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October 2009 The Freshers Issue

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Welcome, welcome, welcome back. Can you believe Freshers Week has been and gone? I’m still in a daze. This year has been the best Freshers of my three years here at Birmingham City University. The introduction of new venue, the Tower Ballroom, was an unexpected welcome on my second day back and the Main Event.... well nothing needs to be said. Absolute class throughout the entire week. The introduction of this year’s weekly event, Bonkers, was much needed and thanks to much enthusiasm from the Students’ Union, the launch was a night to remember. With the overflow of visitors at the Spaghetti Junction stand throughout Freshers Fayre I have much, much more instore for our avid readers this year. Watch out for our Media Groups scouting every campus throughout the year to find up what you lot are up to. Whether it be an art exhibition, a saucy piece of gossip or even a general rant about something you’re passionate about… we want to know. Make sure you visit our newly created blog for all the ins and outs of our team, pictures, reviews and more. This year is set to rock. Georgie Campbell, Editor

Editor-in-Chief: Kat Higgs Editor: Georgie Campbell Deputy Editor: Poppy French News and Features Editor: Kirsty Booth Arts and Entertainment Editor: David Breese On the cover: Daisy Whitehouse. “I created this screen print in responce to guerilla gardening. We make bombs of flower seeds and through them on to waste areas in the city to try and turn it into a beautiful garden” Visit more of Daisy’s work at:

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Illustration by 2nd year Illustrator Alex Hovey

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UP front spaghetti times

Birmingham, October 2009




The Bands for the

to Sam Lewis as he begins his new role as president of the Raising And Giving (RAG) Society. Having worked with RAG throughout his second year, Sam is more than adequate for the job. Currently in the third year of a Construction Management and Economics course, Sam

says he can’t wait to get his heels in. “This year I’m going to make RAG bigger and better than ever before”. With the first the first Carnage of the year set for next month, we can’t wait.

PHOTOGRAPH OF THE MONTH By Foundation Student Kyle Perks


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People Project are set to impress as their second night kicks off at the end of the month. After the success of its launch night late September, the society has attracted much support from bands such as Dead Letter Office, Kidnapper Bell and Answers on Postcards. With some extremely cheap

drinks on offer throughout each gig, these monthly performances are expected to grow from strength to strength. Located at Bar 42 in the City North Campus, this one needs to be put in every student’s diary. Visit The Bands for the People Project’s Facebook group for information.


Union of Students (NUS) is set to battle government proposals, but asks for student support. As part of government budget cuts, a proposal has been put forward to remove the cap on university fees.

This will enable universities to charge up to £7,500 for some courses. The NUS will be leading a number of Town Takeovers events across England, as part of the massive Funding Our Future campaign, to combat rising fees and fight against the mounting hardship that students face.

As reported earlier in the year, the average student currently leaves with £17,500 worth of debt, whilst two thirds of vice chancellors want fees to rise. Some suggested fees ranged from £4,000 to a shocking £20,000 per year. Hitting ten towns across the country, the Town Takeover is coming to Birmingham between 3–4th December 2009.


have been sighted across Birmingham City University. Reports suggest the team of brightly dressed individuals are confronting students across all campuses. The message repeatedly whispered up and down halls of residence within the University appears to be: “Students! Switch Off!” As the inter-hall competition kick

starts this semester, students need to group together. Regardless of where you live, be it Opal One or Hamsted Campus, a collective input into the campaign can have a phenomenal effect. Not only is the campaign in its second year of action at Birmingham City University, but this year has been sponsored by

the scrumptious Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Send in your most attractive, energy saving photo to be in with the chance of winning a life time of ice cream… yes, I said a lifetime!


Radio One acclaimed band, formerly known as Sick City Club, adopted a new name this summer;The Skyline. As the boys climb from strength to strengh, make sure you catch them while you can. The Skyline


International comedians take Birmingham City University by storm this year. With a monthly line up set to take on the first tuesday of every month, prepare to laugh your socks off!

TUB CLUB COMES TO BAR 42 The minds of ‘Bigger Than Barry’ bring you a weekly fix of Bass on your doorstep every Thursday at Bar 42 between 10pm - 3am. The TUB club offers a mix of Dub Step, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Hip Hop and all things that make you wobble!

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UP times UP front front spag meet the execs

Birmingham, October 2009

AN ENERGETIC RETHINK Energy – cheap, eco-friendly and essential.

I don’t think so. Not only are energy bills at an all time high, it would seem that we are relatively reluctant to do anything about it. Electricity dominates the majority of homes within the UK. From plugging in your cooker to heating your hair straighteners, we


have all developed into a world in which electricity is literally on tap. Preventing the rise of yet more fossil fuel usage, we need to take action now. But how many of us actually want to? After researching for hours on end, I found that the pros and cons were still heavily unbalanced. Particularly influential during the current economic status, the

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amount it actually costs to transform our homes into eco-friendly solar power stations seems extortionate. Looking at an online blog which examines the ins and outs of solar powered energy in depth; it concluded that the cost of instillation compared to the amount of energy produced by square metre is vastly outbalanced.

Having asked many people in and around Perry Barr I found that many people, although concerned with the financial costs, thought the energy saving technology such as wind farms and solar paneled windows were very unattractive visual features. If we are to encourage more people to engage with solar power,

UPfront frontspag meettimes the execs UP perhaps we need to go back to the drawing board.

•Turn off your lights as you leave each room.

But is this the message we want to pass down to future generations? If we give up and do nothing now, will the next generation follow suit?

•Fit energysaving light bulbs wherever you can. Not only have the boffins of light bulbs developed them to fit normal light fittings now, but I think they look pretty funky!


So what can we do now? Small changes can have a greater •Dry your clothes on a clothes effect in some cases than line – not in a tumble drier! installing 6 metre high wind Not only do they smell nicer, farms in our back gardens, but but it prevents unnecessary we need to know shrinkage… the facts to have an •Reuse shopping With the impact. bags or better yet Student With the Student buy a bag for life. Switch Off endless fabric Switch Off With campaign in full carrier bags on the campaign in shelves you’ll not throttle, now is the perfect time to look after the full throttle, only change. world but become a bit more stylish. now is the Create a new message; get a perfect time •Stick to the speed new habit – what’s when driving. to change. limit the saying? Do Unnecessary something 21 engine revving is times and it becomes natural. just uncool. There is no end to the amount of literature saturating the papers about how to live a greener lifestyle, but do you know the real facts? Did you know that by turning down your thermostat by 1ºC, or using one hour less heating a day, you could cut your fuel bills by 10%? There’s more. Here’s how to help whilst at home: •Turn your thermostat off when you don’t need it. Isn’t that Crimbo jumper itching for a good wear today?

•De-clutter your boot. The heavier your car is, the more emissions it produces. •Have a shower instead of a bath. •Drink tap water, not bottled. We’re lucky enough to have it on tap-so use it! •Use a cloth hankie – it takes 6,000,000 trees to make one year’s worth of tissues for the world. There is so much more we can be doing. We can make a big difference without spending a penny, so start now.

1. A 10% increase in the number of people cycling regularly would lead to a 4% reduction in the number of people with heart disease, saving the NHS £200 million a year. 2. 90% of badly polluting vehicles can be re-tuned within 15 minutes. 3. Cycling or walking briskly for half an hour a day can halve the risk of heart disease. That’s as little as a two-mile walk or a five-mile bike ride. 4. Through energy use, the average home emits more harmful CO2 gas than the average car. 5. Using just one energy-saving light bulb could save you £5 a year, and if every household installed one, we could power the lighting currently used in 2 million homes for a year. 6. If everyone only boiled the water they needed to make a hot drink, instead of filling the kettle every time, we could save enough electricity to run practically all the street lighting in the country. By Georgie Campbell

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UP front meet the exec

Gish Abeyratne Representation and Campaigns Officer Underneath the cheeky swagger, the ear to ear grin and the consistently yapping trap, Gish is the perfect candidate for this year’s Representation and Campaigns Officer. After listening to all the mischievous tales of the previous night, we finally settled down to talk about his role, plans and ambitions for the upcoming year. That’s when the real Gish came out. The passionate Gish. The caring Gish. The Executive Gish. When asked to explain one of the campaigns in store for this academic year, I was nearly bowled over by his protests to mention at least two. “Just one?? Argh… at least give me two! We’re continuing the Birmingham Sees Red campaign. We’re visiting every campus with postcards and asking students to write down the amount of debt they’ll be in when you graduate so we can send them to their home town constituenties. “We’ve already had feedback from parliament and a lot of support from certain ministers, with a lot coming directly from Westminster. “We’ve got another big campaign for Free Wednesdays. Traditionally, universities give their students Wednesday afternoon off to participate in sports, societies or whatever they want. “However, as it stands some students are currently unable to do that. So we’re campaigning to make sure as many students as possible can have Wednesday afternoons off. Some of our students are parents so they may need the extra time to spend with their families for example. “ Of course, here at Spaghetti Junction we are not just interested in what our newly appointed Execs have on their schedules for the year… but we want to know who they are, what makes them tick…. So we asked! Gish what made you go for the role in the first place? “In my four years as a student I was very involved. I was a 8

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DJ, I worked on the bar, I was on the NUS Council” So you just thought you’d get paid for doing the same hey? “Of course not, it’s all for the love of the Students’ Union I’m not gonna lie.” “Being very involved I’ve seen the union fluctuate, good bad so and so forth and I wanted to make a difference and make my mark to make sure it’s the best it can possibly be.” Failure is not an option for Sergeant Major Abeyratne . So we know why he’s in the role… but we want deeper. An embarrassing story? The shock when Gish again repeated “Argh – just the one?” “My most recent embarrassing story was when I thought I was Spiderman. I’m not going to lie, I was a little inebriated, but basically I was at a house party with some friends. There was a hole in a fence in the back garden which one of my friends, George, couldn’t even fit his head through. But I was like “noooo” I can get through it… “So I launched myself head first at it, bounced head first off it and landed face down in the grass. It only gets worse from there as I then thought I could climb through a window and I fell 7ft and landed on the frame of the bed and cracked two ribs.” Oh dear oh dear Gish…. We may see you in a different light from now on… but just one last message for the new comers amongst us. “Just get involved. Make the most of what we offer. There is just so much going on, not just in Freshers Week, but throughout the whole year. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you want, we’re still here to support you. If you want to make the most of your time as a student and get the best student experience as possible, then come to the union see what we’ve got going on.” Over and out.

UP front meet the exec

All photography by 3rd year Media student Alex Jones

JIM GOULDING Activities and Sports Officer Ever heard a strange booming voice echoing around the Students’ Union? Meet all round funny man Jim Goulding. My first question sums him up… Jim, can you explain exactly what your role entails? “It means I do activities… and sports… and I office it.” Ha. Alright it’s not all a laughing matter when it comes to managing our activities and sports groups but its worth a try isn’t it. This is what I love about this years Exec team… they all have unique interesting personalities, love to laugh and enjoy themselves, but when it really matters they are the most dedicated, serious people I’ve met to date. “Nah basically it means I’m in charge of all volunteering projects, whether it be student led or just getting involved with some other current projects. I help set up some new groups that are coming in the new year, such as …pole dancing over at Edgbaston. “That was a request from about five/six different students so we set that up. But obviously I’m only there to watch and make sure it’s all above board with health and safety you know.” he added with a somewhat cheeky grin. Wanting to get to know more of the real Jim Goulding (can he please stand up?) I asked why he went for the role in the first place. “I wanted to get involved… (reference to everyone else’s answer, if you don’t get that!) ….nah. “I was president of the rugby team for a couple of years, then captain of the rugby team for a couple of years so I have been around the Union a lot. I’ve been getting involved with a lot of things, but a few things didn’t really happen last year, kind of went a bit stale... so as a natural

step I ran for Sports officer. “Originally I thought it was just a sports position, however, since coming into my role and sort of looking at the different aspects of the Union, I am very much an activities officer now.” Work aside… now the dirt. Again, here’s an Exec that when asked to tell an embarrassing story began counting on his fingers how many he could fit into our 5 minute interview. “Ok ok, the most recent. Last night (MJ tribute) I was being far too enthusiastic about the MJ impersonator… and it was all caught on camera. I’m sure George, the Tiger TV Station Manager, will be putting that on the website shortly!” Oh dear… but in comparison to Gish’s I’d say that was weak… what else do we want to know about the famous Jim Goulding.. Ah ha.. His favourite type of cheese. “Cheese? If you’d asked me biscuits we’d have been here all day... but cheese… hmmm… I’d have to go for a nice bit of Stilton with a glass of Port…” (with a glass of Port hey!? Class). And finally, the rugby fanatic, all round nice guy gives us a message to every Fresher and returning student out there. “Get involved. Plain and simple. Look out for our Free Wednesdays campaign (Cus it’s not all academic – the logo that is, not Jim getting all gangster on us!). Meet people, do what you love doing and further your career. Let employers know you’ve got more to add to the pot, so to speak. If there’s not something here that we’ve created then we shall create it.”

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UP front meet the exec

KAT HIGGS Communications Officer A somewhat quieter character (well isn’t anyone next to Jim??) Kat is the one and only quirky female on the line up of Execs this year. Go Kat! Adorned with fresh new ideas, ambition and determination, her quiet demeanour is simply a big cover up! Underneath she’s a creative, budding media guru. One of the lesser-known faces around the Student Union in previous years, Kat has made a big impact so far. Wherever she may be, from hiding herself in a cardboard box to sitting at her desk in the MarComms office, she is always willing to talk to anyone that walks her way. So go pay her a visit! A somewhat mysterious title compared to the other three Execs, Kat explained her job so that everyone amongst us can understand it. “I simply look after student media, democracy, staffing and other creative bits and bobs.” Perfectly said. With ambitious targets set for the year, Kat is at the very centre of Spaghetti Junction’s heart. “I’d especially like to see all the media groups up and running successfully, generating their own income and making a huge impact across the Univserity.” Basically making sure we at Spaghetti Junction are sticking our noses in deep enough! Admitting to not being as involved with the Students’ Union in her timen at Birmingham City University, Kat explains why she went for the role.


“Before I had the job I wasn’t involved with Students’ Union. I felt I couldn’t get involved as I wasn’t involved from the word go.

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“Throughout my time here I want to make the Students’ Union as accessible as possible, whether it be through Student Council or activities, I want people to know what it’s all about and how they can get involved. “I studied Media and Communications whilst at University so it heavily linked with the job role. I knew I could do the job and thought I’d bring a fresh perspective to the Students Union. Because I wasn’t as heavily involved previously, I’ve got fresh opinions on what’s wrong and needs changing from an outsiders point of view.” Plus you get to stay at university another year, hey? “And its a good job to have!” So now we know why you got involved can you give us a taster of the Kat Higgs we all want to get to know? You’ve got it… an embarrassing story please. “Hmmm… as I said already I didn’t know much about Students’ Union. I actually thought Tom Tom was the President for the last three years I’d been here. Got laughed at quite a bit for that little comment…but he loves it! Oops… bet that would have gone down well last year. Haha. So now we know a few secrets of the Quirky Kat have you a final message to this year’s student population? “Of course…Guys, get involved with the Students’ Union. I deeply regret not getting involved as early as I could have. There’s so much going on here - its not just a bar! Improve your university life and get involved.” Applause as the curtains close.

TOM TOM President

How can I describe Tom Tom in three words? Creative, lovable and hmmm…everyone’s best bud. (Ok I cheated, a bit more than three but you get the picture).

“We are working really closely with the university this year, to not only improve our general relationship but to team up with Student Reps, provide training and support for everyone.”

Having lurked around campus throughout my entire time at the University to date, I couldn’t imagine campus life without him. Whether he’s swanning around the Students’ Union or popping his head into the Media Centre, he just seems to be everywhere. And we are certainly not complaining.

Crikey, thankfully you did get involved, else where would we be now? We now know of your keen dramatic streak...but can you reveal a little more? Embarrassing story time I think…

Talking to him about his plans for the Students’ Union really emphasized his enthusiasm and belief in the Union as a whole. It was pretty admirable if I say so myself! Asking him the same questions as the other three Execs it was struck by the loudest sigh I’ve ever heard...*sigh* There’s so much. Where to start.... “Basically I want to improve facilities for students on all campuses. The smaller campuses seem to have been forgotten, so this year we are setting up times where we can visit everyone. It’s a big NUS campaign this year to go out and listen, (GOAL) go out and talk (GOAT). “I’ve actually got a little goat in my office, a toy goat… (not a real one Tom Tom??) whenever I see it I know I’ve got to go out and talk to students. “We don’t have part time officer positions at Margaret Street, Victoria Street, or Bourneville so who looks after them? We’re going make sure we get to those campuses, make sure we talk to them and generally just make sure we have an appearance. So come and talk to us!” Taking a breath, I’m finally allowed to slip in another question. Why did he go for the role? Although to be honest… we all think he was born for the position. “I wanted to change it. I was very involved with the Students’ Union at my college and when I came to university I swore blind I would not get involved at all – with anything! “In my first week I set up Bums on Seats... going through the whole process of being a student leader opened my eyes to all the difficulties students have with just getting involved. Student Unions are there to say ‘get involved’ - which is great - but how do you get involved?

“I don’t get embarrassed often, but… my friend had an 18th birthday party-which was a long time ago in … *cough*… 19… something! I decided to go as a woman, not a particular one, just a woman. “I got my legs waxed and brought some tanned tights… (Got your legs waxed and then wore tights Tom Tom?) Oh yeah I’ve got gorilla legs! I brought a little black dress which was very slutty, a padded bra and a nice wig (a little too much thought going into this Tom Tom!) I went round to my friends house and she did my make up for me… it was all spot on, I looked the part. “I walked down the street with two girls to the party through some guys who all tried to chat me up! My friend’s mum even stopped me coming in because she thought I was the stripper! “It gets worse... A couple of weeks later I was in a pub chatting to a girl. I thought ‘oh this is good, might get somewhere here’, but saw in her purse a picture of me dressed as a woman! Shocked I just said ‘oh what’s that?’ to which she replied ‘oh it’s a pic of a guy that dresses as a woman… ha.’ I didn’t say anything just said “oh that’s crazy…. Err.” Waxing your legs hurt… you are mad. “I tried Immac on one leg and wax on the other... Immac stinks but it last longer for those that are interested!” Ok ok I think enough embarrassment for one day... finally do you have a message for our fellow students? “Well I say it all the way through the year...but get involved. Try and get as much as you can out of your university, not just a degree. We’re here to provide an opportunity to get involved, meet new people and try new things. If you don’t like it, fine, at least you’ve tried it!” All hail President Tom Tom! To hear the full version of all interviews visit By Georgie Campbell

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. . . . . . .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...... ...................... ..................... ...................... ...................... ...... ............ ............. ............. ............. . . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ...... ...................... ..................... ...................... ...................... . ...... ...................... ..................... ...................... ...................... . ...... ...................... ..................... ...................... ...................... ...... ...................... ..................... ...................... ...................... ...... ...................... ..................... ...................... ...................... ...... ...................... ..................... ...................... ...................... ...... ...................... ..................... ...................... ...................... ...... ...................... ..................... ...................... ............... ...... ...................... ..................... ...................... ...... ...................... ..................... ...... ...................... ...... .............. ...... .............. ...... .............. October 2009 ...... .............. ...... ..... Your Official Spaghetti Junction Union Update . . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . . . ...... ............... ...... ................

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................................................................................................ What a start to a brand new year! This has been our biggest and most popular freshers’ EVER! Record attendances coupled with some amazing acts has made this year really memorable. A few of the highlights have been ‘Zane Lowe’, ‘Mikki Jay’ and the ‘Carnival of the Bizarre’! We would like to thank every student who attended for making this such an amazing freshers and we look forward to giving you more exciting events throughout the year.

Freshers Fayre is Huge Success

................................................................. Wednesday 23rd September 2009; over 6000 students descended onto City North Campus all hungry to find out what Birmingham has to offer and more importantly, what the Birmingham City Students’ Union is all about. With many Birmingham companies and organisations present at the fayre, students were able to get a taste of all the exciting activities Birmingham has to offer and also grab as many freebies as they could possible carry! All Students’ Union Societies

and Sports Teams were busy throughout the day signing up students to their Student Groups offering activities to enhance their university experience. Membership numbers for Group signups hit a record high so it promises to be a great year for all student activities. If you want to know what activities your Students’ Union has to offer? Visit and get involved!

Tell Us About Your Freshers & Win £50!

................................. We’re certain you’ll keep those fantastic Freshers memories for a lifetime. In fact, we’d like to know all about your Freshers time this year so we’d really appreciate it if you could go to and take part in our Super Freshers’ Week Survey 2009. As a thank you we will enter you in a prize draw for a chance to win £50! Prize draw Friday 4th December 2009.

...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... . . . . . . .. ...... . ......

Vote Now-ONLINE! ............................................................... Elections at Birmingham City are going to be a little different this year… For the first time ever we’re planning on using Electronic Voting (E-Voting), which means that all our students will be able to vote online. E-Voting will launch in two weeks with the By-Election of an Ethnic Minority Students Officer and the election of our new Faculty Student Representatives.

‘Students have been asking us why we haven’t had e-voting in previous years, so we’re really excited about the possibilities it will create with our elections this year,’ said Communications Officer Kat Higgs. Make sure you log into visit the website during the 12-16th October to cast your vote! Visit www.birminghamcitysu. com/elections for more information on how to get involved with student democracy.

Wake Up to the Student Debate!

............................................................... Think your student experience can be improved? Is your university not giving you what you need? Then do something about it! Student Counil is essential to democracy within the Students’ Union. There’s no obligation to join so come along to our first

meeting and try it! You never know, you might like it! Everyone is welcome to attend our first Student Council on 27th October at 5:30 pm in Kendrick theatre (City North Campus). For more information visit www.

Free Your Wednesdays!

........................ Birmingham City Students’ Union is campaigning to set Wednesday afternoons free! University is not just about the academic side, and we think that Birmingham City should follow the example of other universities across the UK and keep Wednesday afternoons free for students to get involved with extracurricular activities. To sign the petition and find out more go to www.

free_weds_flyer.indd 1

18/9/09 14:59:35

Demand Extra!

.......................... The NUS EXTRA card is the only student discount card you need this year. It is packed full of superb High Street & online discounts, plus all year round savings on a full range of products in all your Union outlets. Why pay more for things you need? Make sure you demand extra Order yours today online at


One of the best nights out in the Students’ Union’s history. Whether you were caught on camera rescuing your Havaianas out of the rubbish bin or covering yourself in toilet roll in the girls toilets, everyone will remember this night out for many years to come.


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Flame throwing girls on stilts... not your average party goers, but then this years Freshers week has been full of pleasant surprises. With everyone still in good spirit the two floored party spilt out in the marquee and proved that this years Freshers really know how to groove. It was .... Bonkers!

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STUDENT CULTURE freshers week


If you struggled to see anyone from Spaghetti Junction at this event, it would be because we were rolling on the floor, clutching our stomachs in fits of laughter. The word hilarious does not even sum up the strange happenings within Bar 42 during Freshers Week. All I can do is congratulate Dean for making the show one to remember. ( I only hope your mum has forgiven you!)


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STUDENT CULTURE freshers week

Zane Lowe, Goldie Lookin’ Chain and some of the loveliest looking Freshers we’ve had to date... and what do you get? The Main Event. Not only was this year’s line up top class, but the new venue, Air, gave even some returning students somewhere new to wreak havoc! In the words of Mr Lowe..... BC Rocks!!!!

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Features fashion Fashion by Micheala Rosa Dowling. Using mens wear by Burton Hi there, guys and girls! Welcome to the new, fresh fix of fashion for you, the fabulous students of Birmingham City University. Every month I shall be letting you know what’s hot to trot, and showing you how easy it is to be ‘bang on trend’. All the clothes used in my photos are from stores and markets in the very heart of Birmingham City Centre. You’ll soon get to know all the shops as you head out to spend your loan! I would like to especially mention Burton’s New Street flagship store. They have kindly provided me with latest items, new in this month to use in my photos, and don’t forget they offer that wonderful NUS student discount! This month the trends to be rocking are: GUYS: ‘Industrial’ and ‘Preppy’ GIRLS: ‘Nu Nirvana’ and ‘Warrior’. Hope you love it, and I’ll be back next month - hope you enjoyed Fresher’s, party people! The thing to remember when achieving this look is the keyword: LAYERING. The more you can pile on the better. With nights getting darker and colder quicker than ever before, this look is sure to keep you warm and fashionable. A graphic t-shirt, which may feature your fave film or band etc, will be your focus point of this look. Blue ‘Italian Job’ Printed T-shirt. (£16.00) I have never before felt so much love for the check shirt which came into play in Spring/Summer 09, but it has made its way back onto the catwalk and High Street for Autumn/Winter 09. This one, new into Burton, features classic red and black check with fine yellow lines running through the shirt for extra detail (£25.00). The grey zip up hoodie (£28.00) on top may be enough for the look on the lighter, cooler days but when you team everything with this must-have black biker jacket (£60.00) the look totally comes together. To all you lovely ladies out there, its time to rock out this month in as many studs, sequins and zips as possible. Being a rock chick is necessary this month, but big feature embellishment brings the look back down to earth, and makes the style more applicable to the masses. Big and bold on one piece, like the black vest with skull detail (Evans, £28.00) begins the look for you and there are many waistcoats available now to enhance any hot-ass detail on a funky base top. The knitted silver one in the picture, teamed with the vest, has major sequin detail, but is played down by its muted tone of colour. Black sequin detail and maximum stud coverage on tops, is also another way to achieve the ‘Nu-Nirvana’ look. Harsh metal bangles and necklaces or chandelier silver earrings help to climax to the overall effect. Don’t forget those ‘Skinnies’ and ‘jeggings’ (particularly in deep indigos and black) to finish off. 18

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Features fashion The preppy look actually has some components of the Industrial look. The difference is creating overall, a more softer appeal in style. There’s more movement in the garment, less layering than in the Industrial look and the introduction of accessories, which make an outfit. Beginning again with a printed t shirt (‘Hendrix’ print, £16.00) as a base, but aim for a darker, subdued colour which will be bought out by the bright colour of the mini- check shirt (red Preppy check shirt, £25.00). The black wool pea-coat (£75.00) is a classic staple item to have in any man’s wardrobe. Buy it, look after it and it will last you season to season. Finish off this look with your fave baker boy cap, leather gloves or a bold scarf (limited edition Collegiate scarf, £15.00)

Photography by 2nd year student Micheal Rosa Dowling

This trend is like a sister to Nu Nirvana. The ideals are here but it’s much more relaxed in terms of structure. You may go plainer in colour but it is still holding its own with graphic printing and adding more accessories to mature the look. A blazer is the key item to take any girl through to Spring/ Summer 2010. Rolled- up sleeves and the tailored cut in the shape can dress any outfit up or down. Celebrities, such as Fearne Cotton, have been rocking the vintage Native American style rock t shirts. Featuring classic wild animals, like wolves, eagles and horses, they add a sense of vintage that crawls all the way back into the 80s. I picked this one up at the Birmingham market, which is busiest and at its best on a Tuesday, or of course, Saturday. Pearls are an essential part of an accessory pile and, as you can see, bring volumes of class to any outfit. Chunky silver pendants with thick bangles displaying animal print of any kind edge forward the killer look even more. Any woollen accessory, such a slouch beanie or some thin bejewelled gloves will also kick-start this stunning trend right into the winter months.

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Visit for ADV. TickEtS! £0.75: Pint of Coke/Lemonade / £1.50: Carlsberg Pints, Fosters Pints, Strongbow Pints, Snakebite Pints / £1.75: Bulmers Btls, VK Btls, San Miguel Btls / £2.50: Jager Bombs, Dbl Vodka + Redbull, Dbl Vodka + Mixer, Dbl Jack Daniels + Mixer, Dbl Bacardi + Mixer, Dbl Archers & Mixer, Dbl Southern Comfort + Mixer / £5.00: 3 x Sourz shots, 3 20 SPAGHETTI junction x Sambuca shots, 4 x Corkies Shots

Features women’s rugby

Birmingham City University Women’s Rugby Club Girls just wanna have fun… and these girls are no exception. Meeting up with Birmingham City University’s women’s rugby team captain (what a title) Ami Johnson, I was left in shock with what the girls get up to on and off the pitch. With weekly training every Monday throughout term and matches up and down the city who would have thought there was time to have a social life as well. “You make so many new friends being part of the team. We get up to all sorts, from nights out to daytime social activities – it’s not all about drinking!” Ami explained. The girls are frequent visitors to many of the city’s great tourist attractions from Alton Towers to paint balling or even picnics in the Botanical Gardens.

“It’s great as we get group discount wherever we go because there’s so many of us! Come join the fun!” The team of dedicated girls are currently unbeaten in every match they’ve played but are always on the look out for new members. With Fresher’s Fayre fresh in our memories, perhaps you didn’t make it round to see the girls, but fear not you can still join. Membership not only entitles you to no end of fun and training on the pitch, but includes free use of match kit, RFUW training and support, cheap personalised kit (hoodies etc! woo!), access to the Sports and Societies Awards dinner amongst much more!

us who haven’t got transportation you needn’t worry about that. Looks like all bases are covered hey? What’s stopping you? Getting to know Ami a little more I was bowled over by her friendly charisma. Not only does the girl manage and organise the rugby team but is currently studying nursing at the Edgbaston campus as part of her military training. Yes, you read that right, our dedicated team captain has not only devoted herself to our lovely resident rugby team, but also the country. We salute you for your efforts. To join the team get in touch with Ami now! Ami Johnson at bcuwomensrugby@ or via the Students Union.

With training held at the Old Edwardians Rugby Club the girls organise lift shares. For those amongst By Georgie Campbell

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Features cookery corner

Cookery Corner Editorial by Ben Harrow by Poppy French 22 Photography SPAGHETTI junction


Features cookery corner

ave you found yourself in a new kitchen this year, with a home-cooking shaped hole in your stomach, pining for the days where your mum had your tea ready for you? Or are you breaking into the second or third year with your takeaway tummy still bulging over your jeans? Hopefully, this issue will warm you to the idea of getting into that scary new kitchen and brightening it up with some proper home-cooked food and that the phone isn’t the first thing to reach for when you start getting hungry.


The bread and butter of university cooking. Tasty, simple and different every time you make it, but most important of all, always perfect for sharing. Adjust the recipe however you fancy. Add or remove vegetables, use different sauces and flavours, add more or less, it’s all completely up to you! Plus, it’s also the perfect reason to buy a wok; those things are godly.

For about four to five people; An onion, chopped. Three peppers, as many colours as possible, chopped. Noodles (Either stir-fry ready ones or normal ones, just make sure they are cooked in time for serving). Bags of mixed stir fry vegetables. (These come in a variety of sizes and flavours, so play it by ear. I mean eye.

I mean mouth.) Or if your making a large amount it maybe cheaper to get some vegetables in. I suggest carrots, cabbage, courgette, bean sprouts and something like mange tout or sugar snaps. Chop all your vegetables as finely as possible. Meat. (I’ll get to this later - read to the end before turning on the gas!) Sauce. (I’ll get to this later too) 1.Fry whatever meaty base you have until it’s cooked enough. I’m not psychic, so I’m not sure how long this’ll be. (It’s normally mentioned on the packet!) 2.Fry your onions in the same wok until they turn that awesome brown colour and throw in the peppers. Let them soften up a little, but not enough so that they lose their texture; that’s what stir-fry is all about. 3.Add in the mixed vegetables. These only need to be heated through, so take as long as is necessary. Because of the pure bulk, the other things you’ve cooked already never burn. It’s magical. Add the noodles in on top and stir well. 4.When the vegetables are nearly ready (should be five or ten minutes of frying depending on your heat) add in the sauce and heat through. You may need two sachets if you’re making a big stir-fry. 5.Whack in a massive scoopy spoon and place delicately in the middle of your table. Stand back and let your housemates dive in. Now, for the difficult bit. Sauces and your main meaty bit. These two variations are great starting ideas, but experimentation is the most fun way to cook up a storm for your housemates. Sweet and Sour Chicken: 200g Chicken, diced. Sachet or jar of sweet and sour sauce. Sounds strange at first glance, but is amazing... 8 Sausages, chopped. Sachet or jar of black bean sauce. Sweet and sour works magically with pineapple. Black bean sauce was born for bamboo shoots and a huge splash of soy sauce. I use the word a lot, but experimentation really is the best way to make sure you find something you really, really like, and the braver you get, the bigger the reward. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve made myself very, very hungry.





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Features student of the month

son: e v I e Luk poser


his issue’s student of the month is 19-year-old budding musician Luke Iveson from the Conservatoire Campus. Having recently entered the Phillip Bates Prize and succeeded through to the nomination round, we thought Luke deserved a shout out! Born and bred in Manchester, Luke’s fame already preceeds him after having his music performed around the nation by the Chroma Ensemble, Rowland Sutherland and the CoMA Ensemble. Entering his second year in September, Luke found time to talk to us about his music and more… So Luke, how long have you been composing music? “I’ve played piano for as long as I can remember, so composition seemed a natural progression. I just wanted to play my own music and write for other people, of course. The first time I composed was just before I took my A levels, so I have been composing seriously for about 4 years. I’ve recently taken up the clarinet too which has helped with many aspects of my music. Learning a wind instrument has definately emphasized the importance of breathing gaps.” Wow, the piano and the clarinet? Where do you find the time? So to help us understand you a little more, who or what inspires you? “Many things inspire me ... a lot of art and literature gives me ideas for new works as many of my compositions involve some form of theatre. A lot of my work features strong theatrical moments. One of my last pieces last five minutes in total, but it contains a two minute silence! My top three favourite composers would have to be George Crumb, Harrison Birtwistle and Peter Maxwell Davies.” Can you name 5 things you can’t live without? “My Piano, my Ipod, my phone, Itunes and my lovely Mac Laptop.”


Help us to find out more about the real Luke Iveson. If you were invisible for a day, what would you do? “I think I would do something really stupid like go around the Conservatoire playing the all the pianos so people thought I was a ghost or something!” Where do you see yourself five years from now? “I hope to see myself with a solid degree and maybe thinking about doing a Masters. I would love to have set up an ensemble to promote new music and tour around England.” Well we are certainly behind you Luke, and the best of luck with the Phillip Bates Prize! By Emma Williams

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Features society Welcome! There is no better way to start or continue your university experience than by joining a society at Birmingham City University. If you want to help both your university and the wider community then People and Planet is the society for you. Who are we? People & Planet is the largest student network in the UK campaigning to end world poverty, defend human rights and protect the environment. If you are interested in being involved in the change then join your local People and Planet group at Birmingham City University today.

meeting every week on Wednesday at 6pm. Check our Facebook group or mailing list for the room number. Come along, see what you think and then keep coming! If you are interested please email We hope to see you soon! By Aaron Carford-Hamlin

What do we do? We aim to make positive changes on both a local and global scale whilst having fun. University is about enjoying your experience, so join the People and Planet fun. We meet weekly to plan campaigns, social events and outreach activities making us one of the more fulfilling societies to get involved in. Other groups submitted national campaigns to their university and Student Union, like our neighbours, the University of Birmingham, have campaigned hard against RBS Natwest for their appalling unethical investments. In doing so they have organised several exciting actions against the Natwest branch on campus. It is completely up to us as a group to decide which campaigns we are interested in. How do we work? As all decisions are made on a consensus basis, we campaign on the issues that mattered to each individual group the most. The union requires a committe in each group (e.g. president, treasurer, etc.), so members are actively encouraged to take a greater role in the running of the group. Many campaigns take the form of non-violent direct action such as sit-ins, flash mobs, marches, petitions and general lobbying. However, many groups find it equally rewarding to organise awareness events such as themed events or stalls etc. How can I join? Joining couldn’t be easier. Just come along to our 26

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Illustration by 2nd Year Illustrator Alex Hovey


TUE 3rd NOVEMBER 8pm-12am at Bar 42 (Show (Show starts starts at at 9pm) 9pm)


money, housing, academic advice & much more… 0121 331 6801 SPAGHETTI junction


Features climate camp

It was midday when I finally found myself in London, people going about their business as normal without a second thought about what was going to emerge in mere hours. I was part of the ‘Yellow’ group and made my way to the Bank of England, a message in itself. When I got there I was shocked to see the happy crowd situated by the bank. The atmosphere was so positive that any qualms about police or violence had already being diminished. After the third hour of waiting, we got the message to move to Blackheath on a specific tube route. So, we left our outreach bingo game, ended the conversations with bankers, got our bags and headed to the camp. Whilst travelling to Blackheath, still unaware of our final destination we engaged with members of the public, telling them why they were stood next to a penguin on the tube. The general reaction was a positive one with people wishing us luck as we travelled.



Features climate camp

An hour later we saw the bright banners and tripods at the gate of the camp. The atmosphere within the camp was noticeable straight away: everyone who had just arrived having waited for hours with heavy bags began to help erect marquees, tents, kitchens and toilets. I decided to help coordinate the pathway around camp. The ambience couldn’t have been further from what I expected. Having remembered last years camp where the police had enforce a heavy presence from the start, I was expecting to see camp surrounded. However, with no police in sight and just the speedy construction of a new camping neighbourhood, it was clear that the camp would outreach to the wider community.




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Student Culture GASH

Great Achievements Starts Here

Third Year Visual Communication Graphics students Laura Cox, Grag Howell, Genevieve De Lande Long, Hilliary Lovell, Harriet Woolley, Anthony Collins, Stephanie Reeves, Alex Wardle, Sam Tucker, Becky Atkinson and Racheal Harris under the direction of tutor Phil Tomson have collaborated to form the multi media group G.A.S.H. Graphic Communicator Genevieve told us more: “ Our exhibition is going to be at Urban Outfitters showcasing the variety of work our group has produced. It has been a real team building experience and the contemporary location means our work really fits the space. It’s a great opportunity for industry professionals to see our work with the potential of ongoing business experiences.” So if your in the city this is a brilliant opportunity to see some orginial work by Birmingham City University students. The exhibitions runs from 2nd October -19th October. If the exhibition is sucessful it could potentially move to further Urban Outfitters.

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Student Culture pubs

THE BEST PUBS I As a student going into my third year, I’ve lived and studied in Birmingham for two years now. While I’m not busy studying, a fair bit of time has been dedicated to trekking the city to bring you my guide on the best pubs and bars this fair city has to offer. The City Centre (not including Broad Street) boasts four Wetherspoons, my favourite being ‘The Briar Rose’, located on Bennett’s Hill. Take in the warm and classy interior, with comfortable seating and a friendly ambience. It is seldom packed in my experience, perfect to grab a couple of drinks with friends during a shopping trip or before a night out at Snobs or Broad Street. Another pub I like very much is the ‘Victoria’, found at the back of New Street Station on John Bright Street. With a vibrant mix of old fashioned insides teamed with some modern arty bits, this pub has a great unique look. Populated with a cool clientèle, I really like how young and old can have a drink side by side. There is an events room upstairs in which they put on some great shows with local heroes, such as The Twang and Jonny Foreigner. Round the corner ‘The Island Bar’ is owned by the same people and offers a massive range of cocktails to sample and the bar staff are always creating something new. Broad Street is obviously very well known and naturally has a number of pubs. I however, think the best pub in this area is just off the road itself. ‘The Flapper and Firkin’, has a great canal side location with lots of outside seating. Another pub with a gig room showcasing lots of local bands, it draws a youthful crowd. Located just in Cambrian Wharf, Kingston Row. Moving out of Birmingham centre, another well-known student hotspot is Selly Oak. I’m a fan of the Gun Barrels located on the borders of Selly Oak Town Centre. Luckily, it’s a Scream Pub


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Student Culture pubs

S IN BIRMINGHAM offering discounts on already reasonably priced drinks if you have the affiliated Yellow Card. This pub has numerous large T.V screens, various game machines and two pool tables. You can also get decent, low priced pub grub here. Moseley, birthplace of J.R.R.Tolkien, writer of the’ Lord of the Rings’ books, is another great place to go for a drink. Moseley is a leafy superb with a charming centre. My favourite pub there is ‘The Fighting Cocks’, a pub that prides itself on serving the best premium lagers, ciders and wines. You will also find ales that are not anywhere else in Birmingham which are regularly rotated, so you can always get something different. The same goes for food as well serving options much above your standard Wetherspoons menu. The pub its self is dimly lit and full of comfortable, classy seating, not recommended if you’re skint though, it is quite pricey! Going further away from the city centre, the ‘Hare and Hounds’ in Kings Heath centre is worthy of a mention. This large pub has a good atmosphere and a wide range of beverages. They have a large events room where they put on loads of gigs showcasing local bands, the odd visiting touring band and brilliant club nights. They give anyone a chance so if you’re looking for somewhere to gig, give this place a shout. Also if you fancy something a bit bizarre, Birmingham’s knitting society “Stitches and Hoes” meet here the last Tuesday of every month. The final pub I’m going to mention is ‘The Lord Clifton’ in Hockley. This pub is walking distance from St Chad’s Cathedral, its another that prides it self on it ales, with the two set ales being Bathams and Wye Valley, as well as two changing guests. It is a great place to drink, with some impressive urban art on its walls. It has a heated smoking area and a surprisingly big beer garden. Featuring in many “best pub” guides you must find time to break from study and visit this pub!

Editorial by Chris turner Photography by foundation student Kyle Perks.

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Student Culturehot not Well now summer’s been and gone with the blink of an eye I guess it’s time to get back into the uni spirit, so here’s your chance to keep up to date with what’s in and what’s so yesterday during the marvellous month of October.

She’s the 13 year-old who’s got the fashion world’s pulses racing with her amazing blog. All tiny 4ft 9inch of her has already appeared in Pop and Grazia magazine. Check it out for yourself at: Hidden away behind the rag market, not just yummy but the type of place you can park your bum and happily chat for hours on end. Any excuse for a new wardrobe eh! Check out the Bullring’s newly refurbished and rather fabulous H&M for plenty of fashion corkers this season. Or save your pennies and create your own, if Gaga can sew it- so can we. Let’s face it; we don’t think he’s ever going to be removed from this side of the page. Oolalaaa that hair! Morrisons, sainbury’s, Tesco and Asda are all doing everything on the cheap for us poor students. From your bog standard baked beans to the essential pack of biscuits, it leaves more money to blow down Broad Street, now I’ll drink to that one! 34

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Student Culturehot not

So here we are again back to the slog of endless essays and stacks of books. No more sunshine, flip-flops and weird tan lines, I suggest we dress in black and mourn this tragic loss, yes?

Be prepared for lectures full of attractive coughing and sneezing. Oh the prices we will pay for cheap booze and nights we’re unlikely to even remember in the morning.

It’s that time of the year again when Saturday night TV is hijacked by this bore of a show. We’ve seen it four times around already, it’s just old hat now. Get rid! Don’t get me wrong they’re great . . . if you’re on Orange that is. Wake up and smell the popcorn fellow mobile networks, we all want in on a bit of the bargain film action pretty please.

Everyone’s banging on about how healthy it is for us. After having a cheeky taste of it for myself, my conclusion is that it’s pure grime in a bottle, eurghhh. Avoid at all costs people! By Laura Townsend

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Arts and Entertainmentblink 182

Blink 182- What’s Their Age Again?


Here’s the setting: Blink-182, at the height of their popularity and fame, split up in 2004 following disagreements within the band, leaving thousands of teenage fans devastated. Now, five years on, after the trio returned to present an award at the Grammys, announcing, (somewhat cheesily) “We used to play music together, and we decided we’re going to play music together again”, Blink-182 announced a massive 47–date tour. This was brilliant news, if like me, you have loved Blink-182 for years and years, brilliant news......if you live in America anyway. Luckily, and completely by coincidence, I was heading to the states for the summer, and had the pleasure of seeing them on tour at the DTE Energy Music Theatre on August 22nd in Detroit, Michigan. The venue was huge, like an amphitheatre with seats at the front and lawn seats further back. There were some twenty thousand people in attendance at this one date alone! The audience was mainly built up of the original teenage fans, now five years on, grown up in their twenties. First up, Chester French, a not so well known band and newly starting up, hoping to follow in the footsteps of thousands of American pop/rock bands before them. After technical issues, pre-gig, the band were left with a mere fifteen minutes to play. Despite time not being on their side, the crowd were! All of their songs had melodic and memorable hooks, and finished their set by playing an Eminem track, being in his home down after all! Their quirkiness and exciting stage presence set the bar to the evening, soon to be beat by the second act of the evening… 36

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Panic! At The Disco have gone from success to success after being discovered in 2004. Two albums, and two name changes later, Panic! are supporting the band which got them into music. Some weeks before the concert, two of the quartet left to pursue other musical endeavours, but decided to call in friends from The Cab, another band on the same record label, to cover their departure. Panic!’s performance was still, spot on. Brendon Urie’s vocals were incredible, and at some points in the show, I thought I was listening to their album. Storming through hits such as I Write Sins, Not Tragedies and Nine In The Afternoon, Panic! had set the bar higher. Third and the final support came from Fall Out Boy, who were invited onto the tour, after Mark and Travis’s side band ‘Plus 44’, supported them on the huge Honda Civic tour the year before. Who says favours are never repaid? Bursting into top hit Sugar, We’re Going Down, all was going well, until about ten seconds in when a huge black screen dropped down in front of the band. This didn’t stop them though, as they carried on, ignoring what had happened. Patrick still sang every word despite the banner falling on top of him mid-verse. Was it unfortunate luck that this had happened or was it something to do with the childish antics of Blink-182 mixed with the fact it was Fall Out Boy’s final date on the tour? Fall Out Boy put on a fantastic show, playing a mix of old songs and newer hits like I Don’t Care. FOB had saved something for the finale. Pete Wentz shouts “Do you want to hear The Take Over, The Break’s

Arts and Entertainmentblink 182 Over, or some old shit?” to which the crowd literally go insane and shout back “OLD SHIT”. The band bring Brendon Urie from P!ATD onstage to sing a popular Detroit song “Don’t Stop Believin” originally by Journey. If the audience were half asleep before, they were awake now! Fall Out Boy raise the bar again. Now, finally, after three support acts, various technical difficulties and waiting for what feels like my whole life, the lights go down and the crowd go wild. The curtain drops. Blink-182 emerge, kicking off, straight into the killer riff of Dumpweed. Suddenly, I feel like I’m 16 again. The staging is full of hundreds of circular screens each bearing their smiley face logo which changes and moves around as the music and songs change. Very Star Trek. I have never seen so much energy in a live show, especially as Mark is now 37, and Tom and Travis are 33, they’re not exactly young like Panic! or Fall Out Boy who are in their early twenties. After five years separated, the band still have their family-like stage presence. Five years is a long time. Tom has been in ‘Angels and Airwaves’, Mark in ‘Plus 44’ with Travis, who has had a hectic year indeed. In September 2008, after playing at an event, Travis Barker boarded a jet with fellow DJ-AM aka Adam. The jet had technical problems and crashed, killing four people, leaving Travis and DJ-AM the sole survivors with injuries and burns. Travis’s best friend, DJ-AM died of a drug overdose this September. Blink-182 made the night their own, being messy, raw, and offensive, just like the good ol’ days. Unlike their opening bands, Blink didn’t seem too concerned with being perfect, with their teenage banter and school boy behaviour, changing lyrics in songs. In between songs, would make ‘your momma’ jokes towards Tom’s mom too. Nothing changes in

five years does it? The band left the stage as most bands do, and returned for an encore which would defy gravity… literally. The stage is dark again, and suddenly the lights and hundreds of screens light up to reveal Travis Barker on his drum kit. He starts to drum and solo over a mix-tape of songs, and puts on a good show. Okay, so loads of band do this. Travis is always one step ahead of them though, as his drum platform lifts up and starts to fly around the stage on wires. Wow. That’s cool. Can he go on step further? Yes he can! His drum riser stops in the centre of the stage, some twenty foot off the floor and then turns ninety degrees onto the side! So he’s drumming, strapped in, on his side, twenty foot off the ground…then he spins. Coming back to Earth, after a spectacular drum solo, the band return to a rip roar from the audience, bemused to what they’ve just seen. Blink finish the night off by playing classic song Dammit! and leave the stage, leaving fans like me buzzing for the next week. Blink-182 have five albums, so to condense some sixty tracks into one gig, is a hard task in itself, especially with so many memorable hits, so for Blink to play 22 songs, each performed with so much energy and so much enthusiasm is worthy of legendary status. Blink-182 raised the bar, and set it in space! This really was – The Mark, Tom and Travis show all over again


By Sean Nash

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Arts & Entertainment album reviews


Shakespeare said that music was the food of love…here at Spaghetti Junction, we say that music is the reason why Shakespeare said that. Clever, I know. Here are some of the latest album releases reviewed, just for you- enjoy!

ARCTIC MONKEYS humbugs The third album from the boys from Sheffield, when compared to their previous two, can be seen as less catchy with fewer potential for top ten singles. There is also a minimal amount of guitar solos that made them so instantly lovable first time around Not a bad thing by any means however. The four piece have created a flowing, brooding and simmering record from start to finish. They have pushed their boundaries and attempted to progress, as should any band that has been around a while. With the help of Queens of the Stoneage front man, Josh Homme, they have achieved what their new haircuts have not; maturity. No longer are they seventeen year old spotty rascals, they are like Homme himself, accomplished musicians. In fact, lead single ‘Crying Lighting’ seems the only track poppy enough to succeed in the charts. The chorus on opening song ‘My Propeller’, the drum beat on ‘Dance Little Liar’ and the lyrical delivery in ‘Pretty Visitors’ provide exceptional moments in a slow burning Album. The constant? Alex Turner’s cheeky interweaving lyrics; you can always count on that. 3.5/5 Jo Chapman

MUSE resistance

It appears Muse have become one of those bands that seem to be riding the wave of their own success. No doubt this album will go on to be a big seller and they will continue to sell out arenas and stadium around the world on the back of it. But for me, this album doesn’t cut it. Muse have generated an image of the biggest ‘progressive rock band’ of our generation, yet somehow they seem to fail at being progressive. Distortion and classical piano doesn’t quite live up to their fore fathers, the likes of Yes and E.L.O.

There are a couple of highlights on The Resistance, the rip roaring ‘Unnatural Selection’ has feels of the golden days during Origin Of Symmetry. The rest of the album however, sounds like a blending pot of bad Queen songs (see; United States of Eurasia) and music that wouldn’t sound out of place backing a cheap West End production. By time the album ends. Are we presented with a so called ‘symphony’? Buck up Bellamy, we just want Plug in Baby Vol. II. 2/5 David Breese


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Arts & Entertainment film reviews


THE TIME TRAVELLERS WIFE Based on Audrey Niffenegger’s unique novel, this film showcases the life of Henry (Eric Bana), a man with a genetic condition that causes him to travel uncontrollably through time, and the effects this has on the people in his life, most notably his wife, Clare (Rachel McAdams). The film begins with a tragic shock that sets the overall tone for the remaining hour and fortyseven minutes. It is a poignant romance gifted with some happy moments and snippets of comedy. Amusingly, Henry leaves his clothes behind whenever he travels, so you get to see a lot of Bana in his birthday suit. This is not a film to see if you are hungover as the concentration required to follow Henry skipping back and forth through time will only make your headache worse. The narrative is scattered like the debris from a tornado - you come across each piece in the wrong order then have to piece them together. At the same time this is what

draws you into the story and makes the film so successful. By the time it reaches a close, you are concentrating so hard trying to understand what’s going on in each scene that you find yourself really empathising with the main characters. The bittersweet twist at the end left me holding back a few tears, and I will definitely be buying the DVD when it is released...though I am hoping it includes a ‘Time Travellers Wife’ for Dummies scene-by-scene walkthrough so I can watch it again without having to lie down afterwards. 4.5/5 Karen Lodge

INGLORIOUS BASTERDS Fans of Quentin Tarantino, and film buffs alike, will love this flick. Tarantino adds another badge to his lapel, this time, tackling the ever loved, WWII action thriller... but as with all of Quentin’s films, there’s a quirky twist. The ever ‘tongue in cheek’ producer/writer/ director extraordinaire manages to deliver a film packed to the brim of war film conventions whilst screening an entirely fictional story and yet, it still works. The cheesy bits, the gory bits, the caricatures of Hitler and Churchill are still funny and are what makes this film incredibly entertaining. Tarantino has an uncanny ability to turn often frowned upon conventions and stylistic filming into moments of cinematic greatness and it shows no more than in Inglorious. The basic plot follows a small group of Jewish/ American ‘Nazi Killers’, The Basterds. Led by Lt. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt), the group are specifically chosen with the sole task of killing as many Nazi

Soldiers as possible. A chance arises for the brutal, Nazi scalping killers when they are presented with the opportunity to get to Hitler in a local cinema. The films various plot lines and key characters all find themselves in a typically, Tarantino, bloody mess at the film’s finale. Pitt adds to his repertoire of quirky, sarcastic roles in this film, adopting an overblown swagger and a thick military accent. It’s great to see Pitt lighten up and broaden the type of roles he’s playing. Go and see this film, there’s something eerie yet thrilling about watching a film about cinema exploding, whilst inside a cinema. Also, listen out for Samuel L. Jackson’s cameo as a narrator. 5/5 Dave Breese

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Arts & Entertainment film reviews

FILM REVIEWS THE FINAL DESTINATION - 3D The fourth gory sequel to the ‘Final Destination’ saga has been released. Nick became the fourth victim of a supernatural premonition that led him and his friends on the pathway to death’s door. Nick O’Bannon (Bobby Campo) envisions utter chaos at the car race him and his friends attend. A colossal car crash causing masses of flaming debris, brutally and almost immediately kills everyone on the racetrack stands. Awaking to find it was just a horrific dream, panic strikes Nick and he persuades his girlfriend Lori (Shantel VanSanten), friends Janet and Hunt, to leave. Seconds after escaping their gruesome fate, his nightmare becomes reality. Nick’s ongoing events of being the ‘hero of the day’ soon turns sour as a new cycle of bloodthirsty assassinations take place on those who escaped. Endless visions give change in comparison to the previous three films. The graphical, detailed 3D effects added more excitement. They were placed at the right time and place, being the deaths, in the film. The film felt like it was coming to life as you could touch what was coming out of the screen. It

added that special ‘jump factor.’ Without the use of the 3D special effects this 4th sequel would have really been no different to the others. The film however was slightly predictable. The person who has the premonition and the people they have saved ‘think’ they have cheated death. When really death has got them trapped and claims them one by one. Other than that the film was still good overall. This thriller/ horror is worth watching, as long as you like gore being magnified right before your very eyes. 4/5 By Stacey Spencer

ICE AGE 3: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS This is a film for the kid in us all and for those who have seen Ice Age 1 and 2, you will not be disappointed. Sid the sloth ( John Leguizamo) kick starts the gang’s new adventure when he finds what he thinks are abandoned dinosaur eggs. As always, Sid’s naivety leads Manny (Ray Romano), Diego (Denis Leary) and the rest of the troops, including pregnant mammoth Ellie (Queen Latifah), into trouble. After Sid is taken by the mother of the eggs, a fully grown T-Rex, the others begin their quest to save the dopey sloth and return the eggs to their rightful owner. In unfamiliar territory and uncertain times the heard must trust an unpredictable weasel (and star of the film) called Buck (Simon Pegg), to guide them to safety and help rescue their friend. Like 40

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most films of its kind the ending is suitably happy and a new addition joins the herd when Ellie gives birth to a baby mammoth. Ahhhh. The film can be viewed in 3D; however for me this did not enhance my viewing. The 3D effects were unnecessary and disappointing, can’t knock the story though – excellent! 5/5 By Kirsty Booth

Arts & Entertainment book review

BOOK REVIEWS GOT YOU BACK jane fallon The phrase “power to the woman” is very much the morale of this inspiring story. Meet Stephanie who, early on, finds out her conniving husband has been leading a double life in the countryside- cosy cottage and all! Determined to get revenge, Stephanie reveals herself to the unsuspecting mistress whom, together, plan to ruin the sleaze ball once and for all. As things grow increasingly out of hand, Stephanie’s pitiful feelings for her husband force her to back off, but will the mistress ever stop? Funny in parts, heart jerking in others, Stephanie becomes more like your best friend than fictional character. I could actually not put this one down. Incredibly well written and creative, Fallon is definitely one to be reckoned with. With her next novel hitting our shelves this month, I for one will be first in line. 4.5/5 By Georgie Campbell

THE DEATH OF DALZIEL reg hill One of the most emotional books I have ever read. I physically laughed, cried and gasped, I kid you not. Aside from creeping my friends out with strange outbursts of emotion, this is one of the best books I picked up this summer. Forming part of the Dalziel and Pascoe series, The Death of Dalziel is said to be one of Reginald Hill’s greatest. Known as the “fat man” to his friends, Dalziel falls into a spot of bother when a bomb explodes in a disused part of town. Determined to find the perpetrator, partner in crime to the fat man, Pascoe sets off solo leading to no end of unanswered questions. With a good helping of northern lingo thrown in and some incredibily witty one liners this detective story is certainly one to make anyone reading list this year. 5/5 By Georgie Campbell

THIS YEAR IT WILL BE DIFFERENT maeve binchy At first, I didn’t understand this book at all. I was waiting for a link, something to join the endlessly unrelated chapters together. But it never came. I’m not sure whether that is a good thing or not, but this is a book I will never forget. Each chapter explores the ins and outs of family life during the Christmas season. Whether it be the tale of a lonely mistress, a troubled housewife or even the secrets of an unexpected flat party, a real sense of realism is uncovered beneath the twinkly lights. Take away the false pretence of festive spirit and discover the real Christmas season. It is just not like anything else I’ve ever come across and yet it still left me feeling unsure. No cliche happy ending, not even an unexpected twist, just plain and simple short stories. Binchy’s style of writing is completely out of this world so whether or not it sounds like your style, it still needs a good glance. 3/5 By Georgie Campbell

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Arts & Entertainment horoscopes


by laura townsend

AQUARIUS (Jan 21-Feb 19)

This month why not hug a tree, buy a stranger a plum or name your big toe. Don’t ask me why, I just thought it would be nice! PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20)

Unlucky for you, you find yourself caught short in a traffic jam this month. In-between whipping your rocket pocket out of the window for relief, a mental light bulb will ping with an ingenious plan. ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20)

LEO (Jul 24-Aug 23)

A bearded man will approach you asking the way to the “porcelain horse”. Direct him to the nearest toilet and run to buy ginger biscuits. I think a nice cup of tea is in order don’t you?

VIRGO (Aug 24-Sep 23)

Oh Virgo you cheeky little nugget, you’re back to your naked ways again. Argh! My eyes! Keep it covered god damn it and do something productive, like make a clay pot or go pigeon spotting. LIBRA (Sep 24-Oct 23)

Things are looking up for you Aries, that person you’ve had your eye on finally notices, bloody marvellous news I hear you cry. Just make sure it’s not at the moment that bird poo hits your shoulder. Gutted.

This page is no fake, oh crumbs no, but when a big cheque heads your way this month it probably is. Or maybe not. Either way share it with me, this is valuable advice I dish out you know, show some respect.

TAURUS (Apr 21-May 21)

SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22)

Take a banana and put it in your bag for breakfast. “Now is that a banana in your bag or are you just happy to see me!” Don’t blame me for the bad joke, blame my balls, crystal that is.

GEMINI (May 22-Jun 21)


Sit on a bus on the seat third row from the back, smush your face against the window and you’ll find inner happiness. If not, you’ll have a red face only a mother could love and people pointing at you- attention seeker!

You’ll gain astonishing skills this month but doing headstands to impress someone will only get you hurt. So why not try gambols or cartwheels wearing nothing but a head dress and a loincloth holding a lemon in your mouth.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21)

Watch out for a full moon Cancer and I don’t mean of the cosmic sort. An innocent trip in your mates new car will leave you mentally scarred for the rest of the month; on the plus side you’re wearing your seat belt, good egg!

Am I frivolous, splendid or just a plain fraud? Who cares this is about you isn’t it, argh too bad I’ve got a word limit. Better luck next month!

CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 23)


On the 15th you’ll make some toast a face appears in. Is it your true love or Jesus maybe?! How the hell do I know, stop asking so many questions you nosey bint and get some patience, geeeez. CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 20)

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Spaghetti Junction - Freshers Issue 09/10  

First issue of the 09/10 academic year.

Spaghetti Junction - Freshers Issue 09/10  

First issue of the 09/10 academic year.