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Paññā Udapādi Newsletter for the Buddhist Institute Sunday Dhamma School For non-Muslims only

Issue #2014 - 2

"What sacrifices have you made? Who will bear witness to your kindness?"

The Earth shall be my witness



The spirit of BISDS was indeed shining bright during the 2014 Children’s Fellowship Camp a.k.a CFC. The children’s palm prints on the two 6 meters long banners were a reflection of the synergistic phenomenon that we will cherish forever. Although it was a children’s camp aimed at nurturing little Dhamma Ambassadors, everyone involved in the camp; participants, student facilitators, teacher chaperons and parents were touched by the experience. Weeks before the camp, student leaders met every Sunday after school to plan for the event and to train younger students to be facilitators. Teachers worked on venues, transportation and food arrangements. It was Dhamma-in-motion once camp started. Children were engaged in Dhamma inspired multi-sensory games. The student facilitators took on their task of being the responsible and caring brother or sister. Committee members ensured that the camp ran smoothly as scheduled. Teachers and chaperons provided guidance and support. The ladies cooked up creative culinary ideas in the kitchen while the men worked on equipments and stage setup. Undoubtedly it was hard work and at times the unexpected stress was tremendous but in the end, the children’s happy faces were all that was needed to soothe the tiredness and a warm hug was enough to melt our hearts.


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Paññā Udapādi S T A F F

New rooms and resources BISDS library was relocated in line with the building extension plans. The old room was converted into a training and activity room for staff and students. Sister Foong donated a flat panel television so that A/V based lessons and activities can be conducted there too. In addition, room 8 (opposite the resource room) was renovated into a sound proof room for music and hymn singing. Sister Judy, sister Amy and sister Foong compiled a list of suggested hymns based on the availability of music material and organized a time-table for classes to schedule their hymn singing lessons.

The training and activity room for staff and students where staff meetings are also held.

1st May Staff Dana

BISDS Staff held their annual Dana on 1st May. This year the welfare department under brother Lim Chee Wai introduced for the first time, a Dhamma talk before the commencement of the Dana. Brother Tan Bok Huat presented a talk on Vyagghapajja Sutta or the sutta on the conditions of welfare. 3

龙马精神 CNY Singalong

by BISDS Teens

Spirit of the Nagas and Ashvas

The day before the BISDS Chinese New Year Sing-along, my family and I came back from the cinema at midnight and got ready to go to bed. Tick-toc, ticktoc ... time flew along but I was too excited to sleep, so I turned on some classical music to help me sleep and it worked! I slept at 1:45 a.m. but surprisingly woke up before the 5 O' clock alarm. Mum was so shocked when she saw me eating breakfast at 6:30 a.m. because she had expected to have to pull me out of bed. After Chinese New Year prayers, I left home at 7:00 a.m. I was so astonished that I was one of the first one to arrive among my friends. Hahaha, I felt so proud of myself! We had Puja in the shrine hall. Our first stop was the old folk’s home. The warm hearted caretaker specially prepared a small stage for our performance and also served us some cold drinks. Before stepping on the stage, I was so nervous and worried that I wouldn't be able to perform, but my confidence rose when I heard the applause from the old folks. We gave the old folks angpau and wished them good health, they also gave us a red bag filled with mandarin oranges called a “Hulu”. Our next stop was the BMV open house. On stage, I saw members of the audience singing and clapping along with us. We ate lunch quickly after our performance.

photos courtesy of Kashmeera Pillai


Later, we packed up and headed to our next stop in Cheras. I was so excited and shy when I entered the house because I didn't know the host really well! The kids there were so happy when our lion dance performance started. They even used smart phones to record our performances.

Paññā Udapādi The host served us some snacks after we performed. Some of us even took selfies for memory's sake. After that, we stopped by another house in Subang. It was a very beautiful house. The guests cheered and recorded our lion dance, Chinese yo-yo and singing performances. Lastly, we went to one of my friend's house. Her family prepared yummy dinner for us. Before we tucked into the food, we took group photos with our phones, camera and even a Polaroid! The dessert was just awesome. After saying “Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu” we took the bus back to the temple. The 2014 CNY sing-along was a very meaningful and memorable day. I learnt to wake up early XP, smile, respect, appreciate what you have and more. I hope to participate in similar activities again. It is more beneficial than playing with my phone or surfing the internet at home. By Chow Uai-An, Tissa 2

Waking up at 5:30 a.m. on a Sunday is rare enough. Waking up to go on a singing adventure? Even rarer. But that's what happens on the Sunday we went for the BISDS Chinese New Year sing-along.

A rich repertoire of Chinese New Year and Dhamma songs, as well as our signature Chinese New Year medley brought smiles to the faces of our audiences for the entire day.

The sing-along wasn't just about fun. It was about meeting friends again. It was about working together and overcoming the challenges throughout our journey. Most of all, it was about bringing cheer into the houses of devotees.

At the end of the day, it wasn't the singing that really mattered, but the fact that we had successfully brought some happiness into the homes of devotees. The experience of helping each other carry tables and equipment, enjoying refreshing servings of watermelon, and traveling around town together in a bus made it clear that we are one as a team, and this activity only brought us closer.

Our sing-along troupe wasn't just about singing either. We had an adorable Ivan-lion dance, powered by Bryan behind the drums. Our audiences were also treated to a gravity-defying show of Chinese Yo-yo tricks performed by the amazing Harold. This year Xin Rong performed a lively harmonica solo.

See you at your home for next year's Chinese New Year Sing-along! We'll be there! By Ian Ng, Anuruddha 1 5

Although this is not the first time I've joined a group going around to houses to keep the Chinese New Year cheer going, it still gives me pleasure to be able to do so. From the cute li’l lion dance to the songs that we sang, I'm sure everyone who contributed enjoyed themselves very much and also gave their all in this effort. Sadhus to our teacher advisors for organising this event and accompanying us around to each and every one of the houses for us to do what we ventured out to do - keep the spirit of Chinese New Year burning warm and bright in this modern age. Happy Chinese New Year and and may the year of the horse bring you good luck! NEIGHHHHhhhh... By Xi-Zhe, Anuruddha 1 一大早起来,紧张,忐忑,期待,兴奋的心顿时涌 上心头。今天是个大日子,因为我即将参加一个 Chinese New Year Singalong. 到达佛学班, 看见大家都穿着华丽的衣服,准备上 路。大师父还为我们念经,祈福。我们的第一个目 的地是一个老人院,住着12个老人,他们都还很精 神奕奕,负责人也很热情。刚开始是舞狮表演,接 着是扯铃,过后就是唱新年歌了!我们唱《大地回 春》等的经典歌曲。最让我吃惊的是,他们还送我 们一个小礼物,以示感谢。 去了老人院后,我们回到佛学班参加一个新年活 动。大师父和一位大人物正张大眼睛望着我们呢! 忙碌的行程表还没结束呢,大伙儿还得去4个人的家 表演。表演完后,大家都收到红包,以感谢大家的 付出。 这一次的活动让我觉得很开心,在佛学班里度过了 一个比平常更不一样的一天,也让我认识了很多朋 友 ,也谢谢老师的指点。希望下次还有机会参加这 一些活动! By Geoh Sew Pei, Tissa 2


就在我睡熟的时候,却被闹钟的吵杂声叫醒。但我并 没有因为它的呐喊而起床,反而是继续回归梦里。谁 知…我的贪睡却换回来了代价。在我一百八十度转过去 看闹钟的时候,已经6时45分钟了!也就是说我只剩下 那短短的15分钟洗刷和吃早餐。 我也不管三七二十一尽快了。 还好,我抵达了BISDS的时候其他的组员还没到,所以 我还不算迟到。大约…15分钟后全部人都齐全了,所 以我们也列队上巴士去了。为了不让气氛“僵硬” , 我们的主席 - Ian 为我们开声,以便待会的演出不会失 声。 过不久,我们也到了目的地,也就是老人院。在我们 还没下巴士之前,男生们先把器材搬下去准备一切。 当我们到了老人院门口,很多公公婆婆就从里面缓缓 地出来迎接我们的到来,样子看起来有些期待感。一切 都准备好后,我们的表演也正式开始。我们队里的3位 男孩将为我们呈现舞狮表演,车铃及大鼓。过后,我 们就为大家献唱了。我们的新年歌曲里有:爆竹一声 大地春,欢迎大地回春,欢迎新年到,一些混合起来 的新年歌以及sadhu。同时,当我们在献唱混合歌曲 的时候我们的队员-欣蓉也会以口琴来为我们呈现一首 新年歌。结束后,Teacher Catherine 给我们每人一 封红包来发给老人家们。他们也准备了一些柑送给我 们。在那里一会儿后,我们也回归巴士到第二个地点 了。 之后,我们就到了回了BMV 为所有的佛学班学生,老 师及和尚们呈现我们的演出。不过还未开始之前,我 们也想用美味的午餐。与队员们一起聊天,一起唱 歌,一起吃饭的感觉真的特别快乐,我很珍惜这些短 短的时光。器材准备好后,我们也开始为台下的人演 出了。同样的,舞狮表演,打鼓,口琴以及我们的献 唱。我相信队员们都尽力地为自己的本分做好,也带 动了新年的气氛。不过,我们却总是忘词 …. 完毕后,一位和尚发了红包给我们,以示我们的功 劳。因为时间有限,所以我们表演后就要立刻会巴 士。接下来,我们要到3位佛学班老师的家为他们演出. 在巴士上,我听见老师说我们要到一位老师的家为他 们的家人演出。看着巴士走啊走,感觉这些路都很熟 悉,因为这些路都是回我家的路。但我又不能给个肯 定,因为还没抵达目的地,或许只是靠近我的家而 已。但最奇怪的事情来了,巴士却到了我家的花园, 让我顿时很吃惊。我告诉了老师这件事情,告诉了队 员们待会儿将会到我家。听了老师这么说,我马上拨 打电话打给妈妈,因为昨天家里摆了派对还没收拾干

净。其实,老师这不过开个玩笑而已。因为时间有 限,我们还有几户家得去。那个老师以及家人非常欢 迎我们的到来,他们的小孩也很可爱地拿起相机拍下 我们的演出。演出了那4个表演后,我们也享用他们 请我们的糕点。过后,我们也回巴士去了。

Paññā Udapādi

接下来,我们到了另一户老师的家,他们的房子很 大,也拥有自己的小花园,非常美观。我们也在那里 为他们演出。虽然很疲倦,但我们也尽力地为这个表 演完成。过后,我们也很急促地回归巴士了。 抵达了最后一户老师的家时候,队员们都特别劳累 了。但我们也没有因此而放弃,而是更打气精神做好 准备。当我们到了那位老师的家,我们也呆呆地看着 那房子…真的很漂亮!我长了15岁还是第一次踏进这 样大间的房子,我们也不忘了跟老师的家人亲戚打招 呼。最可笑的事我和伙伴们去了厕所但不知道怎么出 来,反而还要别人告诉我们出去的方向在哪。器材都 准备好后,我们的演出也正式开始了。同样的次序, 打鼓及舞狮将会先呈现给大家。我们也不例外,把全 心全意献唱出最动听的歌声给大家。当我们要离开之 前,那一户家人给予我们红包,一个小礼物及让请我 们吃糕点。 在我们还没回去BISDS之前,我们到队员-沈夷的家 享用晚餐。但还未开动之前我们得为她的家人演出。 这是我们在2014年的新年最后一次的演出,所以我 们也全心地为这个表演做得更好。过后,我们也享用 这可口的晚餐了。能够和朋友相聚在一起是一件非常 高兴的事。在我们还未上巴士之前,我们也不忘与队 员们合照作纪念。 过后,我们也回归巴士到BISDS回去了。 我感到很高兴因为有这个荣誉参与这个活动及认识了 很多新的朋友。虽然有时候会很疲倦,但却留下了美 好的回忆。我永远都不会忘记这些舞台的时光并会永 远记载我的心里。 By Shi Gie, Tissa 2


Revata1 – Dana Project Origami and Calligraphy fund raising project (26th of Jan 2014) Ee Xing Yi ======== I felt very happy because I can help the school for the operation and I did dana too. We went to the adult classes, canteen and other places. This is my first time taking a bag and go around to ask people to give Some donations. The Group A is selling calligraphy, they sell a lot. Group B went all around the school to get donations. Group C went to the classes (and group C is my group ☺), This is a very good experience, I wish I can to the donations again. Kashmeeta Pillai ============= I feel happy that I was able to help BISDS who helped me in many ways. My classmates and I were separated into 3 groups, group A,B and C. I felt that we were all brave for being able to go up to strangers and ask for donation. I can’t wait till the next donation.   Ashley Chong ============ Two weeks ago, I have done a dana with our class teachers and students. We did dana for the BISDS Raising Fund Operation. We collected a total of RM1001. Although tired, I felt so happy.   Tan Shu Wei ========= I felt very happy because  I can do Dana for BISDS Operation Fund. We have earned RM1001 by selling calligraphy and horse origami. I hope that all our hardwork can help BISDS. I hope we can do something like that to help BISDS operation in the future.   Lau Weing Yean ============ Although I didn’t participate in the donations and selling calligraphy and origami to raise fund, I am very proud that my classmates In Revata 1 collected a lot of donations from everyone. I regretted not coming on that day.  


Paññā Udapādi Kum Yen Shia ========== It was a memorable experience for me.  It definitely improved my public speaking and leadership skills. My friendship with Kashmeeta  was also brought to a higher level. now I am no longer a loner and my life is much more fun.   Tan Xin Lin ======== I felt very happy after doing the dana. Although it is hard work, but we manage to get RM1001 in a day! I also felt very proud. We sell calligraphy at the Hendry Hall and I was the one that draw the calligraphy. I hope we can do this again!  Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! ☺   Tong Zhi Rui ========== I am very happy in the fund raising activity. I am very happy because it test your karma, Your behaviors, your skills , speech and language.   Ho Zhi Yan ======== I feel very happy because I can do something for BISDS. I also know how to design the calligraphy paper. I just want to fold a horse that can stand, but I tired many times the horse still cannot stand. So I put the paper on the table nicely and put some horse calligraphy to do dana. I feel very very very happy. That day is my greatest day. ☺


Yap Sun Xuan ========== From the last two weeks of dana, I felt very happy. That is because we could take the money to raise funds. This was my first experience in BISDS. My group is Group C, we went to the adult class too. We sold some calligraphy work and origami. This week, we sang one Chinese new year song for the students, teachers and monks. I was very excited that we can perform in the Puja hall. We also gave the money that we collected RM1001 to the principal. I hope we can do dana again. Teo Poh Yi ======== Other than doing Dana, I also learn how to do origami and calligraphy. I also help BISDS Sunday Dhamma School to have money to do other projects. Our class donated RM1001 to BISDS. I felt joyful because  I did a good deed. I am also proud of myself.   Lau Pui Yan ======== I did dana for the BISDS operation fund. We collected RM1001. I felt very happy because I can do some good things for BSIDS. I hope I can do more good things for BISDS in the future.   Ho Jin Wei ======= This is a really great activity gain RM1001 for the school makes me proud and that’s an honor to Raise funds for the school. We did a good job and our hardwork will be pleased by the management.   Max and Nick Ooi Zong Yuan ===================== I feel very proud and happy donating funds to BISDS. I felt very tired. 10

Lau Kok Boon, Lau Kian Guan, Wong Li Choong, Brian Ng Wai Jian =============================== I am very happy and  proud because I can do Dana.   Ooi Jun Chxuan ============= I am very happy because  we did fund raising. Our group collected RM349.00 Wei Chuan ========= I felt I gain a lot of merit after last two weeks of donation and I feel happy.

MBE Certificate Presentation

On 27th April, BISDS candidates for the 40th Malaysian Buddhist Examinations or MBE received their certificates during a presentation ceremony organized by the exam department. Principal venerable K. Siridhamma presented the certificates during the event which was held during the school Puja in the auditorium. Two candidates, Lee Ming Xuan and Tan San Ping were among the recipients of the National Best Candidates award for the MBE Preliminary Level which comprised cash incentive and free Buddhist publications. Congratulations to all for their achievements. Sadhu.


Paññā Udapādi The annual Chinese New Year Potluck was our first welfare event of the year. Staff members and their families were invited to an evening together to share CNY goodies. Those who came enjoyed the food, fun and fellowship. Dinner started not long after principal ven. Siridhamma’s address. Sister Foong and Sister Donna led a short hymn singing session before brother David Kong conducted a simple but interesting game - make the longest paper strip. Seems like an auspicious start to the year to live long and prosper!




Schedule of events for second 15-Jun, Sun ▪ New students briefing

22-Jun, Sun ▪ Staff recruitment training S01

29-June, Sun ▪ Students Trip Teens


6-Jul, Sun ▪ Students Trip Kids

13-Jul, Sun

20-Jul, Sun ▪ Chief’s Birthday ▪ Sanghika Dana


2-Aug, Sat ▪ Staff Training

10-Aug, Sun

17-Aug, Sun ▪ 4th Staff Meeting


9-11 Sep UPSR


7-Sep, Sun ▪ 2015 student intake

13-21 Sep 3rd School Term Break

13-Sep, Sat ▪ Lantern Nite

14-Sep, Sun ▪ 2015 student intake

5-Oct Hari Raya Haji



12-Oct, Sun ▪ Kathina

19-Oct, Sun

3-Nov - 2-Dec SPM

2-Nov, Sun

9-Nov, Sun


4,5,6,7-Dec, Thu-Sun ▪ MYBB TEENS CAMP

13,14 Dec, Sat-Sun ▪ STAFF TRIP

JAN 2015

4-Jan, Sun ▪ New students briefing



15-Nov, Sat ▪ Concert n Prize Giving Nite

Paññā Udapādi

half of 2014

29-June, Sun ▪ Student Trip Teens 6-Jul, Sun ▪ Students Trip Kids 20-Jul, Sun ▪ Chief’s Birthday ▪ Sanghika Dana

28-29 Jul Hari Raya Puasa

27-Jul, Sun

24-Aug, Sun

31-Aug, Sun ▪ MBE Exam ▪ K.Sri Dhamananda Memorial


28-Sep, Sun ▪ BISDS Class Exam ▪ 2015 student intake

New Student Intake 7,14,28-Sep 13-Sep, Sat ▪ Lantern Nite

22-Oct Deepavali 25-Oct Awal Muharam

26-Oct, Sun ▪ 5th Staff Meeting 22-Nov 14- 4-Jan 15 School Term Break

16-Nov, Sun ▪ Class Party


12-Oct, Sun ▪ Kathina

30-Nov, Sun ▪ Staff Appreciation

15-Nov, Sat ▪ Concert n Prize Giving Nite 16-Nov, Sun ▪ Class Party

13,14 Dec, Sat-Sun ▪ STAFF TRIP

4,5,6,7-Dec, Thu-Sun ▪ MYBB TEENS CAMP

30-Nov, Sun ▪ Staff Appreciation


Together We Make A Difference

QUIK KRAFT On Saturday, 19th April 2014 , we got together for our 1st staff training to make a difference. It was organized by Sis Judy and the workshop was divided into two sessions - Quik Kraft Jataka tales and Teambuilding. With simple tools and materials, the teachers produced beautiful crafts which they used later in their Jataka stories presentation. Everyone enjoyed the fellowship and team work.


JATAKA TALES I’m glad that I attended this training, this has given me a chance to meet more sisters and brothers. This is a good activity. We should have this organized every year. - San Ping A very enjoying and enriching experience. Learnt a lot about the spirit of volunteerism and teamwork. Had lots of fun during the art and crafts session. Would like to thank the organising committee for such a wonderful workshop. - Nicholas Hing Enjoyed the activities very much. There was communication, team work, coordination and everybody had fun. Hope to have more activities in future. - Ling Mei Lee Enjoyed closer relationship with others. Wish more new teachers and staff were there. - Sara Low Refreshing and positive. Good bonding. Thank you. - Keh Leong

Encourage more staff to join the workshop. More of this kind of activities. Should treat this as a compulsory workshop every year. - Lai Heng


The teambuilding session was conducted by Ms Maureen Lim who is a clinical psychologist. The activities were designed to foster a better understanding of volunteerism.

Try to get more staff & teachers to attend like today’s session. - Chu Ee Sin

What else can you call this if not a napkin?

Blindfolded, we had to navigate around obstacles in the hall. There is a big difference between volunteering and simply doing what you like.



D ramatics Creative with Uncle Vijaya

Paññā Udapādi aining

r Staff T

2014 g u A 2nd this. s s i m t Don’

Creative Dramatics is a well recognized technique and a valuable way to bring almost any subject to life, facilitate learning, and create the conditions for memorable learning experiences. In addition, it offers rich opportunities for self-expression and the development of creative thinking. - Dee Dickinson, Johns Hopkins school of Education


BISDS held its first Devotion Day on Sunday, 4th May. The idea originated from principal venerable K. Siridhamma who wanted Sunday school students to experience a more devotional Wesak. So it was decided that the Sunday before Wesak day shall be a day the entire school participate in devotional activities. White long pants were introduced as a requirement which would also be appropriate for functions such as Sanghika Dana and Kathina. Students were divided into three groups. Young children accompanied by their class teachers spent the day with sister Thang Mee Yuen who is a clinical psychologist experienced in therapeutic play skills. The children enjoyed listening to stories of the life of the Buddha and had a fun time drawing with oil pastels.

The adults classes were engaged in a deeper Dhamma talk conducted by Bro. Benny Liow who is the editor for the Eastern Horizon magazine produced by Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia.


Paññā Udapādi

Teenagers had a lively session with Uncle Vijaya. Together with their class teachers they filled the large classroom. Keeping teenagers in a packed classroom without air-conditioning these days would be near impossible but Uncle Vijaya had no problems. Everyone were inspired by his very animated Dhamma talk titled “Celebrating Wesak Meaningfully.” After the talk, Uncle Vijaya conducted a short Metta meditation session.




Wesak 2014


Celebrating the Thrice Sacred Day of The Birth, The Enlightenment and The Parinibbana of Shakyamuni Gautama Buddha

This year, BISDS embarked on promoting greater awareness of the Sunday school. The entire BISDS section of the Asoka hall was dedicated to an exhibition displaying a gallery of student and class projects. Information counters were setup for students registration and staff recruitment. Working on the theme “Joy in the Dhamma”, students produced interesting displays and even included activities that engaged the visitors such as painting the Buddhist flag and adopting a Bodhi sapling. The adults classes of Sariputta and Sanghamitta continued to organize fund raising projects. Their “Wishing Tree” and the “Building Fund” projects respectively continues to be popular. 22

Paññā Udapādi


A selection of students’ works from the Wesak exhibition.


Mahinda 1- Wesak project Planting the seeds .... On Wesak Day, after the kids had painted the cards for their parents, they thanked us all. Watching them laugh and enjoying themselves was an awesome feeling. Although I was really tired on Wesak Day after having spent the previous day studying for my exams, I felt proud seeing that our hard work in preparing the cards, paints etc had made so many people feel happy. - Tan Jou Jern

Xi-Rou and Min Hui had already set up the counter and were busy letting devotees help paint our Buddhist flag. Throughout the night, we were busy touching up the colours of the flag because some devotees had placed their painted thumb prints at the incorrect places! It was fun teaching the public about the Buddhist flag. - Charmian Ong

Two weeks before Wesak, my classmates and I prepared many cards with greetings like “Happy Wesak” , “May you be Well and Happy” for kids to write their messages to their parents. On Wesak Day I was very happy and grateful that the project “Planting the seeds..” that my classmates and I have put a lot of effort in, was a success. I hope I can still volunteer to work in next year's Wesak. - Ng Wei Jie Before Wesak, I helped to draw cards for our class Wesak project. We prepared cards for the kids to thumb print and to present to their parents. How I wished I could have come to help my classmates on Wesak Eve and Wesak Day. - Ashley Tang


I felt very happy on Wesak Day because it was the first time that I was helping my teachers and my buddies. It was a happy feeling watching so many people using their thumb prints to paint the Buddhist flag. It was amazing that little by little the flag was fully painted. It looked very cool. - Agnes Ang Two days before Wesak Day, I stayed back after Sunday School classes to help set up my class's Wesak Day exhibition booth in the Asoka Hall. I helped with moving stuff, setting up and decorating the counter till 8.30 at night. Although I was so tired when I reached home, I felt really glad that I could help my class teachers. cont. pg25

Wesak T-Shirt design winners

Paññā Udapādi

Mahinda 1 student Agnes Ang won the 1st prize which was 3pcs of T-shirt and the opportunity to donate the RM300 cash prize to a charitable organisation of her choice. Agnes donated it to BISDS Building Fund. Sadhu! Revata 1 student, Ooi Jun Chxuan was the 1st runner-up and Anuruddha student, Ng Zen Ian won the 2nd runner-up prize. Congratulations and Sadhu!

Mahinda 1- Wesak project Planting the seeds .... continued

On Wesak day, my classmates and I were kept busy explaining the Buddhist flag. We could see that many devotees were happy to hear us share our knowledge of the Buddhist flag with them. We could feel that we were planting the seeds of Dhamma especially to the young devotees. We felt proud. As we closed up our booth later in the evening, we spent a lot of time cleaning up as there were paints here and there. We used a piece of cloth to wipe the floor and everywhere else.

We were really out of breath after all the clean up. But we still had to wash the trays and store the flag and cards. I felt honoured and proud because I got to help out during the most auspicious day in the Buddhist calendar. Despite being so tired, I was delighted that our class project “ Planting the seeds ....” was a success. I hope that I will have a chance to help out at next year's Wesak. Happy Wesak Day! - Ng Zhao Fang

More Wesak projects on pg 32



16th Children’s Fellowship Camp Little Dhamma Ambassador - by Jessica Lim, co-chairperson


Dancercise “健康歌”

All photographs courtesy of E-Lyss and Xavier

As they all say,

“Time flies when you are having fun”. It was indeed true for our 16th CFC that was held recently. The 3 days and 2 nights camp was over in just a blink of an eye. I now recall the very first day of camp as if it was just yesterday, when I saw the children aged between a young 7 years to 12 years. They were checking into camp with luggage which looked much bigger than themselves. Upon welcoming the children, we taught them hand signs which represented their group colour. The five colours were Blue, Yellow, Red, White and Orange, the colours of the Buddhist flag. With the hand signs, the children quickly found their other group members for the ice-breaking session. Some


Mission Impossible


of the children were very enthusiastic while some were too shy to even utter a single word. The shyness soon melted during a very energised ice breaking session which included group games. Shortly after the children settled down in their dorms, we held the station games. We had a total of 5 station games with different challenges to enhance their thinking skills and abilities. It allowed the children to understand the importance of team work as they had to work together to score points for their own team. After a satisfying lunch, we proceeded with the next activity which was “Dancercise”. QuanLynn took us through the paces for the

Paññā Udapādi “Dancercise” to the song “健康歌”. The children also happily learnt to sing “Do you want to learn the Dhamma” that was written by Leong Soon and Ian which was adapted from the movie Frozen, a hymn “Ancient Path” , a Mandarin song “因为你, 因为我” and also our very own song “Let’s go to Sunday School” written by teacher Lid Sine. Soon the room was filled with melodious music and infectious laughter. A quick nap for all and then we proceeded with our Treasure hunt. The children had to hunt for clues all around the Vihara

grounds. They were all very focused as they had to look for the small clues that were hidden.

Hit the right word

Later in the night, the children got their hands a little dirty by palm printing the CFC banners. Every participant and facilitator got to put their palm prints on the two banners. Audrey also told the story of the Buddha's enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree to calm the children’s mind.

Hello ... Hello ...

Monster Ball 27

The final activity for the first camp day, was a Bodhi Tree Puja led by our principal, Venerable K Siridhamma. On the second day, we adjourned to Pearl Hotel which was just 20 minutes away from Vihara. There the participants had a fun splashing time playing water games as they took turns playing in the mini pool.

Twisting by the pool

The participants were also kept busy preparing for their short drama from the Life of The Buddha. Throughout the day, the participants worked together to make props and did countless practices to make their drama as perfect as possible. The participants then later got to unleash their talents by acting in their very own Dhamma drama. Before we travelled back to the Vihara, group photos were taken .


All photographs courtesy of E-Lyss and Xavier

The highlight of the third day was the kids-in-the-kitchen time! Car-Men and her team of F&B facilitators got the kids to roll glutinous rice balls “Tang Yuan” . A dash of colour was added to different portions of the dough. The participants were shown how the different colours were extracted from fruits, vegetables and even flowers. Many eager small hands quickly finished rolling the dough given to them as they were excited to know that the “Tang Yuan” dessert would be served to their parents later in the night.


Let’s go to Sunday School

As the last day progressed, it was finally SHOW TIME!! The participants gave their best during their various performances. The hand gestures routines for the songs taught by Rachel, Shen Ee, Audrey and Siu Ching were executed perfectly by the participants. The individual group singing and drama had the audience clapping their hands. The concert night was a great success and was a phenomenal way to end the camp. The whole camp was a great experience for me. Thanks to all the teachers, committee and facilitators for helping out and supporting my co-chairperson Leong Soon and I all the way, to ensure the camp was a great success. This camp would not be a success without each and every one of you. To all the participants, Thank You for making this camp a great memory for us to cherish. Each of you shone in your very own way and made a difference in the camp. Thank you for joining this year’s CFC I am looking forward to seeing you all next year! May you be well and happy always. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.

Birth of The Bodhisatta

The naming ceremony

The great renunciation

Brahma of my heart


The Four Sights

... then, like suddenly, we have to say goodbye. C U in BISDS xoxo

see you next CFC!


Revata 1- Wesak project “Conquering Mara”

See the final exhibit on the front cover of this newsletter

Moggallana 1- Wesak project “The Sacred Bo-Tree” Moggallana 1 students went in search of Bodhi tree saplings that were growing in cracks and corners in the Vihara grounds.The saplings were usually discarded before they take root so the students “saved” them by replanting them in special pots. During Wesak the young Bodhi plants were offered for adoption.

Filling up our special pots with soil.

First we cut some plastic bottles.


Here’s one!

Re-use to make self-watering pots.

Slowly removed without too much root damage.

Doing a Bodhi Puja.

Saplings nurtured for two weeks before Wesak.

Plant a Bodhi?

Sariputta 2 MaMa 303 Luncheon

by William Leam

Sariputta 2 MaMa 303 event was held on 30th March 2014 at the GS Club, Jalan Kuchai Lama. The word 'MaMa' means double horse in Chinese and simply reflects the happiness in welcoming the year of the horse. It was a luncheon cum party that gathered all friends in The Dhamma to celebrate the Chinese new year. It was organised by Sariputta 2 class students but was well attended by former and existing students of Sariputta 1 and 2 classes. The occasion kick-started with a sumptuous Chinese buffet lunch followed by games. In addition there were many lucky draw winners and prizes for games' winners. In order to collect fund for Dana, an auction of goods successfully raised RM280.00. Among the items offered were health supplements, handbags, fashion accessories, pillows, USB cup warmer, food container etc. It was fun to see people 'fighting' for the goods that they liked. The guests enjoyed themselves while giving Dana at the same time. The joy of giving is joy for all by all. Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu!



efereshment by Erovien Teh


s hotdog



e kitc students helping in th


and t to all d hank you onors!

Donations to BISDS for refreshments from Jan - Apr

JAN 05 Jan CY Foo, Corine Au, Joe Jun Yan, Ryan & Ivan Loo & family, Ganesan & Sis Shamala Retna. 12 Jan Tai Lin (Sis Steffi), Ryan & Ivan Loo & family, Emiley Perera, Jaya Perera, Cheong Yit Ming 19 Jan IMO Hew Meng Yong @ Yew Lek Chye (Bro Rodney), Ryan & Ivan Loo & family, Jeremy Loo, Tong Sai Cheong. 26 Jan Ling Mei Lee, Ryan & Ivan Loo & family, Sis Siow.


16 Feb Charmian Ong Tze Chi, Ryan & Ivan Loo & family. 23 Feb Ryan & Ivan Loo & family



02 Mar Ryan & Ivan Loo & family, Sis Lee Ming Xuan (Tissa 1), Ganesan & Sis Shamala Retna 09 Mar Ryan & Ivan Loo & family, Prasad & family, Sis Loo & family 16 Mar Bro Han & family, Ryan & Ivan Loo & family, Yap Sun-Rong/Sun-Xuan/SunJie 23 Mar IMO Mr & Mrs Ooi Hong Kee (Bro Ooi Huat Hoe). Earnest Asoka Suttan (B'day), Ryan & Ivan Loo & family


13 Apr Sis Karen Voon & family, Ryan & Ivan Loo & family, Ganesan & Sis Shamala Retna 20 Apr Ryan & Ivan Loo & family, Ling Mei Lee, Lim Lay Chin 27 Apr Lim Ah Kiat & family (IMO Mr & Mrs Lim Teck Ong)

Paññā Udapādi

Welfare Corner by Lim Chee Wai, Carol Tan

The late Bro. Poh Joo Meng

On the 27th April, the Puja department organized a special Dana in memory of Bro Poh Joo Meng, Mdm Toh Chew Khoon and Mr. Low Kia Peow. Principal venerable K Siridhamma and Puja venerable Dhammasiri were invited to the function. Sister Heng Jee Chuan, wife of the late brother Poh attended the function together with several of her relatives.


Master, I’ve been meditating for 3 days and 3 nights! How much longer? 1 month?

No need

1 week? No need 1 day? No need 1 hr? Also no need.

No need, no need, no need! Masterji, you are not making sense!

Just meditate for one instant ...


9 When you see through this one instant, you see through the one who sees. ~ WuMen Huikai

then do it again and again and again.

BISDS Panna Udapadi June 2014  

Newsletter for the Buddhist Institute Sunday Dhamma School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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