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Print full-color 3D printer The company named BotObjects upcoming ProDesk 3D printer, you can use the PLA filament with 5 colors (RGB + W) for mixed melting and extrusion, in theory, by controlling the proportion of the raw material feed, you can transform any extrusion plastic colors, so that it is possible to print a full color model.

3D printing is good, but high-precision SLS (laser melting accumulation) and SLA (laser curing) laser printing is too expensive,and made out of only one color; with powder colorant+ Color cementing approach, You can print out a realistic full-color, but it has a fatal weakness that is the structural strength is not high, too brittle; For the cheapest and most popular FDM (fuse accumulation) model, which is an extrusion head back and forth constantly extruding molten plastic coated printer,the printing model is only one color, very monotonous.

But technology is always progressive. This company called BotObjects upcoming this ProDesk3D printer, you can use both the PLA filament 5 colors (RGB + W) for mixed and then extruded melt theoretically by controlling the feeding of raw materials of various colors ratio, which could be Transform extruded plastic colors, the print color model becomes possible. Before I was in various DIY community and studied this issue, someguy really found out over the three primary colors mixed melting method, but allegedly ineffective and poor control, so he suspended the project. Today when I saw the introduction of new 3D printer, and instantly felt great that it's pity for that guy who did not go to apply for a patent. This ProDesk3D printer has a dual extrusion head: one is responsible for printing model body, using 5 different colors mixed melting line of PLA plastic as a raw material; another is responsible for printing the support structure of the model, using a water-soluble of PVA plastics, the stand will be all dissolved after throwing the whole model in water within 1 or 2 days,we no longer have to manually put those little by little support clamp down. The latest progress of some projects will be published on the website, such as the following printed object , the effect looks really good too:

pla filament

Print full-color 3D printer  

The company named BotObjects upcoming ProDesk 3D p...