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Dentists First Visits Your Pre-Schoolers Teeth!

HAlloween CAndy


Baby’s Cord Blood A D o u la ’s Si de

W A T E R which source is safest for our families?

Fun & Simple Costumes! Relax... We encourage your family to be with you for your procedure.

Southern Alberta Centre for Maternal Fetal Medicine

•The entire family is brought in from the beginning of the exam to view the scan. •There are patient viewing monitors in each room.

We are committed to providing excellent diagnostic

• We provide the most detailed

ultrasound service for women. Our clinical team

ultrasound of your baby while still

delivers high quality health care with professionalism

including time for show and tell with

and sensitivity.

pictures available for purchase. • EFW Radiology operates the only Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinics in Calgary, with on site perinatologists and nurses.


Mothe Birth•of•a


Distracted Driving Are You Ready?



Fresh Finds Newest & Coolest in Gear for the Fall.


Halloween Candy Alternatives Some fresh ideas for a not-so-sweet Halloween.


Classified/ Business Directory See what’s new and listed for local businesses and gear!


Contest Win a Moleskin Baby Journal!



baby’s cord blood EArly Childhood Tooth A frank discussion from the low Decay intervention position of childbirth. Straight from the Pediatric Dentists’ mouth - how to keep your children healthy from top to bottom. 24 Fashion - Halloween 18 costumes for all ages! More Than Just A Song Separation anxiety, nervousness and and Dance sleep issues - how to tackle it like The continuing Musical Adventures our Child Development pro! into Motherhood by LoLo from Bobs & Lolo!



Busy Mom’s List winterizing your car. The down-low on what a busy mom should do NOW to make sure all things are “go”.

Cover image courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids



Water, which source is safest for our families? Our nutrition expert gives you the facts and lets you weigh in! Also, some local alternatives to tap water featured.


Momtography! Renowned photographer (and our in house snap-shot-shooter) Heather Ward teaches simple steps to great photos!



Autumn Cheer Spend chilly evenings warm and cozy.



Editor’s Letter

The Elixir of Life ... Water is definitely a hot topic these days, whether about drying sources, forms of conservation, not to mention the bottled water controversy. When we stop to think about how much water we use on a daily, weekly, monthly basis; it is shocking and a relief to know there are so many organizations and non-profits out there working hard to educate the mass market about “wise water use”. As a family with 3 busy kids and avid foodie in the kitchen (that’s me!), we do consume more than our fair share for sure. But over the years we have tried to teach ourselves to consume wisely and not wastefully. Yes, there are times when the teenager has to be reminded not to take 20 minute shower (and that is not purely for consumption; it is because there is a lineup of other people waiting for hot water!) and thankfully, stainless water bottles have become a standard norm and make for a “healthier-than-juice” alternative in the lunch kits. It took awhile for the kids to get used to the switch but know they don’t know any different; and our diet is healthier for not being overconsumers of sugary juice boxes! We also took it one step further and installed rain barrels in our yard about 4 years ago. In the spring and summer, we use these as water sources for hand watering the flowers, potted plants and our raised vegetable garden in the backyard. In fact my 8 year old gets a kick out of checking to see if “we need it to rain” when they start to run a bit dry.


In the kitchen, we have a large pitcher near the sink that sits there day in and day out as a “catch basin” for unused water. After meals, if we have had water at the table, instead of pouring it mindlessly in the sink, it goes into the pitcher. Then it gets used for filling the dogs water dishes or watering the indoor house plants and window sill herb garden. Are we the image of a perfect green family? Not at all! But we are doing what we can little by little. Each time we add a new planet friendly habit, we make sure it sticks before adding a new one. So as you read our water article, stop and think of ways you can teach your kids to conserve this precious, natural resource that we all take completely for granted in this country!

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Our Mission Statement

Birth Of A Mother is an eco-focused, family magazine geared at educating new and expectant families as they navigate pregnancy, birth, parenthood and beyond. We aim to encourage self-expression, learning and positive parenting through choices, options & local resources; as well as planet friendly products!



This Month’s Contributors clare ADAMS {The LIGHTER SIDE} Clare Adams likes to celebrate the lighter side of family life while facing the same trials and tribulations as other parents (picky eaters, sleep deprivation, poop, etc). Seeing the humour in day-to-day life with kids and being a good parent is mainly about enjoying your kids and all the adventures that come with them. Originally from the UK, she now works from home running her own media & Pr Company, Bigger Bubbles Marketing, and writing for various publications. She is also a ‘hands-on’ board member of the gaby davis foundation, raising funds to provide financial assistance to families affected by childhood cancer.

Janet Ducommun {Dear DOULA} Janet Ducommun is a wife, mommy to 4 children, DONA certified birth doula, Lamaze trained Child Birth Educator, student midwife and Normal Birth Advocate. A woman of strong faith, she believes becoming a midwife is her life’s calling. When she is not studying or greeting a new baby she enjoys camping and hiking with her family.

Sarah Remmer {DIET & NUTRITION} Sarah Remmer is a Registered Dietitian and proud owner of Nutrio Nutrition and Wellness Consulting in Calgary, Alberta. Her favourite areas to counsel in are Women’s Health and prenatal nutrition. She has a true passion for nutrition, wellness, and fitness and feels very fortunate to be able to share her passion and knowledge with her clients and the public. She believes in achieving overall health realistically through a balanced lifestyle.

LORRAINE POND {MUSICAL ADVENTURES INTO MOTHERHOOD} Lorraine is a first-time mom and one half of the Canadian children’s music duo, Bobs & LoLo. Dedicated to connecting children to the natural world with music, movement and make-believe, Bobs & LoLo inspire their young audiences to care about themselves, their neighbours and the planet. Growing up together on Vancouver Island, Robyn Hardy (Bobs) and Lorraine Pond (LoLo) have always shared a love of the natural world and a passion for working with children. Creating the dynamic duo Bobs & LoLo has allowed these award-winning artists to combine their diverse academic backgrounds with a mutual love of teaching and the creative arts.

melanie gushnowski {child DEVELOPMENT} M.Sc- Melanie Gushnowski is the founder of Brilliant Beginnings Educational Centre in Calgary. Melanie has her Masters in Applied Psychology with a major in Human Development & Learning. She has a true passion for early childhood development and has worked with parents and children in the health and education field. Melanie’s desire is to see parents as “experts” in their child’s development and to realize their important role as their child’s first teacher! Melanie continues to study, write, and lecture on early childhood development and the relationship between environment and brain development.

tracy Loeppky {director OF OPERATIONS} Tracy was born and raised in Calgary and has been everything from a hairstylist, to a truck driver to a graphic designer. Her love for media, administrative and the baby industry led her to Birth of a Mother - and it was a perfect fit! Her goal is to assist Leah and the magnificent team of ladies at BOAM to grow & reach out to all the parents and grandparents of Calgary in a fun, unique and informative way. You can find her (more often than not) plugging away at her office in rural Alberta, just north of Calgary, where she now lives with her husband and two boys .


Are you ready for the DISTRACTED DRIVING law? WHAT DOES IT STATE? Distracted Driving Legislation (Bill 16) Distracted Driving Law in Effect September 1, 2011 Highlights: Restricts drivers from: • using hand-held cell phones • texting or e-mailing • using electronic devices like laptop computers, video games, cameras, video entertainment displays and programming p ortable audio players (e.g., MP3 players) • entering information on GPS units • reading printed materials in the vehicle • writing, printing or sketching, and • personal grooming Complements the current driving without due care and attention legislation Applies to all vehicles as defined by the Traffic Safety Act, including bicycles Applies to all roads in both urban and rural areas of the province

The fine for this new offence is $172


BELKIN TuneBase FM with Hands-Free Make and receive calls with the push of a button. If your iPhone is playing music when a call comes in, the music automatically fades out. You’ll hear the caller’s voice on speakerphone loud and clear through your car’s stereo

A Perfect Fit


The unique cradle easily adjusts to fit most iPods and iPhones—even with a case on. Move Your Music from Car to Car Take your favorite music with you. Since TuneBase FM doesn’t require permanent connections, it’s easy to swap between vehicles. Arrive Fully Charged TuneBase FM charges through your car’s 12-volt lighter outlet, so you can listen or talk without interruption— even on the longest road trip. An additional USB port even allows you to charge a second device while you drive.



FRESH FINDS Moleskine Moleskine® Passions Notebooks Available where fine stationary is sold Baby & Gardening Journal Moleskine®, publisher of legendary notebooks, is pleased to announce a new series dedicated to the areas of passion in our lives. Specially designed to help record and recall memories, thoughts and notes, the six notebooks in the Passions collection provide a format for storing memories of the “loves of our lives” in an entirely new way.

MAGNA TABS Trace the lines with the magnetic stylus and follow the arrows to learn the fundamentals of number & letter writing. Perfect for your early mathematician, or scholar the sensory reinforcement will help with early arithmetic lessons. Erase with the tip of a finger.


gDiapers You moms who know babies, know gDiapers. Their reputation for quality and customer service is impeccable ... well now they’ve added to their line-up! The NEW gStyle line is particularly cute pairing longsleeve t-shirt/dress with a very stylish diaper, perfect for winter-time, but the gameday and garden party are just gorgeous!


Coming soon to Bo Bébé

LEKKAMRAT dolls Every child loves a great soft and cuddly doll! These


additions to Ikea’s children’s line are machine washable, all non toxic dyes and fibers and have bendable limbs. They are shown in the clothing they come in, but you can buy nifty little outfits for them too!



FRESH FINDS Clek Oober 2011 This multi-award winning Canadian company has brought us another great seat style with their new Paul Frank Faux Hawk design. 2011 oobr – The First of Its Class in Booster Seating Oobr is Clek’s full back booster seat—built just like the seat in your car but sized for your child. Its metal sub-structure and unique recline feature bring new “firsts” to booster seating. Oobr also easily converts into a backless booster seat and is tailored with Crypton® Super Fabrics—a ride your kids can enjoy as they grow!

Clek Olli 2011 Olli is an award-winning belt-positioning backless booster. It says to your 6-12 year-old that it’s still cool to be safe in the car. Olli boosts your child’s height ensuring that the vehicle’s seat belt fits them just right while an additional layer of padding eliminates numb-bum syndrome. Easily transportable from vehicle to vehicle and especially handy while traveling from airport to rental car or even the taxi. 2011 olli Editions with new styles and Paul Frank Patterns!


PATRICIA HORT Specializ ing in Maternit y & Nurs ing Bras & S wimwea r

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Halloween Candy Alternatives By CLARE ADAMS


LOVE Halloween in North America and always have since moving here from the UK back in 2001. I grew up with Halloween being all devils, ghouls, witches and vampires and generally much lower-key, so imagine how refreshing it was to open my door to butterflies, tigers, ducks, pirates, robots, princesses and, OK, more recently, the odd Hannah Montana! However, nothing could have prepared me for the kind of volume of candy that I needed to buy to give out and, subsequently, as a parent, for the amount of candy that walked back in my front door with my kids. Now I readily admit that I have a very sweet tooth and am not averse to raiding the kid’s candy jar some evenings, but even I have completely failed to clear out the stash of Halloween candy in the cupboard from last year. Knowing that I was going to be writing on the subject, I purposefully

went to the re-usable Halloween bag buried in my kitchen cupboard and did a count – 22 candies still make that 21 (I’m British and ‘Cadbury’ speaks to me!), but with just over a month until more pours through the door, isn’t that a little crazy that it’s still there? I’m sure that my dentist would be pretty happy to hear that it wasn’t all consumed, but considering the size of the original bounty it’s not much to smile 12 BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV

about (and I’m sure my cupboard could be put to better use). It seems to me that there is plenty of scope to reduce the candy flow without affecting the fun of the holiday and so I’m on a mission to look at ways to look at trick-or-treating differently this year.


irst up is looking at what I’m going to stock-up on this year ready for the stampede at the doorbell. We live in a family-oriented subdivision and can expect anywhere from 80-150 kids at the door and in the past we’ve approximated 2 candies per child. Of course depending on the weather this figure can swing as wildly as the kids’ sugar highs and lows, making it highly likely that we have left over candy (I tend to err on the side of ‘plenty’). Thinking that we have enough of a problem with the candy coming in the door, I’m keen to find a solution which means I don’t have left-overs to deal with as well. First up, is maybe choosing a candy alternative. While healthier edible alternatives have been showing up in my kids’ bags for the past couple of years (we’ve had raisins, fruit leathers, granola bars, chips and juice boxes), there is now a growing trend to forget edibles altogether and look at everything from hair accessories or stickers, to pencils or crayons. A visit to the local party or dollar store provides an almost endless supply of inexpensive alternative ideas and packs of party favours that I could use, but if I’m willing to stretch my budget a little further (and let’s face it, the idea of simply switching to made-in-China plastic gimmicks doesn’t really fill me with much ‘feel good’), then multi-packs of miniPlayDoh, or hair accessories or jewellery or lip balms (i.e. Skittles Lip Smacker 16 pack available from may provide a more appealing alternative. I’m also tempted by the discounted 8-packs of bubbles that I saw on sale in my local Superstore now that summer is on its way out.


hat said, I’m contemplating using this year as a research experiment and may offer a choice of either a nonedible treat (e.g. bubbles) or a traditional candy and see which I’m out of first. If I do this then I will be back to selecting a more traditional treat and would probably take a look at supporting some of our awesome Canadian chocolate makers who, of course, have some wondering Halloween offerings ready to buy. The pumpkin lollys from Purdy’s (www.purdys. com) look almost too good to give away and the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (www.rockymountainchocolatefactory. com) chocolate bars, while less festively dressed, also look seriously yummy and are available in sugar-free. Meanwhile, Charlie’s Chocolate Factory (http://www. halloween.shtml) has lots of fun Halloween inspired designs and foil-wrapped novelties which are quite inexpensive). Mmm, perhaps I need to do some product testing first!


f course, sorting out what I’m giving out is only half the battle. Next up, is persuading my kids that trick or treating is not a competition and that we aren’t trying to feed an entire third world country on the spoils from Halloween. My daughter is already gearing up for “one extra street this year”, but when we didn’t finish the candy trawled from just 2 streets last year, why exactly do we need to go further and collect more? Well, rather than relying on rain or freezing temperatures to drive us home early, for a daughter who has really embraced fund-raising for several charities, maybe feeding people is what I should try making Halloween all about.

Mini Play-Doh available at Toys R Us, Walmart & Costco | Personalized Shark Treat Bag & Girl Monster Treat Bag available online at | Handheld Torch available at

Meal Exchange ( has launched its 2011 Trick or Eat campaign ( and is encouraging young people across Canada to use the holiday to fill-up the shelves of local food banks, which I think is an awesome way to turn what has become something of a greed-fest into an opportunity to provide for those in real need. All food donations collected through the Trick or Eat program are donated to local food banks.


hances are that with a 4yr old in tow as well, I may be hard-pushed to give-up the candy collecting altogether, but if we do go out and collect a small mountain of candy, then I still have a couple of options to reduce the chance of cavities and having to find candy storage space for the next 11 months.


irst up is a straight trade, candy for whatever I think will work; a toy, a trip to the movies, bowling, manicure, or a Candy Exchange such as the Evans Clinic in Calgary. Some parents have even introduced a magical helper on this one aka the Pumpkin Fairy, Halloween Fairy or similar, although I have to say that I’m a little reluctant to go that route as I already struggle keeping track of all the to-do lists for Santa,

the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny et al. Alternatively, more and more dental offices are doing candy exchanges or Candy Buy Back programs to encourage kids to bring in their candy and trade it in for a more toothfriendly alternative or a chance to win prizes. Evans Dental Centre in Calgary will be operating their 4th Annual Candy Buy Back event this November 1st and they commit that the candy turned in will not go to any other person for consumption. Sadly, that might mean it just ends up in garbage but if, like the dental clinic, I need to find a home for a whole heap of traded or uneaten candy (they collected over 1600lbs last year!) come November 1st, then I might consider using it for arts and crafts; jewellery, decorating a photo frame or making Christmas ornaments before stuffing it in the back of my cupboard or pouring it into landfill.

knowing that we’re helping to protect their dental health (it’s better in my mouth which has already succumbed to several fillings). I’ve read some great adult-only tips for candy- flavoured vodka and adding chocolate to coffee for an instant mocha, so I may now need at least some Halloween candy to put some of these to the test too. In which case, I’m going to make sure that I go out trick-or-treating with them (Dad can stay home and give out goodies) so that I work off the calories in advance with lots of running about the neighbourhood. We already have reusable bags that our kids use



inally, if like me, your sweet tooth gets the better of you and your solution this year ends up involving you nobly scoffing most of the kids’ candy for them, at least we could feel good

each Halloween, check out Old Navy, Gap, Pottery Barn Kids or craft one yourself, which helps lessen the environmental impact a little and like the idea of giving the kids hand-powered flashlights too which help to keep them safe, but there are also greener options than a traditional flashlight that eats


ow, where can I get a tooth-fairy costume before Halloween?~



EARLY CHILDHOOD CARIES (DECAY)... BY Dr. Leonard B Smith DDS,MSc,FRCD(C ) FICD Dental Care for Children 403-278-8000


our child’s primary teeth begin to develop between weeks 7-10 of your pregnancy. At this stage each tooth develops its basic outline. The next stage in their development is from weeks 15-19. This is the period during which the hardening or mineralization begins. This process continues up until the time the individual tooth appears in your baby’s mouth. This process then is completed if the tooth is totally clean and is bathed in the calcium and phosphate rich saliva. There are normally 20 primary teeth: 4 incisors in both the upper (maxillary) jaw and lower (mandibular) jaw. These are the first ones to erupt between 6-9 months of age. Next to appear around 12 months of age are the 4 -1st primary molars- These are followed by the 4 cuspids (eye) teeth around 18 months of age and finally the 4-2nd primary molars that erupt between 34-30 months of age. The individual lower teeth usually appear before the corresponding upper tooth.




1. The teeth help your baby to bite off and chew their food. This is a critical first step in the digestive process. 2. The teeth aid in the development of speech and articulation 3. The teeth support their lips and contribute to their great smile 4. A healthy smile contributes to their self esteem 5. The teeth help maintain the physical space and act as guides for the developing permanent teeth

The primary teeth are not all gone until a child is 13 years of age. PREVENTION OF DENTAL DISEASE Prevention of dental disease should begin immediately after your baby’s first feeding. Using a wash cloth or a finger cloth and water, the baby’s gum pads should be gently wiped to remove milk residue. The prevention of tooth decay continues every day for the rest of the The Perfect Smile! child’s life. Once the teeth begin to erupt each surface of each tooth needs to be thoroughly cleaned. If the teeth are touching each other, then you need to floss those surfaces that are touching—yes, even at 6 months of age! Minimal amounts-a tiny drop of toothpaste can be used but is not necessary. No fluoride toothpastes should be used until your child is old enough to spit it out rather than swallow it. In communities where there is no fluoride in the water, it is recommended that a fluoride supplement be given. You need to check with your oral health care provider to determine the correct dosage. MILD Decay

YOUR CHILD’S FIRST DENTAL VISIT It is the current recommendation of the Canadian Dental Association and the Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentists that a child’s first dental visit occur before their first birthday. No child is too young for a visit to the dentist and if your family dentist is not comfortable seeing infants then they can refer you to a pediatric dentist in your community or to a

general dentist who does. DENTAL DECAY Dental decay in children under five years of age, also known as early childhood caries, holds the sad distinction of being the most common, chronic, progressive, infectious disease in North America. It can and does begin in children as young as 10 months of age. It is caused by having the teeth (usually the top [maxillary] four incisors|) exposed to a sugar containing fluid for long periods of time such as a bottle propped up in the crib while the baby sleeps or a soother dipped in sugar or honey. It even can occur in those children who are nursed and have access to the breast while both mom and baby sleep. (I support nursing as being the best source of nutrients for babies). Cavities are formed when there are cavity producing bacteria present, when their food supply is present –sugar-, when little saliva is present and of course when a tooth is present. The bacteria use the sugar as a food source. They MODERATE Decay digest this sugar and produce a waste product called lactic acid which when left in contact with the tooth, causes it to decalcify. The bacteria then multiply, invade into the tooth and the decay process continues. If the cavities are not fixed, your baby can develop a tooth ache as young as 15 months. It is imperative that parents understand that these children need to have their teeth restored and get rid of the idea that they are only baby teeth and will fall out so why fix them? Untreated, these children who develop tooth ache and tooth abscesses suffer from varying degrees of malnutrition sleep deprivation, chronic pain and infection. It is important to remember that while the teeth are erupting, other parts of the body are developing. It is known that children who suffer from chronic pain and infection for long periods of time also BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV


experience architectural changes in their brains and these can have serious, lifetime, irreversible impacts on the child. PREVENTION IS THE BEST TREATMENT ...and it is inexpensive!


Dr. Carol Berkovitz, a past president of the American Academy of Pediatrics states; “As a Doctor, I see the impact of poor oral health on a child’s health and well being. If their teeth are decayed and their mouths hurt, it will affect their ability to eat

and if they do not eat properly then they don’t grow, their brain doesn’t grow, they don’t develop; they don’t gain weight and are more susceptible to infections-even colds and flu. ~



SYMPTOMS: Toothache for months or years, sleep deprivation, infection, malnutrition.


Bobs & LoLo’s NEW CD

Connecting the Dots

NOW IN STORES! Read Lorraine's thoughts (aka LoLo) , as a rst time mommy in the Continuing Musical Adventures into Motherhood feature in this issue of Birth of a Mother! BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV



More Than Just A Song and Dance By LORRAINE POND


y baby girl is three months old this week. In her short life she has shared in more than 30 Bobs & LoLo performances – although admittedly, she has slept through more than half of them. She has napped in dressing rooms, nursed during sound checks and traveled thousands of kilometers by boat, plane and automobile. My daughter is a super star.

“Three months seems like such a short period of time, and it truly is a quick blip in the blur of a busy life. Still, within this time, my baby girl has graduated from newborn to infant, and I’m constantly amazed by how

BC – approximately 2-hours of driving and a 1.5-hour ferry ride from our home in Vancouver. At 6am we scoop Anisa out of her crib – thankfully still sleeping – and begin our trip. I give Anisa her first feed as we wait to board the ferry.

Three months seems like such a short period of time, and it quickly she is growing and changing.” truly is a quick blip in the blur of a busy life. Still, within this time, my baby girl has graduated Today is a show day. My alarm went off at 4:30am, but there was no time to hit snooze - the race is from newborn to infant, and I’m constantly amazed by how quickly she on. The hope is to get through a shower, do my hair, start my make-up, is growing and changing. She kicks. She giggles. She burps. Wow – can walk the dog and load up the van before the first feed. At 5:30am I wake she ever burp! My daughter is amazing. On the ferry, Anisa entertains the other passengers with her widemy husband, as we need to be out the door in half an hour to get to the ferry terminal for our sailing reservation. Today’s show is in Victoria, eyed stares, occasional smiles and fabulous baby-ness. By the time we


“Anisa cheered us on with her gurgles and coos, smiles and snuggles. dock and drive to the performance location, it’s

Being a mother is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The job r e quires a mental, emotional and physical toll far beyond anything I’ve ever taken on in my life. Still, I laugh more than I cry, I celebrate more than I despair and I feel so much love for this little person that it is difficult to describe with words. My daughter is an inspiration.

Anisa was a scrawny newborn. Although she weighed over 7lbs at birth, she was long and lean like her daddy. As with most babies, she dropped some weight during her first week and getting some chub on this wee girl proved to be my biggest challenge as a new momma. My husband and I coped with a lot of our first-timer parenting anxiety through laughter and love. Late night talks, tag-teaming chores and lots of silly songs helped keep stress levels in check. “Poop it Out”, “Burp it Up” and our new family favourite, “Drool is Cool” may not be making the billboard charts (yet), but they are top hits in our home! Through it all, Anisa cheered us on with her gurgles and coos, smiles and snuggles. My daughter is a delight.

The show is over. The kids have collected their stickers and their attentive parents have taken hundreds of photographs. I have signed CDs and high-fived the little hands of boys and girls who sang and danced their hearts out during the concert. The gear is packed up, the van reloaded and I have passed on my appreciation to the event hosts and support team. It’s time to go home.

My daughter is a delight.” time for another feed, and 2.5-hours until show time.

As the start of the show draws nearer, I develop low-level anxiety and my thoughts spiral around whether or not my wee girl is sleepy or hungry, is she wearing appropriate clothes, will she be warm enough, will she be too warm, who will hold her during the performance, do I need to tell them anything, when was her last poop…and the list goes on. I usually breastfeed her for a few minutes, even if she’s not showing any hunger cues. Moms need to comfort nurse every now and then too.

The trip back is quiet. We’re all tired although it’s the kind of tired that leaves you more satisfied than drained. It’s a comfortable exhaustion that you discover when you find yourself living a life that you love, a life guided by purpose and intention. Three months ago, I thought I had already found these things in my life. I have a job I love, an amazing life partner, a wonderful family and incredible friends. I realized when my daughter was born that this sense of fulfillment was just a shadow of what I would discover. Becoming a parent gives life more depth. More purpose. More intent. My husband and I snuggle with Anisa and enjoy a beautiful sunset on the ferry ride back home. At the end of a long day, we pause to enjoy a quiet moment as a family. Our daughter is our love.





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Moleskine Launches Baby Journal The publisher of the legendary notebook introduces a new journal designed for families with a baby. A new piece in the Passions Journals Collection

The Baby Journal features a playful cover and includes 202 adhesive labels for personalizing the journal. A timeline and checklist helps the family stay organized during the first 24 months. There is a growth chart, wish lists, and space for important addresses. 3 bookmark ribbons make it easy to keep track of activity in multiple sections. The acid free paper ensures that the journal will preserve memories for a lifetime. 6 themed sections provide space for: capturing the 9 months of pregnancy, documenting the birth and homecoming experience, collecting special moments, monitoring health and care, and organizing feedings. Paired with Moleskine’s MSK service, families can download and print breastfeeding and weaning tables that fit perfectly into the journal. 6 additional sections, with blank tabs for personalizing, allow a family’s creativity to run free. A family might create a section of possible names, recipes for healthy food, or for taking notes from other books and resources. Include the story of the whole family by giving everyone a section for their memories of the pregnancy and the baby’s first year.




Your Baby’s Cord Blood BY JANET DUCOMMUN


o much information can be found about stem cell research and if you have been to a baby show over the past few years, invariably you have been approached by someone who wants to tell you about cord blood banking. The facts are this type of research and blood banking is still in the experimental phase and much like cryogenics it is all about what they “believe” will be possible in the future that is driving these businesses. Preying on fear of the unknown and fairy tails of what is yet to come; many companies are making big bucks. I have to wonder if, it is by design that babies have been given these few precious cells that can develop into any other cell. Could your baby actually benefit from having the cells that are contained in the cord blood? In nature I would challenge you to find a mammal in nature that immediately clamps the cord and cuts it: usually that would involve a human intervention, hmmm, interventions are something we usually we want to avoid. So why do we as humans immediately clamp and cut the cord? Is it because that is we have been taught to do so by many generations before us? These are some interesting questions to ponder. 22 BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV

In the natural birth community Delayed Cord Clamping (DCC) is getting a lot of publicity. There have been several studies noting the benefits of delaying cord clamping, even in preterm infants. Even a short delay of 45-60 seconds can make a significant amount of difference for your baby. Suggestions are that DCC offers your baby a more gentle transition from the womb to the first few breaths. Remember if your baby is not breathing immediately at birth, your body is still performing this gas exchange until the cord stops pulsing. I have heard people wonder how a baby delivered into water does not drown; it is by this same principle, the baby is not forced to take that “first” breath until the gas exchange between mom and baby is no longer taking place. An infant who has been allowed to remain on the cord for one to three minutes will have an increased blood volume for several days following the birth. If your baby has experienced any trauma during its birth this increased volume and additional stem cells that can form into any type of body cell can naturally aid your baby in recovery. Borlongan, suggests “A delay in cord clamping may increase the stem cell population in the baby, promoting an innate stem cell therapy that can promote acute benefits in the case

“I have to wonder if, it is by design that babies have been given these few precious cells that can develop into any other cell. Could your baby actually benefit from having the cells that are contained in the cord blood?”

of neonatal disease, as well as long term benefits in age related diseases” Breast fed babies at about 6 months of age, appear to need an outside source of iron. Iron is integral in the development of the central nervous system, as well as being an essential element for the blood. Another study, conducted on iron levels in those babies who experienced DCC verses those with immediately clamped cords regarding iron levels found those followed to six months of age who had experienced DCC had increased iron levels over those who were clamped immediately. Raising the most difficult ethical issues is the apparent benefit to those who are born prematurely. The delay of even 30 – 45 seconds may seem like an eternity to those who are waiting to attend a sick baby but the delay may drastically improve a baby’s outcome, recovery and development. It is difficult to get an accurate idea of the scope of how DCC may benefit the neo-nate because of the hesitancy to wait with a baby who needs so much medical help. More research needs to be done in this matter but it creates ethical dilemmas. There appears to be many benefits to delaying cord clamping for your infant and little reason not to offer your baby all of its own blood. Do some research; discuss your practitioner’s position, consider putting delayed cord clamping

into your birth plan. As with all things, your best choice is a well informed choice. Don’t forget to look for Dear Doula on Facebook - you can ask Janet your pregnancy related questions directly and join a network of new and experienced moms, doulas and birth professionals.

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Delivered to your door! References: Borlongan, C., Eve, D., Klasko, S., Park, D., Sanberg, P., Tolosa, J. (2010) . Mankind’s first natural stem cell transplant. Journal Compilation 2010 Foundation for Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 488-95 Fogelson, N. (2011, Jan.) Delayed cord clamping grand rounds. Academic OB/GYN, podcast

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Fun & Simp C

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ple Costumes!






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Wi nter ize Your Car ...

Get Ready NOW!


BY Tracy Loeppky

ost women are not fortunate enough to have

been raised by a “car-guy”, then marry another “car-guy” making it virtually impossible to ever have a vehicle that is under-maintained. In fact, most of the women I know are so busy with children, jobs, lunches, yard work and trying to find time for precious sleep that winterizing their car is the furthest thing from their minds. That said, it really should be in the forefront considering in Alberta we have 2 seasons; Winter and Construction... and Construction, my friends, is nearly over. So! Here is my Busy Mom’s List for making sure your car - and the precious cargo carried therein, is ready for the blustery months of long drives and heavy traffic.

Maintain, Maintain, Maintain Even if you drive a brand new 2010 Something Or Other, I cannot stress the importance of forking out the cash to get your vehicle properly maintained. It might seem like the dealership is trying to force you to ‘overdo’ it, but the standard time between visits should be 28 BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV

no more than 15000 km’s. This includes oil changes; “type” maintenance’s and warranty up-keeps. A small note on oil; it’s a good idea to have a lighter oil put into your vehicle during the winter months (5W30) but again, check your owners manual. Furthermore, do not go by time line. If you are anything like me I can rack up 15000 km’s in less than two months without even trying, and time flies ladies, so make sure to abide by the km’s written on that little plastic sticker on your windshield.

Tire Change All-Seasons are contradiction in terms; at least this is what I’ve learned in my experience. So, if you carry a few kids around and are prone to driving excessively in the winter months, please consider winter tires. I spent a few hours online reading what consumer’s thoughts of all-seasons and all-weather tires were, and the bottom line is once the real nasty weather hits, they fail. You do not need to be a native Albertan to know that failing tires in the middle of a freak snow storm is counter-productive. If you cannot afford the new tires, then at least

maintain the air pressure according to winter conditions and temperatures, this information can be found in your owners manual or where ever it is you have your can serviced. Also, make sure they are rotated regularly as a part of your car’s maintenance.

Wiper Blades Sun, cold, rain, sun, snow, sun ... all these things literally eat rubber and silicone. And with our extreme changes in weather (i.e. 29 C during the day, down to 5 C at night) and desert like conditions wiper blades do not last long. These should be changed every 6 months and preferably before the crazy sleet-snow falls. A note: you get what you pay for, so don’t ‘cheap-out’ on wiper blades. In fact I also recommend pairing it with a frequent Rain-X treatment on your windshield, it’s easy and will make a night and day difference on visibility ... once you go Rain-X you never go back!

“in Alberta we have 2 seasons; Winter and Construction... and Construction, my friends, is nearly over.” Battery Ever had the “click of death”? You know, you get into your car, turn the key and “click”, deader than a doornail. Let’s avoid that shall we? Especially when the thermometer drops below -18C and you have a carload of groceries and children, or just need to get to work! When you take your car in for its very next oil change, ask the gentleman (or lady) to check your battery posts and connections, and clean them if need be. You can also refer to your owner’s manual to see when it is they suggest changing out the battery in your vehicle for a new one. A tip: if you’ve never plugged your car in during the really cold weather, (say -10 to -15C) no need to start now. Your battery actually has a memory and if it’s new or fully charged it won’t need to be plugged in until the wind chill drops before -15C, however if used to it, it will rely on the surge of energy and fail even though it’s a healthy battery. Weird, no?

Emergency Kit Have one. No, really, it’s one of those things that you will possibly never need, and therefore never think about -

until you do need it. Every major retailer who carries car accessories carry emergency car kits, but if you are unsure just hit your local Canadian Tire.


dditionally, make sure you have a warm blanket, boots (if you tend to not wear them) gloves, hats and scarves for every passenger, and snacks for those passengers. Choose non-perishable food and juice boxes that you can pack up in October and never again think about until April. It’s easy to have a box in your trunk that has the Emerg-Kit plus these few additional items. I really could go on and on about safety, accessories, maintenance and what you should and should not do ... so here are a few more things to think about as the leaves change and begin to fall. •

Make sure your cell phone is always charged ... if you are in a collision and your power fails, a car charger is useless.

Have a hands free device that is solid and will not come loose during impact.

Road-Side Assistance: if all this talk makes you very uncomfortable and you tend err on the side of paranoid, pay for some kind of road side assistance, blue tooth assistance or Onstar. These things are a peace of mind that for some people are priceless.

Have a cleaning kit on hand - be it wipes, a foam cleanser and cloth or even a spray bottle of antifreeze. (not water, it will freeze) Reason? Headlights and snow, salt, gravel, and the sludge all those thing create. Make sure your headlights are clean, this also works if you forgot to change out your windshield wipers.

Gas Line Antifreeze is a great addition when the temperature dips below -20C; 1 bottle per fill up.

Never let your tank get below 1/4 a tank - while we are talking about gas line antifreeze - your gas can and may freeze if it’s that low!

If all else fails and you are still just not sure and want another opinion, ask a car-guy. Everyone knows a carguy, and they are always more than happy to answer questions or help out in any way.

Lastly, if you are one of those people that honestly don’t know a car-guy, email me, I have two. ~




H 20

how much do you know?


Hydration Hype:

can be confusing trying to choose the best source for our families. Let’s explore our options…

A lot of us walk around somewhat dehydrated every day. Many of us are so used to being dehydrated that we don’t even recognize that we’re thirsty. And by the time thirst hits, we’re likely already dehydrated! A lot of us just don’t think about drinking water. We drink other beverages, but we forget or just don’t like drinking pure water. Some of us don’t like water because it’s too plain or not flavorful. Perhaps we’re so used to flavored beverages that water just doesn’t cut it? I have had many adult clients who drink next to no water when they first come to see me. Many of them suffer from low energy, digestive issues, bladder infections, weight issues, constipation etc. Many of these symptoms can be attributed to low water intake.

Good old Tap Water:

Water is the best source of hydration. It’s calorie-free, dye-free and preservative-free. Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water. We are excreting water every day, and therefore need to replace it. Our blood volume, digestion, kidneys and overall health depend on it. We should be drinking about 2-3 liters of fluid a day and more if we are doing lots of exercise (both kids and adults), most of that fluid should come from water. Okay, so we know that we need water, but there are SO many choices out there as far as what type of water, it 30 BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV

There is the increasing concern about the quality and safety of our drinking water. The responsibility for making sure drinking water supplies are safe is shared between the provincial, federal and municipal governments. Municipal drinking water systems are routinely inspected and monitored to make sure that the chemical and microbiological quality meets provincial standards. There is a risk of our drinking water becoming contaminated somewhere during its journey to our homes. Risk management approaches are in place however, to identify potential hazards and ensure barriers are in place to reduce or eliminate the chance of contamination. Health Canada is involved in the development of “Guidelines of Canadian Drinking Water” to make sure that our water is kept safe. Health Canada reassures us that our tap water remains a safe and economical source of clean drinking water. The risks of contamination may increase slightly in rural areas and on native reserves however. Rural regions have a greater dependency on small surface water systems and groundwater which may not

be as safe. If you do live in rural areas, you may want to explore options for purifying or filtering your water. Also, if your drinking water is from a private supply (such as a well) it may not be safe from microbiological, chemical, or other types of contamination. Drinking water taken from private sources should be tested to determine if treatment is required.

Water Filtration systems: Water filters are devices that can improve the overall taste, smell and appearance of our drinking water and can remove some chemical and organic substances. Water filters are used mostly for drinking and cooking purposes, and are the most inexpensive and most easily available method of water purification. This does not mean, however that water filters are 100% fool proof. Water filters do not remove microorganisms and are intended for use only with micro-biologically safe water. No single water filter can be used to remove all types of substances from water. If not used according to the manufacturer’s specifications, water can become contaminated. So any build up on the filter can promote bacterial growth very quickly, even overnight. Some studies show that bacteria in water that has passed through a home filtration device that has not been maintained may be up to 2,000 times higher than levels in unfiltered water! There are many different water filtration systems out there such as particle filters, resin filters and activated carbon filters. Some filters are better for removing organic compounds such as microorganisms and others are better at removing heavy metals (such as lead) and minerals. Choosing a filter really depends on what your personal thoughts and values are when it comes to your drinking water, and you have to be diligent in making sure that your filtration system is maintained and cleaned regularly.

Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis (R/O) is a water treatment process in which water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that has very small holes or “pores”. Clean water passes through and impurities that are too big to pass through the membrane are left behind and flushed away. Reverse osmosis can remove dissolved solids,

salts, minerals that cause hardness, organic chemicals and other impurities. It can improve the taste of water and won’t produce scale in kettles and coffee makers. R/O units may also remove contaminants such as chromium, mercury and nitrates. It’s important to check the certification and literature for the particular model that you’re buying to verify exactly what it can and cannot remove. One of the potential drawbacks of reverse osmosis treatment systems is that they remove minerals such as calcium and magnesium from our drinking water. In Canada, water is a minor source of these minerals when compared to foods. If you consume a reasonably balanced diet, you don’t have to worry about taking a mineral supplement when drinking water treated with a reverse osmosis system. If you are concerned, there are certain R/O systems that re-mineralize water after the filtration process. An R/O unit should only be used with drinking water that is known to be safe. As with other filtration systems, reverse osmosis does not disinfect water.

Distilled Water: Distilled water is highly treated and disinfected for drinking, cooking and other household uses. The distillation process removes minerals and microbiological contaminants and can reduce levels of chemical contaminants. A water distiller works by boiling water into water vapor, condensing it and then returning it to its liquid state. It is collected in a storage container. If your drinking water is municipally supplied, you do not need a water distiller for health purposes. However, if your personal preference is to improve the taste of your water, remove water hardness, or ensure high purity, a water distiller may be what you’re looking for. Distilled water is totally safe to drink. Minerals like calcium and magnesium are removed when water is distilled, but again, assuming that you are eating a balanced diet, this should not be a problem.

Bottled Water: Bottled water can come from a variety of sources including springs, aquifers, or municipal supplies and may be treated to make it fit for human consumption. In Canada, bottled water is regulated as a food and therefore it must comply with the Food and Drugs Act. Bottled water has become very popular over the BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV


last decade. About 75% of our water is coming from bottled water! Bottled water includes natural mineral water and water drawn from springs and wells, but could also include purified water, which is often treated municipal water. Bottled water companies must adhere to provincial regulations when taking water at its source. Bottled water is safe assuming that it has been properly handled and stored and if the seal as not been broken or damaged. No known waterborne disease outbreaks have been associated with drinking bottled water in Canada. Bottled water is convenient and can encourage water consumption, which is great. From an environmental and financial perspective though, bottled water isn’t so great. Plastic bottles are not environmentally friendly, are expensive to transport, create waste that is costly to recycle, and are expensive to purchase. Both the manufacture of plastic bottles and the use of motor vehicles for travel result in consumption of petroleum products and emission of greenhouse gases.

What type of water is safe for Babies? If you need water for a baby who is four months or younger, it is recommended to boil the water for at least a couple of minutes at a rapid boil. You can store that boiled water for two or three days in your fridge as long as it’s in a sterilized container with a closed lid. Water from your tap or well that meets safety standards and

bottled water are good choices as long as your baby is six months old or older. When it comes to tap water, Health Canada recommends that you always use cold water from your tap for babies. Hot water may contain more lead or other things you don’t want your baby drinking. Health Canada recommends flushing your pipes by running your cold water for two minutes every morning. When choosing a bottled water to use for your baby, look for natural spring water from underground springs and treated water with low mineral content. This applies only to bottled water bought in Canada.

Make Your Choice: Who knew that something as simple as water could be so confusing?! To be honest, I learned a lot in doing research for this article, and I plan to get my husband TheI Marks to thoroughly inspect our built-in water filter. also have a few more options to think about as far as water purifying and filtering goes. I’m intrigued by reverse osmosis systems but I’m also considering switching to non-filtered good old tap water! The great news is that our water for the most part is very safe. Regardless if we choose tap, bottled, purified or distilled, we know that water is essential and that we are lucky enough to have all of these safe options! Now that you are a bit more educated on every option, it’s important to examine your family’s personal values and decide which option is best is best for you. ~

All Images graciously provided by Santevia™ Pure EARTH Water - & Purified Water Store.

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Registered Dietitian services are often covered. Ask your benefits provider. 32 BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV

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BY HEATHER WARD Heather Ward Photography


s a professional photographer and mother, I know the importance of snagging a great photo of your child. Hiring a professional photographer for every birthday, event and special occasion would be great, but it’s not always realistic. And some of my favorite photos of my own kids, are in the quiet moments at home. Having the knowledge to get the most out of every picture you take is a valuable asset, and it’s this knowledge and skill that allows your memories to last forever. The most common question I get from parents is “How are you able to capture such great photos of children….all the time?” True…it’s not an easy task. Kids are quick, can be moody or uncooperative, and sometimes need bribery just to hold still long enough to bring the camera to your eye. So, to help parents master a few of the skills necessary to take great photos, I began teaching a “Momtography” workshop called ‘Paparazzi Mom’. A workshop designed to teach moms (and dads) how to properly use their cameras, and learn the skills

to get the most out of their kid photos. From this workshop, I’ve compiled a quick list of tips to help you achieve your goal of capturing great photos of your family.

Know Your Child’s Mood

Hungry or overtired children do NOT photograph well, so attempting to capture meaningful photos at meal or nap time is often unrewarding. It’s best to break out the camera when tummy’s are full and children are well-rested.

Provide Incentive

Bribery is okay! My kids are so over-photographed that they get really tired of me bossing them around in front of the camera. So when it’s time for new photos of my little ones, I break out some incentive. You’d be amazed at how the promise of ice cream, a trip to the dollar store, or even a few dollars for older kids can bring on some amazing cooperation.



Move it From the Middle

We are trained to center our subjects in the middle of the camera and say “cheese”. Bring your photo to life by moving your focus of the photo to the left or right.

Watch Your Light

Be a Director

Move your subjects around, closer together. Tell your kids where to sit or stand, play games to bring on kisses, jumps and giggles. With kids, games and jokes bring out the smiles and giggles that provide those natural expressions and fabulous photos.

Play with Distance

Changing the perspective of your photo is important. Capturing a great wide angle view can be awesome, but getting up close and personal with your subject allows you to eliminate distractions and gives your photos a more intimate feel. So take a few steps closer, or zoom in so your viewfinder is filled by your subject. Now you can capture the details of that beautiful face.

Shoot Vertically

Shoot horizontally with your camera, but change it up! Be sure to switch to a vertical shot now and again so you can achieve a completely different feel to your photos. Whether it be the Empire state building, or a person, things often look better vertically.

Lock Your Focus

With toddlers, there obviously isn’t always time to stop and focus when you are trying to grab a last minute shot, but if you can, take a second to hold the cameras shutter half way down to lock in your camera’s focus. This is important especially when shooting photos where your subject is off centre.


Amazing light makes for amazing photos! Take advantage of big windows and well lit areas. Have your subject face the light source to get nicely exposed shots and add a sparkle to their eye. If you are outdoors, use the soft light of a cloudy day or find a well lit shaded area under a tree or beside a building. When shooting in full sun, turn on your cameras flash to eliminate shadows.

Get on Their Level

In order to capture a child’s true expressions, you need to be on the same level as them. When we stand above our children, they are often straining to look up and see us, causing their natural expressions to be altered. Kneel on the driveway, lay on the floor or do whatever you need to in order to get on the same level as your child. They don’t have to look directly at the camera, but being at their eye level will provide a personal and inviting feeling to your photograph.

Take a Million Photos

Don’t stop shooting! Whether you are shooting in manual, or burst or auto mode, take several photos one after the other. Now that most cameras are digital, you can afford to take continuous photos. This will allow you to capture those in between moments that make the best photographs.

p a

Know Your Camera

Personally, I think this is an extremely important factor in getting great photos, and it’s something I talk about in more detail in my workshops. Knowing your camera and its settings inside and out is crucial. SLR’s, and even most point and shoots now-a-days have great features that are helpful in assisting with great pictures. Read your cameras manual, join a message board or pick up a field guide. Spend a lot of time experimenting with settings. Take the time to learn about what your camera can do. And if you can master shooting in manual mode, you can enter a whole new world of personal photography.

“some of my favorite photos of my own kids, are in the quiet moments at home”

Have Fun!

No matter what kind of photos you take, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself and make the experience a pleasant one for everyone involved. Photographs should be a fun family affair. If you can afford to buy a shockproof camera, passing it over to the little ones for a turn with the camera can make it easier to share the fun and get kids excited about having their photo taken. So, enjoy the moments with your children, and pack that camera with you as often as you can. You never know when the perfect opportunity to capture a valuable memory will occur. After all, the greatest story is your own! It’s worth reliving it through your photographs.








With all the lovely turning trees, birds flying south and cooler wether, we naturally gravitate to the indoors! Here are some fun Mommy and Daddy Treats to help pass the cooler Autumn Nights away ....

Alberta’s own FIELD STONE FRUIT WINES All Field Stone wines are made from 100% Alberta-grown fruit, 90% of which is grown on the winery’s own orchard. Field Stone’s wine maker is Dominic Rivard, a noted world expert in fruit wines. Since 2006, the winery has been distinguished with 15 awards and medals across its 10 varieties of fruit and dessert wines. Field Stone wines are available at selected farmers markets, direct from the winery in Strathmore Alberta, and now yearround online, and seasonally at the Calgary Farmer’s Market.

Black Currant Fruit Wine

This dry fruit wine is slightly oaked, creating an earthy but refined flavour, with a hint of berry on the finish. Marries well with beef and lamb dishes. A drier winelover’s delight. Silver Medal Winner NorthWest Wine Summit, 2011 $15.95

Bumble Berry Fruit Wine

A medium-dry fruit wine boasting a subtle berry mix, capturing the prairie’s best flavours – saskatoon berries, raspberries, strawberries and rhubarb – into a flavour all its own. Pairs well with festive meals, grilled burgers, Asian and ethnic foods. Excellent for the barbeque season. Gold Medal Winner – NorthWest Wine Summit, 2011 Gold Medal Winner – NorthWest Wine Summit, 2008 $14.95



Woodbridge 2009 ZINFANDEL The 2009 vintage of our popular Zinfandel offers bright aromas and intense fruit flavors with all the rich black fruit and spice characters the varietal is known for. Smooth yet layered, this wine is a nice match for anything hot off the grill like sausages or lamb chops as well as hearty stews, pastas, and your favorite pizza.

Ravenswood Red Zinfendel This is a true fruity twist on an old favorite! This is a deep and spicy blackberry, blueberry and black cherry laden wine that has deep sweeter notes than a traditional red. I’s oaky and fruity finish lend it to be a fantastic pairing with b-b-q ribs, burgers and duck. $14-$18


Field Stone Swirl Dessert 125 ml Field Stone Raspberry Dessert Wine 1 liter Ice Cream Fresh Raspberries Soften the ice cream and put it into the blender with 125 ml of Raspberry Dessert Wine. Blend. Pour into martini glasses and re-freeze. Top with fresh berries and chocolate shavings and serve. Yum!

Other combinations: Strawberry Dessert Wine w/ fresh strawberries Saskatoon Dessert Wine w/fresh saskatoons or blackberries Black Currant Dessert Wine w/blueberries



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