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Jan Rutherford

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Meet the Illustrator

IAIN MCINTOSH Iain McIntosh’s publishing work includes illustrations, book jacket designs, newspaper and online illustrated daily novels – the ‘44 Scotland Street’ and ‘Corduroy Mansions’ series - for best-selling author Alexander McCall Smith.

Illustrator based: Edinburgh Willing to travel: UK and beyond. Happy to do: Bookstore and external events, schools and libraries, festivals large and small Live Literature Funded: No

Iain uses both traditional and digital techniques. His work has appeared in award-winning packaging, advertising, design, direct marketing and digital publishing. Newspaper and editorial work includes illustrations for The Financial Times, The Telegraph, Times Educational Supplement, Good Housekeeping, Reader’s Digest, The Sunday Express Magazine and mastheads for several newspapers. Iain lives in central Edinburgh, two minutes walk from 44 Scotland Street.


ALEXANDER McCALL SMITH August 2017: The Race to Kangaroo Cliff (School Ship Tobermory Series Vol.3) Sept 2016: The Sands of Shark Island (School Ship Tobermory Series Vol. 2) October 2015: School Ship Tobermory (School Ship Tobermory Series Vol. 1) Also available: Precious and the Mystery of Meerkat Hill (pbk); Precious and the Mystery of the Missing Lion (pbk); Precious and the Monkeys (pbk) An hour in the company of Alexander McCall Smith is an hour of sheer delight!

Author based: Edinburgh Willing to travel: Anywhere in the world Happy to do: In-discussion or solo events; festivals large and small. 2016 – limited availability Live Literature Funded: Yes

Who is Alexander McCall Smith? Alexander McCall Smith is one of the world’s most prolific and best-loved authors. His career has been a varied one: for many years he was a professor of Medical Law and worked in universities in the United Kingdom and abroad. Then, after the publication of his highly successful No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series, which has sold over 20 million copies, he devoted his time to the writing of fiction and has seen his various series of books translated into over 45 languages and become bestsellers across the world. @McCall Smith

About The Race to Kangaroo Cliff (9-12 years): Ben, Fee and the rest of the School Ship Tobermory crew head down under to take part in a tall ships race. When the ship’s dog Henry disappears, they set off to find him. But as the trail leads them deeper into the Outback, they begin to realize that a missing dog is the least of their problems. Who are the mysterious couple claiming to be flying doctors, and why are they interested in an abandoned mine? About School Ship Tobermory (9-12 years): Follow the exploits of the children who go to a most unusual school – the sail-powered training ship Tobermory. When a film crew arrives in Tobermory Bay, Ben and Fee are invited to be extras. But their suspicions are soon aroused – is the film crew genuine, or are they up to something sinister? About The Sands of Shark Island (9-12 years): Ben, Fee and their fellow students find themselves embroiled in another adventure that leads them thousands of miles from Mull to a small island in the Caribbean, where they learn extraordinary details about Captain Macbeth’s past and come face to face with modern-day pirates. Praise for Alexander McCall Smith: ‘Perfect escapist fiction’ – The Times  


RON BUTLIN May 2017: Steve and FranDan Take On The World Who is Ron Butlin? With an international reputation as a prize-winning novelist, Ron Butlin is also one of Scotland’s leading poets and a former Edinburgh Makar/ Poet Laureate. At various times he has been a lyricist with a pop band, a footman, male model and barnacle scraper. He was made Edinburgh University’s first Honorary Writing Fellow, together with Ian Rankin. His work has won many prizes and been translated into over a dozen languages. Author based: Edinburgh Willing to travel: Anywhere in the UK & beyond Happy to do: Readings, discussion events, creative writing workshops in schools, libraries, bookshops and festivals. Recent events: Edinburgh International Book Festival, multiple bookshop and schools events Live Literature Funded: Yes

Ron is a highly experienced reader and teacher. He has given 100s of creative writing workshops for primary and secondary schools as well as readings in festivals worldwide – from a one-room school in Shetland to an Arab tent in the Middle East, from a standing-room-only event in Edinburgh’s Queens Hall to the House of Lords in London! With musicians, he is a regular performer on the Edinburgh Fringe. About Steve and FranDan Take On The World (11-14 years): Steve has had enough – enough of cyber-bullies, enough of adults messing up the world. Sharp witted Fran and her brother worry-wart Dan feel exactly the same. And so, along with his dog Nessie, Steve and the FranDan twins leave town in the dead of night to start on the biggest adventure of their lives . . . But if things were bad before, they soon get worse. Much, much worse. Some seriously bad men show up. Why have Steve and Dan been overpowered and led away as prisoners? Why are they kept tied up in the barn of a disused farm? Having managed to escape, and with no way to call for help, Fran knows it’s up to her to mount a one-woman rescue.


RON BUTLIN & JAMES HUTCHESON August 2017: Day of the Trolls! Also Available: Here Come the Trolls! (2015) Who is James Hutcheson? James Hutcheson is Creative Director at Birlinn. He has been designing books, book jackets and album covers for many years. About Day of the Trolls (3-7 years): Mischief and mess, making folk mad, smashing things, crashing things, making folk sad – we love being bad! . . . and we know where to go to be baddest of all. You want to join in? Then come to the mall! It’s the Day of the Trolls: Fart-Fart and all the trolls are back! Join them in the shopping mall where they go wild, causing havoc as they overrun the place. But when they follow signs saying ‘All Trolls – This Way’, things turn out very differently from what Flycatcher, Bumscratcher, SnotFace, Squeer and the rest of them expected . . .


JOAN LENNON June 2017: Walking Mountain Also available: Silver Skin (2015) SHORTLISTED FOR THE SCOTTISH TEENAGE BOOK PRIZE 2017

Author based: Fife Willing to travel: Anywhere in the UK and beyond Happy to do: Bookstore and external events, festivals large and small, schools and libraries Recent events: Edinburgh International Book Festival, Learning Across the Arts Festival, numerous school and library events Live Literature Funded: Yes

Who is Joan Lennon? Joan Lennon was born in Canada but has lived in Scotland since 1978. She has written a large number of children’s books, including a number of successful series – The Wickit Chronicles, Tales from the Keep and the Slightly Jones series. Her books have been translated into numerous languages. She is the writer-in-residence at Queensferry Primary and is in high demand for primary & secondary schools events across Scotland. Her events range from puppetry and fancy dress to readings and creative writing workshops. About Walking Mountain (10+): Pema lives in the shadow of the Walking Mountain, and for as long as he’s known the mountain has been moving north. Singay is a young member of the White Sisters, an order of priestesses worshipping the way of the mountain, who craves adventure. For both, their idyllic existence is about to be turned upside down. After hundreds of years it looks like the mountain has started walking backwards. It falls to Pema and Singay to prove something that no-one wants to believe. Everything is changing, and the world they know is teetering on the brink of disaster. Delving into the heart of the Walking Mountain, the reluctant heroes find something inside that neither could have imagined. Pema and Singay find themselves in a race against time, and are hurled into an epic adventure across a continent of wonders. Teachers notes and resources are available for this title. Praise for Walking Mountain: ‘Walking Mountain is such an unusual and, for that, refreshing addition to the world of teen and YA fiction. It’s set in a world just slightly to the side of reality making it relatable but also it imagines fantastical lands and beings. Joan Lennon has created a story with quite complex sci fi elements reminiscent of Pratchett and Le Guin but all told with real clarity and an energy that makes it such a pleasure to read.’ - Janet Smyth, Children & Education Programme Director, Edinburgh International Book Festival


About Silver Skin  (12+): Skara Brae, Orkney, during the Neolithic period. The sun is dying, crops are failing and the local inhabitants fear that the end of the world is near. When a strange boy appears from nowhere, dressed in an odd silver suit – his ‘silver skin’ – the community is thrown into confusion. Who is he, where is he from, and why has he come? Is he a selkie or seal person, a mythical being believed to have magical powers? For Cait, herself an outsider in the community, the boy, Rab, arouses a strange fascination as she finds herself strangely drawn towards him. For Voy, the Old Woman, Rab represents the only hope for the sun’s regeneration, but only if his silver skin is burnt in a huge sacrificial blaze. As the pyre is built, Rab must fight for his life if he is ever to be able to return to his own time. And if he succeeds, what will be the fate of the islanders he will leave behind? Teachers notes and resources are available for this title. Praise for Joan Lennon: ‘The children had such a fantastic time - we are still talking about your books now. You were such a inspiration to them! ... The writing opportunities that your visit has created have been wonderful.’ - Clare Shields, teacher, Wardley Primary School ‘Thank you for all your hard work and great sessions ... The sessions are so well planned and paced - great variety, good fun but also plenty of opportunity for children to learn. I’m sure the children will remember them for a long time.’ - Barbara Wood, Youth Services Manager, Gateshead Council ‘Joan Lennon is an inspiration to us because she gets children interested in reading and writing imaginative stories. She is so popular because she is kind, she makes stories come alive and she tries to make everyone the best writer they can be.’ -Rebecca, Riley and Holly from Primary 7 at Queensferry Primary School.



ALLAN BURNETT May 2017: Rob Roy And All That Bonnie Prince Charlie And All That Also available: The Story of Scotland: Inspired by the Great Tapestry of Scotland; World War I: Scottish Tales of Adventure; World War II: Scottish Tales of Adventure; and the All That series of history books for young readers: Robert Burns And All That, Macbeth And All That, Mary Queen of Scots And All That, The Celts And All That, St Columba And All That, William Wallace And All That and The Vikings And All That. Who is Allan Burnett? Allan Burnett is an author, journalist and historian with a passion for bringing the past to life through exciting talks and workshops that mix the serious with the very silly. As well as regular festival appearances, he works with schools and libraries across Scotland. He believes that history gives children a sense that they are part of something, that their own lives are the latest chapter in the greatest story ever told - and it’s a great tool for improving their reading, writing and speaking skills too. About Rob Roy And All That (8-12 years): Rob Roy And All That is a real-life adventure packed with historical facts about the loveable High-land rogue. Stampede through the glens as Rob and his gang are chased by the deadly Duke of Montrose. Follow Rob’s quest through dungeons and river rapids as his enemies close in for the kill . . . With brilliant illustrations that bring Rob and his foes to life, Rob Roy And All That is essential reading for all aspiring cattle rustlers!

Author based: Sweden/Edinburgh Willing to travel: Happy to consider anything in the UK and beyond. Visits the UK several times a year. Happy to do: Bookstore and external events, schools and libraries, festivals large and small Recent events: Edinburgh International Book Festival, Borders Book Festival, National Library of Scotland Live Literature Funded: Yes

About Bonnie Prince Charlie And All That (8-12 years): Bonnie Prince Charlie and All That is a real-life adventure packed with facts about Britain’s royal rebel. Become part of Charlie’s daring expedition to win back his three kingdoms from the horrible Hanoverians. Feel the tension mount as he and his Highland clans charge towards their enemies in a deadly showdown. Hysterical history for children, stuffed with illustrations and fantastic facts!


DEBI GLIORI July 2016: A Hebridean Alphabet Also available: The Tobermory Cat; Tobermory 1,2,3

Author based: East Lothian Willing to travel: Anywhere in the UK Happy to do: Bookstore and external events, schools and libraries, festivals large and small Recent events: Wigtown Book Festival, Waterstones UK tour; Edinburgh International Book Festival, libraries, Lennoxlove Book Festival, Aye Write, Borders Book Festival, Durham Literature Festival, Dundee Literature Festival. Live Literature Funded: Yes

Who is Debi Gliori? A master storyteller and brilliant entertainer, Debi Gliori was born in Glasgow and studied at Edinburgh College of Art. She is well known both for her picture books and her novels for children, and has been shortlisted for all the major prizes, including the Kate Greenaway Award (twice) and the Scottish Arts Council Award. Debi was the Shetland Islands’ first Children’s Writer-in-Residence, and the Edinburgh Book Festival Illustrator-in-Residence in 2015. She published her first book in 1990 and since then has published so many successful books that she has lost count. She has written and illustrated No Matter What, The Trouble with Dragons, Stormy Weather and, most recently, The Scariest Thing of All. About A Hebridean Alphabet (5-7 years): This is a beautifully conceived picture flat in which Debi Gliori describes and illustrates all kinds of things you might see over the course of a single day in the Hebrides. Inspired by the landscape, seascape, weather, animals and birds, this is not simply an exquisite alphabet book, but also a wonderful celebration of some of the most magnificent scenery in Britain. Praise for Debi Gliori ‘Full of detail , allusion and charm [it] can be returned to time and again. – The Scotsman, Children’s Books of the Year 2012



JAMES ROBERTSON August 2017: Book of the Howlat (English Edition, pbk) Buke of the Howlat (Scots Edition, pbk) August 2016: Book of the Howlet (English Edition) Buke of the Howlat (Scots Edition) Also available: Robert the Bruce: King of Scots Author based: Fife Willing to travel: Anything in the UK and beyond. Happy to do: Bookstore and external events, schools and libraries, festivals large and small Recent events: Edinburgh International Book Festival Live Literature Funded: Yes

Who is James Robertson? James Robertson is one of Scotland’s most significant writers, whose novels include Joseph Black (winner of the Saltire Scottish Book of the Year and the Scottish Arts Council Book of the Year 2003/2004), The Testament of Gideon Mack (longlisted for the Man Booker prize in 2006), And the Land Lay Still, and The Professor of Truth (2013). He is general editor of Black and White Publishing’s Itchy Coo imprint, which produces books in Scots for young readers. About The Book of the Howlet/ Buke of the Howlat (7-9 years): Originally written in the 1440s by Richard Holland, a Scottish cleric who was chaplain to Archibald Douglas, Earl of Moray, The Buke of the Howlat is one of the great poetic gems of fifteenth-century Scots. Believing himself to be ugly, a young owl (howlat) decides to speak to the most handsome bird of all, the peacock, and ask his help so that Nature can change him. But the peacock isn’t sure this should be done – after all, Nature doesn’t usually make mistakes – and summons a council of birds to make a decision. A huge feast takes place, and Nature herself appears and orders all the birds present to give the owl one of their feathers. But the result is not what they expect. The howlat’s initial joy turns to unbearable arrogance at his new-found beauty, and drastic action must be taken . . . Praise for James Robertson’s Robert the Bruce: ‘A gloriously illustrated picture-book ...with expertly concise text by one of Scotland’s finest novelists’ – The Herald ‘This unique book will enthral readers of all ages’ – Scottish Field


Meet the Illustrator

KATE LEIPER Kate was brought up on the north-east coast of Scotland enjoying rock pools, building forest dens and getting stuck in trees. She went on to study at Gray’s School of Art where she specialised in printmaking. She is passionate about telling stories through her work. In Aesop’s fables, in Native American beliefs, and in the Aboriginal Dreaming, people have projected human qualities upon animals. For Kate, drawing animals gives an immediate connection to a preconceived image that an artist can develop into a character. She is fascinated by how people relate to images, developing stories of their own.

Illustrator based: Edinburgh Willing to travel: UK and beyond. Happy to do: Bookstore and external events, schools and libraries, festivals large and small Live Literature Funded: Yes

Kate works in a variety of media and exhibits regularly in group and solo shows. She has illustrated many books including The Book of the Howlet.


So the Howlat set off, keeping in the shadows as much as he could, until he reached the Peacock, who was strutting up and down in the castle’s garden. ‘Excuse me,’ the Howlat began, ‘but I need your help.’ The Peacock spread its tail feathers and seemed to look at the Howlat with a hundred eyes. ‘How can I help you?’ he said. ‘You can see for yourself what a revolting little beast I am,’ the Howlat moaned. ‘As for my screeching voice – well, I’m sorry even to inflict it on you. Imagine if you had to live with it! It’s not fair, and I don’t deserve my fate. So would you kindly ask Nature, who has treated you so well, to make me beautiful too?’




Next to entertain them was the Rook, a Highland bard with a wicked laugh. ‘Fill me with food,’ he squawked, ‘or I’ll make a rude rhyme about you. Quench my thirst, or I’ll spread stories about you.’ The Raven protested at such threats, and the Rook made such a fool of him that he blushed to the tips of his feathers and hid away win a corner.



But then the Lapwing and the Cuckoo rushed at the Rook together, covering him in such a cloud of dirt that he had to go outside for a wash. That put an end to his act. Everybody was laughing so much that they almost forgot what they had come for.

After the minstrels in came the Jay, who was a juggler and conjurer. He juggled with gold goblets and made silver spoons vanish, then reappear in other places! And he hypnotised the whole company so that they believed it was the dead of night, which gave them a fright – although they laughed about it afterwards.




‘That may not be a good idea,’ the Peacock replied. ‘Nature doesn’t 21 usually make mistakes – although, I admit, you do look like one. I tell you what I’ll do. I will call a council of all the fish-eating and seed-gathering birds, and the scavengers too, and see what they think.’

So the Peacock called the Turtle Dove, who could write a little, and dictated the words of an invitation. The Turtle Dove wrote it out many times, and as fast as she wrote (and she was fast, but she was also rather messy) the Swallows whisked the invitations away and delivered them far and wide.

Then the Peacock summoned the Parrot, and said, ‘Where do we start?’ And the Parrot said, ‘Where do we start? Where do we start?’ which was no help at all.










Recent Backlist

STEPHEN WHITE & FIN CRAMB June 2015: J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan: The Graphic Novel Who is Stephen White? Stephen White (Stref ) is an illustrator based in Edinburgh. He previously worked on The Beano and The Dandy, drawing some of Scotland’s favourite comic characters – Dennis the Menace, the Bash Street Kids, Minnie the Minx, Winker Watson and Desperate Dan. He now works freelance, and has published a number of graphic novels. He’s appeared in a BAFTA nominated film, and runs Reekie Roundup, an Edinburgh community of writers, illustrators, film makers, actors, directors, producers, graphic novelists and comic makers.

Authors based: Edinburgh Willing to travel: Anywhere in the UK Happy to do: Bookstore and external events, festivals large and small Recent events: School events, Edinburgh International Book Festival, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Lakes International Comic Arts Festival Live Literature Funded: No

About J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan: The Graphic Novel: Peter Pan is a familiar tale to many who have been enchanted by the adventures of the boy who wouldn’t grow up. In this graphic novel Stephen White & Fin Cramb go back to the very heart of Barrie’s original tale to create a story that is dark, magical, charming and authentic. The complexity of Barrie’s original is drawn out in vibrant illustrations and engaging text to create a new vision of the tale for those familiar with it and to enchant a new generation of readers. The stunning illustrations draw on original, authentic features from the locations that inspired Barrie to write his tale including Moat Brae House in Dumfries and the garden where he played as a boy. In choosing the format of a graphic novel for this retelling, the artists have created a new and exciting version of Peter Pan that is like nothing that has been done before.With text adapted by Stephen White from Barrie’s original, it is published with the full backing of Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, which control the rights of Barrie’s novel and play. Praise for J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan: The Graphic Novel: ‘This is a fabulous adaptation, the exquisite artwork only serving to add to Barrie’s timeless classic. I sincerely hope it gets the praise and plaudits it deserves’ – Books With Bunny ‘Exquisite… impossible to put down’ – Scottish Field


TOM POW May 2015: Sixteen String Jack and the Garden of Adventure (aimed at readers aged 6–12) Also available: A Wild Adventure (2014); Concerning the Atlas of Scotland (2014); When the Rains Come (2012); In Another World: Among Europe’s Dying Villages (2012); In the Becoming (2009)

Author based: Dumfries Willing to travel: Anywhere in the UK Happy to do: Bookstore and external events, schools, festivals large and small, bespoke events, libraries etc Recent events: Wigtown Book Festival, Dundee Literature Festival, Boswell Book Festival, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh International Book ferstival Borders Book Festival Live Literature Funded: Yes

Who is Tom Pow? Tom Pow was born in Edinburgh in 1950 and studied at the University of St Andrews. He taught in Edinburgh, London and Madrid before settling in Dumfries where he taught for many years at Dumfries Academy. He then took up the post of Head of Creative and Cultural Studies at the University of Glasgow Crichton Campus, Dumfries, where he is now Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing and Storytelling. Tom’s last two poetry collections were shortlisted for Scottish Books of the Year. About Sixteen String Jack : One day, Daisy’s grandmother takes her to an overgrown garden. Many, many years before, other children had played in that garden – Sixteen String Jack and Dare Devil Dick were shipwrecked there; and often they fought pirates side by side till the sun went down. But it was only Sixteen String Jack whose fame would never die, for he grew up to become J.M. Barrie, creator of Peter Pan. In this poignant and beautifully illustrated story, award winning writer Tom Pow and Sendak Fellow Ian Andrew search out the magic that, in time, would produce the most famous character in children’s literature. About Concerning the Atlas of Scotland: Tom Pow spent six months as writer in residence at the National Library of Scotland Map Library in Edinburgh. He was so inspired by the collection that they hold and by the stories that they tell that he wrote a collection of poetry based on that experience. Published by Polygon but with input from the National Library and illustrated with details from the collection, this beautiful and quite haunting collection will be welcomed by map lovers as well as poetry lovers. Praise for Tom Pow: ‘A subtle, lyrical poet’ – The Scotsman Praise for In Another World : ‘Through essays, photos, stories and poems, Pow eloquently charts the decline of Europe’s rural life’ – Financial Times

‘[A] limber, engaging and enervated quest’ – The Scotsman


JOE FRIEDMAN June 2015: The Secret Dog Who is Joe Friedman? Joe Friedman was born in Chicago but has lived in London for many years, where he divides his time between writing and practising psychotherapy. He is author of the children’s series Boobela’s World, and is actively involved in running creative workshops for children in the 7–11 age range. About The Secret Dog: After the death of his mother, eleven-year-old Josh goes to live with his uncle, Calum, who has a farm on a remote island. Uprooted and lonely, Josh finds solace in his love of animals. So one day, when he finds a tiny Border collie pup left to drown in the river, he decides to rescue it and keep it as his own. But money is scarce and a dog that can’t earn her keep would not be welcomed by Calum, and Josh must raise his new friend, Reggae, in secret.

Author based: London Willing to travel: Anywhere in the UK and beyond Happy to do: Bespoke events, bookstore and external events, festivals large and small, schools Recent events: Jewish Book Week, Edinburgh International Book Festival Live Literature Funded: No

As the pup grows and demands more attention, Josh’s schoolwork suffers, despite the help of the local vet’s daughter, Yvonne. Josh must also decide what to do with Reggae – he cannot keep her hidden forever – and decides that he will train her for the local sheepdog trials. But the training is tough and time-consuming. Can Josh and Reggae bring it off in time? All is going well until someone discovers Josh’s secret and will stop at nothing to ruin their chances . . . Praise for The Secret Dog: ‘‘How I wish I was an 8 year old child discovering The Secret Dog for the first time, this is a delightful book for younger children’ […] ‘Thought-provoking and stimulating’ […] ‘*****’ – Newbooks Magazine Summer Reading Special ‘The characters are beautifully written... Told with great empathy, this is a moving and sensitive story.’ – Parents In Touch




Clarty Jim McCloud Tappety Tam Fairley

Who is Tim Archbold? Tim wrote and illustrated his first children’s book in 1988 and he hasn’t looked back since! Picture books, young fiction, non-fiction, illustrations for magazines, posters, graphic design for exhibition and display; Tim usually works in pen and brush with ink and his style is spontaneous, quirky and usually humorous. He particularly enjoys writing and illustrating funny stories for children. Tim Archbold’s work will be instantly recognisable to millions of parents and children because of his work on the Read Write Inc and Oxford Reading series, used in schools throughout the UK. About Clarty Jim McCloud (5-7 years): Every day Clarty Jim McCloud’s granny makes him sandwiches. But not ordinary sandwiches; these sandwiches are so truly terrible that every day Clarty Jim feeds them to a hungry catfish on the way to school. One day Jim gets a job at Shove & Bargeworth Ironwork Company and no longer passes the river where his fishy friend lives, so the catfish gets hungry and searches for other things to eat. Find out what happens when he swims up river and arrives at the Shove & Bargeforth Great and Grand Garden Party. There are lots of tasty cakes to eat, but what attracts his attention is something altogether different . . . Will Lady Margery Bargeforth’s baby really be eaten by a catfish? Will Clarty Jim save the day?

Author based: Scottish Borders Willing to travel: UK and beyond Happy to do: Bookstore and external events, schools and libraries, festivals large and small Recent events: Edinburgh International Book Festival Live Literature Funded: Yes

About Tappety Tam Fairley (5-7 years): Tappety Tam Fairley is the odd-job man in High Hope village, where he keeps everything neat and tidy. So much so, in fact, that High Hope wins the Best Kept Village competition every year – much to the annoyance of the inhabitants of Low Hope Village, who have never won anything at all. As the annual competition draws near again, the High Hope village committee meets to give Tam his list of odd jobs to spruce up the place and ensure that High Hope wins the award yet again. But who is the mysterious Mr Tallboy who also attends, and why does he want to change the items on Tam’s list? Should the street really be filled with elephants, and the pond filled with fresh custard? Praise for Tim Archbold: ‘Plenty to pour over and chuckle at’’ - ‘Different to any other book we’ve read before’ - review


Children's Author Availability Brochure 2017  
Children's Author Availability Brochure 2017