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Crystal crafts has been well loved by consumers For a long time, crystals' famous same as pearls, agate and jade, called China's "traditional four treasures." In ancient times, crystal is called as "water jade", known as the world's most pure things. In addition, through the ages, people gave crystal many beautiful fairy tales, so Crystal crafts has been deeply affected by people. Crystal resource scarcity caused price spikes Experts believe that although prices have soared in recent years, Crystal in general, now is a good time to invest collection. First, people are not fully aware of the value of crystal, attention is not particularly high. Second, the crystal is not substantially over market speculation, the price is still low compared with other countries, in the future there will be a greater appreciation potential. Crystal had become mass consumer jewelry,how to idnetify its worth? Crystal mainly depends on the value of four aspects: First,Quantity.Less quantity,more valuable.Colorless crystal and smoky quartz more, citrine and amethyst is relatively small, crystal hair crystal inclusions are also relatively small. Second, Clarity.Purer,better for crystal ball and jewelry. Third, the package body.Fullness, image, colorful, moral clarity is top grade. Fourth, the process.modeling requirements in proportion, prioritize, vivid, bright polishing requirements, no scratches. Crystal worthy collection of antique collections One is a natural crystal ball. The most common crystal white body, such as about 6 cm in diameter, high net fissures less,it has appreciation potential. Such Crystal crafts can reach several million price. Second, there is "pictographic objects" crack crystal. If the crystal's fissures will be in a crystalline form some kind of pattern that looks like something, such as titanium crystal, the crystal to be such. Such crystal products may reach several thousand dollars, or even higher. Third, there are natural crystal inclusions. Such crystal is pure, but there will be some inclusions, visually showing the inherent mood patterns, like the Phantom crystal belongs to this category.

Crystal crafts has been well loved by consumers  

For a long time, crystals' famous same as pearls, ...

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