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TARGET READERSHIP Ha n n a h c a m e i n t o t h e w o rl d 5 m o n t h s a g o a n d fo u n d h e rs e l f surrounded by ul t ra - hip b a by g e a r , e c o - fri e n dly , cotton diapers and luxurious bamboo, baby pajamas. Not bad for a first timer! Hannah also knows her bottles are BPA-free and her soothers are hospital recommended and that her mom, Kate, is the most glorious thing in the world. You see, Hannah's mom Kate is a savvy m o m , a g re e n s h o p p e r a n d b a by expert. Kate researches everything she buys. No surprise when she alone i s re s p o n s i b l e fo r 9 6 % o f t h e purchases in her home!

Her Household Earns $82,000 Per Ye a r . Sh e Is T h e Prim a r y Co n s um e r A n d Purch a s in g , D e ci s i o n Ma ke r In The Home. Kate Makes All The Grocery, Household And Baby Buying Decisions For Her Family.

Kate & Hannah

She Has 7 Months Of Maternity Leave Left And Is Trying To Come Up With A New W.A.H.M Idea To Stay At Home With Hannah.

Kate prefers supporting businesses with a green, eco-agenda; she belongs to several on-line parenting groups; she believes in the code of girlfriends advice and knows that breast truly is best. Kate is our reader. The millennium mom who is in-the-know. Kate knows Birth Of A Mother represents her, and now you know too. Hannah & Kate are our readers & your customers.

Kate Trusts Birth Of A Mother To Keep Her U p - To - D a t e O n N e w Pro d u ct s , Parenting Advice & Places To Shop Both Locally & On-Line

Moms make 87% of all the purchasing & consumer based decisions in the family home!

Get your brand and product into the hands of your ideal customer...our reader!

Join Canada’s first Eco Family Magazine & get noticed! • P.O. Box 881, 2114-16 Ave, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0 • 403.481.0284


The Jessops Tammy is a stay at home mom with three exuberant children; 1, 5 & 8. Her husband works a nine to five job which make him the only provider, and Tammy is on mat leave making only 30% of her original wage. They have to budget, meal plan and make sure the kids have everything they need. Ta m my m a ke s s ure t h e fo o d s h e b u y s i s h e a l t h y , wholesome and organic, she recycles and teaches her chil dre n t h e im p o r t a n c e of l e a v in g a cl e a n , g re e n footprint. The choices she makes for her family are tough, but wise, & sometimes at the sacrifice of some little pleasures like entertainment or goodies. Tammy and her husband talk about everything they purchase for the kids, they use the internet, magazines and mommy blogs to help research their choices. Even though her and her husband don’t pull in very much income, they are a happy, loud and laughter-filled household. Tammy & her family are your customers and our reader. This is Meredith is a very busy, corporate mom who’s household brings in $207,820 per year - making her the primary bread winner. With 1 preschooler and baby #2 on the way. She is a power worker and a power consumer who know what she wants. Meredith doesn’t have time to peruse shopping malls in search of the right nursing bra or baby wipes. She needs to know quickly and efficiently where to find what she needs. She searches for gear that maintains her sense of style, functionality and quality. She sends her blouses out to be laundered, she enjoys her non-fat, soy, decaf latte every morning and prefers to drink her water from a stainless steel, water bottle. She jumps between her lululemon yoga pants and her Holt Renfrew, pin stripe, suit with ease. Vacations are a must twice a year and her favorite place to kick back and unwind is at a local, 5 star spa or yoga studio with gal pals. Meredith believes in a globally aware agenda but s o m et im e s l a c k s t h e in fo r m a t i o n s h e n e e d s to become fully involved in her community. She wanted to start her own backyard herb garden & compost bin last year, but couldn’t find the resources or “how-to”, so she gave up. THIS MOM NOW KNOWS that she can get both local a n d n a t i o n a l i n fo r m a t i o n R EG A R D IN G Q U A LI T Y SHOPPING, family articles & health concerns in every issue OF BIRTH OF A Mother. Meredith is our reader and your customer.

Meredith • P.O. Box 881, 2114-16 Ave, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0 • 403.481.0284




We have 200+ distribution points across Calgary through RedPoint Media, including numerous doctors, dentists and waiting rooms around the city.



of moms use the INTERNET to research purchasing for their families and children!

• Wellness - Dr For Moms Dr. Pati Hort ; creator of the Dr. For Moms Pregnancy Program & female health advocate - Our very own Editor In Chief delves into the • W.A.H.M sometimes maniacal word of the Work at Home Mom! • Mompreneur - Owner of ultra successful juvenile retail stores in Calgary, sharing tips and tricks for “bizy” moms • The Lighter Side - Originally from the UK, Clare Adams likes to celebrate the lighter side of family life while running her own media & Pr Company, Bigger Bubbles Marketing, and writing for various publications. • Musical Adventures in Motherhood - Lorraine Pond, one half of the critically acclaimed Canadian children's duo, Bobs & LoLo, writes about her newest challenge - motherhood! Journalling her adventures about being a mom on the road, she is endearing and insightful. • Dear Doula - Janet Ducommun is a DONA certified birth doula, Lamaze trained Child Birth Educator, student midwife and Normal Birth Advocate who talks about the low-intervention side of birthing and pregnancy. • Web Guru - Shayne Lawrence President of Catch This! Design & Media writes frequently on how Work At Home Moms can easily navigate their businesses through the multi-media stream! • Child Advocacy/Development - Irene Hoffmann, M.A., R.S.W., has been working in the Calgary area in various capacities serving children, teens and their families since 1997. • Guest Writers - we have a number of men and women who love taking on the task of specifc issue and write for Birth of a Mother! • P.O. Box 881, 2114-16 Ave, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0 • 403.481.0284


Our Mission Statement: To provide a modern, informative, eco-friendly publication that promotes healthy family and lifestyle choices. • Birth of A Mother is a bimonthly magazine with an natural and healthy agenda aimed at educating new and expectant families as they navigate pregnancy, birth, parenthood and beyond

GOALS: • to have all 10,000 copies per issue become paid for subscriptions by 2015 • BOAM App developed by end of 2015 with a minimum 27,000 download per 3 weeks • Full color, professionally designed issues • New issue every 2 months means your ad is fresh and relevant each time.

• Our magazine puts your product or business into the hands of your targeted clientele.

• By avoiding a 1-2 time per year magazine schedule; we avoid staledating ourselves as today’s consumer wants fresh, new articles and products on a regular basis! The mom who is 2 months pregnant does not want to wait 6 months for another baby magazine up date!

• The household consumer that makes 96% of the purchasing decisions in the home.

• Low Cost publication means the reader has more money in their pocket to spend on your family

• Our mantra is to be all encompassing in a no-nonsense format, because we feel Parenting Education is for all parents, in all walks of life!

CIRCULATION: Online Demographics- For BOAM June/July 2013 Issue Birth of a Mother Magazine • Twitter: 1,825 followers • Facebook follows: 505 • Registered Email subscribers: 680 • Open rate: 46% • Click through to offer rate: 31% (coupons, % off, featured product) • Forward rate: 8% • ISSUU Media & Publication Sharing Reads:  76, 320 (Site on which we load the digital edition) Much Ado About Moms Blog Est. November 2012- still a growing blog community  • Twitter: @muchadoaboutmoms • Facebook follows: 250 • Registered email subscribers: 144 • Open rate: 23% • Click through to offer rate: 13%

• The Birth Of A Mother website receives over 3500 hits per month with a 87% click through to the current issue of the magazine.

Today’s Mom relies on internet, mom communities and online newsletters and magazines to formulate her decisions. When it comes to shopping for her family, she is more apt take advice in the form of a Mom related magazine or a close, experienced friend.

Sales Inquiries Birth Of A Mother P.O. Box 881 Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0 Fax: 1.403.5118.4505 Tel: 403.481.028

Innovative circulation and distribution means your ads are getting to the spending clientele you are after while maintaining a pricing structure that is conclusive to all business sizes • P.O. Box 881, 2114-16 Ave, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0 • 403.481.0284


ADVERTISING Birth of a Mother brings you a targeted advertising package that helps you reach your demographic through our readership, online readers, city-wide distribution, retail store partnerships and internet campaigns. Birth Of A Mother can offer your business: • Stand alone Page ads. • $50 Web Ads • Page ad combined with an e-mail blast to our readership as well as to our affiliate store client data bases. • Page ad combined with e-mail blast, and Web Ad - Pulling traffic from our web site to yours; partnered with a carefully planned e-mail blast is extremely effective and our number one package in terms of results, click thru’s and sales leads. • Product Highlights - for unsolicited products, we offer a product highlight in our “Fresh Finds” section. We have a team of trendy moms that are always sourcing hot, new products but you can place your product in their sites for a nominal fee. (Please note the products do have to be relevant to the magazine focus). Birth Of A Mother offers you a fresh approach to your advertising needs. By getting your name and product into the laps and living rooms of nursing and expecting moms on regular basis, you are keeping your brand in the consumer’s mind. We use all tools available to get your name seen via blogs, twitter, websites, email blasts, event sponsorships & more!

Contact your sales rep for: • Ad rates and multiple booking discounts • Designer spec sheet • Product placement & highlights • Give-aways and draws for gifts • Email blasts to direct target groups • Booking deadlines • Sponsorship opportunities Our most popular package is : Print ad, combined with email blast to our readers and affiliated juvenile retailers . Ask your Rep today for more information on getting your ad seen and your email read. Our goal is to take green parenting into the mainstream marketplace in Canada. To have Birth of a Mother in the hands of women nation wide via mail subscription & tablet App subscriptions. Birth Of A Mother is a company that is growing and achieving recognition in all arenas from parenting groups, industry professionals and retailers. We have been called a “fresh, tangible and alive” publication that offers “current, relevant parenting articles for the educated, knowledgeable consumer.” We use internet, print, blogs, twitter and other modern & creative avenues to spread your word!

Come Grow Your Business With A Company That Wants You To Succeed! Get your brand and product into the hands of your ideal customer...our reader! Birth of a mother respects the opinions of all our advertisers and readers. We encourage feedback from all 360 degrees around our growing magazine and hope you will share your thoughts with us. Email us your story ideas, constructive criticism, ideas and questions to! • P.O. Box 881, 2114-16 Ave, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0 • 403.481.0284


TERMS & CONDITIONS Birth Of A Mother ©™ is an independent publication.

Birth Of A Mother ©™ chooses to represent all angles of many

for more details.

topics and by no means should any article/topic be taken as

Birth Of A Mother

the sole beliefs of the magazine and it’s affiliates.

P.O. Box 881


Didsbury, AB T0M0W0

try to promote a healthy, pro-breast feeding, pro-low

intervention birthing, ‘back-to-nature’, and Eco-lifestyle,


however At Birth Of A Mother ©™ we wish to prompt mothers,

Fax: 1-403-518-4505

parents and grandparents to do what they feel - as intelligent human beings - is best for their families

Editor: Tracy Loeppky

THEREFORE we will not publicly adopt any specific company/ businesses/doctors/midwives stance on breast-feeding vs.


formula feeding. We will always strive to take a neutral stance

PUBLISHING: Subatomic Snowball Media Inc.

so as to give our writers, contributors and advertisers the

WEB: Catch This! Design

opportunity to present their standpoints in an intellectual

Artistic Director: Byron Loeppky

manner and allow the reader to decide which methods best

ARTICLE PROOFING: Andrea Wheaton & Barb Driessen

for them.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Heather Palmer Photography (for merly Heather Ward Photography)

We have to be - above all - a forum for freedom of speech

Sales/AD Inquiries:

given as we are a publicly distributed media source. None of the affiliates, advertisers, contributors or Birth Of A

We p r o u d l y o f f e r f r e e a d v e r t i s i n g f o r a l l n o n - p r o f i t

Mother ©™ Magazine itself are associated with any particular

organizations, please contact the Sales Team for more

belief system, so are not responsible or liable for one another’s


opinions and topics & recommendations. Our Public Statement Birth Of A Mother ©™ receives unsolicited letters, materials,

Birth Of A Mother is a natural lifestyle promoting family

articles and promotional items from time to time. We may

magazine geared at educating new and expectant families

choose to reproduce, store, archive or publish these items in

as they navigate pregnancy, birth, parenthood and beyond.

whole or in part without remuneration or compensation of any

Our mantra is to be all encompassing in a no-nonsense format,


bringing education and information to all parents in all walks

Non-remuneration does not pertain to staff writers,

contributors or freelance workers.

of life!!

Birth Of A Mother ©™ cannot take responsibility for the loss of any photos, articles, or materials during the submission process. Birth Of A Mother ©™ is copy written registered trademark of SubAtomic Snowball Media Inc.©™. All articles and story submissions become the property of SubAtomic Snowball Media Inc.™ and it’s affiliated companies. emphasize that the Birth Of A Mother ©™

We must also magazine is an

educational magazine intended for informational purposes only and by no means should it be used as a substitute for the advice or guidance

of a qualified midwife, licensed

practitioner or health care provider. The opinions expressed in these pages are not always those

‘COVER ANGEL’©: The ‘COVER ANGEL’© program is designed to feature children and parents who are not professional models, but might wish to give it a try. We at Birth Of A Mother ©™ will not hold the rights to your photos, you will receive a PDF copy of the cover, and a hi resolution copy of the image chosen. Heather Palmer Photography ©™ reserves the right to use images taken in her personal and professional portfolio, to use as she sees fit. If you would like more information on Birth Of A Mother ©™ COVER ANGEL’© Program, contact

of Birth Of A Mother ©™ and its affiliates, and future articles may contradict past articles. We choose to show all angles of an issue and allow for personal choice. Please see • P.O. Box 881, 2114-16 Ave, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0 • 403.481.0284


C O V ER program© The ‘COVER ANGEL’© program is designed to feature children and parents who are not professional models, but might wish to give it a try. We at Birth Of A Mother ©™ will not hold the rights to your photos, you will receive a PDF copy of the cover, and a hi resolution copy of the image chosen. All covers designed with a Cover Angel are done by Heather Palmer Photography ©™, who reserves the right to use images taken in her personal and professional portfolio, to use as she sees fit. Cover Angel© for Businesses Do you have a great clothing line, product or location that you would like featured on Birth of a Mother's cover and/or models? We look for children's / baby clothing including shoes and accessories, maternity wear, great gear, family friendly locations, and of course moms and children! Email us today so we might co-ordinate your business with our Cover Angel!

If you would like more information on Birth Of A Mother ©™ COVER ANGEL’© Program, contact • P.O. Box 881, 2114-16 Ave, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0 • 403.481.0284




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Cla r e Ad ow ams n g et e x p e rie li g h t h e t a b a c in g a w n c e s o r t e dly ay f n id k to ro e a l n ote s h nat me e u re ! m t h e TV a athod r s nd g ett in of g




Also . ..

BOA M M o d “C o v e r A el an d cl o n g e l” B ri on p th in g g. 4 a in fo

Dev el A DD o p m e n tal / AD Diso HD rd e Ju s rs : t th e F a ct

B ir t • P.O. Box 881, 2114-16 Ave, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0 • 403.481.0284

h of aM ot

s M a’am


- Au g



pt 2 012 1








1/4 PAGE


We no longer offer Business Card Ads.




SPECS • full page bleed 8.25 x 10.625 (+1/4 inch bleed • full page floating 7.25 x 9.625 • 1/2 page horizontal 7.25 x 4.7 • 1/4 page 3.55 x 4.75 • 1/3 page vertical 2.3 x 9.625 • 1/3 Vertical plus full pg (same specs as above) • 1/3 page horizontal 7.25 x 2.5 • business card 3.55 x 2.15 • Web Ads 452 x 111 px @ 72dpi • Images and graphics should not use any form of compression, including jpeg compression, jpeg encoding and LZW compression • Print Images must be 300 dpi at 100% for print Color ads must be CMYK format, 100% Black Text • Ads supplied by the client must be press ready resolution PDF, a 300 dpi TIFF or an Illustrator EPS with all fonts converted to

curves with all images and graphic support files embedded in the file. • Web Ads must be 72 dpi RGB, GIG or JPEG, flat or compressed images under 80KB. • A hard copy of the ad must be received with files to ensure accuracy, otherwise Birth Of A Mother will assume no responsibility for errors. • Birth Of A Mother does not guarantee 100% color accuracy Compressed files (.sit or .zip) under 5MB can be emailed to Files over 5MB can be burned (or email for other options)to cd and mailed to: Birth Of A Mother PO Box 881 Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0

Contact Birth of a Mother for an AD BOOKING REQUEST FORM. • P.O. Box 881, 2114-16 Ave, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0 • 403.481.0284


RATES 1 Issue Booked (Cost Per Issue)

3 Issues Booked (Cost Per Issue)

6 Issues Booked (Cost Per Issue)

1/3 page $199

1/2 page $249

Full Page $349

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1/3 Page vertical




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AD SIZE TOP TOYS Feature (does not apply to per issue)

Double Page Spread (Bleed only)

Content Specific Advertorial 2 Double Spreads(together or separated)

1 Full Page + Web

All Ads Are Subject to 5% GST

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Email Blast (1 per issue only)


Web Ad




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January 15

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Issue Dates February | March 2013 • P.O. Box 881, 2114-16 Ave, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0 • 403.481.0284

11 • P.O. Box 881, 2114-16 Ave, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0 • 403.481.0284


Birth of a Mother Media Kit 2013/14  

For all information on Birth of a Mother Magazine for the editorial year of 2013 & 2014. • Advertising Rates and Specs • Demographics and C...

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