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Ed. 7 Autumn 2016


See why we’ve had a film crew around school this term!

We take you behind the scenes of Alice in Wonderland!

Kestrels Kestrels made a spicy parsnip soup. Ashley, McKenzie and Daisy worked really well as a team peeling and chopping all of the vegetables. Once they had finished cooking they blended all of the ingredients together and shared their soup with the rest of the class.

Check out our recipe! 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp coriander seeds 1 tsp cumin seed, plus extra to garnish ½ tsp ground turmeric ½ tsp mustard seeds 1 large onion cut into 8 chunks 2 garlic clove 675g parsnip diced 2 plum tomato, quartered 1.2l vegetable stock 1 tbsp lemon juice

Astronaut Fact File!

Pupil voice The School Council at Birtenshaw School gives all of the young people a chance to have a say in what happens in their school. A representative from each class was nominated and they meet regularly to discuss different ways they could make Birtenshaw School even better.

Meet the panel Sam









Pupil voice During the pupil voice meetings each representative is given a task to do. In one of the meetings the panel agreed to create a whole school wish-list..

Julie’s reply to the email:

This term in Ospreys we have been designing, planning and creating our very own Mad Hatter’s Hats!

We worked hard to think of some unusual ideas to make our hats stand out at school but fit right in at the table with the Mad Hatter! We designed our hats and then created a plan for how to make them, first we made these prototypes and some of our ideas and plans changed. Everyone used different materials on their hats and we made them really bold and bright.

Our final hats


Kites have been on an adventure all the way back to the 18th century! The topic for Creative Curriculum this term was The Industrial Revolution and Kites have been busy exploring some of our local history. They have been on some exciting trips out to see the steam trains at Ramsbottom train station, Turton Tower and Smithills Hall.

Kites saw a steam train at Ramsbottom train station! Vinny and Sam found a great example of 18th century architecture! Kites enjoyed soaking up the sun at Smithills Hall!

Check Out Our Amazing Work

Kites have also made some 18th century ships and looked at different 18th century transport and houses.

Boogie Bounce at Birtenshaw with‌

Fab, funky and fat burning. Anyone and everyone can do this at their own pace.

A big thank-you to the staff from ActiveDance for making it possible!

In Literacy this half term we have been recreating characters and scenes from different stories to help us identify different characters and sequence different stories. Our favourites have been ‘Squash and a Squeeze’ and ‘Monkey Puzzle’.


Kabir and Ethan have been recreating the Monkey from Monkey Puzzle!

60 years of Birtenshaw After their brilliant performance it was time for some awards to be given out for children and young people who had contributed the most to life at Birtenshaw. The awards were for:

Outstanding Progress Victoria

Outstanding Achievement Gareth

Outstanding Friend Daisy

Outstanding Contribution


Owls Hold on to your spatulas Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood – Owls have been practising their baking skills in their very own Birtenshaw style Bake Off! During Food Technology Owls competed in the Birtenshaw Bake Off. They had a different technical challenge each week ranging from creating identical gingerbread to making three different pies in one lesson!

Owls made some great gingerbread, sausage rolls and apple pastries! Delicious!

We made all of the props for our show. Everyone around school has been working hard on different things for the show, we’ve painted our own woodland scene for our backdrop and created a massive 7 layer cake which will take centre stage for our Mad Hatters Tea Party! – We’ve even painted the roses red!

All of our amazing costumes have been designed and made by the young people supported by their staff to make sure we’re all looking our best and ready to join the mad hatter at his tea party!

Merlins Phantastic Phonics!

This half term in Merlins class we have been practising phonics. We are all at different stages of learning phonics. Some of us have been using noise boxes and real objects to identify animal, instruments and everyday sounds. It has been lots of fun. We have used letter cookies to sort through letters and their sounds, as well as using stencils to start to form letter shapes. We focus on a letter a week with the help of Geraldine the Giraffe!! She is funny and her videos make us laugh. Some of us have begun to blend letter sounds together to form simple words like cat, mop, man and mat. Doing all these things will help us to develop our reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Watch this space 2017 ‌ Marvellous Merlins are becoming awesome at phonics

Sparrows Sparrows have been doing some shopping in ASDA and have been working on identifying people who we can ask for help!

Some of the young people worked to create a video showing the differences of life in schools today and life in schools 60 years ago for a special performance at the 60th Gala! – here are some behind the scenes shots!

Making Friends

Going to a new school can be a really scary experience but its always easier when you have a friend by your side! Ethan and Joele have developed a lovely friendship and Ethan has helped Joele get settled into Birtenshaw life. They enjoy having fun together on trips out!

We’re always trying to think of fun ways to promote friendships around school. Pupils from different classes will often meet up over their dinner break to play games, play outside or relax and watch films together

The secondary Head Teacher of the year award goes to ‌. none other than our very own Julie Barnes!

THE winner of this award ensures that no matter how busy her day as head teacher, she will always make time to interact with the children. Julie Barnes was appointed to head at Birtenshaw School in Bromley Cross in April 2013. Under her leadership the school underwent a remarkable transformation increasing the number of pupils from 13 to 49. Mrs Barnes said: “I am very proud to receive this award, and I see it as a tribute to all the staff and pupils at Birtenshaw School who make my job as headteacher a pleasure every day.

Her passion, commitment and innovation ensures young people are given the education and care they deserve.


Holly – “Julie is really nice and helpful because she has her lunch with me when I have been good. I am proud of her for winning”

This is what the pupils said when they were told that Julie had won ‘Secondary Head Teacher of the year award’… Ethan – “I think Julie is the best because she is really creative and excellent”

Daisy – “I love her because she comes down to see us all the time” McKenzie – “I think she is brilliant!”

Joshua – “Congratulations Julie…you make me laugh!”

Kane – “Well deserved I think, she is really nice”

Gareth – “Julie Barnes is a princess”

Well done Julie!

and BSTC Playing for success us celebrate

60 years

At the start of the year we had a wonderful visit from Joy Kilpatrick from ‘Create Bolton’ who ran a ceramics workshop at Birtenshaw School. Joy encouraged every pupil to be involved in creating a special sculpture to commemorate the 60 years of Birtenshaw.

Mark and Neil at Bolton Science and Technology Centre provided the engineering ‘know how’ so that our Birtenshaw fountain became a reality!

Birtenshaw School Magazine Winter 2016 - Alice In Wonderland  

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