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Bishop Vaughan Catholic School Ysgol Gatholig Esgob Vaughan Parents’ Newsletter July 2011

All houses are designing and producing a mural based on the lives of the house saints. The second to be completed is ‘Saint Brynach’. Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils from Brynach house worked extremely hard, with Art teacher Mr Thomas, to produce a colourful and exciting design in a stained glass style.

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011



Term begins Friday 2nd September

Begins Monday 24th October

Ends Friday 28th October

Term ends Thursday 22nd December

Spring 2012

Monday 9th January

Monday 13th February

Friday 17th February

Friday 30th March

Monday 16th April

Monday 4th June

Friday 8th June

Friday 20th July

Summer 2012

Dates for your Diary Last day of term is Wednesday 20th July 2011; school closes at 3.25 pm. Pupils in years 7, 10 & 12 return to school on Monday 5th September 2011. All other pupils return to school on Tuesday 6th September 2011.

Inset Days Friday 2nd September 2011 Friday 21st October 2011 Monday 25th June 2012

Thursday 20th October 2011 Friday 30th March

Year 6 Open Evening is being held on Thursday 13th October 7.00 - 9.30 Examination Results Examination results summer series will be available from the Main Hall on the following dates:A & AS Levels (VCE) Thursday 18th August (9:30 – 12:00) GCSE Thursday 25th August (9:30 – 12:00) See page 22 for further information of collecting examination results.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst the school understands the difficulties with holidays, we would remind you that breaks should not be booked without the Head approving the time off first. Please write requesting permission to the Headteacher and not Senior Tutor or Tutor. We would bring to your attention that School Inspectors have regularly pointed out that there is a clear link between absence and lack of academic progress!

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

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Message from the Headteacher Changes to Break, Lunch Period and Lesson Times Because of increasing numbers of students, we have become rather concerned recently about the crush in the canteens at lunch times and possible safety hazards. Our students are ordinarily well behaved but we think the quality of their lunch break and supervision could be helped by having separate times for students at Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) and Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11). Therefore from September 2011 new lesson and break times will operate as follows:


Act of Worship, Assembly or Tutorial






Break Time




Lunch break for Years 7, 8 and 9 & Lesson for Years 10 and 11


Lunch break for Years 10 and 11 & Lesson for Years 7, 8 and 9




End of Day

We would like to thank the members of the school council for their helpful suggestions on these matters. Parents and guardians are asked to note that there are no changes to the start and end times of the school day. There are no changes to the arrangements for the Sixth Form. Mr J Blackburn Headteacher

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

School Uniform Year 77-11 Pullover: Pullover

burgundy, v-necked with official school logo.

Tie: Tie

years 7-11 official school tie.

Socks: Socks

with trousers, dark-coloured or white with skirts, standard grey or white

Tights: Tights

should be flesh-coloured, medium grey or black, plain and seamless. NB socks or tights MUST be worn.

Blouse/Shirt: Blouse/Shirt

plain light blue, standard school style. Not denim or fashion.

NB During the summer term only light blue polo shirt with school logo, may be worn. Skirt: Skirt

mid-grey or black in material and standard design, standard knee length (knife or box pleat permitted).


dark grey or black and standard design NOT fashion or jeans. No denim, leather, flares, corduroy etc.

Shoes: Shoes

black, dark brown or dark grey with flat or low heels. Ankle boots may be worn in winter provided they conform to the above regulations. Trainers are not permitted. Felt/fabric shoes are not permitted. Heavy boots (military, Ugg etc.) are not permitted

Outer Garments: Garments

pupils may wear mackintoshes, coats, anoraks or cagoules. However, all outer garments, of whatever type, must be plain, dark and single coloured. Anoraks or cagoules must not be too long, too short, “bomber jackets”, denim type, hoodies, tracksuit tops or cardigans. A luminous reflective strip is permitted and parents/ guardians are strongly advised to consider this. No logos, writing, patterns of any description should be present. Denim is not allowed. Baseball caps are not permitted in any circumstances. There is no necessity for anorak hoods to be worn at school.

Jewellery: Jewellery

A single sleeper or a single stud of minimum size in the lobe. No other piercings are permitted. A medallion or chain may be worn if discreet. It must be removed for PE/Games. All other jewellery is forbidden. It should be noted that tattoos are not permitted.

MakeMake-up/Hair Dye:

Make-up is forbidden. If hair dye/highlights are used they should be a natural colour with no extreme contrasts (i.e. greens etc are not permitted), no ‘designs’ to be shaved into the hair. No ‘skin head’ type haircuts.

All items of clothing should be clearly marked with the pupil’s name.

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

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School Uniform Sixth Form Uniform The Sixth Form uniform is navy and white – two of our suppliers are:Bergoni, 1 Cambrian Court, Ferryboat Close, Enterprise Park Swansea, SA6 8QN – Tel: 01792 796880 J&S Products – 74 Tycoch Road, Swansea, SA2 9EQ – Tel: 01792 206658 Parents who have any doubts about what is acceptable should contact the school for guidance. Please do not rely on information obtained from elsewhere. Pullover: Pullover

navy, v-necked with official school logo.

Tie: Tie

Sixth Form official school tie

Shirt/Blouse Shirt Blouse: Blouse

plain white, standard school style (not fashion)

NB During the summer term only navy blue polo shirt with sixth form logo, may be worn. Skirt: Skirt

navy blue, knee length


navy blue, standard design. No denim, leather, flares, corduroy etc.

Socks: Socks

with trousers: dark coloured, or white with skirts: navy blue or white

Tights: Tights

plain, seamless, navy tights may be worn.

Shoes: Shoes

dark coloured with flat or low heels. Ankle boots may be worn in winter and sandals in the summer. Trainers are not permitted.


dark blue/black/grey – single coloured only.

Members of Sixth Form are expected to wear the uniform throughout the school day. It should be noted that tattoos and piercings of any kind are not permitted. If hair dye/ highlights are used they should be a natural colour with no extreme contrasts (i.e. greens etc are not permitted), no ‘designs’ to be shaved into the hair. No ‘skin head’ type haircuts. Baseball caps are not permitted in any circumstances. Any jewellery must be removed if in the judgement of any staff, instructors or technicians it constitutes a health and safety hazard, especially in laboratories, workshops and PE areas.

All items of clothing should be clearly marked with the pupil’s name.

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

Confirmation 2011 Congratulations to the pupils who were confirmed on 25th May 2011 at St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Jack Argyle Joseph Avo Lewis Chard-Latham Olivia Phoebe Collins Connor Daniel Matthew Grimsley Abagail Piontecki Bevan Calvin Palla James Thomas Jack Williams Jericho Uzzell

Alex Aspland Alicia Marie Cardone Ryan Cole James Cornell Mia A. Dempster Chloe Kavanagh Amy McQueen Olivia Thomas Megan Williams Jerome Uzzell

Youth Pentecost Vigil Bishop Vaughan Choir attended the Youth Pentecost Vigil at St Joseph’s Cathedral on the 4th of June, performing a number of moving pieces during the evening. Their performance was described as ‘outstanding’ and they were a genuine credit to our school.

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

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English Department We Are Writers We are very excited that the second Bishop Vaughan Book, which has a broad selection of writing from our talented pupils has now arrived. It is available to purchase for £6. Order forms are available from the English department. Special thanks to Imene Guemar for designing such a superb front cover. Step 1: Click on Children’s log in

A big thank you to our fantastic Spelling Bee team; Ailin George, Olivia Collins, Jessica Bunsoy and Sean Gaela, who had a great run competing in the local heats in Newport. We are looking forward to competing again next year. There is still plenty of spelling fun to be had on: Step 2: Enter the Password: bvss

UK Junior Mathematical Challenge Four crosses are to be placed in this 4 by 4 grid so that no two crosses go in the same row or column, or in any of the ten ‘diagonals’. The position of the first cross is given. Where must the cross go in the third column? D C X The solution can be found on page 18


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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

PE News National Schools Sports Week June 27th –July 1st To support National Schools Sports Week the PE classes took part in a number of skill challenges during curricular time. These included coordination tests and passing a rugby ball through the Bishop Vaughan mouth.(based on the Brian Moore Challenge). These activities proved extremely popular with both pupils and staff.

Health, Fitness and Well Being Days Monday July 11th and Tuesday July 12th To develop pupils understanding and experience of this topic a number of guest speakers were invited into school. They delivered a series of sessions to year 8 pupils based on healthy eating, mental well being, basic first aid and a practical fitness session (boxercise/circuit training). 5 x 60 These clubs continue to be well attended by pupils across the key stages. The activities on offer this term were badminton, basketball, street dance and surfing that took place at Caswell beach. These activities will continue next term along with the major team sports: hockey, netball, football and rugby. In addition to these clubs we have also been competing in the local cricket league and County rounders tournaments. A group of year 7 & 8 pupils took part in a junior triathlon on Tuesday July 5th at Penlan Leisure centre. Other activities were also organised during the day at the sports village. A mobile climbing wall will be visiting the school on Wednesday 20th July. Pupils will be able to try out their climbing skills during lesson times and during break and lunchtime.

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

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Year 7 “World Cup” Football Tournament On Tuesday 28th June, 2011, Bishop Vaughan’s Year 12 Public Service class organised a Year 7 Football tournament. There were 140 boys and girls who took part, representing 24 countries and competed for the yearly cup. The £200 raised, will go to the Hill House Children’s Therapy Centre, which is Swansea City Football Club’s chosen charity for the 2010/11 season. The centre is an invaluable asset to the community and we are pleased to be able to support them this year. A huge thank you to all Year 7 footballers and spectators who were so enthusiastic and made the event such a success. A big thank you should also go to the many year 12/13 volunteer referees and linesmen, who gave up so much of their valuable time to take part in this event. Congratulations to the following teams who were crowned the winners of the event. GREECE Non House, 7.2 (GIRLS)

Courtney Reynolds Shona Walsh Marina Buckley Chloe Sargeant Kelly-Anne Phipps

TURKEY Cadog House, 7.5 (BOYS)

Osaze Aghedo Scott Coughlan Fahad Haroon Calvin Palla Dion Peter Kewin Dtugosz Kurtis Rees

These students will receive their medals in the next few weeks.

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

Music Festival 2011

This year’s first ever Music Festival took place on the 5th May. It was an opportunity for our pupils to perform pieces which reflect individual tastes and talents. As such we have an array of bands, instrumentalists, singers and a little dance thrown in for good measure! It was an extremely well attended event enjoyed by pupils, parents and staff.

We are already busy planning next years Music Festival and look forward to seeing you all there!

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

Congratulations to Beth in Year 10 Welsh Champions On the 7th of May 2011, my team and I took part in the Welsh finals for St. John Ambulance in the Novice first aid competition after winning the County and regional rounds previously. The first aid competition consisted of four teams that competed to treat simulated casualties in real life situations. Going into the competition, we were faced with sitting outside until being called. When called, the judge gave us our scenario and we were sent in. Armed with first aid kits and six months’ worth of training, we entered the room cautiously as time started. As captain, it was my job to delegate duties to my two team mates. Our casualties were suffering from an asthma attack with shock and burns, a casualty with a bleed and dislocated arm and two bystanders (to make it more realistic). We got out our kits and started to treat our casualties. Eight minutes went by and time was up. We had completed all we thought was necessary and we were nervously hopeful. We then had the longest wait ever for the results! During the presentation they announced each team’s points and we were clear winners by 20 points. We were awarded Welsh Novice First Aid champions! We are now training for our next first aid competition to be held in October, but this time we will be competing in the Senior category so watch this space!

CIEH Certificate Awarded Bishop Vaughan has been awarded a certificate from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health for excellent hygiene, food standards and good practice in our Home Economics department

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

ESDGC News st

.Climate Week Challenge 21 March 2011 To mark Climate Week 40 pupils from Y7-11 were given the chance to spend a day working in teams to develop an environmental project. The pupils were selected by subject teachers and the event provided an opportunity to stretch some of our more able pupils. ICT and communication skills played key roles in each team’s efforts to complete and present their project. Year 12 and 13 students volunteered on a rota basis to work with the younger pupils, proving to be excellent role models. At the end of a very challenging day, pupils judged each other’s project according to a given set of criteria and selected one KS3 and one KS4 project to go forward to the national competition.

Green Flag Progress The Eco Schools judges will visit Bishop Vaughan once again in June. Pupils of the Eco Club have carried out a range of surveys on Healthy Eating, Litter, Wildlife in the School Grounds, etc and through a series of assemblies and campaigns have been able to show improvements around the school. Sadly, recycling remains an issue but with continued advice to cleaning staff and constant battles with the collection services we strive to improve the situation. In all there is a wealth of evidence to show that Bishop Vaughan is a Global school in our deeds and actions and we hope that the Eco Schools Wales judges will be suitably impressed.

GCSE Geography Fieldwork In April, all Year 10 Geography students carried out a successful investigation of the River Ilston on the Gower peninsula to test changes of the river’s bedload size and angularity between its source on Fairwood Common and its mouth at Three Cliffs Bay. The data gathered will now be used to complete their controlled assessment in class. We were fortunate to have glorious weather and pupils thoroughly enjoyed putting the theory learned in class into practise.

Part of the group overlooking the meanders on the River Ilston.

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

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Departmental Art competitions, based around life in the ancient world and the Greek and Roman myths, continue to produce some excellent work! There were so many excellent models and paintings for last term’s competition, in fact, that we couldn’t include all of the photos in our Spring newsletter! The entries below came from pupils in 8.7 and 8.3; winners of the summer term competition will be announced in the next newsletter.

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

AS Level Geography Fieldwork Between March 28th and April 1st, Year 12 geography students took part in a residential field-week in the Snowdonia National Park where they investigated the rural settlements around Bala Lake, retailing in Wrexham, the hydrology of the River Lliw, and the effects of climate change on the National Park. We were extremely fortunate to have good weather throughout the week and highlights (apart from the studying) included football and rugby matches in the sports hall, a ten-pin bowling competition (won by Mr Jenkins), evening film shows, water polo in the centre’s pool and a morning spent Kayaking on Wales’ largest freshwater lake. Both pupils and staff had a fantastically rewarding time and greatly appreciate being allowed the opportunity to participate.

Top: Group at Cwm Ogwen. Middle Left: Left Plas Tan-y-Bwlch. Middle Right: Right River study. Bottom: Bottom Sketching evidence of climate change.

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

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Cycling Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela A buzz of excitement is now building steadily as our departure date (July 12th) approaches. All prospective pilgrims have been taking part in increasingly arduous training rides, including a 100+ mile ride/camp in 48 hours. Final checks, particularly of the bicycles, are now underway and an advance party of 3 staff will depart by minibus from Swansea on July 10th transporting all the equipment to our start point at Saint Jean Pied de Port on the French side of the Pyrenees. The 850km ride will begin in earnest early on the morning of July 13th and we aim to arrive in Santiago de Compostela on July 23rd in time for the Feast of Saint James (July 24th). We would very much appreciate your prayers for a safe journey and a report of our adventure will be printed in the next newsletter.

A photograph of the pilgrims taken near the summit of the Black Mountain during the 48 hour training ride.

Staff Talent Show On Tuesday 28th Bishop Vaughan staff performed in a talent show for pupils, to raise money for Ty Olwen and the Christian Lewis Trust. Acts included the Science Department performing ‘YMCA’, the Teaching Assistants dancing to a ‘Grease’ medley and Mr Scourfield singing Pink’s ‘Less than Perfect’. Thank you to all who took part and came to watch. A total of £200 was raised to be split between the two charities.

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

Sixth Form News

The summer term has been a very busy one for Sixth Formers, and not just because of their examinations! Preparation for University applications, revision workshops and extra-curricular activities have ensured that they have had no spare time; there’s no doubt that they’ll need the long summer holiday to recuperate!


UCAS Convention

Year 12 pupils attended a UCAS Convention at University of Wales, Carmarthen. This event brings together Admissions Tutors from a wide range of universities nationally, and students found the opportunity to speak with these staff very helpful in allowing them to narrow their choices from the three hundred or so available to them!

Classics Workshop Sixth Form Classics students from Years 12 and 13 attended a revision day in Swansea University’s Classics Department. The workshops, tailor-made for our students according to their course modules, included lectures from Professor John Morgan on Homer’s Odyssey, Professor Ceri Davies speaking on Virgil’s Aeneid and Dr. Ian Repath, who lectured on the Greek tragedies. The day included a tour of the university and its facilities.


Oxford University Video-Conference

In May, prospective medics in Year 12 participated in a video-conference lecture with Bedford School and Oxford University Medical School. The talk, delivered by Dr. Robert Wilkins, gave students experience of a typical lecture for an undergraduate medical student. French students also participated in a similar activity with lecturers from Oxford’s Modern Languages Department. Both activities were informative, entertaining and excellent preparation for University education!


University Applications

Pupils began the UCAS applications in June. Various Admissions Tutors offered guidance on these in a series of weekly talks, and students are reminded that applications should be completed by September, if they have not already done so.

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

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More Sixth Form News ...


Futures Day

A day at Glamorgan University, experiencing lectures and touring the facilities, provided pupils with further insights into their chosen degree subjects. The visits and talks throughout Sixth Form education are definitely needed: did you know that there are more than 50, 000 courses available at British universities?

Sixth Form Summer Prom The current Year 13 students celebrated the end of their A Level examinations at Sketty Hall on June 29th. Their elegant attire, a beautiful setting and celebratory fireworks all contributed to making this a very special evening. We wish them all every success and happiness as they embark on their next steps.

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

Examination Results If you gave a stamped addressed envelope to the office before the end of your Exams, your results will be posted on your behalf. If you cannot collect the results in person you can ask an adult member of your family to collect your results on your behalf. If you do this they must bring with them a signed letter from you authorising them to collect your results. Unfortunately, we cannot give out results over the phone. CERTIFICATES Certificates gained during these examinations will be available for collection in December 2011. It is important that you collect your certificates as they will be returned to the examination board after 12 months

Cycling to School To All Parents and Guardians A small but increasing number of pupils are making their way to and from school by bicycle. While the school supports this as a healthy and environmentally friendly form of travel there are some concerns in relation to health and safety. • • • •

All those riding to school should wear a helmet. All those riding to school should wear some high visibility clothing. Bikes should be checked regularly for roadworthiness, particularly the brakes. In winter or when it is dark, bikes should be fitted with lights.

In addition pupils must remember that they are not to cycle on the school premises. If you have any questions in relation to these matters or would like some advice, do please contact the school. Mr J Blackburn Headteacher

Pupil Information If any details have changed, please write or email into the school office so that our records may be updated. This includes any change to address, contact telephone numbers (especially mobile telephone and emergency contacts), place of work, doctor, or any new medical conditions of which we should be aware.

Could you please pass onto the school any relevant email address that we could use to contact you. Maths Challenge solution The cross in the second column must go into Y as the lower three places are diagonally or horizontally covered by X. The only Y square in the third column not covered by either X or Y is A.



Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

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Bus Passes Could both parents and pupils be aware that the children should carry their bus pass with them at all times. Pupils could be asked at any time whilst travelling on a school bus, to produce their bus pass as evidence that they are allocated a seat. If pupils have misplaced their bus pass please contact the school office who will organise a replacement. Also pupils are not allowed to travel on any other bus other than the one that is printed on their bus pass. On several occasions lately pupils have tried to travel on different buses, e.g. to go over to a friend’s place after school. This is not allowed and the drivers have the right to refuse entry to pupils who are not allocated to their bus. It is parents’ responsibility to collect their children and take them to alternative venues after school.

Parking Outside Bishop Vaughan A letter has been received from the School Community Police Officer asking us to pass on the concerns of local residents in relation to parking and vehicles causing obstructions outside the school from 3 o’clock every afternoon. Police Officers will be patrolling regularly outside the school to take positive action regarding any vehicles which are parked in contravention of road traffic legislation.

Mobile Telephones If pupils have mobile phones they should note that they are not to be switched on or in use inside the school. This includes the buildings, playground and playing field areas, before, during and after the school day. Mobile phones are to be kept out of sight, either on the person or in the school bag. The school can take no responsibility for any loss or theft of mobile phones. Parents and guardians are asked not to contact their children by phone or text during the school day. If an emergency message needs to be conveyed the school office will take the call and pass the message on. Similarly if a pupil needs to make an emergency call home he or she just needs to approach the office. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the phone being confiscated and kept in the school office for collection by a responsible adult.

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter July 2011

PLEASE NOTE! School Website The school website can be found at:

Paying for trips Remember, if your child is paying for a school trip, the House is open from 8.30am until registration and at morning break and lunch times. All cheques should be made payable to ‘Bishop Vaughan Catholic School’ and the pupil’s name, tutorial and trip should be clearly written on the reverse. Thank you.

Lost Property We still have a number of items in lost property - which is now located in the main office. None of the articles are labelled and cannot, therefore, be returned to their owner. If your child has lost any item, please tell them to come and check with Ms Hancock in the main office. After a period of time items not claimed will be given to a charity shop as there is no room to store them. Lost property is available for checking at break and lunch-time. PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS OF SCHOOL UNIFORM SO THAT THEY CAN BE EASILY RETURNED IF HANDED IN TO LOST PROPERTY. Please can all parents and guardians be aware that the school cannot supervise pupils arriving before 8.40 am.

Bishop Vaughan Catholic School Mynydd Garnllwyd Road Morriston, Swansea SA6 7QG Phone: 01792 772006 Fax: 01792 790565 E-mail:

Parents' Newsletter July 2011  

Parents' Newsletter July 2011