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A Case OF Meningitis Position #1- MEDICAL COMMUNITY By Clare Adams Bigger Bubbles Marketing

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I recently had the good fortune to be asked to attend a round-table on meningitis and decided to go along to find out more. I thought I knew a bit about the subject; I know it’s often deadly, can be bacterial or viral and that my kids are both vaccinated. I should show my cards early on here. I believe in vaccination. Or immunization. Or Inoculation. OK, if I’m going to assert a belief in something I think I need to know exactly what I’m talking about, so let’s start by clarifying the lingo here. What are we talking about? Immunization simply means to make immune; to render harmless or neutralize. Inoculation agent or antibodies) resistance. virus, but

is the practice of implanting a disease antigen (something that stimulates into a person to stimulate disease This used to signify the use of a live today there is usually no difference

between inoculation and vaccination and hence the two have become interchangeable in common jargon. Vaccination is the practice of inoculating using a modified virus as a preventative measure. As a side note, it comes from the latin word, vacca, meaning cow and has its origins in the cowpox virus that was used to protect people from deadly smallpox. Our first vaccine was developed in 1796. OK, so let’s try that again. I believe in immunization, whether it’s by inoculation or vaccination. Both of my own children have received all their routine immunizations as prescribed here in BC. I don’t believe in chicken pox parties and have seen firsthand through a friend the serious consequences of chicken pox when encephalitis led to ongoing epileptic fits. I cannot understand why any parent would want to run the risk of that or other diseases that are entirely preventable with immunization. Birth of a Mother - June/July 2013 17

Birth of a Mother June/July 2013  

Articles Include: A 2 sided perspective on immunization between the Medical and Holistic Communities, Lorraine Pond (from Bobs and LoLo) is...

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