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Shopping trolley

Shopping trolley

accessories DR, DRC, EL,ELA and Primo series

Wanzl shopping trolleys ... as individual as your customers Advertising Use the available space on your shopping trolleys to inexpensively convey your advertising messages. With minimum extra costs you can secure maximum benefits, as your customers will “register” everything which is in their full view.

Advertising handle The handle tube is an ideal space to “hand over” your advertising message - for example your logo in screen printing with non-fading colours under a transparent plastic sheath.

Child seat with poster frame Advertising area for close-proximity customer product information integrated into the back of the child seat. Can be fitted on both sides with posters in A5 format, which are simply replaced, for varied advertising.

Poster frame Front-mounted in an eye-catching position on the basket - for poster size 252 x 195 mm. Complete assembly made of robust plastic. Poster frame available in standard colours.

Posters inside and out Standard poster holders incorporated into the plastic front of the Primo shopping trolleys. Posters of plastic film. Formats: Primo 85 - 130 litres: 238 x 210 mm Primo 160 - 210 litres: 289 x 196 mm Available upon request.

Posters A5 format Available upon request.

1 poster frame and 1 set of poster frame mounts, transparent Order no. 21.15 336.07

Coin deposit systems One of the most effective inventions to save your personnel unnecessary work. With a coin deposit lock trolleys are always returned to where they belong.

Wanzl-Starbox The new Starbox with coin slot is harmoniously integrated into the handle. It is compatible with the track-proven Wanzl Classic and Solid boxes.

Wanzl Classic Box As its name suggests, this is a popular Wanzl design which has been in use millions of times over for many years. An elegant solution for trolleys with efficient coin slide function.

Wanzl-Promobox Effective organiser with combined coin slot and advertising space! With a generous advertising area of 297 x 61 in a prominent position. Advertising insert can be quickly exchanged.

Standard colours: Top section: Light grey Bottom section: Ultramarine blue Green RAL 6024 Flame red Zinc yellow

Standard colours: Top section: Light grey Bottom section: Ultramarine blue Green Flame red Zinc yellow

Standard colours: Ultramarine blue Green Flame red Zinc yellow

Intern. pat. application PCT/DE 01/04379

RAL 7035 RAL 5002

RAL 3000 RAL 1018

Europ. patent


5002 6024 3000 1018

Europ. patent


5002 6024 3000 1018

Protectors Protectors are useful accessories when it comes to performing several functions they protect customers, your shop fittings and naturally the shopping trolley itself.

Basket corner protectors top/bottom Little effort with a great effect shock-absorbing plastic protects the corners of the basket and your sales equipment. Available in standard colours.

Basket protection profile “C” The all-round plastic profile has a shock-absorbing effect and provides all-round protection for the basket and shop fittings. Available in standard colours.

Available upon request: Basket protection profile “C” combined with basket corner protectors at the top.

Goods transport Yet another example of the wide variety of Wanzl solutions for all shopping needs. With these you can customise your shopping trolley for specific ranges of goods and fulfil all your customers' wishes for transport convenience. Plastic tray Ideal for small articles and last minute buys at the checkout. Made of break-proof plastic. Available in standard colours.

Wire tray The perfect multi-purpose compartment for small articles which are transported more safely than in the wide-mesh basket. Mesh width 10 x 10 mm, high-gloss, galvanised, chromised

Plastic basket tubs For transporting foods. Robust and break-proof plastic tubs. Smooth surface, hygienic and easy to clean, suitable for foodstuffs. For 130 litre shopping trolley models. Weight 7 kg. Order no. 01.19 687.07

Small article wire basket The larger version - a basket with narrow mesh and lots of room for fragile items and open goods. Mesh width on base 10 x 10 mm, high-gloss, galvanised, chromised.

Fresh flowers holder Where to put fresh flowers after selection? Wanzl has a clever and effective solution. The holder can be mounted at any place on the inside of the basket, without tools - also when retrofitted. Made of robust plastic in green RAL 6024.

Wire mesh basket partition Simple solution for creating a separate section for safely transporting fragile goods.

Textile pole, screw-mounted This useful aid is made of made of sturdy steel wire and simply secured to the right-hand side of the basket. For transporting textiles without creasing. Can also be retrofitted.

Service for customers Small aids are of great assistance to shoppers who then will have their hands free for inspecting goods and loading the trolley.

Bag hook The bag hook keeps the customer's bag safe during shopping. As the hook faces inwards, it also acts as a theft deterrent. Available in standard colours.

Bag hook Customers' shopping bags are well taken care of with the Primo shopping trolley. The bag hook of transparent plastic is riveted to the front plastic section.

Clipboard handle A very practical accessory, very suitable for commissioning work. With clip rail and anti-slip ledge, mounted on the handle and secured to prevent pivoting. Not possible in combination with the Promobox coin deposit system. Available upon request.

Clipboard handle protection cap This version is mounted on the handle protection cap and secured against pivoting. Cannot be fitted in combination with coin deposit systems. Available upon request.

Identification Clearly marked property facilitates allocation and acts as a theft deterrent.

Number plate For simple serial numbering or statistical recording of trolley use with coded numbers. Fitted either on the basket or platform depending on the model and function. Lowers inventory differences during goods registration at the checkout. Available upon request.

Stamp on basket base This indestructible ownership mark is easily visible. Shopping trolleys outside the market can always be identified. Available upon request.

Owner's plate Shopping trolleys can be identified immediately if provided with this plate. Available upon request.

These accessories are not included in the order sections of the individual brochures.

Baby/child service accessories It is much more than only a friendly gesture if you are of assistance to shopping parents. They will thank you for taking care of their comfort and convenience by boosting your turnover. “Comfort� baby seat Both hands free and everything still under control - soft seat of foamed plastic, washable surface. Safety belt with practical click fastener. Available upon request.

Holder for baby safe A thoughtful service for young parents. Suitable for all conventional baby safe models. Adjustable safety belt with click fastener. Available upon request.

Safety belt for child seat Nothing can happen when junior is safely strapped in - adjustable safety belt of tough nylon weave with click fastening. Standard colour: Black

Child seat & goods compartment Shopping trolleys should be flexible - when one side is folded down the goods compartment is quickly turned into a child seat or vice versa, just as required. Available in standard colours.

Child seat & crate holder This child seat is also converted into a crate holder in a flash by folding the seat flap out - the crate is then safely accommodated.

Attractive standard colours Flame red RAL 3000 Pure orange RAL 2004 Zinc yellow RAL 1018 Green RAL 6024 Ultramarine blue RAL 5002 Light grey RAL 7035 Anthracite grey RAL 7016

These accessories are not included in the order sections of the individual brochures.

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More than 20,000 tonnes of steel wire, more than 12,000 tonnes of metal tubing and a tremendous amount of design know-how - this is needed to produce one million shopping trolleys per year, each with an equally high standard of quality as the next - robust premium products with customer-friendly handling and smooth running which are taken for granted as companions of customers all over the world - every day.


DR,DRC,EL,ELA and Primo series Shopping trolley Shopping trolley


DR,DRC,EL,ELA and Primo series Shopping trolley Shopping trolley