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Bishop Vaughan Catholic School Ysgol Gatholig Esgob Vaughan Parents’ Newsletter April 2011 Cylchlythyr Rhieni Ebrill 2011

All houses are designing and producing a mural based on the lives of the house saints. The first to be completed is ‘Saint Mabyn’. Year 7 and 8 pupils from Mabyn house worked extremely hard, with Art teacher Mr Thomas, to produce a colourful and exciting design in a stained glass style.

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011



Spring 2011

Term begins Wednesday 1st September

Begins Monday 25th October

Ends Friday th 29 October

Term ends Friday th 17 December

Tuesday 4 January

Monday 21 February

Friday 25 February

Friday 15th April

Tuesday 3rd May

Monday 30th May

Friday 3rd June

Wednesday 20th July

Summer 2011




Dates for your Diary Last day of term is Thursday 14th April 2011; school closes at 3.25 pm. Friday 15th April 2011 is an Inset Day. Pupils return to school on Tuesday 3rd May 2011 - week two on the timetable. For the Royal Wedding in April 2011, schools have been granted an extra day’s holiday on the last day of the summer term, Thursday, 21st July, 2011. Schools will finish for the summer on Wednesday, 20th July, 2011.

Inset Days Friday 15th April 2011 and Monday 27th June 2011.

Advance notice of Examination Dates 2011 School exams for Years 7-10: Monday 16th May to Friday 27th May 2011. The main external exam period begins on Monday 9th May 2011 and will continue to the end of June. Please be aware, however, that some examinations, especially orals and practical examinations are normally held before this date. PLEASE NOTE: Whilst the school understands the difficulties with holidays, we would remind you that breaks should not be booked without the Head approving the time off first. Please write requesting permission to the Headteacher and not Senior Tutor or Tutor. We would bring to your attention that School Inspectors have regularly pointed out that there is a clear link between absence and lack of academic progress!

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

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Easter Services Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter are the central focus of the Church’s year. The liturgical rites for each of the days are an essential support to understanding the Christian message. We urge everyone to attend their Parish church for the three occasions. Times of the services in the different parishes are printed below. Blessed Sacrament (Father Fewell) Holy Thursday 8.00pm Good Friday 3.00pm 7.00pm Stations of the Cross Holy Saturday 9.00pm Easter Vigil Easter Sunday 10.00am Mass

Our Lady of Lourdes (Father Thadathil) Holy Thursday 6.00pm Good Friday 10.00am Stations of the Cross 3.00pm Good Friday Service Holy Saturday 8.00pm Easter Vigil Easter Sunday 11.00am Mass

Sacred Heart Morriston (Father Jones) Holy Thursday 7.30pm Good Friday 3.00pm 7.30pm Stations of the Cross Holy Saturday 9.30am Morning Prayer 8.30pm Easter Vigil Easter Sunday 9.30am/11.00am/6.30pm Mass

St. Benedict’s Sketty (Father Evans) Holy Thursday 7.00pm Good Friday 3.00pm 7.00pm Stations of the Cross Holy Saturday 9.00pm Easter Vigil Easter Sunday 8.30am/11.00am Mass

Our Lady Star of the Sea (Rt Rev Mgr Canon Kinrade) Holy Thursday 7.00pm Good Friday 10.30am Walk of Witness 3.00pm The Celebration of the Lord’s Passion Holy Saturday 8.30pm Easter Vigil Easter Sunday 8.30 am/10.00am Mass

Sacred Heart Ystradgynlais (Father Teyrnon) Holy Thursday 7.00pm Good Friday 3.00pm 6.30 Stations of the Cross Holy Saturday 8.00pm Easter Vigil Easter Sunday 11.30am Mass

St. Benedict’s Clydach (Father Teyrnon) Holy Thursday 7.00pm Good Friday 3.00pm 6.30 Stations of the Cross Holy Saturday 8.00pm Easter Vigil Easter Sunday 10.00am Children’s Mass

Holy Cross (Father Thadathil) Holy Thursday 7.00pm Good Friday 10.30 am Stations of the Cross for children 3.00pm Holy Saturday 8.00pm Easter Vigil Easter Sunday 10.30am Mass

St. David‘s (Canon Flook) Holy Thursday 7.00pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper Good Friday 2.30pm Celebration of the Passion Holy Saturday 9.00pm Easter Vigil Easter Sunday 10.00am/6.00pm Mass St. Illtyd’s (Father Thadathil) Holy Thursday 7.30pm Good Friday 3.00pm 7.00 pm Stations of the Cross Holy Saturday 8.00pm Easter Vigil Easter Sunday 9.30am Mass

St. Peter’s (Father Thadathil) Easter Sunday 9.00am Mass

Cathedral Church of St. Joseph (Father Burke) Wednesday 11.30am Chrism Mass Holy Thursday 7.00pm Good Friday 3.00pm Good Friday Service 7.00pm Stations of the Cross Holy Saturday 8.30pm Easter Vigil Easter Sunday 8.00am/10.00am Mass

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

Message from the Headteacher Changes to Break, Lunch Period and Lesson Times Because of increasing numbers of students, we have become rather concerned recently about the crush in the canteens at lunch times and possible safety hazards. Our students are ordinarily well behaved but we think the quality of their lunch break and supervision could be helped by having separate times for students at Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) and Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11). Therefore from September 2011 new lesson and break times will operate as follows:


Act of Worship, Assembly or Tutorial






Break Time




Lunch break for Years 7, 8 and 9 & Lesson for Years 10 and 11


Lunch break for Years 10 and 11 & Lesson for Years 7, 8 and 9




End of Day

We would like to thank the members of the school council for their helpful suggestions on these matters. Parents and guardians are asked to note that there are no changes to the start and end times of the school day. There are no changes to the arrangements for the Sixth Form. Mr J Blackburn Headteacher

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

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School Uniform To All Parents and Guardians Please note that during the summer term only, students are permitted to wear the school uniform polo shirt instead of shirt/blouse and tie. There is no requirement to change to the polo shirt, it is an option if you so choose. Please note if the weather is chilly and a pullover/jumper is needed this must be the standard school uniform or pullover/jumper worn over the polo shirt if necessary. No other variations are permitted and students incorrectly attired will not join their class for lessons. A noticeable minority of pupils are wearing jumpers which are not of the required uniform colour of maroon. The jumpers are several shades lighter than what has been the standard in the school for many years. It seems as if there is a supplier passing off these jumpers as meeting Bishop Vaughan requirements when in fact they do not. Parents/guardians are being misled. I am well aware how expensive these items are, and there is no suggestion that they should be replaced or not worn. However, when the time comes for natural replacement, through wear and tear or loss, I ask, please, that the correct colour is purchased. Two suppliers who sell the proper version are: Bergoni 1 Cambrian Court Ferryboat Close Enterprise Park Swansea SA6 8QN Tel: 01792 796880

J & S Products 74 Tycoch Road Swansea SA2 9EQ Tel: 01792 206658

Please could parents/guardians of students also note that felt/fabric shoes, even if black in colour, are not considered suitable footwear for school. Please adhere to the footwear requirements as stipulated in the uniform dress code, a copy of which follows. Can I also underline that our school dress code does not permit hair colouring other than in natural colours (i.e. no green/blue for example). Parents/guardians and students are respectfully reminded that if you choose to come to Bishop Vaughan School it is important you follow the requirements in respect of school dress and appearance. High standards in these areas support the school’s high reputation. Students failing to meet this expectation, without good reason, cannot expect to be allowed into their class for lessons. Repeated failure to cooperate, quickly becomes defiance of school authority and there is the likelihood of serious sanctions. The school is most grateful to the vast majority of parents/guardians and students who cooperate and support us in these matters. Mr J Blackburn Headteacher

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

School Uniform Years 77-11 Pullover: Pullover

burgundy, v-necked with official school logo

Tie: Tie

years 7-11 official school tie in appropriate house colours. To be purchased from school at a cost of £7.00

Socks: Socks

with trousers, dark-coloured or white with skirts, standard grey or white

Tights: Tights

should be flesh-coloured or medium grey, plain and seamless NB socks or tights MUST be worn

Blouse/Shirt: Blouse/Shirt

plain light blue, standard school style. Not denim or fashion

NB During the summer term only a light blue polo shirt with school logo, may be worn. Skirt: Skirt

mid-grey in material and standard design, standard knee length (knife or box pleat permitted)


dark grey or black and standard design NOT fashion or jeans. No denim, leather, flares, corduroy etc

Shoes: Shoes

black, dark brown or dark grey with flat or low heels. Ankle boots may be worn in winter, provided they conform to the above regulations Trainers are not permitted. Felt/fabric shoes in any colour are not permitted

Outer Garments: Garments

pupils may wear mackintoshes, coats, anoraks or cagoules. However, all outer garments, of whatever type, must be plain, dark and single coloured. Anoraks or cagoules must not be too long, too short, “bomber jackets” or denim type.

A luminous reflective strip is permitted and parents/ guardians are strongly advised to consider this. No logos, writing, patterns of any description should be present. Denim is not allowed. Baseball caps are not permitted in any circumstances. There is no necessity for anorak hoods to be worn at school. Jewellery: Jewellery

A single sleeper or a single stud of minimum size in the lobe. No other piercings are permitted. A medallion or chain may be worn if discreet. It must be removed for PE/Games. All other jewellery is forbidden.

MakeMake-up/Hair Dye: Make-up is forbidden as are visible tattoos and piercings of any kind. If hair dye/highlights are used they should be a natural colour with no extreme contrasts. No designs to be shaved in the hair. No ‘skinhead’ type haircuts. All items of clothing should be clearly marked with the pupil’s name.

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

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School Uniform Sixth Form Uniform Pullover: Pullover

navy, v-necked with official school logo

Tie: Tie

sixth form official school tie

Shirt/Blouse Shirt Blouse: Blouse

plain white, standard school style (not fashion)

Skirt: Skirt

navy blue, knee length


navy blue, standard design. No denim, leather, flares, corduroy etc.

Socks: Socks

with trousers: dark coloured, or white; with skirts: navy blue or white

Tights: Tights

plain, seamless, navy tights may be worn

Shoes: Shoes

dark coloured with flat or low heels. Ankle boots may be worn in winter and sandals in the summer. Trainers are not permitted.


dark blue/black/grey – single coloured only

No logos, writing, patterns of any description should be present. Denim is not allowed. Baseball caps are not permitted in any circumstances. There is no necessity for anorak hoods to be worn at school. Jewellery: Jewellery

A single sleeper or a single stud of minimum size in the lobe. No other piercings are permitted. A medallion or chain may be worn if discreet. It must be removed for PE/Games. All other jewellery is forbidden.

MakeMake-up/Hair Dye:

Make-up is forbidden as are visible tattoos and piercings of any kind. If hair dye/highlights are used they should be a natural colour with no extreme contrasts. No designs to be shaved in the hair. No ‘skinhead’ type haircuts.

All items of clothing should be clearly marked with the pupil’s name.

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

External Examinations GUIDANCE TO CANDIDATES Outside each examination room will be a copy of the regulations which have been agreed by all the examination boards. This sheet gives you further guidance to help you through your examinations so that you are quite clear as to what is expected of you. Make sure you read both documents carefully and if there is anything you are unsure about, please ask. Some important points:points:• Follow your personal examination timetable closely. Keep it in a safe place. • Make sure you know your personal candidate number. It is shown as ‘Exam Number’ on your timetable. • Morning examinations start at 9.00 and afternoon examinations start at 13.00 (1.00 p.m.) unless otherwise indicated. • Aim to arrive at the examination room at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. If you are late it will cause you unnecessary anxiety, and if you are very late you may not be allowed in. • You are expected to attend examinations in correct school uniform. You will not be allowed into the examination room if you are not correctly dressed. • If you attend with unsatisfactory uniform, entry in to the examination will only be allowed after your parents have been contacted and asked to deliver the correct uniform to the school. • Wait outside the examination room until you are called in. Remember to visit the toilet – you could have a long desperate wait otherwise! • Bags and coats must be left at the back of the exam room. You will be allowed to take in only what you need. need • Pencil cases are not allowed unless they are clear. Pencil tins, boxes and ‘solid colour’ cases are not acceptable. A clear plastic ‘sandwich-type’ bag is just as good as a clear pencil case. • Make sure you have the appropriate equipment for each exam – pen (plus spare), pencil, rubber, ruler, sharpener are essential. For certain exams e.g. Geography, Science, and Maths you may need to add compass, protractor, calculator, coloured pencils to your list. Check with your teacher. You will not be allowed to borrow any equipment during the exam. • As soon as you enter the examination room you must not communicate in any way with anyone other than an invigilator (supervisor) until you leave the room after the exam. • If you become unwell during the examination, raise your hand and inform an invigilator. If you have a specific medical condition, e.g. diabetes, make sure you bring the appropriate drink and snack which should be placed on the floor alongside your desk. • You must remain in the examination room for the time allocated to the paper. If you have any time remaining use it wisely to check your work – you will not have another opportunity, and a correction made may result in a better final grade.

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

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External Examinations •

• •

If you are too ill to come to school you must let the school know by telephone at the earliest opportunity. You must also obtain a medical note from your doctor and send it to Mr. Brown as soon as possible. It may then be possible to apply to the examination board for special consideration so that you are awarded a grade. If there are particular circumstances such as recent illness or you are suffering from distress for a particular reason, and you feel it has affected your performance in an examination, inform Mr. Brown and bring a letter from home. You may be entitled to special arrangements in your examinations such as extra time or help with reading. You will be informed of these arrangements before the examinations affected. Mobile phones, i pods or MP 3/4 players are not allowed in the exam room. room If you have an examination clash you must report to the main hall at 8.40 on the day of the clash.

What about results? Examination results summer series will be available from the Main Hall on the following dates:A & AS Levels (VCE) GCSE

Thursday 18th August (9:30 – 12:00) Thursday 25th August (9:30 – 12:00)

If you cannot collect the results in person you can Either (i) Give a stamped addressed envelope to the office before the end of your exams, and your results will be posted on your behalf. Or (ii) Ask an adult member of your family to collect your results on your behalf. If you do this they must bring with them a signed letter from you authorising them to collect your results. Unfortunately, we cannot give out results over the phone. CERTIFICATES Certificates gained during these examinations will be available for collection in December 2011. It is important that you collect your certificates as they will be returned to the examination board after 12 months

Finally, plan your examination preparation carefully and thoroughly, but most of all GOOD LUCK!

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

Celebrating RE 23rd March 2011 ‘The RE Council of England and Wales is proud to shine a spotlight on religious education, and the breadth and depth of learning which it provides.’ Celebrating RE Newsletter March 2011 Bishop Vaughan Catholic School became the Venue for the Swansea ‘Celebrating RE’ event on the 23rd March 2011 with Kevin Johns as the Master of Ceremonies. Primary and Secondary Schools from the County joined together to perform a variety of acts including dance, poetry, song and reflection. PGCE students attended the event and brought along pupils’ work which we used for display alongside of the work provided by Bishop Vaughan pupils. It was a very enjoyable evening and we look forward to working alongside of County Schools in the future.

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

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English Department

World Book Day World Book Day took place on the 3rd of March and pupils were involved in various reading and writing activities. Pupils also received national book tokens which entitled them to a free special £1 book or £1 off a book of their choice. Thank you to all those who made the special effort to purchase the books, some of which we are now reading in class. Reading is one of the best ways to develop literacy skills, which benefits pupils in all subject areas and of course they actually enjoy it once they get going! If you have a son or daughter who is a reluctant reader the best thing to do is to start small- five minutes reading a night can make a real difference! Our school library has a fantastic variety of books and there is always someone there to advise you on the right choice. You may find these websites informative and helpful:

We Are Writers We are very excited about our second Bishop Vaughan Book, which has a broad selection of writing from our talented pupils. It will be available to purchase in the summer term for £6. Order forms will be sent to parents/guardians whose children have contributed. There is still a little time to get your work published; if you wish to do so please log onto Step 1: Click on Children’s log in Step 2: Enter the Password: bvss

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

English Department

Best of luck to our fantastic Spelling Bee team; Ailin George, Olivia Collins, Jessica Bunsoy and Sean Gaela, who are competing in the local heats in Newport. They have been preparing with great diligence with Ms Neucker so are sure to do well! There is still plenty of spelling fun to be had on:

Eisteddfod Competitions Well done to everyone who participated in the English Competitions. The standard of work was very high and winning entries were displayed in The Main Hall. Year 7 pupils participated by giving poetry recitals in the on stage competitions. The overall winners were 7.8 Kyle Matthews, Sam Marmont, and James Lowery for Mabyn House, with an entertaining rendition of The Women of Fishguard. Year 8 Myths and Legends story writing


8q2 Emily Davis

How Swansea’s name came to be



8p1 Rhys ThomasBurgess

The Dragon Slayers



8p3 Tiegan Parr

Snail, Daffodil, Dragon.



9p1 Jack Brenton

New Welsh Theme Park



9q2 Bernadette Boniol

Experience True Wales



9p3 Casandra Tabulong

Welsh Wonderland



9p2 Adithya George

Welsh Zoo


Year 9 Create a new Welsh Product

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

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Carnegie Book Awards The national awards take place each year to determine the best piece of children’s fiction. A group of year 9 pupils will be taking part in the Carnegie Books Awards shadowing a project in which they will be reading the books on the short list and then writing reviews which can be seen on their own blog on the Carnegie website. If you would like to read some of pupils’ comments, they can be found at:

Music Festival 2011 This spring students will have the opportunity to participate in a Music Festival, designed to showcase the best musical talents within the school which will include orchestral, instrumental and vocal items. The Music Festival will take place on the 5th of May at 7pm in the Main Hall. This is an exciting opportunity which we hope will be well supported. For further information including tickets please see Miss Smith.

Young Sports Ambassadors Congratulations to Nia and Scott in being selected as Young Sports Ambassadors. They are both health and sports enthusiasts and they have been selected to help inspire young people to participate in sport and to act as role models. They will be assisting the PE department with various sporting initiatives as well as meeting with Sports Ambassadors from other local schools.

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

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MFL News Bishop Vaughan Catholic School is linking with

Bishop Vaughan Catholic School in Swansea is linking with British Airways from September 2010. Pupils from year 9 will have the opportunity to learn languages for real purposes by following a Language Flag Award Scheme. The scheme aims to encourage young people to continue language learning and increase the uptake at KS4. This connection aims also to promote a link among classroom language learning and the working world: the real world! The Language Flag Award Scheme will make a significant contribution to KS3 studies and will set pupils apart from other people when it comes to job applications. Successful pupils will indeed be rewarded with a British Airways Certificate which states their name and the date of the exam. The scheme will also be a great preparation for GCSE but mainly this course will be the opportunity to show students how languages are essential to our cosmopolitan society, to business and highlight the lack of language speakers within the UK. We now live in a multilingual society where our pupils will compete against applicants from other countries, so depending on only English is just not good enough! Ludovic Boucher-Hamon

UK Junior Mathematical Challenge Five dings and five dongs are worth the same as two dongs and eleven dings. How many dings is a dong worth? A




The solution can be found on page 31





can’t be sure

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

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Ski Trip 2011 The 2011 Bishop Vaughan Ski Trip took place from February 18th to Saturday 26th 2011. Pupils from years 8, 9 and 10 left the school in the afternoon, dressed in this years ski hoodies, navy in colour, to begin our very long journey by coach to Austria. Everyone was really excited and looking forward to their winter holiday. We arrived in Oberlungau in the early evening of Saturday, extremely tired but excited to see the snow covered mountains. Our hotel was typically Austrian and situated in the beautiful walled town of Gmund. We all enjoyed having a proper meal and a chance to relax. The food was delicious. The hotel itself was several hundred years old and there was an air of history to the whole building. The next morning was really busy as we had to collect all our boots and skis and make our way to the slopes for 9am. The Sunday was our first day of skiing and we were blessed with perfect conditions. It was however very cold and we were all grateful for our thermals! In the next few days we had some snow, and later in the week there were blue skies and sunshine. We had four groups. One advanced and three beginner groups. The intermediate group had the top instructor, Corina and were soon zipping down every possible run in Oberlungau. The first couple of days were the hardest for the beginners. However, by the end of day three most pupils were smiling and laughing at how well they were doing. In the beginner groups there was a good sense of team spirit with everyone encouraging each other when people fell over. Whilst in the intermediate group it was survival of the fittest! Their days comprised of fast skiing and lots of adventures. The skiing highlight of the week was on the fifth day when there was a slalom ski race for all the groups. It was a chance for pupils to demonstrate the skills they had acquired or improved in the course of the week. The gold medallists who finished in the fastest time in their group were: Intermediate: Rhys Bevan Beginner 2: Ben Morgan

Beginner 1: Kayleigh Phillips Beginner 3: Jamie Hayward

There were several highlights in the evening activities too! Pupils were able to visit a Spa pool complex where they had the opportunity to swim in thermal pools. It was a fantastic venue and just the thing for aching legs after a hard days skiing! Later in the week we had the opportunity to watch the ski instructors put on a display one evening in a nearby resort. It was a brilliant show and all the bright and colourful lights and snow falling made it really magical. The teachers watched proudly as all our pupils persevered throughout the week and we were all really impressed at how much everyone had learned! I am about to Launch the 2012 BVS Ski trip and I have already been approached by lots of interested pupils who have heard all about the 2011 Trip! If anyone wants to go they should see me to register their interest as soon as possible. L. Jones

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

Newyddion Yr Adran Gymraeg Welsh Department News

Eisteddfod Esgob This year our annual Eisteddfod was held on Friday, March 4th. There was a fantastic atmosphere in the Main Hall with all pupils in Years 7 and 8 cheering their representatives in a variety of House competitions. Highlights included a lovely rendition of the Welsh folk song ‘Ar Lan y Môr’ and all six performances of the play ‘Chwarae Teg’, especially written for us by Mrs. Georgina Scannell, a good friend of the school. Pupils in Years 9 and 10 were treated to a ‘winners concert’ in the Hall in the afternoon. This year Non was the winning House and a big ‘Llongyfarchiadau’ to them. In fact, congratulations and well done to all those who took part, both on stage and also in the numerous off stage competitions. Da iawn!! We hope to build on this success even further next year so watch this space!!

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

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Newyddion Yr Adran Gymraeg Welsh Department News Beautiful harmonies could be heard in Non’s performance of ‘Ar Lan y Môr’.

Year 9 pupils representing Dyfrig House with their version of 'Road Rage' a hit from the Welsh band Catatonia.

A scene from the play, ‘Chwarae Teg’ - Fair Play! A humourous look at Welsh life!

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

Wales Celebrates the Year of Catholic Education On Thursday 24th March over 600 pupils representing Catholic schools and colleges gathered at the Senedd in Cardiff to celebrate the contribution Catholic schools make to education in Wales. A Mass choir of 500 pupils from all over Wales stood on the steps of the Senedd and performed to a large crowd. Our pupils travelled by coach from Swansea with Sister Angela and other pupils from Primary and Secondary Schools representing the Diocese of Menevia. Sister Angela and our head boy and girl were amongst those guests invited inside the Senedd while the other Bishop Vaughan pupils performed in the choir.

Congratulations to Beth Abbott in Year 10 Beth has been representing Clydach as part of a Novice First Aid Team in a series of first aid competitions. The regional final has just taken place and Beth and her team were successful in winning the following:• • •

County of Swansea Novice First Aid Team Winners South West Regional First Aid Team Winners Best Uniform

Beth was also awarded ‘Best Individual Performance’ on the day. Beth and her team go on to the Welsh Finals in May and we wish them every success.

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

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Trip to Andalucia, Spain December 2010 During the Christmas break a group of our students from years 9, 10, 11 and 12, with teachers Mrs Hamer, Mr Scourfield, Mr Jenkins and Ms Johns flew to Andalucía, Spain, visiting Granada, Sevilla, Córdoba and Antequera, where we had an amazing time. A long night waiting at Bristol airport because of snow and a short flight left us tired but, on landing, a coach took us to the beautiful 14th century Moorish Alhambra Palace and Gardens in Granada. We also went to mass in Cordoba Cathedral which was enormous and very old, dating back to the year 600. We spent an afternoon at a good theme park called “La Isla Mágica” which, translated, is “The Magic Island” . One ride in particular, where your feet literally dangled off when you sat down and went up-side down was really a lot of fun! We also went to the Cathedral of Seville, where we saw Christopher Columbus’ tomb; it was actually interesting. We were lucky to be able to explore Seville with Luis, our current Spanish assistant, and his girlfriend, Marta, sheltering huddled in a small café trying ‘churros’ and chocolate, went to two shopping malls and shopped till we dropped. We enjoyed a flamenco dance lesson and laughed a lot as it seemed none of us could actually dance! All the students were having fun and laughing at Mr. Jenkins and his ‘sticklike’ movements. There are a lot of orange trees all around Seville; everywhere we went there were pretty orange trees lining the streets. We took the local bus a few times into the centre and we heard the locals speaking Spanish and spoke Spanish to order food in cafés and in the shops. On the last day we went to Antequera, where the largest burial mounds from the Bronze Age in Europe were located facing a mountain that people nowadays call “Sleeping Giant” because it actually looks like a man sleeping. One morning some of us had free time to ourselves, staying in the hotel and relaxing at last, but, meanwhile, a group of boys went to watch the Seville football team morning training session and got autographs from the footballers. Mysteriously, in the hotel we ALWAYS got told off for being “too loud” !! We all had fun. It was a great trip! By Justine Zamora and Lucy Mulready Year 10

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

Comenius Project Meeting to Vidigueira, Portugal Our Comenius meeting in Portugal in February was a great success. The three Upper School pupils that came on the trip enjoyed great hospitality and made many new friends. Here is what Sophie and Caroline had to say about their experience.

When I first heard about this opportunity I was really interested. Then, when I got chosen I felt really excited, but apprehensive about staying with another family in a foreign country. As it became nearer the time to leave I gradually got more excited. When we arrived everyone was so friendly and welcoming, they stayed that way the whole time. As the days went by it made it harder to say goodbye, as we got so attached and made loads of new friends with the different people from the European countries. The days were long, but worthwhile as we got so much out of them, educational and enjoyable benefits every day. Each day was exciting and in the end we didn’t want to come home. The families were kind, generous and welcoming. It was an amazing experience, probably the best one I’ve had, and I’d love to do it all again, and to definitely host a student. I’d recommend anyone to try to get involved in any way, as it’s a one-time beneficial experience. Sophie Lloyd (Year 10) Before I went to Portugal I was apprehensive about living and interacting with people that I didn't know because I was quite unsure of what to expect. I was also rather excited about visiting a country I had never been to, experiencing their culture and sharing some of my own. I signed up for the project because I knew that it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity and a week off school didn't sound too bad either. The journey there was tiresome but the delightful, welcoming, weather was definitely worth it. It was a lot better than the appalling weather in Wales, sadly this was the only time it didn't rain apart from when we were coming back. However this did not dampen the mood. The Portuguese were very friendly and welcomed us with open arms (and kisses). We visited many places such as the winery and where the production of olive oil took place. Each day we learnt more and more about the Portuguese heritage and it was very interesting to listen to. The trip benefited me in numerous ways, for example I improved my communication skills and it also made me come out of my shell a lot more. I made many many new friends, tried lots of amazing different food and had a whale of a time. It is definitely the most memorable experience that I've ever had and I'd like to thank Mrs.Thom and Mrs.Williams for making it possible. Caroline Khogali (Year 11)

Our next meeting is in Croatia in May. This time we will be taking Madison Romano and Sougri Abugre, two Year 10 students. In October Bishop Vaughan will be hosting the 4th meeting. We will be looking for families who are prepared to host a student for four days. I will be sending out more information soon. If you are interested please let me know. Mrs S Thom (Assistant Director of Welsh Baccalaureate)

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

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ESDGC News ESDGC news: Becoming a Fairtrade School To achieve Fairtrade status in our school we need to meet 5 goals Set up a Fairtrade School Steering Group which meets at least once a term. Write and adopt a Fairtrade Policy which has the support of the board of Governors and is signed by the Head teacher. Use and sell Fairtrade products as much as possible. Learn about Fairtrade in at least three subjects in two year groups. Take action for Fairtrade at least once a term in the school and once a year in the community.

• • • • •

Excellent progress has been made so far. A thriving Steering group meet regularly and to date a Fairtrade RE day, a Fairtrade bakesale, a Fairtrade netball match and a stall at the Christmas Fayre have all been very successful. The main focus of the Fairtrade year is, of course...

Fairtrade Fortnight This began immediately after the half term. In lessons, along with any Fairtrade content, and purely to elicit the ‘it’s not fair!’ response, staff were asked to try some of the following….. • • • • • • •

Only the girls are doing work today Only boys’ opinions count in this lesson Anyone born in Sept/Oct gets extra HW marks Lunch time has been cancelled today Anyone born in July/Aug has to stay in school late today Toilets are closed all day The canteen has doubled its prices today

and any other statements that might remind pupils of the poor working conditions, child labour and lack of rights that producers have to endure until Fairtrade improves their situation.

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

ESDGC Some lessons will include Fairtrade games eg. Bilingual Fairtrade Snakes and Ladders in Welsh lessons and Fairtrade Suduko in ICT. At the end of the fortnight pupils have the opportunity to dress in Fairtrade colours and pose for a photograph of the Fairtrade symbol. By the end of the year we hope to achieve Fairtrade status.

Friday 11th March was a non-uniform day . Pupils made a Fairtrade symbol photo in the hall. Colours as follows: Y7 + Y8 bright blue Y9 + Y10 bright green Y11,12,13 black

For more information about Fairtrade and how we can support it, visit the website at

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

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Classics Competitions Pupils in Year 8 have really risen to the challenge in this term’s Latin and Classics competition. In 8.3, Isobel Flint’s model of a volcano came 3rd, with Jade Francis-Stock’s realistic drawing of a Greek vase taking second place. First prize in this class went to Solomon Thomas for his inspired bust of the Minotaur, which now sits proudly on the filing cabinet in Room D2’s doorway, confusing Mr. Crudge who didn’t remember there being a mirror there before! In 8.7, 3rd prize went to Joseph Jones whose life-sized sword and shield are displayed at the front of the classroom. 2nd prize went to George Matthews who penned some autobiographical details on an authentic looking scroll – in Latin! The 1st prize was scooped up by Emily Lovell for her two-headed painting of Medusa, showing both the gentler smiling side and the icier one, where one glance turns you to stone... again Mr Crudge springs to mind for some reason. Between the two classes, ‘highly commended’ certificates were presented to Katy Demery, Lauren Goodridge, Phoebe Hughes, Nicole Lewis and Callum Thomas (8.7) and Raymond Gundura, Caroline Janke, Kyle Lewis-Cooney, Patience Mbaulu, Nomsa Phiri and Megan Romano (8.3). Congratulations to everyone named above and well done to all who entered. They produced some excellent display material, all of which can be seen on the walls and shelves of D2. Meiros Richardson.

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

Cicero Speaks ... at Bishop Vaughan!

Year 12 students learning about the intrigues, scandals and conspiracies of Rome in the first century BC reenacted a senatorial debate that was surely as heated as the original! Taking on the roles of characters such as Cicero, Cato and Caesar, the students debated the fate of a group of people involved in a conspiracy against the state. As the photographs demonstrate, the students certainly entered into the spirit of things!

Classics Workshop We look forward to a Classics workshop to be held later in the Spring term. Lecturers from the Classics department at Swansea University will be working with pupils from Years 10 to 13 on themes emerging from the classical literature studied. Pupils in Year 11 who are interested in taking the Classical Civilisation A-Level next year are also welcome to participate, as the experience will be useful in their studies. Please see Mrs. Pole for details.

Classics at University Congratulations to Kate Thomas, Rhiannon Thomas and Jessica Norman who have gained places to continue their study of Classics at degree level! We wish them every success!

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

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Sixth Form News UCAS Successes! Despite media reports of ever-decreasing opportunities for students to obtain university places, success rates for Bishop Vaughan’s students continue to be very high. As in previous years, the vast majority of the year group have made applications through UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, with excellent outcomes. Those that have not made applications have gap year projects, courses or employment to which they are committed. While the UCAS process is a lengthy one, and some institutions have not yet finished making their offers to students, we are delighted that: • • •

All students that have made applications have received offers of university places. The vast majority of students have been offered places at their ‘first choice’ of university or course. Many students have received offers from the most selective universities, and in this current climate of intense competition for limited places, this is particularly impressive.

Places offered include:

Veterinary Medicine


Medicine at Imperial College London

Law at a wide range of universities, including Warwick and Exeter

Mathematics with Economics at LSE (London School of Economics) Mathematics

Russian at University College London


Urban Planning at University College London Pharmacy




and many, many more, including MFL, the sciences and engineering.

The above represent just a selection of the offers made to applicants based on their educational achievement and efforts to date, and are mentioned here to demonstrate to all pupils that excellent opportunities continue to be available. We congratulate the whole year group on their achievements in navigating their way through the UCAS process with such success, and wish all students in Years Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen the very best of luck in the forthcoming examinations.

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

Christmas Fayre Thank you to all who participated in the Christmas Fayre! The event proved most successful, thanks to the hard work put in by the pupils. With Sixth Formers overseeing the organisation, pupils throughout the year groups lent helping hands. The imaginative decorations for the book stall and the Christmas items stall demonstrated that we have some potential businesspeople in the school. Plans of action with regard to presentation, advertising and sales tactics rivalled those seen on ‘The Apprentice’! Similarly, Nigella Lawson and Sophie Dahl have reason to fear the emerging talents of the bakers manning the cake stall! Cupcakes that tasted every bit as good as they looked proved tempting to visitors, especially those for whom Joe’s Ice Cream in December was too cold to contemplate.! The event raised over six hundred pounds and pupils thoroughly enjoyed both the planning and the Fayre itself. Thank you for your support in donating items and in visiting!

The Christmas Spirit!

The girls help out with the Soft Toy Tombola

Handcrafted items proved popular with those looking for Christmas gifts!

Our Eco-Committee raffle ticket sellers: we’re not sure why they were dressed as Sumo wrestlers!

The Young Enterprise team’s stall

The beautifully-decorated book stall

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

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Sixth Form Cycling Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela - training update Since October staff and students have taken part in another 8 training rides which have been gradually increased in both their distance and their technical difficulty. Attendance of these rides has been extremely good, irrespective of the weather, and there has been a significant improvement in the level of fitness and skill of those taking part. Currently staff are organising an information evening for students and parents and a three day (100 mile) training ride during the Easter break.

Year 12 RE Days Throughout the year students from year 12 attend statutory RE Days. In 2011 the students have taken on a different role and the last three days have been led by the Welsh Baccalaureate students. This Term’s themes have been motivated by concern for the welfare of those affected by human trafficking and the PSHE programme – in particular issues relating to sexual health and relationships. Heather Hansen

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

General RE in the Sixth Form - Charity Work Year 13 has been extremely busy again raising money for charity. In January students had a ‘superheroes’ day in order to raise money for ‘Help for Heroes’ The event had been well publicised by Bethan Irving and Alex Maranaccio at the Advent Assemblies and the whole school joined in the spirit of fundraising by participating in and contributing to a non-uniform day. Sixth Formers in years 12 and 13 dressed as superheroes and over £1,200 was raised as a result. The cheque was presented to Lucy who is a volunteer count coordinator for the charity. A cheque for £4,000 was presented to CAFOD on 16th March. Richard Laydon from CAFOD received the cheque after leading a prayer service to launch our Lenten Appeal. Students are being encouraged to gain sponsorship for ‘giving up’ something during Lent.

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

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Senior Prefect Appointments

Congratulations to the new Senior Prefects appointed this term. We wish them every success in their new roles: 2011/12 SIXTH FORM COMMITTEE Head Girl

Head Boy

Catrin Byrne

Thomas Mogford

Deputy Head Girl (Treasurer)

Deputy Head Boy (Treasurer)

Jessica Lawson

Darren Smith

Deputy Head Girl (Social)

Deputy Head Boy (Social)

Hannah Crocker

Andrew Hughes

SENIOR PREFECTS (House Captains) Chloe Davies - Brynach Sarah McKain - Mabyn Beth Palmer - Cadog Charlotte Paultyn - Teilo Emily Thomas - Dyfrig Rija Tariq - Non

Owen Stubbs - Brynach William Clarke - Mabyn Matthew Kenny - Cadog Sean White - Teilo Ross Goodridge - Dyfrig Rhys Dower - Non


Joe Collins


Ciara Beaumont-Wood

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

3 0

Young Enterprise Company 2010/11 Congratulations to the directors of this year’s Young Enterprise Company “Karaoke Me” who won the Best Company Programme 2011 and are now through to the regional finals. The two additional awards that were won were the “Best Presentation 2011” and the “Best Individual Contribution”. Contribution” The company directors are:

Jamie Year 12 Charles Year 13 Vanessa Year 10 John Year 13

Managing Director Production Director Finance Director Marketing Director

This company will now represent Swansea and Neath Port Talbot, in the West Wales Awards, at the Queen Elizabeth High School, on the 12th April, 2011. Catherine Wynne (Young Enterprise Link teacher) Please support these pupils by making a CD. Contact any of the above pupils in the Music Block, tech room on Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes. Prices are from £1.99 to £2.49.

Cycling to School To All Parents and Guardians A small but increasing number of pupils are making their way to and from school by bicycle. While the school supports this as a healthy and environmentally friendly form of travel there are some concerns in relation to health and safety. • • • •

All those riding to school should wear a helmet. All those riding to school should wear some high visibility clothing. Bikes should be checked regularly for roadworthiness, particularly the brakes. In winter or when it is dark, bikes should be fitted with lights.

In addition pupils must remember that they are not to cycle on the school premises. If you have any questions in relation to these matters or would like some advice, do please contact the school. Mr J Blackburn Headteacher

Pupil Information If any details have changed, please write or email into the school office so that our records may be updated. This includes any change to address, contact telephone numbers (especially mobile telephone and emergency contacts), place of work, doctor, or any new medical conditions of which we should be aware.

Could you please pass onto the school any relevant email address that we could use to contact you.

Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

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Bus Passes Could both parents and pupils be aware that the children should carry their bus pass with them at all times. Pupils could be asked at any time whilst travelling on a school bus, to produce their bus pass as evidence that they are allocated a seat. If pupils have misplaced their bus pass please contact the school office who will organise a replacement. Also pupils are not allowed to travel on any other bus other than the one that is printed on their bus pass. On several occasions lately pupils have tried to travel on different buses, e.g. to go over to a friend’s place after school. This is not allowed and the drivers have the right to refuse entry to pupils who are not allocated to their bus. It is parents’ responsibility to collect their children and take them to alternative venues after school.

Parking Outside Bishop Vaughan A letter has been received from the School Community Police Officer asking us to pass on the concerns of local residents in relation to parking and vehicles causing obstructions outside the school from 3 o’clock every afternoon. Police Officers will be patrolling regularly outside the school to take positive action regarding any vehicles which are parked in contravention of road traffic legislation.

Mobile Telephones If pupils have mobile phones they should note that they are not to be switched on or in use inside the school. This includes the buildings, playground and playing field areas, before, during and after the school day. Mobile phones are to be kept out of sight, either on the person or in the school bag. The school can take no responsibility for any loss or theft of mobile phones. Parents and guardians are asked not to contact their children by phone or text during the school day. If an emergency message needs to be conveyed the school office will take the call and pass the message on. Similarly if a pupil needs to make an emergency call home he or she just needs to approach the office. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the phone being confiscated and kept in the school office for collection by a responsible adult. Maths Challenge solution Five dings and five dongs are worth the same as two dongs and eleven dings. So five dings and three dongs equal eleven dings and thus three dongs equal six dings. So one dong is worth the same as two dings.

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Bishop Vaughan School Newsletter April 2011

PLEASE NOTE! School Website The school website can be found at:

Paying for trips Remember, if your child is paying for a school trip, the House is open from 8.30am until registration and at morning break and lunch times. All cheques should be made payable to ‘Bishop Vaughan Catholic School’ and the pupil’s name, tutorial and trip should be clearly written on the reverse. Thank you.

Lost Property We still have a number of items in lost property - which is now located in the main office. None of the articles are labelled and cannot, therefore, be returned to their owner. If your child has lost any item, please tell them to come and check with Ms Hancock in the main office. After a period of time items not claimed will be given to a charity shop as there is no room to store them. Lost property is available for checking at break and lunch-time. PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS OF SCHOOL UNIFORM SO THAT THEY CAN BE EASILY RETURNED IF HANDED IN TO LOST PROPERTY. Please can all parents and guardians be aware that the school cannot supervise pupils arriving before 8.40 am.

Bishop Vaughan Catholic School Mynydd Garnllwyd Road Morriston, Swansea SA6 7QG Phone: 01792 772006 Fax: 01792 790565 E-mail:

April 2011 Newsletter  

April 2011 Newsletter

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