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April 2012

and encouraging them to grow roses and to become members of our society.

President’s Message The excitement is building as we finish preparations for the 60th annual Birmingham Rose Show! A significant amount of time and effort is involved in producing a rose show of this caliber and I want to thank everyone who has stepped up to help with planning this year’s show. The result of our efforts will be an exhibit hall filled with beautiful roses, arrangements and photography which will showcase the beautiful blooms that are grown in Alabama and serve as an encouragement to all who come and experience this annual event. I believe the true impact however, extends beyond the trophy table out into our community where people who have attended the show feel encouraged to grow roses. I know, because I was one of those people. Having attended several rose shows in the past, I only became a member after Gloria Purnell asked my wife if she and I would be interested in membership. It was this personal contact and conversation that put us down the beautiful pathway of rose gardening. We are much the richer for it. I hope that all of us will be “on duty” on Saturday and Sunday of the show engaging visitors in conversation, answering questions

Thanks to Mayre Parr, Dean Hodge & Sylvia Potts for producing a fun and informative Arrangements Workshop last month. I hope to see some new arrangers at this years show! Last fall, we discussed the possibility of our society participating in some of the local farm markets as a means to gain exposure to the communities we serve and also as fund raising opportunity. As a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, we are eligible to participate in many of these markets free of charge. I hope that you will consider what your role will be as we begin to plan for this summer. We will be discussing this further during the April meeting. Christopher R. VanCleave

President, Birmingham Rose Society

'Reine des Violettes' - Hybrid Perpetual

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“Overheard In Our Garden” Consulting Rosarian Report – April 2012 Early on a recent spring morning, if you sat quietly on our back deck, you could watch the birds and bees arriving with the butterflies not far behind. But if you were very, very quiet, you would be able to hear some conversations between some of the roses. We are fortunate to have many varieties and they all seem to be quite interested in what they have to say, but we aren’t sure if any of them are very good listeners (as to what others might have to say). For instance, Mardi Gras was saying what a great time he had down in Mobile, but St Patrick was talking about the big parade here in Birmingham. Home Run didn’t seem to be listening to either, as he was too excited about the start of baseball season. At the same time, in anticipation of July 4th, Veteran’s Honor & Let Freedom Ring were both singing the National Anthem. Over in a corner of the garden, there was some worried conversation about the economy. Prosperity was saying that we shouldn’t listen to Black Magic or Voodoo; instead in the short run we should turn to Midas Touch. But in the longer run, we should elect a new leader, someone like Mr. Lincoln or Queen Elizabeth. Agreeing with this was easy for Rio Sambo & Cinco de Mayo, because they had already determined that they were in our garden legally!

Less serious was another group of roses. Julia Childs was saying to nobody in particular, that she thought some Rainbow Sorbet or some Cherry Parfait would sweeten everyone’s disposition and could be a Double Delight. But Tiffany Lynn & Tiffany Lite were not listening, they were arguing over which was the real tiffany and who should get the Gold Medal or the First Prize, the Medallion. And in the dreams section of the garden, three roses were in their own dream world: Bride’s Dream, Belinda’s Dream & Dreams Come True! Of course, every rose garden needs a lot of sun and a great view of the Wild Blue Yonder once you get past the Fragrant Cloud. But that means that they also get a great view of Moonbeam & Starry Night, and maybe even Jupiter & Gemini. However, they would need a big telescope to see Moonstone, unless maybe you had two glasses of Merlot! But all in all, our garden is a happy place. Molly might be singing Sweet Chariot; Sexy Rexy might just have a case of the Giggles; Neptune, himself is a Touch of Class; even Black Cherry & Black Jade are happy today! See you at the Birmingham Rose Show which will be Voluptuous! Love & Peace to all.

Carl E Jones, Jr.

The Wild White Rose -

- A Poem – By: Ellen H. Willis

It was peeping through the brambles, that little wild white rose, Where the hawthorn hedge was planted, my garden to enclose. All beyond was fern and heather, on the breezy, open moor; All within was sun and shelter, and the wealth of beauty's store. But I did not heed the fragrance of flow'ret or of tree, For my eyes were on that rosebud, and it grew too high for me. In vain I strove to reach it through the tangled mass of green, It only smiled and nodded behind its thorny screen. Yet through that summer morning I lingered near the spot: Oh, why do things seem sweeter if we possess them not? My garden buds were blooming, but all that I could see Was that little mocking wild rose, hanging just too high for me. So in life's wider garden there are buds of promise, too, Beyond our reach to gather, but not beyond our view; And like the little charmer that tempted me astray, They steal out half the brightness of many a summer's day. Oh, hearts that fail with longing for some forbidden tree, Look up and learn a lesson from my white rose and me. 'Tis wiser far to number the blessings at my feet, Than ever to be sighing for just one bud more sweet. My sunbeams and my shadows fall from a pierced Hand, I can surely trust His wisdom since His heart I understand; And maybe in the morning, when His blessed face I see, He will tell me why my white rose grew just too high for me.

Mrs. Joyce Rich Benjamin, 78, passed away peacefully April 12 after a long illness with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. She was preceded in death by her first husband, Marvin F. "Brother" Rich. Survivors include her husband, Harvey L. Benjamin, children, Ronald J. Rich, Bobbye Seligman (Michael), Charles B. Rich, brother Howard Cohen (Lucy), daughter in law, Rhonda Limmer Rich, stepsons, Fred (Robin), Stuart and Alan (Jacqueline) Benjamin. Grandchildren, Marcy Ames (David), Jodi Seligman, Becky, Marc, Heather and Evan Rich, Elisha, Isaac, Zackery, Paul and Elissa Benjamin. Joyce was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. She was an active member of Temple Beth-El, Levite Jewish Community Center, Hadassah and The Birmingham Rose Society. She held many volunteer positions throughout the Birmingham community. Joyce was a special woman who lived each day to the fullest. She enjoyed being with people, especially her family. Her passion for gardening and roses began with her work at the family business of Alabama Berman Mercantile. Joyce will be missed greatly by her family. Graveside services were held at Elmwood Cemetery on Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 2:00 PM. Rabbi Michelle Goldsmith, officiating. Donations may be made to Temple Beth-El, Levite Jewish Community Center Senior Programs and

2012 Rose Show Update April Events & Meeting Details Join Us! Monthly Meeting: Monday April 30, 2012 6:30 p.m. – Monthly Society Meeting Topic: Prepping for the Rose Show Awarding winning rosarians will offer up tips & tricks of showing roses. Join Us!

Gloria Purnell, Program Chairman

Executive Committee & All Rose Show Committee Leaders Meeting 5:30 pm

Society Meeting Host/Hostess April Gloria Purnell Larita Giles Frank & Shirley Bollen

ROSE SHOW SET UP Friday May 11th We need all hands on deck to set up the exhibit hall for the rose show. We’ll need people to help unload the truck, fill hundreds of vases with water, cover tables in the exhibit hall and a hundred other tasks. Set up will begin at 2 p.m. and we’ll work until it’s done. We’ll order out pizza for supper.

Photography Submissions BRS members can enter photographs in the show during the Friday Night set up on the 11th of May. This will allow your full attention to be focused on arrangements and horticulture on Saturday.

Judges Luncheon The annual Judges luncheon will be held at the conclusion of the judging of the show. It’s a great way to get to know the judges and thank them for traveling to judge our show. The cost for this year’s luncheon is $12.50. Tickets are required and may be purchased in advance at the April Meeting. See Gloria Purnell or Tina VanCleave for tickets.

Minutes of the March Meeting

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Birmingham Rose Society held on March 26, 2012, 6:30 P.M.

The Photography Division schedule will be published on line this year. The Horticulture schedule should be on line in approximately ten days.

Chris VanCleave, President called the meeting to order. We had thirty members and one guest in attendance. Our hostesses Dean Hodge, Mayre Parr and Tina Van Cleave were thanked for providing our refreshments foot the evening.

Prior to the meeting an Arrangement Workshop was presented held by Dean Hodge, Mayer Parr and Sylvia Potts. They were thanked for their skillful presentation.

The minutes from the February 27, 2012 meeting were approved as printed in Garden Faces.

Robert Eskew reminded us again about the Plant Sale April 12th, 13th, 14th and the 15th of April. If you have not volunteered to help a signup sheet is available to sign.

Hyacinth Prince gave the treasurer’s report. As of March 26, 2012, the checking account balance is $4,363.73 and the CD is unchanged at $5,047.47. Frank Baier our past president is having a bad health year as is his wife and son. Frank has had back surgery, his son had to have emergency gall bladder surgery and his wife Martha is undergoing tests at UAB. Please keep them all in your thoughts. Hyacinth received an email from Frank earlier today with this news. A Rose Show Seminar will be held the day of the Rose Show Saturday May 12th at 3:00pm. Gloria Purnell has agreed to present “Growing Roses in Alabama”. Awards Chairperson, Hyacinth Prince reported the awards are in good shape. We may have to buy a few more.

Mayre Parr, Dean Hodge and Sylvia Potts presented our program for the evening. The modern arrangement was demonstrated by Sylvia, the traditional arrangement was demonstrated by Dean and the oriental arrangement was demonstrated by Mary. They also told us what the judges would be looking for during our Rose Show. We will have fourteen judges in all. They will be coming from Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. A local photographer will assist the certified photography judge. The Judge’s Luncheon will cost $12.50 per person. More on this matter will be discussed at our next meeting April 30th. The Meeting was adjourned at 7:55PM Respectfully submitted, George Ann Hamilton, Recording Secretary

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April 2012

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