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Customer Guidance Systems

Checkout Manager System for Detecting Queues

Minimize waiting times – Optimize personnel deployment The Checkout Manager is flexible and can adjusted to the individual requirements of each checkout situation. Active infrared ceiling sensors detect individually definable queues at up to 16 checkouts, and if necessary emit a signal to open additional checkouts.

You decide how long the queue can be and what information the signal gives. Personnel deployment is therefore optimized and waiting time for customers minimized – an essential factor for customer satisfaction.

How the Checkout Manager works

Ceiling sensors: Define the maximum length of the queue.

Checkout situation B The maximum queue length has been reached at all open checkouts. The checkout manager gives a signal for another checkout to be opened.

Checkout situation C Another checkout is occupied. The customers standing in the queues move over to the newly opened checkout.

Ceiling sensors: Monitor the articles being set down and prevent false alarms.

Signal options for checkout opening Standard signal: One-off signal for a set, adjustable time Pulse signal: Repeated signal for a set, adjustable time ”Speaking” signal: Repeated signal, dependent on the number of checkouts already open: + One checkout open – Signal emitted twice, i.e. the second checkout has to be opened. + Two checkouts open – Signal emitted three times, i.e. the third checkout has to be opened. + etc.

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Another checkout is logged on

Signal output Relay contact + Switching voltage 0.6 A / 125 VAC + Switching current 0.6 A / 110 VAC + Switching capacity 2.0 A / 30 VAC Requirements of the checkouts Logged on checkouts must make at least one of the following signals available: + 5V/DC – Permanent signal with min. 20 mA + 12V/DC – Permanent signal with min. 20 mA + Potential-free relay contact (make contact element)

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Checkout situation A When a member of staff logs on at a check out, the ceiling sensor for that checkout is activated.


System for Detecting Queues Customer Guidance Systems


System for Detecting Queues Customer Guidance Systems