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Bristol International Student Centre

The Welcome & International Reception With more and more international students coming to Bristol, The Welcome 2011 has been an adventure like no other. 1201 students were helped by being offered transport, short-term accommodation or a welcome meal for those new to the city. On our busiest night of offering pasta bakes and chilli con carne, 114 students were served by faithful BISC volunteers. In total 209 volunteers from supporting churches, the UWE and BU, Christian Unions and the BU Chemistry Department, helped to make this spectacular event possible. A highlight of this event was the International Reception held on 22 October when BISC and its trustees officially welcomed more than 600 students to Bristol. To all international students, we say again: WELCOME! ENJOY BISC, your home away from home!!!

i-con (international conversation) Update On Thursday lunchtimes, BISC joins the i-con team up at the Octagon, Frenchay campus. International conversation (i-con) gives students a chance to meet with one another over lunch, and to relax away from the pressure of study. We interviewed Ian Yemm who is an Anglican chaplain at UWE and one of the i-con leaders. Ian, tell us more about yourself, your role here at UWE and also outside of the university campus: Yes, I have a part-time post as Anglican chaplain on the “Students’ Experience Team” based at the Octagon (UWE Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Centre) and have been part of this team for 2 years now. As chaplain at UWE I have responsibility for the pastoral care and support of all students and staff, of any or no faith. Outside of UWE I do some preaching engagements, and also as a professional opera singer I’m involved in teaching singing to the cathedral choir. At the moment I’m also undertaking a Master’s degree at Sarum College in Salisbury. How do you see the future of i-con? Well, the future is different for each year! International students experience dialogue and friendship here. The role of i-con is very much led by the students’ needs. And the role of BISC at i-con? I-con works because it is in partnership with other agencies at UWE. BISC is a useful link between the students and society, and in being involved with the students on Thursdays and beyond. BISC has a heart for international students and offers services that i-con could not provide. We truly enjoy having BISC as part of i-con. BISC Christmas Newsletter

Ian with UWE students Daniella (left) and Antonia (right) We also interviewed some regular i-con students: Antonia is from the Czech Republic, studying English Language & Linguistics, and Daniella from Slovakia doing Business Studies & Economics. What do you enjoy about i-con and BISC? It’s great meeting new people and the mix of cultures. I like the friendly nature of i-con. And we like the home feeling of BISC – it seems like a family house (there’s a hoover, an iron,..!) We just love it!! Jun Hon Poh is from Malaysia, studying law. Why do you come to i-con? The food is good! And you get to mix with other people and cultures. The first time I came to i-con was the best day I’d had since arriving in the UK. I also love BISC!! Page 2

BISC Student Newsletter - Christmas 2011  

Bi-annual newsletter for international students from Bristol International Student Centre

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