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Alumni Newsletter August 2016 Volume 2

Welcome to another edition of the Alumni Newsletter. This edition would normally have been published earlier in July, however we wanted to include some of the new renovations to the campus. This edition will also take into account some of, but not all, the major highlights and events that occurred in BIS. In the June edition, we cover the following events at Bandung Independent School. 

Book Week

The school’s new Guiding Statements – Vision, Mission and Values

The Annual Grade 6-8 Science Fair

Voices around the world

PYP Exhibition

Grade 5 Graduation

Grade 12 Visual Art Exhibition

Local Ministry of Education Accreditation

Outreach 2016

Stuco Valentine Dance 2016

FoBIS Gala Fundraising Ball

IISSAC Basketball and Swimming

Bandung Movie Awards

Ujian Nasional

Grade 12 Graduation

School Production – Chilli Royale

Model United Nations in Bali

New renovations

Book Week BIS celebrated Book Week in a number of ways. Elementary students and teachers dressed up as different literary characters during the week. Secondary students wrote and performed tiny stories which were a maximum of 55 words long. This event had little teacher input and encourages student leadership.

New BIS Guiding Statements In the 2016 2017 School Year, BIS will be undertaking the accreditation self-study. This reflective process prepares the school for visits by our accrediting bodies; the Council of International Schools (CIS), New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), and the International Baccalaureate (IB), The first part of the process was to review the school’s guiding statements. On 23 rd May 2016, we have adopted the new Vision, Mission and Values below. These new guiding statements were developed over a number of months and had input from the different stakeholders in the BIS community.

Vision To nurture individual potential and be an internationally minded school of excellence Mission Through relevant, challenging and engaging programmes, we inspire every learner to become skilful and courageous, empowered to participate responsibly, successfully and with integrity in a global community. Values Bandung Independent School values: Academic  learning as a lifelong process of reflection, collaboration and applying skills  academic rigour and excellence  creative and critical thinking

Community  respect and empathy toward others  building character through a

Self  integrity and taking responsibility for actions  resilience through courage and

strong ethos towards service

willingness to lead and take

and action within the local


community  creating a safe, caring and open-minded environment  being an internationallyminded community

 balance and wellbeing for ourselves and others.

Science Fair 2016 Each year, students in Grades 6-8 do individual research on a topic of their choice. Students must research, experiment and analyse results. In what could be a first, a student in Grade 8 who was in Korea at the time of the Science Fair, skyped in to do his presentation to the audience.

Voices Around the World

Our Grade 5 class, as part of their Action within their learning, have chosen to be a part of the Voices Around the World project. This project allows people from around the world to record their voice which will be used for the Open Ceremony of the Rio Olympics. Congratulations to our students who were chosen to be a part of this.

PYP Exhibition This year’s grade 5 exhibition was




students in their groups did a fantastic job

Grade 5 Graduation This year we again celebrated another




graduating from Elementary Grade 5 and moving into Secondary. Our students

Students performed

also a

designed shadow

and dance

showing some of the key words from this year. They did this all with limited teacher direction. This is an aim of PYP to have students take action and own their learning.

Grade 12 Visual Arts Exhibition As part of the Grade 12 Diploma Programme, students presented a public exhibition of their work.

Outreach 2016 The annual Outreach Programme was held in March this year. Our students went to locations 

Lombok for the regular scuba diving.

Pangandaran for the Grade 11 programme

Belgium for the international trip

Karimunjawa for the local trip

Students completed the programme well and all had a great time.

Student Council Valentine Dance One of the events that the secondary student council ran for semester 2 was the popular and annual Valentine Dance. As what was started last year, students from BAIS were also invited. Students organised and arranged everything themselves.

Friends of BIS (FoBIS) Fundraising Gala Ball Our parent association ran a fundraising event for the BIS community. This Gala was well supported and a great event for our parents and community members. FoBIS is a great supporter of the school community.

IISSAC Basketball and Swimming Our great IISSAC Basketball teams this year played in Surabaya and the swimming tournament was hosted by Mountain View in Salatiga. Our students competed very well and did the school proud.

Bandung Movie Awards BIS once again hosted the Bandung Movie Awards. This community competition encourages students of BIS and other schools to submit 5 minute movies to compete




Congratulations to all our BIS participants.


Grade 12 Graduation BIS once again celebrates another group of students completing their studies and graduating from BIS. We wish the class of 2016 well for their future studies and careers.

School Production – Chilli Royale This year’s school production was a first for BIS. Bela Ashworth helped write as well as direct the school production. Having student ownership and talent like this is important to the BIS community.

Ujian Nasional Another first for BIS was the inclusion of the Ujian Nasional (national exams). A new government regulation requires Indonesian nationals to complete the exams in Grades 6, 9 and 12. Our students conducted themselves very well in attending the exams. We were lucky to have staff that were organised leading us to be able to host the online exams at BIS for Grades 9 and 12. The pictures below are not from the actual exams but the practice sessions to test and simulate the processes. Well done to our UN team and students.

Model united Nations in Bali

New renovations Summer 2016 Over the recent June July summer period, there were some changes to the BIS Campus. Firstly a brand new wifi network was installed that will utilise some of the modern advancements since the wifi was installed 7 years ago. It will have better coverage also. Also the old walkways at the cafeteria and the library were changed to be brighten the spaces up. The field had some regular maintenance as well as some of the old stairs were turned into ramps to give more access to the campus. Enjoy some of the before and after photos.

Chinese and Korean New Year celebrations

Alumni Newsletter vol 2 August 2016  
Alumni Newsletter vol 2 August 2016