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A magazine for alumni, parents and friends of Bishop Brady High School

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Bishop Brady High School

From the

Principal’s Desk

Dear Alumni, First, I am so proud and excited to announce that Bishop Brady will ceremoniously break ground in celebration of its historic $4 million expansion and renovation project at 1:00 p.m., Friday, May 26, 2006. Please join us for this milestone event and help us celebrate the next generation of Bishop Brady “Excellence.” If you haven’t seen Bishop Brady lately, I’m certain that you would be pleasantly surprised. Brady is stronger than ever, and it is on the cusp of extending its rich tradition well into the future. Enrollment is projected at 460 next year, with the largest freshman class in history. The “Expanding on Excellence” capital campaign is helping to fund a $4 million expansion and renovation project, slated to begin this spring. This project has been made possible by the many successes that Brady has experienced over the past 15 years. Brady has earned numerous athletic, academic and extracurricular New Hampshire state championships. Members of Brady’s teaching staff have received many awards for their professional excellence. In the past few years Brady grads have been accepted into Harvard, Dartmouth, MIT, Annapolis, West Point, the Coast Guard Academy, Cornell, Columbia, NYU, Colby, Wellesley, Skidmore, and the list goes on. In addition to their academic achievements, we are very proud of our students who are developing a lifelong commitment to community collaboration and its betterment. Brady students are taught the value and the importance of community service. If you could see us now, you would be even more proud of your alma mater. Because of its many successes and its promising future, Brady is now ready to move forward. Fortunately, I have an incredible alumni base to whom I can turn for help. Brady will begin its historic expansion project this spring, regardless of any additional financial support. However, the ultimate degree of success will be determined by the level of alumni support. If you have not made your commitment to this effort, there is still time. As of this letter, Brady has received $2.8 million in commitments from more than 350 individuals in the Bishop Brady community. There have been pockets of astonishing support from a handful of alumni, but in the end, only 3% of Brady alumni have made a commitment to this project. Although this is an improvement over the last capital campaign, which enjoyed 2% of alumni support, we have every reason to believe that there is a potential to engage at least 10% to 20% of alumni. Like any educational institution, alumni are traditionally the most important source of support. For those of you who have committed to Brady’s future with a pledge of support, Congratulations! You have made the commitment necessary to ensure Brady’s future viability. Bishop Brady cannot thank you enough. You are part of a growing trend to support and embrace the concept of a values-driven, college preparatory education. For those of you who still have not had the opportunity, now is the time. I am asking you with all of my heart to please make a commitment now. If this letter feels like I am asking for your help, it’s because I am. We truly need your help with this. As many of you know, making a commitment to a worthy cause can generate an incredible feeling. After making a commitment to Bishop Brady’s “Expanding on Excellence” campaign, you will be surprised at how good you feel. With all that good feeling come some practical accomplishments. Alumni support is critical to the success of the final stages of this effort. When cultivating potential support for the campaign, the question is often asked – “how much alumni support do you have?” The volunteers on Brady’s Campaign Cabinet find it difficult to answer this question. This can easily be remedied with your help. We are not looking for a lot, but we are looking for a gesture on your part, a commitment in an amount that is appropriate for your situation. This will have a dramatic effect on improving Brady’s alumni participation levels. It would mean a great deal to your school and its students. Your commitment would help improve the story of alumni support for the project, and therefore, improve our ability to convince others in the community. Please take the time to make your commitment now, no matter the size. $10, $25, or $100 would be greatly appreciated and it would help ensure future campaign efforts. I also want to tell you how frustrated I am, not being able to contact each of you personally. Capital campaigns require an enormous amount of resources and are very time consuming. I wish we had the ability to contact each and every one of you, individually, to explain the urgent need for this project and the importance of your support. Unfortunately, contacting 4,000 alumni is beyond the scope of our resources. A decision was made to forego this effort in an attempt to maximize the potential of every dollar contributed, and, therefore, we decided to appeal to your instinctive generosity. Please fill out the enclosed envelope and return it today. You will be glad you did.

If you could see us now… God bless you, Jean Barker P r incipal

Spring 2006

Contents F e at u r e s Bishop Brady High School 25 Columbus Avenue Concord, NH 03301 (603) 224-7418 Email: Web site:

Administrative Team Jean Barker, Principal Joy Degnan `67, Vice Principal Greg Roberts, Vice Principal Suzanne Walsh, Business Administrator Dr. Joseph Stehno, Director of Guidance Lonna Abbott, Director of Admissions Fred Vezina, Director of Athletics David Hill `83, Director of Development Linda Fairbanks, Campus Minister Some photos contributed by Niko Prestipino `08

Campus Ministry. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

“The world is moved along not only by the mighty shoves of it heroes…” Bishop Brady students not only excellent in academics

2006 New Hampshire Math and Science

Teacher of the Year. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Bishop Brady’s Dan Shagena

Expanding on Excellence. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Bishop Brady breaking ground on its historic expansion and renovation project

Capital Campaign 2005-2006 Recognition . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Recognition of the many generous supporters of Bishop Brady’s historic expansion and renovation project

Where are they now? Brady Alumni and their stories. . . . . . . 14 Front Cover Photo of Math teacher Ann D’Ambruoso. Ann has taught Math at Bishop Brady since 1995. In 1993 she received her Master of Education Degree and certification in math. For the past several years she has been the Advisor to the Student Council.

Bishop Brady High School

Contributing Writers Lonna Abbott, Jean Barker, Robbie Barker, Caitlin Evans `06, Linda Fairbanks, Greg Roberts, Peg Jacobs, and David Hill, `83 Bishop Brady Advisor Board Tom MacMullin Stephen Heckscher, Chairperson Jane Iarussi Joseph Conley Marcia Moran Rev. Steven Montesanti Margaret Aubin Jim Bittman Jack Donovan, Vice Chair Carl Chaput `76 Denise Michaud Scott Walker `76 Patty Humphrey, Secretary Joe Spain `78

From the office of

From the office of

Campus Ministry

“The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.” ~ Helen Keller

Bishop Brady High School

In past magazines, we have featured some of the grander community service projects like the Katrina effort and Operation Santa. In actuality, we are not heroes who move the world in “mighty shoves.” Most of the time, we are the workers who plug along in small ways, oftentimes never even knowing or seeing the results of our volunteerism. Students may never come to realize the impact of the service that they perform or even realize that they are doing community service. It comes that naturally to them through the encouragement of their families, as well as from their teachers. It is something that becomes ingrained in them even when they leave us. There is a connection, a small thread that keeps them always attached to Brady in some way.

When you search the various directories for high schools in New Hampshire, you will find Bishop Brady listed as a Catholic, college preparatory high school. Through the years, we have grown as an excellent academic alternative in education. We now have Advance Placement (AP) courses in Languages, History, Math, Science and English. We offer a diverse Fine Arts program and have made enviable advances in the technologies. Our Math Team has just taken a NH State first place in its division, and we are proud of the dedicated Robotics team. There are so many additional academic opportunities at Brady - too numerous to list. So what makes this high school special? What sets us apart from other college preparatory schools that offer their students similar advanced programs? Well, it’s all about being holistic. We are more than an academically challenging school. Teachers and students are committed to serving others as Jesus served.

Recently one of our graduates who attends college in Colorado was involved in a fire that not only destroyed the dorm that he was living in but also only left him with the one outfit that was on his back. He came close to losing his life but fortunately was awakened because of the heat, smoke and water pouring through the apartment. Apparently no fire alarm ever went off. This is not, though, a story about his loss or even about the overwhelming financial gift that the Brady students sent to him. It is a story about the connecting thread that is the by-product of what we truly are all about as a school.

In his own words, Todd Thomas (class of 2002) wrote back in his thank you letter something that he learned at Brady. “We must not blame God for tragedy but rather to search for how He uses such events to bring people together through mercy and giving. I thank God for His mercy and grace, and I thank the Bishop Brady family for (the) giving. The motto of a “Caring Catholic Community” is truly a reality … I am proud to be a part of this wonderful community.” Todd included a quote that he gleaned from his yearbook. This quote was from St. Catherine of Siena who said, “If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze.” So for the Bishop Brady community past, present, and future, we are more than an academic institution. We are an eternally connected web whose members make tiny pushes that do, indeed, impact the world – not as illustrious heroes but as small, honest workers. Yes, the academic piece is important, but what would we be without the service that calls us to be truly human? by Linda Fairbanks, Campus Minister

2006 New Hampshire Math & Science

Teacher of the Year

In the midst of numerous accomplishments, Bishop Brady’s very own Dan Shagena achieves top honors… LETTERS January 13, 2006

Daniel Shagena has been teaching Math at Bishop Brady since 1997. In his own unique style he has won the hearts and minds of his colleagues, the students and their families. Dan has established himself as a key contributor to Bishop Brady. He is one of the reasons that Brady provides such an outstanding foundation in mathematics to collegebound students. Dan has mentored the Bishop Brady Math Team over the years and he has served as assistant coach to both the baseball and football programs. Dan was a key component in assisting Head Coach Greg Roberts in winning the 2005 Division V, New Hampshire state football championship. This year, Dan is taking the helm of the baseball team as head coach. We are all anxious to follow his successes in this endeavor.

To illustrate Dan’s impact on Bishop Brady High School, and the events that led up to this prestigious honor, the following two “Teacher of the Year” recommendations are printed in their entirety. We hope you enjoy them.

Dear Committee: I am writing as reference for Daniel Shagena, Mathematics Teacher – Bishop Brady HS. I have known Dan as a colleague since 1997-98 when he and I were hired to teach math at Brady. I came from the Merrimack School District and Dan came from the Concord School District, where he had been teaching Math for several years. Dan and I both completed course work at UNH through the MST summer program prior to starting at Brady. Over the past eight years we have become well acquainted in and out of school, and continue an excellent working relationship though I am now the Dean of Students. One of the best ways to describe Dan Shagena’s contributions as a teacher at Bishop Brady is to borrow from the dedication written by the 2001 senior class. Each year the seniors vote to dedicate their yearbook to a faculty or staff member that has been an important part of their high school career, and Dan received that honor in 2001.

He is here for us from early morning to late afternoon. He teaches us, he coaches us. In the classroom, he is always willing to go the extra mile so we understand the math; and when he is not in the class, he is on the basketball court or baseball diamond instructing us in the sport. He has shown his dedication to this class and our school in so many ways.

Dan has always been one of the first teachers to arrive at Brady every morning and he is usually one of the last to leave his classroom. He provides extra help to any student any time, 7:00 am, 3:30 pm, or during his study hall or prep period. He took over the Math Team seven years ago and made a commitment to recruit quality students and push them to excel. In 2001 the team placed third at the NHTM State Math meet followed by third place finishes in the NH SMASH League (’02, ’03, & ’04). In 2005 the team reached the top, placing first in the NHTM State Math and first in the NH SMASH Leagues. I know Dan has been the motivating force and drive behind this success because my son was a member of the team for three years (2001-03). I have tried to help when I could but Dan’s efforts far exceed anything I have contributed. The team has grown as well from 12 active students when my son started to 20 active students today. In the classroom, Dan is a fierce proponent for Mathematics learning by all students. He has been a major factor in the Brady Math department for creating opportunities in courses and applications concerning the college prep curriculum. He worked to ensure our curriculum was an Algebra-based program and coordinated the introduction of graphing calculators as a mandatory requirement for freshmen to seniors. He has led a department workshop on calculator usage and has incorporated calculator programming as part of the honors program in Pre-Calculus. This school year he has implemented a Java programming course as a Math elective, which he will teach this Spring semester.

Bishop Brady High School

Most recently Dan’s accomplishments include winning back to back “New Hampshire State Mathematics” championships in 2005 and 2006. In addition, he was just chosen as the New Hampshire Math & Science Teacher of the Year.

Nomination Review Committee NH Math & Science Teacher of the Year Awards

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He has helped provide additional courses for seniors that were not on the calculus track, which include Math Topics and college prep Trigonometry. The two teaching aspects of Dan’s that I appreciate most are his ability to teach students at every level of the learning spectrum from Algebra I to AP Calculus and his work to incorporate reading, writing, and research into the Math curriculum. Dan has made research papers a key component of the honors courses he teaches. He is an avid reader who enjoys books from a variety of genres. I think this part of his personality is why he works well with the students because he engages them in an easy-going Socratic style. He communicates with the student; he does not talk at them. His ability to communicate with the students shows in his coaching style as well. He has been a successful coach at the junior varsity level; and two years ago, he was made the Varsity Boy’s Head Baseball coach for his hard work. I think the key is not just the communication piece but also his consistency. What Dan brings to the teaching environment everyday is the same that he brings to other areas of the school like athletics. Dan is a supporter of many extracurricular activities of the Brady community. He has often helped me with chaperoning school dances or attending class trips. Besides coaching, he has helped run game clocks or the scoreboard for other sport teams. He enjoys supporting the student-body and assisting them in their overall development as high school students. I am excited to have the opportunity to recognize the work and efforts of Mr. Shagena because I know first hand what he has done for the students of this school. Thank you, Gregory Roberts Dean of Students

Bishop Brady High School

Recommendation in support of Daniel Shagena of Bishop Brady High School for New Hampshire Mathematics Teacher of the Year.

As Mathematics Department chair I have known Daniel Shagena since we hired him eight years ago. I am writing in support of the nomination made by our Guidance Counselor, Joseph Stehno. Daniel Shagena is a wonderful member of our department and school community. He expects and knows how to elicit excellence from his students. The classes he runs on a daily basis are among the best that I have seen. His students arrive in class promptly expecting to be engaged and they are not disappointed. He involves each with his interactive teaching style. Through discussion and directed questioning he reinforces previous lessons and creatively fosters a considerable depth of understanding. His rapport with the students is right on. All know that Mr. Shagena has high but clear expectations for student behavior as well as effort. All also know that the consequences for falling short of these expectations are sure but fair. Students generally give him their best effort. Mr. Shagena’s work with our Math Team has been remarkable. On Friday mornings his room is full of our top math students by 7:15 A.M. They are busily working on challenging math problems in preparation for the next meet. Mr. Shagena’s effort has led the team to several honors including the State Championship in 2005. As department chair and colleague I can always count on Dan to do more that his share of our shared work. If I need something to be done quickly and well, I often turn to Dan Shagena. We are very fortunate to have Daniel Shagena as a member of our mathematics faculty. I hope I have conveyed how much he truly deserves the honor of being named New Hampshire Mathematics Teacher of the year. Sincerely, Margaret Jacobs Bishop Brady High School 25 Columbus Avenue Concord, NH 03301

Bishop Brady’s

Expansion Approved

Bishop McCormack gives approval for Brady Expansion

Jean Barker, Principal and Bishop John McCormack, in front of the expansion project model created by Lonna Abbott, Admission Director and Rae Edmonds.

The Bishop Brady Community has wanted to expand its facilities for over fifteen years now. The building, which was built in the early 1960’s, “has been in need of a new look for some time now,” said a student from the high school. Before the administration could begin plans for an addition, they needed to have repairs done to the ventilation system, boilers and the roof. Now that these improvements have been completed, the project for the expansion of Bishop Brady High School will begin in May of 2006.

The front entrance is going to face the parking lot, and there will be a room attached for reading and studying near the front of the building in the courtyard. This extension looks like a circular room with a skylight roof. The room will have either comfortable furniture, such as soft chairs, or tables and chairs for studying much like the current library has now. The construction group, Hutter Construction, is located in Bedford, New Hampshire. The company has experience building additions onto schools and other buildings and is quite efficient at isolating themselves so as not to disturb daily classes.

Once the exterior part of the addition is built and finished over the summer, the interior work will be completed in the fall. Many generous donations have been given to Bishop Brady to help fund the project. Bishop McCormack of the Diocese of Manchester announced in December that our school would be receiving a loan from the Diocese. There has also been a Capital Campaign for four million dollars that is ongoing, according to Mr. Hill of The Development Office. Simply the talk of Bishop Brady’s expansion arouses excitement throughout the school hallways. A new media center, room in the hallways, and a lounge are only a few of the exciting features that future Bishop Brady students will be able to enjoy. The project, estimated to take only about one year to complete, is thanks to the help of many goodhearted, organized, and generous people. by Caitlin Evans `06

Bishop Brady High School

The addition will be an 18,000 square foot, twostory building. The ground floor of the addition is going to consist of a media center, a small study and conference center, a larger chapel, and a computer room, as well as classrooms to use for special projects.

The Guidance Department and administrative offices will be expanded, and the existing library will be turned into a Fine Art’s room. Another exciting change will take place during the expansion as well. The downstairs Brady hallways are notorious for being extremely crowded. In the original building, one row of lockers will be taken off the wall in a hallway and relocated to the new hallway in the addition. The cafeteria will get a glass wall where the half wall facing the office is located now.

Expanding on Excellence

Bishop Brady High School is proud and extremely excited to announce it will be breaking ground on an historic expansion and renovation project this spring. The Diocese of Manchester has given its final approval to begin construction. The groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for Friday, May 26 at 1:00 p.m. Alumni, parents, past parents and friends are all welcome and encouraged to attend. In order to understand why Brady is embarking on this project, it is important to know a little bit about its history, evolution, and current status.

Bishop Brady High School

The yearbook cover (shown right) is from the first graduating class of 1964. This image illustrates the point that the exterior appearance has not undergone any material changes in more than 43 years.

Anyone familiar with Bishop Brady High School knows that its facility is well overdue for a facelift and an upgrade. Brady has been serving the Concord community for forty-three years in virtually the same physical condition since its original construction in 1963. It has been said, many times, that the look, feel and even the smell of the building has remained the same throughout the years. As education and technology continue to evolve, Brady must keep pace in order to deliver its best to the deserving students who pass through its halls. Enrollment for the 2006/2007 school year is 455. Bishop Brady has a current maximum capacity of 460. Those of you who have experienced the challenge of changing classes in the academic wing know just how logistically tricky this can be. The hallways are packed. Brady students quickly learn the art of navigating the hallways. Two mobile classrooms were added four years ago when the lack of space could no longer be ignored. The academic program has simply outgrown its facility.

The expansion project is designed around a long-term vision, developed and adopted by the faculty, the administration and the Advisory Board. This plan encompasses both short and long-term goals, ensuring that Bishop Brady continues to offer a relevant and challenging high school experience. The plan revolves around the premise that each student should be provided with an exceptional learning environment, the right teaching staff, and strategic academic content in order for him or her to reach his or her individual potential. Principal Jean Barker has been accurately described as the “heart and soul” of Bishop Brady. Mrs. Barker’s, “it’s all about the kids” approach permeates the school. The faculty and staff learn, early in their tenure, that they are charged with ensuring the success of every student. From the first day of classes to college applications, the focus remains on individual students and their families. Brady provides this level of service every day.

Students also receive individualized guidance throughout their high school years. The Guidance Department, under the leadership of Dr. Joseph Stehno, works extremely hard to ensure that every student receives the resources he or she requires to achieve success. When students graduate from Bishop Brady, they are prepared to meet the next challenge. Ninetyfive percent of the graduates elect to continue their academic career by moving on to college. A number of informal surveys indicate that students matriculating to college feel more prepared, from both an academic and social standpoint, than many of their peers. If this is the case, Bishop Brady is successful. However, Brady is not content to settle for base-level performance success. In addition to academic and social preparedness, Brady makes every effort to instill a sense of community. Students are taught the value of and their responsibility to the communities with which they become a part. Brady believes that healthy communities require a willingness of their members to give

of themselves. Involvement, commitment, and “giving back” are important components of a healthy society. These concepts are woven deeply into the fabric of Christian ideals and values, and these concepts are conveyed to students every day. The current facility has served its students well over the years. There are now close to 4,000 alumni who have passed through the doors of Bishop Brady High School. The staff and administration regularly hear alumni stories about how Brady was instrumental in their lives. Despite this good service, or maybe because of it, Brady is in need of expansion and development. Construction is slated to begin this June; it has a $4 million budget and will add roughly 18,000 square feet to its existing facility. Although its appearance is virtually identical to its original condition in 1963, the building has been meticulously maintained over the years. Under the leadership of Principal Jean Barker, the infrastructure and critical systems of the school have been upgraded, repaired, or replaced over the past decade. The vision for this year’s building project was already in place in the mid 1990s. Mrs. Barker understood the need to formulate a plan, in order for larger

(Above) is a photo of the existing building which has not been changed since its original construction. This picture highlights the front of the academic wing and the side of the administrative office wing. The expanse of lawn in front of the building, shown here, is the site of the new expansion. (see below) efforts to take place in the future. Critical systems were evaluated and tested. Each system identified as needing attention was provided with a remediation plan, given a priority, and set with a time-line. These infrastructure projects were necessary in preparation for the largest expansion project of Bishop Brady’s history. As of the summer of 2004, these foundational improvements were complete. Significant upgrades in recent years include the following: u Replacement

of the roofing system.


Upgrade of the heating system. (The new system is more than adequate to handle the expansion.) u

Parking lot repaved, expanded and lighting installed. u

All of the groundwork is paying off. The preliminary upgrades have prepared Bishop Brady’s physical plant to handle the renovation project. The rest of the building remains clean and intact, but original. In the summer of 2004, Brady finished its ten year accreditation review by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The results were very positive with the exception of one area, physical plant. The accreditation committee recommended that Bishop Brady seek approval from the Diocese of Manchester to conduct a capital campaign in order to fund an expansion and building improvements. { continued on next page }

Upgrade of mechanical and electrical systems.


Upgrade of technology and communication systems. u

Fire safety upgrades.


Construction of two new state of the art science labs. u

Expansion of both the boys’ and girls’ sports locker rooms. Both were doubled in size and completely renovated. Bishop Brady High School

(Below) is the latest architectural elevation of Bishop Brady High School following the expansion project. Picture yourself standing on Columbus Avenue looking at the front of the building. The glass section to the left is the front of the cafeteria. If you look closely at the middle section, you can see the green siding of the old academic wing. Most of the existing academic wing will be hidden behind the new two story addition.


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Bishop Brady High School

The above elevation is drawn from the perspective of looking at the new building from the parking lot. This view illustrates the new main entrance, which will face the parking lot vs. the current main entrance, which faces Columbus Avenue. The large white box represents the gym and the back, exterior wall of the kitchen.


Scope of Construction Project:


Beginning this spring Bishop Brady will construct an 18,000 square foot addition and renovate the front section of the existing building. The addition will house six additional classrooms, a new chapel, new guidance offices and a state-of-the-art media center. If you are standing on Columbus Avenue, looking at the front entrance, the addition will be built on the lawn to the right of the administrative wing and in front of the classroom wing. The increased space is not designed to significantly increase enrollment. The goal is to improve education, not increase numbers. Post construction capacity will be 485 students vs. current enrollment of 455.

The reasoning behind the project is multifaceted. The bottom line is that it revolves around improving the educational environment to better serve students and their families. In addition, it is to expand on Bishop Brady’s leadership role as a high-quality provider of college preparatory, values-based education for the New Hampshire community. A residual effect of the construction project will be to address the “curb appeal” issue. There is a concern that the external appearance of the school is an inhibiting factor when prospective students assess the quality of Bishop Brady. “The physical appearance of Bishop Brady should not be a deterrent in a candidate’s decision making process,” said Principal Jean Barker. “On a relative basis, it has become an issue.” Public schools in the area have been expanding and upgrading their facilities for years. This comparison magnifies the negative visual

appearance of Bishop Brady High School. This will certainly enhance the image of the school and the pride of its community. Adding and improving instructional space is also a key element that will be addressed by the expansion. by David Hill, Director of Development

Artist rendition of renovated building.

New England Collegiate Baseball League

Bishop Brady Night Fun for the whole family!

Please join us for an evening of fun and excitement. You are invited to enjoy a night of America’s favorite pastime with old friends and new.


Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 6:30 p.m.


Memorial Field

What Who

Alumni, Past Parents, Students, Current Parents, Faculty, Friends and Families


Fun, Friends, and Family

Bishop Brady High School

Concord Quarry Dogs Baseball Game Bishop Brady/St. Johns Night


Capital Campaign 2005-2006 Recognition

Expanding on Commitment Why has Bishop Brady become one of the area’s most coveted secondary school destinations? It is because of the passion and commitment of the “Brady Community.” Bishop Brady High School has been blessed over the years with remarkable support from its alumni, families, and friends. Individuals and organizations make generous contributions to the Annual Fund in order to enhance and expand the year-to-year educational experience. The “Brady Community” has also committed to funding capital projects over the years, most recently a major expansion and renovation project that is the largest of its kind, since the school’s inception in 1963. Other community members have given of themselves by offering their expertise, time, and energy. This level of pride and commitment permeates the halls and resonates in the voices of the student body. In this changing world, a high-quality, values-based education is now more important than ever. With a solid foundation and a rich tradition, Brady is now prepared to offer the next generation of educational excellence. If the past is any indication of the future, Bishop Brady will grow and thrive for decades to come. The ultimate success of this exciting expansion project will be determined in part by the extent to which the Brady community participates in the “Expanding on Excellence” Capital Campaign. Please look for additional information on how you can help with a commitment to the project. Your support and generosity will help Bishop Brady High School continue its tradition of excellence in the years to come.

Bishop Brady High School

Passionate people support passionate causes. Bishop Brady High School is a product of its community.


Campaign Prayer There are those who give and know not pain in giving; nor do they seek joy nor give with mindfulness of virtue. These are the believers in life and in the bounty of life, and their coffer is never empty. Through the hands of such as these, God speaks, and from their eyes he smiles upon the earth. Loving God, we give You thanks for all Your gifts. All that we are and all that we have comes from Your loving hands. May our work be guided by Your grace, as we prepare for the future. Lord, we pray for the success of our mission, Amen. ~ From The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Honor Roll of Donors

B i sho p B r a d y H i g h S chool “Expanding on Excellence” Capital Campaign The following pages contain a comprehensive listing of gifts committed to Bishop Brady High School “Expanding on Excellence” Capital Campaign through March 31, 2006. This list is prepared by gift level. Most gifts listed are unrestricted. Bishop Brady High School wishes to gratefully acknowledge the generosity of all our benefactors who have chosen to make an investment in the future of our school.

Seraphim Society ($250,000 +)

Joseph `78 and Kathleen `79 Spain Atty. and Mrs. John Sullivan

Anonymous Anonymous

Friend’s Circle

Bishop Brady Society ($100,000 - $249,000) Anonymous Joan and Lee Herrington Patty Humphrey

Leadership Society ($50,000 - $99,999)

Timothy and Nancy Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. David `84 Foy

Principal’s Circle

($25,000 - $49,000) Mr. and Mrs. David Bissonnette Leonard and Priscilla Brochu Robert and Beverly Grappone Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Moran Dr. Douglas and Marcia Moran Alexander and Debra Slocum Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Swain Woodbury Family Fund

Founders Circle

($10,000 - $24,000) Anonymous Atty. and Mrs. James Bassett Peter and Ellen Burger Mr. Douglas Cole and Mrs. Jane Iarussi Robert and Joanne Ives Frank and Joyce Lemay Stephen McMahon `68 and Grace Freije Mr. and Mrs. John McManus Kevin and Annette Miller Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Prescott

($5,000 - $9,999) Robert (Obie) and Jean Barker Jacques `81 and Kim Belanger Dr. R. Patrick and Susan Broadwater Joseph and Sheila Conley Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Dumais Mr. and Mrs. Stephen DeStefano Mr. and Mrs. Peter `80 Emanuel Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Emanuel `79 Peter `81 and Michelle Ewing The Farrelly Family Mr. and Mrs. Peter Foster Deborah Frawley Drake Jim and Patty Garrett Atty. and Mrs. Brandon Giuda Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gut Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Heckscher Douglas and Patricia Hicks Mr. Michael Lassonde Tom and Meg MacMullin Gary `73 and Cynthia Mayo Mr. Jim Miller and Dr. Mary-Lee Sole David `78, Annie, Robert and Jane Palisi Edward `73 and Michelle `74 Perry Greg and Cindee Roberts Howard Roever Joseph and Nancy Stehno Dr. and Mrs. David A. Stevenson Mrs. Charlene Terranova Nicholas and Linda `67 Toumpas Gregory and Lori Uliasz Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Vomacka Scott `76 and Claudia Walker Mr. and Mrs. George Weber

Artist rendition of renovated building.

Centurion Club ($3,000 - $4,999)

Anonymous Margaret Aubin Charles and Claire Burr Marie Carbonneau Mr. and Mrs. Jim Carew Steven and Jo-Ann David Dennis and Janet Finn John and Lorna Gagnon Mr. and Mrs. James Garvin Mr. and Mrs. David `83 Hill Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Holmes Douglas and Gisele Lambert Linda Landry `76 Mr. and Mrs. Laurence `69 Langlais Mr. and Mrs. James Marcou Mr. and Mrs. Alan Monaghan Mr. And Mrs. Richard Mueller Kevin and Sheryl O’Hurley Mr. and Mrs. James O’Keefe Steve and Maria Painchaud Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Parsons Beverly C. Soucy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas `66 Woods Jr.


(up to $2,999)

Mrs. Andrea Jalbert Thomas Kearney Mr. and Mrs. John Killion Mr. Richard Kleinschmidt and Ms. Emily Burr Stephen and Jeanne LaCouter Michael Lassonde `78 Richard and Denise `72 Lazott Ronald and Susan Leclerc Mrs. June Leeming Mr. and Mrs. Simon Leeming Mr. J. Mark Lennon and Ms. Mary Mead Ms. Patricia Lennon Mr. and Mrs. David Liberatore Richard and Erin Linnell Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Mango Nicole Martin `99 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Mason Mr. and Mrs. Michael McKay Mr. Peter Menard and Ms. Anne Burnett Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. John Moffatt Mr. and Mrs. William D. Molloy, Jr. Richard and Martha `68 Moloy Fr. Steven Montesanti/St. John the Evangelist Mr. and Mrs. Marc Noel Mr. and Mrs. William Norton Mr. and Mrs. Dave O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Eric O’Connell Gregory and Terry `64 Odell Kevin and Sheryl O’Hurley Garth Ouellette `93 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pacelli Michael and Louise Parenteau Barbara S. Payne Mr. and Mrs. Camille Pepin William Perry `72 and Mary Morency Mary Louise Poisson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Proulx Ms. Sheila Renaud-Finnegan

Mr. and Mrs. William Rice Anthony Roy `99 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ruedig Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Samuel David and Darlene Sargent Perry and Susie Seagroves Kevin and Elizabeth Sheehan Drs. John and Heidemarie Shurtleff Mr. Stephen Shurtleff `66 Mr. Timothy Shurtleff B. Douglas Spain `67 Mr. and Mrs. Dale Spaulding Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stratton Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Sullivan Mr. Tracey T. Sweeney and Mrs. Sandra Cyr-Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Thibodeau Cynthia (Perry) Tocci `67 and Family Mr. and Mrs. Michael Todd Elizabeth Tomai Thomas Tomai Mr. and Mrs. Stuart `72 Trachy Mr. and Mrs. Paul Urbanek David Walchak Daniel Walsh `05 Martin and Suzanne Walsh Michael Walsh `01 Mr. and Mrs. Geroge Weber Mr. Daniel Weed Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Wessels Mr. and Mrs. James `66 Whelan Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Winslow Jay and Molly `81 Young In Memory of Thomas and Rita Roberts

Undisclosed James and Donna Bittman

“The vision for Bishop Brady is clear and the support is tremendous!”

~ Principal Jean Barker

Bishop Brady High School

Anonymous Anonymous Gary and Lonna Abbott Mr. James Anderson `74 Dr. and Mrs. Jack Argue Michael and Colleen Barbarita Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Beaulieu Mary Begley Gerald and Jocelyn Bergeron John and Karen Billings Richard and Julie Billings Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bloomfield Mr. and Mrs. John Boisvert Steve and Susan Booth Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bouchard Mr. and Mrs. Roger Burridge

Joseph and Sarah Byron Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Caruana Peter and Paula Cheney William and Sue Christiansen Dr. and Mrs. William Clutterbuck Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cole Michael and Julie Connolly Gregory Cook `03 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Corey Lloyd (Chuck) and Karen Cornell Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Courtemanche Dom and Ann D’Ambruoso Michael and Joy `67 Degnan Peter and Lee Delfausse Mr. and Mrs. John Deris Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Donnellan Jack Donovan and Veronica Collins Blithe Reed Damour Steven and Pauline Drouin Roland and Gayle Ducharme Jeremy Duclos `94 Timothy and Deborah Dugal Andre and Claire Dusseault Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Eames Joseph and Maureen `87 Ebner Howard and Sally Everett Robert and Linda Fairbanks Mr. and Mrs. Joseph `73 Farrelly Jack and Carla Ferns Mr. and Mrs. William Ferns Mr. and Mrs. David Fineblit Timothy and Patricia Finn John and Janet Gola Mr. and Mrs. John F. Green Mr. Thomas Hardiman Mr. and Mrs. Tony Hartigan Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hattan Alan and Robin Hendrickx Kenneth and Amy Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Albert Holmes Doug and Kerry Hook Mr. and Mrs. Andre Hurtgen Deborah Jadczak Bruce and Peggy Jacobs


Where are they now? Brady Alumni and their Stories

Tyler Cole, Class of 2005, is a young man who probably isn’t aware of it yet, but he will definitely be going places after he graduates from Roger Williams University. I say this because it took Tyler some time to find that “something” that he really enjoys. But, when he decided on Construction Management, something seemed to click with Tyler. He told me he always wanted to find a career that would involve “working with his hands.”

Bishop Brady High School

He is taking courses in history, calculus, and writing, Auto-Cad and Construction Methods and Materials this year. Tyler says he’s especially enjoying the courses that are specific to his major such as the Auto-Cad and Construction Methods and Materials classes. And when I asked him if he felt that Brady had prepared him for college, he said that he felt it really did. “Because of my experience at Brady, it’s easy for me to understand what the professors are looking for from their students and so it’s easy to be successful,” he said. I believe what he means is having the academic structure and program we offer, he was able to feel prepared for the college level of academics.


Tyler’s mother has expressed that his transition from high school to college was easy. She believes that Tyler’s transition to college was a smooth one because he was prepared for studying and knew what to expect when it came to budgeting time for homework and studying. One of Brady’s strongest lacrosse players while in high school, Tyler found that the college level of the sport was much more intense than he would have enjoyed. To keep in shape and stay active, Tyler is spending time working out in the gym. And because Roger Williams University owns about two miles of oceanfront, Tyler enjoys time on the shore as well. He likes

the fact that there are several colleges in the area, and with Providence not far away, that is a popular weekend destination for college students. And of course there’s Newport which is also really close to Bristol. He enjoys seeing former Bishop Brady students around the area such as Jim Sanborn, Greg Garvin, Ashley Prescott, and Meg Mercier. When I asked Tyler to tell me what one of his most memorable moments at Brady was, he said that it had to be his senior year playing lacrosse. I’m pleased to hear that Tyler is enjoying a successful year at Roger Williams and that he has benefited from his education at Bishop Brady. Hearing this is true testimony to the dedicated faculty and all the hard work that these teachers put in to help guide our students to a successful future. “Keep up the good work, Tyler!” Many of you might remember Linda Ramsay, Class of 1967, as a bubbly and vivacious young lady from the first class to go straight through the newly established Bishop Brady High School. And it’s great to say that she’s still that same warm and friendly person! Those of us who are relatively new to the Brady community now know her as Linda Toumpas. Linda is our resident substitute teacher and the mother of Leah Toumpas, who will graduate this year as a member of the Class of 2006. Linda attended Plymouth State College for a year and a half and then returned to Concord. Most of her working career was with Chubb Life (previously United Life Insurance Company). She spent thirteen years there as a corporate meeting planner. Linda has also sold real estate in the Concord area.

Linda and her husband Nick adopted their daughter Leah from South Korea. From that point on, Linda knew what her new, full time career would be, a dedicated and loving mother to a beautiful new daughter! Linda has many hobbies, including quilting, knitting, refinishing furniture and other artistic pursuits. She loves to do home renovations. Linda has been involved in many, many volunteer efforts, such as planning the Snowflake Ball at the YMCA. Linda was also on the Board of Directors for the First Night NH Celebrations, she co-chaired the solicitation duties for the St. John’s Annual Auction for many years, and most recently was instrumental in the successful organization of Bishop Brady’s 40th Gala celebration in 2003. Linda fondly remembers her time at Bishop Brady. She and Joy Audet, (many of you might know her as Mrs. Degnan) shared homeroom together and became fast and forever friends. Linda was involved in drama, was in the All State cast her freshman year, and was a cheerleader her senior year. Her memories are filled with thoughts of good friends from her high school years. Linda is now involved with Bishop Brady in a couple of ways. She is a member of the Groundbreaking Committee for the new expansion and renovation project and is our resident decorator. Her primary focus, though, is that of our substitute teacher. She loves doing this. The students all know her as the substitute and have come to enjoy having her fill in for their classes. “It’s fun, Linda says, “and the kids are great!” I think the students think you’re great, too, Mrs. Toumpas!

Steve McMahon, Class of 1968, is the epitome of what we strive to accomplish with students after they graduate from Bishop Brady.

school basketball at Londonderry High School for another five years. He got back into coaching when his daughter Kimberly took an interest and he felt that he could be of some help. The bug bit again and he accepted the girls’ coaching position in Londonderry in 1996. Kim is presently an Admissions Director for the Latin School In Chicago. Steve’s first daughter, Shayna, is married and lives in Manchester with her husband and two children. Shayna is a practicing attorney, specializing in family law.

Steve went into coaching as a graduate assistant for Holy Cross for a year and then was Head Coach at Bishop Guertin High School for a year. Steven spent the next five years as an Assistant Coach at St. Anselm College and then two years as Head Coach of USC Bayreuth in a West Germany professional league.

When I asked Steve if there were any particular memorable moments while attending Bishop Brady that he’d like to share, he said he fondly remembers the nuns, Sr. DeLordes, Sr. Alfred, And Sr. Stella. And, of course, his days as a basketball player and the incredible influence that Frank Monahan had on him. Steve stated that “other than my parents, no one has had a greater impact on my life than Coach Monahan.

In 1981, Steve returned from Germany and entered the investment world as a Financial Advisor with Kidder, Peabody in Lowell, MA. In 1983, he changed firms and joined Prudential Securities in Manchester. Prudential Securities became Wachovia Securities in 2003. Steve continues to work and reside in Manchester. “My job is to work with clients in planning their finances with an emphasis on investments,” Steve said. “I thoroughly enjoy working with people and seeing them succeed.” Steve got back into his coaching career in 1993 with AAU basketball for six years and with high

And if that’s not enough for being successful and busy, Steve is also a twenty year board member of the Manchester Boys and Girls Club and is very involved with this wonderful organization. Steve is married to his second wife, Grace, who is a teacher at Bow High School. Steve and Grace enjoy the outdoors throughout the year: hiking, skiing, kayaking, fishing, and “whatever gets me out” says Steve. They are fortunate to have a lake house on Newfound Lake so that they can enjoy these outdoor interests year round at the lake.

Molly McKenna, Class of 1981 My parents had been looking for a lake house for a long time; a year ago last fall they found the perfect one. The house was secluded with only one neighboring house about 35 yards to the left. My parents were so excited to be there, but they were pretty anxious about what the people would be like in the closest house to them. Late last spring I went to visit my parents at the lake. They had just moved in and were enjoying their new piece of Heaven. I was there about five minutes when a beautiful golden retriever was standing on our deck, begging to come in.

My mom called the dog Jake by name and told him that she was out of treats. Not a second later a lady came up the path and was scolding the dog for begging for goodies. She saw me and proceeded to introduce herself to me; her name was Molly (McKenna) Young, and she was distantly related to my mother’s side of the family. Later that night my parents served cocktails on the deck and all of the Young family came to visit. Molly has three children: Meghan 15, Jackson 13, and James 9. Molly’s husband Jay is an engineer. They all live in Cornish, NH, and both parents are very involved in their children’s schools, charities, and athletic programs. All of her children are wonderful kids. They are always good for a laugh and like their mom and dad, would do anything for anybody. When I asked Molly about her days at Brady, she broke out in smile. It was clear to me when asking her to reminisce about Brady that she is proud to be a graduate of Bishop Brady. Many of the friends that she has today are those she met at Brady. Molly told stories about being on the field hockey and tennis teams. She talked about being a cheerleader, being class president her junior and senior years, and being on the National Honor society. It was awesome to hear how proud she is of her school and how much her experience at Brady still means to her. After Brady, Molly went to UNH and earned a BSW in Nursing. She also has a Master’s in Exercise Physiology. She met her husband Jay in an aerobics class she was instructing. She claims that she married him because he was the only student who was able to outlast her in class. by Lonna Abbott, Director of Admissions and Robbie Barker, Admissions Coordinator

Bishop Brady High School

Steve attended Merrimack College immediately after graduation on a basketball scholarship. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting in 1972. Steve played freshman basketball for one year and then played at the varsity level until he graduated. He was fortunate to have Coach Frank Monahan as his college coach during his junior and senior years. Coach Monahan was the coach, here at Brady, during Steve’s high school career as well. Steve was also lucky enough to be drafted for both the NBA (Cincinnati Royals) and the ABA (Pittsburgh Condors). He tried out for the Kansas City-Omaha Kings but was cut after a couple of weeks at camp. Steve played basketball for the first two years out of college for the Hartford Capitols in what was then known as the Eastern League.


BISHOP BRADY HIGH SCHOOL AT A GLANCE Founded: 1963 Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic

ENR O L L M EN T Student Body: 440 Geography: Students are from 57 cities and towns throughout New Hampshire FA C U LT Y Faculty numbers 29 full-time and 1 part-time. Student/Teacher Ratio: 14:1 C URRI C U L U M College preparatory including AP and Honors level programs. S A T S U M M AR Y (Class of 2005) BBHS Average Verbal 549 Top 10% Verbal 667 Top 25% Verbal 612

Math 543 Math 636 Math 599

AT H L E T I C S Nearly every student participates in one of the 20 varsity or JV athletics teams and/or is involved in extracurricular organizations and fine arts programs. ABOUT THE CLASS OF 2005 u 95% entered college programs. u 6 St. Pauls’s School Advanced Studies Program participants, (38 over the past 4 years). u 4 graduates recognized as AP “scholars.” u 1 NMSQT Commended students. u Over $1 million in financial aid offered to seniors from colleges and universities. u 70 hours of Community Service are required of each graduate. A total of 6,300 service hours provided to Concord and surrounding areas. u 21 graduates received NH High School Athletic/Academic Awards. u 2 National Merit Scholars.

Bishop Brady High School 25 Columbus Avenue, Concord, NH 03301-3199

MOVING ON AFTER BISHOP BRADY The following is a list of some of the colleges and universities chosen by Bishop Brady graduates over the past four years: Alfred University, Assumption College, Bates College, Bentley College, Berklee College of Music, Boston College, Boston University, Bowdoin College, Brandeis University, Bryant College, Castleton College, Catholic University of America, Clark University, Colby College, Colby Sawyer College, College of the Holy Cross, College of Mt. Saint Vincent, Columbia University, Connecticut College, Curry College, Dartmouth College, Elms College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Endicott College, Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida Institute of Technology, Fordham University, Fort Lewis College, George Washington University, Green Mountain College, Hartwick College, Harvard University, Hellenic College, Hofstra University, Husson College, Ithaca College, James Madison University, Johnson State College, Johnson & Wales University, Keene State College, Lehigh University, Manhattan College, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Merrimack College, Michigan State University, Mount Holyoke College, Amount ida College, Nazareth College, New England College, New England Culinary Institute, New Hampshire Institute of Art, New Hampshire Technical Institute, Newbury College, Nichols College, Northeastern University, Norwich University, Plymouth State University, Pratt Institute, Providence College, Quinipiac University, Regis College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rhode Island College, Rivier College, Rochester Institute of Technology, Roger Williams University, Sacramento City College, Sacred Heart University, St. Anselm College, St. Michael’s College, St. Johns University, St. Lawrence University, Salve Regina University, Southern New Hampshire University, State University of New York - Morrisville, State University of New York - Plattsburgh, Stonehill College, Suffolk University, Syracuse University, Thomas College, United States Coast Guard Academy, United States Military Academy, University of Central Florida, University of Colorado, University of Connecticut, University of Hartford, University of Maine - Orono, University of Miami, University of New England, University of New Hampshire, University of Notra Dame, University of Pennsylvania, University of South Carolina, University of Southern California, University of Vermont, University of Tampa, University of Vermont, Vassar College, Villanova University, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest University, Wesleyan University, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Wheaton College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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