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Expecting a newborn is a very special time in new parents lives. They can't wait for their new newborn to arrive and they want to be sure that they tell their loved ones to family and friends with original birth announcements. This is where most new parents have concerns. Here you will find the most asked birth announcement questions and their answers. How soon prior to my due date should I buy my announcements? There are surely benefits to waiting until after the birth of your newborn. If you do not know if you are having a boy or a girl, waiting is probably a good idea. It also makes it possible to personalize your birth announcements with a picture of your adorable new newborn. On the other hand, the first few weeks after delivery, are very busy and you may feel overwhelmed with the idea of too busy to be picking out the perfect announcements. If you buy ahead of time, you are able to get the word out to family and friends much sooner. When should I send out my birth announcements? Clearly, the answer to this depends on when you decide to buy your birth announcements. But, there is no time to soon after the baby arrives to share your wonderful news! Is it possible to have a snapshot of my newborn on my birth announcements? Yes, of course! Personalizing with a snapshot is a popular way to go. Having a snapshot of your baby on your birth announcements is a cherished keepsake for your family and friends. Your family and friends will also be able to show it off to their family and friends as well. Are personalized birth announcements expensive? It really depends on what your selection is. Announcements vary in price but most shops carry a wide price range to fit everyone's budget. Many also allow free personalization, so your birth announcement is original to you. What if I am carrying more than one baby? Online is a popular way to go if you are expecting twins or triplets. They offer a larger selection to choose from. You can also customize them for your children, making them truly original. How can my other children take part in the birth announcement? There is a new trend available now called sibling birth announcements. These are a popular way for your other children to share the excitement of their new baby brother or sister with friends and family members too. They will love to customize their card to show their excitement. Can I mention where I am registered? It is not recommended to ask for gifts, or make your family and friends feel obligated to buy you a gift on your birth announcements. The purpose of birth announcements is just to share the wonderful news with them. With a large selection of styles to choose from you are sure to find a birth announcement to fit you choose. Some people have their announcements match the theme that they have chosen for the nursery. Whatever type of cards you select, I'm sure that your family and friends will enjoy sharing in your news.

Birth Announcements For Triplets  

Find out how to select and customize the perfect birth announcement for your new addition.