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IN THE NEWS Cameron Huber ’20 was recently selected to join the National Society of High School Scholars, an organization that recognizes top students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, scholarship and community commitment. Her accomplishment was recently recognized by CherryHillSun.com in a story titled “Cherry Hill student receives national honor.”

We are excited to announce that Bishop Eustace Preparatory School has been named Niche.com's 2019 Best Private High School in Camden County!


Sara Beidleman ’19 has been the talk of the town in the NJ soccer world. She talks about the Eustace girls' soccer team in the recent Philly.com story titled “Bishop Eustace’s Sara Beidleman wants to take her place in girls’ soccer history.” All stories are available to view online.




Fall has settled in and we know winter is coming! As we begin to prepare for the

holiday seasons, let us remember to be grateful. Here at Eustace we are grateful for our faculty and staff, who are dedicated to our students; we are grateful for our students — particularly the 129 newest Crusaders in the Class of 2022 — whose incredible spirit and curiosity inspire us; we are grateful for our parents for entrusting their sons and daughters to our guidance; we are grateful for our loyal alumni and generous donors, whose support makes a difference to each and every student, each and every day.

This issue of Tradition focuses on the bonds that make up Eustace. I am fortunate to

come into contact with so many of our alumni and, over and over again, I find that our graduates share a common trait: excellence and dedication to serve others. We have highlighted several companies with Eustace connections — testaments to the value of our network. In this issue, we also highlight some of our students who excel in the academic arena and perform outstanding works of service.

This school year marks a significant milestone for a distinguished member of our

faculty and the Bishop Eustace Prep community. Please join me in congratulating Mr. Joseph Marquart '65 for starting his 50th year teaching at the Prep. Many alumni, near and far, young and old, can speak to his dedication and commitment to his students. We are indebted for his faithful service to our mission and wish him all the best on this Tradition Volume 31, Number 1

golden anniversary.

Editor: Abigail Littleton ’10

his retirement prior to the start of the school year. During his thirty-six years of dedicated

Assistant Editors: James Brady, Joseph Marquart ’65, Marylou Williams

service, Dr. DiAmore held several roles at Eustace and was an invaluable advocate for our

Writers: Nicole Aguiar ’12, Grace Carita ’14 & Angelo Milicia ’95

will be sorely missed. Please join me in wishing him a happy and healthy retirement.

Photography: Crusader Yearbook, Timber Reel Productions, LifeTouch Photography

from our benefactors, alumni, parents and friends. We are truly grateful for you, and for all

Director of Advancement: Cecilia Biello

Eustace even better for generations to come.

Publisher: Garrison Printing Company, Inc.

Yours in the spirit of St. Vincent Pallotti,

Another esteemed member of our administration, Dr. Joseph DiAmore, announced

students as well as a trusted mentor and colleague to faculty and administrators alike. He

Eustace is such a special place because of the overwhelming support we receive

you do to support our mission. We are excited as we partner with you to continue to make

Designer: Melissa Bielecki Tradition is the magazine of Bishop Eustace Preparatory School. It is written and edited by the students, faculty and alumni of Bishop Eustace Preparatory School for the Bishop Eustace community. The purpose of the magazine is to keep the entire Eustace family aware of all aspects of Bishop Eustace today, to convey news about alumni via the alumni news, and to provide alumni with information about reunions and special campus events.


Angelo M. Milicia ’95 Head of School




(L to R) Steven Doto ’79, Eric Schoenborn P ’18, ’22, Frank Lauletta ’88, Joseph Carita ’83, James Rafferty ’64 & Christopher Marrone ’89



We’ve all been there. Whether you’re interviewing for a job and, noticing you grew up in South Jersey, you are asked where you went to high school, or you’re out to dinner or for a night out in Philly and you see a fellow Crusader, or you’re walking along the ocean down the shore in the summer and you see a mom of a fellow Crusader, Eustace is always but one step away. Joseph Carita ’83 joined sister Carolyn ’84 and brothers Vincent ’81 and Michael ’86 as Crusaders. Joseph's daughters also attended Eustace — Grace ’14, an alumni writer for Tradition, and Julia ’16. Joseph works at Lauletta Birnbaum law firm with three other Eustace grads, Steven Doto ’79 P ’07, ’10, ’13, ’16, Frank Lauletta ’88 and Christopher Marrone ’89 P ’17. James Rafferty ’64 P ’91 GP ’09 is also a former partner of Lauletta Birnbaum. Additionally, Eric Schoenborn P ’18, ’22 works at Lauletta Birnbaum. Also in law, Bill Colarulo ’01, partner at Grungo Colarulo law firm, works alongside Michael Aloi, P ’03, ’11. Grungo Colarulo has also entrusted their digital content creation to Kyle Miller ’07, Timber Reel Productions, who also creates digital content for Bishop Eustace Prep. Kyle’s brothers Jason ’05 and Tyler ’11 are also Crusaders.




John Mirmanesh ’01, Kristin Hextall ’04, Natalie Dwier ’08 & Michael Mirmanesh ’05

Bill Colarulo ’01 & Michael Aloi P ’03, ’11

Marc Rollo ’83, Steven Mignogna ’82 & Anthony La Ratta ’89

Steven Mignogna ’82 P ’15, ’17, brother of Mike ’77, Marc Rollo ’83 and Anthony La Ratta ’89 P ’22, brother of John ’85, all practice together at Archer & Greiner law firm. If you read our winter 2018 issue, you already know of all the medical connections Eustace has (especially at CHOP). Another to add to the list is Robert Falconiero ’76 P ’10, ’13, ’17 and Trina (Santomauro) Lisko ’95, daughter of longtime Eustace teacher Marie Santomauro and sister of Joe ’88 and Mike ’91, who are both doctors of osteopathic medicine at South Jersey Sports Medicine Center. Gene Gatti ’73 P ’12, ’14, brother of John ’70, recently brought on Jamie Zacharias ’05 to his team at Advocare Allergy & Asthma. Cathy Edge-Smith ’75, a patient of Gene’s, also has her share of Eustace connections. She married classmate Terry Smith ’75 and together sent three daughters Jamie Zacharias ’05 & through Eustace — Meghan Smith Gene Gatti ’73 Gentleman ’02, Caitlin Smith ’06, and Erin Smith ’99. Paul Stridick ’75, Eleanor Edge ’77 (Cathy’s sister), Marie O’Donnell ’75, John Mullahy ’75, Warren Hughes ’75, Kathy Golden ’75 and Cindy Lukaszewicz ’75 were all in Cathy and Terry’s wedding in 1980. The nuptial mass was celebrated by Pallottine priest, Fr. Douglass Carroll, S.A.C., Terry’s brother, Shawn Smith ’73, and her nephew, Stephen Smith ’10, are also Eustace grads.

Cathy Edge-Smith ’75 & Family

John Mirmanesh ’01 of Mirmanesh Pediatric & Adult Medicine works alongside Family Practice Nurse Practitioners Kristin Hextall ’04 and Natalie Dwier ’08. His brother, Michael Mirmanesh ’05, will be joining their medical family in 2020 as a plastic surgeon.


CareKinesis, a TabulaRasa Healthcare Company, is the first national PACE-centric, medication management and distribution pharmacy that focuses on reducing medication-related risk while enhancing economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes. Annaliza (Valencia) Apostol ’02 and Theresa-Rose Woodward ’08 currently work as clinical pharmacists in the Moorestown, New Jersey, office while Rachel (Gilbert) Lafferty ’04 and Shayna Boulton ’10 lead Quality Theresa-Rose Assurance and Dispensing at the office in Woodward ’08 Boulder, Colorado. Anthony Berna ’18 also recently landed an internship with TabulaRasa. If you live in South Jersey, chances are you had your wisdom teeth removed at Lanzi Burke Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons. Elizabeth Wagner ’96 is a surgeon there. Her mother, Paula Wagner, also taught at Eustace for 19 years. Jonathan Rachel (Gilbert) Lafferty ’04 Burke is a current Eustace parent of Declan ’21 and Reagan ’22 and also of graduate Hannah ’12, who is currently a senior dental student at Temple University School of Dentistry where Elizabeth and Jonathan both attended. Jonathan’s wife, Cara (Schwartz) ’94, also works in the practice. Merrill Lynch's The Browne/ Hudspeth Group is comprised of many Eustace connections including John Hudspeth P ’04, ’07, ’13, and his children, John ’04 and Lindsey ’07; Elizabeth Wagner ’96 & Jeff Browne ’07, son of Gerry ’74 Jonathon Burke P ’12, ’21, ’22 and brother to Stephanie ’09, Jacqueline ’12 and Nicholas ’15; Joseph Dugary ’07 and Nicholas Italiano ’99, son to long-time Eustace employee, Cathy Italiano. The power of the Eustace network is strong - Eustace Strong. These are just a few of the success stories of Eustace alumni and community members. Each day our alumni live out the Eustace mission all over the world by realizing their unique potential and by becoming productive citizens in a diverse, challenging and evolving world.

Do you have a Eustace connection? Share it with us at advancement@eustace.org!



A LASTING LEGACY By Angelo Milicia ’95, Head of School

John Welch '72 was an avid supporter of all things Eustace since he first stepped on campus as a freshman in1968. He left campus upon graduation, but Eustace remained in his heart forever. In 1997, he, along with his classmates, established and continue to fund a scholarship in memory of Fr. Rusty Pandola, S.A.C., who taught in the 1970s and returned to Bishop Eustace Prep in the 1980s as Rector. John’s generosity did not stop with supporting Bishop Eustace Prep. As an attorney and CPA, John often took on many cases pro bono and supported many causes and charities. This commitment of service to others earned him an Excalibur Award in 2015. He returned to campus to receive the award with many of his classmates and friends in attendance. At the awards ceremony, John spoke fondly about his time as a student and remarked what a great honor it was to be recognized by his alma mater. After the Excalibur Awards, John kept in contact with me as Advancement Director and later as Head of School. He was always asking about Eustace, texting me for John Welch '72 basketball scores and requesting campus updates. When he returned to campus again in support of two classmates who received Excalibur Awards in 2017, he stressed to me a desire to give more and get involved in the future of our school. In many conversations with John, he always mentioned that the key moving forward is endowed gifts and bequests and offered to help in any way he could. When he invited me to join him and his classmates to see the Villanova men’s basketball team take on Georgetown in March, I was amazed by the stories he and his classmates shared about their time at Eustace. It was evident that Eustace was really special to all of them as it helped shape them into the individuals they are today. When I said goodbye to John that night, I didn’t realize it would be the last time I would see him in person. John continued to ask for updates about Eustace. He was thrilled the 1961 and ’62 basketball teams were inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame, and we discussed candidates for this year’s Fr. Rusty Scholarship. I received word the morning I presented the Fr. Rusty Pandola Scholarship that John had passed away hours earlier. I felt as if I lost a close friend and Eustace lost one of its biggest fans. Around the time when John’s classmates and former teachers gathered to honor his memory at a memorial mass held on campus in August, I received word that John wasn’t finished supporting Eustace. He named Bishop Eustace Prep as a beneficiary in his estate, ensuring his legacy will live on forever.






By Grace Carita ’14

When everything in your life moves at a mile a minute, it can be comforting to fall back on the traditions that built you — to pause, take stock, and appreciate the journey you’ve taken.


Though his post-high school endeavors have taken him far and wide, Mike “Pete” Piechoski ’72 is proud to recount the values he has maintained since his Eustace days and the reasons he continues to support today’s Crusaders. Originally from Bellmawr, Mike was a member of the class of 1972, graduating from Eustace the year before the school became co-ed. He fondly describes his class as a “close-knit, high-achieving group of guys”; out of the 84 students in his graduating class, he still gets together with about 30 each year. At Eustace, Mike and his classmates learned how to be “competitive without being destructive.” This attitude allowed them to go on to have successful careers while remaining good friends. Mike is especially grateful for the well-rounded student experience Eustace offered him. By pursuing not only a rigorous academic schedule, but also with football, track, and the yearbook club, he had a “tremendous” four years, forming “friendships to last a lifetime.” After graduation, Mike matriculated to the University of Miami, where he earned a degree in accounting, then Arizona State University, where he earned his M.B.A. His daughter, Alex, and his son, Brad, both went on to become engineers. Mike retired as CFO of Kiewit Corporation, an international construction company, in 2013 but continues to develop beachfront real estate in Ocean City, N.J. Today, Mike divides his time between Boerne, Texas, and Tempe, Arizona, but in the summer, his favorite place to be is still Ocean City. In his free time, Mike likes to stay active, having taken several biking, hiking, motorcycling, and skiing trips around the world. Among his favorite trips, he recalls a 1200-mile motorcycle ride through Australia, a bike trip from Vienna to Budapest, and a motorcycle trip from Switzerland to Italy. No matter how far his appetite for adventure may take him, Mike continues to support Bishop Eustace Prep. The guiding principles Eustace instills in its students today remain the same as the principles that shaped Mike’s formative years. At a school as small and close-knit as Eustace, Mike forged relationships with his teachers and classmates that he attributes, in no small part, to his success later in life. While some might see a small school as disadvantageous, Mike would disagree: Eustace presented him with opportunities for growth and taught him how to make the most of these opportunities using the resources he had. And, perhaps above all else, Eustace taught him the value to be found in tradition.



Steve Sweeney ’98, wife Melanie & son Steven (6)

CRUSADER PROFILE STEVE SWEENEY ’98 As Steve Sweeney ’98 celebrates his 20-year reunion with his Bishop Eustace Prep classmates, he reflects on what his Eustace experience has done for him as a person. “Before entering Eustace, I had some personal life challenges. I always lived in a positive family environment, but my parents divorced when I was younger, we moved quite a bit and I attended five different elementary schools before coming to Eustace. I made the best of it, but that wasn’t always easy at that age. My parents enrolled my older sister, Jennifer ’93, who graduated from Eustace shortly before me. Looking to follow in her footsteps, when I got accepted, I was so proud. It was my first major achievement as a young person. The moment I received that letter I felt like I could accomplish anything. When I began school freshman year, I felt like I was home.

Lauren Monahan ’19 & Ashley Monahan ’15

Although I didn’t know one person, I quickly realized I was part of a 'family'. ”Our Eustace community was strong. Although everyone wasn’t always best buddies, at the end of the day, everyone at Eustace was your 'family'... and you knew it. The friendships I made back then are some of my closest relationships today, including our spouses and our children. My Eustace experience made me realize and be thankful for the importance of relationships, creating them and keeping them. It taught me it’s acceptable to want to be a 'winner' but to always do it with humility. Eustace taught me to care for and help others around you, even those you may not know well. And most importantly, my experience made me always strive to be a better person, both personally and professionally . . . and I know it has.” Steve is the President of NEMR Total HR – a family HR Advisory Business in Marlton, NJ. After joining the company in 2001, Steve spent time in many different areas of the business, with a focus on marketing and sales. Since assuming the role of President in 2015, Steve’s primary goals have been strategic company direction and external relationship building. Steve has been a featured speaker both locally and nationally on employment-related topics including: The Business of Having Employees, Employee Benefit Plans, Building vs. Buying HR Infrastructure, HR Outsourcing, Employer Compliance and Healthcare Reform. After Eustace, Steve graduated from Drexel University. He currently resides in Delran, New Jersey, with his wife, Melanie, six-year-old son, Steven, and soon-to-be new addition in March 2019. Steve is a member of The Union League of Philadelphia, Bancroft’s Family Executive Council and BCA Philadelphia. He is passionate about connecting people to one another, community, family and helping others in need however he can. Steve enjoys working on his business, golf, the beach, coaching his son’s sports and, most importantly, spending time with his family. “I am a firm believer that Eustace provides a unique 'intangible' within the four-year 'experience' that isn’t provided in other high school settings. I say experience because Eustace is more than just vehicle to obtain a high-quality education. It is a community of like-minded families. Those four years on campus, extra-curricular activities and real-world experiences prepare you for what is ahead in life in so many ways. I try to be involved as much as I can to share my passion for Eustace. I want other young adults to have access to the same incredible 'experience' that I and so many others had. My older sister is a graduate, my niece, Olivia ’22, just began her freshman year, and, God willing, my son and daughter will be graduates one day.”

“I truly believe that the greatest gifts we give our children is an education and self-confidence to be their best. As parents, there is no greater gift we receive than having your child come home from school with a smile. As we approach our final year at Bishop Eustace Prep, we are forever grateful for all the love and dedication our daughters have received. There is no doubt their faith-based education, commitment to service for others and the rigor of academics will continue to serve them well in life. We are blessed to have been engaged in this journey and the lifelong friendships we have made along the way. We thank you!” — Denise Monahan P ’15, ’19




2017 - 18


Please go to eustace.org/yearinreview to view our 2017 — 18 list of donors. BISHOP EUSTACE PREPARATORY SCHOOL






Upon applying to Bishop Eustace Prep, each prospective student is required to take the Scholarship/Entrance Exam. We’re excited to introduce the top eight scoring students from the Class of 2022. SEAN ANDERSON


Grade School: Kingsway Middle School

Grade School: Medford Memorial Middle School Why did you decide to attend Eustace? I wanted to attend Eustace for as long as I can remember. I watched many of the Eustace girls soccer games, and I couldn’t wait to be a Crusader. My sister, Trina ’20, is a junior and she really loves the school. I knew it would be

Why did you decide to attend Eustace? Crusader for a Day was a great influence on my decision to come to Bishop Eustace Prep. On that day, I saw that the classes were small and family-like and the teachers strongly encouraged asking questions which, allowed students to gain a broader understanding. I also thought each class starting with a prayer made Eustace a unique and special place. Who or what inspires you? I am inspired by people who have come from humble beginnings and have achieved great things while helping others along the way. What are you most looking forward to during your time at Eustace? I am most looking forward to joining clubs and sports so I can meet new people and immerse myself in experiences beyond the classroom. Fun fact? This past summer, I went on my first overseas vacation and traveled through Spain, Portugal, France, and England.

the right school for me, too. Who or what inspires you? I really want to do something in the medical field. Knowing that I can accomplish this with hard work and intense focus inspires me to take pride in my school work and set high academic goals. What are you most looking forward to during your time at Eustace? I’m really excited to be playing soccer, but I’m also hoping to participate in many of the clubs and activities Eustace has to offer, such as the Pre-Med Club and Friends of Rachel. Also, I’ve met many alumni, who tell me they are still close with friends they met at Eustace, so I’m really looking forward to forming lifelong friendships. Fun fact? My sister and I look so much alike that people have already come up to me thinking I’m her.



11 GIANNA HALLINAN Grade School: St. Rose of Lima Why did you decide to attend Eustace? I have wanted to come to Eustace since I was very young. My mom, LeeAnn ’81, graduated from Eustace, so it has always been my goal to get in and do well. Who or what inspires you? My parents have inspired me to work hard my entire life. I also try and set goals for myself. What are you most looking forward to during your time at Eustace? I am most looking forward to making new friends and being a part of the Eustace community. I also want to challenge myself academically and get into a good university. Fun fact? I have performed in nine musicals including Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Godspell, Annie, and my favorite, Into the Woods.

ARMEEN KAZEMI Grade School: Westfield Friends School Why did you decide to attend Eustace? My parents and I were looking for a school that provided excellent academics with the hopes that I would be prepared for college after high school. We found Eustace to be the best fit, as it is very strong academically. I also liked the sense of community and the fact that it seemed as if everyone knew each other. The school also offers many different athletic teams, and that was also a determining factor in my choice to attend Eustace. Who or what inspires you? I am most inspired by my paternal grandparents. They were living very comfortably in Iran with my father and my uncle. Due to the fact that my grandfather was an official in the Chamber of Commerce, and the new government was unstable, they had to make a decision to leave the country on very short notice. My grandfather was very brave, as were my father, my uncle, and my grandmother. My grandparents wanted a better life for their children, and it is their bravery and perseverance which inspires me most. What are you most looking forward to during your time at Eustace? I am looking forward to learning more and growing over the next four years at Eustace. I am also looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends! Fun fact? One fun fact is that I’ve traveled to over eleven countries with my family, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, and Taiwan, where my mother’s family is from.


AIDAN MCKEON Grade School: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Regional School Why did you decide to attend Eustace? Many factors influenced my decision to attend Bishop Eustace Prep. My sister, Olivia McKeon ’20, attends the school currently and she told me about the high school and got the thought of it in my mind. After doing some thinking and narrowing down my picks for which high school I should go to, I decided to become a Crusader for a Day in 2017. It was on that day that I knew that I would be going to Eustace for four years. I loved the atmosphere of the school: the campus, students, faculty, classes, and most importantly, the spirit of the school. I realized that all other high schools in the area paled in comparison to Eustace and that is why I ultimately decided to enroll. Who or what inspires you? In my life, I am inspired by many people around me. I often take inspiration from my peers, family members, and teachers. As a Christian, God inspires me every day to do good and be the best version of myself. In school, I am inspired by students around me who I consider to be role models. I learn from them every day — things like how to keep a space in high school, how to get through classes, how to excel in your grades, etc. What are you most looking forward to during your time at Eustace? Eustace is a very exciting place to go to school. The rigorous schedule and work ethics that need to be upheld at the school lead to hard work and determination all of the time. The campus is large and expansive and is much more preferable than a single building high school. I personally, however, am most excited for all that high school life brings me. After being in middle school for three years, most students are very excited to be in high school over where they currently are. I still am very excited for all that Eustace will bring me. Fun fact? Many of my peers know that I am a working musician. I recently recorded a live jazz album with my band, Leo and the Mountain Climbers, at South Jazz Cafe. You can find me playing various shows across the Philadelphia area. I play the tenor saxophone mainly, but also play baritone, alto, clarinet, and flute. I am also a composer and one of my tunes 8 O'Clock Breeze was featured on our new album. Right now, I am working with multiple bands in many genres of music and I am continuing my career as a musician to the next level as I advance in my years in high school.

RACHEL MORTON Grade School: St. Mary of the Lakes School Why did you decide to attend Eustace? Simply put, Bishop Eustace Prep is the most academically superior school we considered. I wanted to be challenged. Who or what inspires you? My family and my best friend, Lexi, inspire me to work harder and push myself to be the best I can be. But I also am self-motivated, and my academic performance is my top priority.


12 What are you most looking forward to during your time at Eustace? I'm looking forward to all that high school has to offer, from new friendships to prep time to robotics! Fun fact? One of my favorite hobbies is target archery, the sport of shooting a bow and arrow. In my free time, I've written numerous short stories. Rachel Morton is the first recipient at Bishop Eustace Prep of the Knowlton Foundation scholarship. The guiding principle of the Knowlton Foundation is to help individuals become leaders by providing grants for scholarships to pursue a leadership track. We are so grateful for this partnership. It is through community support like this that allows Eustace to continue to fulfill its mission.

EMMA SMITHWICK Grade School: St. Joan of Arc School Why did you decide to attend Eustace? I have an older sister, Grace ’20, who is a junior at Eustace. Because of her, I have gotten to see firsthand what being a student here is like. I am very drawn to the academic program. I love to learn, love a challenge and like to push myself. I knew I wanted to have a similar experience in a challenging environment where the teachers care about you, help you, and support you all the way through. I know that when I leave here, I will be really prepared for college. Also, I love the thought of being with my sister for two more years before she leaves for college. Who or what inspires you? I am the youngest in my family. Besides my parents, I have an older brother and a sister-in-law who are 29 and a sister who is 16. They are all dedicated and hard-working people who have had (and still do have) a great influence on me. They have inspired me to work hard and be the best version of myself. We have a quote from Calvin Coolidge called “Press On” hanging in our house which has become our family motto. It explains that you don’t have to be the most educated, or the smartest, or the most talented to succeed; you just have to work hard and never give up on yourself. The last line reads, “persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

What are you most looking forward to during your time at Eustace? As I mentioned, I love to learn and am excited about the academic program at Eustace. But, I am also excited about interacting with teachers and other students, getting involved in activities and clubs and making lifelong friends. Fun fact? I am able to solve the Rubik’s Cube and the Rubik’s Revenge (the 4x4 Rubik’s Cube).

ANDREW WALDSTEIN Grade School: Berlin Community School Why did you decide to attend Eustace? What most influenced my decision to come to Bishop Eustace Prep was my brother, Ethan ’19, and Eustace Advantage. My brother had told me about his past experiences at the school and how exciting and fun they were. Hearing all of this I decided to go to the Eustace Advantage summer camp in 2016 to get a taste of what Eustace was like. During the summer camp I learned new things and had lots of fun, so I also attended it for the next two years. These two main factors had influenced my decision to attend Bishop Eustace Prep for high school. Who or what inspires you? My family inspires me the most. They are the hardest working people I know and help me to do my best at all times. Their inspiration is always there to guide me along the way, to push me the extra mile, the extra 10%. I know my family will be there for me when I need them, and I will be there for them. What are you most looking forward to during your time at Eustace? The things I am most looking forward to during my time at Eustace are the memories I will have and people I will meet. I enjoy finding new friends and learning new things from them, as well as the memories we will make and share. I have this feeling that the next four years at Eustace will be a great, fun experience I will never forget. Fun fact? A fun fact about me is that I play guitar in my free time. I plan on doing crew this fall, and playing lacrosse in the spring.

William Feng ’19


Congratulations to William Feng ’19 who received recognition as a Semifinalist in the 2019 National Merit Scholarship Program! We'd also like to congratulate our Commended Students in the 2019 National Merit 2019 Commended Students Scholarship Program - seniors Ethan Waldstein, Caitlin Deffler, Suzanne Picciano, Sarah Burghardt, Helen Closkey, Samantha Wright and Genevieve Robins. The National Merit Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships that began in 1955. This year, over 1.6 million students entered the competition as juniors when they took the Preliminary SAT test. The semifinalists represent an elite group that makes up less than 1% of high school seniors nationally and includes the highest scoring test takers in each state. Our commended students placed among the top 50,000 scorers.




EUSTACE SPIRIT Does the student body at Bishop Eustace Prep have school spirit? How can we tell? Well, school spirit at Eustace is not limited to one week in October called Spirit Week or one week in May called Black and White Week. Spirit at Eustace is seen every day of the year in the actions of our students, teachers, and alums. In fact, the Class of 2022 began their initiation into the Eustace Spirit on August 29, when they were welcomed as part of the community by upperclassmen and teachers. The highlight of their experience was their creation of the rock garden with messages of hope and encouragement. In this issue of Tradition, not only do we have a glimpse into what happens on campus but we are also proud of how our grads carry this spirit with them as they journey through life. Matt Kraft ’19 shares his experiences from last summer's Outreach Program in New Orleans. The lessons learned at Eustace do not end at graduation. This edition features John Clark ’94, Nicole Aguiar ’12, and Sara Weill ’17, who are spreading the spirit of Bishop Eustace Prep across the globe. Within the first month of school, many students are already spreading the spirit of Pallotti to a variety of service programs. One afternoon a week, a group of students and teachers venture to St. Anthony of Padua School in Camden and work with groups of young students, helping them with homework, especially reading and math. On September 17, when a call came from Cathedral Kitchen for volunteers after a group scheduled could not make it, teachers and students from Eustace were there to help. On October 6, Eustace hosted its annual Victory Day. Coaches, teachers, football players, pep band members and cheerleaders led special – needs children who were transformed into football players, cheerleaders, and musicians. The smiles on the faces of the participants and Eustace volunteers become a snapshot of school spirit.

Yes, school spirit is alive and continues to spread throughout the globe.




THE EUSTACE MISSION COMES FULL SERVICE As a part of their faith foundation and education, Bishop Eustace Prep requires students to participate in direct service to others. This service commitment provides our students the opportunity to clarify their individual responsibility of service to society in the charism of St. Vincent Pallotti. Matt Kraft ’19 and several alum talk about their service and mission work at Eustace and beyond. Matt Kraft ’19

Matt Kraft ’19

When I heard about BE Outreach, I was intrigued at the thought of being able not only to serve others, but also to learn about new cultures and unique traditions. I credit Bishop Eustace Prep and its Pallottine Ministry for developing my desire to help others and make a difference. The BE Outreach mission trip proved to be everything I had hoped. While doing physical labor made a big difference in many communities, I felt that being able to communicate with new people and learn how they live influenced me the most. I specifically recall the time when I was able to mentor kids from inner-city New Orleans for a day. Although many of those kids did not have a stable family life or many privileges, you could not discern that from their joyful faces and cheerful energy. Their positive attitudes despite their situation demonstrates the true loving nature of humans and inspired me to want to engage with more unique communities. Ultimately, because of this trip to New Orleans, along with the knowledge and guidance acquired at Eustace, I plan to continue volunteering and serving serving others after high school. It has become part of my life and something I enjoy.

Sara Weill ’17

Sara Weill ’17

During the summer of 2017, I had the opportunity to go to Southeast Asia to serve those in need in vulnerable communities, including the elderly, sick, and orphaned. At Eustace, through the emphasis on community service, I learned important lessons about how we are each called to action when it comes to upholding the basic rights and dignity of all of God’s people. I also learned that our faith calls us to continuously grow closer to God. This includes knowing Him, loving Him, and serving Him. Not only was my trip a chance to respond to Christ's call to serve others, but it was an opportunity for my faith to grow tremendously. Throughout my time in Southeast Asia, I was continually struck by how united we all were through our faith, despite our many differences. I was constantly reminded of the absolute glory of human life, the beauty that was so visible in every person we encountered, especially those whom society had discounted but who refused to believe it and instead put their faith in God who loves them unconditionally. I was inspired by the unshakable faith of the Catholics we met, whose faith and values were never compromised despite government




Nicole Aguiar ’12

threats, sickness, and poverty. As St. Vincent Pallotti said, "The Christian life is one of action, not of speech and daydreams. Let there be few words and many deeds, and let them be done well.”

Nicole Aguiar ’12 This internal force that pulled me to Colombia stems from a passion that I first discovered at Eustace: service. I was fortunate enough to participate in two BE Outreach trips, one to the Navajo Nation in New Mexico and the other to Ecuador through an organization called Rostro de Cristo. I realized that there were ways to help the poor. I remembered stories shared about St. Vincent Pallotti, and how one person can make an impact. At the Navajo Reservation, we participated in sunrise ceremonies, met with members of the Navajo community to discuss the hardships they face trying to preserve their indigenous culture, traditions and various celebrations. In Ecuador, we were hosted by the yearlong volunteers who live and work in the community of the small pueblo. I remember watching them in admiration as they interacted with the locals, navigating conversations using Spanish. I wanted to be like them, but never dreamed that I would give up a corporate job making good money, and actually commit to making a difference. At Boston College I embraced the Jesuit service mission. All of my extracurricular activities centered on service. I participated in an additional service trip to Honduras, where I tried to use my university classroom Spanish to interact. I quickly realized that I was learning as much from the people as they were learning from me. When I finally made the decision to commit to the volunteer program and move to Colombia, I was scared. I faced many challenges, but I don’t regret a thing. My first year in Colombia, I worked at a small school in a rural, mountainous region of the city of Medellin and lived with a host family. This neighborhood, Aguas Frias, like many of the impoverished mountain neighborhoods of Medellin, is still infamous for its danger and violence. Medellin has gone through a major transformation thanks to various factors, such as technological innovation (Medellin was named the world’s most innovative city in


John Clark ’94

2013, particularly for its use of technology to improve poor communities) and the 2016 Peace Treaty former President Santos signed with the guerrilla rebel groups. Our foundation teaches them that through education and ambition, they can be successful and continue to work to improve their city. The foundation provides English classes with international volunteers, personal laptops, and scholarships for the star students. My year with the foundation has ended but I am still living in Medellin and teaching English at a language academy. I am continuing my own cultural exchange project as I teach Colombian students about our language and culture in the US and learn about theirs. It is sometimes hard to fathom that two service trips while at Eustace would impact me for a lifetime. Just as a little piece of me grew in the Navajo and Ecuador experiences, a little piece of my heart will live on forever in Medellin.

John Clark ’94 I was blessed with a loving family that sacrificed to send me to Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Berlin, Bishop Eustace Preparatory School, and Saint Anselm College. It was a holy triumvirate of a fine Catholic education. When I arrived at Eustace, I really had no idea what I wanted to do, except I wanted to make a big impact on families' lives, so a few years ago, I found myself searching for more ways to help the world. I ended up joining a mission team from Christ Our Light Parish. What I experienced was humbling. I witnessed boys play soccer for hours, with a deflated ball. Children walked miles down from the mountains to use the crayons we brought with us. I watched adults embrace our simple bible school curriculum as if it were Broadway theater. The grinding poverty yet powerful happiness of the people made me thankful for my life and instilled an everlasting spirit of gratitude in my heart. I thank God for my parents sending me to Bishop Eustace. It helped hone my spirit, work ethic, and desire to serve others. I realized a person could do well and do good.



Carmie Ardire '78, Chris Masso '88

Chip & Maragret Faller, Fr. Michal Wojciak, S.A.C.

Carmen & Barbara Mitcho '66, Lorraine & Jim '67 Cucinotta


This year's annual Head of School Reception was held on October 10 to acknowledge members of the Crusader Society, our most generous donors.

Their support assists Eustace in fulfilling its mission in preparing all students to realize their unique potential. This year's event was nearby at the beautiful Camden County Boathouse on the Cooper River. Our guests were treated to cocktails and hors d' oeuvres while entertained by our student musicians. Our Head of School, Angelo Milicia '95, thanked our donors and shared a video of our mission in action. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful evening celebrating Bishop Eustace Prep!

2017 Excalibur Award Winners and Presenters


This word evokes an image of courage, audacity, tenacity and tradition. Bishop Eustace Preparatory School has always encouraged these

characteristics in its students; it is, therefore, fitting that its most prestigious alumni award carry the name Excalibur.

The 2019 Excalibur Awards will take place on Saturday, April 13, 2019, at 7:00 pm in the Bishop Eustace Prep Lulli Library.

If you wish to nominate a graduate for consideration, please send a letter or an e-mail to the Advancement Office by December 31, 2018.

Please provide as many reasons why you feel your nominee is deserving of this award and as many details about this person as you can provide, including awards, recognitions, press releases, etc.





SALUTING OUR NATION’S FINEST, PART 2 Our last issue of Tradition magazine paid homage to the men and women of the Bishop Eustace Prep community who have served or continue to serve our county. Listed below are additional Bishop Eustace Prep military alumni. We thank you for your service! Norman Pfizenmayer Jr., USN, 1958

Bob Steelman, USMC, 1962

G.Patrick Tully, USN, 1958

John “Tex” Thomson, USMM, 1962

Robert Behm, USMM, 1962

Jay Wedemeyer, US Army, 1962

Arnold Cantera, US Army, 1962

LT COL Frank Bittner, USMC, 1966

1LT Michael Johnston, USMC, 1962

James Oxley, MD, US Army, 1966

William Kinsey, USN, 1962

Dan Keating, Ph.D, US Army, 1967

James Macaroni, US Army, 1962

Gregory McGuckin, US Army, 1967

Thomas Moraca, US Army, 1962

CAPT Vincent McAneney, USMC, 1979

Arthur Petrella, USAF, 1962

ENS Daniel Ahr, USN Ret., 1995

DECEASED: Dennis Ezekiel, USAF, 1962 Joseph Lacusch, USCG, 1962 John “Duff” Thomson, Navy, 1962 Edward Weglarz, US Army, 1962 Norbert Scharff, MD, USN, 1967 CORRECTIONS: LT COL Anthony M. Sparagno Jr., USMC, 1984 LT Megan (Ahr) Esposito, 1998


The 6th Annual Victory Day took place on October 6, 2018. Victory Day is an educational, inspirational, and fun event on the gridiron for

children with cognitive and/or physical impairments. The event is hosted by the Eustace Athletics Office and Eustace teams. Participants received a full “game day experience” and had the opportunity to play football with BEP players, cheer on the squad with the BEP cheerleaders, or sit with the BEP band while their parents, family members, caregivers and teachers witnessed the realization of a dream coming true for their Victory Day participant.





Shawn May ’87, Courtney May ’89 & Pete Mauro ’88

George Matteo ’74, Angelo Milicia ’95 & Pete Mauro ’88

Alec Dolente ’15 & Max Raiken ’15 Tom DiArenzo, Tim Litz ’12 & Mark DiArenzo ’11

Paige Matteo, Kathi Schutte-DiArenzo ’79 & Michelle (Petracci) Matteo ’74 Thanks to everyone who came out for Crusaders at the Shore on August 11 in Avalon! Despite the heavy rain, over 70 loyal Crusaders attended our annual shore event and enjoyed catching up with other Bishop Eustace Prep alumni, faculty and parents. A great time was had by all! Be sure to join in the fun next year.

Nicole ’11, Stephanie & Dominic ’13 LaRatta

Janice Wilson-Stridick & Paul Stridick ’75

Jena McGraw ’10 & Nick Matera ’10

Mary Kate Karen (Schutte) Mallamaci ’76, Cy Bleistine, Anthony ’06 & Alyssa Mallamaci ’12 Tony LaRatta ’89, Courtney May ’89 & Ben Tartaglia ’89

Marie Santomauro, Tara (Matteo) Banasz ’98 & Jeannine (Fries) Pulito ’95

Kat Burke-Esposito ’99, Sam & Marianne Tropiano

Ryan Jose ’12 & friend

Ashley Carswell & Jeff Jeffers ’00


Tyler Margraf ’12, Matt D'Antonio ’12 & Brendan Dale ’12

Jackie Browne ’12, Allie Canal ’12, Kathleen DiBari ’12 & Nicole Lankford ’12 BISHOP EUSTACE PREPARATORY SCHOOL



Wine Tasting

On September 13, 2018, 60 Crusaders attended our bi-annual general meeting. They also enjoyed some wonderful wines presents by a professional sommelier.

Jack Neylan ’68, Sam Tropiano & Al Grohe ’65

Jeff Browne ’07 Alumni Association President

Megan (Bleistine) Morgan ’03, Kat Burke-Esposito ’99, Joe Santomauro & Marie Santomauro

John LaRatta ’79 & Dominic LaRatta ’13

17TH ANNUAL ALUMNI GOLF OUTING Thanks to all who joined us for the 17th Annual Alumni Golf Outing on October 5, 2018. We were excited to share the day with the Class of 1958 who celebrated their 60-year reunion that weekend.







Baseball (23-5) The baseball team captured the conference championship and won the Ralph Shaw Tournament. The team made a great run in the state playoffs. • 100 Career Hits: Matt Orlando ’19 & Sky Duff ’18 • All-Conference:1st Team: Sky Duff ’18, Matthew Orlando ’19 & John Piacentino ’19 2nd Team: Ryan Colbert ’18, Chase Conklin ’20, Mike Guzzardo ’19 & Joe Ozckowski ’18 • South Jersey Baseball Coaches Association Honors: Scholar-Athlete: Joe Ozckowski ’18 Unsung Hero: Nick Garcia ’18 • Camden County All-Star Team: Dan Jubb ’18 • Tom Heinkel All-Tournament Team: Matt Orlando ’19 & John Piacentino ’19 • Ralph Shaw All-Tournament Team: Sky Duff ’18, John Piacentino ’19 & Mike Guzzardo ’19 • Tourney MVP: Matt Orlando ’19

Special Awards • Sportsmanship Award: Nick Dziuba ’18 • Coaches Award: Christian Capaldi ’18 • Coaches Award: Ryan Colbert ’18 • Coaches Award: Joseph Oczkowski ’18

Boys Crew The boys crew team had much success this year. Early in the season, at the Steve Neczypor Regatta, the boys varsity 8 brought home the Bronze Medal and the boys JV4 brought home the Gold Medal. At the Garden State Championship, the boys JV 4 placed 3rd. The boys JV 4 placed 1st at the Cooper Cup, advanced to the semifinals at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, and brought home gold at the PSRA City Championship.

Special Awards • Sportsmanship Award: Shannon Barranger ’20 • Most Improved: Vincenzo Galati ’20 • Most Valuable Boat Mover: Richard Console ’19 • MVP: Brock Jablonski ’18

Girls Crew The girls crew team got off to a great start in the spring season with strong results at the Haddon Hammers Indoor Rowing Erg Championship. Gabriella Salvati ’18 placed first in the open weight category; Savannah Pobre ’19 was second and Mia Yagodich ’20 was first in the lightweight category. In the coxswain category, Jackie Smith ’21 placed second and Sydney Sperling ’19 placed third. Once on the water, the girls JV 4 took 1st place at the Neczypor Regatta. At the Garden State Championship, the JV 4 placed 5th and the Novice 4 placed 2nd. The girls also had success at the Cooper Cup with the JV 4 placing 3rd, girls Novice 8 placing 3rd, and the girls lightweight 4 placing 4th. At the City Championship, the girls lightweight varsity 4 won the silver medal.



21 Girls Lacrosse (13-6) The girls lacrosse team had a great season, capturing the conference championship and qualifying for state playoffs. • Women’s Lacrosse Club of SJ All-Star Game: Molly Monaghan ’18 • All South Jersey: 2nd Team: Molly Monaghan ’18 • Honorable Mention: Samantha Sorenson ’19 • 100 Career Goals: Molly Monaghan ’18 • All-Conference:1st Team: Rachael Cardone ’19, Molly Monaghan ’18, Veronika O’Donnell ’19 & Samantha Sorenson ’19 • 2nd Team: Julia Gatelein ’20 & Mia Rose Voss ’18

Special Awards • Sportsmanship Award: Victoria Penza ’18 • Most Improved: Grace Smithwick ’20 • Most Valuable Boat Mover: Natalie Mariani ’18 • MVP: Gabriella Salvati ’18

Golf (8-5) The golf team returned a strong squad from last year. The team finished 4th at the Camden County Tournament and 3rd at the State Sectional Tournament, Drew Skultety ’18 finished 2nd overall at sectionals which qualified him to go onto the Tournament of Champions. They had a great showing at the conference tournament in which Peyton Vostenak ’18 placed 1st in the National Division. • All-Conference: 1st Team: Kyle Bartholomew ’20, Drew Skultety ’18 & Peyton Vostenak ’18

Special Awards • Sportsmanship Award: Michelle Quinn ’20 • Coaches Award: Dylan Laucks ’18 • MVP: Drew Skultety ’18 • MVP: Peyton Vostenak ’18

Boys Lacrosse (15-3) The boys lacrosse team had a competitive year and captured the conference championship. The team qualified for state playoffs and made a great run in the state tournament.

Special Awards: • Sportsmanship Award: Kathleen Fitzpatrick ’18 • Coaches Award: Joanie Hartman ’18 • Coaches Award: Mia Rose Voss ’18 • MVP: Molly Monaghan ’18

Softball (17-4) The softball team welcomed back a Eustace alum, Macie McGeehan ’11, as head coach. The team had a very competitive season, qualifying for the state playoffs and clinching the conference championship. Izzy Kelly ’18 generated great press throughout the season with throwing shut-outs and no-hitters. She pitched her 500th career strikeout and got over 200 in her final season. • Pitcher of the Year (SJGSA & Courier-Post): Izzy Kelly ’18 • All-South Jersey (SJGSA & Courier Post): 1st Team: Izzy Kelly ’18 • All-Conference:1st Team: Izzy Kelly ’18 2nd Team: Natalie Calabrese ’20, Madison Grubb ’20 & Lauren Punk ’20

Special Awards: • Sportsmanship Award: Lauren Punk ’20 • Coaches Award: Camryn Rachuba ’19 • Leadership Award: Carli Davy ’20 • MVP: Izzy Kelly ’18

• 100 Career Goals: Jake Munz ’18 & Tim Spellman ’18 • All-Conference: 1st Team: Paul Biernacki ’18, Patrick Dunleavy ’18, Andrew Klitchko ’18, Matthew McKenna ’18, Jake Munz ’18 & Stephen Schoenborn ’18 2nd Team: Paul Mikalic ’18, Anthony Olivo ’18 & Patrick Simons ’18

Special Awards: • Sportsmanship Award: Robert Olivo ’18 • Most Improved: Paul Mikalic ’18 • Coaches Award: Tyler Hanrahan ’18 • Coaches Award: Tim Spellman ’18




Special Awards: • Sportsmanship Award: Michael Doctorovitz ’19 • Coaches Award: Luke LaRosa ’18 • Coaches Award: Sean May ’19 • MVP: Lucas D’Antonio ’18

Girls Track & Field The girls track team had a great showing at the Camden County Championships where Bethany Garcia ’19 placed 6th in the 400, Tori Sims ’20 placed 6th in the javelin, Maura Gallagher ’19 placed 5th in the 800, Hannah Steaker ’19 placed 3rd in the Javelin, Clare Morelli ’19 placed 3rd in the 1600 and Katy Storti ’19 won the 1600.

Tennis (4-8) The boys tennis team contended for the conference championship and had some good showings in the conference tournament. The team once again qualified for the state tournament. • All-Conference: 2nd Team: Declan Burke ’21 (Doubles), Joe Semon ’21 (Doubles), Noah Staashaught ’20 (Doubles) & Chase Turner ’18 (Doubles) Special Awards: • Sportsmanship Award: Adam Kinsley ’20 • Coaches Award: Anthony Berna ’18 • Coaches Award: Harrison Crudelli ’18 • Coaches Award: Chase Turner ’18 Boys Track & Field The boys track team had a successful spring season. For the first time in 22 years, and the second time in the 46-year-old relay history, the team was Woodbury Relays Champion. The team had a great showing at the Camden County Championships where Brian Hutchison ’19 finished 6th in the 3200, Lucas D'Antonio ’18 finished 6th in both the Triple Jump and High Jump, Andrew Massaro ’19 finished 4th in the 1600, Luke LaRosa ’18 finished 4th in the Pole Vault, Andrew Sobocinski ’19 finished 3rd in the Discus and 6th in the Javelin, Sean May ’19 finished 2nd in the 800 and Nick Hutchison ’18 finished 2nd in the 3200. County champions included Josh Mo ’19 in the shot put, Mason Domico ’19 in the pole vault and Connor Melko ’19 in the 1600.

• South Jersey Track Coaches Association (SJTCA): All Non-Public Team: Hannah Steaker ’19 (Javelin), Katy Storti ’19 (3200) & 4 x 800 Team (MJ Schwab ’19, Kat Soanes ’19, Clare Morelli ’19 & Katy Storti ’19) • All-Conference:1st Team: Clare Morelli ’19, Kat Soanes ’19, Katy Storti ’19 & MJ Schwab ’19 2nd Team: Charlotte Gottilla ’21 & Hannah Steaker ’19

Special Awards: • Sportsmanship Award: Rebecca May ’18 • Most Improved: Rachel Orr ’20 • Coaches Award: Orey James ’18 • MVP: Katy Storti ’19

Senior 3 Season Sports Award The National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association, NIAAA, recognizes student-athletes who have participated in three seasons. This year we had nine students that met the qualifications. • Abigail Gilson ’18 • Nicholas Hutchison ’18 • Luke LaRosa ’18 • Rebecca May ’18 • Paul Mikalic ’18 • Maxwell Sakach ’18 • Paul Schields ’18 • Philip Sobocinski ’18 • Matthew Turnipseed ’18

• South Jersey Track Coaches Association (SJTCA): All Non-Public Team: Mason Domico ’19 (Pole Vault), Connor Melko ’19 (1600 & 800), Andrew Sobocinski ’19 (Javelin) & 4 x 800 Team (Sean May ’19, Phil Sobocinski ’18, Manik Dhawan ’19 & Connor Melko ’19) • All-Conference:1st Team: Mason Domico ’19, Connor Melko ’19 & Andrew Sobocinski ’19 2nd Team: Nicholas Hutchison ’18, Luke LaRosa ’18, Dhawan Manik ’19, Sean May ’19, Joshua Mo ’19, & Philip Sobocinski ’18




CLASS NOTES Spring Family


Class of 1958

1950s Reunion: In October 2018, the Class of 1958 held their 60-year class reunion at Caffe Aldo Lamberti in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Robin Lange ’83 are looking for volunteers to help with the event. Check out this retro redo photo of Jennifer (Weir) Schade ’83 and Debbie (Rockett) Mirenda ’83. Nothing like coming back to campus to boost your Eustace spirit! Please contact the Advancement Office for more info.

1970s Reunion: The 45-year class reunion for the Class of 1973 will be held on Friday, December 21, 2018, at Tavistock Country Club. Visit eustace.org/reunions for more info.

Karen (DiStefano) Spring ’90, a graduate of La Salle University, currently works a technical editor for Faulkner Information Services and a Resume Content Specialist at LiveCareer. Karen and her husband, Eric, are the parents of twins, Eustace sophomores Connor ’21 and Aaron ’21. Reunion: The 25-year class reunion for the Class of 1993 will be held on Friday, November 23, 2018, at Pinsetters Bar and Bowl. Visit eustace.org/reunions for more info. Kevin Ross ’93 was recently granted tenure at California Polytechnical University and made Assistant Professor in the statistics department. He, his wife and five children live in Los Osos, California.

1980s John W. Meyers III ’83

Jennifer Weir Schade ‘83 & Debbie Rockett Mirenda ‘83 Reunion: The Class of 1983 is looking to host a 36th Class Reunion in spring/summer 2019. Felicia (Stevens) Taylor ’83 and


John Meyers ’83 was named President and CEO of Mutual Re in November 2017. Mutual Re is a reinsurance company based in Cherry Valley, Illinois. John graduated LaSalle University in 1987 with a BA and Olivet College in 2012 with an MBA. He has been in the insurance industry since 1987 and transitioned to reinsurance in 1998. John currently splits his time between Berlin, New Jersey, and Rockford, Illinois. Kate (Lovett) Dean ’88 has started a new job teaching at Holy Cross Prep Academy.

Adeline Smith Adam Smith ’94 and wife, Maria, live in West Chester, Pennsylvania with their two children Finn (9) and Adeline (1). Adam is a Software Architect with Comcast and Maria is a Professor of Dance at West Chester University. Adeline and Finn are both aspiring Crusaders although geographically disadvantaged.



Class of 1998 Beth (Basara) Myers ’95 was recently recognized at a Syracuse University Lawrence B. Taishoff Center for Inclusive Higher Education BizEventz, “Successful Business Woman in Higher Education." Reunion: In October 2018, the Class of 1998 held their 20-year class reunion on campus at Bishop Eustace Prep.

2000s Michael Iannucci ’00, a Partner at Blank Rome LLP, was recognized as one of six national “rising stars” under the age of 40 by Law 360 for his work on several consumer class actions, including a landmark victory for TGI Friday’s Inc. before the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Mike is currently serving as lead defense counsel on a number of consumer class actions and business litigation matters throughout the country. He and his wife Christie (Sacchetti) Iannucci ’01 live in Mount Laurel with their twins Alexandria and Lucas.

Lauren Schiavo ’03 was named one this year's 40 Under 40 award recipients by SNJ Business People. Lauren currently serves as a senior account executive at Thomas/Boyd Communications, a full-service public relations and communications agency in Moorestown, NJ. She has been with the firm for nearly 11 years, with career highlights that include serving on the logistics team for President Barack Obama’s visit to the Kroc Center–Camden and managing communications efforts for a number of high-visibility events, such as the grand opening of Joseph’s House in Camden with Jon Bon Jovi, New Jersey Devils and NJ SHARES “Cool Down For Warmth” presented by PSE&G at the Prudential Center in Newark, Blue Monkey Tavern's Annual Beerfest, New Year’s Eve celebrations on the Camden Waterfront, Spellbound Brewery's Annual Century Bicycle Ride and more. Birth: Shannon (Allen) Drew ’06 and husband Jeff, a daughter, Hailey Catherine, born on August 21, 2018. She entered the world at at 8 lbs., 7ozs. and 21 in. long.

Hailey Catherine Drew Birth: Rachael (Tocco) Gruber ’06 and husband, Ryan, a son, Julian Andrew, born April 18, 2018. He entered the world at 7lbs., 10ozs. and 20.5 in. long.

Lauren Schiavo ’03

Dr. Jeffrey Dileo (Maranto) ’01 is an attending physician in the Emergency Radiology Department at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston. He is also on the faculty of Harvard Medical School. He and his wife, Jennifer, live outside of Boston. Birth: Lauren (Briglia) Pryzbylkowski ’01 and husband Peter Pryzbylkowski ’01, a daughter, Ava Nicole, born on February 8, 2018. She entered the world at 7 lbs., 14 ozs., and 20 in. long. Ava joins big sister Emma (3). The family lives in Haddon Heights, New Jersey. Reunion: The 15-year class reunion for the Class of 2003 will be held in fall/winter 2018. Visit eustace.org/reunions for more info.

Ava Nicole Pryzbylkowski TRADITION FALL 2018



Stephanie Cox ’09 & Matt Colella ’10 Lauren Lammers ’07 & Matthew Cole ’07 Erin (Wade) Ayala ’06 was recently named President of Wigs & Wishes By Martino Cartier - a nonprofit that provides wigs to women free of charge and grants wishes to children battling cancer. Married: Lauren Lammers ’07 to Matthew Cole ’07 on Saturday, August 4, 2018. They were married at St. Rose of Lima Parish in Haddon Heights, New Jersey, and the reception was held at Vie in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Eustace alumni in attendance were Jonathan Cole ’16, Krystina Cole ’10, Kevin Lammers ’16, Bruce Ciallella ’99, Danielle (Feigenbutz) Ciallella ’01, Alexa McGrath ’12, Rachel McGrath ’15, Hailey McGrath ’17, Eileen (Blumberg) McGrath ’82, Jeanne (Blumberg) Morrison ’86, Michael Fisher ’17, Sean Bell ’11, Eamon Bell ’13, Jena McGraw ’10, Sarah Etedali ’10, CPT James Rafferty ’07, Laura Classick ’07, Lou Cascetti ’07, Dante Merlino ’07, Danielle Sinclair ’07, Geoff Nagle ’04, Phil Jaworskyj ’07, Todd Stone ’07, Morgan Doto ’07, Lou Mastragostino ’05, Kathy (Brecht) Sexauer ’77, Kathi Schutte-DiArenzo ’79, Michael Graziano ’86, Matthew DiArenzo ’16, Lauren O’Brien ’16 and Lexi DiGennaro ’17.

Theresa-Rose Woodward ’08 PharmD, BCGP earned her Board Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy (BCGP) from the Board of Pharmacy Specialties in spring of 2018. She works as a clinical pharmacist for Carekinesis, a Tabula Rasa Healthcare Company, in Moorestown, New Jersey.

Birth: Brighid (Skamarakas) Tracy ’09 and husband, Brent, a son, Calder James, born June 8, 2018. He entered the world at 7 lbs., 6 ozs. and 21 in. long.

Married: Tara Hall ’08 to Sam Robertson on Saturday, September 8, 2018. They were married at St. Anthony of Padua Church in Wilmington, Deleware, and reception was held at Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library also in Wilmington. Alumni in attendance were Leah Furey ’08, Anthony Mariani ’08, Bryan Locher ’08, Eamon Hall ’07, Bill Hall ’02, Alexandra (Olsen) Adams ’05, Gary Adams ’05, Daniel Hall ’06, Olivia Gallo ’11 and Caroline Gallo ’15.

Calder James Tracy

Reunion: The 10-year class reunion for the Class of 2008 will be held Saturday, November 24 at Porta in Philadelphia. Visit eustace.org/reunions for more info.


Engagement: Stephanie Cox ’09 to Matt Colella ’10 in June 2018 in Beach Haven, New Jersey. Their relationship started while both attending Eustace and they have been together ever since! They will be married in September 2019. (Photo by Kerry Walsh ’10)

Married: Victoria Sobocinski ’09 to Joe Bernier on Saturday, June 16, 2018. They were married at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Havre de Grace, Maryland, and the reception was held at Merchant Social in North East, Maryland. Eustace alumni and faculty in attendance were Nick Browne ’15, Jackie Browne ’12, Eric Sobocinski ’16 Stephanie Browne ’09, Andrew Sobocinski ’19, Kevin Casey ’09, Greg Sobocinski ’11, Allison Steen ’09, Chris Vonderschmidt ’09, Megan Wallace ’09, Sara Keane ’09,



IN MEMORIAM Alumni: Anthony Adinolfi, 1960 Donald Caputi, 1959 Kelly Cogshall, 1991 Harry Ellis, 1961 James Flynn, 1962 Lisa Santangelo, 1982

Victoria Sobocinski ’09 Philip Sobocinski ’18, Kat Burke-Esposito ’99, Matt Heinkel ’09, Tim Sobocinski ’15, Rory McTear ’09, Mr. Jim Brady, Matt Sobocinski ’13, Rachel Sobocinski ’20, Chloe LaMotta ’17 and Liz Cunha ’09.

2010s Engagement: Abby Littleton ’10 to Mike Durelli ’10 in May 2018 in Avalon, New Jersey. The couple has been together since 2009 when they met at Eustace. They will be married in June 2019.

Symphony Dixon ’12

Olivia Schaller ’15

Taylor Ribecchi ’13 began a Disney College Program in August. She will be working in daily park operations at the Magic Kingdom.

Taylor Ribecchi ’13 Mike Durelli ’10 & Abby Littleton ’10 Symphony Dixon ’12 graduated in May with her Masters of Professional Studies in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Georgetown University. Shortly after obtaining her degree, she launched her own PR and Communications firm called Pulling Strings.

Olivia Schaller ’15 entered her senior year at Rutgers University – New Brunswick this fall. She is majoring in Sports Management. Olivia was selected from over 400 applicants for a PR internship with the Super Bowl Champions, Philadelphia Eagles for Summer/Fall 2018. Although it was an unpaid internship, it definitely had its perks.


Class of 2018 Yearbook Signing The yearbook signing will take place on Wednesday, November 21, 2018, in the Bishop Eustace Prep Crusader Hall at 6:00 pm. Don’t forget to bring your yearbook! Stick around for the Pennsauken football game at home at 7:00 pm!

Would you like to be a Class Agent for your class? Do you want to be featured in the next issue of Tradition? Do you want to help write for Tradition magazine? Email advancement@eustace.org!




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Scholarship Golf Tournament Monday, May 13, 2019



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