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The official publication of Birmingham H.O.G Chapter UK 6852

Nearly Christmas Issue

FROM THE DIRECTORS SADDLE As we approach the end of what has been an overall successful year for European trips and rallies i look back at what we have achieved this year and smile. We have had two successful trips abroad (thanks to Nigel G’s organisation) and held a very successful rally (something that i never thought Birmingham would achieve – pessimistic or what!!!!) and the rally for 2011 is already in the planning stages and is progressing well. I would personally like to thank all of the individuals that have assisted in what we have done this year and hope that we can continue our success as a Chapter long into 2011:Although the year is nearing an end we are hoping that you will still come along to club night and we are hoping to have a few social events to keep things ticking over until we ‘RIDE AGAIN’ The Chapter Christmas Party has been booked for the 4th December and is taking place at the West Midlands Water Ski Centre (yes that is where held the rally) and we have secured a good price that includes buffet / DJ and entertainment and a late bar until 1AM. I would like to take this opportunity to say what a pleasure it is to be the Director of such a great bunch of people which was shown at the recent ride out that we did. The ‘Ride for a Friend’ was in aid of Wendy a very close friend of Nicola (Airbrush Sam’s better half) as she is going through a rough patch at the moment and needed a little ‘pick me up’ for which we all gladly obliged. I know that she was very moved at our gesture and she truly enjoyed her day out. Thanks to all that were able to turn up and to all that were there in spirit. Thanks again and hope to see you all sooner rather than later. Please feel free to contribute to the newsletter as all articles / adverts etc are appreciated as with all of these type of things ‘content is everything’ REMEMBER:- We are here to ride our bikes and enjoy ourselves, we have to put up with enough during our daily lives to let it interfere with what we enjoy doing.

Birmingham Chapter – ‘Lowering the Tone but Raising the Spirit’ Ride Loud – Ride Proud but Ride Safe Ring Road - Director

G n o s a J

IT’S ON THE TIP OF MY TONGUE... A note from our no.2 I am a little preoccupied at the minute but that’s no excuse for being late with this Well we have had a great riding year and we’re still getting out now and again. The rally’s we attended were all great and our own rally was a great success thanks to Nigel G and the rally committee, plus we are well on the way to sorting next years rally we just need some more volunteers and input so come on its your rally. Harleyween was a success we still have beer left to drink so we will have to think of something to celebrate or just find an excuse to drink it but I’m sure we will think of something. The Christmas party is all sorted so lets have a bigger and better party than last year. Maybe too we can have some more of the members that don’t come to the party’s we have come along ,you may enjoy your self, the more the merrier. The membership stands at 98 members so we are looking good it would be great to have all 98 and their partners at Christmas party and the rally to support the chapter all we can do is hope. All in all this year has been a great success thanks the dedication of the Chapter officers and Head Road Captain (Andy Rooke) and Road Captains without which the riding side would fall apart. That’s about all from me thanks to you all for you continuing support in all we do see you all on the 17th at club night if not before.


NOTES FROM THE EDITOR Well here we are, half a year gone by, a whole riding season added onto our oddometers and another headfull of memories that only biking can give us. Major rides to St tropez and HOG Euro Rally, regulars like Cider Rally, Spring Fever, Hogin the Humber, Sofer, Thunder in the Glens, Autumn Blitz and Hogin the Bridge. Tribute rides for Afgan Heroes and RTTW, how incredible were they ! But, hold on, what about the Rally closest to home and closest to our hearts ? Surely the Big Brum Bash has to go down as "Winner of the b e s t Ne wc o m e r" c a t a g o r ie . What WE did, what WE gave and what WE enjoyed can only be a taster for what WE can expand on for next year. There's loads of stuff happening out there, lets get out and enjoy it, and hopefully write in and tell every one else about it. YOUR MAGAZINE NEEDS YOU, you might think your little storey is naff, but don't worry, send it in to me, I'll put it out to the world and then they can laugh and tell you thay you're right, but at least it gave us a laff ! (PS serious items are also accepted !) Have a good winter, enjoy Harleyween, the Christmas Party, New Years Day ride out, Hogmanay and Valentines Day and write in to me about them. TTFN Pete, aka UNO, aka Ed Itor Ride safe

s i r r a H e t Pe

A RIDE DOWN TO SURREY I don’t normally do early mornings, but I convinced myself this could be worth it. So at 7.30am we met up with Phil and Mel at the local Asda to fuel up and then on to meet with Nigel Greenaway at Stonebridge to head for the M6 and then theM1. AT 9.50am we arrived at Hemel Hempstead to meet up with the 111 Rivers Chapter who had organised the ride out and visit to Brooklands Motor Racing Circuit. Our rideout took us through Chesham, then Cobham and Windsor Great Park which was a very good scenic route. The final part of the journey was a short section of the M25 before going through Weybridge and then arriving at the rear entrance to Brooklands. After paying our entry fee we went and parked up inside the main car park which was festooned with Harley Davidson banners and filled with Harleys from various other Chapters and surrounded by aviation memorabilia, sections of aircraft and even a complete Harrier Jump Jet! Our first objective was food, the cafÊ at Brooklands has great hot and cold food to choose from (all at very reasonable prices) and we can all recommend the jacket potatoes! Suitably refreshed we headed for the classic racing car exhibits alongside the classic motor bikes and classic pushbikes. These are displayed in authentic workshop/garage conditions which give an insight into what it was like to work on the cars etc during that era. Grubby or what! HERE Hello, what was making that noise of screeching tyres and revving engines? After investigation we found Mercedes World which is next door to Brooklands and at the time of our visit there were 3 Mercedes saloon cars going through their paces on their own race track for the public to watch. We watched the cars doing hand brake turns, drifting and donuts, which was very exciting. You can even get your Mercedes car serviced whilst you enjoy a 5 star meal in their restaurant or just explore the Merc Museum! After watching the cars we wandered back into the past at Brooklands. We noticed some open doors of a very large aircraft hangar which we just had to check out. Wow, inside we found a selection of vintage aircraft which included a world war 2 Wellington Bomber that had been recovered from bottom of Loch Ness by an American underwater research team. The metal fuselage of the bomber was in very good condition considering the 40 years it had been in Loch Ness.

A RIDE DOWN TO SURREY Brooklands are now in the process of restoring this and other aircraft. This Wellington Bomber was made at Brooklands and it has now returned home. Another display is the Barnes Wallace ‘Bouncing Bomb’ so called as it was designed to bounce along water and was used in raids in Germany to destroy enemy dams during the war. The RAF squadron earned the name ‘The Dambusters’ for their daring work in destroying the dam over the Ruhr River in Germany along with other dams. However there was a high cost to this success, 19 planes left Brooklands on this mission but 8 planes and their crew were lost and 2 aircrew were captured by theGermans. As we exited the rear of the hangar we walked up the remaining part of the infield track towards the last remaining section of the steeply banked racing circuit. Brooklands was the first purpose built race track in Great Britain (1931) but there is only a small section of the banked track left now. It’s only when you try and walk up the bank that you realise just how steep it is, 30 degrees is one hell of an angle when seated in a car! (yes there are signs saying please do not climb the bank!) We had to resort to scrambling the last 20 feet of the climb by using our hands and knees! It must have been awesome to drive on the circuit as steeply banked as this. We climbed down the bank and moved onto to see the commercial aircraft, which include Concorde, Tristar, and other various Civil aircraft that had been built at the Vickers Aircraft factory that during, and post war, covered so much of the huge racetrack. These buildings have now all gone, only to be replaced with a housing estate and numerous factory and commercial buildings, all of which means that Brooklands now can never return to being the great mecca for motor sport that we could see that it once was. Time was getting on and bikes were rumbling away so we thanked our hosts, Meridian and 111 Rivers Chapters and headed back onto our M25,40,42,6 route home after agreeing to return again next year to investigate further into what was once a truly incredible race track.


PETE’S POEMS SOME PEOPLE ASK WHY ? So Spring has arrived, and so has the sun, I'm out on my Harley, and giving it some gun, With the wind in my face, and my mind full of wonder, I rev up my Harley, and ride into the Blue Yonder, The road is still quiet, no traffic around, All I can hear is that pop-poping sound, The speedo reads forty, the road is all straight, A flick of the throttle, I'm doing eighty eight, There are trees on my left, a fence on my right, The miles go so quickly, they're soon out of sight, It just like minutes, but hours have gone and past, I reach my destination, it's coffee time....At last ! I meet up with my buddies, their girlfriends and their wives, I feel I've known them ages or maybe....all their lives. We set off all together, we're riding two abreast, The sight of all those Harleys, it makes me swell my chest. I AM part of a family, our thinking's the same, "This life, is for Living, It's life.... not just a Game" P-Pete.

SHAUN’S ROAD TRIP It all began at dawn from Warwick Services, I still had a bit of a sore head from a heavy night out in the field the night before. I was in the Chezand chasers team which had all dressed up in shorts and vests which had 118 numbers on their back perhaps it had something to do with that advert, I’m not sure. But in true sheep style I followed them. It was cold and a bit wet on the way down still nursing a hangover, the last thing I wanted was to be shoved in the panniers, but I suppose it was for the best I did not want to get foot rot as I wanted to wear my new sandels in St Tropez. After being stuck in the panniers all day I was back on form, the local beer went down well perhaps a little too well at times. BEFORE


The French seemed to like my French outfit especially the beret. Friday night it was fancy dress time I decided I should join in, and decided to be my guitar hero Slash.

MORE OF SHAUN’S ROAD TRIP After knocking back a few beers and getting into the party spirit I meet up with my mate Alex and ended up in a very compromising position which was caught on camera, just hope it don’t end up on one of those dodgy internet sites. I even heard someone, mentioning no names (Jason) call me Porn the sheep. Oh well what happens in St Tropez stays in St Tropez. After meeting new friends dressing up and knocking back the beer I must say I really enjoyed my trip and it would not have been the same without all you guys. Glad to be back with the family, see you all on the next adventure. Love Shaun xx

BIG BRUM BASH 2010 It took months of planning and in the end it all came together brilliantly ! The weather was great all weekend, the location was absolutely fantastic, smooth mown grass gently sloping down to the lakeside, a broad expanse of water backed up by grassy hills in the background. The guys had pulled all the stops out, taped off camping area, HD banners all along the grass embankment, huge main marquee complete with fully equiped bar, stage and lighting, and even a few chairs for those seeking a little shade. Huh ! That didn't last long, the chairs were soon out in the sun as the early arrivals drifted in mid afternoon and as the evening approached we even had queues from numerous chapters waiting for there little goody bag and wrist bands. No tricks missed or corners cut by this Chapter ! The Rally pin was exceptional and will look great with each additional year's bar in place. From early Friday evening to the early hours of Sunday morning we were treated to great live music from an assortment of bands, Mick King's "Piston Broke" opened the proceedings, DJ Rob Peston filled the gaps with rocking music as well as using his knowledge of various Chapter's hell raisers to turn up the heat. Eventually some slept, others talked....... for hours.........and hours.....and hours.........and then breakfast was due, bacon, sausages and burgers on site or the full monty (in various guises and options) down at the Lakeside Clubhouse, they were posh they were, benches, plates, knives, forks, CUPS, paper things to wipe your nose on, and all, again, with a great view over the lake. Good food, good price, good morning ! Time to look round the Trade Area if you hadn't already done so, big reductions on HD merchandise from our sponsoring dealership as well as jewellery from Silver Bear, framed prints from DJRob, Custom Paint from Airbrush Sam, loads to keep your money flowing !

BIG BRUM BASH 2010 A ride out to Carrsington Reservoir was photo shooted by Snake and Ponytail Snake, and were all swiftly flashing by on the screens in the main marquee in S n a k e ' s n o r m a l professional style, just waiting for us to make the selection. The "Build it and Sail it" raft race was a complete scream, how can something that looks so easy, turn out to be so side splittingly hilarious ? A must for next year for more people, me included, as long as they can warm the water up a bit first ! The Hog Roast (yup, a real whole one) was followed by more live bands, including "Our Sam" who really gave it what for and warmed up the milling crowd for our headline band: The Road Kings. A great thumping, rocking and rolling set as usual, and then more music from Rob until we were just to tuckered out and crawled to the tents, except that is the two die hards who ended up sleeping on the picnic benches all night and still had a beer glass in hand when Happy Campers returned the next morning !

Great time, great venue, great company, thanks to all who put the effort in to make it happen, our sponsors and of course, you who came and made it what it was. Can't wait for next year's.

Don’t Cook, Don’t Clean...What does she do By Nigel Babb When Nigel and Kim took their wedding vows 18 years ago Nigel remembers them clearly: “…for better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; for cleaning, for cooking, till death us do part” Never has that been further from the truth than in 2010. Most HOG Chapter members who work hard during the week look forward to a restful weekend: maybe do some shopping, go out for a meal, pop down the cinema, if the weather is nice go for a ride out….any sort of activity that could be considered relaxing… something else that could not be further than the truth in 2010 for Kim Babb So why has Kim given up her domestic duties and ‘me time’ in 2010? (Note to Editor from Nigel: not sure the domestic duties were ever there to give up) It’s all as part of a pact with her friend Liz to dedicate 2010 to be a fundraising year in aid of Help For Heroes. But nothing as simple as a sponsored walk or car boot sale, oh no, that would be too easy. By the time fellow HOG Members read this Kim and Liz will have competed in a total of 18 events so far this year covering a total of 622 miles of competitive events including half marathons, marathons, Olympic distance triathlons, duatholons and even a half Ironman in Germany. In addition they have endured 1,582 miles of training (32 swimming, 450 running and 1,100 cycling). All in aid of trying to raise £5,000 for the well deserving cause of Help For Heroes. Training started on 9 January amid the snow lockdown of the UK- this should have been an omen for how hard the training, let alone the events, would be during the coming year, but as ever Kim wouldn’t listen to the doubters. The timing of events (weekends) meant that a lot of the training schedule had to be completed in the early mornings or late at night after a full day at work. Even then because the events were dotted around the country this meant early starts on the day of the competitions: Leaving home at 04:00 am for the Dambuster Triathlon.

Don’t Cook, Don’t Clean...What does she do By Nigel Babb Nothing was meant to escape the commitment, meaning that even on her wedding anniversary Kim popped out at 06:00 for a 15-mile training run first. However one event that did cause a change to the event schedule was the very poignant Wooten Basset ride out – there was no decision to make – Wooten Basset had to come first and Kim would simply have to squeeze another event in on the already busy schedule – a small sacrifice to pay compared to that unfortunately paid by some of our service men and women In addition to the training and events it was also necessary to arrange promotion of their challenge to try and raise more sponsorship: this included interviews with the Express and Star newspaper, appearing on the Joane Malin radio show on Radio WM, and personal training appearances at the sports supplier store Decathlon in Merry Hill The hardest ‘training’ event had to be the “Midland Monster” - not only a grueling 103 mile bike ride across (and up, and up, and up) the Peak District after a 5:30 start from home, but also the most bruising as Kim fell off her bike 5 times during the 9 ½ hour event. The main event however was the Wiesbaden HalfIron Man in Germany – a European Qualifier Ironman event involving a 1.2 mile open water swim (one competitor unfortunately died in the swim!), followed by a 56 mile bike ride and then a half-marathon to finish the afternoon off nicely. Tough enough at the best of times but the weather was appalling with torrential rain, thunder and lightening throughout the event – a very respectable time of 7 hours and 42 minutes was achieved. So if you’re ever round Kim and Nigel’s’ house please don’t mention the dusting, there’s a good reason for it not being done! But if you’re feeling tired just thinking about the events then think how hard it was for Kim (and Liz) and please give generously either in person at the next club night or better still online at

Don’t Cook, Don’t Clean...What does she do By Nigel Babb Events schedule so far: March

Stafford 20 Mile Road Race Stafford Half Marathon + 44 mile bike ride


Stratford marathon


Lymm triathlon (1k swim, 36k bike, 8k run) Midland Monster 103 mile cycle ride Swimathon (5k pool swim)


Aquasphere 3k swim Dambuster triathlon (1.5k open water swim, 40k bike, 10k run ) Wombourne Half Marathon Wyre Forest Half Marathon


Worcester triathlon (1.5k open water swim, 55k bike, 10k run) Stourport Stinger 160k cycle Upton triathlon (1.5k open water swim, 40k bike, 10k run)


Ironman 70.3 – Germany(1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run )


Bala triathlon (1.5k open water swim, 40k bike, 10k run) Half iron aquathon (2k open water swim, 13.1 m run)


Birmingham half marathon

A HAPPY LANDS ENDING So, there we were, six of us, taking a break from the HDRCGB’s Cream Tea Rally by getting our gobs around Mivis, cornettos and 69’s, sorry 99’s, when out of the bright sun light comes a familiar shape. Tall, well built (ish) and topped off with a mop of curly hair, that can only be one person “Hedo”, aka Henrich Hudak, the subject of last issue’s indepth interview entitled Picked From the Bull Pen. Now for those readers with a good memory you may recall that Hedo’s ambition while in England was to visit Newquay and the End of the Land. You may well ask where this item is going, but more importantly ask yourself where we were scoffing our ice creams. YUP, you got it, unbeknown to either of us we were both in Cornwall and, low and behold, both at Lands, End of the Land at the same time. The look on his face will remain in my memory for a very long time, but the fact of knowing that I was there when Henrich had actually made it to The End Of The Land will always bring a smile to my face. Well done mate !

YOUR DEALER PRINCIPLE SPEAKS Hello All Well firstly, congratulations on your development this year. As a Chapter, our reputation now precedes us and we are widely acknowledged as ‘the Chapter going places’. I have had excellent feedback from both Harley-Davidson and also new members so a very well done to Jason and the team – very proud. Next year will see a few of the team members joining you on more ride-outs and we are even planning to ride across to the European rally – what do you think about that, then! Harley –Davidson USA You may have read or heard of the declining market place in the states over recent years and I would like to share with you a press release from the States in October; MILWAUKEE (October 19, 2010) Harley-Davidson, Inc. (NYSE: HOG) reported third-quarter 2010 income from continuing operations of $93.7 million, or $0.40 per share, compared to income of $56.4 million and earnings per share of $0.24 from continuing operations in the year-ago quarter. The Company's third-quarter earnings from continuing operations were driven by continued performance improvement at the Company's financial services unit, Harley-Davidson Financial Services (HDFS), as the Company recorded operating income from financial services of $50.9 million, compared to a loss of $31.5 million in last year's third quarter. Operating income from the motorcycles and related products segment was $101.5 million, compared to $130.7 million in the year-ago period. Third-quarter retail sales of new Harley-Davidson® motorcycles decreased 7.7 percent worldwide, 9.4 percent in the U.S. and 3.6 percent in international markets compared to the year-ago period. "Despite the continued challenges in the economy, we are making solid, steady progress at transforming our business," said Keith Wandell, President and Chief Executive Officer of HarleyDavidson, Inc. "With our strategic focus on future growth initiatives and continuous improvement, we are positioning Harley-Davidson to succeed at today's volumes, as well as to grow and restore greater profitability longer term. "The results we are seeing stem directly from the actions we are taking to restructure the business, driven by the creativity and extraordinary efforts of our entire team. From manufacturing and product development to marketing, international operations, dealer capabilities and across the entire enterprise, we are transforming Harley-Davidson with a focus on delivering unparalleled customer experiences and value," Wandell said. Promising, given the tricky situation that is the USA market-place now. Internationally, Harley are expanding and opening new dealerships in faraway places such as India, China and Eastern Europe which are all generating new sales, excitement and more Chapter growth.


2011 XL883L ‘Super Low’

2011 FLSTN ‘Soft Tail Deluxe’

This year has seen the re-launch of the much loved Soft Tail Deluxe, the new Super Low (great low speed handling and an awesome first time bike) and CVO Road Glide ® Ultra model. ‘With 32 models including urban brawlers, long-haul touring machines, contemporary customs drenched in chrome, dark retro-style bobbers, exhilarating sport roadsters and inviting standards, Harley-Davidson offers a motorcycle to match the desires of almost any street rider’ – as the press release stated. With the exception of the CVO Glide (very exclusive to the UK market as with all CVO product this year), we have the models available in-store now for you to look at and ride. If you haven’t treated yourself to a demonstration on the latest Harley-Davidson models, call Richard to book your ride now – missing a treat! Personally, the technological advances are really getting me. With advanced alarm, ABS systems and engine management diagnostic systems you wouldn’t believe. Behind the scenes and without spoiling the heritage, Harley have really brought the range into the modern era. Have a look at the new Digital Technician 2 next time you are in – Tony will be happy to show it off, read his section!! Harleyween Special thanks to all of you who attended Harleyween this year. Clare and the team did us proud with the organisation of the fashion show and lighting and I hope you enjoyed Gunn Runner – great band which suited our tastes really well. Must use them again! As usual, if there is anything you think could add to the experience let me know – always welcome your comments.

YOUR DEALER PRINCIPLE SPEAKS Stratstone Harley-Davidson Stoke The rumour mill has been active with this one, so here we go! April 2011 will see the launch of our new Dealership. The site is currently a successful Land Rover and Jaguar business and the Harley dealership will sit in the current site of the Jaguar workshop. Very exciting times – I will keep you all informed as the plans develop and arrange the invite to the grand opening. ‘2 good to trade’ On your next visit to the site, you will see some off-make bikes sitting in front of the showroom. In order for us to reach out to a wider audience, we have controversially decided to sell bikes other than Harley-Davidson. So, if you are looking for an alternative ‘winter-hack’, ‘green-lane wonder’ or ‘sporty plastic rocket’ to add to your collection let us know – we may have just what you want in group! Something we forget to do is to keep you updated in the car side of our business. As a preferential customer of ours, you are in the ideal situation of having a referral to one of our car businesses personally from me should you need to change your car or van. As our philosophy is one of ‘everyday low pricing’ you can be guaranteed of an excellent deal and of course I will only refer you to people I would be happy dealing with! If you are interested in either Stratstone vehicles (Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, BMW, Mini, Porsche, Ferrari, Masserati, Saab, Lotus and Honda) or Evans Halshaw (Ford, Vauxhall, Renault, Nissan, Hyundai, Peugeot, Citroen and Kia), email me at and I will ask someone to call you…….

As usual, I appreciate your business throughout this year and continued support. Please feel free to contact me should you need anything Harley-Davidson related…… See you in-store and safe riding David David Kennedy CMA Leader

MUSINGS FROM THE SERVICE DEPT Hi All It’s my turn now to let you know what’s happening in the world of Aftersales in sunny Stratstone Birmingham. Winter service. If you haven’t yet you should all receive our winter service offer through the post. As in previous years we will collect and deliver your bike carry out a full check over including diagnostics, oil and filter change and coat your bike in S100 corrosion protector, which will protect you bike through the winter months. Included in this we will also remove the S100 in the spring. All for the very competitive price of £149. Stratstone Price Guarantee and vehicle health checks. One of the biggest changes within the service department this year is the introduction of the Stratstone low price guarantee. The guarantee states that “If you can find the same like for like service, repair or tyre locally for less within 5 days we will refund the difference” Every month the aftersales team carry out a pricing exercise with our nearest competitors pricing servicing, brakes and tyres to ensure that our prices are the lowest in the market. Many of you will also know that we now carry out a free vehicle health check on every bike which goes enters the workshop. All major components on the bike are checked and measured. The technician will assess the information and input it all using a traffic light system. Green being good to go, amber is something that needs attention before your next service and red meaning that something urgently needs attention. The health check is fully explained upon collection of your bike and you also get a copy of the health check form to take away with you. We have had some fantastic feed back about this new service. The accreditation for this was a long process of mystery shops role plays and the team worked very hard on the implementation which resulted in us being one of the first Stratstone dealers to be accredited. Bike Trac One of the best products we have found this year is from Road Angel. ‘Bike Trac’ is an on-board motion detection device that monitors any unusual movement of your bike and, under the right circumstances, will wake up an on-board GPS receiver to check the current location. If your bike moves and you're not on it an SMS text message and / or an email is sent to you. The messages will display the current GPS location of your bike so you can act quickly to recover your pride and joy. It also provides a journey tracking feature allowing you to view detailed information about your 'rides'. We have fitted these to several of our demonstrators along with Jason Gareys’ and Andy Brown’s bike’s so ask them about it. We think it’s a fantastic new product for both the protection of your bike and the information it retains about your rides.

MUSINGS FROM THE SERVICE DEPT Harley-Davidson Warranty. As part of there ongoing review of manufacturer and dealer operations Harley-Davidson have now employed somebody responsible for authorisation of all warranty in the UK. All UK dealers were required to send at least 2 team members on a 2 day warranty course in ensure that all dealers operate in the same way and work within the warranty guidelines. Did any of you know that wheels are not covered under your warranty? Well neither did we, but it is clearly stated in your owners manual. Harley will still cover them for some extraordinary cosmetic reasons, but not for corrosion. If any of you have any warranty issues please bring them to my attention and we will continue to carry out all warranty work with these guidelines. Over the coming weeks there will be a run of meetings to advise you on the correct preventative care you need to take when looking after your baby – I will let you know, likely on a Saturday. Interest free credit. We know money can be tight at this time of year so just a reminder that we offer interest free credit on accessories over £1000, so if your thinking of a special big bore kit or stage 1 with the latest Harley tuner, we can carry that out for you over the winter months and you can spread the cost. Please ask for details. Digital Technician Harley have recently updated the digital technician and some of the ECU and race tuner software has also been updated. Some of you will soon be receiving a product upgrade letter asking for you arrange to come down to the dealership so that we can make sure that your bike is running on the very latest software available which will ensure that your bike continues to run at its optimum level. Don’t miss out – free and includes the Health Check too! Sunday Closure Last one to mention. For the winter period (end Jan), the shop will now be closed on a Sunday. We are open as normal during the week (Tuesday closed still) but felt with the colder weather drawing in we would be better to focus on the main days. If you are organising a ride out however and would like to start at the shop, call me and let me know – happy to open up for a few hours! Ride safely and let’s hope for a better summer 2011 Oops sorry wrong photo (No idea where she came from!! - Dave)


Top Ten Reasons Why Harley Riders Don’t Wave Back 10) Afraid it will invalidate the warranty. 9) Excessive leather, patches, pins and studs make arm too heavy to raise. 8) Refuse to wave to anyone whose bike is already paid for. 7) Afraid to let go of the handlebars because they might vibrate off. 6) Rushing wind would blow scabs off the new tattoos. 5) Angry because just took out second mortgage to pay luxury tax on new Harley. 4) Lost in thought wondering if his bid for 25 gallons of chrome cleaner has been accepted on e-bay. 3) Can’t tell if the other riders are waving or just reaching to cover their ears like everyone else. 2) Remembers the last time a Harley Rider waved back he impaled his hand on spiked helmet. 1) They are too tired from spending hours polishing all that chrome to lift their arms.

Top Ten Reasons Why Gold Wing Riders Don’t Wave Back 10) Wasn’t sure whether other rider was waving or making an obscene gesture. 9) Afraid he might get frostbite if hand is removed from heated grip. 8) Has arthritis, and the past 400 miles have made it difficult to raise arm. 7) Reflection from etched windshield momentarily blinded him. 6) The expresso machine just finished dispensing his Super Mucho Tri Ching Chocolato. 5) Was actually asleep when other rider waved. 4) Was in a three –way conference call with stockbroker and accessories dealer. 3) Was distracted by odd shaped blip on radar screen. 2) Was simultaneously adjusting the air suspension height, CD player, seat temperature and sat nav. 1) Failed to find the “auto wave back” button on dashboard in time.

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CMA Leader - Dave Kennedy

Director - Jason Garey

Asst Director - Andy Brown

Head Road Captain - Andy Rooke

Safety Officer - Bryn Jury

Charity Officer - Mark Potter

Aftersales Leader - Tony Evans

Editor - Pete Harris

Web - Steve Manley

That’s all folks

Till next time...Merry Christmas

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