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Trolley shelter


The Omega trolley shelter the attractive option for trolley protection The new Wanzl Omega trolley shelter has an impressive characteristic design with a pointed arch shape. Natural anodised aluminium profiles accommodate the attractive, curved side elements made of hollow chamber panels.

Detailed quality

1-section construction The side and roof elements of high-quality, non-breakable polycarbonate hollow chamber panels are dirt-resistant.

Protection for shopping trolleys and shelter Square aluminium tubes and profiles guide and protect the shopping trolley basket and chassis.

Versatile, safe and reliable installation Registered community design: 000180948-0001

Infinitely variable bases, secured to the ground with heavy-duty dowels.

Omega trolley shelter, length 5 metres, anodised aluminium profiles. Shopping trolleys equipped with the Wanzl Promobox coin deposit system

Row docking bays made of stainless steel Organised provision of clean and cared-for shopping trolleys.

The Omega trolley shelter innovative design with a cost advantage

Accessories Design Stylish aluminium profiles, rounded on outside. Single section side and roof element design made of non-breakable polycarbonate hollow chamber panels. Aluminium square tubes and profiles for guidance and impact protection of shopping trolleys. Infinitely variable bases for compensation of uneven ground.

60 shopping trolleys with a basket volume of 130 litres or 108 shopping trolleys with a basket volume of 90 litres.

Docking bays Designed for the respective shopping trolley model

“Shopping trolley� sign Shopping trolley pictogram, durable screen printing on plastic film.

Surfaces Anodised aluminium. Also available with plastic coating in attractive colours. Capacity The Omega trolley shelter provides space for 3 rows of shopping trolleys. Examples for the capacity of a shelter with a side length of 5 metres:

Provision of different shopping trolley models.


adjustable height

The stainless steel versions also offer individual options for corporate design, product advertising or information in addition to the standard information panel with instructions for use of the coin deposit system.

Row docking key Key and chain for docking station and coin deposit systems of stainless steel.

Interior lighting Weatherproof design with 58 W lamps.

Information panels for coin deposit systems

The size of the trolley shelter is designed for installation on one car park space.

Waste bin Robust plastic, yellow/green 430 x 240 x 600 mm.

With planning and service! Wanzl is a specialist with decades of experience in supplying shop equipment and all-round systems for commercial applications. Our planning team will provide a creative and individual solution for your shelters which ensures fast trolley access for your customers. Experienced teams of fitters will install your trolleys professionally and on time.

Example: Information panel for Wanzl-Starbox coin deposit system

Example: Information panel for Wanzl-Promobox coin deposit system

Ordering section - Omega trolley shelter Basic model • Accommodates three rows of shopping trolleys

Trolley shelter


Design Aluminium profiles Side walls and roof Polycarbonate hollow chamber panels anodised Accessories “Shopping trolley” sign Screen printing on plastic film, weatherproof Internal lighting, weatherproof, 58 W Plastic waste bin, yellow-green including fittings, 430 x 240 x 600 mm Docking bays

Length; 5 metres Order no. 03.08 702.45 Standard 03.13 787.07 03.69 035.07

Docking bay without information sign Docking bay with an information sign Docking bays with two or three information signs Row docking key, length 500 mm for Wanzl-Starbox coin deposit system for Wanzl-Box Classic/Solid coin deposit system for Wanzl-Promobox coin deposit system for Uniloc coin deposit system Information panel with instructions for use for Wanzl-Starbox coin deposit system for Wanzl-Box Classic/Solid coin deposit system for Wanzl-Promobox coin deposit system for Uniloc coin deposit system

03.21 244.09 03.21 357.09 Upon request

01.22 261.95 01.22 261.95

Trolley shelter Omega

01.22 262.95 01.22 264.95

00.99 057.07 00.99 058.07 00.99 059.07 00.99 061.07

Information panel with instructions for use

00.39 801.07

Dimensions (mm)

1 square aluminium tube 40 x 20 mm 2 aluminium profiles 100 x 60 mm 3 bases, adjustable height from 40 to 110 mm 5

4 polycarbonate hollow chamber panels 6 mm 5 aluminium profiles, rounded 65 x 43 mm





3 2239 2446

2770 5000


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Brochure no. 759/2005 - ÜK



MD · 10/2005 · Dimensions in mm, stated dimensions approximate, colours similar to RAL, subject to design modifications. © Copyright by Wanzl

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