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Digital portfolio year 2019

Hi, I am

A third-year graphic design student who is passionate about creating everything connected with graphics. Excelent user of Illustrator and Indesign. Competent in using Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Cinema 4D.

Booklet “Navigation and Wayfinding” 2019

Double sided poster-book “Helvetica” 2019


Birth of the Russian avant-garde paintings. The beginning of Russian avant-garde painting, in fact, was due to the same processes and influences as in the West — the main pictorial trends that predetermined all the revolutions in the visual art at the beginning of the 20th century were impressionism, post-impressionism and symbolism. In the works of Russian artists, impressionist features appeared almost 20 years later, but in the early 1900s, many authors would perceive the stylistic techniques. Including the future avant-garde masters such as Vasily Kandinsky, Mikhail Larionov, Natalia Goncharova, Kazimir Malevich and many others. Since 1904, mainly due to the collections of Sergey Shchukin and Ivan Morozov who were buying considerable numbers of modern French painting recent art of the West became accessible to Russian artists. Schukin opened his doors every Sunday so artists had easy access to the works of French Impressionists, Post-Impressionists, Fauves and early Cubists. Especially, the paintings of Van Gogh, Gauguin, Matisse and Cezanne were the most inspirational for representatives of Russian avant-garde painting. Unknown. (1915) Last Futurist Exhibition of Paintings. Available at: (Downloaded: 13 Dec 2018)


Booklet “Russian Avant-garde Painters” 2018


“Font 2.2” 2019









“Graphiсs” 2019

Poster “5$” 2019

Poster “Propaganda” 2019

“Font 1” 2019

Ultra thin




Poster “I want to change” 2019

Poster for a Planet for Tommorow “Save electricity� 2019

Poster “Figures and Objects” 2019

Cover for a booklet “Developlandia� 2019

Poster made by using algorythm “Same but different� 2019

Selection of logos 2019

Digital portfolio year 2019

To be continued.

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Portfolio: Boris Isajenko  

Portfolio: Boris Isajenko  

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