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Issue #15

January, 2013

THE B I RM ING HAM C ALLI G R A P HY G U I LD ’S N E WS LE T TE R www.birminghamcalligraphy.org


Lillis Taylor

C a r l Bill Kemp Rohrs Peter

The BCG’s Annual Christmas Brunch and Card Exchange was full of fun and merriment!


Connie Furguson Melinda Sapp

The workshop chairs of the Birmingham Calligraphy Guild have put together a very exciting lineup of calligraphers and artists for the 2013 year. It includes something for everyone! Whether you are interested in pointed pen, brush lettering, book arts or watercolor- there is something for you! Check out the schedule inside and feel free to look up these artists on the internet. Be sure to read the new policies so that you are aware of the rules and procedures of signing up for a workshop. We are excited to bring these wonderful teachers to Birmingham and look forward to a great year! Thank you in Thank you Leah for hosting this wonderful event! advance for your help and support.

Mark Your Calendars February 2- Kickoff Meeting and Bookmaking Arts First Financial Building 9am-1pm Supply Guest Instructor- Lillis Taylor List for Free to BCG members only workshop March 2- Bookmaking Arts/Portfolio Emmet O’Neal Library 9am-noon Guest Instructor-Lillis Taylor Free to BCG members only March 16-17- Connie Furguson Using Watercolors as a background for calligraphy and lettering projects First Financial Building (2 days) $130.00 April 21 (Sunday) BCG Meeting and DVD Emmet O’Neal Library 1-3pm Learn to draw the Acanthus Leaf by following Rosemary Buzchek’s DVD Free to BCG members only June 1-2 Carl Rohrs -Pen-Brush-Stiletto! First Financial Building (2 days) $120.00 July 7 (Sunday) BCG Meeting Vote on New Officers/Chairs Place TBA 1-3pm August 17-18 Bill Kemp Pointed Pen- Highly Addictive Variations First Financial Building (2 days) $100.00 September 21- Melinda Sapp Introduction to Spencerian Emmet O’Neal Library ,9-noon Free- BCG members only November 9-10- Peter Thornton Italics- Elegant and Flourished Emmet O’Neal Library (2 days) $115.00 Note: Estimated costs are based on 17 participants. The actual cost may go up or down based on actual number of participants.

Journal Making Workday – Lillis Taylor, February 2, 2013, 9-1pm Required Supplies - Session 1

-40 pieces textweight paper, 8.5”x5.5” each -1 sheet heavyweight cover paper, 14”x5.5” - scrap paper (all colors and textures, 8 1/2x11) -Binding needles -Embroidery thread or binding thread -Awl -Bone folder -Binder’s glue or rubber cement -Scissors -X-acto knife or box cutter -Steel ruler -Cutting mat -Pencil -Double sided tape These supplies are recommended for Recommended Supplies: those who want to -Mallet (or hammer will do) embellish in class

-Black Sharpee Markers (thick and thin) - paints: acrylic or watercolor - palette -water container - trims, button, photos


Download The Breim ReportLetterforms at Operina.com for inspiration and drooling!

Reggie Ezell and PPES Study Group

For those who participated in either of Reggie’s classes or the Pointed Pen Extended Studies February 9 Dates and locations March 9 change as do the top April 13 ics of discussions at May 11 these gatherings. Call June 8 Dana Jacobson (401 July 13 6613) or better: August 10 email her at Sept. 14 dj18a@yahoo.com Oct.12 to receive notification Nov.9 of these study group Dec.14 meetings and topics.

Nibbler Bits 2013 Graceful Envelope Contest spon-

sored by The Washington Calligraphers Guild. This year’s theme is “A World of Change”. For more information visit http://www.calligraphersguild.org/envelope.html

Member Spotlight Eve London

July 21st- July 28th http://2013calligraphyconference.com/ IAMPETH 2013




(shown here with her husband, Gary)

As editor of this newsletter, I decided it that I would be the spotlighted member! I have adored calligraphy as long as I can remember. In my 20’s, I was fortunate to take a German Text class with Travis Jones. (It was like showing up to a YMCA free-throw clinic and finding out it was taught by Larry Bird!) I looked at the pointed pen instruction and although I was afraid to attempt copperplate with Mr. Jones-I have always known that it existed and knew I would try at a later time. Out of the blue in 2006, I ran into a member of BCG at Alabama Art Supply. She was purchasing an oblique pen holder and I learned that there was an upcoming BCG meeting! I attended my first meeting and was so glad to be back among people that enjoyed calligraphy. I have found that I like learning in the workshop environment and have spent many weekends in the midst of great teachers. My joy in learning so many things does not result in high paying jobs. I use my interests in calligraphy, book arts, ceramics, photography and computers to create things for the people I love. It gives me great pleasure to make friends and family happy. I am lucky to have the support of my family in my escapades to IAMPETH and conferences near and far. Finally, I’m lucky to be learning and practicing calligraphy in 2013. Bob Dylan once told us that “the times they are a changin,’” and in the world of calligraphy change - especially the type of change that allows artists to incorporate technology into their art - is good. Programs such as Adobe’s Elements or Photoshop are used to set up invitations, make corrections and enhance our handwork. I am fortunate to have “hands” in both calligraphy and the computer.

Quilling Workshop with Hayley

If you missed the workday of September 22, 2012…well, you missed a great workshop given by one of our newer members, Hayley Marsh. Hayley did a great job teaching us the basics of quilling. If you don’t know what that is…it is a method of creating 3-D art using paper strips coiled and glued together to make pretty much anything you could name – flowers, butterflies, leaves, hearts, and various scroll shapes that we can then use to make cards, gift tags, and embellishing our lettering to make plaques, frames…whatever you can think of. Betty Perkins brought several things she has that were decorated by quilling – a small box, an ornament, and a sweet plaque that her neighbor gave her when she had three young toddlers in diapers. I personally had purchased supplies to learn the art some time ago, but had never gotten around to starting it (I’ll bet I’m not the only one who has that kind of thing stored…). I was excited to learn a new technique in the company of like-minded artists and we all had a great time. Hayley mentioned that she found a lot of ideas and outlines (templates) to work with online and the handout had some really neat things that had been made using quilling…including letters! I highly recommend making the time to attend the workshops and work days provided by the Guild. Each one furthers our toolbox of lettering styles and embellishments and makes us better artists, as well as supporting and making stronger the Guild we all belong to. A big thanks to Hayley for being brave enough to share one of her passions with us! Faith Penrod

Heather Held illuminated the guild with her Flourishing and Enchanted Letters workshop in July. Heather has a way of teaching her craft that is appropriate for all skill levels and makes each participant successful in creating works of art.

BCG Workshop Policies and Procedures Effective November 1, 2012 (by sending in your deposit money- you have acknowledged reading and understanding the following policies)

Experience: Most workshops are open to all skill levels.

The instructor may request the level of student skill.

Registration: Registration is open to all members when the workshop is announced.

Registrants will be added to the participant list in order of deposits received. If the workshop is full, individuals will be added to the waiting list. (See deposit information below.)


Deposits should be sent to the Treasurer/Membership Chairperson: Ann Steves 5637 Hampton Road Irondale, AL 35210 A nonrefundable deposit of $40 per workshop is required to hold a place in the workshop. Write the name of the workshop on each check. Each individual will be notified of his/her status by the Treasurer via email when his/her check arrives. Checks will be deposited upon arrival. Note: The checks of individuals who are placed on a waiting list will be deposited when a place becomes available. If no place opens, the check will be returned or destroyed.

Workshop Fees: Members’ Fee is the announced fee; non-members’ fee is an additional $25.00 The additional $25.00 is not the Guild’s membership fee. If a non-member wishes to become a member of the BCG, they may join by paying the Guild Dues ($25) in a separate transaction. Payment of the balance of the workshop is due 30 days prior to the workshop. If the balance is late or not paid by 30 days prior, a registrant will be required to pay any future workshop fees in full at the time of registration. If someone wishes to register for a workshop within the 30 days prior to the workshop, they must pay the full amount at that time.

Refunds of the balance are given only under the following circumstances: If someone takes a registrant’s place – replacements will be sought first from the waiting list, and then by soliciting other members and guilds. In the case of a death in the immediate family – defined as a spouse, child, or parent. If the workshop is canceled. Note: In the case of a workshop cancellation, the deposit and the remainder of the workshop fee, if collected, will be returned. Cancellation of the workshop: The workshop will be canceled if the minimum number of registrants have not sent in their deposits.


WorkShop report

Minted Tea Punch

Ingredients: 4 cups boiling water 4 family-size decaffeninated tea bags 1/2 cup loosely packed fresh mint leaves 3/4 cup sugar 1 (6-ounce) can froze lemonade concentrate, thawed and undiluted 4 cups cold water Garnish: lemon slices and fresh mint sprigs Preparation: Pour 4 cups boiling water over tea bags and mint leaves. Cover and steep 3 minutes; remove and discard tea bags and mint. Stir in sugar until dissolved. Stir in lemonade concentrate and 4 cups cold water; chill. Serve punch over ice. Garnish, if desired. Other popular recipes from the Holiday Brunch include: http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/quick-whipping-cream-biscuits-10000000259033/ http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/breakfastenchiladas-10000001023770/ Officers of the Birmingham Calligraphy Guild (Les Elumineurs*) President- Melinda Sapp Vice President-Sharron Adams Treasurer/Membership- Ann Steves Recording Secretary- Faith Penrod Workshop ChairsMelinda Sapp and Shandra Smith Email Communications: Leah Dueffer Web Site/ Historian: Mary Ann Morrow Hospitality: Hayley Marsh Newsletter: Eve London Exhibits/Publicity: Louise Meredith

* founded 1987

Deb Warnat shows the Guild members how to use watercolor during a mini workshop!

Annie Cicale helps us improve our drawing skills as calligraphers at a workshop in Oct.

The Birmingham Calligraphy Guild welcomes both amateurs and advanced calligraphers. All you need is an interest in hand lettering. If you would like to join: Contact Ann Steves p47ams@yahoo.com Dues are $25.00 to Birmingham Calligraphy Guild (September 1- August 31) Mail your dues to: Ann Steves 5637 Hampton Road Birmingham, AL 35210 205-956-5493

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The Nibbler 15  

The newsletter of the Birmingham Alabama Calligraphy Guild

The Nibbler 15  

The newsletter of the Birmingham Alabama Calligraphy Guild