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Shopping trolley EL 115

Shopping trolley EL 115 Our practical solution: The slim-line, manoeuvrable EL115 with a large basket volume and a handle width of only 500 mm is especially suitable for small shops with narrow aisles. Its open base frame of oval tubing reduces the risk of shoplifting and also ensures maximum leg room for your customers.

Shopping trolleys

EL 115

Surface: High-gloss - galvanised - chromated + lacquer Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Basket volume (litres) Wheel Ø (mm) Weight (kg) Space requirements per trolley (mm) Space requirements for 10 trolleys (mm) Space requirements for 50 trolleys (mm) Accessories

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Smooth running Pleasant sales atmosphere: Sound-absorbing plastic hinges and fittings on the basket flap protect the nerves of customers and personnel alike. Original Wanzl steering castors with rubber tread and ball-bearing mounts ensure long-term quiet and smooth running. Accessories Wanzl SoftDrive wheels The innovative SoftDrive technology lowers the noise level in the markets and on the car parks even more, and the convenient suspension means that fragile goods are even more effectively protected during transport. Folding holder* With the practical folding holder the basket volume of the EL115 is retained one hundred percent for more shopping.

Folding holder

Plastic bag hook at front

Wire bag hook at rear

Wire tray

Plastic tray

Basket protectors, top - 1 pair

Basket protectors, bottom - 1 pair

Basket protection profile C

Cut flowers holder

Classic coin deposit lock

Starbox coin deposit lock

Wanzl wheels - set, rubber


Wanzl SoftDrive wheels - set, rubber Wanzl passenger conveyor wheels - set 837


830 When required the customer unfolds the holder. This locks into place in the end position.

The customer has both hands free and can easily place the PET bottle packs into the holder. Permissible load 9 kg.

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Folded position: The holder is below the basket when not in use.


2 870

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Dimensions (mm)

available as an accessory

Our trolleys are designed and built in compliance with European standard 1929. *Protection rights: EP 0 684 176 EP 1 208 029 PCT/DE 01/02055 PCT/DE 02/01603

Australia: Wanzl Australia Pty. Ltd. 97 Highbury Road · BURWOOD VIC 3125 Phone +61(0)3/98082299 · Fax +61(0)3/98082266 ·

Shopping trolley EL 115

Glossy permanent protection Only laboratory-tested coatings which effectively protect surfaces for many years are used for Wanzl products. We supply these as high-gloss galvanised chromated with baked plastic lacquer protection.

Safety belt for child seat

Brochure no. 740/2004 - EN

Technical advancement for shopping convenience


DSR · 07/2008 · All dimensions in mm. Stated dimensions approximate, design subject to change, colours similar to RAL. © Copyright by Wanzl

Child seat


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