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Alumni Newsletter January 2016

Welcome to the first Alumni Newsletter for Bandung Independent School.

Most of you had already left BIS in January 2015 when the name of the school changed to Bandung Independent School. The feel, community and level of education will always be associated with Bandung International School.

As Head of School since August 2015, I have had the pleasure to see many more students graduate from our school and go on to new adventures. Being a small community school, BIS holds a special place within all of us as we have fond memories of our time here. So that you can maintain that connection and be informed about how our school is going, we will be publishing two alumni newsletters per school year, the purpose of which is to highlight some of our major events.

I will also be contacting some alumni to showcase what people are up to. So that this reaches as many people as possible, please share this document with people you know who may have been alumni also. Also this link will take them to a Google form to collect their information for subsequent newsletters.

This first edition of the Alumni Newsletter will look at some of the physical changes to the school and also some of the most recent activities. If you are ever in the area, please drop in to see us and the changes being made to the school.

Regards, Mark Brookes Head of School

Changes to the Campus School Library

Before and After. A new side entrance was made.

The school library underwent a major renovation over the summer of 2015. Windows




changed and new study rooms made at the back for diploma students to work in.


Another part of the school that underwent some change was the cafeteria. The image above shows the two Bahasa Indonesia rooms being demolished. As part of the renovation of the front of the school we needed to extend the field. Most of the Indonesian rooms were removed leaving space for a brand new cafeteria. 5m was added to the field and an eating area was created.

New kitchen facilities

New seating area near cafeteria

New Bathrooms

Another long needed changed was to the toilets between the two computer labs.

The whole area was demolished and two new toilets made with a walkway now between the library side and the covered court side.

New Front of School and Field (School branding still to come)

Stairs to the new viewing platform as well as showers and changing rooms underneath.

New viewing platform View of the wall from the field

Visit from Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation Our primary students had a visit from volunteers who work with orangutans in Borneo. They gave a presentation about the work that they do and how our community can support it. Our students raised money to




TEDx Youth Event For the second year, we hosted a TEDx Youth Event where we had a number of students from grades 5 to 12 giving speeches on topics of their




matching the theme “Our Ideas Matter�.

Annual Talent Show The fundraising event of the year occurred late 2015. This raised a massive amount of money for some local charities that the student groups have been supporting for a number of years. This year’s focus was on children’s health.

IISSAC Football October 2015

JASIS Athletics Carnival

New IB Diploma Music Class This school year, we have added IB Diploma Music to our subject options. Part of the programme is that students need to perform, so our two grade 11 students did a lunch time presentation for students and staff.

Fabulous Fridays

The weekly and ever popular Fabulous Fridays continue in the primary school with different events, class leaders and lots of music and dance.

Movember at BIS Some of the Male staff of BIS grew moustaches for the month of November to raise awareness and funds for Men’s health issues. As you can see, there were



frightening looks.

Alumni Newsletter January 2016  
Alumni Newsletter January 2016