Birth of a Mother Magazine

Birth of a Mother Magazine

Didsbury, Canada

The Canadian Family Information Guide

Our Mission Statement:
To provide a modern, informative publication that promotes a healthy family and lifestyle choices.

Birth Of A Mother is a natural lifestyle promoting family magazine geared at educating new and expectant families as they navigate pregnancy, birth, parenthood and beyond. Our mantra is to be all encompassing in a no-nonsense format, bringing education and information to all parents in all walks of life!!

We re-launched in 2012 with new owners, new branding and a brand new outlook!

In Each Issue:

● Fresh Finds - Newest & Coolest gear for babies and children
● Eco-Alert - cool new eco-products for families
● Fashion Central - cute trends for pregnancy, mommies & children
● Gear Guide - for women BY women!

● Dear Doula
● Chiro-Welness
● Developmental Articles
● Nutrition
● Stories about local Families
● Recipes