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Bristol International Student Centre

Student Talk: Some BISC Regulars BISC interviewed three of our very regular visitors, Lily, Daisy and Zahra. What makes you come back to BISC every week three times a week?! We love the food and the lovely atmosphere! We have met friends here and so like to meet up with them here too. It’s great meeting people from different countries. We have a great time coming to BISC teas and lunches! How did you first hear about BISC? Lily: A friend recommended the place to me, and I’ve made good friends here. Daisy: Someone at the BISC Welcome lounge desk in the Students’ Union talked to me about BISC, and gave me a Welcome Meal leaflet. Zahra: I was met by a student at a desk at the bus station when I arrived, and then I was given a lift to my accommodation. We all met at the first Welcome meals! What are you studying in Bristol and what do you like about the city? Lily: I’m doing TV and Film production for a year. I really like the different churches here and going along to their services and meeting lovely people there. Daisy: I don’t like the weather (the others agree!) nor

From left to right: Lily, Daisy and Zahra the hills – but it depends which direction you’re going in! The harbour reminds me of home (Genoa). I’m doing Foreign Languages and Literature, and as I don’t have set classes to go to, I really like coming to BISC in my free time, rather than being on my own in the library all day. Zahra: I’m studying Computer Science as an undergraduate, so will be here for 4 years. I like the architecture of Bristol, the culture and Banksy! (nods all round)

Going Back Home Ma Li has been a faithful BISC member for several years and is now to return home. BISC asked her about her experiences in Bristol: Where are you from and how long have you been in Bristol? I am from Beijing, China and I have lived in Bristol for 3 years and 2 months. What have you been up to here in Bristol? For the 1st year I studied a Masters Course in Education Technology and Society. Afterwards I tried to find a full time job but didn’t manage and could only find part time ones. I also spent a lot of time travelling and have visited 20 countries in Europe! How did you find out about BISC? I cannot find a word to really express how wonderful BISC is! I have almost been to every single event that BISC puts on. I’ve just signed up now to do the Christmas Card Making and the Christmas Guided Walk so that I can enjoy the nice people, feeling and environment that I first experienced from BISC a couple of years ago. What impact did BISC have on your life in Bristol? BISC always welcomed me, even after I had finished my studies. It really helped me to build up my life here. I had never lived in a foreign country before. My life was full of colour because of BISC! I made some very good friends here. It brought excitement and depth of experience to my life here. BISC Christmas Newsletter

Ma Li, a faithful BISC friend What are your future plans now? I’m going home in January and will catch up with my family and friends. And of course try once more to look for a proper job, related to Education! (I did work as a teacher for 7 years before coming here to study.) Is there anything else you’d like to say? Thank you! I don’t know how to thank BISC, all the volunteers and the team working here – they are so friendly. I’d love to set up a small organisation like BISC in the university at home. I just think it’s such a good idea. I feel very lucky to study in Bristol as I don’t think there are other places like this elsewhere in the UK. Page 4

BISC Student Newsletter - Christmas 2011  

Bi-annual newsletter for international students from Bristol International Student Centre

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