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Many Saints and Sages born in India have shown whole world the righteous path by their action and religious preaching. India is famous throughout the world for its religious beliefs. Saints spend their life spreading preaching and showing people the divine path. Sikh religion that spread throughout the world was initiated, conceived by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He was born to show people the spiritual path. He spent his whole life showing the right path to the strayed peoples who were aimlessly wandered in search of wisdom. He always preached people to live an honest life by working hard and honestly. He treated many people from different religions without any discrimination. He was called ‘Pir’ of theMuslim community. He promoted ‘Ek Onkar’ a god chant which was a blessing to the whole world. Many Saints in this world have claimed of seeing the almighty by meditating with this chant. He was blessed to Mehta Kaalu and mata Tripta devi on 15-april-1469 in Rai bhoe in talwandi sabo where now Gurdwara Nankana Sahib has been constructed which is a famous on the Sikh Community. The whole place of Talwandi was famous as Nankana Sahib after the birth of the divine child ‘Nanak’. He remained Separate from the rest of the world. He used to eat less and sleep less and remained calm all the time. He remained immersed in his thoughts and no one has been ever able to understand him. He always attracted to all the beauty of nature and appreciated God for making the nature as such beautiful. Since childhood he liked to meditate alone and used to get in one line with the god. When he was sent to school to study, the teacher was unable to teach and couldn’t answer the questions arise by the divine child. Seeking lack in concentration in study, his father gave him few silver coins to trade in the market and bring something profitable but instead of trading, he fed hungry sages by using that coins and returned empty handed. Then he was sent to graze the cows in the field. He left the cows unguarded in the fields and set in the corner to meditate on the lord’s name. Cows wandered into the neighbor’s field and destroyed it. Then the neighbor informed about that incidence to his father Mehta kaalu. Then his father sent him to sultanpur Lodhi to bibi nanki’s house to manage his husband’s grocery store. There guru ji distributed all the items to people while asking ‘Tera’, ‘Tera’, ‘Tera’ which means all is thrine. During His stay in sultanpur Lodhi, he went to bathe in the river Veyi and disappeared from sight for a few days. After that when he reappeared, he appeared as a Guru to the World and decided to spread the spirituality all over the world. So he started his journey from there, Bhai Mardana ji a rebab (a musical instrument) Player joined him for the whole journey by considering him the real God.

During the whole Journey Guru ji preaches many people like ‘Dhuni Chand’, ‘Sajjan Thag’,’Valli Kandhaari’, ’BharamDas’, ’Sikandar Lodhi’, ’Noor Shah’, ’Babar’, ’Shivnat’ and many more who was not living life honestly, blessed by the almighty God. Guru ji’s Departure from this planet was on 22-sep-1539 at Kartarpur sahib. Many Writers and philosophers explain guru ji’s life in their own manner but still no one can know everything about Guru Nanak Dev ji, his spirituality, his almighty nature, and divine nature in him is speechless and can’t be explained in the whole life.

Guru nanak dev ji  

About the Life Of Guru Nanak Dev ji - First Sikh Guru of This world.