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Issue #3

November 2008

THE B I RM ING HAM C ALLI G R A P HY G U I LD ’S N E WS LE T TE R www.birminghamcalligraphy.org

Join The Birmingham Calligraphy Guild with a celebration of its Founding Members: W. Travis Jones, founding teacher and Guild Master (deceased) Sharron Adams Betty Bland Jim Davis Elizabeth Judd Gloria Nelson Ann Erickson Winnie Cooper Saidee Gardner Anne Phillips Rosemary Kenny Janie Cravens Angela Welch Allen Osgood, (deceased) Jane Speed, (deceased)

Reception and Exhibit Opening December 7, 2008 2-4 P.M. Soon Bok Lee Gallery 2:30- special presentation to founding members Bluff Park Community School 571 Park Avenue Hoover, AL 439-2860

Mark Your Calendars

Upcoming Workshops:

Barbara Close- May 2 and 3 “Holiday Time” Mike Kecseg- Oct. 3 and 4 DJ Pettit- June15 and 16

Workshop chairs: Deb Warnat & Suzan Bishop Registration for 2009 workshops will not start until the new year. You will be notified by email when we will open registration and accept deposits. With such a great lineup you’ll want to act quickly.

New Procedure

Your check is your reservation! Due to rising costs and “back-outs”you are not considered registered for a workshop until your check is received and confirmed. In other words... Money talks!

(You will be refunded your money only if you can be replaced from a waiting list. Please do not find your own replacement until you find out if there is a waiting list for the workshop) Thank you!


All Artwork due for the Exhibit Showing! If you have not already turned in your artwork, please bring to Hoover First United Church on Patton Chapel Road from 6-8 P.M. on Monday, November 24th

Reggie Paper Pickup Same Time, Same Place

Hoover First United Church, 6-8 P.M. Dues Interested in becoming a member of The Birmingham Calligraphy Guild? Dues are $25.00 a year (September 1-August 31) Membership checks should be mailed to: Mary Ann Morrow 320 Stonebridge Road Birmingahm, AL 35210 or mamorrow@bellsouth.net

Perks of Membership:

*Workdays taught by guild members are free! *Great Newsletter and informational emails are guaranteed! *Access to The B’ham Guild website to list your business and talents *First consideration in signing up for local workshops *Guild supply orders save shipping *Your membership to Association of Calligraphic Arts (ACA) is discounted. ACA members can have their name listed, hyperlink or web page. More information www.calligraphicarts.org

Shirley Sawyer Pat Blair thinks we are a fun group of calligraphers

Barbara Barnett and Carol Tillman were star students of bookbinding

Workshop Fun

Connie Furgason shows the finer points to stone walls and delicate flowers

Annie Cicale and Carol Palleson

Tina Motoyama teaches an interested group how to do watercolor “dot” flowers

Marsha Wood gives Pat Blair encouragement on flourishing

Marsha Lassiter is excited about pointed pen exercises!

A History of the Birmingham Calligraphy Guild-Les Enlumineurs The Birmingham Calligraphy Guild, was started in 1987 at the behest of Mr. W. Travis Jones of Birmingham Alabama, an internationally known calligrapher and illuminator. The purpose of the Guild was and still is to promote, inspire and encourage the fine art of calligraphy. The word “calligraphy” comes from the Greek “kalligraphia,” meaning beautiful writing. Mr. Jones was the teacher of our founding members. The name of the guild, Les Enlumineurs, was conceived by Allen Osgood, who was a charter member. The name, in English, means “the illuminators”. Les Enlumineurs has been honored to have had three past presidents of the International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting. The current president, Janie Cravens, is also an early member. Other members of our Guild who have been presidents of the International Association are Travis Jones, Jim Davis and Angela Welch. The guild hosted the 1993 convention in Birmingham and made several innovative changes to the conference which remains in practice today. Many of our members attend this annual conference as well as the annual Americanbased International Conference for Lettering Artists. Mr. Jones taught calligraphy for the Special Studies program at UAB. Allen Osgood and Elizabeth Judd (also a founding member) studied under him at UAB and were instrumental in organizing the early group meetings. Gloria Nelson, Sharron Adams, Betty Bland, Winnie Cooper and Anne Phillips also were early students who remained active and contributed to the planning and building of the Guild. Ann Erickson, Angela Welch, Rosemary Kenney, Jim Davis, Janie Cravens, Saidee Gardner and Jane Speed joined in the first year. Members joining the guild in later years also studied under Mr. Jones. They were Mary Ann Morrow and Eve London. Mr. Jones and Jane Speed and Allen Osgood are now deceased. Early in the 1990’s the Guild began calling experienced calligraphers from outside of Birmingham to teach workshops. Their teachings were instruction on a particular hand. The “hands” included were Italic, Foundational, Old English, Engraver’s Script (Copperplate), Pointed Pen Variations and Spencerian Script. Old English, German and Engrosser’s Script and Engraver’s Script were studied with Mr. Bill Lilly. Some of our members have taken courses individually with Mr. Lilly, who is one of the few remaining graduates of the old and famous Zanerian School of Penmanship in Columbus, Ohio. Some of the most accomplished calligraphers on the continent have come to the Guild to teach and share their knowledge and techniques in workshops hosted by the Guild. They are: Rosemary Buczek, Michael Sull, Martin Jackson, Mark Van Stone, Timothy Botts, Marsha Brady, Eleanor Winters, Mike Kecseg Peter Thornton, Judy Melvin , Sherri

Lovler, Marijo Carney, Gail Vick/Annie Barnhardt, Connie Furguson, Barbara Close, Jean Formo, Joan Merrell, Mary Renshaw and Sherri Kiesel. In June of this year, Annie Cicale and Carol Pallesen presented a week-long workshop on a study of a few international painters and combined the study with a step-by-step book-making project. The guild also studied illumination with Valerie Weilmuenster. Some members have studied with Sheila Waters, one of the most well-known calligraphers today. Pat Blair, a prestigious member of the Washington, D.C. Calligraphy Guild has guided us in the art of pointed pen. This fall was her third visit to Birmingham. For each month of 2009, master teacher Reggie Ezell from Chicago will present a design and lettering course. These teachers and master calligraphers have been listed so that if your interest in calligraphy has been ignited by this show, you can find their exquisite work on the Internet. Meetings are held in months there are no workshops scheduled. The meetings consist of instruction and hands on application in all aspects of lettering and related subjects. Membership includes all skill levels of lettering artists, from the beginner to the most proficient. All are welcome. The Guild is active in the community and invites all who are interested in fine writing to attend either our workshops or meetings. Please see our website, www.birminghamcalligraphy.org for our schedule of workshops, meetings and classes or for more information contact Louise Meredith, 2007-2009 President at loumeredith@bellsouth.net. In 1993, member numbers were about 30. The membership in the guild has increased to 60 in 2008. The members come to Birmingham for various workshops. They travel from Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina and Georgia. We have now become a regional guild.

The Birmingham Calligraphy Guild

has as its goals to

A. Present the art of Beautiful Writing this metropolitan community as another of the art forms to be appreciated and enjoyed. B. Present the art of Beautiful Writing to both adults and children; promoting the love of beautiful lettering as well as the skills involved. C. Provide venues for local calligraphers as commercial artists in this community. D. Provide continuing calligraphic instruction and other artistic and craft instruction for the guild member’s personal growth as calligraphers and penmen

History compiled Louise Meredith, with help from Elizabeth Judd. December 2008 Mission Statement of the Birmingham Calligraphy Guild



Alphabet: monoline romans, broadedge pen romans M & T: gouache, touch up for reproduction, layout and design process, correcting errors, spacing and ruling pen


Alphabet: pressurized romans M & T: gouache, masking fluid, transfer paper, spray fixative, gum sandarac, paper sizing, nib honing


4 9






Alphabet:manipulated romans,broadedge brush manipulated romans M & T: gouache, saran wrap watercolor techniques, embossing acetone transfer, nib honing Alphabet:pencil drawn romans with serifs, pressurized romans with serif M & T: gouache, color chart, gilding on acrylic with gold leaf Alphabet: variations on romans M & T: gouache, color chart, gilding on gum ammoniac with six metal leafs, analyzing calligraphic hands


Alphabet: foundational M & T: black stick inks, grinding stones, linex liner, good paper, gilding on sculpted gilding base and gum ammoniac


Alphabet:foundational M & T: color stick inks, gaken dishes, linex liner, good paper, bookbinding, shell gold, snipping and honing ef66nib




Alphabet: variations on foundational M & T: color stick inks, gaken dishes, linex liner, good paper, vellum preparation, analyzing calligraphic hands


Alphabet: italic M & T: dry pigments, grinding dishes and rods, egg binders, linex liner, good papers, reverse photocopy, lettering on vellum, quill cutting


September Alphabet: pressurized italic

M & T: dry pigments, grinding dishes and rods, linex liner, good paper, making, laying, and gilding on traditional gesso


October Alphabet: variations on italic

M & T: dry pigments, grinding dishes and rods, linex liner, good paper, 4�house painter brush, ruling pen, ruling writer, moth pens


November Alphabet: pointed brush lettering, broad edge brush lettering

Reggie Calendar 2009


M & T: pentel color brushes, broad edge brush, touch up and enhancing brush lettering

M & T= Materials and Techniques

Profile for Birmingham Calligraphy

November 2008  

Newsletter of the Birmingham Alabama calligraphy guild

November 2008  

Newsletter of the Birmingham Alabama calligraphy guild