggie Gilbert Scott & Erin Hirko Shannon Hirko ‘17 Shannon Hirko ‘17 Scott & Erin Hirko Ethan Hoffman ‘17 Adam & Kerry Hoffman Kerri Hough ‘95 Michael Hough ‘17

Michael Hough ‘17 Kerri Hough ‘95 Erin Husting ‘17 Chad & Susan Husting

Louise Personette Karen Skinner Lafkas ‘61

Jayna Thompson ‘17 Alan & Jacklyn Thompson

Mike & Peggy Porter Rose Porter ‘17

Phuong Vuong Richard & Patricia Montgomery Frances Sedge

Emma Jones ‘17 Joseph & Elisa Jones Jones/Hennies Family

Christopher Pucko ‘17 Beth & Todd Pucko

Jared Kauffman ‘17 Mike & Donna Kauffman

Iris Puthoff ‘17 Ron & Carol Koch Joe ‘89 & Jennifer Puthoff ‘89

James Kleingers ‘74 Premier Health Partners Jack Komer ‘17 Mike Komer & Sheila Brady Patrick Kreke Paul Blodgett ‘17 CJ Hurley ‘17 Sara Kreke Paul Blodgett ‘17 Joseph Krug ‘17 Dave & Lisa Krug Michael Krug ‘17 Dave & Lisa Krug Elizabeth Lally ‘17 Daniel & Susan Lally Samantha Lindon ‘17 Mark & Mary Lindon Grace Longmuir ‘16 Scott & Linda Longmuir Will Maier ‘17 Kurt & Kristen Maier Amanda Michael ‘17 Steven & Heather Michael Brandon Montgomery ‘17 Kim McCluskey Lawrence Mulligan Jr. ‘86 Lawrence ‘59 & Catherine Herr Mulligan ‘58 Matt Mulligan ‘90 Middletown Community Foundation Kristen Mulligan Middletown Community Foundation Will Nenni ‘17 George ‘83 & Stephanie Nenni Rob & Maria Nicolls Emma Nicolls ‘17 Linda O’Brien Kaylie Slack ‘17 John & Theresa Paxton Adam Paxton ‘17

Payton Quintilian ‘17 Jeff ‘90 & Vicki Witte Sam Reardon ‘17 David & Sara Reardon Elizabeth Rieman Sydney Watterson ‘17 Barry Robertson Premier Health Partners Noah Rogers ‘13 Pat & William Schaefer Bill & Vicki Rohlfs Joey Rohlfs ‘17 Doris Rolark Amarius Gates ‘17 Claudia Ross ‘17 Michelle Ross ‘88 John Rossi ‘80 Amanda Michael ‘17 Scott & Yvette Schnegg Jacob Schnegg ‘17 Tom Schraer Samantha Schraer ‘17 Rob & Kelli Schuermann Corinne Schuermann ‘17 The Sealock Family Ellie Sealock ‘17 Adam Selby ‘17 Kim Selby ‘90 Kim Selby ‘90 Adam Selby ‘17 Joseph & Nancy Schmitt Joshua Schmitt ‘17 Jacob Schnegg ‘17 Scott & Yvette Schnegg Mildred Speed, OSF Michael & Joann Bors Klapheke ‘66 Megan Stevenson ‘17 Tom & Margaret Stevenson Jeff & Kristy Swisher Mitchell Swisher ‘17 Mitchell Swisher ‘17 Jeff & Kristy Swisher

Jessie Walker ‘17 Scott ‘95 & Jenny Walker Joanne Webster ‘17 Mike & Sue Webster Dominic Wyatt ‘17 Tim & Andrea Wyatt Tim & Andrea Wyatt Dominic Wyatt ‘17

IN MEMORY OF... Andrea Accurso Tim & Betty Stueve Stephen Alderton ‘74 Jack & Marilyn Markert Alderton ‘53 Suzanna Anderson Donald Buring Doug Angel ‘56 Miles & Martha Angel Vance ‘58 Kenneth Angel ‘61 Miles & Martha Angel Vance ‘58 Reverend Richard Averbeck Reverend James Walsh George & Mary Alice Averdick George ‘66 & Marilyn Averdick Sally Borchers David & Amy Borchers Dale Braun Donald ‘86 & Sharon Braun Margarethe Braun Ted ‘72 & Jane Braun Thomas Braun Ted ‘72 & Jane Braun Scott Bruggeman ‘88 Sam & Judy Ashworth Ron & Betty Barnett Diana Barrett ‘66 Rob ‘61 & Jennie Beck Tom & Robin Blank Donnie & Lindsay Blaylock Darrell &

Mary Sue Brandenburg Cathy Bruggeman ‘75 Joe Bruggeman Paul Bruggeman Steven Bruggeman Janet Chase ‘55 Linda Clifton Bill ‘61 & Fran Courtney Jon ‘88 & Tricia Croake-Uleman Rob & Heidi Davis Joseph ‘67 & Barb ‘67 Dineen Jeff Dobrozsi ‘88 Mark ‘69 & Rose Ann Eckart ‘69 Scott & Stacey Lysaght Fuhrman ‘85 Don & Elaine Garver Christine Grimes ‘66 Doug Hale Robert Hamilton ‘68 Terry & Catherine Howell Eric ‘87 & Jennifer Purkey Imsande ‘89 Don & Kathy Keighley William & Amy King Lynne LaMacchia Jim & Maria Langendorf Alexandra Lolli ‘11 Daniel ‘05 & Megan Lolli Eugene ‘75 & Elizabeth Lolli Michael ‘76 & Annette Rossi Lolli ‘78 Patrick ‘82 & Kara Lolli Paul ‘79 & Lisa Dicristoforo Lolli ‘79 Thomas ‘69 & Elaine Lolli Mary Ann Long Steven ‘88 & Rose Longworth Pat Malloy Roy May ‘67 Mary Mayton Katherine & Michael Mulligan Frank ‘74 & Sue Nemcic John ‘79 & Sheri O’Flynn Marilyn O’Flynn Michael & Mary Raiff Charlie Rickets & Lin MacShara Ronald Ring Ted ‘64 & Tina Ritter Michael ‘67 & Kathleen Romans Louis Rossi Patti Hollingsworth Rouster ‘67 Richard Rush Daniel & Frances Sack William ‘73 & Jeanne Schwab Stan Shepherd Earl & Judith Sunderland

Darrell & Sandra Templeton Rich Trainer Ruth Vehr Richard Weaver John ‘88 & Paige ‘88 Willenbrink Theresa Woodward Tim & Andrea Wyatt Thomas Bruggeman ‘74 Timothy ‘79 & Joanne Marstall Bruggeman ‘79 Therese Bruns Donald & Angela Bell Calvin Cole Terrence ‘64 & Beverly Cole Cecilia Cramer Anonymous Steve & Linda Alexander Chuck ‘81 & Kim Cramer Bill Cramer ‘67 Joseph ‘81 & Debbie Daly Winifred Delano Thomas & Mary Fritsch Bob & Betty Graft Greg & Christine Iaconis Greg & Amy Johns Richard Lantis Ann Lay ‘77 Victoria Andreotta Summers ‘73 Philip & Kelly Witry Dennis Creech John Creech Charles Day ‘57 Linda Beier Day ‘58 Thomas Denning Jake Denning ‘17 Dez Dineen James ‘63 & Joyce Dineen Elmese Dineen James ‘63 & Joyce Dineen Phyllis Orth Downey ‘54 Jack Downey John ‘84 & Kim Downey Bocho Elieff Larry & Martha Elieff Dennis ‘62 Cecilia Elieff Larry & Martha Elieff Dennis ‘62 Judy Elieff Tony Elieff James Fiessinger Florence Fiessinger Marilyn Fiessinger O’Brien ‘55 Greta Fiessinger Saelens ‘61

In reports of this nature, mistakes can occur. If your name was omitted or improperly listed, please accept our apologies and contact the development office at 513-727-1500, so that we can correct our records.


Clarence Fishbaugh Ann Fishbaugh Catherine Frey Samantha Lindon ‘17 Barby Greene Rachel Davis ‘17 Joyce Ann Hackett Atrium Medical Center Foundation Douglas & Janet Boyd Dave ‘66 & Ginger Lolli Bruggeman ‘67 Joseph ‘81 & Debbie Daly Edward ‘67 & Nora Grant Dobrozsi ‘72 Mark ‘69 & Rose Ann Chase Eckart ‘69 Edward Hackett Family Dan & Susan Halbig Fishbaugh ‘73 Kathleen Hackett ‘65 Maria Hackett & Family Terrence ‘68 & Kathy Hackett Thomas ‘73 & Patti Rouster Hackett ‘73 Thomas & Debbie Hazelbaker Donald & Mary Anne Kelley Mary Emerson & Family Lawrence ‘59 & Catherine Herr Mulligan ‘58 Bill & Joyce Rouster Murray ‘79 Pat Hackett & Family William & Pat Schaefer Michael & Suzann Tragesser Wednesday Bridge Club Sherry Wortman Mary Jo Fenbers Hatton ‘57 Joseph ‘57 & Charlene Hatton Julia Heggi Ray & Ann Marie Heggi Barger ‘56 Steve Heggi Ray & Ann Marie Heggi Barger ‘56 David Holweger ‘60 William & Judith Johns Ralph & Betty Jackson Mark ‘75 & Karen Jackson Alice Jeffers Fred Jeffers John Jester Mark ‘68 & Elise Zielinski


Maureen McGuire Johnson ‘68 Mary Ann Tracy Evans ‘69 Betty McGuire Patricia “Pat” Johnson Patrick & Jackie Noonan Warren Johnson Patrick & Jackie Noonan Ruth Klosterman Linda Klosterman Meyer ‘84 Betty Koeppel Ken ‘64 & Lois Koeppel Allen ‘65 Sarah Kreke Patrick & Juanita Kreke Reverend Lawrence Krusling Robert ‘63 & Marilyn Himes Hal & Marlene Leonard Robert ‘09 & Kassidy Wyatt Lauer ‘09 Dominic Wyatt ‘17 Garrett Wyatt ‘11 Spencer Wyatt “16 Tim & Andrea Wyatt Frank & Patricia Lolli Eugene ‘75 & Elizabeth Lolli

Joseph Mulligan David ‘70 & Sue Mulligan

David L. Smith Mary Louise Smith

Mary M. Mulligan David ‘70 & Sue Mulligan

David South ‘75 Paul ‘76 & Sharon South Rich Trainer

James Nichols Larry ‘56 & Phyllis Nichols Tommy Osust Tom ‘55 & Jackie Osust Barney Otten Bishop Fenwick High School Friends of Peggy Otten Kmetz Timothy & Betty Stueve Raymond Palmer Betty Palmer Ted Parrella Paul ‘79 & Lisa DiCristoforo Lolli ‘79 Sue, Steve & Jacob Meyer Phyllis Poynter Ken ‘64 & Lois Koeppel Allen ‘65 Larry & Martha Elieff Dennis ‘62 Frances Huntzinger Linda Klosterman Meyer ‘84 John Ptaskiewicz Timothy & Betty Stueve

Bridgid Lyons ‘80 Joseph Lyons

Robert Puthoff Sammi Puthoff ‘17

Jacob Marek ‘19 Bishop Fenwick High School Class of 2017 Josh Childs ‘17 Kylie Folck ‘17 Lauren Schramm ‘17 Mitchell Swisher ‘17

Jerome Raiff Brandon & Annetta Major Marilyn Major

Thomas Meehan ‘59 Richard & Katherine Frebis Beatty ‘74 Matt McKee Griffen Braun ‘17 Will Nenni ‘17 Lynda McLaughlin Milakovich-Costa ‘80 Richard & Dorothy McLaughlin Reverend Robert Monnin Mary Schlotter Hickey ‘60 Anita Martin Moreland ‘65 Ken ‘64 & Lois Koeppel Allen ‘65 James Montgomery ‘65 George Mullin Patrick Mullin

Mary Rentschler ‘56 Glenn & Gretchen Hummel Berny ‘61

Mildred Speed Michael & Joann Bors Klapheke ‘66 James Sweeney Thomas ‘75 & Karen Sweeney Jean Sweeney Thomas ‘75 & Karen Sweeney

Creating a

philanthropic culture of giving requires an



understanding, and

behavior by all stakeholders and members a

William Sweeney Thomas ‘75 & Karen Sweeney

of an organization committed

Noah Theiss ‘18 Bishop Fenwick High School Larry & Patrice Harty Gary & Donna Sappenfield Matt Mulligan ‘90

common good.

to voluntary action for the Gift giving is a by-product of a philanthropic culture.

Joan M. Tindall Tim Tindall ‘85 & Erica Harper Jim Trimble Peggy Delaney Trimble ‘64 Mark Wall ‘64 CJ Hurley ‘17 Timothy & Betty Stueve Judith Markert Walters ‘58 Robert Walters Estel White David & Deborah White Hayes ‘68

James Roberts Donald & Angela Bell John Rossi ‘80 Ralph & Teresa Rossi Steinmetz ‘82 Reverend James Walsh Harold J. Rouster ‘67 John & Katherine McCoy Patti Hollingsworth Rouster ‘67 Thomas ‘67 & Patricia McConnell Sauers ‘67 Charles Rudokas ‘65 Ken ‘64 & Lois Koeppel Allen ‘65 Timothy Ryan ‘89 Elizabeth Ryan Frederick Slezak ‘81 Rose Slezak Huber ‘65 & Walt Huber

Bishop Fenwick High School | July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017 Donor Report


1-FENWICK Weekend

The second annual 1-FENWICK Weekend celebration took place August 3-5, hosting over 1,900 guests throughout the weekend! From far away to near, many of the Fenwick community turned out to connect with old friends and new. Generations of Falcons gathered together as one. All Alumni Reunion: Fenwick Alumni came in the hundreds to enjoy a great party Friday night, tasked with only showing up and having fun! It was a celebration for our special alumni guests who ate, danced and connected with their high school friends. Falcon 5K: Saturday was a marathon of activities starting with the Falcon 5K. Football Coach John Aregood inspired all football players to participate along with over 100 runners. Alex Bruns ‘08 once again took alumni honors as the first alumni to cross the finish line in 17:14! Pancake Breakfast: All-you-can-eat pancakes and sausage were served by the talented Chris Cakes to 5K runners and many others hungry for a tasty breakfast. Golf Outing: Wildwood Golf Club, was host to almost 90 golfers Saturday, golfing in honor of Fr. John Civille. Although golfers gave it their best shot, no one hit a hole-in-one to take home the car. Don Horn ’70 and his golfing partner stroked the winning score to earn first place. Comedy Night: Jeff Jena ‘70 barely had time to get off the golf course before taking the stage at Comedy Night. Few in the audience escaped his banter—especially those seated in front! Jeff brought two talented comedians to Fenwick who kept guests laughing all night. Community Mass: It was standing room only in the chapel for those attending Mass with celebrant Fr. David Endres (former Fenwick Chaplain, current Athenaeum


faculty and Catholic Telegraph columnist). From young to old, the Eucharist was shared in our most sacred place on campus. Golden Falcon Brunch: The Class of 1967 are officially Golden by reaching their 50th reunion anniversary. Classes 1953-1967 were invited to attend a brunch where ‘67 graduates were presented their Golden Falcon Pin. The class of 1967 was well represented with classmates travelling from Idaho to Florida and many places in-between!



Kyle Babcock Alumni Soccer Game: Eighteen alumni soccer players gathered on the field with the JV and Varsity squads coached by Dan Lueking ‘99 for a friendly yet competitive soccer scrimmage.


1-FENWICK Weekend August 3-5





Hall of Achievement Bishop Fenwick esteemed alumni, classmates, family and administrators gathered at Fenwick to induct and celebrate an outstanding group of individuals into the Hall of Achievement. Established in 1998, the Hall of Achievement selection committee seeks to identify Bishop Fenwick alumni who have demonstrated professional success, unique or meritorious actions, deeds, heroism and/or overcoming substantial hardship. Additionally, alumni who have contributed extraordinarily to community and civic involvement and volunteerism are considered. All the inductees have excelled professionally and dedicated their lives to serving others, and credit the love and support of family and faith for their success.

Hall of Achievement Inductees James Dineen ‘63 Jim is a Vietnam veteran, human resources professional, business owner, author, and end stage renal failure survivor and advocate. Since 1998 Jim has fought to survive his disease and to advocate for kidney patients on a local and national level. His message has been heard in Washington D.C. and through multiple health, medical


and government platforms. Jim’s multiple health crises resulted in personal and business collapse. Through great perseverance, he battled to restore his health and finances. In 2009, he was honored with the Robert Felter Memorial Award from the Renal Network for his work on behalf of kidney patients. Jim credits his supportive family, faith and positive attitude as the means for his survival. Mike Gausling ‘76 An entrepreneur, Mike founded OraSure Technologies – best known for developing and securing FDA approval for the first rapid oral fluid HIV test in the world, thus impacting our ability to begin curtailing the spread of HIV. Today, he is a managing partner for Brand Experience, a private marketing agency firm. He also serves as managing partner for Originate Ventures LLC, which invests in early stage and emerging growth technology companies in Pennsylvania. Numerous for-profit and nonprofit organizations have benefited from his business and marketing expertise while he served as a board of director. Mike has a deep commitment and passion for community. Inspired by his late wife, Sharon, Mike lead the Lehigh Valley, PA, food bank operation to expand the area served to a seven-county region, annually delivering over 20 million pounds of food.

Joseph Hornback ‘61, PhD, posthumous The expanse of Joe’s touch spans decades of chemistry students. His career began and ended as a college professor, his most loved job, but he touched many more lives in his role as scholar, author, and Dean. His educational publications include the college textbook Organic Chemistry, now in its second printing and used in most universities across the country. Additionally, he is credited with 23 journals, two book reviews of professional chemistry books, 14 chemistry white papers, and 19 grants. During his 42-year career at University of Denver, he directed their Honors Program, was Acting Dean of the college, Associate Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Interim Chair of the Chemistry Department. He received Professor Emeritus upon retirement in June 2012. Before his death in 2014, he was active in the Parker Senior Center as a volunteer doing everything from chauffeur to bridge game organizer. James Klosterman ‘80, M.D. Dr. James Klosterman, an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine physician, is also a philanthropist, public speaker, fundraiser and avid cyclist who uses his talents and skill to improve the lives of those near him and overseas. Jim finished medical school in the top ten at the University of Cincinnati before deployment to Croatia as surgical director for the Air Force. During his overseas assignment, he organized a clothing drive for displaced refugees. His orthopedic practice serves the greater Dayton, Ohio, area as surgeon and sports physician for UD and over 20 area high schools. Beyond his field, he is an accomplished public speaker who has been a guest pastor at the Christian Life Center. He is frequently called upon as an inspirational speaker to area high schools. He supports Acts 29 Missions, a Haitian outreach program. He has raised over $250k for the Arthritis Foundation and the Leukemia/ Lymphoma Foundation through cycling fundraisers. He financially supported the production of the film, Woodlawn, a faith-based, true story of how a football team accepts the

gospel and transforms their Alabama school, rival team and conflicted community. The film has been viewed locally by hundreds of athletes and now has international distribution. Paul Lolli ‘79 For his entire adult life, Paul has been a community servant. He began his career fresh out of college with the Red Cross before ultimately becoming a full-time firefighter/paramedic for Middletown in 1989. He has risen through the ranks to achieve the highest level of leadership as the Middletown Fire Chief. Throughout his career, he has taken pride in expanding his skills and education and imparting his wisdom with the community as the Coordinator of Butler Tech’s Fire/EMS program. He is also a member of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force Executive Board. He continues to teach CPR and First Aid throughout the community. In addition, he is a rotary member, the Recording Secretary for the Butler County Fire Chief’s Association and a Board Member of Southeast Ohio’s Safety council. Larry Mulligan ‘79 “Mayor” is just one title that precedes his name. Larry also carries the title of Market President for the Butler and Warren County Region for First Financial Bank. Throughout his banking career, he has proven his industry expertise in asset liability management, community development, marketing and pricing. Beyond a stellar banking career that has earned him industry recognition and respect, he has served the Middletown community as mayor since 2007. Larry was the first recipient of the Middletown Community Foundation’s Mary Mauer Volunteer of the Year Award. He has volunteered and served on the board of numerous community agencies including Junior Achievement, Greater Miami Valley YMCA, Butler County United Way, John XXIII School Board, Hope House, Holy Family Finance Committee, Fenwick Festival and many others.



Fr. Timothy Fahey ‘06 is now the Parochial Vicar and RCIA at St. Mother of York Parish in Landen, Ohio. Tim was ordained on May 17, 2016 at the Cathedral of St. Peter of Chains in downtown Cincinnati. After high school, Fr. Tim attended the Air Force Academy for two years, then the Pontifical College Josephinum. The journey to discovering his vocation began as an altar boy at Our Lady of Good Hope Church where Fr. Ben Bruening, former Fenwick faculty, was pastor. Fr. Ben often encouraged Tim and others to consider the priesthood. While in the Air Force Academy Fr. Fahey became involved with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) which helped him gain a much greater appreciation of, and joy in his faith. After two years in the Academy and involvement with FOCUS he entered college seminary at the Josephinum for three years, and the Athenaeum of Ohio for five years. When ask about those who influenced his journey he credits his FOCUS missionaries at the Academy, his family, and pastors at Our Lady of Good Hope, especially Fr. Bruening.

Thomas Perry ‘64 was recently in Middletown visiting his sister Melanie Perry Back ‘70. Tom had never seen the current building and was impressed with the campus and students. After a 25-year Navy career he is now a civilian working for Cox Inc. He and his family reside in Chula Vista just south of San Diego, California.


The Class of 1957 gathered this June at Wildwood Country Club to celebrate their 60th reunion! They look amazing and can still tell great stories from their days at the Old South building. Attendees: (front row L to R) Suzanne Sennet Liau, Elaine Noeller Pratt, Jerry Phillips, Barbara Wagner Dakin, Jim Frey (second row) Jane Dorenbusch Cassidy, Rosemary Fay, Helen Hineline Hoffer, JoAnn Donisi Bowman, Bill Russelo, Joe Hatton, Tony Krizan (third row) Fred Dakin, Dave Uleman, John Jack, Gene Sora, Tom Trent

Look who came to visit! David ‘76 (known to classmates as Mike) and Linda Pottebaum Leigh ‘76 stopped at their alma mater to say hello and tour the school. They strolled down memory lane looking at class composites and picking out family and friends. David (Mike) and Linda were visiting Ohio and stopped on their way to Columbus for Saturday’s game between OSU and West Point Army. David graduated from Fenwick to attend West Point, while Linda graduated from OSU. Linda took home bragging rights as the Buckeyes beat the Black Knights 38-7. They live in Santa Clarita, California, just outside of Los Angeles.

Chief Warrant Officer 4, Jonathan Oberschlake ‘88 recently retired from the Ohio National Guard after a 25-year career. Jon completed three Army tours before transferring to the Ohio National Guard. He was nominated for, and completed Chief Warrant Officer school in 2002 then completed Property Book Officer course. He was deployed four times including Kuwait, Iraq, Washington D. C., and Dayton Ohio. Meg Eckart ‘07, after a long discernment process, resigned as Director of Campus Ministry in June 2016 to enter the novitiate with the Sisters of Mercy. She chose to return to Guyana where she had lived prior to taking on her role at Fenwick. She recently touched based with this update from Guyana: I will be entering my second year of candidacy soon, and from there would spend two years in the novitiate before making first vows. I continue to work at two public secondary schools in the science departments

as my ministry. These schools take in students with many adversities and challenges to learning, and I have learned a great deal from my students. I also continue to assist at our orphanage, St. John Bosco Orphanage for boys, primarily tutoring boys who are struggling in particular subject areas. I wrote a blog not too long ago for Mercy Day, Sept. 24th – this link offers a better picture of my ministries: http:// . Hope all is well at Fenwick - I enjoy staying connected with all the good things happening there via Facebook! Blessings, Meg

‘80, Matt Mulligan ‘90, Rob Lauer ‘09 Girls Soccer- Mackenzie Hamilton ‘12 Cross Country- Alex Bruns ‘08 Boys Golf- Don Horn ‘73 Boys Soccer - Dan Lueking’99, Ryan Stier ‘11 Girls Volleyball - Cayla Quallen ‘11

John Cmar M.D. ‘93 was recognized by Baltimore Magazine as a 2017 Top Doctor in the Baltimore area. Out of approximately 12,000 practicing physicians in the five-county area of Baltimore, only 500 were selected. The process to identify top doctors is based on a peer-to-peer survey. Dr. Cmar is Director, Division of Infectious Diseases, Sinai Hospital of Baltimore • Program Director, Sinai Hospital Internal Medicine Residency • FACP • FIDSA and teaches at Johns Hopkins University.

Young alumni returned to challenge current basketball players during Christmas break last winter. Returning players included, (left) Clay Jeffers ‘14, Matt Tunnacliffe ‘14, Vince Durham ‘16, Logan Gearhart ‘16, Luke Sennett ‘15, Frank Catrine ‘14.

Keith Brinkman ‘11 has two new jobs! Keith is an account executive with Touchstone, a merchandise branding company and as Assistant Varsity/JV Coach for the Fenwick Falcons! We welcome Keith back to the hardwood, a sport he loves. Nick Sora ‘12, son of Mike ‘84 and grandson of Gene ‘57, is the Corporate Marketing Manager for the Dayton Dragons professional baseball team. Nick graduated from Miami University in May 2016 with a degree in in Sports Leadership and Management. Nick returned to Ohio after working as a sales intern for the Texas Midlandfalcons RockHounds minor league team.


This fall, the following coaching assignments were falcons filled with alumni giving back to Fenwick: Football- Andy Fedders ‘79, Tony Klaber


Austin Gearing ‘11 gets an NFL shot! After high school, Austin Gearing continued his football career at Miami of Ohio with

aspirations of the pro’s. Last summer Austin was drafted by the Pittsburg Steelers. Justin Chartrand ‘13 is pursuing his dream of becoming a Division I collegiate basketball coach. He spent his first year of college as a Kentucky Wildcat where he made an impression with the UK Basketball Operations Manager helping with summer camp, and throughout the school year. Opportunity knocked and Justin’s mentor left for Morehead State University, recruiting Justin to join him. That switch meant trading in a lifelong Wildcat aspiration but afforded Justin the opportunity to be directly involved in the MSU men’s basketball program. He has travelled all over the country with the

Linda Braun Novotny ‘78 completed a dream of a lifetime 3,550-mile cross country bicycle trip from Seaside, Oregon to Lewes, Delaware.

She was accompanied by her daughter Victoria and a friend during the 57-day, self-supported trip. Her cycling passion began while a student at Fenwick when she rode from Columbus to Portsmouth in 1976. Her recent retirement from Northern Illinois University as a Financial Grant Administrator, allowed Linda this cycling opportunity. Her brother, Andy Braun ’86, Linda’s brother and Portland, Oregon resident, helped Linda and crew launch their ride with a bicycle tire dip in the Pacific. Jane Orth ’78 joined them for a day of riding. At the conclusion of their journey, they ended their tour with the traditional tire dip into the Atlantic. When ask

what was remarkable about their trip, Linda remarked, “I was revitalized with the generosity and spontaneous kindness of so many people we met along the way. People brought us into their homes for meals, bathrooms, overnights, even a trip to the urgent care facility!” There were some tough days of travel which required cycling an average of 62 miles daily, but the overall experience was one she would do again. Using her cross- country bike tour as inspiration, Linda established a Go Fund Me and raised $5,000 for her hometown community, Shabbona, IL to help build a 2-mile paved cycling path around the city.


Schey Sales Centre Program within the College of Business; one of the first and highest-ranking college sales programs in the nation. Only 20% of applicants are accepted and only 10% of those accepted are freshman students. Photo of CJ at graduation with Fenwick neighbor, Saundra, whom he met as part of the Fenwick Community Outreach Program he began his senior year.

Taylor Macy ‘10, upon graduation from Ohio University in 2014 with dual degrees; BS Plant Biology/BA Environmental studies, was accepted for assignment with the Peace Corps and began a 27-month assignment in October 2014. Taylor shared the following: “Many people join the Peace Corps with aspirations of saving the world. After two years of living in a West African city of about 20,000 people, I realized how much the people of Senegal do not need to be saved. With a background in plant biology (go Bobcats!), I was eager to begin my assignment as an urban agriculture volunteer. However, as a foreigner, it was first necessary for me to completely dive into the culture in order to be of value to my friends, family, and work partners. It took months to gain a thorough understanding of the values of this Muslim community, what causes people joy and frustration in a sub-Saharan desert drastically affected by climate change. [Chartrand continued] team, and works the Morehead State summer basketball camp along with UK, UD, and Fenwick summer programs. Justin graduated this spring with a degree in Strategic Communications and is now serving as the graduate assistant for the Morehead State University Men’s Basketball program. Ethan Fessler ‘16 was accepted into the US Naval Academy. He officially became a Plebe this summer, arriving in Annapolis, Maryland for six-


Diminishing and irregular rainfall is endangering subsistence farming and other ways of life in the area. To try and mitigate these effects, the farmers with whom I worked combined my Western technologies, such as improved seed varieties, with their experience of the land that they have been blissfully residing and farming on for generations. My two years were spent gardening, laughing, eating, and sitting with friends underneath the shade of the nearest tree, and even after leaving my community eleven months ago, I still yearn for the comforts of those years. I am currently living in Washington, D.C., and working for the Office of Air and Radiation at the Environmental Protection Agency monitoring ambient air pollutants, such as ozone, nitrate, and sulfate, under the Clean Air Act. If you would like to know more about my Peace Corps experience, you can email me at

weeks of boot camp before beginning his chemistry major at the Academy. Ethan for many years. Ethan joined 1,214 other Plebes on induction day. On average, only 7.5% of applicants to the Academy are accepted.

Amy Gilmore ‘14, Mickey McClanahan ‘16, Alisha Himes ‘16 and Erica Hafer ‘17 were signed by Walsh University to play for their women’s soccer program. Until suffering career ending injuries, Amy Gilmore was a starter for the Cavaliers with Mickey, Alisha and Erica following her as starters. At press time the Cavaliers were 11-4 in the G-MAC and have home advantage bid for the

Dave ‘66 and Ginger Lolli Bruggeman ‘67 attended the 2017 Observance of the annual IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial held at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Saturday September 16, 2017 along with other Middletown firefighters including Gingers’ brother, Middletown Fire Chief, Paul Lolli ‘79. Dave and Ginger were invited to attend this very special dedication on behalf of their son Scott ‘88 who passed away in January 2016 from sarcoidosis. His death was classified as a medical line of duty death. Dave remarked recently that, “I thought the tears were over until we arrived for this dedication. The service began with a solo bagpipe playing Amazing Grace, and then the drums started, sounding like thunder. It really got me.” Even more special was that Paul Lolli ‘79, Scott’s boss and uncle, presented the American flag to Dave and Ginger at the memorial service.

ENGAGEMENTS Kristen McClanahan ‘08 and Jobey Parkes are engaged to be married June 2, 2018.

CJ Hurley ‘17 a freshman at Ohio University, was accepted into the Ralph & Luci

Sarah Blank ‘10 and Luke Compton ‘10 are engaged to be married on September 1, 2018 at St. Mary Church of the Assumption, Springboro.

Nichole Ricke ‘10 and Matt Simmons are engaged to be married in late September 2018.

WEDDING BELLS Michelle Schroeck ‘10 and Jacob Bustle ‘08 were married Saturday, July 22, 2017. The wedding and reception were held at Cooper Creek Event Center in Blue Ash, Ohio. Alumni wedding party members included Best Man; Lucas Bustle ‘11, Groomsmen; Jimmy Grau ‘08, John Schroeck ‘07, Cameron Blache ‘07, Dave Hellermann ‘07, Mike Lonneman ‘08, Christian Jagodzinski ‘10 and Kyle Bierman ‘08. Maid of Honor; Kenzie Armour ‘10. Parents of the bride are Tom and Sharon Schroeck and parents of the groom are Bill Bustle ‘84 and Roxanne DiCristoforo ‘84. Michelle graduated from Transylvania University, Lexington, Kentucky, in 2014 with a degree in Elementary Education. She currently

NCAA Division II tournament. Mickey McClanahan was twice named defensive player of the week for the G-MAC this fall for her outstanding goalie performances. Alisha was also named named defensive player of the week and made First Team G-MAC. Pictured left to right: Amy Gilmore, Erica Hafer, Mickey McClanahan, Alisha Himes.

teaches 4th grade at White’s Tower Elementary School in Kenton County, Kentucky. Jacob graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2012 with a degree in Accounting. He currently works as an Accounting Lead for Dover Corporation in Springdale, Ohio. The Bustles are currently residing in Oakley but will be relocating to Anderson Township in November of this year.

Tommy Lauer ‘10 married Ashlynn Reynolds on October 7, 2017, at the St. Clare Chapel in Cincinnati. Fenwick alumni in the wedding included Best Man Rob Lauer ‘09 and Bridesmaid, Kassidy Wyatt Lauer ‘09. Tommy is the son of Robert ‘83 and Annette Cooper Lauer ‘84 .


Jenna Riesenberg ‘10 and Sam Keegan ‘10 welcomed a baby boy, Huxley Alexander Keegan into the world on Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017. Huxley is the first grandchild of long-time Fenwick Lacrosse Coach Phil Keegan.

IN MEMORIUM – Our Fallen Falcons The Bishop Fenwick community extends sympathy to alumni families on the death of their loved ones. List reflects January 1, 2016- October 1, 2017. Robert Pratt ‘53 James Ellis ‘54 Kenneth Keever ‘55 David Chupka ‘56 Joseph Coyle ‘57 Rita Steele Gough ‘57 Dora Donisi Baudendistel ‘57 John Daudt, Jr. ‘58 Linda Ullum Lichtenberg ‘59 Rebecca Pallo Countryman ‘59 David Holweger ‘60 John Haney ‘61 Norman Holweger ‘62 Barbara Kercsmar Stahley ‘62 Thomas Proft ‘63 Mark Wall ‘64 Chuck Barrett ‘64 Anita Martin Moreland ‘65

Charles Rudokas ‘65 Sherry Fening Fishbaugh ‘69 Cathy Gold Janeway ‘74 Scott Bruggeman ‘88 Special Friends of Fenwick Andrea Accurso, wife of Don Accurso ‘60 Bernard (Barney) Joseph Otten, charter lay coach/faculty hired by Fr. Julian Krusling. Fr. Robert Monnin, assistant and past interim principal, Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee


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